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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  October 2, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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mike: cleanup and recovery efforts well underway in southwest florida after the region took devastating blow from hurricane ian, hundreds of thousands of residents still without power as associated press confirms at least 47 people are dead in the state bringing the total death toll up to 54. the white house announcing president biden is set to travel to florida on wednesday after stop in puerto rico. welcome to fox news live i'm mike emanuel. we have fox team coverage with
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phil keating and chad pergram from the white house. let's start with alex and roy hoff live from cape corral, florida. hi, alex. alex: we are in an area called matt lachet and the coast guard is leading major effort to rescue people who have been stranded on the pine island ever since the storm, this is a major operation, we have probably seen at least a hundred people in this location coming in by boat. those residents had been on the island since the storm including even volunteers who showed up just after it. some really have arrived here in terrible condition. ems personnel have been on hand assisting several people who have returned by boat. one man said he had been suffering with a broken hip for days and laura was very emotional. she told me that she lost her entire home and spoke with gratitude for those who came to save her especially after the effort she made to make sure
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that she needed help. >> it's very devastating. we are just great to have our lives. the water and the wind and everything across the road spun us around. we packed up what we could and we took -- we sat in the middle of the street because we thought at least people know we are alive and we are here. >> journey back here to safety was not easy since there's no road access to pine island. i'm told that once residents were to leave pine island they head by boat to another area called yucatán and transported by shuttle to cape corral to be reunited with family members waiting eagerly. we have seen all day long family members showing up asking where everybody is, where they can find them and i've been told in cases of more serious medical issues helicopters have been utilized as well and it's not
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even just coast guard boats, we have private residence who are helping with their vessels as well, mike. mike: alex hoff leading us off from cape corral, florida, many thanks. lee county officials facing scrutiny in delay announcing evacuation orders as hurricane ian turned to florida coast and questions are growing on whether their actions may have contributed to the rising death toll. phil keating from fort myers, florida. hello, phil. phil: good afternoon, there, mike, we are at the marina service center, people on boats dock for repairs. looks like the business is exploding right now. a lot of damage over here as well. these are ripped up parts of a trailer in a building next door that flew over to this lot. 45-foot long sailboat, a quarter million dollars, now it's a piece of junk. in fact, the name of it is the dreaming and the dreams were crushed by hurricane ian.
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that's charles right there. he says the boat was actually in the middle of the road yesterday before front-end loader moved it out of the way. that's what's happening up here up and gulf coast counties, cleanup of all wreckage that's blocking lane of traffic, if not piled up high on demolished hoes and businesses. we saw a bulldozer pushing one large sailboat right off the boulevard yesterday just to get it out of the way for the in and out traffic of search and rescue vehicles that are going in and out of the islands, the barrier islands like fort myers beach and there's a lot of search and rescue o ops hunting for survivs and finding victims. those are the people who stayed put and did not heed evacuation orders and those fatalities have been ruled drownings.
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some people are reporting that there could be already 70 at this point. certainly a number everybody expects to rise in the days ahead. getting power restored. it's a major issue for charlotte, lee and collier counties. immediately after the storm, lee county here, 95% had no power. today is back down to 75%. so progress is being made. there are a lot of utility crews on hand and are working sunrise to sunset to cry the get the electricity back and running. this is george's community. drove down from connecticut after the storm because his residents -- he has 8 trailers here, all of them are now destroyed so he rushed down, drove down and now he's working around the clock here and sleeping in his van.
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so major effort. 10,000 floridans remain in shelters, mike. mike: phil, you're a veteran correspondent, give us context in terms of how bad hurricane ian is compared to other storms that you've covered over the years? phil: the one i compared to most quickly would be a couple of years ago hurricane michael which came up to west coast appalachia cola, panamá city, cat 4, upgraded to 5. that was powerful and destruction there. this one also produced a lot of destruction. this hurricane was simply huge, the size of hurricane charley which hit the same area back in 2004, well, that entire hurricane could fit into the eye of ian, that's how huge it was. a lot of rain, 15 to 20 inches.
