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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  August 25, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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evening. as always, thank you for being with us. thank you for making this show possible. please set your dvr so you never miss an episode. t and don't forget for news any time fox news, hannity, .comm and in the meantime, let not your heart be trouble or ingram and the ingram angle is next. have a great night. i'm laura ingraham. this is the "ingraham angle" from washington tonight. the road trip may it rest in peace. that's the focus of tonight's angle. so what is it you do? i'm a driver. sometimes all i want to do is head west on twenty car i can afford with a plan i don't have just me my music in the road is a fine automobile. you want my honest opinion beats the hell out of the sports wagon. but i'm not your ordinary
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everyday fool. okay, now i'd like my antarctic blue super sports wagon right now. now a few things exemplify american freedom in the last century or so as much as the road trip, the knowledge that at any time, day or night you can decide just to drop everything and hit the road drive south out west cross country. the only thing it can stand in your way is maybe sleep deprivation and you can't achieve today. yet it's becoming clear that like so much else that we love about america, the freedom of the open road, our freedom to travel as far as we want whenever we want is under attack. case in point, tomorrow, california's air resources board is about to approve a total ban of new gasoline
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powered vehicles. now that's a clear assault on its residents, basic freedom of movement. now the rule will require that 100% of all new cars sold in the state by twenty thirty five be free of the fossil fuel emissions that's up from eight percent today. now, i know these changes you hear twenty , thirty five seem really far off. but things get ugly real fast because in just four years the current 80% ev mandate will more than quadruple to 35% and four years after that it climbs to 68% and then five years later, no new gasoline powered vehicles will be permitted for sale in the state and not even the most progressive countries in europe have come close to such a radical anti freedom measure. now what's worse, according to the times, the california plan may be the blueprint for federal action against gas powered cars that biden's
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lawless epa is promising to issue next year. and by the way, the the promise of transitioning to evs doesn't just mean cleaner air, but more savings for consumers. they're arguing, well, that's total baloney. now biden promises big seventy five hundred dollars tax credit. i know that we're thinking if you bought a new ev, but what he didn't tell you is it came with a bunch of caveats and many evs don't even qualify . there's also the suspicious new rise in electric vehicle prices for nearly the identical amount of the rebate. so if you ask yourself how much will an electric vehicle that you're going to have to buy down the road actually cost you? well, according to kelley blue book, evs are eight point eight percent more expensive than they were a year ago. the average price for a new one is more than 60 or six thousand dollars. now that's well above the industry average and closer
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to the cost of luxury vehicles versus mainstream cars. but that's just the beginning because once you have an suv, you're going to need a charging port at your house now to purchase a charger or do an electrical upgrade, it's going to cost about two thousand dollars. that's sure. yeah. you can use a regular three prong outlet. yeah, you can do that. but you're only going to get a measly two to five miles per hour of charging. i'm sure you'll have a lot of extra time on your hands to do that. and installing those commercial charging stations in public places i've been hearing that about now depending on whether they're the regular chargers portable or fast varieties, it's going to cost up to several thousand dollars each. new york city, by the way, it's anywhere between two and ten thousand dollars for each port. and what if you're a gas station owner today? well, you're going to have to upgrade and get charging stations, obviously. now, according to ny, the fast on to go charging stations are
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about twenty five thousand to fifty thousand dollars and equipment costs combined with anything from 50 thousand to one hundred thousand in the electrical service upgrades . you're going to need look on the bright side, guys, because tutorials from the administration that were totally free there we are and there's no sound or still there is there is nothing. yeah, and that's all about i thought you said every morning i was filling. thank you. usually can smell it and you can hear the shuffling sounds right. none of that i know. but how do i know it's actually working. okay, she's the one you should be laughing out here. but beyond the immediate costs is one overwrites inconvenient fact here. our electrical grid. now the truth is it couldn't handle most american car owners plugging in every night really alarmed at sort of the naiveté
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of those who are promoting rapid adoption of these technologies with our existing infrastructure over the course of a year, an american household would use twenty five times as much electricity for their electric cars. they would for their refrigerator. do you think it would strain the grid if everybody plugged in twenty five refrigerators in every household? well, if we didn't make the upgrades to the grid, i mean, if we had yesterday's grid with tomorrow's cars, it's not going to work and teach that of the rhodes scholarship . well, welcome to the new normal. it's a place where common sense is totally out the window and fuel is so expensive that most regular americans are going to be forced to closely monitor and limit their movements. and where your only choice for transportation is either to buy an electric car that you don't want and can't afford or to take mass transportation. and it's for all of you men out
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there who enjoy tooling around on those electric scooters. you look ridiculous and most of you don't even know how to drive them safely. now in their brave new green world, urban dwellers and those within commuting distance to work, perhaps they can make it work, take subways and buses and so forth. other than the obvious worry about getting bashed over the head by a crazed lunatic, of course. but if you live in a suburb or a rural area, your life is going to change dramatically in the end. what's going to happen is that working class folks are going to become more and more dependent on public transportation as they're not going to be able to afford the new electric vehicles that are going to be required. and democrats think, by the way, you should be thrilled about all this. do you think electric buses of coal, his electric trucks, electric cars, everything is going electric? i like the music. everything is going electric.
