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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 1, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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eric: at least 27 people there believe to have been killed in this storm. this number could rise as they are searching for survivors, south carolina has just start today seases the damage there as storm is headed north to new england. hello, everyone, i'm eric shawn, this is fox news live. hi, arthel. arthel: hello, everyone, i'm arthel neville. ian made second landfall on the south carolina coast just about
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24 hours ago. it was weaker than the category 4 muster that slammed into florida wednesday but did plenty of damage from charleston to myrtle beach and beyond with high winds and storm surging flooding there and the reminiscence of one of the strongest hurricanes ever to hit the u.s. still on the move now bringing heavy rain to the northeast. eric: fox news coverage for you molly line in charleston with the very latest. meteorologist adam klotz is tracking the storm's path. rich edison the latest on the federal response. first steve hardball gone, live on florida's gulf coast in north port where crews are working away trying to get away from the ruble and destruction. >> the airboat just pulled in. big fan allows boats to take little bit of water in shaw low.
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here comes another one in. a lot of these are privately-owned boats. people use them to fish or go out in everglades and using them to help neighbors. we see people pull in with luggage and pets as well. the real urgency was yesterday, that's when there were life-saving emergencies. they were being pulled out rapidly. the face has slowed little bit today. more people who have been stranded by the water, that water that came up 3 or 4 feet overnight and finally just beginning to recede but there's still a lot of work ahead. several hundred people really just waiting here on list to get rescued by either national guard or by a neighbor with an airboat, a kayak, canoe. eric: neighbors helping neighbors, steve, thank you,
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arthel. arthel: in south carolina the cleanup there is just beginning. ian was down to category 1 hurricane when it made landfall yesterday afternoon in georgetown, 60 miles north of historic charleston. that cat 1 bratt surge storm of 7 feet. molly line in south carolina. what are you seeing there, molly? reporter: this is one of the barrier islands, two ways on and off the causeways and we are just surveying the damage. incredible damage here. if you take a look, this is just one of the trucks, the teams that are working to get cleared up. trying to get sea grass and get things back up and running and one of the neighbors said finally we got power back, there's big equipment they've been moving mud and sand out of the way trying to allow people to get back in hair homes. people were allowed back on the
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island at 10:00 a.m. this morning to come back and survey the damage and we have incredible picture to show you, aerial photos of one of the biggest losses of the island, the pier, the pier on paulie's island collapsed and washed away and residents telling me that they can still see it out there. but residents here ultimately broadly feel fairly lucky, there's a lot of vehicle loss, a lot of property damage but good fortune. take a listen. >> the water came up rapidly. we were surprised how fast it came up and it got all the way up to the very top of this mailbox post. even on the backside of my property it was past my hips. got in my truck, so it's a total loss. reporter: further south the city of charleston weathered the storm fairly well. they were prepared for a pretty big hit in the historic constituent but by the time the
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storm went through, low-level flooding, 6 inches of foot that gradually disappeared and the sentiment was one of relief. they feel that they did well overall in the storm compared to historic storms that have caused so much damage. here is one of the residents there. >> we did get water in the basement but the storms are crazy storms. it was terrible. you see waves coming across the the whole park and rolled in here and fortunately we didn't see that this time. we were lucky. that's a sentiment that we are hearing. there was so much damage and people were working and trying to clean up. a tremendous amount of sympathy to neighbors to the south. arthel: molly line on paulie's island, south carolina, thanks, molly. eric: the storm now heading north. let's go to meteorologist adam
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klotz tracking ian's path, fox extreme weather center. adam. adam: no longer tropical system but there's still moisture with it, wind with this system. we can even see a little bit of flooding now stretching from west virginia getting over towards the mid atlantic and that's going to be generally where we see the storm over the next couple of days. kind of the center of circulation is over virginia but the heaviest rain over west virginia, this is the future track. spin for a while. quite a bit of rain is going the fall before we get into sunday afternoon and all the way into monday as we get through the mid atlantic running out into sea eventually. so any rain that does fall and it's going to be a lot at times it's going to run down into the low-lying streams. that is where flooding is at its greatest risk for the system from this point forward. how much rape are we talking about, well, in the area i was just pointing out maybe another 3 inches of rain, fairly