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the winds were ferocious. it was 12 to 15 feet of water, well above me and that's why all of those boats, those shrimping boats that you see over there, they were in the water in the bay and they all were pushed up onto land where they're now all heaped together in one big pile. beyond them, is fort myers beach, the beautiful white sands, vacation area, a lot of part-time residents in the wintertime. according to county officials that place 90% of all buildings are now destroyed, mike. mike: phil keating live in fort myers beach, florida, thanks very much, our best to great folks, southwest florida. president biden set to travel to puerto rico tomorrow and head to florida on wednesday to assess the damage left behind by hurricanes fiona and ian to speak to local officials and residents who are dealing with the aftermath. chad pergram is live at the
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white house. hello, chad. chad: good afternoon, mike, a move by the president to assure american that is his administration is, in fact, on the case. >> i can't go without saying the devastating hurricane storms in puerto rico, florida and south carolina and -- >> chad: in a tweet earlier today the president said this just wasn't a crisis facing florida and puerto rico, it was a challenge for the entire country. >> fema has been a great partner, the biden administration has responded as they've said and so there's no complaints there. these are professionals and i think in times like this people realize that it's not about politics, it shouldn't be, that's the way it's always been. >> fema administrator diam says the danger isn't over even though the storm is over. >> people no stay vigilant right now. standing water brings all kinds of hazards.
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it has debris and it could have power lines, it can have hazards in there that you just don't know about and so we want to make sure that people are being extra cautious, they are taking extra protective measures to make sure that they are taking care of themselves and their families as they are starting to repair. chad: it may take weeks to assess the damage. chances are that congress must approve tens of billions of dollars for hurricane relief some time in december. mike. mike: chad pergram live at the white house, thanks very much. as communities throughout florida begin the long recovery process after hurricane ian, relief organizations are rushing to the sunshine state for much needed help. samaritans first. president and ceo of samaritans first franklin graham, franklin, great to have you. >> thank you, mike. mike: what is your wonderful organization doing to bring relief and some joy to the people really suffering after
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hurricane ian? >> well, we are set up in inglewood and also in fort myers. we are set up at two churches. these are church that is we worked with in the past and, mike, we've got not only equipment, tools, all types of, you know, trackhoes and what we call skid stairs, those are there but we have volunteers. yesterday was our first day of operation, we had 100 volunteers today i don't know what the total count will be but it'll be somewhere north of that. and what we do is we go into communities and we assess communities and we take a work order from the home owner, maybe it's a true that's on the house, maybe it's a boat that's washed up in their front yard and need to move it or the house may need muddy out. when the house goes under water, it's important to get the drywall off the studs quickly so that the house can dry out to
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keep black mold from growing. we have volunteers, we take work orders and start working on houses. i think yesterday we had over 100 work orders come in yesterday and so we are just starting. we will be down there, mike, i believe somewhere in the neighborhood around six months. mike: what's your message to those suffering following hurricane ian? >> a lot of people, mike, wonder, is god mad at us and judging us, i want them to know, no, it's not judgment, the storms happen in life and i want people to know that god loves them and cares for them and he hasn't turned his back on us but we do have storms and i want people to know that that anchor in the middle of the storm is jesus christ and i want people to put faith and trust in him. he took our sins an died on the cross and rose from the grave, he didn't come to condemn us but save us. i want people to put faith in him. people need to be comforted. we have van gellist association
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that go out with us so when we are working in the community weapon chaplains there that can pray with people, talk to them, comfort them while we are working on their homes and cleaning them up. mike: in the gospel of matthew jesús tells disciples to deny themselves to take up their cross and follow him. do you feel like that is something that your volunteers are doing today? >> well, no question. we want to be the hands and feet of jesus christ down there in florida today. people are suffering, people are hurting. you know, when you have lost everything, you've gone through a storm like this, words are -- it's hard to describe the emotion that people are going through and so just to be there to comfort them and love them and, of course, to do it in jesus name, it's so important that we do it in his name. mike: what do you and your teams receive personally from helping others after disaster like hurricane ian? >> well, first of all, i think it's just the -- everyone that
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you help is gratitude when they say thank you. it's -- it's worth it. just to have the thank you and even if they don't say thank you being able to help somebody because that's what god would want us to do. he doesn't want us to sit back and standby. he wants us to be involved because that's what jesus did when he was here on earth when he saw need, he met that need and blind person he gave them sight and a lame person he was able to make walk again and even the dead he raised. jesus was hands on and helping and working with other people. that's what we should do as christians, lift up other people and do it in his name. mike: a blessing to have you today doing the lord's work in florida and thank you for your time. >> thank you, mike.