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but the democrats are building a world where only rich people will be able to live a traditional american lifestyle cars, air conditioners, fresh food, beef and so forth while working class americans are going to be required to live like people i don't know in the great depression, crowded apartments, high crime areas, no cars, no air conditioning, not even natural gas for cooking or heating your home anymore. want to take your kids to your favorite hamburger joint on friday night? sorry it went out of business. beef became too expensive and you either can't afford the gasoline that you're going to put in your old car or you don't even own a car at all now whatsoever. now the media and wall street and the universities and the federal bureaucracy which will know about doubt be given special regime privileges here. they're all on board with this plan. after all, they're not going to be inconvenienced in this new ev world just as their lives were changed much during the lockdown's do fallout after nancy pelosi's controversial
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blow out, the house speaker facing backlash after getting her hair done inside a san francisco salon which is still prohibited due to covid-19 for the owner of a boat company says that while governor whitman was urging residents to stay home over memorial day weekend and not travel to their favorite places up in the northern part of the state, the governor's husband, mark mallory, said to get his boat in the water, the governor, gavin newsom, and now apologized for flouting his own statewide health guidelines report emerged last week that he and his wife had attended a birthday party at a lavish restaurant in napa valley. the rules never applied to them and they won't hear as things stand now, trump pointed judges and our populous movement are really all that standing in their way because we love the american way of life. and we're going to work to protect our freedom and our independence. we insist absolutely insist on make our own decisions about what cars we drive , where we set our thermostats and the type of food we eat.
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thank you very much. and we demand real checks on government power, real accountability for that. and so much more . they hate us a lot. it's not and never has been about january six or donald trump or classified documents or the worry about the future of democracy. which brings us back to their effort to force these on . it's just another method of controlling and subjugating the american people that we know better ism of the modern left. now, remember, they think you're a bunch of racists polluting the planet so you don't deserve to have real choices unless it involves killing the unborn. of course, they're happy for you to do that as often as you want. so any american with common sense tonight needs to see this entire attack on fossil fuels for what it is . it's an effort to get you used to living with less, less prosperity and less freedom. there's nothing noble here or conservationist about any of this.
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this is the anti freedom agenda. it's neo marxism masquerading as the green new utopia. but at its core it's just cruel and controlling, just like the democrat leadership itself. and that's angle. joining me now is richard davis hanson, hoover institution senior fellow, and daniel turner, founder and executive director of power the future. now, victor, you say that class plays an enormous role in this entire discussion. explain. we have a rarified class, a bicoastal class. as you said, they're never subject to the consequences of their own ideology. their lifestyles are much different than the people that they dictate to take california sounds great to have electric cars and brand gas cars, but we import 25% of our electricity from out of state and that's almost all generated by fossil fuels. and we only produce about 20% of renewables and we have natural gas and we have
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the highest gas prices and the highest electricity prices already in the continental united states. and yet we have about one out of every three people in the united states that's on public assistance in california. and we have 21% of the people live below the poverty. so you have a feudal society of this coastal city and they don't have to commute a long way. they live in 60 , 80 degree weather and they have all these ideas and they're dictating to a vanishing middle class and a large poor group of people, largely hispanic and they're completely out of touch. and a one party state, if they really wanted to be sincere, they can say and we're going to we're going to push this, but we're going to take the hit. we're going to we we're going to ban private jet travel and we're going to have promised that we only have two homes and we're going to try to live in houses that have less than 5000 square feet and they could do things like that or only out one . you or twenty two foot refrigerator rather than nancy pelosi's 20000 twin pack.
