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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 30, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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enough. set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity" to. for news any time,,, let not your heart be troubled, laura ingraham, the ingraham angle is next. have a great weekend, we will see you back here on monday with only 36 days to go until the midterms. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is "the ingraham angle" on a very busy friday night so thanks for joining us. hurricane ian is not done yet after a staggering in southwest florida the storm is moving up the east coast. we will have reports from both locations in the hour. we begin tonight with a different kind of devastation, not the type of cost by mother nature but by corrupt men and women. i'm talking about the economic damage done by those who scanned the american taxpayers during
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the pandemic. this is a story that unfolds in three parts. first, the fraud. just yesterday we learned that nearly 400 department of homeland security employees took pandemic unemployment aid, even though they were working. this is just a tiny fraction of the massive and brazen covid theft that has incurred since the government started doling out billions in so-called relief. the official who was in charge of overseeing the distribution of the belief has called this the biggest fraud in a generation. it was the theft of as much as $80 billion or about 10% of the $800 billion it was handed out in that paycheck protection program. that's on top of the 90 billion to 402 billion believed to have been stolen from the 900 billion covid unemployment relief program, that is a lot of money.
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the second part of this story surrounds the title wave of inflation but all of this unchecked spending and the fraud actually caused. the adverse effects of pumping trillions into the u.s. economy with no safeguards. the fed predicted that the covert stimulus alone is driving 30% of the current inflationary effects. that means all of those big, fat frauds sitting at their mexican resorts during covid collecting their checks, zooming into meetings, ordering their tesla's with their covid down payments helped cause the inflation mess that we are in now. the third part of this story is about the other opportunists, the so-called public servants. ended up using the national suffering to build the own brand while they padded the investment portfolio. i'm talking first about dr. anthony fauci who president trump should have never put in charge of our
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covert response. looking back on the entire saga we see all along it was all about tony. the cover of in style, a place on times 100 most influential documentaries, all the profiles. who could forget the children's books? he wants you to believe this fame thing was never anything he asked for. >> i didn't seek it out but i became the symbol for people which made it an unrealistic -- they are kind of cute but it's bobbleheads and candles and things like that. >> do you have some at home? >> they send them to me. [laughter] what i've learned to do is not get taken away ego wise. >> laura: so gross. from the beginning of the whole pandemic i had my doubts. you're satisfied with all of the transparency coming out of china today about the trajectory of
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the disease and the origin of the disease. >> my direct interaction with chinese scientists and a chinese health officials, i can believe what they are telling me. >> laura: i'm surprised he would say that given what we know about china's pattern of lying about critical issues, with all due respect to dr. fauci's expertise, no one elected him to anything. >> laura: now we see my early suspicions, his sucking up to china and his entire lockdown approach proved to be on target. it wasn't until may of this year that we began to understand the other ways that he was benefiting. that's when our friends at open the books published this bombshell -- between fiscal year 2010 and 2020 more than 350 million in royalties were paid by third parties to the agency and nih scientists who were credited as coinventors, well-known scientists receiving
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payments during the period included anthony fauci who received a 23 royalty payments. when he was asked about this, he tried to dismiss the concerns. >> can you tell me that you have not received a royalty from any entity that you ever oversaw the distribution of money in research grants? >> i don't know this for a fact but i doubt it. according to the regulations, people who receive royalties are not required to divulge them even on their financial statement. >> laura: if there's nothing to hide, why the secrecy? how self-satisfied he always comes across. tonight we might have further proof as to why. the same open the book's group that uncovered the nih royalty payments published this. his net worth increased by a whopping 65% or $5 million during a three-year period of
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time that includes 2021. in other words during the pandemic. as the elderly were left to die alone because of covert rules he supported as children were being robbed of their education because of closures that he supported and as you were missing church and weddings and graduations because of the edict that the task force wanted in place, he was getting rich. last week dr. fauci said the school closures were worth it. i wonder if he has spoken to folks like these. >> children in our cities, many of whom are missing opportunities. >> it's been abysmal. who lobbies for the single-parent? >> who lobbies for the children? >> who lobbies for the children?
