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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 1, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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chance to get the asteroids and when hit them. >> thanks dan quite a feat remember if you have your own hit or miss be sure to tweet it to us that is it for this week show, thanks to my panel and especially to all of you for watching. i am a paul gigot hope to see you right here next week. we invite shocking destruction and loss of life concern to come into focus in florida. medical examiners confirm at least 24 other county officials are reporting higher numbers paid the toll may well rise as cruises search for survivors. meantime south carolina just starting to assess the damage as the storm heads north but hello everyone i am arthel noble will go to fox news live hi eric. eric: think someone for joining
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us i'm eric shawn. ian made land from the south carolina coast just over 24 hours ago. it was weaker than the category monster that stamped entrance lamp florida. ian did plenty of damage with high winds and storm surge flooding. ian's remnants are now bringing heavy rain to the mid atlantic and northeast. areas of west virginia and those are at risk now we are told a flash flooding today. ask newest team coverage alexandria hoff is in fort myers, florida. molly and pawleys island, south carolina. rich edson with the latest on the federal response. but first we are going to go to adam tracking the storm's path what is the most important information that you have to give us now, adam? >> it is still a rainmaker print yes it's no longer a tropical storm. running over to the mid atlantic eventually up into new england all through the weekend as it makes its move. this is a future forecast.
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you can take a pay attention to the time step in the quarter. the heaviest rain over eastern portions of west virginia. not a lot of movement is reset this into motion. eastern and west virginia. slowly starts tracking off to the east before it drags all the moisture across the mid atl atlantic. even getting rain at a southern portions of new england. at times is going to be very heavy rain the best chance for seeing flash flooding is in the initial area i showed you per east end west virginia very mountainous region. the rainfalls are quickly goes down here you fill streams and rivers is going to be the low-lying areas you see the best risk for flooding. hope are we talking about? the participate while even the dark green that is 2 inches along the coast up to new york,
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out across long island and into southern florida of new england as the system makes that move. winds are still out there but were still getting the circulation fairly consistency here. i took it from right now 20 to 30-mile an hour winds all the way into monday morning. insistent 20 -- 38 miles an hour and top of all that rain. would it be a surprise if we saw a few power outages because brown gets really soggy it takes less wind to knock down trees there will be some of that out there. we can take you from this take it back down to florida to leave you with this temperatures fairly warm. i'll talk about in the rain would bring flooding. going to be hot folks vertically in the western state would be hot and sticky that's going to cause its own from for the next couple of days.
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>> i'm sure it does the medical folks down there on the watch for any potential problems in that area. adam, thank you so much. >> will be talking to doctor janette later on in the newscast about the health issues. meanwhile dramatic images of ian's >> on a southwest florida have you seen these? satellite pictures of fort myers beach, take a look at that. they reveal just how widespread and catastrophic the this is downtown basically fort myers the. there that is before ian hit. after the storm take a look. the same area almost completely decimated. it is a vivid reminder of just how powerful the storms can be. alexandria hoff is live in hard-hit fort myers with the very latest on the destruction there, alex. >> it's heartbreaking to see from overhead and from the ground the major issues out there today is the lack of drinkable water for the county of lee.
