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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 30, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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her nail. >>ne salon and pick the crops. >> do they think they issue get out of jail free card on racism at the voting booth? as long as you vote democrat? >> yes, they do think that that's exactly what they thinkal . i don't forget, i'llwith be with you again first thing tomorrow morning. foin first x friends weekend.f yo and if you will , i'd love it if you check out the will cain podcast, go download it at fox news podcast. .com tucker will be back next. h >> and welcome to hannity. all right.ork tonight, chaos icrimn new york w criminals now are roaming the streets. we have disturbing new video that shows a violent felon fel brutally assaulting this woman . we showed you earlier in the week a random attack on a subway platforn m near the airport. the attacker previously beat his own grandmothee r to death, was out on parole for a variety of other crimes. beat woman, the victim, i can't believe after that beating she
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was able to get up. >> now, she may permanentlyanenl lose visioy n in her right eye. she will join us to tellis us about this harrowing moment straight ahead. also later, get buckle up.ckle up. espn. stephe our buddy stephen a. smith will join us . we'll get hi s take on the gruesome injury from last night's thursday night football game. we'll get to that. but we begin tonight inn the washington swamp, nowst inc led by some of the dumbest, most incompetent people on the face ofomhe the earth. >> our economy is in a shambles because of their reckless spending, gas prices. they're going up through the roof again because of their war on american energy. average price per gallon in l.a. today, six dollars and twenty six cents statewide . inst california, six dollars, 18 cents.atew you live ie in cnin oregona $6.. twenty nine cents. washington state, five dollars and 17 cents. and it's only going higher now. our kids have fallen behind in school because of of th their unscientific covid restrictionsei. ation, illegal immigration, opioidpioi fentanyl deaths are atd, s an al
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time high because of their reckless open border polic policy. we have europe at war because of their weakness and of course, in afghanistan. and now we afghani have vladimin threatening to use tacticall nuclear weapons and today pretty much declaring that much dee third of ukraine is now on and in the wake of hurricanee-to ian , florida's gulf coastve is now lucky to have strong state and local leadershipd locl because obviously the president of the united states is no obvio mentally capable of coordinating anything. >> take a look. whe fema administrator who's become the mvp these days spent a lot of time in this room as well. a fema and an entire workforce. the people directly impactedk fo by hurricane. people d >> and i'm going to usirece thi >> i'm it made landfall yesterday. we're here to talk about america. well, we can. thank you. thank you, mr. president . i don't think he knows the name
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of his own fema director . w and it gets worse. ea week, this was maybe the lowest of all lows when he attempted to introduce congresswoman that he was supposed to be honoringo who tragically passed away inad an accident in august. and instead of honoring thate legacy, he asked her where she is . >> tak>> i wane a look. i want to thank all of you here for including bipartisan electricians like representative government senator brian, senator booker, representative jack, you here first. jackie thinks she should be here to help make this a reality. >> i want to thank all of you for being here and booker and , uh, where's jackie ? where's jackie ? this g okay, this guy is not mentallyme competent. ntallyfor any job, much less wor the hardest job in the world. that being president .s but frankly, his vice president , she's not much a tter durin muchg this trip to asia. yeah, she made a complete foolcl
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out of herself and frankly, did, not make our country look particularly good. take a look on . and it's so it's it's 50 meterse away. that's right.. that's so the united states shares a very important relationshipes, which is in alliance with the republic ofrt north korea.h korea. and it is an alliance that is strong and enduring. today and today there were several demonstrations of just that>> sa point, a very important, greatnt great alli alliance with north korea. >> wow. i can't believe it's so close. . 50 meters, ma' great job.. kamala, as usual. now, the next in line to be your president would be eighty two year old nancy pelosi. and while nancy constantly c finds a way to outperform the stock market, well, her job performance as speaker. .
