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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 24, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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from overstepping their mandate. that's the challenge. >> neil: got it. really love talking to you, tom. thanks very much. tom dupree. really good on these subjects especially the more we throw at him, the more he explains. tomorrow could be a big day indeed. here now with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> hello, i'm dana perino along with jeanine pirro jesse watters. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ while he finally did it come up president biden giving the handout of the century, canceling $10,000 worth of student debt for those making less than $125,000 per year and erasing up to $20,000 for some low income borrowers. it's not free money. the entire plan is coming with a
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price tag of $300 billion and that that's a low estimate. taxpayers like you and me will fit the bill. here is the president. >> i believe my plan is responsible and fair. i find it interesting how some of my republican friends who voted for those tax cuts and others think we shouldn't be helping these folks. the outrage over helping working people with student loans is simply wrong to. >> it's unfair to people who paid the student loads or chose not to take out loans? >> is it fair to people who do not own multi-million-dollar business is seeing these guys get tax cuts? is that fair? >> what boat people who struggle to pay their loans and no others don't have to? >> the costly cancellation of debt sure to unleash a tidal wave of anger from americans who already paid off their loans and those who never went to college in the first
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place. senator elizabeth warren claims this will help everyone. >> because of student loan debt there are many people who do not move out of their mom's basement and cannot save mop money for -- who do not start a small business or did not start a family. you do relieve the debt burden of some of those people and we have more economic activity. in other words, canceling student loan debt is god for the people whose debt is canceled, but it is also good for our economy and the rest of america. >> peter doocy bluntly asking the white house this question this question. >> the people that already paid their student loans, they don't get anything out of this deal. >> other democrats are not so sure about this plan. obama former economic advisor saying pouring ross fully half a trillion dollars of gasoline on the inflationary fire while it's
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already burning is reckless. doing it while going beyond one campaign promise and breaking another, is even worse. i don't know if we could be anymore surprised or shocked, except we kind of saw this was coming because the president has been kicking this candy on the road for several months. not only that but they say if you have a student loan your stomach and have to pay for it until the end of the year that's because of a covid emergency. >> i want to congratulate all the rich whites with graduate degrees were living on the coast making six figures. you are the forgotten men and women of this country and you finally know have a president who feels your pain. spending most of your 20s in school, now finally making close to $125,000. man, i mean what would they do without joe biden? liz warren's point, if this is a historic economy that we have never seen before why are people
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even living in the basement saddled with student dad who cannot start a business? it doesn't make any sense. you cannot raid the treasury and then cut checks to your favorite voters. where did biden give the power is the president to spend half a trillion dollars? that's congress' job. he cannot steal nancy's purse and then to start bribing people before an election. that's an abuse of power and it's unconstitutional. nancy even said it was unconstitutional. this is reverse class warfare. i don't know it's like you rob the poor to pay the rich. you're going to get a plumber's family to pay off the loan of a graduate school family that's making a quarter million dollars a year? why should i have to pay or anybody have to pay for my neighbors graduate degree? you look across the street, you see your neighbor's daughter, she just backed into your
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mailbox, she's always been an idiot and now you have to pay for her to get an advanced degree in estonian poetry? it doesn't make any sense at all. you think the democrats are going to stop at ten grand? next time i cried is going to go 25, next is going to go 50. it's never going to stop. people are going to keep borrowing and keep going into the schools because that's what this is about. it's about hooking more students into these universities where they get indoctrinated by the left. that's what this is all about. this is a lot different than tax cuts. everybody gets a tax cut. everybody that pays taxes get the tax cut with the texas get cut. it's not like donald trump cut taxes for males in the swing states of ohio and florida and north carolina three months before the midterms.
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he's not transferring -- >> the other thing that kills me is just last week the president find the inflation reduction act where they said they would be all of the stuff at that saving. with this on the low end it wipes out all of the deficit savings they had there. tom cotton cottoned on to this. >> of all the dumb things joe biden has done this may be the dumbest yet. i note stiff competition but just think about how unfair this is for all the americans harmed by those who are now on the hook for hundreds of billions of dollars. these are people who took out loans and did so willingly and freely, they need to pay off their loans just like every other americans. >> judge come as a constitutional? i assume this will end up in the court? >> i don't think there's any question. the whole idea, the whole concept -- like the inflation reduction act is reducing our
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debt and therefore the reduction of debt will pay for the $300 billion, or half a trillion dollar in that. this is about the fact joe biden wants to get reelection. he knows 53% of people under the age of 35 disapproval of him he wants to buy their vote. the whole idea is part of a system that so corrupt it's literally going up in line with the federal loan expansions so the universities understand the more these people get federal loans more we can increase the price of. this is a good way to a group of people the president needs to get elected but the sad part is there is no talk of
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responsibility, no talk about contract law, the fact that you went in and you said you wanted to borrow money, you signed on the dotted line can we live in an economy that you're bragging about that so terrific that there's no problem and if you want to drop you can get a job, yet they are saying look if you're from a household of up to $250,000 will give you ten or $20,000 that you if you cannot pay back your student loans. what about senior citizens? what about the people that really need it? this is part of a social estate. putting these kids through universities, indoctrinating them, making the universities rich. my heart bleeds for the people.
