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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 31, 2022 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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actually want to work. >> neil: all right, 85 and over, no problem with that. young people out there, i hear jo, i love you. charlie doesn't. here's "the five." ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone come on judge jeanine pirro along with harold ford jr., brian kilmeade, dana perino, and finally back greg gutfeld! it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five"! >> he was supposed to unite the country but lately all it seems biden wants to do is create division. it's a full week of biden's relentless attack on the semi
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fascist republicans and it doesn't look like he's going to tone it down anytime soon. >> i don't respect the maga republicans. they are destroying america. it's because i don't believe in democracy. the maga republicans, and congress. for those brave right-wing americans who say it's all about shaping america and keeping america independent and safe. do you want to fi fight for the country, you need something more than a gun. >> judge jeanine: you know that's b biden cross the line wn the media is upside. >> and makes obviously perfect sense for someone like the senator, because when new hampshire more than 40% of the voters were independent. another 30 and change are republicans. so she needs to be able to reach out and the language doesn't
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help. >> judge jeanine: you can always find one cheerleader and here's joy reid coming to biden's rescue. >> joe biden is the most middle-of-the-road pro-police, working class, you know, inoffensive purposely inoffensive politician a in our generation. >> judge jeanine: biden's just getting started in and expect to hear more of the nasty attacks tomorrow night for his soul of the nation speech. all right, greg, now that you're back, i think i'll go to you first. one of the things that the president talked about was that he says you want to find against the country, you need an f-15, you need something a little bit more than a gun. first of all, it's a little tone-deaf given that we where at a one year anniversary having left afghanistan and leaving f-15s for the taliban, but what was he talking about? >> greg: with that logic, why
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are we giving arms or her money to ukraine? isn't that useless if you're against a superior army? his logic, we should give up all of our rights, protections because there is no match for government force. right? it's a sick boast, it's not semi fascist, it's full on fascist. who knew joe would become a wartime president, but he is waging war on people in the country. it's funny how -- okay, we were -- joy reid's playing the game middle-of-the-road. he's an empty vessel that they fill with left wing edge propaganda. we thought he's just a nice guy and then we forget this is the guy that said mitt romney would put black people in chains. remember that? the thing about joe, look at his past, he operated on the most time so mike memorable hot take. if you said something, he go further out there and say he is going to put you in change.
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he says the craziest stuff. i think what we're suffering from is old man syndrome. it's when you ascribe certain gentleness to people as they age, i noticed my hair has grown grain, babies like me, they think i'm harmless. when you look at inmates, older inmates, you feel bad for them and go that guy wouldn't hurt a fly. while 30 years from now he murdered a family and of course now he's got salt and pepper hair, he looks like harold, everything's okay. that's the problem with joe. joe hasn't gotten nicer, he's gotten angrier. >> judge jeanine: dana, we talked about this yesterday. the whole idea of criticizing half the nation and basically saying that republicans, 73 million of them would vote for donald trump, maga this, maga not. planting a seed that any thing maga related is horrible and they're the most extreme threat to the democracy and freedom.
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saying he's not going to shy away from saying the truth. >> dana: the timing of this says to me -- the timing tomorrow night he's going to give the speech and telegraphing throughout august. pretty a sleepy month for news, everybody's on vacation. people aren't paying attention. it tomorrow night is a thursday night before labor day weekend, not like prime time viewing. i think this is a trial balloon by the staff to see if he can make this messaging stick. if he does, they'll try it's because they must have some sort of polling that tells them it works. but the poll doesn't matter and look at 2016. that was really a defining moment for hillary clinton and people wanted something new. if he is going to run again, you have to run on something new, even president trump. he had to go from make america great again to keep america great even though maga stuck, but there was a need to say i still have something new and i have something good coming. you have to stay tuned for the next thing.
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all they have is to be against the republicans and that might work if you want to make the election a choice between biden and the democrats versus b6 in the republicans rather than a referendum. >> judge jeanine: you know, harold, it kind of takes the target off of them and bad policies ended focuses on the republicans, but how do you fix the soul of the nation if you can't stop calling your opponents people names? >> harold: glad you're back, welcome back. couple of things come a of things. i listen to all the names that we call everybody. biden has been called a socialist, weak, senile, marxist, communist, one u.s. senator said he senile and he should resign. the victory has been called illegitimate. if we get sensitive about name calling, then politics is in the business you should be in.
