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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 2, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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n today. eric: cleanup and recovery from hurricane ian underway in hard-hit southwest florida where the magnitude of the destruction is becoming so apparent. more than 50 people so far confirmed dead in florida, north carolina and cuba. many sadly drowning and ian's devastating and historic storm surge cost residence who find themselves homeless look forward the future. hello, everyone, welcome to fox news live, i'm eric shawn. hi, arthel. arthel: hi, eric, hello, everyone i'm arthel neville.
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ian will go down as one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever hit the u.s. the storm turning coastal communities into open ocean winds as high as 150 miles per hour shredding everything in their path. fema says 1500 people have been rescued since ian came to shore, the worst natural disaster in state history. fox team coverage start right now. steve harrigan is near sarasota county, chad pergram at the white house on federal response but first to alexandria hoff to pine island, florida. alexandria. reporter: arthel, we are in an area that's called mat lachet, it's complicated what's happening behind me. rescue effort being led by the u.s. coast guard to rescue people who will be stranded on pine island ever since this storm hit and this has been a large-scale operation. what ends up happening here
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those stranded on pine island have to get on boat to mount lachet and plenty of people have been rescued by helicopter as well. a couple of minutes we know that ems personnel was catering to somebody with the injury and something we heard over and over again which made frightening experience and amplifies the experience that people have gone through. for four days he has been living with broken hip unable to get help, pine island is the access is completely destroyed to anywhere else so they were completely stranded there. another woman named laura spoke with us. she told us she almost died in her vehicle while trying to get to higher ground during the storm. that did not happen at that point. she sat out in a lawn chair after that wanting everyone who was flying over that they were there. listen to what she told us. >> i've seen a boat on facebook.
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i was like -- but there's so many people who have lost so much. reporter: so we talk about the actual wounds that people are suffering here in getting catered to finally back to somewhat civilization and then the emotional wounds like the woman laura is experiencing but the rescue effort is going to be happening for many hours, not only u.s. coast guard, vessels but private boats aiding in this. eric: thanks so much. arthel: alexandria hoff in pine island, florida. eric: hurricane ian left days ago but recovering will take months and we are told perhaps even years. emergency crew now hard at work with rescue and recovery efforts on going in the flood waters, steve harrigan east of sarasota that was so hard hit, hey, steve. >> this area did not hit by the wind but certainly by the flooding, by the water, more
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than 2 feet of rain in some areas, storm surge really which has more than 75 houses here, 2 and a half feet under water and it's not just adults and homeowners who have been hit hard by the storm, it's young people as well. levy zipper next to me and is 10 year's old and i asked levy what have you lost in the flood? >> i lost my stuffed animal bears and my tvs. steve: how are you feeling about things? >> pretty devastating but i think we will get through it. steve: note of optimism from a 10-year-old, he feels like they are going to get through it and we have drone footage from pilot lance craig, they can show you extent of the damage here over the past 48 hours. initially we saw a lot of rescues here, not just people but farm animals as well. people going through their water locked homes trying to pull out what they can still save. eric, back to you. eric: that's the optimism of the
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young people. we wish them the very best but thankfully no lives lost through but how serious and devastating this can be. the white house says president biden will go to puerto rico tomorrow to survey the damage there from hurricane fiona. then florida on wednesday to assays the devastation from ian, chad pergram with the latest on the federal efforts from the biden administration to help those who have been impacted by both storms, chad. chad: eric, natural disasters always give politicians the chance to exude leadership. the president needs that with his sagging poll numbers. >> it's going to take a long time so we cannot tire. whatever it takes, i mean it, whatever it takes. chad: in a tweet president biden said this just wasn't a crisis in florida, he said it's a crisis for the u.s. and his administration will do
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everything to help the affected regions to recover. >> so we prepositioned the largest amount of search and rescue assets that we have ever put in place before, putting together federal family, fema, coast guard, department of interior and department of defense to complement the already robust capability that florida already had in place. >> the responsibility for the recovery just doesn't fall on the federal government. >> we haven't had a whole lot of request but we stand ready to help. we do have 14 heros from the georgia national guard that are doing searching and rescue and florida and certainly have a lot of resources that we can send to south carolina or florida if needed and we standby ready to do that. chad: natural disasters sometimes dictate fate of politician. hurricane andrew undercut the election prospects for president george h. w. bush in 1992.
