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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  August 30, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> todd: white house hypocrisy on full display, allowing unvaccinated illegal migrants into the country while banning tennis star novak djokovic. >> ashley: this news is shocking, biden administration is using fema funds to bus migrants. kevin corke is live in washington with more. >> kevin: the white house being taken to task over tennis star
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novak djokovic not being allowed to come into this country to play in the u.s. open because he is unvaccinated, while allowing thousands of migrants across border unchecked everyday? >> you are talking about which world-class tennis player? >> noek /* -- >> that is what is happening. >> it is not like somebody walks over. >> oh, yeah? bill is there with this, said
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this on twitter, they do just walk across by the hundreds, large majority are released, it is that simple. >> we're learning the city of el paso is bussing migrants to new york city and paying for it with fpeople people /* fema grants. it is a political ploy. >> the latest stunt from the governor of bussing desperate migrants across the country and it is shameful. >> kevin: a stunt that is shameful, the revelation comes as transported 10,000 people to our nation's capitol with no sign cross-border traffic will slow down any time soon. >> it's bedlam and chaos and we're calling on the biden
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administration to do their job and enforce laws on the books and seal the southern border. >> kevin: it may be a matter of time before people in the cities call on the administration to do more, as well. back to you. >> ashley: thanks, kevin. i will try to stay in one lane on this one. the novak djokovic thing is infuriating, it seems the white house is lying, that is not the same thing, peter doocy pressed her on it, karine jean-pierre. we have bill melugin who is always there, he sees it and reports on it, they are saying what you are seeing is not true. you have novak djokovic, a
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tennis star, who has had pushback because of his refusal to get the vaccine, which doesn't prevent you from getting omicron. they will not let him come into the country because he is not vaccinated, but we allow these illegal migrants to come across the border undocumented? no, sorry, you can't come across, where is this double standard coming from? todd, can you make sense of it? >> todd: i cannot. karine jean-pierre is either ignorant or lying to the novak djokovic point. anyone can cross the border, what is interesting about karine jean-pierre she called bussing
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of individuals from the texas border shameful, yet the white house is paying for the migrants to be bussed so is the white house action shameful and playing politics that you accuse greg abbott of play something either they are ignorant as to what is happening at the border or have no explanation and flounder? >> ashley: interested to see what new york mayor eric adams has to say about it, he is butting heads big time with the governor of texans with abbott, interesting to see if he is okay with that, new york city is sanctuary city. when feds want to do it, it is okay, not when a republican wants to do it. new york city cannot handle 5700
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and texas is handling -- here is what is happening on the court, serena williams dominating first round match up in what is likely her final tournament ever. the crowd sending her off in style, 24,000 person tribute holding signs spelling out "we love serena." >> ashley: nasa says friday artemis i the blast off. yesterday was cancelled because of two problems during countdown. nasa plans to return astronauts to the moon by the middle of the decade and future missions to mars. and thin blue line banned,
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couple lawmakers aren't happy about that and introduced bill to protect anyone wanting to fly it, we will talk to a lawmaker coming up. >> todd: and honoring a convicted cop killer and black panther in the name of racial justice, what about justice for his victims? we'll hear from the video of the fallen officer live. pain hits fast. so get relief fast. only tylenol rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. and now get relief without a pill with tylenol dissolve packs. relief without the water.
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aoc /* /* >> todd: the city main treatment facility was damaged, the water is not safe to drink and jackson receiving -- tough stuff. >> janice: it doesn't take a tropical storm to cause this much problem across portions of the gulf coast. texas, now mississippi, crested over 35 feet, starting to come down. the damage is done here. over a foot of rainfall. will there be more rain today?