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yeah, that's always lacking. here's her take on what she's calling hurricaine iran. >> take a look. lion >> almost 19 billion dollars for fema's disaster relief fund . some of that need it a rightwa y for for iraq and but in but it's more will be needed. hurricaine around. and the same speech she touted u the merits of immigrantsin sou staying in southern states because she needs them. >> she wants them to pick our fruit and vegetables. take a look. n fl you see, even in florida,f some of the farmers, the growers saying, why are you shipping these immigrants uph? north? we need them t o pick the crops down here. >> yeah, why>> s send them to martha's vineyard? why send them to d.c. or new york or her state? tatea sanctuary state of california. what a truly stupif cad thing to say. and insulting, frankly, to allla the legal immigrant working people to come into this country, obey our laws, respecto
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borders and sovereignty, and work on a variety ofveof pre professions all across the country. now, after decades in politics, pelosi, biden, harris, they've all lost touch with reality. they don't understand the ramifications of their god awfu awfull policies. they don't have any empathy for you. the american people. re they are totally insulated from any and all socio economic the hardship, and they lack alle toe the moral courage tove ever admt failure and reverse course. in fact, joe biden's biggest concern at the moment is thatitl italy is soon going to have tha a conservative prime minister that believes that you ought to be ablought e to call yourself n italian, a christian, a mother and a woman. at a closed door fundraiser, biden said that she is thes th quote, the reason why i'm sorean concerned that democracy is at stake. the people in italthe pey voted in jail and while the whitend house is moaning and groaning about a new european leaderning who is abon a woke european
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socialist, americans here at home have biggerhere fish to frn in just two years, this ineptnat administration and of course, their climate cult, they have nearly destroyed the american dream. for all of us here with reaction, former senior counseormer sel to president tr kellyanne conway, along with texas congressman, former whit, e house physician dr.son,k ronnie jackson. kellyanne, with thirty nine dayel39 days away from ele, day, jen psaki is right. if this election is a, th referendum on joe biden, the climate cult and their hoiled policies and how they've wrecked all the progress that we made in the four years under donald trump, then they lose. if it's about all the other stuff, the they will fare muchio better. which way is the country going ? to go ? >> i think this is the most uncomplicated, straightforwardre issues that i've ever seen ienne three decades of doing this on its rising costs, rising crime. you still have a lot of people n concerned about education hav and say they have a fundamental right to say whereght to sildren their children go to schoo gl t
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and what is taught there. >> e see what we see on tv every night, runs counter to what the democrats, beginning with joe bidenmocrats and kamaa harris, want us to believe. they want us to believe what they say, not what we see.. we see wild people out of control, arbitrary committing crimes. we see the cost of everythingupd going up and out of control. owe see the report that one of the fastest growing new groupsr of homeless in our country aresa single moms who have a job. >> they actually a have a job ot means of support, but they get behind in the rent. this is joe biden' s america. now, the key to republicans just squeaking by with a few a seats and maybe a 50 50 senate or fifty one forty nine senate and having a monster night. is this having an affirmative positive message that's doablemg and accessible and actionable? the commitment to america,commit a nation that is safe in economy, that is strongthis government that is accountable, and the future that is free.anau and number two, sean, tobite a your point about biden, pelosi, harris and the rest in
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pennsylvania, john fetterman has to eat and own all of his own statements. he's pro criminal. is he's anti fracking. buanti-fg but het he has to be d with the biden harris administration. same thing with raphael warnock, in georgia, out of nevada. adam laxalt has to do that with female democratic senator who has three names and no accomplishments everywhere. accoo , people have to be held to account as democrats askts maggie hassan, who's running for her political life for reelection in new hampshire, the following question, when kamala harris stood in north korea looking so foolishn, embarrassing an entire nation of free people. but at the dmz, she said she sounded like she was on tmc it l look like a caricature. ask maggie hastin if she's comfortable with that level of leadership. leadership. the but the ability to make everyde democrat out there ownthe fa the failures and the flailing of this administration is thea w key to a monster victory in a few short weeks. >> ronay between kellyanne and myself, we have six decadesh thisxperience and i agree with her. this will be the biggest choic l
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election in our lifetime. >> this matters. and yeah, we can definitelyl point out all of their failures, but i like the commitments with america are because they're pledging energy independence. they're pledging t o control the borders. . they are pledging to bring back law and order and safety and security. they're pledging choice in education. they're pledging a better ec, got than the inflation the recession that biden gots us in. so i think those promises, those commitments, thenthey d they either follow through or they don't they don't follow through. they get fired.he pri i think thosnce are the principles that will bring america back . >> absolutely.>> shawn, you're right. abs got a lot of work to do. goi i mean, we're going to make it. we're going to we're going to fulfill those commitments. commt and waiset and see. but everything joe bidenoe biden touches domestically doy is exactlynall right. it just goes this many wrong. and this man is going be 80 monh years old next month and he looks absolutely horrible. absehe looks like he's going to fall asleep at any minute. when he speaks, he slurs. s speech shuffles.