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widespread and probably 2 inches and all the way to new york city, providence, areas where you will see a couple of inches of rain in the next couple of days all associated with this system. additionally, and this is mostly going to be out over the water, so coastal communities where those winds are still the strongest. gusting winds 20 to 30 miles an hour and those are consistent taking you all the way into monday, so just kind of battering 20, 30-mile an hour winds consistently here. i do want to leave you with what's going on down in florida, nothing but sunshine in hardest-hit areas for a few days which great because they have so much water, any additional rain or something like that would be a real problem but notice the temperatures, a lot of folks still down without power. we will see highs in the upper 80's, it's going to be hot without air-conditioning and less trickty and kind of a double-edge sword, it's clear, eric, for as far as cleanup goes, it's going to get hot and
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get power back soon. eric: hot and humid especially with no air-conditioning. arthel: florida and south carolina begin picking up pieces from ian the governors of those states are working closely with president biden and his administration on getting federal relief, now there's no word yet on when the president is planning to visit florida. richard edison -- rich, i don't know -- rich edison. i'm sure your mother calls you richard. >> she does, still. arthel: you're there at the white house with the latest. i'd imagine people are asking when will the president go down to florida, maybe south carolina and i'm sure the president is waiting for cleanup and not cause confusion. >> yeah, exactly. the president does plan to go down there and wait until some of the cleanup is done and appropriate time to get done. those are protests going on in pennsylvania avenue in front of the white house, it's what you
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hear there and pretty routine on pennsylvania avenue but as far as the response from the white house to the storm's that ripped through the southeast of the united states, white house press secretary said the homeland security adviser for the president briefed him earlier today, they talked about restoring power to parts of florida, some of the damage assessments, the new damage assessments from south carolina, the president has declared disasters in florida, south carolina and north carolina as a result of these storms or this storm. and the president says that the federal government is going to stand with those places as long as it takes. >> the situation in florida is far more devastating. we are just beginning to see the scale of that destruction. it's likely to rank among the worst of the nation's -- the worst in the nation's history. >> the president has also coordinated with top critics florida governor ron desantis, when asked the president said their relationship was very fine and that desantis complemented him and thanked him for the
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immediate response. other republicans have praised the federal state partnership in confronting the storm. >> i want to thank governor henry mcmaster and president biden for working together when the governor issued emergency declaration on wednesday. this was a very unpredictable storm beginning our emergency centers up and running, getting the president's approval on that, we now have access to resources for disaster relief and any search and recovery assistance that we need. >> it's unclear specifically as you were talking about, arthel, when the president is going to florida depending when conditions allowed and president interested in going to puerto rico where hurricane fiona hit a couple of weeks ago. arthel: we can't forget our neighbors in puerto rico at all. richard, call your mother. rich edison. >> she's probably tempting me right now. eric: thanks, arthel and rich. fema facing storm of challenge bringing aid to so many people
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that are in such desperate need. look at the flooding. it is just absolutely mindboggling. jeremy greenberg can us. also the agency's operation division director. jeremy, thank you for joining us. what is the largest and biggest challenge for fema on the ground right now? >> thank you for having me on today. right now life-saving and search and rescue in hardest-hit areas and focus of the federal government and once we once were able to rescue we will ensure everyone has access for stable food and water whether it's at home or in a shelter. and from there ensuring we start the registration process to move quickly into recovery. >> is there a sense of where these people are stuck? some have not been heard from immobile parks along especially in lee county.