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back to you. eric: all right, chad, thanks so much. arthel. arthel: more on the biden's administration response to hurricane ian when cat joins us later this hour. eric: in portland, oregon crime and homelessness is a growing problem for years, the city investigating four homicides since just friday. a couple of days ago alone, not many residents wondered if officials have any plans to try and get some of the crime under control. we've seen it across the country. christina coleman now has more on what's going on in portland. hey, christina. christina: hi, eric. yeah, a woman named julian rose is one of many portland residents who says she's sick and tired of seeing human feces, trash and drug use in the street as homelessness crisis rages on in the city. take a look at the mess. one of the homeless encampments in the area in 2019, county statistics show more than 4,000 people experienced homelessness
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in the portland area as of this year. that number jumped to nearly 5,230 people and this increase clearly has not gone unnoticed. last wednesday at a city council meeting jillian rose told the mayor how she moved to portland to become part of progressive city with leaders that cared about social issues but after living in portland for four years, she says she feels much differently. >> a lot of people who live on the streets with trash and feces openly using dr drugs is not progressive. it's insane and unacceptable. broken down cars and trailers along with active open drug market where i routinely people putting needles in their arms. christina: area leaders blamed the pandemic and expensive housing market on homelessness
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market and leaving unsheltered homelessness far more visible. either way, jillian rose feels that not enough is being done and she does not feel like the mayor took her seriously after she voiced her concerns in the city council meeting last wednesday. take a listen to their exchange. >> i'm angry and i'm sad and fed up and i'm so sick of how having politicians pander and nothing short of epic failure. start doing the right thing. stop wasting our money and destroying our beautiful city and please start being leaders, thank you for your time. >> thank you, you made your point emphatically clear. thank you for being here and sharing your perspective. we do appreciate it. cruz cia now julian rose says she does not appreciate the mayor laughing after she responded or after she voiced her concerns over her growing fear of the crisisments i interviewed jillian rose, you
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will hear from her in the next hour. we reached out for the mayor's office for a response and we are waiting to hear back, eric. eric: shocking conditions, christina, thank you. arthel. arthel: arrangements are being made for new york city ems lieutenant allison russo elling, stabbed to death outside of station in queens in an unprovoked attack. ems union president with this to say about slain colleague. >> she was a wonderful person, caring, loved her family, loved the members she worked with at her station, she was considered the mother of that station. she did an outstanding job always serving the public saving lives and up to the last moment of her life, that's exactly what she was doing. she's a 24-year veteran, received numerous.
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eric: being called significant victory by ukraine and another setback, stunning one for vladimir putin. russian troops pulling out of the eastern ukrainian city of lima inform yesterday, the strategic is located in one of the four regions that putin illegally claims he annex friday but are still actually part of ukraine and ukrainian land. the pullout, the latest triumph for the ukrainian counteroffensive against the invaders from moscow tray i trey yingstreporting live on tht victory. hey, trey. trey: good afternoon, ukrainian troops are making fresh territorial gains in the east as the war grinds on and the threat of nuclear weapons remains on the table. heavy fighting continues in bakmut as ukrainian soldiers hold their positions. russian forces have focused efforts on the small town in recent weeks while the civilian population tries to evacuate.
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>> we are here to evacuate civilians from bakmut. trey: how many civilians? are so far 3 and picking up another. trey: though his troops relentlessly shelter roads and villages. civilians are paying highest price amid conflict, another humanitarian convoy was hit by russian fire killing at least 24 people including 13 children. with the loss of limon, critical supply city, russian soldiers are expected to increase targeted of civilian areas, the entire world understands how significant the losses are and what it means for russian leadership in moscow. >> they've used those routes to push material down to the south and to the west and without those routes, it'll be more difficult so this presents sort of a dilemma for -- for the russians going forward.
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trey: russian battlefield losses are particularly concerning when you look at the recommendations being made to russian president vladimir putin. the leader is telling to use small tactical weapons on the battlefield. arthel: iraq and trey evacuation orders being issued for some parts of central florida as rivers and creeks swell from the heavy rain brought on by hurricane ian. next a congresswoman who represents that area on what steps are being taken to protect local residents from rising flood waters. with the latest technology. when my last customer discovered a crack in his car's windshield, he scheduled at safelite makes it easy. we're the experts at replacing your glass... ...and recalibrating your advanced safety system.
