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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  August 20, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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florida where they are fully acceptable they did it wrong. they are trying to do what you do down there. >> is very cool in florida in the spring. that does it for us for deceive back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sunday show. the fox report with jon scott arts right now. ♪ >> suspect accused of viciously sucker punching a man in new york city back in custody tonight after he was freed without bail. i am jon scott and this is the fox report. jon: was another appalling crime in new york city you can see it for yourself. we suspect in here punching a bystander in the back of the head last week and it unprovoked attack. that victim remains in a coma. the suspect for several prior convictions on his record was on
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parole at the time. originally he was set free without bail. but now is back behind bars. alexis mcadams live in a new newsroom with more on this case, alexis for. >> it's hard to look at that video for the family right now is hoping that man is going to pull through. he is in critical condition. he's expected to face a judge today here in new york with the victim is still in critical condition while the suspect is back behind bars. according to the board of corrections after outrage the near governor stepped in sync this convicted offender had clearly violated his parole. >> that person is now in custody. that is at my direction for people of new york need to know that as their governor will stand up to protect them. >> but he was out of custody police confinement they had to rearrest him. 55-year-old was caught on camera punching cortes in the back of his head last week that he can see the suspect walked up behind
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the man who is not even paying attention to this guy, puts on gloves and hits cortes so hard he collapses. he lies lifeless on the ground to the cops show up parties now on, with a fractured skull. nypd charged with attempted murder. prosecutors use those charges to assault and harassment which are only misdemeanors. that allowed him to walk freed the video you are looking at shows the guy in criminal court trying to block his face from the cameras with court papers before he was released on thursday. a new state law does give judges discretion to set bail or hold someone who is a violent criminal repeat offender. the accident state senator john brooks cosponsor that bill to make those changes and tells me discretion is key but acknowledges this probably was a mistake. but somebody should have recognized, they should have used discretion. but at the same points, the governor i think is responding
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to what we see as a trend in some areas that we have to adjust. >> 's rap sheet dates back to the '90s if you look they can see quite a few mugshots. back in 95 he was convicted of first-degree abuse out in the bronx for years in prison for more than 20 years. they got out on parole in 2019. he is a registered three level offender that is most serious of those charges. still being held at rikers island in the bronx d.a. tells us more charges could be filed. jon: some judge could have looked at that tape and called it a misdemeanor. alexis mcadams live in her newsroom thanks. former president trump's legal team said it will file a motion claim the fbi search of his estate violated his fourth amendment rights. meantime the justice department has until thursday to provide a redacted version of the affidavit that it used to try to justify the search. mark merited his life on that.
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ask john, good evening. we are sanctionable but the holding pattern right here. as you mentioned were waiting for those to be made. we also waiting to see what type of motion they may make the been teasing one since friday night. now sources tell us the motion they are trying to make is likely going to be focused on kissing the government of doing search is essentially too broad. and that president also needs to know what was actually seized from his property. we do not know how the justice department is going to respond yet. we are still waiting for that motion should be filed for and we are however hearing from one of trump's lawyers and here's what he had to say last night. >> we are going to come out swinging state look, this cannot be something where we just get a wink and a nod from d.o.j. that we are supposed to trust them. >> now, the former president said he would also like to see the criminal affidavit detailing what the government knows fully release without any redaction. but so far, trump is actually not filed for that motion in
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court. it already redaction's are being prepared. the judges by giving federal prosecutors until thursday of next week to submit which information was limited. some lawmakers including ila senator chuck grassley say given the political climate we are in right now, now is not the time for brevity. >> the more the better. and the better the public relations of the fbi would be, because i think there's plenty of evidence of political bias. >> federal officials say since the start they have seen a huge uptick in the number of threats to be made at law enforcement mostly online. we are hearing from the fbi director christopher wray the directors telling the wall street journal quote i have faith in the american people and i think most people would rather condemn violence and threats of violence are noisy few who seem to believe otherwise. just yesterday we sent to democratic house members sent a letter to major social media companies in this country a lot of them say there needs to be accountability online for some of the post we are seeing against different law enforcement agencies.
