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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 24, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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important work done on "the ankle" and yesterday the disruptor not sold subtle message about proper work/life balance. >> i have got to get "the ankle" done. i've got to get the "the ankle" done. >> the winners are revealed in the last major primary day of the midterm election and we began in florida where democratic congresswoman orlando police chief val demings claiming victory in the senate primary race. she will face off against republican incumbent senator marco rubio. >> carley: in the state's gubernatorial race the republican turned democrat charlie crist will go head-to-head with ron desantis. but the governor's political clout unfold and all of his
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endorsed full born candidates winning their elections. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday morning, i am carley shimkus. >> todd: i'm todd piro and let's head up north where jerry nadler joins the powerful house judiciary committee. if he did his colleague congressman carolyn maloney. new york special election democrat pat ryan topping in a race as a potential bellwether for the midterms. marianne rafferty has all the details. >> good morning, todd, carley, surprising with new york where jerry nadler wanted a decisive victory over carolyn maloney after redistricting a three term democrats and powerful committee members against each other. meanwhile, the county executive patrick ryan winning special election in a important swing district. ryan focused his campaign on the supreme court's ruling overturning roe v. wade sending
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a clear message to republicans looking to use the seat to put the house. anthony lee redrawn 17th congressional district, democratic congressional campaign committek maloney with challenger state senator alessandro drp. in g.o.p. state assembly member mike wilder this november. now to florida as former orlando police chief and current democrat val demings wins her primary and will take on republican senator marco rubio. rubio looking to serve a third term in recent with deming's a slight lead but marco rubio failure to keep his seat. >> the democratic party taken over by radical left-wing lunatics and laptop liberals and marxist. with the debate of people that do not believe, for example, this is a special country. when we win in november, we will put a stop to the destruction. >> import is redrawn seven
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congressional district army veteran cory mills wins and wilr florida democratic party vice chair karen green. and another win for trump backed republican anna paulina luna upset the florida's 11th congressional district and will face democrat challenger eric lin. and in the sunshine state, governor's race, charlie crist defeats agricultural commissioner nikki friede who was favored to win back before charlie crist threw his hat in the ring. and he will face ron desantis who vows to continue to fight against biden's destructive policies. florida republicans also celebrating overnight after three candidates backed by governor desantis with sarasota school board from a liberal majority to conservative. back to you guys. >> todd: marianne rafferty kicking this office morning. the republican in new york city councilman, joe, your reaction to the results last night. >> i think it was ultimately a
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good day for ron desantis, donald trump indoor seas and federal and local levels all in one. i think here in new york we solved the socialist aligned candidates take a backseat and take a loss i think people are following the patrick maloney and they might not know that one of the architects of bail reform law. she is by all accounts a socialist who is in my opinion bad for the state so the taxpayers might win in that respect. >> carley: one of the key bellwether races was a special election that took place in the hudson valley between democrat pat ryan and republican mark mullen or. we are talking about new york but the republicans thought they could flip this seat and the democrats wound up winning. politico painted it this way, trump candidates are chopping up wins but facing
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democrat appear to have eased purity new york special election seen at the best midterm cleaning confirmed that democrats hopes and republicans fear for your prediction of a red wave may be overblown. so, it does raise the question, are republicans over confident going into midterm election? >> it pains me to say this but i think so. we had a marquee candidate who ran for governor and well-liked in the republican parties and well-liked in the region. this is a district suburban primarily and rule. this is where frankly around the country are trying to pick up momentum. it was clear the issues of inflation and the issue of crime in new york state motivated republicans, but not in the same way abortion actually motivated a lot of democrats. >> carley: what does that mean nationwide? >> i think republicans have to look at themselves and take a gut check and focus on motivating voters to actually turn out in november. >> todd: do you think republicans need to force the