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there have been issues go beyond the national guard being able to provide national surprise. that's what's been happening at the distribution site. opened up at 7:00 a.m. this morning. it has been providing water, food, even blankets for people who have been coming through here and are in need of. it's one of eight now in lee county. we did speak to several of those people who welcome these necessities. chris just moved hear from colorado i'm not feeling very well at all. no water, no electricity, it is been very difficult. >> we just got power back we still do not have water. >> it was not fun. it was nerve-racking. thank god we are alive god is good all the time. the gratitude you heard they are, we heard that a lot pretty constant being able to walk away from ian's wrath we know not everybody did pre-drone footage captures the destruction onset carlos. the rumor that bridge to cluck
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to fort myers beach has collapsed. that said that is untrue presentable island remains inaccessible by road. rescuers there have had to rely on make those rescues we've heard plenty of them taken off in the site we are at right now. here's mayor holly smith. >> honestly it's very fair to say we are informing the residents this is a long-term recovery process. this is not a place that is inhabitable at this time. and likely won't be for a while. next just over the causeway at we met with bryant young key. surveying what was left of his home was very little. he told us he had to fleet when waters reached his waist. >> anywhere but here. it must have raised like 12 feet at least. it is really intense's found
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slyly higher ground he waited too and then a passing motorist a stranger came by took him under his wing and likely saved his life regret and a% of sanibel they say is going to have to be rebuilt just devastating. alexandria fort myers, thank y you. arthel: we have more setting before and after images pretty special around florida's barrier islands on the gulf coast. this is a picture of pine island. before hurricane ian made landfall. the bridges and causeways link the mainland to the island have been destroyed. was at the bridge that alexandria hoff was just talking about? because she corrected a rumor so i beg your pardon if that's the same bridge. according to these pictures leaving some residents there stranded and unable to evacuate or get supplies. let's bring in geordie he's a captain with louisiana cajun
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navy currently helping up people in pine island, florida. so first of all, tell us what you all saw when you got there. how does the area look now? >> total devastation. we are on pine island today at sanibel island. we have several teams working by boat to access to access supplies as you heard from the sanibel may have neighbor it's pretty rough in that area. >> tell us a little bit more about how rough it is in exactly what you are doing to help in this moment? what are you thinking you're going to have to do in the hours and days to come? >> there are houses totally gone. there are boats on top of houses on land. it is another tragic scene we have seen all too often in the last few years. right now i had boat troubles.
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we are securing for a distribution center. for our donations coming in. i am on my way there now. we are going to set up there and make sure everything is secured. make sure we have protection for everyone and all of our supplies and hopefully start getting these donations coming in to those who are in need. >> what kind of supplies and personal equipment do you bring with you? and what are you expecting to commend? bucks for us, food, water, we try to travel as light as we c can. but to be as efficient as possible but extra gas, chainsaw, both obviously we've a couple search and rescue dog spray to several different things like that. and coming in on the trucks we will have food, water, personal hygiene, all of the things of that nature. just basic necessities to survive until we can kind of get into our second base and get to the hot meals.
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arthel: do you say you're both having trouble getting your boat? >> yes, ma'am. we had some while trouble today at about 1:00 p.m. or so. i am now switching course personally to doing the donations. sorry. arthel: who is that? >> knocking on my window that's an employee who is yelling at me too leave the premises. arthel: you be safe i hope your doors locked her people are uptight right now i don't know why they are attacking you pretty are there to help it she may not know that. go ahead. >> we will take care. we will post soon we have some more information on distribution center in supplies of that nature. arthel: answer the people you're helping our glad you're there. you get to a safe place. you state safe you're doing good work there. no seriously, people are up in arms. people are up to hear you just
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do not know how people react to pressure and stress. this is unbelievable stress. they react differently. so geordie i know you have to go get that boat. go ahead what? >> i said understandably people are up in arms. that's an experience overnight too. >> it really is overnight. geordie bloods worth, go get your boat fixed so the cajun navy can do its thing, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you geordie those cajun navy in all of those who are down there trying to deal the best they can. meanwhile residents there are starting to assess the damage of ian. don't a one hurricane when ian made landfall yesterday. as an after about peers and cause serious flooding in the area. molly live and south carolina with more from there. i molly. >> hi eric. pollys island is about 4 miles
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long so the hardest hit spots you can see they're working on the cleanup here. let a big heavy equipment on the island. trying to get the roads reopened. mud and dirt, putting up in these big trucks and tony get off. the roads are a mess here. a lot of debris coming in and over. homeowners trying to get their things for their essentially mucking out at this point in time due to the huge rush of water that came in. they also lost their. here on poly island for the beloved. up the edge of their islands. the beach on the other side of the island spirit littered with debris. big pieces of wood, chunks of docs, floating debris all washed up there on the island. really when you look at the video during the height of the storm you can see why they're so much damage. the additional rush of water came into the homes and businesses. has mostly receded leaving behind a great big mess.