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so they don't do that. and the reason that they don't do it is that they vertue signal that they have all of is utopian ideas and they come at other people's expense. they feel good about their lifestyle. they don't feel guilty, but the costs go on to other people and that's why people are leaving california. and the people who are stuck here are very getting impoverished. they're peasants. they're no longer a viable middle class citizen. all right, daniel, here's gavin newsom at a recent press conference. >> check this out. are we with big oil? are they really with you and your grandkids? or are we going to stand up and maintain and re enforce double down on our leadership? i'd like to think the latter, not the former. that's california and that's the california way. daniel, if this is the california way, it means exorbitant energy prices and the rich people don't have the same rules apply to them. i guess that's the point here.
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and it seems the california way also is failing your competition. we've never really thrived as a nation. the free markets haven't succeeded by making a certain products illegal. and what the government's doing here is it's not just saying, hey, electric vehicles are good, here's an incentive for them. and that alone seventy five hundred dollar tax credit that the owners are getting is criminal, but they're they're banning the competition. and i think it's really important. what you mentioned in your monologue is that the combustion engine is autonomy. it's agency electric vehicles can be shut down. a tesla has done this to tesla owners who they disagree with over social media posts. there are glitches sometimes in the software and your eighty thousand dollar piece of metal is just a piece of sculpture in your driveway and it doesn't function. what happens when you have these terrible hurricanes or floods and we have these mass exodus of millions of people trying to flee a natural disaster? well, you can only do that if
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you have a constant and a steady and reliable source of power and that's not electricity, especially when the power grid falters in hurricanes that normally does so. it has tommaseo quote, we have to go back to it's not a solution. it's a trade off. and the trade offs are not good. >> well, what's really staggering about this, about many things about this, victor, is that in a sense the government, whether it's purposeful or not, they're effectively if this goes through on a federal level, which, you know, biden is going to try to do, this is essentially geo fencing americans into whatever it is . two hundred and fifty miles, three hundred miles and whatever it is that as far as you can go right on a charge that is control of the people. that is keeping people in a geographic area for a period of time. why do they have the right to do that under any of these circumstances? will they feel that if you look at a map of red blue america,
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you see two coastal scripts where half the population lives within about one hundred and fifty or fifty miles off the coast and it's blue . it's very liberal. and you know, from seattle hoya and from maine down to washington, d.c. and then we have a huge expanse, which is 90 percent of the territory which has 50% of the population. and this is a war on the red interior because these are people who are farming or mining or manufacturing. they have a commute. they have to have heavy diesel engine. they have to have gasoline, reliable power for their work and their manufacturing and their and their trades. and they're just saying to these people, you produce a fuel, you produce our food, you produce or manufacture goods or granite counters. but we don't really want to know how you do it. so we're going to make these rules that we can follow very easily on the coast. and we're you know, we look at the eu on one side of asia on the other. and this is a cosmopolitan global culture. and you guys are out of it and this war on them and they don't really care.
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and i suicidal because ultimately they depend on people who are muscular and use combustion engines to provide their lifestyle and they give them the you know ,the luxury or the the margin of error that they can have all of these frills. but it won't affect the lifestyle of the elite. these rules never apply to them. we have to remember that front and center. victor and daniel, great conversation. thank you. and over the past two years, the administration has been slapped down on numerous occasions for its illegal or unconstitutional power grab. the supreme court struck down the osha vaccine mandate. remember that? then there was the hudd eviction moratorium reversal and of course, the epa's action to lower greenhouse gas emissions. all examples of clear executive branch overreach and today announcing the student loan forgiveness plan. what a scam. president biden seems to have added another example to his growing list of illegality.