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the user seem to be held accountable. there's growing fears as this case continues to go on with no end in sight about potential threats that could be to law enforcement not just here but around the country. >> live from palm beach, florida thank you. for six to six primary day in new york state. this unintentional special congressional to be in a few months. the types linked district predicted the midterms. pat right near the neck and neck with republican mark molinaro on in the polls. takes aims of the other stance on reproductive rights. lucas thompson. many see the special house election upstate new york tuesday as a bellwether. winner gets a four month an office feeling the seat of san antonia delgado when he becomes lieutenant governor.
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the swing district donald trump won here in 2016 joe biden 2020 the district stretches from cooperstown. tharp tossup of mark molinaro the former mayor at the age of 19 his focus on the economy and inflation. >> these are the same people, the government that decided some jobs were essential in some businesses weren't. they want you to trust them. on august 23, you tell them enough is enough. we are here to take our government back. >> 's opponent, pat ryan is not just on the other side of the aisle but on the other side of the hudson river he is in neighboring county. west point grad and raw iraq war veteran as well for he vote to preserve abortion. asked that i risk my life and it lost good friends who gave their life protecting the right for us
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as individuals and as women and people and families to make personal healthcare decisions. >> special election will be the first house election since the supreme court overturned roe v wade back in june. many experts say this race will help determine the most important issue in the upcoming midterm elections is the economy or abortion? recent fox news both said it is inflation, jon. >> lucas tomlinson will be watching that race, thank you. new york republican congresswoman claudia tenney joins us now. you are familiar with that district where that race is being run. are you making predictions? >> i represented much of this district in the new york state assembly a little of it in my current congressional district. here in beautiful yates county overlooking the lake is part of the spectacular finger lakes region of your special election hereto. let me tell you about this district that i represent in the state assembly.
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they care about inflation, the cost of gas, they also care a lot about their second amendment right. secondment right at this event appear in this part of new york state. that is also very important. understand something but the democrats are trying to push abortion rights, all the supreme court did was actually give the state the right. new york still has a very extreme abortion rights late-term abortion up to the moment of birth cast by the one-party rule state legislature in albany. so the real issues going to be inflation, cost of gas and i think second amendment rights based on my representation of that part of the district. i think mark is in a great position or to the democratic primary going on for it's going to be very confusing for voters after this really crazy district. jon: nothing's really changed regarding abortion new york state as a result of the supreme court ruling. >> right, that is exactly true. we still have a very extreme position. it is late-term abortion up to
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the moment of birth in new york state. that was something pushed through by governor cuomo and casper the democrat-controlled state legislature. you really should not be an issue for the voters because the real issues are the kitchen table issues we are all experiencing fear expensive gas, very high inflation. it obviously recently kathy hochul showed clips of this sucker punch from this multiple time convicted felon and we care about her second amendment rights and defending ourselves because we have a cashless bill system or people like that and the democrats have prioritized criminals over the innocent people in our state you are looking to protect themselves through second amendment rights. brief on the great decision by justice thomas. that case in the second amendment right originated out of new york state and gave us our whole restoration of rights. we are fighting for that here new york.