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the cleanup effort the repair efforts underway. the department of transportation and tow trucks as well. a lot of residents talking about vehicles that they lost. we've also talked to people who say they feel fortunate as the storm has gone away. >> well, my grandmother built the house about 60 years ago. we have had to rebuild it five times now. it is appropriately named is still standing. so thankfully it is still standing. >> that it is paired with a few feet from the house called still standing its strong and sturdy it is still here. a lot of the homes are up on the stilts. the water came in, went under, came back out a lot of folks losing vehicles underneath park underneath. and all sorts of items are looking for missing stuff today but what we are hearing consistently across the state is a feeling of good fortune this was not as bad as it could have been. it's not as bad as some the storms they've seen here in the past like arma.
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their hearts got to the people further south in florida, erica. >> people still standing. molly and south. carolina. >> eric, as a by demonstration works of the governors of florida and south carolina on hurricane relief president biden is warning the recovery in the hardest hit areas may take months or even years. he will visit florida when the conditions allowed senior national correspondent rich edson is life at the white house with more. >> good afternoon arthel for the white house as president biden spoke today with this homeland security advisor. the priority in florida who's getting water and power restored he got updated assessment according to the white house on the conditions and damage and south carolina. he has declared a state of emergency and both of those states. but that does is it frees up federal resources put everything up with search and rescue all of it on to portable cell phone towers in the states.
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the president said u.s. government the federal government is going to be there as long as it takes. >> the situation in florida is far more devastating. we are just beginning to see the skill of that destruction. it's likely to rank among the first and the nations history. >> much of the federal response has to do is coordinate with governors. he's done so with one of his top critics florida governor desantis when asked the president said their relationship was quote very f fine. santos had actually complimented and thanked him for the immediate response. other republicans of also praise the federal state partnership and confronting the storm. xo want to thank governor henry mcmaster and president biden for working together when the governor issued his emergency declaration on wednesday per this a very unpredictable storm. getting our emergency centers up and running in the president's approval on that. we now have access to resources
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for disaster relief and research and recovery assistance that we need. >> president biden has said he plans on visiting florida once conditions allow it. it is his intent to go to puerto rico. member couple weeks ago hurricane fiona hit that island. arthel back to you. >> we cannot forget about puerto rico and listen this is no time for politics. in the governor of florida getting along. just as well they are leaders that's what they do. more of that would be good. rich edson i have to go not thank you very much live at the white house, erica. >> the white house celebrating the release of seven americans who were held in venezuela including a group of executives from houston paired there were held in that country for five years. we'll have details on the americans coming home and how the biden administration did it coming up here on "fox news livewi". those who tried me fee energy in just two weeks. uhh - here, i'll take that woo hoo
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venezuela frees seven americans imprisoned in south american country. in exchange the u.s. is releasing to nephi as a venezuelan first lady celia florez. the two were convicted on drug smuggling charges in 2016. let's go to kitty logan now preaches live in london with more details, kitty.
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>> this was a very carefully negotiated prisoner swap. seven americans freed from venezuela in exchange for the two venezuelans who had been held in the u.s. those freed are five oil executives of the company citgo. citizens whaler for more than five years. the executives of in 2017 during a meeting in the venezuelan capitol and this was the biggest prisoner swap ever arranged by the biden administration. president biden responding to the release in a statement today saying today we celebrate seven families will be whole once more. to all the families who are still suffering and separated from their loved ones, were wrongfully detained know that we remain dedicated to securing their release. now today's release was also seen as a gesture of goodwill by
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venezuelan president as he tries to rebuild relations with the u.s. without that deal with don't back channel negotiations also paying tribute to those secured the deal sitting after extraordinary efforts and perseverance across the state department and to the u.s. government those wrongfully detained americans and legal permanent resident are free and will soon be reunited with their loved ones. i am grateful to special presidential envoy for hostage affairs and the rest of her state department team for their tireless efforts to achieve this outcome. now, the u.s. government is still trying to bring home around 60 other americans held by foreign governments including wnba start brittney griner who was detained in russia, back to you arthel. arthel: yes they must come home. kitty logan thank you very much, eric.