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not too bad, but potential for showers and thunderstorms throughout the rest of the work week. you can see a system moving across the tennessee and ohio river valley, thunderstorms across texas, we will see potential for rain in the forecast for mississippi and alabama into georgia over the next couple days, wednesday into thursday and showers crop up from the gulf coast. look at potential for stronger storms for the northeast. today through this evening could see large hail, damaging wind and isolated tornados causing flash flooding. this will happen through wednesday, look at severe storm threat, not a severe weather outbreak, potential for damaging storms, especially this afternoon. the forecast today, see temperatures especially warm for the southwest around seasonal temperatures for south. look at montana, 92, and 90 in
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seattle, back to warm temperatures for the northwest. heat alert for parts of southwest and california and tropics, been so quiet, starting to see activity now getting into peak season, it will not take much to ramp up here. one area to watch, the current position going toward the lesser antilles. we have the waves coming off coast of africa, where we look to this time of year for bigger systems to develop and those i think thiss are something we have to monitor in the tropics in the atlantic and fox, will update you from mississippi flooding to the tropics. over to you. >> ashley: brown university
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unveiled voices of mass incarceration art exhibition dedicated to convicted cop killer and black panther, the show will display his artwork to advance research on incarceration. he is serving life sentence for the murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner, who he gunned down in 1981. daniel faulkner's widow joins me. me being the wife of an nypd officer, i cannot imagine what it feels to go through what you went through and now to see brown university essentially put him up on a pedestal, how does that make you feel? i can only imagine. >> well, i'm outraged. i feel like i've been
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revictimized again, which i have for over 40 years. i was 25 years old when my husband was shot in the back and fell to the ground and lost his gun. he did shoot the suspect in the stomach and he was tracked down and continued to shoot at him. my husband lied on the ground until the man leaned down and point blank shot him between the eyes, this is what these young adults at brown university need to know, this man caused our family heartache and also he's making money. they have bought these, 40 to 60 boxes of his artwork will be displayed for young adults to see about this poor man incarcerated for so many years, what about my husband?
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they say, oh, it is long enough, he's not a threat, let him out in society. if you want to let him out in society, dig my husband back up and bring him back to life, that is what i have to say to you. i will get to the bottom of how many money, they will not disclose how much money their trust gave to this murderer. >> ashley: why do you think they won't disclose this number? >> they are like most of the woke liberal people in this country, when they are doing something, they do it in the middle of the night, on a weekend, holiday weekend, do not disclose things they are doing, i'm used to it, gone through it all my life. i will find out what they gave him and i will not let it go.
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i'm angry, i'm outraged and disgusted. >> ashley: i hate this wound has to be reopened over and over and for him to essentially be put on a pedestal. have you reached out to brown university, asked questions, has there been response? what is the communication, if anything? >> i have not. i found out about it before i was going on vacation, it ruined my vacation. i will be con contacting them. if you want to go to, you can read the transcript of what has gone on in this case, the judge will make a decision on october 19th how we'll proceed. >> ashley: here is a statement
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about the exhibition. people who are incarcerated are absent -- often invisible demographic, this collection will give scholars rare chance to peer inside prison walls and understand how incarcerated people think and advocate for themselves. do you think they actually know the facts about this man and what he did or they are just blindly following the lead of some left woke ideology? >> well, joanna fernandez, who put this together and is also receiving money, it is about the money, she is of aring money. no, they have not taken time to look at the transcript or facts of the case because they really don't care, that is my feeling.
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i will talk to them. god bless all the victims. i'm sorry, god bless all the victims that have gone through murder and everything over the past years and the wound is always there, it never leaves. >> ashley: i couldn't imagine, so sorry for you and your family and i hate this had to happen. thank you for sharing your story and opening up to us, we appreciate it. have a good day. take a look at tantifa militant standing guard for children. >> todd: and why is hillary clinton posting pictures of her dancing? tomi lahren will talk about it next. ♪
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>> i don't understand why the left has a problem with human trafficking, but don't have a problem sexualization of children. they are protecting men who are dancing provocatively in front of children. >> todd: antifa militants lining the street outside a drag show for kids in texas. >> ashley: tomi lahren joins us, why is the left pushing sexuality on little kids? you see disturbing images of kid-friendly drag show, is there even such a thing? why are they pushing this on these kids? >> tomi: it makes no sense to me and most americans why they are
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sexualizing children? the radical left wants to be counter culture and push the envelope, this is to detriment of society. i had just looked at gays against groomers, there are individuals in the lgbtq community who are saying this is going too far and does not represent the gay and trans community, sexualization of children. there are individuals who want to make this seem mainstream for purposes more nefarious than we can talk about on morning television, it is going too far. parents need to stand up and start with directing shows for children that are wildly inappropriate. >> todd: i don't know one member
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of my friend group that is gay that thinks this is all right. and hillary clinton defending prime minister of finland. hillary released this video of herself, that is the prime minister, here is hillary. i was there for a meeting, keep dancing. your reaction, tomi? >> the photo of hillary clinton is harmless and of all the things, i don't think dancing with a beer is high on the list. if there are photos of hillary clinton twirking please keep them to yourself. i don't think anybody needs defense of hillary clinton, although the finish prime
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minister did seem to like it. i think she might actually have delusions of grarnd grandeur and ambitions for 2024 >> todd: create the visual of mike pompeo doing the same thing. >> ashley: meghan markle is taking jab at british monarchy saying she was happy to leave and get social media accountss back, but she said having to share pics of her kids, why would i give the very people calling my children the n word a photo of my child before i share it with people that love my child, tell me how that makes sense and i'll play that game. your reaction? >> for somebody who claims to
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not care about the royal family and wants to distance themselves, she has to use them to come up. if you would rather be in hollywood, so be it, keep that family out of your mouth. i don't care much about the royal family and meghan markle or harry, for amount of attention, it is for every time she has to dis the family she is still a part of. leave them out of your mouth, if you don't like them, they don't like you, move forward. she might not have a podcast if that was the case. >> todd: she had no idea she was marrying a prince. biden house has a new hire, former msnbc pundit who had this
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to say about the hunter biden laptop story. >> supposed dirt on joe biden looks like classic russian disinformation campaign. >> ashley: mr. joe concha is here in the studio and will respond next. >> joe: he's drinking coffee.