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issue when it comes to democrats co-opting the republican message on certain things and then driving the ball over the goal line with abortion, which seems to be what is happening? >> i think someone for a strong pro-choice voter, they might be single-issue voter in a chance to actually switch them over. i think these races will be about turnout in the suburbs. i think we need to make sure we have found the right candidates. in most cases, it is too late to change in this case. if we don't have the right candidate with the right message and the right aggregate base with a one-party state and new york, i think we will be in trouble. >> carley: fox news power rankings has republicans winning in the house and also likely winning in the senate, but the margins of error are certainly closing. let's turn to this, a recent error with details mayor eric adams does in his free time. the guy likes to party. talks about him going to fancy restaurants and nightclubs, meeting with swanky people. and there are various little
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indications that he is paying for these things. "the times" says raise ethical questions and mayor adams responded to the report and take a listen to what he said. >> i know oh when a receipt of a private dinner that i have with people in the city and i'm not going to start being treated differently and i want except that and that was a silly story. you don't know if it was a silly, silly story. front page of "the new york times"? come on! >> carley: ! >> carley: joe we've come a silly story? we have ethics laws in the states as most states where people can't just pay for your meals on a regular basis. you have to follow those rules. after follow those rules and everyone in the elected office has to follow those rules. mayor bill de blasio never enjoyed new york. and the mayor of the city should be occasionally at restaurants and should be doing some night life but going to swanky places every single night is not the same as taking your picture at
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the cyclone in the opening season and opening days of coney island season. this is not the best look when you have issues with the police officers getting injured and with crime on the rise where people hurting under inflation. >> todd: it obscures real issues in the administration which we thought things would be improving crime wise find out but actually getting worse. before i let you go, to children drowned in a baby claim to life after pretending to cross the rio grande into the u.s. and texas to send migrants by bus to new york city. the left always says we need to be compassionate when it comes to the migrants. where's the compassion of the democrats and encouraging people to take a journey where they die? >> so the migrants coming to new york, we have a price tag $300 million is costing new york city so democrats are finally acknowledging that there is a dollar amount cost to illegal immigration. i hope they start realizing as you point out, that if there is a human life cost also to
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illegal immigration in that building of a border wall and actually enforcing the law on the border might be a worthwhile expedition. >> carley: really quickly before we let you go, mayor adams is admitting 300 people that have come have been bused to new york to texas or a crisis. he is also rolling out the red carpet for them, free hotel room, cell phones, white cell phones? and i new york post announcing the housing alone could cost taxpayers $300 million. that is not how the taxpayer money should be spent? >> these are people coming by accident and because the democratic party is both encouraging them and allowing them to come here. i'm somewhat glad, even though i'm one of the people that will pay for this, i'm somewhat glad governor abbott is doing this to raise awareness of most blue state people that there is so significant cost to illegal immigration. >> carley: we will see a significant cause changes anything politically. thank you for joining us this
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morning. appreciate it. the biden administration more involved in our local raids than are initially reported. >> todd: in the meantime, a federal judge on the motion filed by trump's legal team from documents taken from the former president home. brooke singman with the latest, brook. >> good morning, guys federal judge requesting former president trump's legal team elaborate on motion for ms to review of the record seized in the fbi's unprecedented raid of mar-a-lago. giving the legal team until friday to "file a supplement to the motion further elaborating on the following." the basics for the exercise of the court's jurisdiction and applicable imprecise relief sought. meanwhile, at "the new york post" is begging the question, what did biden really know about the drive raid to mar-a-lago? he signed off to review trump records for classified materials by working with the national archives.
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initially claiming no knowledge about the b14. when trump returned 15 boxes in may, those at the national archives 700 pages of classified materials and the doj then asked biden white house counsel for permission to give those documents to fbi agents for review. the national archives litter now exposing biden's role and trump knew he was under an ongoing criminal investigation since may. the letter from the archive said trump, it has now been four weeks since we informed you of our intent to provide the fbi access to the boxes. to conduct the reviews. national archives will provide fbi access to records and questions as requested by the incoming president. trump's legal team now highlighting biden's hidden agenda. listen. >> this is in the event a crime right before an election. it is crime because he is way ahead in the polls and "the wall street journal" made it perfectly clearly. this was an improper search. it was not done correctly.