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before the arrest of migrants seeking some of the southern border over 2 million now. the fiscal year that ended just yesterday. that number shatters last year record 1.7 million. hundreds of migrants keep showing up on our doorstep every day. they are put under arrest and in the custody of the border patrol. generic city though officials reportedly closing in on a deal with norwegian cruise line to how some of the migrants bust from their from texas and arizona to new york city. went to put them on a cruise ship looking at a shot in new york city with those buses arriving at the port authority bus terminal that includes the migrants who were sent up to new york city. there welcomed in new york city with open arms as you can see. his live in eagle pass with more on the situation on the border, hey matt. >> eric, the democratic and mayor pro tem of the small
1:24 pm
border town, eagle pass said she actually supports republican texas governor bus program. we'll have more than that in the second of some fresh video to show you a short while ago we saw a water rescue in the rio grande behind me a group curing a very young child that had to be rescued by airboats. men, women and children. it's a busy week here along the border. yesterday in particular was upwards of 1000 migrants of crossing into the united states on a single day. that group being rescued tells me the cumber of nicaragua. as we see border patrol agents and put them in a van or a bus they are taken to a processing center and perhaps released and onto the next destination somewhere in the united states. we also have an update on the horrific deadly crash not far from here. texas dps said this week a 17 year old girl from austin, texas was smuggling nine illegal migrants from mexico in her pickup truck would border patrol pursued her. she then ran a red light and
1:25 pm
crashed into a semi- tractor trailer which then hit a third part for the driver and someone in her truck were killed and many people sent to the hospital. of course immigration is on the key issues here in texas and across the country heading into the midterms. we didn't interview one on one the democratic mayor pro tem of this town. she tells us that she supports greg abbott's program. >> will be dealing with this for the last year end a half. i hope they enjoy having them over there. in the united states they claim we welcome immigrants. now they're here. that is fair enough. >> that woman the democratic mayor pro tem of this town says she does not think migrants are being tricked onto the bus. but she said many of them want to get other locations.
1:26 pm
she says many of them might appreciate the bus ride to new york, d.c., chicago and beyond. back to you. eric: at the border in eagle pass, thank you. arthel: keeping track of the weather ian has moved on but flooding is still a major concern in florida. authorities warned there are hidden dangers lurking in that water. we are not talking just about snakes and gators as if that is not enough. but also bacteria and harmful chemicals. so be careful, we'll talk more about that coming up next.
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arthel: hurricane may be gone but flooding is a big concern
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there. sarasota county sheriff's deputies are going door to door warning residents about a possible love a break. the latest a levee break is nothing to play with, at all. >> certainly. you know that while arthel purred we see an airboat come in here, we've seen regular rescues probably several hundred over the past couple of days. a lot is the national guard of florida fish and wildlife. a lot is private citizens with all kinds of boats and high water vehicles. if several ambulances hereto now. we have a lot of family members gathered over here. they've been stranded mostly bread mostly medical emergencies were taken out yesterday. we are seeing our people stranded in their homes. they are in rough condition but not medical emergency condition for a lot of elderly people, some people and oxygen, some people in wheelchairs, a lot of pets as well.
1:32 pm
there's actually a waiting list of several hundred to get rescued. people on islands out there in their own homes. some people getting impatient pretty spoke to some women today said they decided to do it for themselves, here they are. >> we have lost his three different times we had to go get these and one stopped to help us. even with little kids pick. >> where did you find floaty's? >> a walmart they are open. did you pay $20 for one of those? >> it was 40 bucks. i know what he going to do you going to paddle to your house? >> and got to get to the house at my animals out. >> and you got in there? >> dogs. >> good luck to you. >> thank you. >> these families are taken out there often put on military vehicles and taken to shelters. the local county here has set up several checkpoints already for water, food, and electric power. people can at the very least charge their phones, arthel back to you.