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blank stare,s, he has a blank stare. he's shaking shaki hands with pe that don't he's talking to dead people now. i mean, this manople, he's not e is inspiring our enemies. the people that are watchingpl us most closely are iran and china and russiasee be and they're inspired by what they see because they realize that we do not have competentlzy leadership in this country. something very bad is going tois happen in the near future. with this man at the helm have and the people that are enabling him are going ttho have to answer to this, too, because it is past time for somebody ins his administration to step up to the plate and do the right thing and let us know what's going on . there are people there that have a duty to do that. his position tphysico stariat w, cabinet members, joe biden biden, all the people thatn al surround him, the chie surrounff staff and susan rice and everybody else in the west wing, they owe wing. us an thi explanation as to what's goingn on with this man.we and we need answers because this is this is leading us downf a path of destruction, both domestically so and internationally. and i really think something bad's going to happen inoing the near future becaus t near fo
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>>t have leadership in the white house. >> i have no i ide have a. i don't think anybody can sayy t with any certainty who's really making all the decisions in that white house. all right, kellyanne, ronnie johnson, thank you both. also tonight, more bad news for the economy in august. r the a key inflation gauge actually accelerated evend an more than we expected.d and meanwhile, biden's trillion dollar student loan forgiveness plan that's already being scaled back , by the way, i believe it's on konsta after all the pandemic's over. het us ce emergency orders to do so anyway. there are a lot of legal concerns and a fear that it was the cause of inflation and itwo. will make inflation get even worse. here now with moreh , the foundr ,the committee to unleashprospe prosperity, stephen moore, along with fox news contributo r tammy bruce. tammy, the heritage foundationth says the average householdd is is paying seven thousand two hundred dollars per household because of biden inflation. it is destroying the poor, the middle class people
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on fixedmiddle c income.e most, they're getting hurt the most, aren't they ? s claimple, the democrat to have the most compassion fory ? exactly. when t and of course, when this began, we tried. ew you tried fox news tried tod to explain that, in fact, inflame and what's attacks on people that it was going to take your money and redistribute ito in a certain way. you were going to be gettinglesr less for the little bit of money that you had. and this, of course, is after and during and after a pandemic . just as one example,pa a verndef basic staple for everyone.or some are up 60% eggs, something that you could serve everyone in your family, that your kids like, that you could havebr breakfast for dinner, something veryeakf. basic like that is that we are used to that is healthy, that this kind of dynamic, itthk creates a shock from everyone. yes, certainly the financiale fa marginalized, which oft impact the first impacted, but to
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, because it's not just food, it's everything else. even and of course, it's also impacting wages. so these are the same peoplefori who have who ran for office, condemning the republicans, condemning the work of donald trump, condemning trump's economy and what they have, ever ushered in here. every enemy of this country is laughing at the democrats have done more damage to this nation than enemies have over the last several decades. certainly, al qaeda couleverd nr have imagined even the attacks on this country did not thrust us into this kind ofright desperation. and right now, you've gou thavee experts, according toto t the intercephet, saying that we're giving ukraine one hundred and ten million dollar ukrais a day.. that is there.that that's an estimate. and we're fighting over at some point how much money to give florida and otherican hurricane affected states . so s who aretates. this this bin administration really concerned about?
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the new global environment or the american people? if or you just look at things on on the ground here, it's certainly not the american people and it's not the american family. they're demonizing whilel of our they send all of our money, it seems abroad. ay i can't say it any better. you're dead on accurate and people are suffering as a result. you know, if i were t writeif ir the book, stephen moore, and it was going to be called how to record an economy for dummies, everything they're doing would shorn that book, i don't know, short of an election win in november and thirty nine days. and then w he have to winac the white house back in 2020 four short of republicanslicans getting back in power. i don't see an answer. well, first show, you're exactly right. i mean, if people always ask me the hat is what a biden administration administration doing on the economy intentional --l and i say i dont think it's intentional, but ifal it were intentional and you didf want i to destroy a country's economy, you do two things.
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one , first, you would destroyov its currency. and when you've got inflation out of control, that's wha tncy does it destabilize your currency. and the second thing you would do, sean, is destroy its energy supply. and that's exactly what happened ss exac. it has happened underbiden. joe biden. now, here's what i why i'm sowih frustrated with our current situation. by the way, the numbers justoneu came today confirming i might suggest we going to go intoin recession. we're already in a recession, sean. come on . the first two months of us ,is a neo quarters of this year, we're negative. that was confirmed wasc today. we are i we're in an economic morass.nana we're in a financial meltdown right now. t now asas a country.ggest and myfr biggest frustration,hiy sean, i think this is somethingu you agree with is this was wit completely unnecessary. weh is should be booming right w as economy. we came out of coal.,d buant if donald trump were still president , we wouldn'tio be talking about a recession. we wouldn't be talking aboutn, e inflation. weul wouldn't be talking about these four thousand declines of family incomes. the economy would be booming.
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and that that is , i think, my greatest regret about what's happened. and when you put people like gran buttigieg and people like jennifer granholm in charge of the economy, they can't get usen they don't have any kind of experience. they know not what they're doing.e doing. and who you talked about you talked about the presidentce pri and vice president . you're right. they don't know anything aboutan the economy. but who doesythingwho does? runt everyone who knows anything about how to run anything in this white house. nobody use? . >> steve moore. well said, tammy. bot great job, as always. thank you both.t now to a brandt from all right. now to a brand new report from john solomon at just the according to his findings, the biden administration is now giving millions of your taxivat dollars to private groups thatau then turn aroundnd and target and censor social media posts that they misinformation. misinf apparently, i'm on the list. or joining us to explain, the editor in chief of just the, john solomon, you know, it seems as much as i tryy and stay off o this, i end up on them anyway. john , i'm o n this list.