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i didn't have to take out loans because they paid for them. they work hard for their money. this is a giveaway. >> what about the people who work overnights the pay to go to school. this just in our very own peter doocy with the press briefing. >> how can the country afford such a massive handout? >> if you look at what the president has done at the end of the fiscal year, $1.7 trillion that we have deduced brought down the deficit. >> who is paying for this? >> the work this administration has done, the work the democrats in congress has done as they are. >> when you forgive debt you're not just disappearing back, who's paying? >> we lifted the pause, we are going to lift the pause at the end of this year which is going
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to matter, it's going to offset a lot of what we are doing as well. >> don't ask don't tell. she's not going to give answers. i'm constantly referring to them as the president chief enabler because this is what enabler does. what does he do? if there was money on everything. how do you appease those photos? with recycling. got a new deal they talk about all of the great things they're going to do. you can be saving so much money
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but i'm with the scum then you read the fine print. the stuff of the people that he cares about and it's taken care of, their stuff comes in really quick. i'm blessed where i can afford these say enzyme prices but you will not see that change in price since 2026. that's no relief in sight come about what you call gaslighting and loopholes. they played on the american people's feelings that's going to help homes. in 2026. the 60% of jesse's favorite people, they're going to get there is right away. that's what you have. >> lisa biden's cancellation of debt was a great idea. >> i didn't use that language. >> give us your take. >> to think i have a problem with. i think jason furman is right,
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this is going to cause inflation -- this is not going to reduce inflation. number to come i'm having a hard time getting my head around the fairness issue. for those who took out loans i took out a loan for the third year of law school at the university of michigan and i paid my loan back. the fairness issue for families who did it, i could wind up in court. when i figure out a way to give tax credits to families and individuals and students who paid, who borrowed money and paid it back, or those families who save money. the second part is if you're going to do this tailored for the things we need. more art history majors. you want to be an art history
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manager? you're not can i get a break in your loan. the things we need, that's where it should've been given. finally, judge, you nailed it, the cost of college. these college administrators would have to come up congress to wear if it going? the inflation is here your numbers are there. perhaps they have a great answer. i can cost upwards of a hundred thousand dollars a year want to look for room and board, coming home, food of schools for kids to go to college i don't understand what kids are getting out of it. >> what about the people who took out loans to buy tools to start a business.
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>> another huge primary night in america with possible implications for the midterms. progressive candidates having a rough go of it in new york. dan goldman -- the guy who gets
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democrats elected, sean patrick maloney, won his primary over and aoc backed challenger. florida voters clearly chris over progressive to face ron desantis this fall. the most delicious highlight of the night was this bitter feud between two sitting democratic house lawmakers, career politicians jerry nadler cruises to victory, ending the 30-year running congress. >> sexist systems and misogyny that continues today as we know from my own campaign. i'm really sad and we no longer have a woman representing manhattan and congress. we cannot we must not give up.
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the fight continues. speak all right, dana, she got walloped. there was redistricting that pitted two of the lip alliance in the house. but for her claiming misogyny and all data, isn't that kind of an old song? >> they've been in congress since 1993. so yeah, they've been serving together, the democrats have completely screwed up redistricting in new york. and that's why you see these results. if carolyn maloney and now they are up to bite it against each other and adds got really nasty. it's fun to watch like you are senile, you are sexist. then there was a third person but tried not play spoiler. the liberals of new york city said that's going to be our guy. i also think it's interesting that mondaire jones lost.