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>> laura: not anthony found she. he only had time to lobby for himself. joining me now is the ceo and founder of and jason chaffetz former house oversight committee chair and fox news contributor. you say getting these documents has been a painstaking process, why is nih slow walking it's? >> it's been a knockdown, drag out dog fight to get the financials. with our legal partners at judicial watch we had to file a federal lawsuit to get financial disclosures on fauci from 15 through 2020. on tuesday we finally got the 2021 financial disclosures, it was the latest they had ever been produced and in some years they used to come out in february. he had these done in may. the latest they have ever produced them as august. on tuesday they finally produce them to our auditors at
7:08 pm, it's nearly october. >> laura: this is very curious for somebody like fauci who claims to be a public servant, cares about what is good for the people. when he was pressed about this by rand paul, he got very touchy and dismissive. this is very disturbing. >> senator paul was over the target and hats off to open the books because i got to tell you, this is a person who has worked for the federal government for decades and yet he has become a multimillionaire. his wife happens to be the chief bioethicist for the national institutes of health and yet he had to get a waiver from nih to be on the board and worked for mcgraw-hill and also edit the material that goes into the mcgraw-hill books, all these things that go into the pocketbook, they feed the
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family, how do they become north of $10 million in net worth when you work for the federal government for the last multiple decades. it needs exposure and people have got to make sure this changes. >> laura: there should be no royalty payments to people who are being paid by the taxpayers. you're getting royalty payments for health-related activities that you actually serve to regulate and are involved in? if that's not happening, tell us what is happening. here's another theft more than a third of covid-19 recovery funds and 21 developing countries were scooped up by big corporations. those are findings the report released wednesday by the financial transparency coal coalition. explain this for us. i have to say even i was flabbergasted when i heard that factoid.
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>> this is exactly why we need read the bill legislation. everyone can come to our website and sign the petition, we get a 72 hour legislative timeout so our legislators would simply read the bill. the people, the politicians, the pundits so we could see within these massive things. think about the $2 trillion cares act that was passed at the height of the pandemic in march, april and nobody knew what was in there. up to $400 million worth of initial paycheck protection program loans, 95% of those turned into grants were paid at the companies owned by the chinese communist party. marco rubio out of florida got that stock on the next aid to bill but that's why we need to read the bill. >> laura: jason, you were there and i know this has happened so many times you want to pull your hair out to. i this about china, getting any
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benefit whatsoever. nancy pelosi was out praising this today, watch. >> you talk about the american rescue plan it was there to make sure we put money in the pocket of america's working families that gay people more of a chance to rebound. it was about fairness. >> laura: and ig report released it says at one point the american rescue plan was sending out $200 million in fraudulent or wrong payments every month. what do the republicans have to do to get back in charge? >> literally hundreds of billions of dollars that went out and waste, fraud, and abuse. you need to starve the beast, stop sending out this money until you can actually control what is there. the other thing i would love for them to do is their need to be term limits on members of congress but the need to be term limits on the federal bureaucracy. those people in those higher echelon, those people also have
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to have term limits because you're not going to get fresh and new voices and new looks at things unless you actually have those as well. it's going to take years to unravel this but they have to send some people to jail and ani really, really want to see the likes of jim jordan and a senator paul and ron johnson go after anthony fauci and his wife and figure out how much money they were making on decisions they and they alone were making. >> laura: thank you both tonight, so important. last night of the angle explain to the current destruction of our economy, our schools, even our superpower status, that is the democrats actual intended to goal. they have come to despise america, our traditions, our heritage, our history. they have disdain for our constitution and believe our founding was illegitimate. they believe our founders were
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unabashedly racist. the goal is simple. a leveling of the old america in order to create something new, a new order that gives them all the money and all the power. most people won't voluntarily choose a lower standard of living in less freedom, the left knows this radical change must be forced on the people. this is being done through fake emergencies, phony self generated crises. they cite climate change to justify the rapid phaseout of gas powered cars and the banning of gas appliances and the cancellation of permit leases for oil drilling. they cite a systemic racism to justify their new twisted school curricula and their dei dictated corporate hiring practices. they point to amorphous domestic threats to justify partnering with social media giants to moderate online content which of course just means banning opposing political views.