1:33 pm
>> let's hope they can get to those residents who are stranded in their homes but especially the elderly. and of course those with pets as well. alright steve, we will talk to you again later. thank you very much steve, eric. >> arthel with a massive cleanup effort underway after ian florida officials are warning people about health and safety concerns. with the flooding expected to the northeast from the continued rain over the next couple of days. floodwater could become a problem. it's a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and parasites. and drinking water can also get contaminated in some places. on top of all that the devastation of losing a home can taken obvious mental and crushing emotional toll. our next guest is taken part in medical relief missions here in the u.s. and around the world. fox news and contributor dr. janette nesheiwat medical director who specializes in family and emergency medicine. dr. janette nesheiwat let's talk about the health impact amount
1:34 pm
down in florida and elsewhere. what do you worry about the most when we seize the pictures coming out of florida? >> it's heartbreaking what we are seeing there. my biggest concern are the most vulnerable population, our seniors, are elderly who may be live alone. maybe they do not have electricity they don't have anyone to reach out too. the battery died in their cell phone maybe they misplace their medications in the flooding or it got wet or got damaged. but it is not just the floodwaters we are worrying about. it's what happens in the aftermath. not just the hurricane for there is concern again because of bacteria, because of parasites because of fungus. there is the potential for injury and illness. so we have to take those things into consideration. the most common injuries we see after a hurricane are puncture wounds, strains, lacerations. was he let a fever, cough upper respiratory tract a lot of g.i. upset vomiting and diarrhea. these are things we have to be
1:35 pm
aware of so we can either treat it or try to prevent it. it is a challenge. special if you are still stranded and cannot get rescued maybe you do not have a cell phone tower in your area. that is why it is so important to heed the warnings and the recommendations from the local official student get out of harms way. that is not always the case. but hopefully they are trying down there as best as they can to get the victim's medical care, mental care. getting wound care, first aid, that type of thing. >> you mentioned medicines that so important. a lot of people evacuated. take your medicines with you and your medication. have extra batteries and your flashlights. try to be prepared if indeed you did stay and sit tight. authorities will eventually get to you. but obviously the other point we talk about it has been an incredible strain and emotional impact to come back to your home to see your belongings
1:36 pm
destroyed. to see your home destroyed or severely damaged. let on the impact of water when you're home floods. how do we deal with that and how do psychologists deal with that? >> that is a great question. fortunately there's going to beat mental health hotlines was going to be mental health counselors to help deal with the anxiety, depression, the posttraumatic stress that we will see in a natural disaster like this one. when it comes to going back home, one of the biggest things were going to see is mold and mildew. it isn't best to try to get your home cleaned out, aired out, dried out as soon as possible to avoid the mildew and the mold. that can cause asthma exacerbations, respiratory inflammation, coughing and that sort of thing. if you are indoors and ready to clean up makes you first protect your self. what does that mean? make sure you are wearing gloves. you don't know what you're going to be in contact with. whether it's a chemical or bacteria something in the floodwater that may have contaminated your belongings. protect yourself by wearing
1:37 pm
gloves. also make sure if you smell anything you mount to wear a mask. the amount to be careful and call 911. it's important to protect your body when you are cleaning when you are disinfecting. if you come across something that is not washable it is recommended by the cdc to toss it out. other things like toys if it is washable then you can claim you can disinfect it and clean it. now you are outdoors safety is a priority. first of all you want to be careful we've got trees that may be ready to fall. we've got power lines. you want to make sure the environment outdoors is safety again protective shoes, boots, we do not want lacerations. we didn't why you stepping on nails and stuff to take into consideration the wildlife where volvos where i protective are going to be outdoors pre-fema put out some recommendations if you going to be cleaning up around the home to make separate piles one a pile for broken furniture. one pile per damage electronics that sort of thing.