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there was no need for it, and he was cooperating. >> the redacted affidavit from the justice department is expected to be turned over to the court tomorrow, carley. >> todd: brooke, thank you gregg jarrett things attorney garland had an ulterior motive and here is why. because there is no enforcement provision of the records act. it is not crime. so what did merrick garland do? he tossed in three general moral general criminal status. wait a minute under law for more than 100 years in america and specific statute like the records act takes precedent and supersedes any general steps. again, merrick garland knew that but wanted to gain access to trump's compound for an ulterior motive to look for some evidence, any evidence of the different crime or maybe something related to january 6th. so, he tossed out a general
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warrant, which is a clear violation of the fourth amendment which requires it to be specific. >> todd: turning out to this, israel urging the biden administration to reject the iran nuclear deal after the state department signaled the u.s. could be willing to renegotiate. >> carley: is really defenseman will be in washington to sway officials to walk away from the obama era run nuclear deal. senior advisor to the ambassador of israel rabbi aryeh lightstone joins us now. rabbi, good morning to you. israel in a matter of days or iran rather in a matter of days has dropped to cokey demands, one on nuclear inspections and the other on iran revolutionary guard being removed from the state department for imperialists. do you think a return to the nuclear deal is imminent?
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if so, what are the ramifications of that would be? >> certainly reporting on it indicates this is not only imminent but terribly dangerous. the biden administration on day number one expresses interest to run back into the steerable deal. it continues to do so. all that iran has done is kept with the original premise, we are going to take the deal on our terms and supported situation on these terms is absolutely not at all a change in their stance on this deal. it is a hermit to steal. >> todd: basically they put things in the deal they didn't care if they lost and pulled it back, hey, look we are negotiating. that is not how it works. an ultimate prime minister mentally, prime minister until couple of months ago, appeal to joe biden with approximately a quarter of a trillion dollars to the iranian terrorist administration's pocket and regional proxies and enable iran with no restrictions in a mere
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two years. rabbi, what is the biden administration seemed so blase about these very concerning points? >> the biden administration looks to the middle east completely and totally differently than certainly the trump administration did. but i think most americans do. i liken this to defund the police. you defund the police and what is going to happen? crime will rise. it makes you feel for maybe a minute for whatever ridiculous reason there is, to give a half a trillion dollars to the iranian regime. that is to america and israel to weaken alleys. frankly, it terrifies us as americans. where the biden administration is recklessly running towards this makes no sense other than the fact the same exact characters who negotiated the still under president obama just pretending as though the last four years under the trump administration didn't do this. this is politics and not policy. >> carley: for getting back into the iran nuclear deal is inevitable, is there such a good
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thing as a good deal? what would you be looking for to make sure that to indicate that biden negotiated a deal better than the obama won? >> yeah, the deal would have been out run by senator pompeo and no interest to go head-to-head against iran but to rejoin the community of nations. we are not going to pay you trillions of dollars to do so. there are 12 basic steps that enable you to become a normal region that is not the number one sponsor of terror in the world. the only people on the iran side right now are russia and china. this is truly a russian negotiated iran deal so it is a terrible deal. if president biden at inauguration said president trump was wrong about a lot of things but iran he was correct about and spoke about a plan is the right plant. iran would be at the table negotiating a good deal today. instead, biden said everything trump did it was horrendous so iran saw an opening and ran
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right to it. >> todd: talk about not knowing how to negotiate, there is an example. aryeh lightstone thank you for your time this morning appreciated. $10,000 in debt for student loan borrowers today so how much is that going to cost you the american taxpayer? you won't believe the actual total praise debt. >> carley: taking a front seat for students from a calf, catholics to rome is surging. plus, i have an announcement to make this morning so keep it right here because i cannot wait to share it with you. ♪ ♪
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it's an entire trading experience. with innovation that lets you customize interfaces, charts and orders to your style of trading. personalized education to expand your perspective. and a dedicated trade desk of expert-level support. that will push you to be even better. and just might change how you trade—forever. because once you experience thinkorswim® by td ameritrade ♪♪♪ there's no going back. ♪ ♪ >> todd: virginia governor glenn youngkin and jason euros accountability in classrooms after a sex offender found to be working as a school counselor. the call comes after a convicted sex offender darren thorton working at a fairfax county school district for months before his eventual fire. speak with this circumstance in fairfax county is a colossal fan the local level for law enforcement and from