11:18 pm
apparently you're on this list. fox news .com is on this list for fox is in general on the list. what you >> tell us what you found here and the you know, is thisnation a donation in kind? and and what about the money thatha flowed back from the group once the democrats got in power? >> yeah, this what happened is is the government in the form of the department of homelandpat securityment in the state department, made a deal with aa consortium called the election outegrity partnership, and the goal was to outsource the jobcim of censoring social mediaedfina during the final four months of2 the twenty one , the electionlin or liberal leaning groups got together. toge and creatpcket stnershi and they set uysp a ticket systm and federal bureaucrats could the there and politi a ticc and censor that censor thatput get that off the internet, puta a warning label on that,that to. why they would go to the social media companies to do that.? why did they do that? agency di because the federal agenciesd did it themselves a good chancev they would be violating the constitutionio. so they created a little plausible deniability. they created this thing,
11:19 pm
the breadth of this is the largest single censorship operation. fedeli cen, known or federally encouraged in the history of america. that's what all the experts aree telling me today. nearly 5000 targeted. >> yeah, it sounds to me like an enemies list. it sounds to me like now almost like a sophisticated provida or organization that they've createpravda od here. and then there's a money flow as well. i yeah, i didn't mean to numbers interrupt you, but it's just the numbers are amazing. >> you're on the list of twenty plus influences. they target. i'm on a list of twenty plust, journalism or institutions. they covered five thousand nearly 5000 euros, nearly2 mill twenty two million social media posts. we'rioe targeted by this operation in four months. when it's all done, whenhs they've managed to get all thise censored and labeled. and it's all, by the wayns , all conservatives right there. you can't find a single liberal in here. here you can find liberals filing complaints, but you can't find them having their content
11:20 pm
censored. theminthe biden administration, as soon as it takes over, turns around and gives contracts to o some of the partners in thise pe program. several million dollarrs in thss like a reward to them. but what it does, it allows them to continue on .game f now they're boastingor they're back in the game for the twentyhe 202, twenty two mim elections. the federal government, a liberal interestm electi workg together, the sense of yours and mine, everyone else's free speech. >> we'll follow up on this. story. john solomon, great job. just the m. all right. when we come back .days a thirty nine days away from the midterms, the republicans te are now up mos against some of the most extreme candidates ever to dixon is showing she could literally beat the radical governor in michigan.f michigan gretchen whitmer, also washington senate candidate tiffany smiley, also neck and neck against patty murray p in the stateat of washington. is that in play? we'll tell you about it next.
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>> welcome to fox news live. i'm ashley strohmeyer in new york and resurgent hurricane and making landfall friday near georgetown. along the south carolina coast and now downgraded to a post tropical cyclone left a swath of damage and flooding from the resort area of myrtle beach all the way to historic city of charleston. twenty seven of the thirty deaths blamed on hurricane and is in florida, where it made landfall as a category four storm wednesday. many people there are now taking it day by day as they struggle to recover from this time. charley, mr. charley and i know it's hard to say how charley was a lot worse for me, but this is the worst storm . i know how it goes. the . my name is i'm ashley
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strohmeyer and i'm back to "hannity" and . as we al hl right, as we have mentiond tonight, we are only thirty nine days away from the crucial midterm elections. democrats are running the mostns extreme crop of candidates ever, at least ieastn my lifeti many are now in an electionode f conversion mode, trying to t rewrite their own records and trying to pretencordd they'e actual moderates when they're not. despite all the overwhelminge nh evidence of far left radicalism in the state of michigan, for example, republicans, they're on the rise, gaining momentum and vowing to undo alldamage the damage done by the don democratic machine. and that's gretchen whitmer and the damage done by joe biden here with more, repu republican gubernatorial candidate in the state of michigan. tooter dixon is with us now. . you're running against the governor. govef i'm wrong, that she said that she didn't wantt the people of michigan to go toh florida. a an
11:27 pm
she went to florida and got caught lying about going to florida and isn't is theor same governor with draconian shutdowns that herself was seen in a restaurant that was supposed to be closed whoseo be husband was launching his boat when other people weren't allowed to launch their boats. >> is thatsame the same person p you're running against? absolutely. even more extreme.n she shutmore down businesses lie greenhouses and threaten them with jail time. and they came to me and they said, but you could selle we marijuana curbside. we couldn't sell easterlies. it's the same growing process. that's how bizarre it waths inai michigan. all right. >> isn't this the same governor that also said that she created eighty four thousand jobs in michigan when in fact, you lost eighty four thousand jobs? >> yes 84,00, we have tens of g thousands of jobs that are gone.she and she continueues s to lose je even from our legacy industry.we we are seeing ford are now inved eleven and a half billion intoon kentucky and tennessee, in louis breaking ground in louisville, kentucky.