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i expect the president to continue to say and support line order. this is what happens in the campaign and voters i think you're right, judge, dana, but voters at some point will ask what are you going to do for me going forward? i think democrats because they were the incumbents the other party will have to say this is what's we're going to do to displace you and make your life better. you said last week i was critical of charlie crest. not because i wanted him to apologize to ron desantis, but apologize to the voters because you want to lay out what you want to do to make life better for the voters. most of the things i hear republicans say are going to investigate hunter biden, january 6 over again, and investigate -- they want to investigate. some took an interesting fun thing to do, but i'm not sure it's a winning message.
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speech or can compare going after joe biden like going off after voters. >> judge jeanine: that's the question for brian. one thing to go after joe biden who senile, and another thing saying we're trying to destroy maga republican in the country. >> brian: your short-term memory is very strong. i don't feel bad, never have. kim on the nowhere. i don't feel for them and i want to know what they did. >> greg: don't le they look grandfatherly? >> brian: that's not where i choose to give my free time. you put up a thing i almost forgot. they did the same thing. they both said i don't want ron desantis supporters to support me. i don't like you. then the governor says i don't want conservatives to stay here, i want you to go to florida. i've never heard anything like
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that. the president the day before yesterday comes out and says when it comes to republicans, maga republicans are basically irredeemable. i don't want any part of you and by the way i'm going to bring everybody together in front of independence hall tomorrow. sorry if i don't tune in. how scary is that when the president turns around and walks away from the camera? reminds me the end of tootsie. like oh, my goodness, what are they going to do? i imagine like the whole staff is like oh, my god, he's walking away and ad-libbing, you might say 15 or corn pop in a matter of moments and will have to walk it back. i find a strategy strange. you've got to have thick skin in the business but i find the strategy strange because the goal is to get as many votes as possible. >> greg: that's what trump understood. he go after celebrities, athletes, everybody, but the voter you leave alone. >> judge jeanine: who started
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it with all my? hillary clinton with deplorables! nobody did it for hillary and now biden! coming up, shocking new data health and dental poisonings destroying the company don't like country and why the biden border crisis is to blame. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> brian: trying to put you in a good mood with the u b because the story is not great. falling for the second consecutive year, the first time in 100 years, two years ago you could live to be about 79, now somebody six. drug overdose fueled by fentanyl also taking its toll. last year, 66% of all overdoses
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wherefrom synthetic opioids like fentanyl and you can't diverse this from biden's border crisis because it's pouring in. the deadly drug is in the country at a dizzying rate and the dea is issuing a urgent morning about rainbow fentanyl that looks like skittles. it is to kids, but don't worry, the white house claims they are doing something it. >> when the president going to do something? >> i will say that you have seen a 200% increase of fentanyl seizures which means that we are doing the job of catching the drug traffickers 200%. of 200% increase. >> life expectancies are going down at a rate not seen in a century and part of that's driven by drug overdoses. >> we see the same numbers as well, but the fact that we are securing the border. >> 300 overdoses and this is being designed to target children. drug cartels want to kill
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american kids. what is the president doing about it? >> i hear you, i laid out 200% increase of drug fentanyl seizures. this is something that's incredibly important to the president to say that we are not doing enough is just falsely categorically wrong. >> brian: to say not doing enough is wrong and do you believe that peter is right to question where she is right to put him in his place? >> dana: she's got a job to do and doesn't have good answers so she's trying to do her best. i don't thick there's a lot there for her to work with. yesterday we had a woman who lost her son on the show, aaron rockwell, he took one pill and thought he ordered. it was an overdose poisoning and he died. she talked about it and i said you know, we put the country in a complete lockdown when 300 people were dying a david from covid. you've got 300 americans dying of an opioid overdose a day.
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that's like a plane crash per day and it hasn't registered in the white house briefing. today's international overdose awareness day. the thing that the white house doesn't understand and the issue resonates in places like new hampshire and vermont is because people can inherently understand that a generation is dealing with this, the younger generation. you see local news and every single presidential candidate in 2015 when they went to new hampshire with a town hall running in the primaries, the first question all were asked every single time was about opioid crisis. you've got fentanyl i'm sure greg can understand even more about how it's more addictive and made in a lab. the other thing is i really encourage people to read this "wall street journal" piece about the two mexican drug cartels that are fighting and trying to get the precursor stuff, the chemicals from china and then make it in their labs and fighting amongst each other but the goal is to get more into the united states. >> brian: to build on that,
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the synthetic opioid is 100 times more powerful than morphine and often times it's one and done. you want to be the kid to study longer on harder to get a great grade on the test. if you take it, it's one and done and you can kill you. >> harold: there's a lot of misinformation, they are not taking the drug because of the color. of these are illegal drugs and nonprescription so when you see an opioid gift -- you have to make it clear. we increased overdoses because we drove people to the street. we've been saying it since 2018 ends the most frustrating thing about the topic. now the government's coming around to it? we understood what was going on but it's not just democrats that are at fault, the republicans blew it. everybody in governments hopeless over the issue because they're slow to react to nonpolitical problems and they don't understand drugs.