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>> ashley: a top agent facing accusations of political bias is out of the fbi. >> todd: timothy thibault. jackie ibanez live with the latest. >> ashley: accused of running -- is resigning, timothy thibault was escorted out of the washington field office on friday calling it a career after more accusation of political bias in the handling of the hunter biden probe. timothy thibault is accused of slow walking the investigation over concerns it would influence the presidential investigation. chuck grassley cited two whistleblowers who claim timothy thibault were suppressing information and not following guidelines to open proper investigation. both grassley
2:34 am
and ron johnson demanding answer after facebook ceo zuckerberg revealed the playoff took steps to sensor information based on the fbi guidance. >> the fbi got possession of hunter biden's laptop, they said you will not look at the laptop and the fbi will not change the outcome of the election again and preceded to do so by asking facebook not to cover it. >> jackie: the republican senators demanded records relating to the doj in connection to the biden family. the letter stating, the american people deserve to know whether the fbi used facebook as part of their alleged plan to discredit information about hunter and asking for names of officials
2:35 am
w who -- >> todd: president biden handing over a new jobats white house to msnbc pundit jeremy bash. >> this talks like russian intelligence, this effort by rudy giuliani and steve bannon to cook up dirt on joe biden looks like a disinformation campaign. >> ashley: joe concha is live this morning, joe, that is one way to get a job at the white house. >> joe: great point. quid quo pro from joe. say that fast five times. i wonder how jeremy bash came to that conclusion about a laptop they had never seen or analyzed.
2:36 am
has he apologized for getting that wrong? how did the fbi know this was russian disinformation and they ran to facebook and said don't run this story, unless they were weaponizing it to win an election, just coming to a logical conclusion. >> todd: msnbc is where you go after, not before. it is a circle. >> joe: jen psaki negotiated a deal with msnbc, and symone san sanders, spokesperson per kamala harris went to msnbc and other examples, of this revolving door you speak of.
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>> ashley: biden will address on thursday. i guess we're going to go to this to the white house is backing him up on that comment. take a listen and get your take on it. >> look at definition of fascism and you think about what they are doing in attacking our democracy, what they are doing and taking away our freedoms, taking away our rights, voting rights. that is what that is. >> ashley: this is the hillary clinton deplorable situation all over again, how insulting to people who support president donald trump. >> joe: 74 million semi-facists running around the country. this was poll tested, the ul
2:38 am
ultra-maga thing. this is supposed to be effective, inflation, gas prices, inflation, make midterm about donald trump who hasn't been in office. >> todd: he went dodgeball there. people attacks a republican headquarters, you see it on the screen, writing a curse word and a antifa sign. the midterms are on the line, joe. >> joe: what the man ran on, unifying the country. he is doing more to divide the country if you look at polling. he ran as moderate that would bring everybody together, that is not happening. we have to go, i have the tim
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tebow work out today, not to be confused with timothy thibault. >> todd: ohio lawmakers fighting to defend officers to protect pro police flags from landlords, talking to one of those next. ♪ ♪ does it get better than never getting lost? ♪ does it get better than not parallel parking yourself? ♪ alexa ask smartfeed to feed the dog. does it get better than feeding your dog from 50 miles away? yes... it does. at buick we see a future that's even better. because the life enhancing innovations you've never even dreamed of? buick is dreaming of them every day. psoriatic arthritis,
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>> ashley: low fuel inventory in the northeast creating panic for states with diesel reserves dipping 50% below recent averages. neal crabtree joined us earlier with his take. >> the most frustrating thing, we've spent the last decade developing one of the biggest natural gas reserves in the world and after a decade we're talking about lack of heating oil in the northeast when we have enough natural gas to solve this problem. >> ashley: this follows the biden administration warning to stock up ahead of a fuel shortage, todd.