11:28 pm
we have battery plants openingk. in ohio and indiana. but these are not jobs that are coming to michigan. are we are reaching out to the unions and saying, why are you supporting someone who is watching your jobs leave the state and ignoring it? fact,stat when ford announced, k we didn't thin imow ford was leaving the state . cathn yoe chieu imagine the chit executive officer of the state was knowinhete notg your last of your largest businesses was going to build elsewhere? what about her position on abortion? >>t her i understand. w >> i believe without restriction, her support ofr the group black lives matter. that's the group on tape thats saidgr, what do we want, dead cops? when do we want them?ops -- now, the fact that she's bought into this climate alarmism, her position on domestic energy production with russia and all those issuesy produc, energy is, i think, one of the scariest ones because she's trying togan. shut down a pipeline in the state of michigan. we already see risinising gas prices in michigan we already seeig risinan agag po
11:29 pm
heat our homes in michigan again. but she continues to say she she wants to shut down line five , which would be catastrophic for the entire midweste entire. but for michigan, it'supa heat the propane, for the up heatingg homes. of the it's our jet fuel out of the detroit airport. it's our diesel fuel for truckf . and it's the starter chemicalspl for plastics, which is what wenh make in the state of michigan. her energy policies are the most radical. you talk about all of herio policies are radical. her education policies are radical, her energy policiesn . and you talked about her abortion policy. you're right. ar up tosn'tortion the moment of birth.nsent to she doesn't want parental consent. she doesn't even want you tot'se be a doctor to perform an abortion. it's more radical than anythingt we've seen iedn the unitedthe oy states . the only other place we seece w thatse is china in north korea.x >> tutor dixon, iton looks like that racisrat and quite a bit yu have an opportunity to defeat wittmer. i thinportunity to defeak one oe governors in the country. we're going to follow the racecl closely. weosely h you the wish you the . thank you. all right. now we go to the state of washington. real believe it or not, there is a real opportunity for a massive
11:30 pm
flip from blue to red . as a republican , tiffanys smiley is surging in her race against the incumbent, patty murray. this is absolutelyt patty murrae a winnable race. mur heris on defense ove record , which is the same asjo biden's record . she basically is 100% with biden and the record of the far left democratic socialist. taker left a look at your scree. a new poll from robert haley in. trafalgar. in the look at that. this race is neck and neck within the margin of error. here to explain more republican here to explain more , republican senate candidate in the state of washington. i didn't think i'd be saying that often. tiffany, smile is with us .s. >> tiffany, i am hearing from friends that live in the state s of washington that you could win this race, that this wouldf be the upset of the year. and iand it is now within the n of error.t going what's it going to take toto tao get you over the top? >> yes, sean, we absolut will absolutely win this race.ra ce.i have been at this for overh
11:31 pm
seventeen months listening to the voters of washington state.1 i was 11 years old when patty murray was first elected.eryone and i ask everyone in every single room i go into, is your life any better, you know, over the last two years, is your life any better? life anysenator murray stood with president joe biden with the american rescue plan. s she was even touted for her efforts in that. an thad we were told we're in a better place now. we are not in a better place now. patty murrayno allowed a billio. dollars to go to criminals. tog she's touting the inflation reduction act, which doeshe thisin and this isn't coming from this is coming from the cbo tomf actually combat inflation. and if there was any hope to combat it, it was totally wiped out from the fed, the student loan forgiveness. she's destructive for our state . ane can'td anotly, w afford another six years ofen senator murrayator m. so i'm out talking with voters, engaging with them, talking about the risingtalking cost of living. grocery prices are through the roof. co prices are soaring and continuing to go higher
11:32 pm
and last time i checked,i checke eighty seven thousand irs agents comin g to pay for patty murray's tax and spend agenda. they don't chang's pattye the w so we have real issues that are affecting the voters in washington state. and i've and engaging with them, sharing our vision to turn crisis into hope.turn prices into hope and washingto for washington state. >> that's exactly whe.y we will win this race. now, she has been in lock step with biden and schumer on all the policies that havewith joe d this country. and that has to do with education, crime, borders, abortion, inflation, energy. she's beeninflatio on the wronge every issue. i asked the people oryf washington watching tonight, bee are you better off now that patty murray, joe biden and chuck schumer and what they have donea chuck to this y the last 20 months, are they better off than they wereej before biden became president ? what are most people telling you? they are not in every singlethey room i go into. >> youey say kno ww what they s? they say we're worse. all right, tiffanyn: you, smileu can win this race.race, i want
11:33 pm
i want the people in washington state to this is a winnable the race. it would be the upset of the year. we want that seat . you w i hope you win we'll be following very closely, . scu foanr being with us. all when we come back . all right. scary moment at last night's dolphins bengals game. it left the miami quarterback gt hospitalized. >> h te just goto. out, by the . should he even have beenel on the field now? the one the only and he's a friend of mine.e been we've been friends for years. stephen a. smith. and i'm going to be on his new podcast, by the way. it's called no mercy. h well, i'll have no mercy back . >> he's next. jp morgan ceo warns an economic hurricane is coming. goldman sachs warns of unprecedented economic shocks. and billionaire jim rogers says worst crash in our lifetime is coming. since the start of the year. the s&p is down 22%, nasdaq
11:34 pm
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11:38 pm
vilo was hospitalized after suffering head and neck injuries after this hit againsts the bengals last night. he had hit h against. >> take a look to rolling left with the green and down he goes, slung down his own 48 yard line just to an oh, thatns was only last week against the bills. >> that tour suffered anothet te injury and underwent the concussion evaluationsnothe but there is now growing questions from the nfl players n on whether proper protocols were followed and whether two should have played at all last night.n the league says all the protocols, in fact, were followedfollowed. er but there's still a growing chorus of outrage over the handling of to his injuries. thankfully, he was released from the hospita he wal and he traveled home with the team here with more is i'm going to admit it publicly. he's actually a friendg to of m. >> he has a brand new podcast out, no mercy noticed.