1:23 am
school board and superintendent. to have someone who in fact has been arrested soliciting sex and on step for 20 months and then to be arrested again and then more time passed before they are finally terminated from their position is beyond belief. >> todd: in november 2020, soliciting underage prosecution and convicted earlier this year. then june the 9th of this year, thorton arrested again for allegedly soliciting. the fairfax county fired thorton about learning about the situation. a elementary school a social media post posh white parents. take a listen. >> for the first time in my life, i will be looking at majority white school. i'm kind of interested to see how students and parents interrupt my classroom because it is billed for nonwhite
1:24 am
students. you will notice there are no white kids that are presented in that. i feel like some parents might have something to say about that. that is my experience with posh white parents in the past holds true. >> todd: let that sink in. the teacher deleted that post and the principal issued a statement, "it is inappropriate to make students feel unsafe in any way, shape or form. and every student to feel safe and welcome. carley. more parents enrolling their kids in private christian schools as we see a movement to fight against woke curriculum i. father jaydn nelson is the president of bishop and catholic school and a parent with three children enrolled in that school. they both join me now. father, we are hearing the catholic school is more popular but what kind of increased interest are you seeing?
1:25 am
>> well, this year we are up 6% overall. we have been seeing year-over-year gains about 5% the last five years. 60, 70 families for a school like ours is good interest in what we are doing here. >> carley: father, why do you think catholic school is becoming more popular? >> i think the biggest thing is that when people look at what they want for their children in terms of educational environments, they think of providing such an environment that corresponds to their own values and what they want to communicate to their kids in their homes. so, we offer a place that approaches education and includes discipline and kind of a strong, moral foundation they look at that is a great value. >> carley: that brings us to you. why did you decide to enroll in catholic school instead of public? >> the father really hit on it
1:26 am
right there. it is continuing, overleaf, the values we are trying to instill in our children at home. it kind of continues on into the education. the staff does a great job and specifically bishop ryan introduced classical style education, something a little different and stands apart from may be the other option, which was another big plus. and that was our first child with a heavy indicator in first grade. just knowing that care and the moral foundation that is being laid at home continues on of the school during their time here, which is allowed. our kids are at school for a long time. look, it is just reassuring to my wife and me that it continues on here. >> carley: you don't have to worry about what your kids are learning. you know exactly what they are getting when they go to catholic school. father nelson come up hours
1:27 am
southeast of you is fargo, north dakota, and the school board recently voted to ban the pledge of allegiance because of the word "god" and after serious public backlash they decided to reinstate the pledge. what do you make of the original decision to get rid of god to? >> i think that it is a misunderstanding of the church state separation. i think we are seeing the supreme court relook at what the original intent of the constitution was. you can see clearly that during that historical era, we were looking at not having a state, you know, imposed religion. but certainly, it was not to take god out of the public square, which is kind of the interpretation that had to be thinking on that. you can even mention the name god in public. but literally, that is not what the founding fathers of our country thought. >> carley: well, so many
1:28 am
parents are at school right now not just teaching the basics of subjects but also teaching and political ideology. you can see the increase in catholic school education that a lot of parents now are moving towards alternatives. father nelson, perry olson, thank you for joining us this morning. >> you are welcome. >> thank you for having us. >> carley: absolutely. speaker pelosi's husband, paul, pleaded guilty in his dui case and l for the first time, we are getting to see the dashcam video. >> you were involved in a crash. and now i can see that you are very unsteady on your feet. >> carley: we will see more of that tape and tell you what comes next in the case. >> todd: plus, centering a conservative on the eve of the primary. what happened when twitter band the account and republican running in a solidly blue district? we are asking him. there he is... next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: president biden expected to announce a costly plan later today forgive and forget $300 billion in student loan debt. conservatives and even some democrats with the president say the progressive proposals don't go far enough. >> todd: kevin corke joining us from washington with all the details. >> good morning, guys precise details of the biden plan will have an income cap and allow forgiveness of loans up to $125,000 in salary. but still the plan has not been finalized and administration is still prepared to make the announcement. so, they will work on this and importantly for everybody else up until the last possible second. we don't know all the details, but we do know this. the biden plan based on all the reporting and the things that we
