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tv   Lawrence Jones Cross Country  FOX News  August 20, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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week days 12 to 3 eastern follow "unfiltered" at "unfiltered" on fox that does it for us at "unfiltered" see you back here next saturday set your dvr if you can't make it live. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ lawrence: welcome to cross country buck up we begin with a fox news alert. let's head to mcdonald county missouri a center of a multistate man hunt for an armed and dangerous woman accused of killing her husband. authorities believe don shot her husband lee wynn in the head while he slept back in november. thanks to recent moisture supreme court decision she was let out on bond against wishes of the prosecution and her own
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children. wynn cooperated with terms of the bond up to this week. family members say she left the suicide note and disappeared. but that's just the beginning that this mystery the bounty hunter great dog the bounty hunter will join us in minutes with his expert opinion of first i have a chance to talk to savannah wynn the killers' daughter moments ago. attack a look. >> savannah condolences to you, you've been strong through this entire process if you would -- i want to go back to the day that you saw your mom dripping in blood, 12 and 15-year-old brother were there in the house. when your father was murdered -- did chef any indication that your mom may have done this? >> in the moment, not 100% just
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because of the shock. but once we heard her start talking and saying what happened and whatnot we all became pretty suspicious that she was the one that was responsible for it. just because it was the story didn't make sense. she kept changing her story. >> what did she tell you, did she confess? >> no. she never -- confessed to doing it she just told us that gun is fallen off the shelf -- over the bed, and that it had possibly fallen off, gone off, and shot him. >> yeah. >> at the time you were pregnant, you were not far away in your house. by the property, your brothers were in the house. why do you think your mom did
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this? had she ever at any point threatened your father, threatened you on or your brothers? >> never been threatening to me and my siblings. she's always been have manipulative and trying to put everyone against each other and verbally psychologically mentally abusive growing up. to my dad, she was never physical, it was the same as what she did with us kids growing up. it did on his birthday we had a birthday party out on the property. and they gotten to fight because she had gotten mad about some stuff and she had thrown everything of his out the door and she said well actually let hem come in here i'll shoot his ass. >> so they end up capturing him mom charge her with murder they were building the case. my sources tell me she may have done it for financial reasons.
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you made a plea to the court as well as the prosecutors to not let her out on bail. why? >> mainly because she just, she's changed her story over and over again of how it happened and never that it was her. it was always some accident, my dog did it or -- the gun fell. just multiple different things. she then tried to say that possibly it was suicide which -- was not even a possibility of how it happened and we just believe that she had that money stashed and was -- waiting to be put on bond so that she could get that money and attack take off and try to get clear of it. >> she left a note you don't believe the note. >> no, sir. lawrence: you tell me that your grandmother and been able to confirm this --
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she's one who bailed your mother out she's no longer speaking to you and your siblings anymore. and my sources tell me that she could potentially be helping your mother get away. >> i've talked to her a little bit since my mom went missing just to find out it's still very stand offish with her. it feels -- but it's a possibility, i mean, that she could be helping her. i don't know 100.but she was the one she's adamant that my mom couldn't have done it. there's a lot going around that people are just saying that he was abusive. he probably deserved it. and my dad would never put his hands on us all growing up he never did. he -- wasn't perfect by no means but nobody is. but he was very loving, caring. he never met a stranger.