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a lot of people in the catskill region in hudson valley care about those issues as well but i know it very well i represented that region. jon: that crime took place in the bronx, new york city is obviously having a raging crime problem right now. but not so much of state. do you really think crime resonates with voters there? >> absolutely. with a crisis and claimant of savior remember this cashless bill system, empty at the prison during culvert, still carried forth by the new governor hochul is affecting clients across this region. even in the rural and suburban areas where i am from and i am representing. it is not just new york city. you think defend the police movement to demoralize the police and police have no tools in their chest to try to keep our constituents safe. it is a huge problem in upstate new york just as it is in new
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york city. jon: even in san francisco devoted to recall the liberal progressive people do seem to be putting their votes to work to try to stem the side. >> obviously we wish we had a recall statute of devoted out kathy hochul and would also like to hear bragg who specifically stated i will not enforce the laws of new york. the government has the power to remove leaves eldon has said his first act will be to remove alvin bragg prevents the power of inner governor. i just urge everyone who is a new yorker it is time to change one-party rule, prioritization of criminals over the innocent people in your estate for the most overtaxed citizens if at all the rights taken away. the least free state, the highest migration. it's time for change that's about for some new people. mark molinaro's plan b's great
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choice in the special election. hope they realize with the real issues are as we stated earlier. jon: you think the economy and inflation are really what's going to drive voters to the pole in that race? >> yes i just met a couple in wyoming county i was actually campaign the same day as liz cheney was losing her election the state of wyoming. he came across a number of kids in the future farmers of america the ffa were very rural appear. they said look, the mean tweets in a dollar 80 i guess. the price of gas and inflation really affecting our agricultural communities appear. latest affecting our ability to get output, the supply chain problems, the war on energy that's happening under their hochul we have a green new deal type of legislations are to pass in the ark that's really going to impede and hurt our ability to be prosperous and have security. i put out numerous bills we need to unleash our tremendous
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resources those are the gas resources we have it upstate new york for a the southern region of the state. we need prosperity we need energy security prevents the key to everything right now in upstate new york. jon: those chapters run on diesel and diesel for expensive right now. >> yes requests here for republican congresswoman claudia tenney, thank you. thanks so much jon. physically after gary bcs sexual misconduct. we say allegations were made after work lucy appeared last week in new jersey. rosina: following the story of course, christina. >> hi jon. yes 78-year-old gary pugh seat live california is now facing multiple sexual offense charges for the stent on an incident police believe happened at the annual monster media convention is held in cherry hill, new jersey at the doubletree hotel last week in.
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if you see schedule as a featured guest for all three days of the horror film convention read actors known for supporting rolls in a number of movies including underperceive in the 1993 legal thriller the firm. he gained even more attention and fame early in his career from his performance in 1978 film the buddy holly story. now, despite all the success of the big screen he definitely still had its challenges. he was open about the severe head injury he suffered from 1988 motorcycle accident, his struggles with cocaine and alcohol abuse. in his work to get sober. 2008 he served as a camp counselor on reality show celebrity rehab. now he's making even more headlines, making headlines again, this time though over criminal charges for authorities have not released details regarding the allegations against debussy. lycée as a result of their investigation yesterday was charged with two counts of fourth degree contact one count of attempted criminal concept and one count of harassment.
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we reach out to representatives for pc today and the organizers of the monster media convention we are waiting to hear back. >> christina coleman thanks. jon: about 500 pounds of methamphetamine sees that her southern border. this is border patrol agents report 3300 more illegal migrant crossings last week. and that does not count the guideways. casie siegel reports on the texas border. plus what did the cdc get wrong when it comes to coated house and handling the monkeypox outbreak. dr. marty makary pays us a house call next. pay for what you need. contestants ready? go! only pay for what you need. jingle: liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. (vo) get business internet from verizon,
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works crisis in the southern border is not slowing down. patrol agents tell us migrant encounters 2 million this fiscal year up today. mexican drug cartels are exploiting the constant flood of people. senior correspondent is live in eagle pass, texas with the latest. exit eight in the new fiscal year begins october 1 for u.s. customs and border protection.