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mike: as ukraine continues counteroffensive, this as vladimir putin's ally recommends the kremlin use low-yield nuclear weapons. trey yingst has the latest live from kyiv. hello, trey. trey: mike, good afternoon, ukrainian forces are making fresh territorial gain as the war grinds on and the threat of nuclear weapons remains on the table. heavy fights continues in bakmut as ukrainian soldiers hold positions. civilian population tries to evacuate. >> we are here to evacuate civilians from bakmut which is coming around fire. so far 3 and we are picking up another. trey: russian president putin claiming they are russian citizens.
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civilians in eastern ukraine are paying the highest price amid the conflict. this weekend another humanitarian convoy was hit by russian fire killing at least 24 people including 13 children. with the loss of limon, critical supply city, russian soldiers are expected to increase targeted of civilian areas, the entire world understands how significant these losses are and what it means for russian leadership in moscow. >> they've used those routes to push material down to the south and to the west and without those routes, it'll be more difficult, so it presents sort of a dilemma for -- for the russians going forward. trey: the russian battlefield losses are especially concerning when you look at what putin's allies are telling him to do. the chchen asking to use small gear tactical weapons in the fight. mike: does the talk of nuclear
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weapons scare the ukrainians that you come intois just any other weapon when it can be potentially quite devastating? >> the ukrainians are taking the threat extremely seriously. the unit says in the capital of kyiv say they believe high probability when they are looking at the possibility of nuclear weapons used by the russians. they understand that russia has this capability, it doesn't have to be a blast the size of hiroshima, it can be something tactical on the battlefield but they know the russians are losing, they know that vladimir putin does not adhere to international law and that's part of the reason they are appealing to the west for more air defense systems and more missile defense systems to place throughout the country so if the russians do decide to start firing the weapons into the country they will be even more prepared. mike. mike: trey yingst live from ukrainian capital, thanks so much. later this hour member of ukrainian parliament will join me to talk about ukraine's effort to designate russia as
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state sponsor of terrorism. at least 125 people are dead after a soccer match in indonesia turned violently last night. begans at the game say tensions were very high the whole evening due to rivalry between opposing teams. after the final whistle fans began on field and causing spectators on the stands to scramble toward the exits. bottlenecks on the doors fueling panic, among dead is two police officers and shaping up to be dn history. about 5 weeks to go before the midterm elections, our political panel weighs in on contentious races and what issues are swaying voters. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: midterm races are heating up as november 8th quickly approaches. let's bring in political panel, christian hahn, communications director and cassidy, american rising pac executive director. welcome to beth of you, great to have you on studio. >> great to be here. >> let's take a look at hot issues these midterms, abc news washington post survey has 69%
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considering crime highly important, plus 14 issue for republicans in terms of trusted party. 62% abortion, a plus 20 issue for democrats, christian, how do you assess the numbers? >> it's interesting. i think you have to look at when you look at polls, i don't put a lot of faith in them all of the time but what is a motivating factor and there was recently a poll done by a republican pollster and democratic pollster together and public opinion strategies and what they -- it reflected what you just said, what's a motivating factor to vote and the choice issue is crime on the republican side. but, i think, it's going to be interesting to see what, you know, what people are going to do come, you know, come election day because that's the only poll that really matters. >> kind of picking up what you're talking up on crime, that has the ability to drive
10:23 am
independents because that's new. crime was the issue that happened at the other part of town and other part of the country and people think crime is in their backyard. big risk nickant issue for people who wouldn't ordinarily call themselves politically motivated and as you noted in the polls that favors republicans on the choice issue more people set in their opinions about that issue. they were probably already going to vote, this won't be a top motivating factor to get them out the doors. mike: let's go to the 50-50 senate. let's go to battleground pennsylvania, according to fox poll appears to be tightening. fetterman was up in july and now 45-41 with 11% undecided. kristin, how do you see that race? >> this is one of those -- when you run races you vote for the person, right, and fetterman, the issues for democrats is philadelphia, we have to -- we have to get the voters out in
10:24 am
philadelphia or we don't win the state. so i think fetterman is relatable to people in pennsylvania so, you know, i still they we pull that one out. mike: makes you wonder if he will ditch the hoody and go coat and tie. >> i'm not a senate person but i think they -- they make you do that on the senate floor. mike: battleground arizona, there appears to be tightening, mark kelly the democrat was up 8 in august and now fox poll suggesting it's down to 6 points, cassie, what do you make of senate races? >> arizona is one of those where you see the tight race for governor and that's going to be a helpful determinant and mark kelly, moderate senator, calculated play for himself since he's been in the senate. he hasn't jumped out of line one way or the other and he's been purposeful because he saw this coming for himself. i want to talk about pennsylvania for fetterman,
10:25 am
philadelphia, a thousand carjackings, as we talk about crime and public safety and motivating factor, fetterman was rocky on parole board when letting criminals out and that's a play that will bite him in the bottom with voters as they see the crime rates rise. mike: one and only debate in the race is october 25th about two weeks out from election. what's the impact there? both of you weigh in on that. >> i think it's one of those races where it can matter. they both have to perform and it's, you know, there are have been questions about, you know, his capacity after his stroke and i think that he has a real opportunity to come out swinging and -- and it can make a difference in this race. mike: if you were advising dr. oz, how big is the debate? >> this is unfortunate that it's the first debate well after early voting started and even though the washington post said it was ridiculous.