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they see drugs and like i actually believe that they don't mind the deaths. because they're just junkies. >> harold: who doesn't mind? >> greg: i don't think they minded. >> brian: c>> harold: characters junkies. >> greg: that's how they view it. if we ease prescriptions of opioids, you cut the rate of death and have because rarely do people overdose on prescription opioids, overdosing on the street stuff because they don't know what's in it. one and done is correct because you don't know what's in it. >> brian: i really think that they're making great progress but talking about it on a daily basis in the president was alerted when he became a candidate in 2016. do you think were going in the wrong direction? >> judge jeanine: were not even in the game! for her to say we are dealing with this and 200% increase in
2:21 pm
fentanyl seizures, all you have to do is follow the fentanyl they're so much of it. apparently there was 15,000 pounds of fentanyl that was brought into the country last year, 20 million pills sees last year. that's without people at the border, busy changing diapers and dealing with everybody getting -- here's the thing, china and mexico are eradicating americans on the level of 100,000 per year and that's going up without firing a shot. this is an undeclared war by china to mexico of the american people. now our children are doing it in colors so kids just think it's candy. they are not securing the border, that's how you stop the fentanyl. by the way, her answer is so ridiculous it's laughable. when they catch people with fentanyl, i remember last month, two guys with a huge seizure of fentanyl, they let them out and
2:22 pm
didn't tell the cops! they'll never come back! >> brian: harold, why did the president mentioned that yesterday? we've been watching the car wreck for a year and a half now. he goes to pennsylvania where he's got 36% approval and say we've got to stop fentanyl. if >> harold: i hope they're talking about it ends the few times you're right where we've seen a president publicly talk about it. it's a two prong challenge and i hear you about the prescriptions, but the key if we are prescribing this, does that not create a dependency? i read stories where people have the opioids to prescribed. it's easy to get people access and give me one second before you answer the question. we need the d.a., the fbi, ice and others to figure out how we get in our border and interdict with the countries where it's coming from. it's china and mexico and we don't know -- >> judge jeanine: yes, we do!
2:23 pm
>> brian: this is not a point to argue about. it doesn't matter if it's one country or eight. if we don't have the kind of interdiction we need. we've got to answer an uncomfortable question. we as americans are doing the drugs. if people have to understand if you're doing an illegal drug, the likelihood of it being laced today that it was two years ago was much higher. i am not blaming antics or victims but we as a country have to take responsibility as parents, pastors, neighbors, others to deal with this in a very serious and right way. >> judge jeanine: some of these kids are being poisoned! no, they think they are a xanax or something else! >> brian: it was the kid who thought it was annex -- >> judge jeanine: or an adderall! they are not looking to do illegal drugs to sing on borrowing my friends -- >> brian: if you are not prescribed a drug. if >> judge jeanine: you tell
2:24 pm
that to a 13-year-old. so did nancy reagan! >> brian: for the rankings, the people that lived among us, japan, singapore tied at 85, switzerland 84, germany 81, the u.k. living to 80 and we lived a 76. >> dana: can we get greg's answer though? >> greg: i forgot what the question was. >> brian: people prescribed opioids and then once they get off them. >> greg: it's rare, i think it's over prescribed for a while, but then people tapered off. >> brian: because they can afford it? >> dana: now because doctors aren't prescribing it as much. >> greg: any other questions? >> harold: if dana gets mad at you, you don't want to be here. >> greg: kamala harris bail fund released a guy out for
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♪ ♪ >> dana: president biden wants to get tough on crime but he might want to talk to his vice president. the minnesota bail fund promoted by kamala harris during the george floyd related riots of 2020, recently helped secure the release of a repeat felon who got charged with murder. sean michael tillman shot and killed a passenger on a train platform after reportedly being released from jail three weeks prior. all thanks to the minnesota freedom fund. the same group here is promoted with this tweet. if you're able to come a chip and now to help post bail for those protesting on the ground in minnesota. thanks to harris' promotion, the group reportedly raised $35 million in a few weeks.