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we sold two months of data left. at the current figure sitting at just under 2 million with customs and border protection in terms of total migrant encounters at the southern border. it is on track to exceed 2 million officially we get the newest data in. especially if we continue to see the number of large groups illegally crossing together. all throughout today we have seen happening a relatively become a 40 migrant that have been processed here under one of the international eagle pass. much of the past week much larger groups is across the rio grande river into the u.s. also in eagle pass. lee 16 of these large groups
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across the entire southern border accounting for more than 3300 of the arrest. in tucson arizona at the sector their agents have spotted a fake dhs vehicle this past with a phony license plate. that driver arrested while in el paso 28-year-old mexican national and a port of entry with more than 14 and a half pounds of cocaine. hidden inside her vehicle was ultimately discovered by canines and x-ray screening stark reminders not just people moving across the southern border back here it's also illicit drugs as we know two. jon: casey stegall thank you. >> from the biden heads was delivered beach home tonight. when with a half million dollar taxpayer-funded security fence.
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and while his administration spent the week talking up his accomplishments, cdc admitted to mishandling the coveted pandemic. white house correspondent peter doocy explain some delaware. >> law of the land for days now. no inflation reduction yet. that something republicans are really surgical president bide out for. trains and trillions of dollars we do not have he was warned not just by people like me recently to listen to but economists who work for people like obama and bill clinton. you do this they told that you are going to spark a massive inflation. and now here we are. should not be a surprise because senator joe manchin who negotiated this belt said inflation reduction is going to take a while. x we never see anything happen immediately turn the switch on and off. the bottom line is the markets note right now that investments
3:24 pm
going to be a balanced approach. >> we have not heard of pete for the present about cdc big admission they were unprepared for the pandemic. >> their solution is so, maybe we were to select institute mandates because we are debating the science. i think the opposite is true. they were looking at the science, misinterpreting and then drawing conclusions are. >> cdc director plans to save the agency as it start over ahead the next pandemic. >> we need to be more nimble but we stand behind the content of what we said. >> that means cdc has no regrets about lockdowns, just the way the public found out about them. jon. >> peter doocy with the president delaware, peter thank you. >> like so many things at the cdc, the left is misdiagnose the problem. it was not that they acted too
3:25 pm
sparingly, the problem was they acted too quickly and not based on science videos not that they were waiting around for science, they were reacting every week with the new edict that contradict the previous weeks edict. >> republicans calling out the cdc after its director doctor rochelle walensky invented the agency was not prepared to respond to the covid pandemic. joining us now dr. marty makary is a professor of medicine at johns hopkins university also a fox news medical contributor. think it is fair to say dr. kagan you have also been quite critical of the cdc over the front of the covid pandemic. what do you think about these changes the agency is announcing? >> i heard their issuing an apology i was hopeful because right now the public is hungry to see some humility from public health leaders. but really, the apology and the proposed overhaul is a bunch of soft changes. if you look at their policy and the failed policies in the past they've not made any change to their guidance.
3:26 pm
60000 military personnel were just released and cut off from pay because they did not comply with the vaccine even though they have natural immunity. cannot play in that u.s. open cannot enter the united states because of cdc guidance. they are still pushing boosters in every 6-year-old in american vaccines for babies eades of the trial showed no efficacy. many people want to say where the real policy changes here? are we just hearing a publicity line from a new communication strategy? >> when you look back at how the whole covid pandemic was handled angrily is still being handled, there are an awful lot of mistakes. you pointed out many times on this program and it does not seemed like the cdc really wants to walk any of that back. >> i think there is a perception that this is going to be an opportunity for the cdc to fix itself. and really i do not think that's possible the way government works pretty good think about they never tracked over the internet covid early in the pandemic phase one entering
3:27 pm
graduate duty at johns hopkins that created the johns hopkins covid tracker the entire world use read most of research has been done overseas. if you look at the changes they are making their adding a new office of diversity, new office of government relations, they just hired a new communications director from planned parenthood. >> it sounds like a lot of windowdressing rather than real reform. >> to a lot of people say the public health act needs to be rewritten by congress and restructured the agency entirely inferred to be more nimble and perhaps put more authority of local public health agencies and departments. >> meantime, we have got this new threat. this new affliction hitting the united states and the rest of the world as well. monkeypox. what you think about the way the cdc is handling that? >> the monkeypox the cdc really meet all the same mistakes they made with coed. if you think about it was seen with zeke a and sars and the government just is not respond
3:28 pm
quickly to these sort of actions. look at monkeypox. we miss the opportunity to contain it. hospitals and local labs were not allowed to test for monkeypox. they were very afraid to call up the risk factors because of the sensitivities around that community of the men who a sexual activity with other men. but it turns out that research is in 98% of monkeypox cases from the largest study done when people identified as gay and bisexual and 41% at hiv. the reason that's important is that is the community that we need to help get the vaccine to effectively. jon: one of those not in the high-risk group? what should they be concerned about? >> if they are not in that height risk group there are many other pathogens about 20 that represent a higher risk of infections than monkeypox. they said be assured and recognize they are in a very low risk community.