10:26 am
he can be the senator to start doing the job and get the job on day one versus as you neglect with fetterman who i think the audience is going to see vote ad voters are going to see. mike: so if republicans win back the majority on capitol hill, still an if, we have 5 weeks to go, if they do, how are republican congressman mike turner explain concern of the lame duck session, let's play it. >> if the republicans win the house i foresee a wild, wild west in washington because the democrats will try to pass every bill and spending project that they possibly can before the end of the year. mike pick as resident democrat, what would be the strategy during lame duck session if you lose power? >> you just have to still look at the numbers. they're very slim margins in the house and the senate and there have been a lot of big bipartisan bills like chips and you look a lot of things that have gotten done. it's still not easy to get things done when you have narrow of a margin. it's not going to be wild west. that's a little much.
10:27 am
mike: your thoughts? >> supper slim majority if the democrats try as they might haven't been able to get as much stuff as they would like to get done for their caucus and base, yeah, remains to be seen but i think if it's a huge big tsunami red wave they might try harder to get things done because it'll be last opportunity. mike: this was fun to have ladies at the desk. thank you so much. residents in southwest florida still surveying the extensive damage left in the wake of hurricane ian, more on the relief efforts coming up next. ♪ ♪xemp ♪ ed. innovation electrified. with apple music seamlessly integrated. the all-new, all-electric eqs suv from mercedes-benz.
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mike: search and rescue operations well underway in florida following severe destruction left behind by hurricane ian, fema dispatched numerous teams and resources for recovery efforts. eric hook, fema deputy administrator to talk more about the efforts.
10:32 am
eric, welcome. >> thank you for having me. mike: what are your big concerns? >> yes, sir, as you can tell from the folks behind me we are decisively engaged in response and recovery efforts in florida but also down range. we have a number of search and rescue teams that are federally supported state and local rescue teams that are working hard and local authority for continued life-saving missions. we are also engaging individuals in the community, signing them up for disaster assistance and we are engaged both down range and local communities so they have resources to respond to this effort. mike: you have more than 30 years of emergency management experience, how do you rate hurricane ian in terms of level of devastation? >> every storm is different but ian has brought a lot of amount
10:33 am
of devastation to a large area of florida. our hearts go out to these individuals who have suffered from this calamity but we are there to support them in any way possible both at community level and at the individual level. mike: way back in hurricane katrina i was covering the bush white house and there were struggles in terms of coordination of efforts between the federal, state and local levels of government. how has that improved over the years? >> preparation and preplanning for this particular storm we have prepositioned assets and resources and have had great dialogue with state and local authorities prior to storm ever arriving on shore so that we are very well coordinated in our response so that we can get commodities, resources and personnel resources in place and at the right sequence at the right time to help support this community. mike: we have some photos we can show our audience before and
10:34 am
after images taken by noah to show the amount of devastation caused there in sanibel island and the causeway, the before and after images and you see the causeway is -- has been removed and has been destroyed. unfortunately we have a couple more months of hurricane season, do you worry, eric, about more major storms? >> well, we have seen the frequency and severity of storms increase over the last several years and we need to -- we need to be well postured and well prepared and that begins at the individual level, community level and for our communities to know that the state and federal officials will stand behind them and support them through any response that they have. mike: do you have a final message for those who are suffering who may see this on a phone, a message coming from fema about what you're going to do for them? >> yes, we encourage everyone to download the fema app to receive information and how they can
10:35 am
sign up for disaster assistance, individual assistance. there's also an 800 number that they can call if they are in need of assistance. it's 18006213362 rand you can also go to disaster to begin the application process for any individual assistance that you may need and also just a message to the community that fema will be with you throughout this entire time as you go about rebuilding the community. mike: deputy fema administrator eric hooks, grateful for your time. i know how busy you are, thank you so much. >> thank you. mike: turning to war raging in ukraine, ukraine's formal application to fast track efforts to join nato, for more joining us live member of ukrainian parliament alexandra
10:36 am