1:38 pm
these are the things you want to do in the aftermath to protect yourself so you don't injure yourself pretty do not get a puncture, and abrasion a laceration. that does happen you want to make sure you clean out the abrasion or the skin loaned with soap and water. or an ulcer you some people walking through the waters will trench foot that can become serious if that's not treated properly. >> trench foot? >> yes trench foot. that is when you walk in the waters for long periods of time in the skin can become ulcerated. it can result in breakage of the skin and infections like cellulitis or staph infections or strep infections. even tetanus can happen but fortunately these things are treatable. if you feel like you're sick or injured to the best you can to seek medical care right away.
1:39 pm
eric: and of course was some flooding and flash flooding expected over the next few days further up north do not drive into standing water. i know people think i can do but you get stuck. >> is dangerous. try to keep that in mind. stay home if you can and stay safe. dr. janette nesheiwat, always good to see you. >> thanks eric always good to see you too. arthel: well, florida governor desantis is expected to speak soon on hurricane recovery efforts as soon as the governor start speaking at that press conference, we will bring it to you live when it begins. the stick right here on fox n news. ser drilled holes. they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. and now get relief without a pill with tylenol dissolve packs. relief without the water.
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arthel: yesterday marked the end of september and it could not come too soon on wall street. the markets closed out the month with losses across the board. the dow fell nearly 9%.
1:44 pm
its worst monthly decline since march 2021 covid ed lockdowns began. so, where does the economy go from here? let's bring in peter's former u.s. international trade commission chief and economists and business professor at the university of maryland. first of all i want to start with why? why can't wall street stabilize? >> a lack of confidence in the fed. inflation is clearly out of control in this sense we keep hearing it has peaked when it hasn't. the data says it hasn't. and this concern that interest rates are going to go a lot heart higher. it's hard to plan investments if you do not know where interest rates are going. bonds are a substitute for stocks for example and things of that nature. arthel: end of this is going to happen i do have to go to the governor of florida. he has an update on recovery efforts and we have time we will come back to you. right now were going live to florida which is about 70 miles east of tampa here's the
1:45 pm
governor. >> those are obviously very catastrophic images. this is a massive storm that really had a massive water dumped all over the state. the interior of the state all the way out to the east coast of florida. and so right here we came in. i saw some via air we were able to drive around and see some of the water. it is really, really significant. is able to mute they resident the entire home was underwater. they had to flee. we are sensitive about not just the areas on the news all the time, but all the other areas throughout florida. this whole thing right here this emergency vehicle we dispatch to hardy county before the hurricane even hits because they were having problems with her eoc. we wanted to make sure they had the ability to conduct emergency operations should that need arise. it was interesting by sunday i don't think hardy was even in the cone. and then it kind of shifted and
1:46 pm
people were trying to figure out. the bottom line is you have this here. you had a lot of great people on the scene helping. and you've done a lot of water rescues here in hardy. big time. that is been very helpful for a lot of the residence to be brought to safety. you have residents here who have gone through a lot of hurricanes. this one had more water than any of those hurricanes by far. it's a situation you really have a life-threatening flooding going on in some of the neighborhoods right here in this part of florida. so we are looking. we understand they're working on connectivity. we understand there working on cell phone service. we understand they are working on getting the electrical back. we wanted to be helpful as best we could we are working with elon musk and he's got the star link. he has been repositioning those to be over this part of florida. we are able to give these i guess that comes from there to hear and then you can get the internet off this with your
1:47 pm
device. so these are really important things. we have been able to bring these up for use here in hardy county by the emergency personnel and however else they want to use it. we are also getting probably about 120 over the next 24 ho hours. we will provide to some here but you can put those in different parts of the community and people can then connect if they are in close enough proximity to one of these devices. it is coming from space to hear and then on to your device. you cannot get the connectivity straight from your device from the satellite unless you have these things. these are very, very important we are happy to be able to bring that here. hopefully that will assist with some of the connectivity issues. i know people are working really hard to get all the services back online. but in the inter- meeting. we want to make sure you have the support here. i want to thank everybody who's been involved in this effort. we've got people down here in hardy county from all over the state helping out. of course we've had florida
1:48 pm
highway patrol but you have your local sheriff you've got your local police, first responders have been very important. the support they have gotten from people there are people from oregon here in hardy county helping out on this effort. as much as you hate having to see this and go through it, people do come together and they stepped up. they have been doing that here in a very big way. we are proud of the resilience we have seen here in hardy county. and i know we've seen in some of the neighboring counties as well. i have director here she's going to say a few things and then we will have our commissioner of education manny diaz say a few things. >> hello. thank you so much for coming. >> governor ron desantis they are in florida. just marveling at the very great efforts the part of his emergency management teams there in florida.