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today's democrats will always have a reason to take away your money and your freedom and they found their new model for what this new america should look like. can you guess what it is? go west, my friends, go west to california where there's not a lot of dreaming happening anymore. it's hard to find a state that is more screwed up than the once golden state which of course makes it the logical exemplar for the screwed up democratic party. of course california still has its natural beauty and amazing potential but the democrats super majority running the place has really done a number on it. after they declared themselves a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, they also became a sanctuary for criminals, freeloaders, drug addicts, the homeless, and now they are adding something new to the mix. late last night governor gavin newsom signed a law that would make california a
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safe haven for families who want to mutilate their children with transit surgeries and other treatments. think about this. when gas is back up at $6 a gallon in california, this is what gavin newsom's prior priorities -- one homeless are camped out in every municipal park in the state, this is what their priority is. when crime is skyrocketing up and down the state, this is what their priority is. yes, this is exactly what the modern left wants for the rest of america. a government that forces change on the voters, not one that serves the voters. i want you to keep all of this in mind when you vote in the midterms. joining me now is kevin kiley, california state rep and congressional candidate. it's great to see you tonight, thank you for joining us. i have such great affection for california, i'm a member of the california bar i lived out there for a while as a young associate
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at a law firm and i spent a lot of time in california, a lot of family there. is california and the model? should be the model for the rest of the country? >> gavin newsom thinks so and thanks for having me tonight. he said again and again california is a model for the nation and what you just said, california has so much going for it, i love california had a lot of people who are leaving love california too. they just hate the politics. you mentioned how it's all about control and it reminded me of what gavin newsom said on april 1st of 2020, this was less than a month in to the whole covid situation. he said this was an opportunity for a new progressive era, opportunity to reshape the way we do business in the way we govern, he said that out loud and this was a chance just fast forward his entire progressive project which is exactly what just happens. for 170 straight years
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california had a growing population but under gavin newsom for the last two for the first time ever our population has declined. >> laura: california when i was growing up in the 1980s and 90s, california was the place people wanted to move to. now it's the place people want to move from. that dynamic alone spells doom for the rest of the country. i mentioned this is how gavin newsom spend his new transgender bill. he said we believe no one should be prosecuted for getting the care they need, parents knows what's best for their kids, they should be able to make decisions and help their children without fear. this is a phony issue, how do they possibly claim to stand for parental choice when it's all about sidestepping the parents and a schools in california? >> there is no state in the country that erodes the rights of parents more than california does. this is so typical.
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this is a horrible -- they are taking kids away from their parents. california is the strategy of politicians like gavin newsom to promote these cartoon initially woke policies as a way to cover up what's really happening to our state. you look at what is happening to california we lead the nation and all the wrong ways. we have the highest group of poverty, we have out-of-control crime. the achievement gaps in our schools are bigger than anywhere in the country. they try to have this woke cartoon initially progressive agenda to take attention away from all of that. people are not fooled, we are seeing people leave the states right now in record numbers and like you said california used to be the state where anyone could get a head to. it was the full realization of the american dream and now if the states that so many people can't wait to leave behind. >> laura: you must be in congress we support you 100%. thank you so much for joining us. in moments a report from one of
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the hardest hit areas of florida as they turn to search and rescue efforts. also joe biden has officially lost his only economic talking point ahead of the midterms. we are going to tell you what it is, stay there.
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>> laura: hurricane ian barrows up the coast causing more destruction we take a look at what's left in its path. the sunshine state enters the second full night of search and rescue efforts, we take you to naples where we find max gordon. >> standing here on fort myers riverfront you can see the power of hurricane ian, boats strewn about like they were toys. the wind, the storm surge tossed these boats all over the place and for those who decided to hunker down and wait out the storm, a harrowing experience. now the helpers have arrived. cajun navy is here and they say they have conducted more than 50 boat rescues all over the fort myers area. up they have delivered hundreds of meals to people, it's what they say that experience is like. >> we are currently in rescue mode, there are still people out there. it has changed from so much of the safety rescue to just people
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can't get the supplies, food, water, medical, things like t that. we have crews combined with rescuers and medical units so they can take care of a portion of that medical to get them safe. >> those in the cajun navy say there is a big for food and water donations in the fort myers area. they would love it if folks would drive down with those donations or you can also donate online at cajun navy -- they always help people in natural disasters. they are here from the goodness of their hearts all here to h help. max gordon fox news. >> laura: the biden administration had one economic talking point going into the midterms and it was that gas prices were falling from their record highs. never mind the fact that the biden administration's policies contribute directly to that jump in prices.