sasha, become, sasha. >> thank you. mike: so you were just here in washington. what was your message to lawmakers in the united states congress and what did you hear back from them? >> we had really good meetings with the minority leaders, with the majority leaders and our key message was please help us with more weapons. unfortunately we do receive the weapons but we normally receive them 3 months later than we actually need id. so we do receive but so far received only 16 of those and we need at least to double this amount to -- i'm sorry, i will not be diplomatic here to keep russian assets. you see what putin is doing. he has called mobilization and hundreds of thousands of people coming to fight in the battlefield and our response has to be really tough. the ukrainian army has already proved we can do that. all we need is the west to support us with weapons and that
10:37 am
was our main call to the lawmakers. mike: russia has formerly annex four regions of ukraine through the sham elections. what impact has that had on the war? >> well, i cannot say it has a direct impact on the war because i hope the united states and the americans know that ukrainians have a very successful counteroffensive operation and we had managed to get back thousands of kilometers of our territory but unfortunately this has a huge impact on the potential negotiations because it is very difficult to negotiate with someone who doesn't keep their word and who is saying that he will -- he will not be holding the referendums and basically this is a violation of all the international law and we and the whole world is not recognizing this referendums because it has nothing to do with the
10:38 am
international law. mike: after president putin's speech there's growing concerns of the possibility that russia may try to use tactical nuclear weapons, what about that and what do you want to hear from the biden administration? >> there's one thing that biden administration has to do and unfortunately we haven't seen that, is to say what the response would be before any action happens. unfortunately before the war started biden administration was clear that there will be a strong response if rush i russia invades. the same we can say now with the nuclear weapons. if the biden administration stated, for example, that russia will be designated a state sponsor of terrorism like the senate has done already, then that would make putin think twice before using the tactical weapons in ukraine because this could cut him from the entire world. he will not be able to trade,
10:39 am
with any other country not even with the united states. we keep asking the administration to declare what the response will be before he takes that step because then it can prevent it. mike: putin has done this major military mobilization, a lot of russians are fleeing for the border, they are getting out of there and they don't want to sign up for this war. what does that tell you of the state of the war in russia and also is putin getting more, more desperate? >> to be honest, we ukrainians are making fun of russians because we have people standing in lines to sign up for the army and we have hundreds of thousands of russian men running from their country, from the war, people who had a few months supported this bloody war in ukraine are now running not to be part of this. unfortunately we see that putin is desperate and that's why we are afraid what could be his
10:40 am
next step but on the other side these thousands -- hundreds of thousands of people running away is a clear message that something is not worker properly and we are asking all the foreign countries to close their borders because people who don't want to fight in this war have to stay inside the country and actually fight there for their freedom and independence and not run to other countries and that's why finland has already made that decision, georgia has done that and we are hoping that more european countries will join to closing the borders for the russian men because if they want to be free, they have to fight for this freedom inside of their country. mike: these days people have very short attention spans, do you worry about people here in the u.s. losing interest in the war? >> unfortunately we understand that people here in the united states even though there's a huge support for ukraine because
10:41 am
everybody understands we are fighting not only for our independence but for the freedom in the world, people have their own problems. they have inflation rates, they have gas prices, thank god they started going down but we really hope that this support will not decrease because ukraine has proven -- we are putting thousands of lives for these independence and freedom in the world and all we keep asking is support us with the weapons and basically with the equipment. so we really hope this support doesn't go down because if this support will go down among american society it will definite i will go down among the politicians because politicians take decisions based on what the american people say and just because the american people were very supportive on the oil and gas ban, it was actually passed by the biden administration, so are the
10:42 am