2:30 pm
this is not the first person to commit murder after being bailed out by the freedom fund. remember this? june 2020? >> greg: it's amazing when you compare these riots to january 6th because the riots were this ongoing terrifying night purge. it sickened you and thought the country was over. it didn't end. the scary thing is people would not talk about it. you would say what's going on and they go no, no, social justice or just laugh. mostly peaceful. january 6th, abominable riots. but so on of the ordinary and so on in such a one off that every one condemned it. the media cover the consistently nightly violence is preferable because it depends on who's doing it. there's red hacks they are and
2:31 pm
they'll take that day as far worse but this is when you realize the virtue signaling has a body count. if put a sticker on your car that says blm, that's fine, but the free killers and so you can feel enlightened, that's going to cause problems. we have to drop the free felons often end of the houses of the people who freed them. if you object to that, ask yourself why do you have a problem with that? we have the live without. >> dana: as a judge and a case he would have worked on, you might have been furious? >> judge jeanine: yes >> judge jeanine: yes. >> dana: tell me more. >> judge jeanine: i'm on weiland, but she tweeted if you're able to chip in the minnesota improvement fund to help those with testing on the ground, let me tell you what the dirtbag was doing. he was indecently exposing himself and he was in front of a woman. that's not a guy who was protesting on the ground. she wanted him for you, and he killed someone. it happens every day, people
2:32 pm
freed with no bail or being freed even though they had guns and can go out and get another gun and kill somebody. where the guy who did a sucker punch the level three sex offender who took it down from attempted murder to a misdemeanor. the whole concept and think about what's going on in the country. what's going on is that we are minimizing the victim and we are celebrity rising and puffing up the criminal saying we have to take care of them to coddle the criminals and ignore the victims. that's what's going on. that's a direct result of the democrats. it just is and their policies. >> dana: the minnesota freedom fund said it was only $2,000 that they donated which they say is a small amount compared to the average bail request of more than 8000-$15,000. the post release team attempted to contact him as they do with the clients upon release. if but it didn't seem to work this time.
2:33 pm
>> brian: look, this is a horrible case and i cannot imagine for the life of anything that vice president would have thought this was going to happen. you say peaceful protest and, i don't think you blame democrats -- >> judge jeanine: look at the crime and the democrats. a >> harold: i get it, i don't blame kamala harris and i agree with you wholeheartedly, fair, i agree wholeheartedly is that we need to be tougher on crime and we need to keep those behind bars who are committing violent acts. but to blame kamala harris for this is slightly unfair. >> dana: personally not to blame come up the sentiment of releasing felons and i know you said you don't have much simply for the older felons. >> harold: a call >> brian: hadthe reputation eara sudden says i feel that for the criminals and find a way to gett crazy. the numbers are cross has been
2:34 pm
undeniable how the most experience -- everybody except me and greg. but the numbers must be horrific for the president in the united states to be a london order present at president all of a sudden. not just the squad, they have ignored and not smoke and that when it's to defund the police. as cori bush, she wants to defund the police and you can say that you want to crack down when the whole history as you said nothing during the riots. the city was abandoned because the pandemic wrecked livelihoods and destroyed and the city block. i think the points between law and order is like 15 points for democrats on the president has to close the gap or he's going to get slammed on election day. i don't think people have short-term memory loss, i think people really member the party of law and order.
2:35 pm
the president going crazy, he wanted to use special forces to go out there and grab streets back. you cannot say the president of the united states was sleeping at the switch and he's desperately trying to get the mayors to crack down on the criminals. and the rioters. >> dana: good talk, i'm next california is ready to ban gas cars. good luck charging it and will tell you what just happened. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> brian: running into more problems in california, heat wave putting strain on the power grid enforcing the blue state to advise residents.
2:40 pm
critics are quick to point out the irony, days ago golden state regular users and the sale of cars by 2035. when they come back to you. >> harold: you're from california and we cover this story days ago, they are going to ban gasoline powered cars. how do you square these things? speech or they're going to turn california into the moon it's beautiful but unlovable because like you don't have -- and you need -- it's the number one source of all living matter is energy. whatever you want to call it, calgary for an income of the funk you don't have something to replace it as you get rid of it. imagine doing it with a simple stable like toilet paper. thank you. like we're just going to start getting rid of stuff. people will suffer in the people that will not suffer are the people enforcing these rules. if they'll have air conditioning at their french restaurant.