11:39 pm
the and odd part is in i parentheses. he is , of course,n parent the f espn's first take, stephen a. - smith as well. the one the only stephen a.. >> well, first of all, let's let wn the audience know you don't have to sit up there and hideho the fact that we know today t i'm the one to be hirede cr and that i'm not going to be criticized, but not you. that's very clear . but i'm gonna be on i'm going to be on your podcast. . yes.ou w by the way, you said you want twenty minutes. any amount of money.s on for a this podcast goes on for an hour and 20 minutes. an way. we have been friends for a long time, ruining all credibility ti with your audience by telling the truth about that. look, your friend of mine, i love talking politics. ei love talking sports with you. i'm happy for all your success. congrats on the two of this >> this is one gifted, talented quarterback. so we sad w what happened last, really night. we saw what happened a week before. it really scared me is the neurological response of his
11:40 pm
fingers. now they're saying the they followed all the protocols . >> he just got hit hard. listen, listen. they coul they say they followed alls and the protocols and nobody's in a position, obviously, to dispute that i based on what transpired last night, they had to be carted off the field it and taken to a hospital. i think there's a huge debateoth as to whether or not he shouldbn have been released fromm th the hospital, number one .the tm and number two, put on a team plane to fly back home. you have had a bag of potato chips in your hand, sean. when you're on a plane and what have you and you just see how it's ready to blow because of the pressure, that's what you're feeling a lot of times when you're up, yo theu you're p in the air at thirty , thirty five thousand feet. you can have congestion or whatever the case may be for the fact that he was the last one on that plane last night. >> i don't lik e that.s goin don't i got you. i was going to let him go if they felt he was in any jeopardy. >> okay, okay, okay. but nobody is perfect. dr.. when speaking to intent,'m not i'm not questioning anybody's intent. i'm just wondering whether oning an or not they made the right decision. realthe real issue was what transpired sunda iy against
11:41 pm
buffalo, the fact that he got up after getting hit and thentt practically collapsed back onto the groundhically co and ultimaw was allowed to come back out of. the field in the second half.ha that's what has every one ofe the nfl community in an uproarwe right now with the proverbial eyebrows raised because how he allowed to come back and play. and then four days later, you're playing in another game. usually if you got to go in anyo kind of concussion protocol, it's take about six to seven days. now, they said it is back. it wasn't a concussion. but i can assure you, as a guy that works with football players, present and former all day long, virtually none ofplayr them believe the game against buffalo sunday was not a concussion.sthem bel the game against buffalo sunday look, i hope for a speedy recovery. a gifted, talented quarterback. all right. now i'm going to movnte into aen area that we privately for years now have had going on .s a and i'm going to bring a public. i make the contention you take any sport.
11:42 pm
let's start with football. you take people in the stands,ns all backgrounds, all races, socio economic differences. all in all in the stadium. and e and they all share one passion. the sport that they're watching . they share a passion for a home team. you know, i don'met know team. t you, but i pride myself highel five and strangers buying beersh with people next to me, in front of me, behind me,me whatever , you know, get alongoh with everybody. throw >> and then you throw in this this mess, call politics in sports . i'm against it. wet stand for the nationalt th anthem. we start the game. end of the game.e i love i love when the football players get in a circle. >> both teams pray. sometimes the refs pray. out of let's keep politics out of sports to the extent we can get . i know. it's just.w it's y so do i get to respond now?u what because let me tell your audience what i told you when you brought that up,he specifically when you brought cok, told youernicn yo to stop whining, okay, you're my buddy, but i told you to stop whining. but you know, mark levin, weknoe know the great one . i told him to say thing.
11:43 pm
>> okay, i will give you. t youe what the are you talking about? you got me. i got you.d to i got to get mad. don't know what you're talkingin about the most. you don't give me a moment. i know we're talking about ten strangers, five don't lie im to the audience. ladon't get mad at you. i'm usually laughing at you because you nuts, i think we have everything. okay, but here's the whenyo you think about kaepernik or anybody else, you're notot impeding the ability to watch the game for the game to take place. you're not kneeling duringplace. the game. it's for the game and tip off if it takes place. you don't get to like eve everything about everybody inn the united states of america. states this is america. you'ri and as long as you're exercising your right as an american citizen, you're notng committing any vile acts a againsctt another human being oe anything like that. and you're not impeding progress. citizen an you have the right as an a american citizen and especially as a footbalal where there wass no nfl bylaws prohibiting somebodydy fro from taking. >>think you can say generally it is bad for the game.