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arthel: hurricane's ian impact is being felt north and central parts of the state saw flooding. let's bring in florida republican congre congresswomant cammick. i want to start with the prediction of rising water. it's very dangerous and can be life threatening. how are emergency management teams preparing for that? >> well, thanks for having me and, yes, you know, the danger
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of these storms is not just during the actual event itself but in the 5, 6, 7, even 10 days after the fact. some of the areas around florida we have the intercoastal waterway where that is one of the st. john's which is one of two rivers in the world that actually flows north. that stirred -- that surge continues to rise and with us having about 50 inches of rain already this year every ditch is completely filled. there's nowhere for the water to go. so it's important that we have the high-water rescue vehicle that is continue to evacuate people portions of my district are under water, about 200 homes have been flooded? just one little town. it's so important to continue to have access to this type of equipment as we are spread thin across the state with emergency management all over the place. we have to have people abiding by local officials and their guidance. it's too soon to say that we are out of the woods on this.
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so it's important that people continue to heed local officials advice and that we keep those rescue efforts going. arthel: very, very important. the next part here shouldn't be an issue but unfortunately that's where we live in u.s. politics so i will ask you if you can tell us more about how the two political rivals we are talking about president biden and governor desantis have come together to help the people in florida. >> you know, with president biden making the trip to florida this week, this is his opportunity to really show that he's putting people above politics. you know, governor desantis, he has been about the people but before, during and after the storm, my hope is that president biden comes down and does just that and if he comes down here and talk about climate change and vaccines, that's going to rub a lot of people raw especially since we are currently engaging in active rescue efforts, so many people have lost everything that they know, we are trying to get power
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restored and fuel to folks for generators, we need to put people first and be americans first, not republicans or democrats. arthel: well, that's the why it should be if you ask me all of the time. you said that president biden should be behave in a certain way, i imagine he will and he says he's very much willing to meet with governor desantis when he arrived there on wednesday. that works both ways, the governor desantis, he's not an angel either in this scenario, you know, he's had some really, you know, harsh things to say about the president, his leadership and you know how it goes it's politics, will they both extend hands and shake hands and come together for the sake of the people there in florida as you laid out. they need so much help there. >> absolutely and what i have seen thus far has been quite an amazing orchestra and federal and state local officials working in concert together and that's the way it should be.
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you know, we are focused now like i said on the evacuation of people who got left behind who didn't want to evacuate, there's active search and rescue going on and listen, there's absolutely an element of criticism that goes both ways but i believe because i know him governor desantis, he is putting our floridans first. he's doing what he needs to make sure that they are taken care of and it shouldn't be about politics in this situation it should be like i said about the people and i do think that they will be able to come together and be professionals in this and really focus on what needs to get done. arthel: i agree. as governor desantis has shown great leadership there and as the president, president biden has shown great leadership. we are all good with that. let's talk about the folks in florida need, is that help on the way and will the aid continue to flow? >> you know, i can't tell you how heartwarming it has been down the highway, down i75 just
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truck after truck after truck with cranes, generators, i mean, the linemen, i mean, it's such a sense of pride as an american to see the cavalry come in from all the united states. i'm seeing license plate from as far as as colorado and montana. but, you know, while we are trying to figure out just how to get folks out, the next big missions that i think for fema in addition to getting power restored and water restored it's going to be the housing mission. people lost everything in the storm and they have nowhere to go. so the housing mission is something that we are actively trying to figure out. my colleagues byron donald, others, they are boots on the ground in their districts, working to try to establish a priority of needs and they've done a fantastic job. i think that the housing mission is going to be a big hurdle because there's so much devastation and so much
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flooding, that's going to be the next big challenge. arthel: a couple of quick thicks before i have to let you go because i know that you're busy. as far as housing, is there a possibility that local, state and federal leaders can come together and talk to some of the hotels there to maybe temporarily house some of the people who are just left with no place to go because fema trailers, they're not so good. >> right, you know, we have seen that disaster in the past. across the board, all of my colleagues here across the board, republican and democrat, everyone from the private sector and public sector will come together to make this work. arthel: what are your thoughts on suggestion that is the areas have been destroyed should not be rebuilt? >> when we have people that are out doing search and rescue
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missions, we have people pulling people off of pine island and sanib:el island. it's too early and focus on the mission today. arthel: is where you can go to help the people of florida. absolutely, take good care. eric: it's so heartening when all of us as americans we all come together in time of crises for the country. meanwhile today new york city more buss with migrants have arrived from texas as both texas and arizona continue to ship asylum seekers up north. the record number of border crossings prompting local residents along the border to take up arms. we are live in eagle pass, texas next here on fox news live. you'll hear what one local sheriff has to say to try and stop the crisis.