2:41 pm
this is getting worse. we are exporting suffering. there's going to be starvation, food shortage which, europe will be -- what are we going to do? we have to help them too. >> b>> harold: nuclear energy cn work as a replacement, you want to talk rationally that's what you do. to make people go to electric cars averaging $66,000 and a story about somebody wanted an electric battery. $30,000? it cost 20. excuse me, i'm not putting $30,000 into a bolt. that's the guy that put $30,000 into a bolt. we have to get everything from china. it doesn't anybody think this through or any democrat upside
2:42 pm
by the series of events we can place? >> judge jeanine: here's the thing, it's all about ideology. it's got nothing to do with reality. at a time when the electric grid is so -- there is so much power and telling people you can turn your air conditioning on. they came out and said you can't have gas powered cars. that's crazy. they're not thinking a thorough, plus the whole idea and if you let them buy a new battery, the size of the electric battery that we gone from china, the lithium from afghanistan, do you know how big it is? the size of the base of your car. when you put it back into the environment, you're creating a hazardous waste in the environment. you can charge in any way. how come he has to buy one? >> brian: because it ran out. >> harold: i had a hybrid
2:43 pm
tahoe. >> dana: the thing is not only about the batteries, the idea for the wind farms. one of those blades never disintegrates. it's actually terrible for the environment and not to mention the birds. michael who is california dripointsthis out. 30 million motor vehicles and 1.9% of those are electric today. the state will need 17 gigawatts of additional electricity and yet they're trying to shut down the nuclear plant. that's only 2.3 gigawatts. i'm not good at math, he's great at math. he could do math in his head. i can do the math right now, this will not add up and people will suffer. they'll have to change it at some point and there's going to be a republican governor that has to come in and change it. speech or he's one of the few people are that got nuclear power back.
2:44 pm
everybody likes it and what happened? what are you talking about? no, i'm talking about is a resurgence. >> dana: japan's building new ones. that's not the question. >> brian: our prayers go out to the people who don't have water. that's up next. ♪ ♪ only at vanguard, you're more than just an investor—you're an owner. we got this, babe. that means that your dreams are ours too. and our financial planning tools can help you reach them. that's the value of ownership.
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so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. youour cidedentase e woh than insurance offered? call the barnes firm now to find out. yoyou ght t beurprpris ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back, time for "the fastest." this is a fox food alert. we're getting reports of huge alfredo sauce bill in memphis government that's in tennessee, brian. authorities shut down the roadway there and coming one day after thousands of tomatoes were left splattered tragically across a california road to be, you're from memphis, how are the people doing? you talked to anybody on the street?
2:49 pm
>> harold: it looks terrible. i wish it was barbecue out there. i try to go out there. >> greg: you'd be looking the roadway. >> harold: we need to figure out exactly where this is. spirit of >> greg: what's interesting about this, brian, it's not you. we don't about how stuff gets to our dinner table until he gets t gets spilled on the highway. >> brian: tom brady says don't eat tomatoes because it will cause swelling and inflammation. this is tom brady's way again of forcing his beliefs on our nation. >> greg: i agree with you, we went to the same high school and i know that's why you brought it up, brian. you know, danna, should an olive garden pitch in and drop breadsticks to help soften the mess? >> dana: great idea. >> greg: that's why i'm on linkedin olive garden and asks me if i'm available to be a h
2:50 pm
host. >> dana: i love it when you get those. >> greg: nobody cares about these topics, judge. judge? >> judge jeanine: first thing i thought about was all the animals who got killed when they smelled the food and went out and tried to sniff it out were eat it up. think about it, the scent was there for a while. they probably got some spaghetti. >> greg: let's do something else. it's august and it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. stores are putting out their trees and christmas to cork months before the holiday as shoppers hunt for bargains thanks to inflation. i don't blame them, do you blame them? >> dana: everybody can do what they want. i think it would be good to have halloween candy out before christmas, that's just me. but earlier mentioning the republicans had a platform they're writing on that all they want to do is investigate. i think if they introduce a loss
2:51 pm