sanctions. i am hoping and asking every american, i understand that this is not 24/7 but we are losing hundreds of people every day who are dying there in the battlefield. mike: alexandra sasha, best to you and your family and your people. >> thank you. mike: new numbers out from the southern border as officials try to keep up with the migrants and drugs streaming across, we will have a live report from eagle pass, texas after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: these are live images of migrants in eagle pass, texas, record-breaking year for migrant encounters at our southern border and border officials are growing increasingly frustrated within action from the biden administration. mamat finn on the ground. good afternoon, matt. >> and all week long it was just another busy week here at the border. nearly every day we saw large groups crossing into the united states. that's a live look now, our photographer dave shooting that on a drone earlier today, this morning we saw large around sunrise. many of these groups will likely be processed and released. in this afternoon fox news just confirmed with u.s. customs and
10:48 am
border protection that there were 600,000 got aways in the fiscal year that just ended in 2022. got aways are illegal migrants who do not surrender and intentionally evade law enforcement. for comparison, u.s. border patrol chief rodney scott, former chief who served under both presidents trump and biden tells fox bill melugin, we jumped all the way to 600,000. the new numbers today equal an average of 50,000 got aways per month and 1,500 per day right now. and here along the border illegal got aways are using all types of extreme measures to avoid detection including hiding in trains as nighttime vision from a drone video shows those got aways. 37 illegal migrants from mexico, honduras, guatemala, el salvador, ultimately all turned over to border patrol when they were caught. texas dps tells fox news human
10:49 am
smuggling can be a simple as giving migrants a ride for some quick cash and it's attempting offer for everyday people looking to make some money. >> there is an increase in human smuggling attempts in the eagle pass areas. drivers from larger cities, out of state that are coming down to the border to smuggle people because it's a very lucrative business and that's what we are seeing increase in. reporter: this past week a 17-year-old girl from austin, texas was smuggling 9 illegal migrants in her pickup truck when she crashed in uvalde, texas killing herself and another person in the truck. that's the latest horrific example of smugglers who avoid law enforcement, perhaps find themselves in pursuits and ultimately dead, mike. mike: striking images from our astronomy and eye-popping numbers from matt finn on the ground in texas, matt, thank you very much.
10:50 am
accusing the mayor after scoffing at her after raising concerns of the city's homeless crisis. more on that next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: portland mayor ted wheeler laughing off the concerns of a resident who confronted him over
10:54 am
the city's homeless crisis at a virtual city council meeting. christina coleman spoke to the woman about her frustrations in a one-on-one interview. she joins me live with the details of the conversation. hi, christina. christina: hi, mike, egos spoke with portland resident gillian rose who passionately shared fears over the area's homeless encampments. that there's piles of trash just spilling out into the streets but portland's democratic mayor ted wheeler appeared to scoff or laugh off her comments after she finished them. take a listen to their exchange. >> i'm angry and i'm sad and fed up and i'm so sick of how having politicians pander, nothing short of epic failure, start doing the right thing, stop wasting our money and destroying our beautiful city and please start being leaders. thank you for your time. >> all right, thank you, you made your point emphatically
10:55 am
clear. thank you for being here and sharing your perspective. we do appreciate it. christina: well, today rose told me that she is upset over his reaction. >> it was really hard to hear and like i said before, i think that it proves my point that i don't feel like they are taking it seriously and that they care and the way he laughed, like, you know what, i don't think this is funny at all. i just -- this is a nightmare and portland is in real trouble and we don't feel safe. christina: the latest number show more than 5,220 people are homeless in the portland area. that's up from about 4,000 in 2019 and those numbers are likely higher by now. local leaders blame the pandemic and the expensive housing market for this growing problem. now i have reached out to mayor wheeler for a response to this crisis in general and for his reaction to gillian rose in the
10:56 am
council meeting and i'm waiting to hear back, mike. mike: striking that he laughed at her, wow. great interview christina coleman, thank you so much for doing it. christina: thank you. mike: great to see you. well, that is all for this hour of fox news live. it's been an action-packed show. fox news sunday with my friend and colleague shannon bream is up next. i'm mike emanuel in washington, thank you so much for watching. have a great week. it's the greatest sandwich roster ever assembled. next is the new great garlic. the tender rotisserie style chicken is sublime and the roasted garlic aioli adds a lovely pecan flavor.
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man, the second retirement really changed you. the new subway series. him him him him woo hoo ensure max protein, him (♪ ♪)
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and i am shannon bream. her akkadian decimating commuters in florida before accelerating north. >> is basically a 500 year flood event. >> ian it brings record storm surge, flooding and untold damage to florida. then it hits the georgia and carolina coast. hundreds rescued. some have lost everything and rebuilding could take years. we will have live reports on


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