1:35 am
do know, will forgive $10,000 in federal student loans for many americans and also extend a pause on payments to january. for those of you who do have loans right now. however, the plan continues to come from all corners, quite frankly from the left and the right. from the left, a lot of people saying wait a minute including naacp and they say across all racial groups, black borrowers hold the most student loan debt despite being consistently underserved by postsecondary institutions. $10,000 is not enough. cori bush agrees with that. she has put this on twitter, black borrowers nearly twice as much student debt, 50 to slash seven, and student debt cancellation is a racial and economic justice issue period! canceling $50,000 and student debt, what does it mean for you?
1:36 am
quite a few of you owe that much. but check this out, lawmakers on capital dome at capitol hill saying this isn't really fair and after all, why should blue color workers and people who decided i don't want to go to college or he didn't have the chance to go to college, why should i have to fork over hard-earned cash to pay for someone else's university choices? after all, universities will just take advantage but don't take my word for it. lawmakers say that too. biden says every college in america raise tuition by $10,000. that from the great tom cotton of arkansas. he is not alone in worrying about the cost of this thing and only woke college probably raise their tuition, a lot of people feel like this will cost a lot of money. we are talking $300 million to some estimates, and it could cost up to... wait for it, almost $1 trillion, $980 billion. a lot of people making a lot of
1:37 am
benefit would benefit most. announcement, it will make for a very hotly contested issue today and beyond. back to you. >> todd: getting people fired up, kevin. >> carley: $125,000 a year as a salary is a lot of money. >> todd: here is dana perino's take. >> we knew that this was coming because the president kept kicking the can down the road. even he has said, this is desperate politics. last january, everybody is saying this is a bad idea except for the people, no, come with us to the part of the left and will make a big deal of it. basically they are writing off the middle-class and blue-collar workers. completely writing them off. 47% of americans have a four year degree. only 13% of a graduate degree but 50% of the student loan debt have graduate degrees. this is an illegal move, it is
1:38 am
unethical, immoral and they will not get the political payoff they are looking for. they are not going to get the p.r. spin. they will go through the policy paint and not satisfy the left. they will not satisfy anybody on the right. speed to the president sending more money to ukraine as well. as russia hits the ukrainian city of park eve overnight in the bloody war enters its sixth month. the strike carried out as mark's independence day and the white house prepares for multibillion-dollar multimalta eight package and $300 billion to help zelenskyy over the long haul. the latest package brings total amount of security funding to ukraine to over $13.5 billion. president biden's body man stephen cofer set to leave the white house by weeks end and the transportation department, the body man is typically the first and left step her biden sees
1:39 am
every day. and he joins a growing list of white house temperatures. most remain in government positions and another former staffer have moved on to work in media, including press secretary jen psaki left the white house for msnbc. todd, do you have a body man? 's me when i need one. >> carley: i will be your body man. >> todd: that would be interesting. after the account was permanently suspended on the eve of his eve of primary elections, congressional candidate dr. drew montez clark and reinstated so i think it was not permanent and joins me now. doctor, thank you for being here. granted you have the republican nomination for the upcoming november election. but of all the times your accounts could have been suspended, what do you make of the fact that literally it was suspended the day before the primary election? >> i think it is really suspicious. first off, thank you for having me on. i think what has been said is a
1:40 am
glitch, algorithm glitch. i don't think anybody in my district believes it was a glitch or anybody in florida believes it is a glitch. i doubt anybody watching the show thinks it is a glitch. to silence a black conservative on the eve of the election. and this particular point, i don't know how we can allow this to happen because this is a pure example of what i would call electioneering. interfering with the election. we cannot allow that to stand. >> todd: here is the full twitter statement "it uses proactive automated systems with content that might violate rules. part of the work to improve the health of conversations on the surface indicates reference automated system produced a false positive." dr., they call it a false positive. what do you call it? >> what i call it is election interference. governor ron desantis we were with him last night and had a conversation with him. he is aware of what is happening here. this is precisely why he signed