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any sense ofright now? >> since the storm conditions allowed and passed very quickly in the middle the night search and rescue crews in the state of florida the government have been responding to and searching for those in need it. the state has a comprehensive search and rescue plan that we have been a resourcing with additional federal teams. they are working through the day today to find those. as indicated earlier we believe all have been searched complete this just now those who need additional resources. ask we are looking at some video right now as we are on some some of the flood areas. it was so hard hit. what do you do when you go back to your home? the damage the floodwater does is so devastating. it makes a home totally uninhabitable. what are the steps people take to try to get back to normal? >> first and foremost want to encourage individual safety. even though it appears the storm
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has passed, we are still seeing floodwaters from the rivers and even if the area is dry you still have downed power lines, debris other hazardous material that may have come and with the storm surge. we encourage everyone to be safe and local guidance on reentry. once you get it back to your home make sure you are securing documents and belongings that are critical to make sure you can take them with you when you leave again. and then we would encourage everybody to start the insurance process. file with your insurance company and then register for fema assistance. the phone number for fema assistance (800)621-3362 per to go to to start your eligibility process. >> etta's (800)621-3362. we are looking at some photos of all are talking before and af after. this is like utter devastation. ian just cut through some areas. receipt sanibel island, the highway that 3-mile or so long
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bridge onto santa bell. it's totally destroyed. can this ever come back? >> the state of florida along with fema partners have been planning for these type of incidents for years. unfortunately mother nature has a way to bring the storms of the coastal communities would restart the immediate response with the plan lord at laid out and federally supported but we are executing accordingly. right behind that response is a start to recovery per there is some immediate recovery operations of making sure people have everything they need. and then as you indicated starting the rebuilding process. making sure powerlines come back up, waters brought back to the communities and ultimately all the roast and roadway it's that we are all looking at get rebuilt and people come back to a sense of normalcy. eric: 's only hope that happens as soon as possible. and finally, jeremy love the focuses of course happening what's in florida. but look as it heads up past
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south carolina up through west virginia, up into the northeast and the coastal areas what is your advice to folks of the next few days? this is going to last a few more days up to the northeast and new england. what do you say to people now who were sitting watching television inc. inc. this is just florida i do not have to worry about flooding and that sort of thing. >> he storm surgery saw in florida that has been a concern for us carries the same water at risk the way through the mountains. whether it flash flooding, heavy rain, encourage people to remain safe. follow the local guidance and execute the plans they have if they have to evacuate. the key thing we want is for people to stay safe. if you are stuck in an area where you think there's going to be a hazard make sure you have a plan for yourself to sustain. that includes battery flashlights, food and weather radio per if you are in an area you are told to evacuate please either to local guidance. eric: and of course do not drive through standing water.
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we give that warning all the time for you never know what happened in those cases. jeremy greenberg of fema we thank you pretty think the folks at fema who are out on the ground with little sleep and hazardous conditions helping americans. jeremy thank you. >> and can have and beyond. arthel: art eric and jeremy thank you. new york city reeling from the shocking murder of a paramedic who was killed in the line of duty. some lawmakers are urging people not to call 911 in certain situations. we will explain coming up. scoutd by simparica trio, and he's in it to win it. simparica trio is the first and only chew with triple protection. oh, fleas and ticks ♪ intestinal worms... wow heartworm disease, no problem with simarica trio. this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions including seizures. use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders.
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stay in the home and life you've built for years to come. call... to receive $1500 off your kohler walk-in bath. and take advantage of our special low monthly payment financing. they place releasing dramatic body cam videos showing two officers rescue a teenager from a burning van last night. you are at look at what happened this is about 60 miles north of new york city. police say the teenager drove into a bar just after 3:00 a.m. in the morning the officers first want to try to put up the fire before as you can see pulling the 18 who they say was unresponsive right out of the van to the window. just before the flames engulfed that van. thankfully the driver's injuries were told not life-threatening. but when they got to the hospital that teenager was
11:21 am
arrested for drunk driving. >> that is dramatic. new fallout in the brutal stabbing death of veteran new york city fire department ent allison russo. the september 111th respondent was killed in a random attack on a queens street in broad daylight for this happen on thursday. this also happened after a couple of politicians days earlier had urged merchants in the area to call social services instead of the police in certain cases it. christina coleman has the latest and now, christina. >> hi arthel. sixty-one your own ems lieutenant allison russo is described by her colleagues as a hero. a well respected and beloved public servant who served new york for 25 years. now people are mourning her tragic loss. police say she was brutally stabbed in a horrific attack on thursday at near her fire station where authorities described as a barbaric and unprovoked incident.