11:44 pm
now, we should learn our lesson and let's keeps any sport as a unifying moment for the that is going on in society. but here's a deal going on in society. yo in soso you got me on your d, one of your debut shows on your. new podcast. oh, mercy. that's right. you got next to the next one . you got snoop dogg on .ean: y now we're going on together. weou arere w going. >> no. pleas oh, no. oh, please.m not puttin go one on one with me. i'll put you on with snoop doggy dogg is on hannity. on my new day. and stephen, i think that would. be an awesome podcast. it may be eventually, but you're an acquired taste.. we can't take you in and not an acquired taste. i just can't do it in studio with them because i can'td i can't take it in that.going to second, am i going to be ableinm to get in more than three questions? because you won't stop now. you won't do it. you know, it's impossible, ssibe though, you know that, becauseia lead and by the way, talking to pot kettle, by the way,ugh of they didn't give me enough of t
11:45 pm
that. i't. ough of tha >> i'm i'm a good deal . better be careful. i don't want to become your partner. i know what happened t becoome ywh the last one . oh, god . therat hneto youe you go . there you go . i'm not going there, sean. i'm not goin, nog there with yo. t not today. all right, listen, we're proud of you. i'm honored toe calarl your frd . it's called no mercyu frie. stephen a. smith. you.t wait to be on the air with you. >> what day, my aunt dwho you know you're coming on a week from today? a week from m today.ending t >> okay, for today and becausebe people would need to recover re they stening to your drivelca . >>ne no need to recover. okay, well, we can recover. oh, yeah. yeah. all right, steve . and my good friend, god bless you. i'm proud of you.d a st and straight ahead, crime new york . thaoss and an emt was stabbed 20 timesi ,murdered in broad daylight. also t, the victim of that brut subwayof attack. sh e will join us with a message she the mayor and the
11:46 pm
governor of new york . a she may lose her eyesight as a result of that beating. el, so heartbreaking. at cloud at this holocaust museum in israel, you see the names, , cof the faces of thaort were brutally murdered this great cloud of witnesses cries out toh us , comfort, comforte my people. we're in a race against time to reach every holocaust survivor in israel. to turn.and the former soviet u. many are poor and hungry the hol and they have nowhere to turn to some portion of their lives . >> in all, russia has had suchoe a hard life from the day thatat she was born intwoo the holocaut and watching her sister die ofuk hunger, which again, we were so hungry that we would go with my mother and find leaves and grass and we would pick them up and eat it.
11:47 pm
still today, she's suffering with no one there to help her. dare we turn our back on her now for twenty five dollars? now for twenty five dollars? you ca a holocaust survivor or anly nee elderldey shoe. years. the international fellowship of christians and brings them urgently needed food and comfort in their final years. years. >> let's d god has called us to do. as now and help save jewish lives. no organization helps holocausti survivors and the elderly jewish peopla e as much as they do. >> you valerius think that ifd she didn't receive love herof whole life, you seem so full of love and out of hate. >> just twenty five dollars helps to rush a food box to a holocaust survivor. pl
11:48 pm
international fellowship oeaf christians and . we can do something to relieve their suffering. >> please do something now. hi, i'm attorney del mccarthy, a proud veteran who's been helping raising their families for decades. but now i'm sure you've heard the news about camp in a new law which allows victims to file for compensation. this is different than your veteran's disability claim. there's a lot more confusing information out there. so i've put together a dedicated team to answer questions and to take your calls. call 800 820 eighty eight . that's 800 820. eighty eight . >> call right now. jim jordan on liberty 11 . he breaks down the gop's plans.e
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
united spinal association to learn more . download our disability etiquette booklet at united spinal dog. welcome to fox news live. i'm ashley strohmeyer in york. and now a post tropical cyclone is lashing the carolinas, severely flooding coastal towns. it made a third ugland fall friday as a category one storm in georgetown, south carolina. the storm's winds were much weaker compared to wednesday's landfall on florida's gulf coast and is blamed for at least 30 deaths. twenty seven of them in hard hit florida, where many boats washed up on land and homes floated into the sea. >> some of the worst damage could be seen in fort myers. >> the sea, a boat literally right next to my apartment as i'm trying to pull
11:51 pm
my grandmother and my girlfriend out. that's the scariest thing in the world. it could just float it up even more and just came our way. >> and it's been done for us . matt , crews have been going door to door to more than three thousand homes in the hardest hit areas, bringing hundreds of people to safety. now back to "hannityre" and mori senseless violent crime allew y across new york city as we'rorke now learning that a female fdny emt who was working on 9/11, two thousand one fatally stabbe d in an unprovoked attack in queens, new york , yesterday. policeattack say the thirty four old male suspect followed the victim began stabbing her repeatedly.y. the victim, identified as allison russo, telling was a twenty five year vet, the fdny, a 9/11 firstet responder and just and months ay from retirement, sadly, is only one of many despicable acts thec and violence all across the city of new york .it
11:52 pm