1:49 pm
and also relate thankful for all of the help coming outside the state as well print mentioning a team coming in from oregon. also getting a shout out sourced to elon musk and how he is working with the florida governor there in terms of future connectivity. using solar panels and new ways of providing electricity if you will. in the meantime they're working very hard for the traditional electric grid to get back on online. that is everything. you've got people down there who are not only just dealing with no lights but no power to supply oxygen tanks and the like. and to keep medications refrigerated. so electricity is very important. the governor ron desantis in florida saying they're on top of it. there working as quickly and diligently as they can get people back online and as soon as possible. so here the fox news channel could be updated on everything happening there in florida. south carolina and puerto rico.
1:50 pm
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eric: russian president vladimir putin issuing a bold threat to the west as he illegally decrees the annexation of four russian
1:54 pm
occupied territories in ukraine. resident biden respondent with his own warning, trey yingst is allied with the very latest tonight. ask eric, good afternoon parade there were some big ukrainian advances today. just one day after russian president putin announced the annexation of four occupied areas following sham elections in eastern ukraine. ask the authoritarian leader then held a choreographed event or state workers were given russian flags to wait in moscow's red square. we became stronger because we are together. the truth is with us. the truth is power and therefore the victory. the victory will be ours. in a ceremony earlier in the day putin signed decrees with the self-proclaimed leaders of the ukrainian territory. it's all she was to make threats blaming the west for the ignored stream one into pipeline leaks adding america set a precedent for nuclear weapons use.
1:55 pm
ukrainian president zelenskyy quickly responded to the ceremony saying his country is applying for fast-track nato membership. president biden also weighed in calling putin's announcement a sham routine. >> america and its allies and let me emphasize are not going to be intimidated. are not going to be intimidated by putin and his reckless words and threats. >> today at ukrainian forces liberated the eastern city. they are now able to push in artillery units and push back those russian forces moving further east, eric. >> hopeful ukraine making great progress against the russians, très thank you. we will be right back with more news
1:56 pm
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fox news alert right now, they've look from our drone over sarasota, florida. you can see streets filled with water as flooding remains a major concern in sarasota and other parts of the state. governor desantis his emergency management teams have been giving updates and when the update happened, we will bring them to you on fox news live but this standing water is bad, bad for multiple reasons of we have been reporting here. >> it is astounding, water can damage your home in so many ways and your heart goes out because of the emotional impact the
2:00 pm
flooding will have destroying everything in your home. mold and mildew, you're not able to live in your home we may see flooding throughout the northeast because of the rain, it is astounding. you know firsthand what that's like. >> i do, i hate what's happening to the folks in florida and south carolina and puerto rico -- ♪ >> hello, i am lisa boothe along with anita vogel and jimmy failure, here's what's on tap tonight. >> migrants arriving in new york city on buses but will they get a cruise vacation out of it? nancy pelosi causing outrage this time over comments she made about migrants coming into the country. >> democrat blame covid as


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