2:21 pm
that's a member of the squad and now there's -- they are down one. >> when you talk about the squad, the progressives -- and i'll go to you on this, harold, the progressive's did not a great night whether it was the aoc backed candidate, biaggi, or the one that she wanted the aoc backed candidates did not do well and max rose one against a progressive as well. what does that tell us looking at midterms? >> the message which is stated to be successful you have to distance yourself from this function and be more aligned with progress and be more aligned with outcomes, serious outcomes for people to the biggest race i saw was the bellwether state were democrat pat ryan beat a fellow named mark molinaro it was a two-point
2:22 pm
race in abortion and freedom of women's freedom and women's choice played a huge role in that race. again we talked about poll the other day. no poll is decisive or conclusive. i tell you this, these are actual numbers with actual voters voting. democrats should be pleased last night in the country should too because of democrats get back to the middle we have a fighting chance not only as a party but as a country to get things done. number two is democrats want to keep district here in new york. >> they talk about the dobb's decision not really affecting that many people but i think the one raised that harold just reference -- and that's the mark and pat ryan race, that was pretty much all on abortion. and mike molinaro was a very popular guy. should the republicans be concerned about this now? >> i'm concerned about it. so they should be concerned about it. i'm a little concerned.
2:23 pm
i'm not can the lie about it. [laughter] it's a big concern. i'm not can i live. is this the best we have? you look at someone like jerry nadler who looks like a hobbit. he is representing the richest district in the entire country. is that the best we can do? >> he won. >> nobody else wants to run for congress on the upper east side? i see beautiful people walking around, tall, healthy, all of their hair appear they are quick with wit and know what they're talking about the other guy looks like he's knocking can i make it the next session. used to both that we can do? the woman, maloney committees having somebody else hold the period to people on the upper upper east side in the upper west side are not sexist. they just think you think. this is who we have representing us?
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>> i'm going to go to tyrus right now. >> i'm excited to follow that. shake what you got now. fighting could say look i have the inflation reduction act passed which has nothing to do with inflation reduction but who cares. i get to vote for finland and -- -- are the democrats better position than a lot of people thought they were? >> i would like to say yes but unfortunately president biden, who used to be a moderate monster -- it was actually too strict on things like crime et cetera, he beat the progressives to become president but he laid down like a folding chair for them and he has been their puppet sons. the american people spoke and i'm happy to see as a republican real democrats stand up in this progressive first world problem stuff where your pronoun is the
2:25 pm
biggest argument that's going on in your kitchen table come as taking a backseat to real issues. i'm a little bit uncomfortable but i would rather be in that argument with somebody i would have a dialogue in. it's a little bit were roughing the white supremacist these days. >> disappointing that he went out like that, oh it was model misogyny. 32 years. a very huge double standard when it counts to locking people up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> president biden getting called out on double standards when it comes to locking people up for weed. wa star brittney griner was scheduled to nine years for carrying cannabis oil in russia. but stand up for those locked up here in the united states. >> i thought it was incredibly disrespectful for joe biden commode and said the sentence that brittney griner was received was unacceptable. we live in a country where right now joe biden if you wanted to, doesn't need any votes or anything, he could literally pardon every single person that is federally jailed for a nonviolent weed offense. he could pardon every single person. there's people doing life in jail for now to have of marijuana right now. >> like between two friends remember that?
2:31 pm
george, are there a lot of people incarcerated right now life for marijuana possession? still? >> let me answer your question with a question. does that make sense to you? no. the answer is no. you wouldn't get a life sentence for marijuana and less -- and you have to give me some facts, you're a major dealer, you're talking about in organized criminal enterprise, you have weapons involved, maybe people died. were not talking about a guy with a nickel bag or whatever they are doing now. whatever they call it these days, going to jail for years for weed, give me a break. what do they call it now? >> but even if you have a little bag -- our people are really getting arrested and then thrown in jail for possession of a dime bag? >> here's where i agree with
2:32 pm
him. there is -- it's very first because in certain parts of our country you can walk around with a joint in your mouth and everybody's cool. right outside. but you pick another state and you'll be arrested for it. and there are people who are in jail for weed offense weed offenses, especially for distribution and people like maybe they had a hunting lodge in louisiana where they had rifles for hunting and may be 1, who knows. but those things -- i'm speculating. but that disparity, it is ridiculous for the president to be like him talked about that because i agree. there should be nobody in jail for nonviolent offenses to smoke weed. we need to federally come across in legal essence we are losing too much money giving it away to everybody that's a nice tax incentive. tax at the way -- >> but if you are in louisiana and it's illegal in louisiana. >> medicinal which is not
2:33 pm
recreational. in california for game -- it's very confusing for a lot of americans are going to one place to go to jail for it in another place you will not. they are relaxed. >> i watch live tv all the time and they're never making a big deal if somebody has a small motorcar. you would know better than anybody. >> i don't do drugs. i've never done drugs. it's interesting but how we treat these things. you think about today we rightly so talk about some of these fentanyl overdoses with young people in the way it should be talked about is a tragedy. we talk about overdoses with young kids who happen to be black and brown years ago in their possession in their illegal activity and we lock them up. i think with this young fellow was on there saying as there is some validity and value to what he is saying. but we need to take a step back too. i'm not fully into the line of decriminalizing the stuff. the idea of walking up and down
2:34 pm