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last week reality struck and gas prices of course shot up again. with some analysts suggesting that $5 gas is right around the corner. instead of being honest about all of this, he biden did what he doesn't best, pass the buck. >> this temporary impact on oil production is no excuse for prices to increase at the pump, none. >> i say again to the oil and gas executives. do not, do not use this storm as an excuse to raise gasoline prices or gouge the american public. the price of oil has dropped in recent weeks, the price of gas should be going down as rapidly, it's not. >> laura: he doesn't know anything about how oil is priced globally or here in the united states, zero. or at least pretending not to. here's the truth he can't or won't admit to. back in june his administration surrendered to the green over
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the key permit over the refinery in indiana, at one time this is one of the biggest oil refineries in the nation but now operations there are being slowed significantly so the epa can monitor certain refining equipment. things get technical but suffice it to say there are many hidden ways that the freaks running biden's epa are making it harder for producers. joining me now, the air force that running as a republican for congress in the district where this refinery is located. thank you for being with us, how big a deal is this refinery for people of this district? >> thank you so much for having me. it's a huge deal, so many jobs come incredibly large. so many people work there. energy production is important for us, steel production is important for us and these are
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areas where the current administration continues to fail our people day after day after day with a lack of accountability and responsibility and we are done with it. >> laura: the fact that president biden is still trying to do this song and dance routine on that gas station owner or oil company, determining the price of oil which is a total misapprehension of how oil is priced. it's a well-known phenomenon but apparently they are pretending they don't understand it or purposefully misrepresenting it to pass the buck. this refinery is a prime example of how they get mucked up in the details of an operation and with all these regulatory issues, just grind the operations almost to a halt. >> you're absolutely right. we see a couple of things consistently -- passing the buck from the administration, consistently making it someone
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else's fault. president biden, it's exactly what they continue to do over and over again. a lack of care and concern for the people who live here and work here. i am no expert on fuel, oil, gas, energy prices but what i can tell you is the fact that if we continue to break ourselves for this green new deal with the clear disregard for the impact that is coming to every day people, we will break our pe people. it is important for us as public servants to make sure people are taken care of. >> laura: according to cook political, indiana district 1 is a toss-up, biden won by nine points. what does this tell you now about what the voters are seeing in this economy? crime and now energy prices, food prices through the roof. >> we are fired up because people here in northwest indiana, hoosiers believe they
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deserve better and that's what i want to bring to them. as these gas prices go up, as these grocery prices go up, as congressman continues to spend our grandkids money he focuses on the wrong things and it's completely gone washington. he consistently does beyond obfuscating beyond passing the buck and claiming that he is providing lower tax options for people is consistently focus on the rich and the elites. >> laura: he's saying you are going to advocates to implement a federal abortion ban -- i'm not sure that's what indianans are caring about right now. >> he's being completely dishonest, i am pro-life, i'm going to protect life but you know what? is position on abortion that he voted for that he would abort any baby at any time at taxpayer expense, that is extreme. i will protect babies. the majority of people want
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reasonable exceptions, people want to understand that life can be protected and i want to save as many babies as possible and i'm committed to doing that. he is extreme, he's out of touch. >> laura: the democrats are off the deep end on the abortion issue but that's their hail mary in this case. we are following this race very closely i have a good feeling about it. get out and vote in indiana. the media are rushing to justify joe biden's lapses, plus mcdonald's goes adult. raymond arroyo explains it all, friday follies -- that is next.