11:22 am
>> is deadly, senseless broad daylight attack on a uniform emt member is a direct assault on our society. it is the latest consequence of the violence that we relentlessly fight in our city. >> she paid the ultimate sacrifice because of that. >> despite the ongoing violence in new york, several days before the emts murder to democratic new york city leaders queens councilwoman tiffany and state assemblyman urged business owners to dial 311 to seek services for people with mental illnesses and instead of calling the police. tweeted about the public safety resource poster we are disturbing these them to local business or neighborhood is equipped with better ways of solving problems and simply summoning police every time a challenge arises. the guide urges business owners to de-escalate situations by saying no, stop or that is not okay. now, this got quick backlash
11:23 am
from some residents who know to these very dangerous situations need a police response. these attacks have been adding to this country's crime crisis this year. take a listen to lieutenant russo ellingson colleague who is now coming to terms with her tragic loss. >> the crime obviously has to be addressed. i believe this mayor is starting to do that. but unfortunately i just got to come quicker so we can squash it before gets really bad and are worse than what it is. >> as for the suspect accused of killing lieutenant russo elling he is still in custody and charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. arthel: are disturbing christina coleman live in los angeles, thank you. >> also neared city officials reportedly close to reaching a deal with the norwegian cruise lines to house migrants on one of the massive cruise ships that they own. it would provide relief for the
11:24 am
cities shelter system which is struggling to keep up with the asylum-seekers. texas and arizona are all still bussing north from the border with the rest of migrants there on the southern border remain at record numbers. polls show americans want stricter enforcement looking at border patrol agents and action rather on the border in eagle pass. that is where matt finn is. hey matt. >> hey eric. it was another busy week of migrants crossing into the united states here at the southern border bread yesterday in particular was to upwards of more than thousand migrants crossing into the united states were just so water risk in the rio grande river behind us. a group crossing the potentially deadly waters of that river. there was a mail carrying a very young child. the group had to be rescued by an airboat. and as we see so often border patrol takes those of migrants, places them in a van or a bus to be taken to a processing center. and then perhaps released her.
11:25 am
they may had to locations all over the united states. also we have an update on a horrific deadly crash not far from here. texas dps said this week a 17-year-old girl from austin, texas was smuggling at nine migrants from mexico in her pickup truck when a border patrol pursued her. she ran a red light and crashed into a semi tractor trailer which then hit a third car. that younger driver and a second person in her truck were killed. many people sent to the hos hospital. and of course immigration so the key issues here in texas and all across the country heading into the midterms. last night texas republican governor greg abbott debated his democratic opponent. abbott defend his busting program in operation lone star. >> when the governor spent 4 billion of our tax dollars of what has turned out to be political theater for his political career he promised us it would deter people from coming to this country. we've only seen more people c
11:26 am
come. now they get a bus ride to chicago or washington d.c. or new york. we do not need a more stunts we need solutions. >> these are efforts to protect our states. there is a record amount of fentanyl coming across the border. texas law enforcement has seized enough sentinel to kill every man, woman, child and the entire country this is because of joe biden. >> this week's abbott operation lone star announced that since march 2021 there has been more than 20000 criminal arrests related to the border and 17900 felony charges. we were all right matt at eagle pass thank you. arthel: eric and matt the death toll continues to rise and floor in the wake of hurricane ian. residents in hard-hit fort myers are facing a long recovery ahead. our live coverage continues up next.
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him him ... till tuesday soon to know the full extent hurricane ian because in southwest florida. but it is clear that cleanup efforts will take months and possibly longer than that. box whether max gordon is hit hard-hit with the latest in there. what you seeing now matt? >> hey there arthel part we had a tragic update today for the lee county sheriff. they say 35 deaths occurred right here in lee county during the storm. meanwhile recovery rebuilding efforts are underway. right now i'm standing at a distribution center for food and water its arm by the cajun navy nonprofit organization that responds to hard-hit disasters with the boats and other supplies. right now they have had to shut down. they simply do not have enough food or water to meet the demand of folks. we had cars lining up for blocks. and now they will have to go home or find some other way to find food and water.