the street with marijuana smells up looking down across the city. i'm not convinced it's not a gateway drug. i'm not convinced it's not an enabler for another thing. it might be one of the reasons we see kids accelerating and doing things they shouldn't be doing that because the certain things are legal. i don't pretend to be an expert on this but i think one of the reasons we are serious about bail reform in the study was to ensure that nonviolent offenders didn't go to jail for a long period of time. unfortunately we are allowing people to commit violent acts to benefit from this. we need to look at this whole platform and figure out what our goals and objectives are craft a set of laws to accomplish that. >> i liked at about five years when cannabis was just legal in colorado and california. that seemed all right. >> now it is on the ballot in oklahoma. >> it can save the farming industry. if it puts money in farmer's pockets no doubt america talks at them but the money go to
2:35 pm
american farmers as well as to being grown in mexico. >> two points on this. no cash bail -- i'm willing to go his way, charlemagne's way if there really are a bunch of nonviolent offenders. can he help us convince the democrats that we have to change the progress of prosecutors and no cash bail? is there a compromise we could have there? because that would solve some things. second point, this is a big issue in 2024, why? >> the democrats are going to start coming after biting because he's not doing something they wanted which is federal decriminalization. once they get through the midterms -- and they're going to think he might not run again but if he's thinking about running again is going to have to promise -- they're going to try and make them do it before he might lose. >> do you think he folds? >> yes. he folded today.
2:36 pm
>> at least medicinal across the country. >> he said he would never do student loans and what did he do? >> hunter will lobby him hard. or something the media will not talk about, conservatives winning big in their battle against woke indoctrination. ♪ ♪ when tired, achy feet make your whole body want to stop, it's dr. scholl's time. our insoles are designed with unique massaging gel waves, for all-day comfort and energy. find your relief in store or online.
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>> conservatives fighting critical race theories with big victories in florida. are likely to an impact on what
2:41 pm
kids are taught in the role of the candidates are very vocal about pandemic restrictions. >> you think about what happening is part of it. this seems to not be as big of an issue -- there it was, is the comeback is an issue and fall elections? >> i think especially american parents are focus now. they are invested because of the way they were treated during the pandemic. this is where i don't think it's going to be initially republican and conservative thing if to be an adult in the room think at this were were moderate democrats have a chance to fix that progressive think. the way the woke styles being rejected. one of the best thing about the whole twitter purchase as we realize that it's a lot more bath than we did. i was on the show on if it is not to present a slick 20%. everybody's think how much of the woke agenda and my critical race theory stuff is not backed by actual real people.
2:42 pm
when parentheticals mutter with your republican or democrat, i don't want my children growing up thinking just because of the color of someone's skin there's something wrong with them and that's what that stuff was doing. parents were vilified for it when they're coming on the fourth method it's going to be the mom and dad's in this country make good decisions. normally process wouldn't even vote in the situation. >> how to say how long did you hear of the parent in terms of the midterm election, but it's not just the congressional elections that matter. what ron desantis is silent his him to put some muscle behind it and push. he got his name i.d. and all of the resources needed in order to make this change. this will have a big difference on the local level. perhaps even then. i also think the pandemic issue is one that's not fading in the minds of people. like we might have something like maybe they do.
2:43 pm
but on the pandemic restrictions on what happened to children the parents and i could i forget. >> you had the same thing? >> absolutely. what's so interesting about this is school board races at one time were so low voter turnout and so uncontested it's the silver lining of the pandemic on so many levels. the ideology being pushed on them. and the fact that the teachers had a sense that they controlled the thing. parents got to a position where they started saying organist or bring back -- when i cannot tolerate this nonsense anymore. it's good to be reflected big time in the midterms. >> i would never -- i would try to be in a school board. i like the fact that conservatives need to start at
2:44 pm
the grassroots level. whether it's a school board, whether it's a dogcatcher, whatever. if you have conservative common sense parents and people out in the local politics community taking ownership of their towns and cities in their counties, that starts something. then you build up from that and maybe that person goes on to be city council, or congressman, or governor. started here. a lot of times conservative parents check out, they are at work, they don't get involved and it's like these control freak democrat kids that are involved in the whole thing in the next thing you know the whole town has gone to. it's good people are waking up. they want to get in there they want control of the think. all of a sudden like what happened to my city? you know how it is. speak with her coming up
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>> just like that i love the d.j. again. welcome back. first up hillary clinton is back and doing what she does best, losing. dog getting schooled by kim kardashian -- is that right? that's right. in a battle of legal with. >> it was heartbreaking, my gosh. you also need to work on her reaction time. sometimes i could see my mom knew what the answer was that she wouldn't hit the buzzer in time. because also really intrigued by how well she did. i wanted to put the spotlight on her. not that she needs it. >> mommy made a good effort. >> not that i'm going to quote your comment to this video. >> of all the things you could
2:50 pm
watch. about the things you could want. you can watch prime time. paint peel grass grow. i imagine it's a bit embarrassing though. i understand the reaction time think about. you have to work on your resources. i was on jeopardy for nonprofit and it's hard to hit the buzzer right. >> you go to family feud. >> she had it in her hands. all she had to do is clap >> that's true. on the cu and hillary clinton in the legal contest. but hey, kudos to the kardashians. that's got to be exciting to. >> if i was running that show wouldn't you just edit out losing the kim kardashian? >> but then you wouldn't have the wonderful banter where everybody had to look at each other and take turns talking.