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♪ ♪ >> you're watching fox news channel, this is a weather alert in charleston, south carolina. the storm ian has moved off to the inland areas, the rain has stopped but we are still getting gusts of wind and the tens of thousands of people remain without power. the sentiment was expressed to
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me by more than one person that charlton missed a bullet in this storm. there wasn't some flooding we had a chance to get in there and assess the damage, people in this community waiting in the floodwaters which have largely receded but to the north of this city between here and myrtle beach much harder hit particularly pollys island. high water equipment, the fire department move again to help and even the peer was washed away. you're watching fox news channel, now back to laura ingraham. ♪ ♪ >> laura: it's friday and that means it's time for friday follies. we turn to fox news contributor raymond arroyo. there is a lot of controversy over the president searching for a congresswoman whom he knew was dead at an event this week. >> rest her soul, congresswoman
7:38 pm
jackie walorski died in a car accident this summer, he knew he issued a statement on her passing at the time. the other day he did this. >> i want to thank all of you here including bipartisan elected officials, representative jackie -- are you here? i thought she was going to be here. >> i was going to skip this story because it isn't the first time he has embarrassed himself by trying to do something impossible at a public event. remember back in 2008 when he called on paraplegic state senator chuck graham? >> chuck graham, stand-up -- let them see you. god love you, what am i talking about? i tell you what, you're making everybody else stand up. >> no usa is swooping in his search for dead people. you saw what jill lorenz wrote. >> laura: that she wrote mistake demonstrated generosity
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and professionalism, you may only look back a couple of years to a member some things are more important than age and a perfect memory. i'm sure china is happy to hear that. >> this speaks to the president's ability to carry out the duties of his office, can't remember basic things or right condolences about the queen without a cheat sheet it demands scrutiny. i'm waiting for one of these people to say his wandering after that rose garden event the other day was just biden showing concern for plant life and his green agenda. i know what you are thinking, the view ladies think it may have been a biden brain fart. >> when you grow up you use the term brain fart, i don't know a human who hasn't sat in a room and going to say something -- oh, my gosh. that was very apparent what this was. >> what it really shows is this
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country is so ageist. this country has a problem with age. [laughter] >> is this unbelievable? now it's ageist to question someone's cognitive ability and recall. you can't manage the affairs of state if you can't remember where you are, how to get off stage or the name of someone who is deceased. it's rudimentary, i don't care what your party is. >> laura: if she has to get some important surgery, go to a 95-year-old surgery and/or the 40-year-old surgeon? >> you are being ageist. >> laura: over at "good morning america" they are worried about ageism, they are worried about cultural appropriation of the makeup routine. >> calling out the super model claiming she is culturally appropriate in the makeup routine using dark lip liner and
7:41 pm
lip gloss. >> it is a latina and black woman lip combo. >> many pointing out the lip style was accepted and won a white woman did it but not when a woman of color did to. >> it is highly unlikely a black or latino woman would have seen success as her getting their own trend. this is a systemic issue. >> wo women of color have worn e planet for decades, no one accepted them? hailey bieber is now culturally appropriating brown lip liner. why is it gma wasting time on this? why did they miss gwyneth paltrow culturally appropriate in fort knox? you've heard of goldfinger, didn't do any story on cardi b. what about harry styles? culturally appropriating scarlett o'hara, southern bells everywhere very upset.
7:42 pm
where are these breaking news stories? >> laura: i was trying to think of lizzo with the flute at the archives help pied piper, i don't know -- let's say everybody is guilty of everything so we can move on to the next topic. >> you know what is cool about this? is dividing people. cultural exchange is all about races and nationalities sharing their customs and blending it. jazz wouldn't have happened without the african beat and the italian terran tele and the german -- that collusion and combination of cultures created something unique. we need to celebrate and stop at this division. before we go i've got to tell you about mcdonald's launching a new line of adult happy meals. people just don't want to grow up, mcdonald's is teaming with cactus plant fleamarket for these adult happy meals. each comes with a big boy meal
7:43 pm
and a prize. a collection of disfigured classic mcdonald's characters. remember grimace and the ham burglar? now they have four eyes -- i don't know why. maybe it's from eating processed food i don't quite know why. >> laura: those are scary, those go right up to the category of puppets for me. any type of figurines, puppets, clowns, especially mimes i don't like mines and you are sending me into the weekend with that image of the ham burglar. >> we got to get off the slides. >> laura: sam is telling us to wrap. have a good weekend. what happens when dating apps go wrong? former host of couples there joins me next to explain, stay there.
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>> laura: in october 2 2019, pugh conducted the survey to understand americans attitudes toward dating. most told p with their romantic lives weren't going well. three quarters said it was difficult to find people to date. modern dating has become such an issue is now the plot line for many movies. >> what do you really doing online? >> 8 million people in this city, 4 million men, have some age limits, now it's a million. half of them are married.