take a look at your screen, september 20th. surveillance footage we showedsm you this once before from the howard beach subway station in new york showing a homeless man attackinhomelessg and beatin innocent woman. i mean, pounding on this woman blows to her head, upper body. r now, the suspect, forty one year old waheed foster is a career crimina al with at least seven prior arrests, including beating hisb own grandmother to death back in 1995. why is this guy still out on the street as new york is now continuing pract their practice to coddle violent criminals? coddle viole that? and , of course, victims, they're the ones that suffer. , all right. that video in the subway. i joining me nows that is that vi elizabeth gomez is with us , along with her husband, klement tucker. and elizabeth, i hear you i first. i watched this. my heart goes out to you. i'm so sad. g like
11:53 pm
i'm so sorry that you had to go through something like that. i honestly and i'm a mix. marti i doal mixed martial arts. i can't believe you even were able to stand up after this beating. ose >> and now there's a possibility you might lose e your eye. >> yes, that's right. when when you heard about this attacker's record killing his own grandmother, all these other all his history of cri violent crime. and he's out on the streetand ho beat you without mercy like this. yo >> what do you have to say toci the politicians that areth allowing this to happen? right. like how could they allow stmebody like this to be in the street? who is the person who'e persons supposed to be making sure he's inside and getting treated or he whatever it is to make sureto he's where he's supposed to be and harming people like you? absolutely. i like where are these people t
11:54 pm
supposed to be keeping these people inside? >> let me let me ask you this.u: you may lose your eye over this. >> this guy had seven prior arrests. stil priorl on out loose, killes grandmother. it wasn't that long. >> go . what do you say to kathy hochul, your governor? what do yoat do you say to youru eric ? adams, about this? know what do you want them to know? and what do you want them to do? well, i want to know because of safer negligence in keeping us safe and making sure we havee the proper security we need in our city. does something like this have to happen? innocent to have to lose.o they also have to have a change of life, have to think about where they're going to go from here on forward. if i don't have a way to get myy eyesight back . soight bac is there a chance yod lose the security? is there a chance you'd lose eye sight in both eyes? >>s? well, like they say, if too
11:55 pm
train go to one side ofhe the eye, then there's a chance . yes. later on down the line, there is a chance. but that's what we're trying to prevent. you know, any kind of changes that like we you know, sometimet it hurts to even think abouto what's really going on . our prayers are with you, klemet. taking good car it's very nice. i know you're taking good care of her. we're praying for you. eyesi we're praying thatying tha your eyesight gets restored and we're praying that the lawls change. so this doesn't have to happen to other people. we'll update the story inish yo the future. >> we wishu th you the best. thank you for being with us. thank you so much. >> really appreciate it. thank you. so unnecessary. >> so preventable morality. straight ahead, do not move. want your .
11:56 pm
did you know that you pulled over in front of the church now maybe you'll break me out of jail. you see what you did to my door. i don't like that. thanks for watching. what am i doing? i get restaurant. i got a call. i don't like nothing but these cuffs on 30% perfect time to go further. bad boys. >> so you. no, i'm on. hi, i'm mike huckabee, former governor of arkansas. and i'm here today to tell you about a hidden health crisis currently affecting nearly every american sleep
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the experts in back pain relief for more than one hundred years available at a store near you. hi, i'm turning down mccary proud veteran who's been helping marines and their families for decades. but now i'm sure you've heard the news about camp in the new law, which allows victims to file for compensation. this is different than your veterans disability claim. there's a lot of confusing information out there. so i've put together a dedicated team to answer your questions and to take your calls. call 800 820 eighty eight . that's 800 820. eighty eight . call right now. wherever newsbreaks these situations only continue to worsen. we're bringing you the stories from the front lines. we're on patrol with the taliban. a sad morning here in texas. fox news channel. america is watching, right? unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this thany evening. as always, thank you foror b beg with us. you make this show possible.
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we can't thank you enough. please set your dvr so you never, ever miss an episode ofno hannity. don't forget for news any time. . fox news .com, hannity .com. in the meantime, let noteart your heart be trouble. graham laura ingraham. the ingraham angle is next.ahama haveng a great weekend.da we'll see you back here on monday with only thirty six days to go until the midterms. on a vera ingram and this is the "ingraham angle" on a very busy friday night. so thanks for joining us . hurricane irene is not done yetd after staggering devastation in southwest florida. the storm is now movinutg uphwed the east coast. >> we're going to have reports from both locations in the hour. but we begin tonight with a different kind of devastation, not the type caused by mothery nature, but by corrupt men andia women. i'm talking about the economic damage done by thoseg about th