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my dad loved everyone. again my dad wasn't perfect. but he loved us kids. >> so much dog bounty hunter will join us in minutes but i want to move quickly to another fox news alert charged actor gary bussy sorry with three allege sex crime ashley strohmier is here now with those details. hi ashley. >> a shocking headline as gary doocy is known nor appearances in 100 movies most notably in buddy holly he lives in malibu and charges stem from horror film mon store mania in new jersey earlier this month authorities say they received multiple complaingts without the 78-year-old who was a featured guest at the convention and police didn't elaborate xepght to say it was about touching. dew is charpged with the two
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counts of criminal sexual contact and harassment so far no comment from his rep or attorney so hopefully more to come out on that lawrence. back to you. >> we'll be following that. thank you ashley. >> now to santa fe new mexico investigation into deadly shooting on set of rust have been closed. investigators ruled that gun that killed helena hutchens and his denial that he did so and family is still mourning and loss and baldwin appeared on cnn to say shooting has taken years off his life. going as far to blame former president, trump for his struggle. >> the former president of the united states said he probably shot her on purpose to me was really the only time i thought that i needed that i was worried about what was going to happen. because here was trump strungted foam to commit acts of violence
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and he was pointing finger at me saying i was responsible for the death. >> tomny joins us now thanks for rolling with us for all of the breaking news that's helping so here, you have a come that actually lost her life. he lied about pulling the trigger and now saying he's mourning. >> yeah this is definition of liberal privilege especially in hollywood especially the democrat elitist in hollywood. he's sit thrlg wining about how his life has been impacted and lost movie roles over all of it and then try to blame the former president thinking that the former president is gong to fix supporters on him. again, cry me a river alex baldwin somebody's life was lost and all you can think about is yourself and your fortune and well being but definition of liberal privilege he cares about nobody but himself and that is, obvious if he was smart he would be apologizing up and right and
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down and not talking about a moment about how bad it is for him. >> tommy the story itself is just weird to me. the fact that there was no one on set for gun safety. they lectured the world on guns without knowing anything about it by the way. and you would think that would standards and practices, i mean, they're required to but they didn't do that. >> it is a horrible tragedy and we really will never probably know exactly what happened because there's so many storylines to this of who's fault it is and no one wants to take blame, obviously, alec baldwin won't take the blame he's not big enough person to do that but again also what happened when you have liberal elite when is talk about gun control and other side they don't respect enough to learn about it. whatever happened here, however, it went off it is very clear that those that were in possession of firearms did not understand them. so instead of bad mouthing guns gun owners and nra making hollywood elite dos well to actually receive training and
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respects the weapons they're using and sin gnattic endeavors. why is this situation closed and this provides with no closure and we haven't received a report we would love to hear from sheriff office on how they were able to complete this investigation and somebody lied about pulling trigger we know that is not true and we don't have a full report. >> yeah again we don't know what's beginning on here but if we were to speculate on it feels like somebody is trying to ever cofor somebody i don't know if sheriff transport is trying to department or somebody people that are to blame. but they don't quite know who to blame but there should be charges in this you have somebody who lost their life yes nobody meant to take her life but it is a life lost and somebody has to pay the cons again for that and it probably is alec baldwin but somebody is covering for him again that liberal privilege must be nice. >> unbelievable -- tom tirks thank you so much for joining the program tonight.
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i look forward to seeing you soon. >> thank you, lawrence. >> dog bounty hunter joining us on breaking story coming up. still to come president biden heads back to delaware for yet another week in vacation but do americans think he's spending too much time away from the oval office? this guy wanted to be president. we asked you and you answered, that's next on cross country. ♪ ♪ ♪ you ain't seen nothin' yet ♪ ♪ b-b-baby, you just ain't seen n-n-nothin' yet ♪ ♪ here's something, ♪ ♪ here's something you're never gonna fff-forget, baby ♪ get a dozen shrimp for only one dollar with any steak entrée. only at applebee's.
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welcome back a tweet that caught my attention this week it is from a form or white house correspondent who says that president spent at least 150 days in delaware. away from the white house since taken office tonight the president is back and with the beach so i went to vacation, miami, florida to see how americans feel about president's get away. watch. >> how many days have you been on vacation this year? >> two. >> just two -- >> how many days of vacation have you got ? >> this year. not many -- i like to work. >> 21 days so far. >> saving all of your vacation how about you? >> one. just one. >> only five days of vacation. shock you if you learn that the president of the united states has gotten 150 day of vacation?