2:44 am
>> todd: ohio lawmakers protecting the right to fly pro police flag after the father of slain police chief told by home homeowner association he must take that flag down. the flag on your pole is not a united states flag, it is a political statement. kevin miller joins me now. have we reached a point in society where a bill like this is necessary? >> absolutely, i believe it is necessary. this fath er is flying this fla in honor of his son, there is nothing political about that. this bill we are going to move through the assembly in ohio will honor the fallen, like this chief, support our current heroes and promote the profession, the men and women that go out and protect us each
2:45 am
and everyday. >> todd: have we reached the point where something like this even needs to be said? >> this bill was brought forth in the 132nd general asem blee and passed on credit 13-0 and on the house floor 90-2. this is bipartisan support. >> todd: here is what the father of this slain police chief said, the american flag represents our freedom, blue line flag represents my son, that flag was given to me when my son was buried, it represents him, nothing else. isn't the plight of this father something we should all be behind? >> absolutely and i think that is within the blue line flag and
2:46 am
that is why i'm bringing this bill forward to represent us and the men and women that sacrifice each and everyday for all of us. >> todd: are you confident it will pass? >> i'm confident it will pass. >> todd: are you getting pushback? >> i'm not, not of late. i'm certain there are folks that will try to get other flags inserted in. if you want to bring forth a big on a different type of flag, that is their perogative, this will cobs trait on the thin blue line flag, i look forward to getting this bill passed in general assembly. >> todd: there is a list of flags, u.s. flag, service flags belonging to immediate family of individual serving in armed fores and those honoring
2:47 am
prisoners of war and those missing in action. hope your efforts get this thin blue line flag added to the list. thank you, sir. >> todd: biden student loan handouts will cost $500 billion, the white house doesn't want to talk about that, watch. >> the same people criticizing what we rightly did to forgive student loan debt are same people who voted for tax cut for the richest americans. >> todd: congressman ronny jackson will weigh in on this. >> ashley: first steve doocy will weigh in on what is coming up on "fox and friends." >> steve: is there bias in the bureau? the fbi special agent accused of suppressing the hunter biden laptop story before the election
2:48 am
resigned as republicans demand answers of him. plus president biden will address the nation thursday from pennsylvania, his message as midterm fears mount for democrats. and kathy lee gifford will be here and jeff gordon and chase elliott will join us, will cain and leo terrell will join us about 12 minutes nowata. we will return in a couple of minutes employs .
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>> todd: today marks one year since president biden's botched withdrawal from the afghanistan. still not justified the messy departure. lawmakers are vowing to hold the administration possible planning hearings after november's midterms when they hope to obtain the majority.
2:53 am
lindsey graham reflecting quote the biden administration's to withdraw all of our forces from afghanistan has reset the war on terror' n. all the worst ways. dumb and dangerous decision that will haunt our nation for decades. 13 u.s. service members were killed in isis-k bombing during the taliban takeover. >> ashley: house judiciary committee republicans are launching a new probe into the fbi's inspector general's office over the seizure of pennsylvania congressman and trump ally scott perry's personal cell phone. >> the fbi came to the inspector general and said we're going to take the phone of a sitting member of congress. we're going to take his phone one day after we have raided president trump's home and we are going to do it while the congressman perry is on vacation with his family. the inspector general should have said to them are you freaking out of your mind? >> ashley: house judiciary ranking member jim jordan demanding answers from inspector general michael horowitz over his role in the seizure which
2:54 am
came just hours after the unprecedented raid on former president trump's mar-a-lago home. jordan writing to horowitz, quote: your decision to assist the fbi in this politically charged matter demands a full and complete explanation. horowitz has until september 12th to respond. meantime, president biden's justice department is now admitting it already reviewed the materials seized from former president trump saying quote the privilege review team identified a limited set of materials that potentially contain attorney general privileged information. completed its real estate view of those materials and in the process of following the procedures to address potential privileged disputes, if any. >> todd: texas congressman ronny jackson forms on the house foreign affairs and committees and joins us now. congressman, thanks for being here. since our laws were inhe vented. since the start of common law, it has been uncontroverted and known that the client gets first crack at determining whether a
2:55 am