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arthel: as migrant crisis continues on the southern border we have new video of another bus load of migrants arriving in new york city this morning, many of them making the trip from texas. matt finn from eagle pass, texas, with the. >> latest on the border. >> we saw groups of migrants crossing into the united states along the rio grande river and short while ago, clock work, another group arrived into the country around sunrise. we have the group passing, they will likely be processed and released and fox news has now just confirmed with u.s. customs and border production that in the fiscal year of 2022 which just ended there were at least 600,000 known got aways at the border, average of 50,000 got aways per month and 1,500 per
9:30 am
day. you may ask what is a got away. those are migrants that the federal government says simply got away, for example, they saw them on camera, saw them in large groups or traced their footprints but could not catch them. in some of these groups as we saw this morning we often see children of all ages. just yesterday here at the river we watched a small group carried young child across the deadly waters to have rio grande. the latest numbers from u.s. customs and border production also shows that 266,000 unaccompanied children have been encountered at the southern border since president biden took office. we did a one-on-one interview with the democratic hispanic mayor pro tempore of this town we are in eagle pass. that mayor says she is concerned and has a lot of hurt for these unaccompanied minors. >> only god knows when these kids are going to be ready to go to school. whether it's here or whether they are back in their country, but a day that any student
9:31 am
misses school, it's a lot. i can just imagine if they go six months, nine months, a year, two years of school, that's almost a sin. >> that democratic hispanic mayor pro tempore in eagle pass is also the principal of a middle school so children are near to her heart and also she tells us, arthel, you mentioned that there are more bus as living to new york city right now. she feels like migrants are not being tricked onto those buses, she does not feel that they are being lied to. she spoke so some migrants here, we spoke to migrants who say they want to get out of texas, they want to get to new york, they want to get to the northeast, arthel. arthel: all right, matt finn live from the border. thanks, matt. eric. eric: sheriff on the texas border is calling for what he calls a zero tolerance immigration policy. maverick county sheriff where eagle pass is located says deporting migrants immediately when they cross over the border is the best way to stem the ongoing influx.
9:32 am
his county is in the del rio sector of texas and he says his deputies sadly find bodies of migrants almost every day on the river bank or on the ranch land. >> my priority is the security of the county but now two jobs, criminal element and the immigration. some don't feel safe because they see this immigrant group coming in and seeing those groups in their areas of communities, so they don't feel safe. catch them and deport them right away and it'll stop the problem but it's not happening right now. so the solution to me for something like that, zero tolerance. eric: is that possible, rodney scott, u.s. border patrol chief and distinguished fellow for border security, the texas public policy foundation, welcome. rodney, i mean, is it realistic what the sheriff says, to have a zero tolerance to deport all of the migrants who just step over the border? >> so any time you have
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challenge but what the sheriff is pointing out and i think it's critical across the entire country when there's not a consequence to the crime people will continue to do the crime and even more people willing to commit the crime. i won't get into the whole zero tolerance. we tried that once before, it was effective but the side effects is you can't put kids in jail with the adults and that becomes very, very problematic but we find a work-around, the remain in mexico program that we put in place under the last administration significantly reduced the cross-border chaos and simply putting that back in place would slow this down and i have to touch on the buses going north as well. i don't think people understand that was toms and border protections, specifically border patrol, they are encountering 7500 people a day. just the town of del rio is being asked to ingest over 40,000 people a month which
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exceeds total population. something has to be done and there has to be a consequence for cross-border illegal activity. eric: they are getting overwhelmed in the sheriff's county in the morgues, for example, because of the sad tragic deaths of migrants who come over. you did mention asylum. you talked about asylum fraud, it is legal for migrants to come over the border and it is legal to seek asylum. it's been a long tradition in this country. what do you see -- >> let me correct you real quick because that's a misnomer. it is not legal for them to cross the border in between the ports of country. it is legal to claim asylum. some people they conflate those two. but 1325 -- >> eric: why isn't that enforced? >> this administration has chosen not to enforce that and that is the foundational problem that we are having today. prior administrations chose to enforce that and then found ways
9:35 am
to hold people through their due process through asylum claim but as long as we are releasing people into the united states before their claim is adjudicated this is not going to go away. that is the problem. eric: let me drill down on that because you just got a great point. the fact is if you go to port of entry and seek asylum that's legal but you're say if you don't -- if you just cross the river and you ask for asylum the process is then what? >> claiming asylum once your foot in the united states is legal but the pact of entering the united states between port of entry is illegal. two separate issues if you will. this administration has chosen to completely ignore that it's illegal the cross in between the ports of entry and basically created a 2,000-mile wide port of entry where there's no -- there's no consequence or no encouragement to go to port of entry and no discouragement.