11:32 am
the big issue here is site 75, a chunk of it is shut down right now. that is because there's flooding on a major north/south artery there along the river. even of the storm has a past year, runoff is still making its way into rivers and waterways causing this flooding. that is because the section of i-75 to shut down. now a warning was issued earlier in the day were a levy could have been breaking. there is a shelter in place morning in sarasota county for one community there. and also many people are still in the dark here. still without electricity. that is slowly being restored. around 42000 utility workers are here in the state from all over the country. but still more than a million floridians are currently in the dark without power right now. other issues that have also popped up in collier county was hard-hit by the hurricane and non-roman systems went down today those have now been
11:33 am
restored. trees are still down in some areas, both scattered along roadways. we spoke to one woman about what she went through during this event. >> it was horrible. the whole back of the roof came down. it was never stopping. it was going for hours and ho hours. but there are so many people that do not have homes out here in north fort myers and there is nobody helping. trees are in the houses. suncoast is destroyed. those people do not have means to get out here to drive. i was hoping to get some water to drive it up there to them. i cannot find gas. my car is almost empty. they got the food places open for my dogs but everything is gone. >> this woman mentioned epic gas is very hard to come by right now. long lines at any gas station that does have fueled a long road ahead for a lot of folks here in southwest florida. back to you.
11:34 am
>> that is for sure max gorden there in fort myers, thank you max. support let's head up to south carolina spread that worst of hurricane ian. even as a category one storm caused major damage there, tearing up coastal structures, flooding parts of historic charleston, nay voigt live in myrtle beach with the situation there now. a shrimping boat wash ashore yesterday mechanical prompted for the storm they anchored down there evacuated off pushed ashore during the court category one hurricane you can see officials a fencing permit people do not they're going to tie some ropes to some boats and deep out into the ocean into the shaft of this about. they're going to build a trench around the front and try to talk
11:35 am
back out into the ocean. the next two days or so but far beyond was covered in water print i want to show you some video of the massive flooding experience here in myrtle beach. this is actually in north myrtle beach not far from where we are producing a residential area completely underwater. we spoke with the city official who says if not for the dunes here on these beaches the flooding would've been a whole lot worse, listen to this. >> so overall this is a standard category one. the storm surge was a little greater than we are expecting i think. the dunes did their job that's our first line of defense. >> is dunes are damaged now so they could be a little more susceptible here in myrtle beach to another storm if one were to come soon. take a look at this video firefighters here in myrtle beach had to rescue for people with a cherry picker after an electrical box blue at a nearby apartment complex for this was a couple miles down the road from where we are now.
11:36 am
all four people are safe or they could not walk in the water after the electoral box blue, obsolete debbie too dangerous. take a look at the last video the cherry grove. you see of it just falling apart in the rough terrain in the ocean. four appears on the south carolina coast line destroyed during hurricane ian. back out here live i can tell you it appears life is resuming. people are out here on the beach playing beach volleyball. most of the power back the few that lost in this area last night. the cleanup continues but the overall consensus talking to people as they feel very fortunate. especially look out in florida at uc would happen there. i'll send it back to you. before it that's for sure remind you the power of mother nature to, nay thanks so much good to see you. we live satellite pictures of south florida are revealing just how widespread and catastrophic even ian's devastation is proven to show it to you now. take a look at this image of downtown fort myers. this was before hurricane and
11:37 am
made landfall. after the storm if you can see there the area is almost completely decimated. this picture coming up is a little further west and pine island. this is where residents rely on bridges that link the barrier island to the main island. what of those core doors now completely impassable after hurricane ian part of the same situation as sanibel island which has just one bridge linking it to the mainland. officials say they will have to rebuild that bridge now that ian destroyed it. and of course everyone and we are happy for everyone who got away with their lives and were killed in this horrible hurricane. but i do want to make sure people do not dismiss the profound impact on this people's lives. i can tell you and hurricane katrina would hit new orleans just to personalize it to try to make you feel some sympathy for those fellow americans there in
11:38 am
florida and in puerto rico, south carolina. like for instance you lose your first baby doll. i lost my first holy communion dress. these are things you want to hand it down. don't forget and some of those homes are now matchstick boxes completely obliterated. thus height markers people put on the walls to keep track of their children's growth and everything, all of that are the intangibles you cannot get back. again life is deafly important and there's nothing second to that. but we need to keep in mind this will have a profound and long-lasting impact on these people's lives. before that is so well said as you can say not just the devastation and damage, imagine having your home, your house just destroyed. everything you have had you were only able to take some precious possessions with you. maybe some photo albums and the like.