document is protected by the attorney general privilege, definitely not the prosecutor. it is not the situation that we are facing in the trump mar-a-lago raid, isn't this all the proof we need that this search was way, way too overbroad? >> well, absolutely, todd. here jewels another example of the rules don't apply in this particular case because it's donald trump. they think coming after donald trump since before he was sworn in as president and they will not stop. and this was just a fishing expedition to go into his personal space and spend 9 hours digging through his personal space looking for anything they could find to come at him and i mean it's just unbelievable that this happened. it should infuriate every single american and should make us all scared this was done for two reasons. this was done to try to trash the former president and his reputation to make him look like someone who is not going to be able to compete for office in the upcoming presidential election and it was done to intimidate and scare the american people and let them know if you don't think we can do this to you, look what we
2:56 am
just did to your former president. this is horrible abuse of power. >> ashley: yeah, they took his passport. i don't know what else to say about that. that's pretty self- explanatory. congressman, when they talk about this privilege review team, they insinuated since their review team already looked through it, were they insinuating in any way, shape, or form, that there is no need for the special malser to be appointed that the trump team was looking for? or am i reading too far into that? >> well, that's what they are trying to do. try to get ahead of this and say hey, there is no need for this special master. we have already gone through the process. can you trust us. no one trusts the fbi and the doj anymore. i don't trust them any further than i can throw that entire building. so this is their attempt to try to stave off the special master. who knows what they got out of there i don't trust these people at all. they came in and spent nine hours in there walked in with backpacks and kicked out the president's lawyers and secret service agents. who knows in my opinion if
2:57 am
though told me they found something i wouldn't know if they actually found it there or said they found it there. i don't trust this organization anymore. the american people don't trust this organization anymore. >> todd: here you go, fox, guard the hen house. meantime vp harris used this to say who is going to flip the bill to pay for president biden's forgiveness plan. >> a lot of the same people who are criticizing what we rightly did in following through on a commitment that we made to forgive student loan debt are the same people who voted for a tax cut for the richest americans. >> todd: congressman, doesn't that standard nonanswer that you are hearing from kamala and the white house, but what about the tax cuts prove that this white house has no good response as to who is ultimately going to pay for this? >> absolutely. i mean, at least she is speaking in complete sentences and not completing the same word over and over. she sounds somewhat more intelligent than she normally does. this is just a political ploy.
2:58 am
this is them trying to buy votes. this is unconstitutional. they want to spend 500 billion to almost a trillion dollars of our tax dollars to forgive this debt. that's not their job. that's congress' job to do something like that. people in congress better stand up when we get back in a few weeks and demand that we have some congressional oversight of this. this is a knife in the heart of the hard-working american people that either couldn't afford to go to college or worked hard through college to pay off their college education so they didn't accumulate any debt. i'm included in that group. i do not want to pay off the debt of others and i don't think most people in country do. this is completely wrong. >> ashley: congressman, when you say they are trying to buy vote, do you think by them doing this move with this student loan forgiveness, do you think that's enough to get people to vote republican who may not have voted republican before? this is not a republican/democrat issue. democrats are mad about this, too. just because you are a democrat doesn't mean you didn't pay for
2:59 am
your college. do you think that's going to supersede things like abortion which is also another big driver to the polls? >> well, absolutely, i think that they made it a calculation. they think that the people that went to college that have most of these debts are more likely to vote than the people didn't go to college the hardworking blue collar people out there. they miscalculated like you are insinuating. they will get some votes from those people. a lot of other people rise up against them and vote against the democrats because of this. i hope we see that the polls in november. i hope everyone gets out and votes. i hope everyone understands they are about to raise their taxes significantly to pay for this. and you are going to pay for someone else's school loan. >> todd: i think it's clear to always raise this point whenever we raise this topic of discussion, tax cuts give me back what is mine to begin with. it was my money that was taken by the federal government. debt forgiveness takes my money and give it to others for a debt
3:00 am
that they incurred. it's crucial that republican messaging always hit that point. congressman ronny jackson, good luck with your re-election. i hope you raise that point if that's what you want to use to win your election. thank you, congressman. >> absolutely. let's get the government out of our business. thank you. appreciate it, guys. >> ashley: thank you. >> todd: have fun with "fox & friends." it's going to begin in 3, 2, 1. >> todd: top agent now out of the fbi. republican lawmakers zeroing in on allegations that he tried to interfere with the hunter biden laptop investigation. >> they there just seem to be a limited number of these agentser to do their dirty work. >> taken to task over novak djokovic not being allowed to come in this country. >> how come unvaccinated immigrants allowed to come no this country and if tennis players are not.


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