1:41 am
into law sp 772. he knew this would happen if they bigger question is is this an isolated incident or a precursor to what we can expect in the general? >> todd: what i find interesting, you are running in a district heavily blue. you are trying to flip it read. of course, a lot of attention on your race. why does this keep happening, doctor and specifically to conservatives when conservatives are in the public spotlight? why does it never happened the other way? >> i think that is a fair question. i think it is a question we actually need to seek the answer to and take us a step further. i am considering this particular point, a civil rights issue. i went from being persecuted for the color of my skin, let's just say, because we know the history of the country, to now being persecuted because i happen to be a conservative. they should be protected. so the same reason you can't silence me because i have a different viewpoint or i am a conservative is the same way you
1:42 am
cannot silence me because of the color of mice scanned, happily married, black conservative and four daughters. that should not work and an opinion. >> todd: they should be giving you a medal. doctor, the democrats talking about election integrity, have been a democrat spoken out on your defense on this point? >> well, i can't say i have had in a democrat >> my defense, but this is a bipartisan issue. it shouldn't matter whether republican or democrat. i've had byron donalds speak out on this issue and congresswoman lauren bogert. some of the first people to speak out. and yesterday, the chairman of the party joe bruder's actually sent out a tweet. it was after that tweet, probably two hours later my account was mysteriously reinstated the same weight mysteriously permanently banned without notification or warning. >> todd: if you can handle four daughters, you can
1:43 am
certainly take on twitter. dr. drew my. thank you. this has got to stop happening. we appreciate your insight. dr. fauci going on defense and filing an investigation into his pandemic management. >> i have nothing to hide, and i can defend everything i have done and every decision i have made here and i'm not afraid of that oversight. it is an important part of the government process. >> todd: you won't believe what else he said with that you did exchange. very he did. meanwhile democrat lockdowns are still bad for business including a photo where the next guest closed the doors more than two years later. he is here next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> carley: house speaker nancy pelosi called guilty to dui charges of california highway patrol to release dashcam video from the might of his arrest after he crashed his porsche. >> are you sure you can take the test? because i really don't want you to fall over and hurt yourself. right, but that is the whole purpose of the test, you were
1:49 am
involved in a crash. i smell alcohol on your breath. i can see you are very unsteady on your feet. >> carley: pelosi will live a nomadic avoid jail time with a guilty plea and instead community service paying restitution to the victim involved in the crash and participating in a three month ui program. jesse watters says pelosi is getting off easy. >> it paints a very dark picture. it is obvious with anyone with two eyes this is not a misdemeanor but a felony. the cops admitted how serious it was on the tape they had been hiding. they told paul he was lucky to be alive. the cops knew this was serious, bill and the level serious today, papa polly pleaded a a deal and this could have been vehicular manslaughte. this could have been vehicle or homicide. these two guys could have died so what now? will there be consequences for the people that cover this up? >> carley: as part of
1:50 am
probation paul pelosi will be required to install ignition interlock device. >> todd: searching for a violent attack caught on camera and the violence in tomorrow disturbing. and what appears to be a break. sending the employee falling to the ground. the attacker then repeatedly smashes the victim's head into the floor while demanding access to the cash register. look at that! the police have one suspect into custody but the attacker remains on the loose. dr. anthony fauci with his decision to step down his roles at the white house and national institute of battle in december had nothing to do with republican plans to investigate his handling of the pandemic. >> i have nothing to hide, and i can defend everything i've done and every decision i have made here and so, i'm not afraid of that at all. oversight is an important part of the government process. but some of the things that have gone on have been outright
1:51 am
character assassination. that is not oversight. if they want to get into legitimate, dignified oversight, i would be more than happy to do that. >> todd: fauci denies thing apart and shutdowns that went too far. >> i didn't shut down anything. there was a lot of consideration among the white house task force that we were reaching a point where the hospitals, such as new york city and other places were being strained to the point of practically being overwhelmed. >> todd: fauci insist his intention was merely always to flatten the curve. >> carley: it didn't shut down anything. glitzy, let's go here now. small businesses and democrat run cities are feeling the effects of covid-19 lockdowns and crime. greg urban of wild grade saloon in minneapolis and he is back to give us an update.