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>> my campaign for president. i made a commitment. i made a comment that would provide student debt relief and i'm honoring that commitment today. using the authority congress granted the department of education, we will forgive ten thousand dollars in outstanding federal student loans. >> now to justify what is ultimately a gross abuse of power. biden is employing a post 9/11 law that allows for debt cancelation in connection with a war or other military operation or here it is , national emergency. so which emergency would that be ? the president, the president covid-19 pandemic per a department of education memo, of course, now is jonathan turley, g.w. university law professor, fox news contributor. professor biden claims he has the authority to cancel these student loans, citing this law
12:19 am
and then the covid-19 pandemic . but does he? well, it's a little curious of an argument to cite the heroes act because they are citing a crisis that in may they said had diminished the point that they would change the status of title 42 on the southern border that they cited the cdc view of the lessening of the crisis as a basis in court for that argument. extreme only dubious to to argue that that act gives the president the right to basically toss aside three hundred billion dollars as much as that in student loans and even if they are even if the administration had some success initially, it's going to find a fairly chilly reception before the supreme court, which has really been demanding clarity on these issues, not the delegation of
12:20 am
congress to the executive branches. and what's weird is that these democratic members are applauding their own institue national obsolescence. i mean, they are all giving these accolades to the president for circumventing congress because he knows he couldn't get this through congress. pelosi also has something interesting to say, jonathan, about this plan just about a year ago. people think that the president of the united states has the power for debt forgiveness . he does not. he can postpone. he can delay, but he does not have that power that would have to be an act of congress. jonathan, what changed to what changed there? that's inconvenient. well, you know what's amazing is what james madison truly believed that each of the branches would jealously defend their own authority, that even if this was a member
12:21 am
of your own party in the white house, they are members of congress would assert their institutional rights, including that key power of the purse. that is what's so baffling about the position here. president obama did the same thing. he went to the state of the union and told congress he was circumventing them because they wouldn't give him what he wanted. and half of congress on the democratic side applauded him for turning them into constitutional nonentities. so i know this is a really great stretch. the justice department previously rejected this basis for canceling of loans, but also the national the higher education act makes it very clear that congress cannot allows for the postponement of debt, but they expect debt to be paid. yeah, postpone and not cancelation all you have to pay off your student loan four years ago. don't you feel great tonight? professor, good to see you. thank you. now, pennsylvania democratic senate candidate john fetterman, health well put
12:22 am
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let me ask you a question. if you say you think the word of fieldworker, what words comew toor your mind if you say steelworker's, what is wrong with demanding for an easy, safe , kind of their income? a path to a safe place for them to win excuse me to return to work? yesterday's appearance by pennsylvania democratic senate candidate john fetterman has a lot ofng people wondering iffo he's physically up for thisis job. a senator now with something his republican challenger has increasingly begun asking on the trail. and joining me now toi is dr. messed up, republican candidate for u.s. senate in pennsylvania. dr. oz, your team has come under fire for pointing out
12:28 am
legitimate questions about fetterman stamina and mental acuity at this point.mental acu. and isn't that and isn't that a fair question to ask given what'ss at stakeeo for notpl just the people of pennsylvania but for the whole country with this one senate race? well, as aa physician, i feel p badly that he's struggling. that's needed for democracy to work or you have to be able to answer questions from the press, from voters. you've got to hear what what folks here your constituents are going to say. and he's just not beenan out there. and the question we're askingeg is a legitimate one . are you hiding because you don't want to talk about your radical views or is it because your health is such a problem? and if it's the stroke if that e had, this caused issues? come talk to us . let's figure out some way weit can have a debate. it's the best way for us to h identify how we're different from each other. and let the public decide who they want to vote for.te but f if it's your radical viewl or hiding fromet i'm i won't let you get away with that. i mean, you have the most radical position, john fetterman, of any
12:29 am
candidate in a contested racein in this country. and it's my obligation, my duty to make sure voters in pennsylvania d appreciate that. this reminds me of the biden campaign in 2020, does it not? i mean, he was essentially a hologram candidate. they only trotted him out rarely. they kindnl of cited covid, campaigned in the basement, had a few debates, but it was it was kid gloves, treatment of biden to protect him t to get trump. and you see some of the same dynamics at play here and they're seizing on every now just idiotic points about something you said aboutio crudités. now,th that's the most important thing in pennsylvania as they're against frackingva and claiming that they're fordw the steelworkers and for the oilor for the oil guys, without question. let me just walk through to one example, becausee this e a very hot topic inxa pennsylvania. john fetterman has argued we should release one third of all prisoners in pennsylvania. he's bragged about all the murders that he has pardoned. yet philadelphia has gotaw the highest murder rate ever