and you can't put up a christmas tree until november 15th, they might get a lot of support for that. >> greg: you know what's come out on fox, that's a war on christmas. >> harold: you said you had neighbors putting up a trend november 1st and they are the happiest people. i don't put my lights up until the day after thanksgiving. >> dana: they have a baby this year. if the babies going to be mesmerized by the colors and they might leave it up all year. >> brian: i'm disdained with the story. i believe christmas is way too early, people way too angry because you get anxious. where my going to go, when am i going to get. >> dana: what can i decline? >> brian: where do i have to be and plan? resentment, summer hasn't ended yet. i have anger. >> harold: for christmas and the brian kilmeade house must be
2:52 pm
really, really -- >> greg: you know he's going to be working at fox on christmas day. live, brian kilmeade doing the christmas tree -- >> dana: 12 hours! >> greg: judge, last word to you. if >> judge jeanine: i it. it's not right. it's just not right. >> greg: i do all my shopping at walgreens just to go where the gift card tree is. >> judge jeanine: you go to the pharmacy. >> greg: if you're interested in getting me something for christmas, go to the pharmacist. ♪ ♪ choose safelite. we can come to you and replace your windshield. >> grandkid: here you go! >> tech: wow, thank you! >> customer and grandkids: bye! >> tech: bye! don't wait, schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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my most important kitchen tool? my brain. so i choose neuriva plus. unlike some others, neuriva plus is a multitasker supporting 6 key indicators of brain health. to help keep me sharp. neuriva: think bigger.
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>> judge jeanine: time now for one more thing. go ahead, greg. >> greg: great guy harold ford jr. trace gallagher and jimmie jim e lissow. travel something very stressful. have a moment of peace and enjoy this butterfly and this dog enjoying a calm moment together. isn't it sweet? i ask that the producers please cut this off before he eats the butterfly. >> judge jeanine: he doesn't eat it. >> greg: yes, he does. i thought it was so adorable. >> brian: tonight, don't. >> greg: okay. >> judge jeanine: all right, dana. >> dana: on this day 25 years ago princess diana died. fox nation is unraveling the tragic story. watch. this you know you had a driver three or four times over the drunk driving limit with no police escort following press on motorcycles. it was inevitable that this was going to end in disaster.
2:58 pm
>> dana: available for distribution now on fox nation scandalous diana, killing of a princess. follows the princess throughout her life and then her death. dives into the unanswered questions conspiracy theories that surround her final moments and that looks like a great show. >> judge jeanine: it does, indeed. all right, so students at a los angeles school pulled off an elaborate scheme all in the name of gratitude. there was a teacher at this school who would travel every day on a bus to get to school. the school put on a fake assembly in the gym before bringing raúl castro into the gym and handing him a piñata. inside the piñata were keys to a car. they raised $30,000 over the summer for the gift and if that's not enough, they also gifted him with a year's supply of insurance and gas. now that's great. students who pay it forward and surprise a teacher with a car. >> dana: so nice. >> judge jeanine: go ahead,
2:59 pm
harold. >> harold: mine has students involved because little different. football coach troy a.b.s took a huge hip like a champ during a sideline interview. the football team hell bent on showing off impressive tackle skills on camera much to the chagrin and detriment of their coach. he was able to walk it off telling the reporter and videographer make sure you air that one. >> nice. was that considered nice? okay, brian? >> quick announcement. greg is going to be in attendance albany new york at the egg. talk 177 #. have a chance to be on stage. also be in tulsa, oklahoma in newark, new jersey as well as brandon mississippi. greg might be on all of these appearances i will see you next thursday, everybody. v.i.p. tickets available. next, my belief is that aaron judge u. judge will be the single season home run champion home run number 51. on pace to get 63. the all-time record is held by bose. second maguire. they both took steroids.
3:00 pm
therefore if he beats roger he is the single season home run does anyone want to dispute that. >> judge jeanine: i forgot to say i'm hosting jesse watters tonight so make sure you tune in. >> harold: i forgot to say happy birthday, kimmie: >> dana: i forgot to say. [laughter] >> judge jeanine: that's it for us anyway. up next is john roberts. >> john: judge jeanine book end. see new an hour. >> judge jeanine: you got it. welcome to washington. he is threat to democracy. major throat life expectancy near the united states. opioid crisis go to ground zero on. that was bret's latest report on the global food crisis. what china is trying to achieve global domination over the food supply. ♪ but, first, breaking tonight, potentially big trouble for former president trump over classified documents at his florida home.


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