1:52 am
greg, good morning to you. you were opening last week and but now you are closed, what happened? >> well, after 30 months of losing money in minneapolis, we had an opportunity to exit the least that we had there. and we, unfortunate had no choice but to jump on that opportunity and it was really a sad day. >> carley: yeah, i'm sure it was. we have been showing pictures of wild red saloon before the pandemic and it was packed. this places a huge, sits up to 1,000 people. can you tell us what it was like before the pandemic and then after with the lockdowns and the crime? what the scene was like inside your venue after all of that? fico yeah, before the lockdownst was my best location. we did very well in minneapolis. downtown was blooming. our show would sell out and it was a fun, exciting place to be
1:53 am
downtown minneapolis. post-pandemic, it just has not came back. we had the same farmers comment that would sell out two weeks in advance before the pandemic. now we are lucky to sell 200 tickets. >> carley: wow! >> we could not get the crowd back. there is not a great explanation for it the thin they found places in the suburbs or somewhere else to go, but downtown just has not came back. you know, it is probably tied to the event, convention business certainly is not came back. so, it has been a tough time down there for a long time. >> carley: will, the only explanation is the crime. that is what we were talking about last week. minnesota crime skyrocketing murder at 50%, robbery 26%, aggregate they did a sold 21.7%. so much so that people are afraid to go downtown and
1:54 am
restaurants a 54% decrease in people going out to eat well san francisco with significant decline in diners and all because crime is up and lockdowns were really seriously enforced and all of these areas. greg, do you know of other restaurants shutting down in minneapolis? >> there are a lot that have already shut down. and there is probably more. a lot of small business owners are caught up in leases where they can't get out. and they are forced to basically move money every month while those expire. so there is a lot of cases whers have closed and the princes are sitting vacant. i don't remember a time really ever where there has been as much vacancy in different areas of minneapolis, certainly some are doing better than others. but in other scenarios that were once really the most vibrant
1:55 am
areas of the city and large amounts of vacancy currently. >> carley: it is such a shame because when businesses closed, people lose their jobs. and then, more property starts to take over these areas. i know you did everything you could to keep these places open. you do have two my three, one in austin, texas, pensacola and lakewood florida. so if you are in the area check out wild grade saloon, greg urban, thank you for joining us and sorry about the update. >> thank you. >> you are very welcome. school board sweep and the sunshine state will tell you how many desantis fact candidates sent a message in yesterday's primary. >> todd: correlation because, we have a jam-packed 5:00 hour. please, don't go anywhere.
1:56 am
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♪ ♪ speed to the winners are revealed in the last major primary day for this midterm election year. candidates backed by former president trump florida governor ron desantis having a big night, but it was not all good news for the g.o.p. >> todd: here is why, pat ryan defeating republican mark mullen narrow and a special election race midterm bell with her. we will get into that over the next hour. with that "fox & friends first"


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