11:39 am
and some of it may be gone. people live with this forever. someone who has covered hurricanes, hurricane andrew and 92 we got down to homestead we could not believe it. it was totally flattened. and you know this firsthand as being someone from new orleans. you have had your share certainly. >> i will tell you quickly that you hear us as a reporter that because i actually covered hurricane katrina with all my family left i went in. i was able to get to my mom and call her and give her reports on what i saw. the pictures on tv as horrible as it looks it is worse in person. i would call her and tell her different things. she told me later that she told her brother, my uncle i said this reporting has gone to this girl's head but she is telling me stuff that just can't be true. because it's hard to believe. >> we have seen that paris sought then we see it here. >> our thoughts and prayers for all the people who are impacted
11:40 am
by hurricane ian and we will be right back.
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eric: adapter vladimir putin's war plans illegal tried to grab part of eastern ukraine his troops are hightailing it out of there. from those parts of the country put to move swiftly with illegal annexation of fort ukrainian regions print that comes as he faces a series of embarrassments on the battlefield for ukraine forces have made significant gains we are told in the east and are driving the russian troops back. trey is life in the ukrainian capitol with the very latest on this. >> eric, good afternoon print some big ukrainian advances just a one day after putin announces the annexation following sham elections in eastern part of this country. >> the authoritarian leader then
11:45 am
held a choreographed event or state workers were given russian flags to waive in moscow's red square. >> we became stronger because we are together paid the truth is with us. the truth is a power and therefore the victory. putin said the victory will be ours for. >> at a ceremony earlier in the day putin signed decrees with the self-proclaimed leaders of the ukrainian territory. he also use the event to make threats blaming the west for the ignored stream one into pipeline leaks. adding that america set a precedent for nuclear weapon u use. ukrainian president zelenskyy quickly responded to the ceremony saying his country is applying for facet tract nato membership. president biden also waited calling putin's announcement sham routine. >> america and its allies and let me emphasize are not going to be intimidated. are not going to be intimidated by putin and his reckless words and threats. >> ukrainians today at liberating the town.
11:46 am
a regent vladimir putin now claims as his own. ukrainians now able to push in artillery. the bill to push back the russians even further into their territory as they advance east. eric: we can only hope for ukraine success, trey thank you. arthel: more on this doctor rebecca grant. she's the president of independent research and national security and military analysts. fox news contribute her. doctor grant, why is putin defying and ignoring international order? is it because he thanks he can get away with it because ukraine is not an nato member? he is desperate to present a victory to his people? or does he just not care? >> putin is getting more and more desperate. the fact is that russia is losing on the battlefield. and i heard him putin's speech a lot of messages. he is very much playing into his own russian audience and trying
11:47 am
to claim it's all the fault of the west and that he is carving out some crazy little victory by anna singh swaths of territory. in reality you create is ignoring putin and continuing to fight and push russia back. >> they are strong. and they are determined. i want to play some sound from national security adviser jake sullivan. this was on yesterday's talking on putin's declaration. let's take a listen and then we'll talk about it. >> it is straight out of putin's playbook of deceit, disinformation and aggression. we have been warning about it for months. there is no stronger more partisan rebuke of what russia has just done. no more timely rebuke and no more assertive statement that we can make through resources and not just through words that we are going to continue to help ukraine defend its territory. the fight even president xi and
11:48 am
denouncing his unprovoked war and a green a lot of strong word you just heard some president biden earlier two. but what are the real consequences for pollutant in the global community? >> well it is so important. because no one is accepting this annexation. not britain, germany, the u.s. even china is a little cautious about their support and out for russia. but the consequence for putin is that he has now made it so that zelenskyy and ukraine are going to have to continue to fight. zelenskyy says he has nothing left to talk about with putin. and that means any chance however remote a lot of backing to go ahead and continue the initiative on the battlefield. and keep pushing russia out of ukraine's territory.