12:30 am
and that's up 60% since he's been in office. in addition, he wants to legalize all drugs, including crack. these heroin injection sites. we've got the largest open air drug market in kensington, in philadelphia, in the country. and then he one sanctuary n not open border and he doesn't understand that brings fentanyl into our communities in pennsylvania has been hit harshly. top five in the country, fentanyl. ountry that's why when the fraternal order of police endorsed me recently, it was unanimous a. they were so angry. experiment.. here's the catch the coast, california, new york . n they arey pouring money intoey their campaigns. they justt want to get the fifty for a seat. they don't understand how dangerous he is , d how radical he is . and i argue guys come out. dr. oz .com is my site.up come support me. make sure we can arm up and defend ourselves and also define who john fetterman is .e i'm putting a lot of resources in this campaign. will win. wewe dramatically close the pols as but in order to compete, you've got toe be able to explain to everybody exactly, john , a minute because you are
12:31 am
at home, as you point out, that he is the ultimate phonyt. populist. they obviously are worried about a more popular a republican party because they're all trying to pretend to be populist, populistll timoi ryan and ohio's doing the exact same thing. mark kelly tries to play john tester in montana. and now this is just the most recent iteration of that. but they're destroying the oil and gas industry as they claim to be for the the regular people. and the same thing, the steel industry that they want to shipt our jobs overseas. so this phony populism of fetterman with the hoodie that has toie, be completely explodd and exposed for what itt is to i me that's that's the winning way to win this election. well, it's frustrating because he's called fracking a state on pennsylvania call forlv a moratorium on it and regulate it to death. and then he points to his own home town . he says and i was in braddock is a small little town , you know, two thousand people. it's much smaller since he became a part time mayor,
12:32 am
violent crime quadrupled under his watch. and then a year after leavingaf the crime dropped 60%. there's a reason that an tal john fetterman has neverly actually had a real job. well, has he? i hope i can do a real job. yeah, well, speaking of a real job, has he agreed to a real debate? debate,ate? no, no. a i've accepted five major media companies, five debates. he's not responded. come ol not accept. i just need him to come out in place. he owes it to america. he o owes it to pennsylvania to make sure that we can understand where he stands on these issues. m he is far more radical than he acknowledges. all right. i should like him a hologram, as you point out.ut he won't he won't agree to debate. dr. oz, thank you. why is he hiding? all right. the mosthi important election results last night weren't in some random special election, but rather i the school board races across the state of florida. >> a conserveracro wave in flora schools. twenty five out of the thirty school board candidates backed by governor rhonda santos wonr their elections tuesday. conservatives ran on education
12:33 am
over indoctrination as parents push for more control over what schools are teaching their kids . all politics is local and thatt success is largely due tooef the efforts of my next guest, ryan gorodetsky, the founder of the 177676 project pac. ryan , this is how you win t back a country in these typesra of races. congratulationsce how you do it. thank you. we did. wes endorse a forty nine candidates. we won thirty five in major 45 counties, miami-dade, sarasota,c duval bovardou, martin, all thee counties, all these countiesf across the entireth state w and counties in very blue , hard to win places, even hillsborough county, which is near charlie crist's hometown and he was on the top of the ticket. republicans didn't have a governor primary or senate primaryorce and yet they turnedt in higher numbers than thanbe democrats didrs in the state of florida, in part because of the school board elections that what's driving out they said it's a parents revolution is a people's revolution. they realize the insanity
12:34 am
happening at school board levels. they've seen whatt happenedsh during kova.ed they see what the lesson plans being pushed on children are and they're tired. they've had it.ep thisli can be replicated across the entire countrye and we've started last year we did seven states this year so far we did texas and florida and we had major wins across them. and congratulationsm, es governor decentered and the group moms for liberty, they were both very involved thisaner inv is what happens whn conservatives team up and no one cares who gets the credit and back really good people.le we r managed to win by nine. yeah, you also know how to tell the story of education and why it's so important classroom to classroom. this is the story of america that gets pulled by our children to their children and it's critical. all politics i is locall. this indoctrination you've exposed. ryan , we're going to keep covering it. congratulations thihi keep agai. thank you so much fore your efforts. that made me happy. now, as yogi famously said, it was like deja vu all over again. now the deepd state is working with friendly media outlets to prosecute former president
12:35 am
trump through the press. now in moments we're going to walk a step by step through this effort. stay there. joe biden is going to keep you series who is for sure with an all new episode featuring joe rogan. he's a podcast comedian, a mixed martial arts expert. he's a dude nobody knew rogen except other comic. he challenges me through it makes him more powerful than he could have ever imagined. in the beginning of the on extra work and had a variety of guests on his show. he was having some pretty interesting people talking about vaccines to removed her music from spotify because spotify would not remove from programs you really want comprise the biggest star in podcasting.