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>> that's crazy yeah that's a lot of time off. >> president of the united states been on vacation 150 days. >> wow. i'm jealous. presidents do whatever they get the money so they take vacation time. >> surprise you? >> government doesn't work. >> the president -- >> he deserves a break but i don't know that -- 150 days is a long time. >> a bum -- >> recession. how many days diewngs the president of united states has gotten? >> 100? >> he's gotten 150. >> wow. i want his job. here now radio host cash and joining me on the breaking news edition so i want to go to you tony ipts to go to the show so numbers on inflation thing and impacting summer campus up by 15% and ground beef up over
10:17 pm dogs up, tickets you want to get away, 6.5%. americans are struggling they're not getting that much vacation time. you have the president just skipping to loo. >> look. the president is allowed to go on vacation the conversation here is how tone deaf it is especially in the view of all of those things that you brought up. they want to talk about how inflation was flat to last month or they want to call it zero which, of course, was a lie. but food was up 13.1%. that's the story. how many people didn't go on vacation? how many people cut down vacations? there was a whole story about how gen-x is xuting spending and savings that can last this is about a president who is tone deaf again -- tone deaf where about where the american people are and he does not seem to care about it in the slightest. >> so kevin, you know, tony is right. the president is entitled to go on vacation. hill i've been waiting to take
10:18 pm
my vacation. but just appears tone deaf when the american people are suffering and there's crisis after crisis it is not a good look. listen of the 150 days vast majority of them are spent at his home in wilmington he did as vice president he would go back to his home where he would go to catholic church back on sundays and then come back to washington on sunday nights or mondays so a lot of hot air about president going back to -- home on the weekends. you know, i would rather compare what he's doing legislatively in the action that he's getting in terms of accomplishments here in washington. with the congress passing all of these bills regardless of whether he's taking time away and action not words on the perception that he's on vacation. >> 70% of americans feel like go ahead, tony -- >> idea he's at home is part of
10:19 pm
the issue like secretary buttigieg not doing anything about supply chain because he's on paternity leaf it is about where are you to do the job american people ask for and people see it as ab sent and seeing inflation reduction act that is a lie. >> what about that -- >> it is a few more days than what donald trump was at this point i didn't give him grief that is his home presidency travels with the president wherever he goes and he doesn't get actual time off whether it is donald trump or joe biden. these presidents get little time off regardless where they are in this country. >> i think problem is 70.of americans believe there were headed down wrong direction donald trump even at the height of the pandemic running for reelection even though they disagree with his tone 56% of americans thought we were better off i think that become the problem. american people have grace with you -- they believe that these men and
10:20 pm
women are humans. but when suffering they want president expander in chief to feel that pain i want to move on poll right here because i thought it was interesting about people -- that were with people who oppose them, that the presidential candidate, that they voted for. so when it breaks down to democrats and republicans that's thing that really got me right there democrats said 35% not leakily they were room with someone and then 18% of republicans said that that wouldn't be the case tony does that surprise you? >> no. i think there's a great book about this krpght from noah, new puritans reeght this idea that for so many on the political left ideology has become their religion and thref to refer be awful terrible and miserable and destroyed as a matter of fact i can't even be around them.
10:21 pm
you have to be able to be around people you disagree with. it doesn't have to be the end of a relationship. i'm not saying doesn't sometimes happen. and i will tell you that it actually has happened with me but those are few and far between and a roommate it doesn't have to be your best friend. lawrence: work -- >> i'm in a bipartisan relationship i can't speak -- more highly about it. so i encourage everyone to tear down silos date someone from the other part it is a great thing. >> as my mom said -- i care if they're pretty i'm not doing so well myself. >> we'll attack it. lawrence: thank you so much gentlemen. >> dating advice from lawrence? >> dating on cross country as promise dog the bounty hunter man himself is live. and he's next, coming up on and he's next, coming up on cross country.
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>> fox news alert back to our top story now missouri woman on the run don wynn accused of shooting her husband in his sleep. and skipping bail near how legendary dog the bounty hunter dog thank you so much for joining the program. a lot to unpack right here you've been doing this for a
10:26 pm
long time you know how to catch people it is alleged that her mother may be helping her what can you tell us -- what nfertle need to do to catch this woman? >> well thank you for having me and aloha to you brother. here's the main thing is she was released on a murder -- on a murder case. and alleged murder case on a personal reconnaissance bond this is how the court did and how strict it was you must live with your mother. you can get out of jail absolutely free and we hope you come to court. so there was no deterrent there was no punishment. she was what -- what this is absolutely terrible. 70.of the people that released right now in america 70% do not show up for court. so the first thing court made a mistake on is letting her go free she left a suicide note
10:27 pm
which thousands of people have done. and you know she's not a professional runner or criminal so you know there's got to be 21 days or so that go by before our team jumps in on it but this is happening across the world. across the country, and in the united states because there's, you know, bail is a continue of the original imprisonment. you're out on bond because you're accused of doing something and you have a bail bondman you have cocenters you have the bounty hunter all tax trees. now you've got sheriff's departments that are so over taxed by chasing fugitives, they dongt have any money because no one wants to give them money so this is a slim slam -- i just can't believe that this happened. not just happened with her across the united states these people for murder -- sexual assault, rape are getting out for trees with again, no deterrent, no nothing why not
10:28 pm
run? >> dog, she was she shot her husband in the head and she sat there dripping in blood. and in front of her kids -- and they still after the family requested not to release her, she's going to run. the court still decided to do that. and what i'm told by my sources in the sheriff's department, is that they were closing in on a motive they were financial crimes involving her right now. >> only way to do is change legislation and go back the way it was but here's another they think you can do whatever judge let her go, you file a civil lute on him you get 12 people back in a jury and take that judge's job and take that city's money that judge is one that made the decision to let her go free. how would you like it judge if
10:29 pm
someone did that to your family would you have left him go free? the only thing we have recourse is to get that judge in a civil courtroom and let us jury of your peers take him out. that is absolutely ridiculous. now what if she kills someone else who is responsible for that? the judge. >> yeah dog i'm curious because you track these people down. what is -- what are they normally hide? what is the path and do they normally have a assistance with people along the way? another boyfriend -- >> yes, sir. each defendant or each person on the run is a degree of difficulty and in other words if they're convicts they're used to it and harder to find she doesn't seem like she's had too much criminal expertise for running so she be easy to find.