3:29 pm
the new studies three of which came out this week really found it was more of sexual activity itself that was the factor of transmission with monkeypox, not the skin to skin contact during sexual activity. so that is important. it's important we understand who is at high risk because the rest of the population needs to understand they are low risk. what you saw the cdc do is take the same approach with hiv and that is broadcast a broad message that everybody was at risk. you are the cdc director say that herself. unfortunately note that 14000 cases in the u.s. probably tens of thousands more that we do not know about. the cdc centralizes testing. arthel: doctor marty makary always good to hear your take, you. >> thanks jon. jon: it's a video you have to see to believe. a woman handcuffed in a patrol car somehow gets her hands on a police rifle and shoot a civilian. we will explain how that all went down coming up.
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jon: some scary hard to live video from place in oklahoma. shows a female suspect thing out of her handcuffs in the back of a police cruiser. in grabbing a semi automatic police rifle and shooting a deputy and another man. alexander hopp has details. decks this all started with a wellness check. it became very clear that this individual was not well at all. just awarding some of this video is graphic. according to the grady county sheriff's department. was taken into protective custody after displaying erratic behavior for the video captures moving about in the back of a patrol car in an effort to free herself from handcuffs. escalate quickly from there. >> we detain somebody they go handcuffs to place them in the backseat of a patrol car. while in the backseat of the patrol car she was able to get her wrist free from the
3:35 pm
handcuffs. the handcuffs were put on properly but she was able to reach up on our consuls, there are several switches one is in gun switch to unlock the gun lock. and she found it, unlocked the gun lock and was able to retrieve an ar-15 rifle per click to some of the graphic footage comes in. body camera captures the moment shots came flying. civilian was shot in the chest authority to the deputy suffered a wound before they scrambled to duck under the place vehicle by victims were hospitalized and have since been released. the department says they are now changing their policy on how they secure guns and vehicles. charge associated with the intent to kill. >> transportation department major airlines to ramp up customer service for the feds will step in. charles watson is what's often
3:36 pm
called the busiest airport in the world, hartsell jackson international airport in atlanta, charles. transportation stepping in with an ultimatum essentially telling the airlines if they're going to be delays and cancellations the department will step in and make you. in the letter sent to major air carriers dot secretary pete buttigieg calls level of disruption adequate services and inconveniences the secretary and interviewed nbc news earlier this week tells them what he would really like the airlines to do, is number one offer cash refunds and meal vouchers to passengers on flights. that are delayed more than three
3:37 pm
hours for you like the airlines to offer hotel accommodations overnight. sent to the slightest the passengers. that's only the dot and enforce it. ask if you pay for eight service and you don't get it, he does not get to keep the money. but the way things are working now only regulator is the dot. set the dot does not regulate them, they can do pretty much what they want. >> secretary given the airlines to take actions. he's not opposed to enforcing them.