9:36 am
you can prosecute every single one of the illegal aliens for entering between port of entry while asylum claim is being adjudicated. it's not one or the other. eric: the number of arrests and the crossings are record numbers. let's take a look at the biden administration statistics. more than 2.1 mil 2.1 million as but a lot of people don't know that 1.3 million are being deported. more than half of the migrants who have arrive are being deported by the biden administration. a lot of people may not think that, they are left with the thought, well, you get in and you never get out. what's your sense on that, that they are deporting more than half, is that enough, does that show the system does work or is it just to you a total failure? >> no, it's a complete and total failure. so there's some recidivism in there, you will have people that are sent back under title 42
9:37 am
back into mexico that try again, sometimes those numbers will be counted twice but that's important to point out because border patrol still has to go arrest them. this is a national security issue. we keep talking about the immigration piece which is important, but what's going on is the cartel is systemically using the large groups of people to overwhelm border patrol and create gap and border securities so they can bring fentanyl and criminal aliens and terrorists. we are talking 2.1 million and really it'll be 2.1 million that border patrol had to deal encounter and process but that's while leaving hundreds of miles wide open. you talk about the 600,000 documented got aways that border patrol is reporting, that's only where they have technology, that's only where they have agents actually watching the border and today unfortunately there's large, large gaps for the cartel and there is no technology especially in technology and when the agents are overwhelmed with the aliens, then they can bring in whatever threat they want. that is a significant national security threat. that's not about the illegal
9:38 am
migrant. weric: he doesn't have enough deputies to always patrol that and that's why people are getting through. rodney scott. >> just remind viewers that in the lost administration we had this locked down and we were getting better every single day and it's all about policy and can be fixed with policy. congress needs to do job long term but this can be fixed tomorrow with policy out of administration. eric: congress needs to address it absolutely correctly. rodney scott, former border patrol chief and thank you for the service to our country. >> thank you. eric: arthel. arthel: at least 125 people were killed in a stampede at an indonesian soccer match. reportedly among the deadliest incidents in modern history. police used teargas to break up riot between two heated rivals and that sent fans scrambling
9:39 am
for exits. many victims were trampled or suffocated. calls the tragedy a dark day for the sport, an investigation is underway. eric: up next you return to florida where there are prayers and thoughts today on this sunday morning on the latest for the recovery efforts after the devastation of hurricane ian, decimated homes and washed away roads.
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arthel: fort myers area took direct hit from hurricane four hurricane ian, fire chief calls the damage from winds and storm surge, quote, breath taking. fox weather matt gordon is in fort myers beach, florida with more. matt. matt: good afternoon, arthel. well, right now where we are standing, we are still about a mile away from the gulf.
9:44 am
you can see the scenes of devastation just about everywhere you look, boats in front yards, houses that have been flooded out, neighborhoods in shambles. one of the contributing factors to all of this is the canal system. the storm surge pushed through the canals. rescue operations are still ongoing in some of the hardest-hit areas, more than 5,000 national guard members are here with high-wheel transport vehicles, boats and 25 helicopters for survivors, food water and gasoline all in short supply. several water and food distribution sites have popped up for people living in the area but lines remain long and gas is available, cars stacked up for blocks. meanwhile crews are working to get lights back on as last update 800,000 customers still without power. but the state's largest electricity provider florida power&light says they've been able to restore power to approximately 1.6 million customers and they say that 95% of their customers should have electricity by this coming
9:45 am
sunday. >> around the clock effort. there's a lot of pride in what we do as -- as utility w worker. it's shared by workers and those who assist us. reporter: across the state more than 42,000 utility workers are working to get the lights back on just a massive effort mobilizing these crews. but for neighborhoods like this, it's going to be a long road to recovery. arthel, back to you. arthel: that's for sure. such a good thing to point out, matt, the recovery road is long and it's so -- it is heart warm to go see the linemen and women arriving, so for now, yeah, matt gordon. eric. eric: hurricane ian did not affect just people on the gulf coast but other in osceola
9:46 am
county are following evacuated as flooding rises there, fox weather katie burn. hey, katie. >> hi, eric, days after ian made landfall in southwest florida other states dealing with more flooding days later. people in this neighborhood behind me are being evacuated because of nearby swelling lakes and creeks leading to flooding that you're seeing right here. they've got crews here using high-water trucks to drive through flooded water. it's several feet deep. some of them don't want to run through this and risk getting stuck. just a few miles away in kissimmee, national guards men and women brought ten trucks like this into a neighborhood dealing with the same thing.