10:30 pm
her cell phone, dye hair looks like she would dye it red maybe put on a little makeup maybe go on a diet, and you know, down the street. experience criminal could take off out of the country, i would think she might have help. but it is not her family because her family is, you know, again like you said -- begged the court don't let this lady go. she's going to run. and to leave a suicide note and then attack off, you can see that she has no experience at all. >> dog the bounty hunter we have tip line right there if you've got any information that can lead to her capture, it goes straight to u.s. marshal dog the bounty hunter thank you for joining the program. >> yes, sir brother thank you for having me. ening you got it coming up teacher union liberal parents as extremist and new ad our education panel, sounds off. don't go anywhere. ♪ but i like it, i love it, ♪ ♪ i want some more of it ♪
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mow to this brand new poll blowing one of the left major talking points about education america priefltly agree they should have increased amount of influence over public school curriculum than those would at the mitt same publicly this comes as democrats continue to push parents out of the classroom and insisting they shouldn't have a say in their kids here deputy manage deputy thank you for joining me tonight. carol, i got to go to you. i mean, this poll totally blows up the narrative. do you think now that unions will listen to the parents? [laughter] >> no. i don't. look nobody cares about your child more than you do. no one wants your child to succeed more than you do. it mac sense that parents would want to make decisions for their child's curriculum parent are less likely to support replacing
10:36 pm
academic subjects with woke nonsense it is not the mass is racist but parents can't admit it because of cancel culture and i ran into this with covid where parents say to me i agree with you school should open but i can never say that in public because then they would say we want teachers to die and parents can't fight for kids and need to say it outloud. >> this has been happening we know this you two ladies have been coming here for a while baa do you think it is because of covid parents see what was taught and we're present and they were like you know what we actually don't like the way this is going. [laughter] >> oh, yeah carol and i carol laughing. that was literally our experience as two mom who is had kids in public school systems. in major coastal areas, absolutely. i mean, as you know lawrence and carol too i'm running for school board, an one of the reasons i'm
10:37 pm
running for school board is because i had the privilege of seeing what my kids were learning through their computer screen and some of the stuff was a complete sthok me and i consider myself fairly educated on the state of public education. and i'm hearing from parents every single day, especially school started this week here in california, and i'm getting tex messages from parents who are seeing what is on the curriculum at school and they're going what -- like kids being asked to deliver pronounce on first day of school. their kids being asked to talk about their sexual identity on first day of school an actually write it down for classroom lessons. we're to this where as before they could fly under radar as long as our kids were getting passing grades. but those days are over everybody on left is overplayed their hand on it. >> so true. meanwhile kara ada has a new ad this is just crazy. calling parents extremist this is from the new jersey chapter.
10:38 pm
so first they sick fbi on parents collude with the white house on the parents, and now they said you know let's double down call them extremists, carol. >> yeah. no, i think it is good that teachers union is being so opening parents understand that the yon is actively standing in way of their child's education the better. and over the course of covid teacher units want education into their enemy so this ad just reconfirms that and you know i'm glad they're being open about how they feel about parents being involved in their child's education. >> kara is this the end of the union is this it? i mean they claim that we didn't care about them we gave them ventilating systems and you know more money into the classroom. and then they still they want to go they got the first shots for covid. and everything and then they still didn't want to go is this -- it for parents? >> oh, i don't know if this is the end of the unions they have a lot of money and a lot of power it might take many decades
10:39 pm
for their power to fade away. but this is derchght the beginning for parents this is definite the beginning of a new era of parent involvement, and look lawrence we saw what happened in arizona this week. they signed a school choice bell and their website crashed. because so many parents were seeking choice in their school options, and we're going see that spread across the country i'm just one of thousands of citizen candidates running for their local school board parent like me and like carol who look around and said somebody has to do something where are the grownups in the rooms? enough is enough. the unions have definite overplayed their hands, and, of course, they're going label us extremists. but let me tell you something, any time a parent is standing up for their child that's not extremism. that's called parenting. >> if you attack your cubs don't be afraid when moms come after you it is that simple ladies thank you y'all for joining me tonight. >> thank you, lawrence.