7:49 pm
10% are gay. i want someone college-educated, not too ugly and i don't want kids. i'm on ten different hitting websites to increase my odds. >> laura: the author of a recent "new york times" piece entertains the question saying internet dating promises choice to reaching out and as i talk to people who don't often translate high-quality interactions, instead daters find themselves caught in a cycle of debt interactions. the author's solution? it's time to go retro. from the mid 40s the 2013, heterosexual americans were most likely to meet their romantic partners through friends, families were also big in the matchmaking business. think of what this more traditional model solves. doing to me now, dr. jen man one oneof the most well-known
7:50 pm
psychotherapists in the country best known as the host and therapist of vh1's long-standing hit show couples therapy and the author of the relationship fix. great to see you tonight. this column was fascinating and i hear this from our young producers. what is the biggest issue with these dating apps? there are so many today. >> these dating apps create a sense that people are disp disposable. a lot of these apps encourage people to make huge life decisions about who they want to partner up with based on superficial things. we all know we have the experience and know someone who is happily married and that their partner, wasn't super attracted to them, fell in love with them, chemistry developed and really these apps encouraged us to objectify each other and expose each other based on how people look. >> laura: what is interesting
7:51 pm
i think here is it could be the tide might be turning away from more impersonal apps and filters to finding a dating pool that is a little bit more traditional, watch. >> do you like using the apps? >> not at all. >> how come? >> i don't think they are conducive to good interactions with people. >> do you feel like they are mostly just for hookups? >> i would say so. >> i don't think i would meet anyone on there i would actually date. >> you feel like they are for hooking up only? >> yeah. a lot of weird people on there. >> laura: a lot of weird people, for young people who want to get married and have children, what is the answer today? >> i think of dating as a pie. think of it as apple pie, each slice of that pie should be a different approach to dating. one might be matchmaking, one
7:52 pm
might be your church or synagogue or some place where you attend a some sort of service. another might be meeting them through friends. another might be asking people around you to actually play matchmaker if they are not an official matchmaker. we really need to view these dating apps as a small opportunity and yeah, sure, you can use them. they can be helpful we all know plenty of people who met their match in there but to completely and only exclusively rely on them, you're missing out on so many other opportunities. >> laura: another issue was revealed in this call from a couple years ago that found that more and more americans are rejecting monogamy with 32% of adults saying their ideal relationship as nonmonogamous. that number jumps to 43% among millennials. is this because of the dating apps?
7:53 pm
or is there something else going on here? >> there is an emotional disconnect and what i see with a lot of millennials is a fear of getting emotionally close, emotionally vulnerable, fears of rejection. i don't think these apps help because you spent a lot of time on these dating apps getting rejected over and over again and it is part of that pathway to a relationship that i think people want to avoid. >> laura: with my conversations with twentysomethings, what young women say is the men are immature and infanta lysed. a lot of it relating to the pandemic and lockdowns and that affected these men more than women. do you see any of that? >> i wrote a whole column about the man child and i don't think it's exclusive to young men in this country. i think there are a lot of men out there who expect to be
7:54 pm
catered to in ways that are not healthy or conducive to a loving relationship. i think everybody needs to be accountable to everybody and we have to mature and behave like adults. >> laura: we have to roll but as my mother would say everyone just has to grow up. great to see you, thanks for joining us. nancy pelosi just admitted something we have known all along. the last bite explains.
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>> laura: if you wanted to know how the open orders crowd use immigration. look no longer than an honest admission from the speaker the house that happened today some of the farmers in the growers say immigrants up north, we nee them to the crops down here.
8:00 pm
>> this is what they think of the migrants, that they are jus working widget so maybe they should just take them from the border and plop them in their fields? is that which he is saying? i want to thank you for watchin this week. we continue to pray for the safety and recovery of all the people of florida and up and down the east coast tonight. it is america now and forever. gutfeld's next. ♪ >> here we go. so exciting. i am so excited. let me get my notes together. so many things. happy friday, my friday friends. before i get to the monologue i want to send our thoughts to those currently suffering. not hi


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