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i've got a few little tricks up so that for first on fox since i became attorney general, i have made clear to the department of justice will speak through its court filings and its work. well that was a just one day after garland pathetic news conference,er one of his minions at the doj leaked a juicy tidbit to "the washington post". the fbi searched trump's homeor to look for nuclear documents. we were told now this is obvious. they purposely, purposely inflammatory and it was meant to frame these documents in the worst possible lightos and trump and the worstsi possible light. outby choice, they left any specificity regarding thesef documents. so if they were so sensitiveve and so dangerous to remain in trump's hands, why did the feds
12:41 am
wait three days after judge reinhardt signed off on thatn warrant to execute the raid? well, but the leaks didn't stop there.e. maggie habermannthere. team at w york times hasas been a veritabe dumping ground for informationoz and releasing a dozen separate articles since the raid then lastsera "the washington post", they were back with a remarkably detailed tiktok of the month long negotiation over all these itemsmo, includinghe the exact number of pages thatge were soughts . joining us now is former trumpru impeachment lawyer david shounmp and harvey dillon , chairwoman of the republican national lawyers association. you've both been terrific this week back by popular demand. by. now you have seen this up close david . now you've seen this up closean and personal. where is garland integrity for a man who said this was goingai to be a department totally above board, beyond bias b and all the restey, you just heard him say i'm shocked by quite frankly. i mean, this is a man who is the united states court of appeals judge for quite c a lon
12:42 am
time on the 6th circuit, wellci respected, quite frankly. i knowrcte he had his detractord when he was a nominee for supreme court, but he was a well respected judge.ud he's become politically a completely politicized, itd appears now and i'm not sure it's just him. remember the number two in charge is lisa monaco. that's an andrew weissman acolytes an going on for years back . andrew weissman clearly hadea the genda. we saw it during the mother stage. we saw it in his writings afterwards. get trump. i track a lot of this back , quite frankly. i've said before to jerry nadler saying during the trumpmp administration s, we can't trust the american voters. so these leaks are cheating the american public.eggi they're bad for donald trump.ngr they're worse are worse f for tn people. now harming another followw up article tonight inng "the washington post" that there had been like 18 months of efforts by the national archives. various email, of course, on this again, magically endscog up in u "the washington post" cited that they just couldn't get these records back and thatk the records belonged in
12:43 am
the archives. and yet the trump team, for whatever reason, was not delivering. what about that tonight? well,el to my knowledge, the the federal librarians have never made this kind of effort with prior presidents. and indeed, as i mentioned yesterday on your show, the presidential records act doesn't specify any sort of time, place or manner of a president to hand over hisde records after he leaves office. he is supposed to dont its ar at some point, but hee gets to go through them, archives them. he canan pr them from beingbl shown to the public from five to 12 years. and soic, well in that zone of that process. so i think the librarianss argument is a pretext. this is clearly a fishing expedition to get either to get that documents in former president trump's possession to use this as a august surprise thanks to climatema change, the october surprises are coming earlier and oran otherwise. just keep himd in the newswh and that's exactly what's happeningni.
12:44 am
and it is a disgrace to the good name of the doj that is ignoring both doj rules as well as federal statutes that prevent this exact type ofo behavior from happening out off the united, this department of justice. the reference in the postt is someone familiar with the document says it's alwaysh there's been more leaks. and david, as ii mentioned inhe the open, the first leak was about nuclear materials and so loud folks over at msnbc just to top off with impunity . >> well, given given hisgi nature, given his history, given his lack of character, you can't help but y think that he would look at a document and wonder wonder what did page know this andrea ? david , i've heard of a lot of l slimy things over at msnbcau, bt coming from mike barnicle, who's an old fellowmike who hads own ethical problems that is really pathetic to speculate this despicable.