10:40 pm
thank you. >> so fox news alert out of lake mead, nevada where drought conditions have caused a water level to recede revealing a fifth set of human remains. the first body found back in may. was discovered inside metal barrels and more remains are found some experts believe mother nature has exposed a mafia graveyard. [laughter] joining me now to explain travis haguey former national park service official who studied death in lake mead and gof schumaker museum thank you so much for joining me. gentlemen, you know this has been an issue for a while we know that mob was doing their dirt. but now we finally are now seeing the bodies. >> we are. i would tell you -- i've been telling people for 18 years that if we ever drained
10:41 pm
lake mead we would find out what happened in vegas it gets dumped into lake mead back when i was public chris management specialist in poor claim office for the national park service very first case file i ever read was a rapper who was part of the east coast rap coast killed in vegas and his body dumped in lake mead and has been recovered, and since that time i have been following the data for years. you know, for good 18 years, and i'm not surprised. seeing now that we have drought conditions, i'm not surprised actually kind of surprised only found five bodies to tell you the truth. you know first body that we found in may, i referred to him as k-mart shopper because we're told of the k-mart clothes with him inside the barrel. you know, the way he was shot -- now we're being told that there's pebble a gun that was found near where the barrel
10:42 pm
was -- you know he was shot put in a barrel put in the lake well that just reeks of some teach of organization that went into this. organized mob or whatnot -- they didn't do as good of a job as dexter on television but body is still there and now i would tell you you know we've got what five bodies now in four months, and i'm expecting to see more and more we have nothing conclusive on last four bodies. you know whether they were shot or -- you know, the last two i know for sure were found in pretty popular beach areas. easy place to dump a body if that was the situation. >> let me get jeff in. jeff how bad is this? are these new bodies or are these old bodies going back 20 years? >> well one thing we know is that first body found in the barrel police said they believe that shooting occurred some time in the late 1970s or early 1980s.
10:43 pm
so you know, that's a fairly old body. you know, the lake has existed since late 1930s. so there are a lot of drowning vicinities and perhaps a few murder victims in the lake. so as, you know, the water recedes we're bound to find more, and you know, or there literally dozens of drowning vicinities who were never recovered. >> so jeff been studying mobsters for a long time people that did this could they potentially still be living and face charges? >> yeah. >> i think if -- if it's possible that someone who participated in this murder is still alive, of course. however, you know, if this was, in fact, mafia hit that body in the barrel was someone eliminated by the mob, most of those individuals who are around and were very active at that time in late 70s and early 80s have, in fact, passed on. so you know, it may be that we if we identify this body and
10:44 pm
turns out to be someone who was perhaps killed by the mob it will fill in a hole in the puzzle. but it is not necessarily going to lead to some kind of prosecution. >> travis a mob alive and well? we watch it on tv -- but are they still operating? >> well, listen, just from the one case file that i read -- you know, this would have been 2004, 2005. it was very obvious to me that the mob is alive and well. it is always, you know, when we look to the origins and startup of las vegas you have mormon mafia and more national in there it is always there they're alive and well. >> gentlemen, thank you y'all for join us and provide us updates as they come in up next steve hilton makes his cross krkt country debut, that's next.