3:38 pm
after a nearly a quarter of domestic flights three-point to percent were canceled in the first six months of 2022 led to a record number of a real issue navigating through often confusing and conflicting policies that these airlines are offering up. we have heard from airline advocates, airlines for america who say that its members are committed to hiring new folks in says they are committed to improving service. they also pointed out that the airline industry has so far given back $21 billion in refunds since the onset of the pandemic read that said the dot wants things to be a whole lot easier for consumers. they say they will launch a website and the next coming weeks. people can go to this website and see all the policies in terms of refunds and vouchers
3:39 pm
that airlines offer so folks really know their rights. jon: charles watson live in atlanta, charles thanks. former vice president mike pence testing the political waters in iowa this weekend. and he is not alone. guilty who else showed up at the iowa state fair the voter coordinator. so you can... astepro and go. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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about two years ago i realized that jade was overweight. i wish i would have introduced the fresh food a lot sooner. after farmer's dog she's a much healthier weight. she's a lot more active. and she's able to join us on our adventures. get started at jon: it is a carousel potential candidates at the iowa state fair. former vice president mike pence the latest hype rope about republican. by fueling speculation he might be laying groundwork for 2024 presidential run. spoke exclusive with fox news yesterday. grady trimble life in des moines with more from the interview. so grady what is up with the
3:44 pm
iowa state fair? >> will john, it might be dizzying like the rights and for some voters to be thinking about 2024 already will we still have the midterms in november. but some prominent republican stopping here and other key states might be dropping some hints about their plans to run for president. we will start right here at the iowa state fair. former vice president mike pence stop by officially on these top for senator chuck grassley he was up for reelection. and that exclusive interview i asked depends whether he worried about the quality of candidates running for senate with senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said could make it difficult to win back the senate. he also asked pence's plans for 2024. >> i think we win back the congress, we win back the state capitals, they will focus on winning back america two years now. the american people long for a return to the policies they sell
3:45 pm
the trump pence administration advance. we are a stronger more secure america. and i believe that red wave is coming. >> well, pence was here florida governor desantis visited pennsylvania and ohio yesterday. those are two states with important senate and governor races. coming up in november that also happen to be key battlegrounds in presidential elections. governor desantis attacked president joe biden and the left. >> elite must fight the woke in our schools were demystified the woke in our businesses but we must fight the woke in government agencies. we can never ever surrender to woke ideology. and i will tell you this, the state of florida is aware woke goes to die. >> senators ted cruz and tom cotton also visited iowa and new hampshire respectively in the past week. outgoing maryland governor was
3:46 pm
here at the iowa state fair a little more than a week ago. all of this, jon, making people wonder or ask the question, who will be the first gop presidential candidate to declare? it is early but there is a lot of speculation right now. jon: grady tremble thank you. political analysts wonder how the mar-a-lago rate will affect the popularity. one reason polls showing him a ten-point boost over potential driver governor desantis of florida. with david he is chief of political correspondent at daily mail tv. we are still of waiting for everything to shake out in this mar-a-lago raid. when you look at it, when you look at what has happened thus far how does it affect donald trump's chances to regain the white house? >> well, we realize of course his main base is not going anywhere face absolute right
3:47 pm
seven years ago when he said he could shoot someone dead on seventh avenue supporters would not abandon him. 40% of the country without breaking a sweat over for the question is what can he do about the people who are on the fence? this whole raid is raising eyebrows among not just the normal voter on the far right but also people in the center were saying wait a minute, not too long ago we were all sink donald trump did a bad thing by asking the ukrainians to investigate joe biden's political rival you cannot investigate the rival wood at your job. now they are seeing the same kind of thing here. joe biden using the office he has is the power of the justice department to investigate his political rival and maybe point the water so it's really hard for him to run. they see the same thing going on there for. >> david you've heard the white house saying they did not know anything about this raid. >> oh come on. i've been a washington long enough to know that is nonsense. if you really don't think the white house has been briefed on this at every step of the way,
3:48 pm
come on. that does not pass the sniff test for anybody. jon: this is a former president it's an unprecedented rate and use of fbi power. it does not seemed like the white house would escape no link with the justice department and fbi was about to do. >> i do not buy that at all. ultimately, we all believe is going to run for president again, we don't quite know is what's going happen at the d.o.j., the timing of all of this fate of us to better for the republican party of donald trump's is out of the weights off less complicated. but it's better for donald trump if he gets and now it makes it harder for the fbi, for the d.o.j. to indict him if they are going to do that. i would state right now, a year from today i would predict what it did then distribute either donald trump has been arrested and facing a criminal trial and or he will be handily beating joe biden on his way to a second term. jon: let's talk a little bit
3:49 pm
about the wall going up around president biden's delaware beachfront estate. this is the guy who does not want to build a wall of the southern border. but wants to build a wall around his own house, what you make of that question what's honestly it's an obvious joke. these things are usually decided almost always decided by secret service. agents have standards they have to put in place in order to make sure they are protecting in this case joe biden, has the advantage of everything they can give him. when donald trump was at mar-a-lago we need a helipad here you and i paid for helipad mar-a-lago. so they build things. i do not begrudge any present have a big house around his compound he's got the state state that the secret services to operate ice on a white cost half a million dollars. i am sure there's all kinds of bells and whistles and knobs and buzzers that make it cost that.