9:47 am
osceola county officials are worried that water will rise 2 more feet and not expected to crust, it won't rek recede likey for another 3 years. other under voluntary evacuation orders and we are seeing in neighborhoods young families with kids and pets and many are choosing to leave. >> we are just hoping that it doesn't get so high where our home is completely under water but likely we taped stuff off and it stays that way. reporter: i'm told there are 5 pumps actively working in lakes right now to help produce the water. >> up next dr. oz versus john fetterman, we will have the latest on the race in pennsylvania as fox news live
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>> what an inspiring campaign for you, dr. oz. your success, your success is measured in how many words i might miss, you know. what kind of -- what kind of a
9:52 am
doctor roots for somebody who was sick to stay sick. >> if you can't debate, that means you're lying to us about your health, either way he goes down. we are going to win the race no matter what but it would be wonderful to have the people of pennsylvania to know fully what the two candidates stand for so they can make the right decision. arthel: a little bit one month before the elections as john fetterman and his republican opponent memhet oz trade jobs. 45% to 41% after trailing by 11 points in late july. princeton university scientist. how are the personal jabs playing with pennsylvanians. >> i will say the borrowing part first it's natural for polls to tighten the closer we get to election day and part of that because people are paying more attention and i actually think
9:53 am
that after the october 25th debate between the two candidates the polls could tighten even more and part of that is because voters are absolutely interested in whether fetterman can communicate clearly on his feet after health scare and whether oz can hold his own against a very seasoned politician, both have major strengths and weakens that are coming through. arthel: and which candidate can deliver what matters to the good people there in the keystone state? >> so it's a really toss-up race for a variety of reasons. if we look at dr. oz first, he definitely has weaknesses, he hasn't relatability issue, grocery store or the new jersey mansion tour and his staunchly pro-life position that he carved out for himself in the primary could be a liability in the general election, but
9:54 am
republicans consistently on the very top two issues for voters which are the economy and crime are perceived to be more credible and so you see the novus candidates like oz in pennsylvania or herschel walker in georgia doing really well because it's an antidemocrat political environment. arthel: does dr. oz new jersey residency matter and does lieutenant general fetterman's health matter? >> those types of things contribute to overall picture of a candidate. we generally don't think a single attribute predicts an election outcome but once you piece all of these things together and you have a very tight race in a state like pennsylvania, they certainly do add up and so something that's really interesting about oz right now is even though he is a political novist and mitch
9:55 am
mcconnell worried about the candidates that he thought were perhaps not high-quality enough to win a general election, but he's getting these endorsements from tom ridge, the former republican governor turned biden supporter from the pennsylvania state troopers which, you know, police unions have historically supported democrats and so he is getting these indications that people sort of perceive him at least at the elite level to be moderate enough to succeed in this environment. arthel: if you can do 40 seconds on this, then what could give either one of the candidates the leg -- the edge up in the last leg of the race? are the endorsements are what will take oz over the finish line? >> so the endorsements are a definite tailwind for oz but i wwill be watching the debate closely. we generally think they don't matter because at that point republicans are rooting for their team and democrats are rooting for theirs but for
9:56 am
undecided voters they really want to see how these candidates perform under pressure and with the debate so close to election day, it's going to get a lot of media attention aisle certainlye talking about it. arthel: thank you very much. take care. >> thanks. arthel: all right, eric. eric: one of the liveliest races in the country and john fetterman, you know, i wonder if he gets elected is he going to wear a suit and tie in the senate. he's pretty unique. arthel: yeah, he's unique. have to wear suit and tie. we are back at 4:00 eastern, please join us then. in the meantime join your day, stick here in fox news in the meantime. eric: take care." ♪ ” ♪ ♪t ♪ in health and be proactive,
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i think it's worth it. visit the new subway series menu. the greatest sandwich roster ever assembled. for more on the new boss, here's patrick mahomes. incredible - meatballs, fresh mozzarella and pepperon- oh, the meatball's out! i thought he never fumbles. the new subway series. what's your pick?
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mike: cleanup and recovery efforts well underway in southwest florida after the region took devastating blow from hurricane ian, hundreds of thousands of residents still without power as associated press confirms at least 47 people are dead in the state bringing the total death toll up to 54. the white house announcing president biden is set to travel to florida on wednesday after stop in puerto rico. welcome to fox news live i'm mike emanuel. we have fox team


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