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lawrence: welcome back a new report from the daily mail is calling out mega rich billionairings like kanye west jay-z as well as hollywood elite like reese witherspoon for taking in millions in covid relief funds intended for small business across the u.s. steve hilton here to help us keep these folks accountable now steve, brother, this brings me
10:49 pm
no joy i love a lot of vimgs but they were min out of the with we 400 tom brady 150 million. khloe kardashian 60 million this is just crazy. >> everything about it is so inpure rating. remember the reason that this whole scheme, this practically a trillion dollars in this scheme 100 billion apparently stolen not even by celebrities who did it apply the lemght way a hundred billion straight up stolen another hundred billion went to rich people who then went in term of giving become and they didn't really need it. whole point of this was to compensate struggling people who depend on income of businesses that were shut down because of stupid totally empty signs lock downs that were never justified in the first place and these people often selects are
10:50 pm
lecturing everyone taking money from working americans, that's going into the bank accounts of rich people it is like robin hood in reverse completely infuriating they have the money they could have helped their own businesses with the money. but they stole the money from the american people. and there's no accountability for this type of nonsense. >> well exactly. this is a fundamental point by the way this is a very helpful tease lawrence from what i'm going to be saying on my show tomorrow night because this is what's so outrageous about every aspect of the bureaucracy these days is they keep getting wrong failure after farm, failure fraud, waste, money that's hard earn money from taxpayers, going down the drain and no one is ever held accountable you can keep making mistakes keep screwing up and keep government job that's what is so outrageous about it all. lawrence: other thing as soon as we talk about hollywood you know
10:51 pm
how people operate i want to talk about leonardo dicaprio. i mean, this guy talks about -- being for the climate yet jetting around world and hem and other ones they -- really don't care about the climb because if they did they were turn in their private jet but they want it for us not for them. >> that is the fundamental point and the superficial point you know we make it all of the of the team and laugh with them and we should do that is say hypocrisy say one thing and do another and how long doing this snuff cher shameless and don't care about stories anymore and keep doing it but the deep point is one you just made which is if they really believe -- what they were saying, that this is a climate emergency it has been upgraded from climate crisis now climate emergency. they use that tomorrow to justify these draconian restrictions everyone else has got to change their lifestyle no more to change car buy an electric car and can't cook with gas and that's most offensive
10:52 pm
and on and on taxes to have subsidies for rich people to get more teslas if that was really justified if they really thought it was an emergency they would change their behavior but they don't because they know it is a scam excuse to change behavior while they're doing what they oles did. lawrence: rules -- thank you. while this hypocrisy continues mungt in new mexico is on brink of running out of clean water after two burns in the force led by federal employee, turn into an out of control wildfire, i went to las vegas, new mexico to see just how the dire situation how dier the situation is. watch. ♪ ♪ >> y'all have had historic rain
10:53 pm
yet y'all have a water shortage. why? >> absolutely. we've had the best monsoon season in seven years. we have had more rain this year ironically after the worst forest fire in new mexico history that burned into our watershed. so the town is dependent on the river that's behind us. and they've got the dyenas river is polluted with particulate that current filtration system that city owns is not able to filter this water. lawrence: it is true there's a shortage of drinking water for people -- >> absolutely. today we have about 40 days left in our storage. usually the water that's behind us would be going into our reservoirs. and after it goes to reservoir goes to our filtering system. so -- but because water is so damaged
10:54 pm
and contaminated now with ash and debris we're not able to they can water and put into our reservoirs at this time because our filtration system will not handle this type of water. >> y'all don't have a water shortage y'all have a clean water shortage. >> absolutely. lawrence: when you look at what used to be a pond where people used to fish where people used to swim in the lake -- and -- >> ice skate there. >> you can't do that anymore. >> is this safe to go into that water? >> i couldn't no. no. you see it is pretty dark and murky but normally it is pretty clear. comes from top of the hill from the snow pack. >> what do you think leaders to know the federal government -- that unfortunately are responsible for this tragedy? >> i would like to see them come here and look at this. not from washington and not
10:55 pm
from -- their tv sets but to come here actually and see and taste it. j if they don't fix this problem will people have drinking water? >> they're having drinking water issues right now. because water has now people are buying, the source for bottled water. lawrence: so much for climate change in the community -- repair it. more cross country, minutes away. ♪ you ain't seen nothin' yet ♪ ♪ b-b-baby, you just ain't seen n-n-nothin' yet ♪ ♪ here's something, ♪ ♪ here's something you're never gonna fff-forget, baby ♪ get a dozen shrimp for only one dollar with any steak entrée. only at applebee's.
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lawrence: well that was fun thank you y'all for being right here we need stories, i mean, that's how we found out about las vegas story. just -- unbelievable with the federal government would break something, and not everyone admit to it. finally owned up to it and glad somebody sent us that story to provide more coverage thank you so much for watching. we'll be right back here live next saturday night at 10 p.m.
11:00 pm
eastern time. sending us your stories. cross country at until then you can find us on social media lawrence b. jones 3 instagram, twitter, facebook talk to my team, lj cross krnghts set your dvr so you never miss an episode. good night, america. [♪♪♪] brian: it's saturday night, welcome to "one nation." i'm brian kilmeade. we have senator tom cotton. he will break down what happened in afghanistan and could be happening in ukraine. mike rowe breaking down the blue collar work ethic and the so-called quiet quitting. first, it's the trump show 24/7.


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