2:51 pm
>> harold are you watching this? >> i think you should take jesse's advice seriously. just think it's the question doesn't get the question -- -- >> me? you never. >> are you calling it a questions -- is shack joking or being serious. because he's been flying for 20 hours? >> i didn't tip over, -- >> obviously he knows what he's talking about. the guys a baseball player, basketball player.
2:52 pm
>> didn't carry irving say something about that? >> do the kyle and jackie o show but he won't come on my show. >> did you asking? dana, take us home probably. integrity of the waters came, they are -- -- going with that. one more thing is up next. in a recent clinical study, patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. .th .
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♪ ♪ i'm not crying, you are crying. crying with tears of laughter.
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time for "one more thing." harold see if you can do it. >> harold: fox weather bryan norcross is retelling the story of hurricane andrew on miami and beyond 30 years later in a new documentary. he is credited with saving numerous lives with the advice he gave during it 3-hour marathon coverage of the category 5 storm while every other broadcast was knocked offer the air for south florida residents. tonight on fox weather at 10. should be interesting. >> judge jeanine: tonight i'm on gutfeld so i'm promoting myself. second thing, did you know that the new york state fair is coming up and this is the 54th annual butter sculptor. it was unveiled this week. the theme is refuel her greatness celebrating 50 years of title ix. it is a chocolate milk bottle but it's supposed to be made of butter but makes no sense but that has nothing to do with this. this is a female athlete high
2:58 pm
school gymnast. [laughter] >> richard: happy birthday to my son, aka cat rat. he turns 11 today. and he is doing what he likes to do best. beating up his dad. and he is a lot bigger now. but back then he looked like a little tarzan and then there he goes again. he got me. as we call job form. and then, of course, i have some gifts. now, i was fat head saved me because i have these really small glasses and i look like inventor when i put them on. they came to my rescue and hard core fat heads they hand picked glasses for everyone. >> jesse: thank you. >> tyrus: judge? >> judge jeanine: don't touch it. my brother, you get the nice case. >> judge jeanine: glasses or just the case? >> tyrus: geraldo's were clear
2:59 pm
glasses they refused to give him sunglasses. you know what? check it out. these guys are. >> judge jeanine: where did you get these? >> tyrus: fat heads. check them out. >> dana: i'm definitely going to wear these. >> tyrus: they are good. >> jesse: thank you. when the mom is away the kid will play and so will dad. check out this video of touching father-daughter moment ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: first take is all it took. tonight, night two of the paul pelosi dash cam saga. there is more for us to share. >> dana: have your glasses on it's hard to see you. >> judge jeanine: you have yours on too. >> dana: i have no idea what we were looking at. >> judge jeanine: i never got finish mine. >> dana: wally 7-year-old reptile in west virginia.
3:00 pm
he apparently loves to give hugs. is he a licensed emotional support animal. he has a huge following on tiktok 68,000 people follow this guy. wally gator wons the contest if he wins $10,000 prize and two day spread for america's favorite pet. i would vote for him. >> judge jeanine: he deserves it. >> dana: second place after percy. >> bret: what exactly happens during the commercial breaks? >> tyrus: whoa. >> bret: what is the inside joke. >> dana: bribe me because this one is worth it. >> bret: can we get a camera there? >> tyrus: no. [laughter] >> bret: thanks, dana. good evening, welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, president biden says he is canceling up to $10,000 of federal student loan debt for certain borrowers and up to $20,000 for pell grant recipients. according to nonpartisan analysis, that proposal could cost upwards of $300 billion


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