11:49 am
as president zelenskyy already had all the reasons in the world to do this before now, sam pollutant. they are fearless and they are fighting hard providing arms and other supplies they need. it's not stopping him. and not understanding what the real consequences are for their ignoring everybody. ukrainians you have to keep fighting is pulling off the street how is that a consequence for new putin? >> he has a very unrealistic view. pollutant is trying to get enough of ukraine's territory under russian control that he can claim he has liberated you create art all those crazy propaganda things he's saying. but it has just gone beyond anything any other nation understands at this point. you see it with what actually is
11:50 am
russia's sabotage of the gas pipeline under the north sea. so that putin could blame it on the west. another example of just how crazy pollutant really is right now. >> it is typical putin behavior. but what about inside russia? you have a russians protesting in the streets against his shady military or troop motivation. russians are leaving in droves are trying to dodge the draft and perhaps his leadership prominent putin patrons are speaking out against his war in ukraine. as we have been reporting that russian forces in ukraine retreating. is it putin's presidency in jeopardy? >> there is no way putin can continue to hide the fact that he is losing from the russian people. but arthel, as you would know he is really good at clamping down. and of course controls the media there and all of the things that he does. i'm afraid is not in jeopardy today but certainly his war in ukraine is in jeopardy. russia is losing.
11:51 am
arthel: will take that comment doctor rebecca grant as always i appreciate your analysis and enjoy speaking with you, thank you. >> thank you. >> will be right back. for strength and energy. woo hoo! ensure, complete balanced nutrition with 27 vitamins and minerals. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. ♪ ♪ [ coughing/sneezing ] [ door knocking ] dude, you coming? alka-seltzer plus powermax gels cold & flu relief with more concentrated power. because the only thing dripping should be your style! plop plop fizz fizz, winter warriors with alka-seltzer plus. hi, my name is reggie and i lost 30 pounds with golo. before golo, my blood pressure was really high, but after golo, i was able to cut my medication in half. with golo, i've not only lost weight, i'm happier, i'm healthier, and i have a new lease on life.
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what's fox news alert venezuela releasing seven child americans including five executives. they were snatched during business conference that was held in venezuela in 2017. they were held there for nearly five years. it's part of the largest prisoner swap to date by the biden administration. it comes after venezuela released to americans back in march. this includes two relatives of the venezuelan president wife.
11:56 am
they have been jailed in the u.s. for years on drug smuggling convictions. president biden releasing a statement you can see there is saying quote today we celebrate that seven families to be whole once more to all the families were still suffering and separated from their loved ones were wrongfully detained. no we remain dedicated to securing the release so again five executives among seven americans who have been freed by the venezuelan government in a prisoner swap. this comes a week and a half after two americans from alabama were pows in russia, they were freed. we've got good news on the home front. >> paul whalen, brittany griner up next. please. we'll have more on that story plus the recovery on hurricane ian, that is coming up in her 4:00 p.m. eastern hour. please join usfor then. what ab? it looks so good it makes me hangry!
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to "the journal editorial report." i'm paul gigot as hurricane ian continues to wreak havoc in east coast coming into pox as death toll rises amid widespread destruction and catastrophic flooding across much of the state. biden administration, thursday, promising full support of the federal government as a storm in its aftermath pose a critical leadership test for both the president and florida governor ron desantis let's bring in wall stree


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