12:45 am
it's despicable.e.despic listen, i've come toable knowll president trump very i don't believe for a second that he thought he did anything wrong with any of those documents or intentionally, knowingly t or willfully wouldd have. and , you y know, the politicale nature of it based on the way this raid came down, there was no reason for that. go through the documents together with aaron corcoran, the other lawyers on site. if youla s have some question at them, relocate the documents someplace else. but this is whatum they did with roger stone and steve then case. they put three federal prosecutors, four fbi agents. these are campaign tactics. so i said this is this surprise when you don't have other initiatives, you come up with this kind of thing to try to poison with things like youui ,nuclear secrets when harmony very quickly, do you thinkly the administration will file, what, tomorrow or friday? , k ilmeet its deadline on thatt redactions question? what documents and why they would want to challenge any of these redactions? well, of course, the doj will comply with that response
12:46 am
deadline tomorrow. il now the question is how quickly the judge reacts too and it's going to be dragged out for some time. i believe harman and davidid, th great to see both of youan tonight. thank you. now, whywh is they is mayor thef minneapolis, beta boy jacob prai mad at me? t and what does it have to dot with our visit to the city? justto a few weeks back ? >> find out next. backyards to spring. this yellow you. are you ready for a fresh
12:47 am
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four six . that's eight hundred eight one seven five four four six . has the activist movement which always seem to in my view, be biased against law enforcement, has that made your job more difficult on a daily basis?? just interacting with regular folks? the m oh, absolutely. and the more ofore thatth that s put out in the media, it makes it tough for us toob actually just do our jobs without being harasseditho cames in our face when we're just trying to work. well, that interview apparently really ticked off. a minneapolis mayor, according to a friend of the show, are rosoff. jacob prai is now reportedlys blocking n journalist from going on right along with the police's department process had planned for over a month to do that. but when he arrived in minnesota, he received wordd that his ride, along with the
12:52 am
minneapolis police department had not been approved by city hall. now one of police sourcesit within the department told him that the mayor was mad about the mpd interview w with me. come on , jacob, maybe you should return the numerous calls from my producers put into your office in the weeks leading up to the ingram angles trip to minneapolis. so my question is what are the mayor of the city councilhe hiding here? you don't want questions askedns of the police. they're having a reallyed tougho timeli controlling crime in the city, but they can't speak out. they have no right to speak. sk here now is scott galica, who is retired minneapolis police officer. scott, why min doesn't the mayor want people to know what's really going on in that city? s? >> hi, hi , laura . i don't know that policy. i've certainly never been aware of the police department needing to get permission fromr
12:53 am
the mayor's office to talk to the media or certainly to do a ride along. so if in m fact that is a policy ,it may be just an ad hoc policy, possibly because of y the interview that you did a couple of weeks ago. but it certainly doesn't make any sense to me. the i think people out there needhe to see the unfiltered truth as to what our police officers not p only in minneapolis but in big cities across the country are facing each a and every dayt on calls.o they go to certainly minneapolis . as a i've seen a huge rise in violent crimele and i think thae needs to be reported by allpo >> la. now, weau went to get the story of what's happening because we had heard from so many residents and business owners o you know, that we interviewed two over two years, ago and we wanted to tell their storyan and the police officer stories.t and that's what's w we did. here's what one of the officers, sergeant andrew schroeder, told me a few weeks ago about what's happening in the department. watch. one of t
12:54 am
>> i think one of the biggestst challenges is just working it of officers,t working on rebuilding the trust with the community the, working on getting more cops to help us and working with what limited resources we have now. scott, these are wonderful officers. they're down over three hundred police officers in minneapolis and we're trying to find out why the police aren't getting the support off the city leaders. >> veryy quickly, your response ? well, the officer that you just talked to, andrew , itha was jut named minneapolis police officer of the year for this past year. polfor all the great work thatt has done. so again, i think it's less you can hear directly fromct the officers themselves. you're going to start to see some filters and you're really notre going to get to the wholem truth of the matter. >> scott, thankat you again fort your perspective. ha coming up with raymond, when it's
12:55 am
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>> i started this journey at 1:00 today. the flight was moved 1:00, 3:00, 4:00 and finally arrived at 5:00. the pilot said he was exhausted so we would not fly to new york. i will see you anglers tomorrow, i hope. >> laura: again, raymond? start traveling at a day ahead of time. that is it. ♪ ♪ be to $3 billion, that is the price tag for president biden's latest spending spree that he expects you to pay for. that bill is expected to go up over time here at the white house isn't saying any of that out loud. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning, i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: todd piro. people are mad about this. minutes before the show, people are upset about this. the president instead how to plan to redirect student loan


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