3:50 pm
i have a fence on my house not too long ago it was three grand. we need to have some serious explained about where that money is going. jon: david, thanks. we will be right back. felt overwhelming at times. but i never just found my way, i made it. so when i finished active therapy, i kept moving forward and did everything i could to protect myself from recurrence. verzenio is the first treatment in over 15 years to reduce the risk of recurrence for adults with hr-positive, her2-negative, node-positive, early breast cancer with a high chance of returning, as determined by your doctor when added to hormone therapy. hormone therapy works outside the cell while verzenio works inside to help stop the growth of cancer cells. diarrhea is common, may be severe, or cause dehydration or infection. at the first sign, call your doctor, start an antidiarrheal, and drink fluids. before taking verzenio, tell your doctor about any fever, chills, or other signs of infection. verzenio may cause low white blood cell counts,
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jon: some have fence around the globe and small you please say at least 20 people are dead, 40 hurt after extremists trump a hotel in the nation's capitol. islamic extremist groups has claimed responsibility the u.s. strongly condemns the attack. in china at least 23 people are dead after a landslide at last flooding in several villages this week. another 1500 people forced out of their homes. in turkey, at least 16 people have died after a bus crash into a group of emergency workers and journalists. they were at the site of an earlier accident were 16 more people died. in ukraine, russian and ukrainian officials are accusing each other of the power plant. former attorney general he committed abuses during an investigation into the disappearances of 43 students back in 2014 the prime
3:55 pm
minister's government has fallen after no-confidence vote among lawmakers a sector signed a controversy agreement with the serbian orthodox church. that's a look at stories from around the globe. coming up, what happens when a o toe with a black bear? you are about to find out. stay with us. giving it your all? have the right partner by your side. hyland's naturals leg cramps quick dissolve tablets. no water needed. no stomach upset. just fast, effective relief. hyland's naturals leg cramps. to healthy competition and beyond.
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time for your celebrity update. after secretly tying the knot in vegas, then aflac and jennifer lopez keeping festivities going. a source close to the mayor saying there during lavish party, another ceremony and a whole lot more. we are expecting the guest list, details on the affair, second wedding and second chance romance shall be washout. a tiny dog big on bravery. chases away a larger unwelcome visitor from her home. the neighbors surveillance video captures of air running from a home in colorado six-inch high pomeranian luna hot on his tail. luna's owner says the actions came as no surprise. >> she's protective of the family.
4:00 pm
she wants to protect the home front. jon: imagine how scared the bear was. that's how fox report this saturday august 20, 2022. i am jon scott. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. reg gutfeld is up next. ♪♪ ♪♪ [scattered applause] ♪ ♪ >> greg: yeah! yeah! [laughs] wow. happy wednesday! my goodness. i guess we should talk about liz cheney. the lady who puts the y


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