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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 3, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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think dogs would be the first to talk like people. more than half of voters of those surveyed believe their pets would have an accent. >> julie: i would love to hear a cat talk. they have attitude, confidence. very selective on who they trust. i would like to have a conversation with a cat. >> fiona, you have to figure out how she talks, too. here is harris. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. vice president kamala harris willing to do the unthinkable, divide hurricane ian victims by race. was she trying to say she would prefer to help the ones she chooses first? the v.p. with some controversial comments about who should be first in line for relief just days after historic hurricane ian hit. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus." the storm, as you know, was just shy of a category 5. it tore apart southwest florida,
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brought a 500 year flood all the way across the state to cities like orlando last week. at least 80 people so far confirmed dead. damage estimated to be in the billions of dollars. and with so many people in shock and heartbroken, here is a word from the second in command in the white house. >> it is our lowest income communities and our communities of color that are most impacted by these extreme conditions and impacted by issues that are not of their own making. so we have to address this in a way that is about giving resources based on equity, understanding that we fight for equality but we also need to fight for equity. >> harris: the backlash was immediate. florida governor ron desantis's campaign tweeted this is false. the v.p.'s rhetoric is causing undue panic and must be
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clarified. fema individual assistance is already available to all floridians impacted by hurricane ian regardless of race or background. south carolina congresswoman nancy mace with this. >> it's literally the definition of discrimination. hurricanes don't see color or political affiliation or don't see gender. all they see is destruction along the coast where they hit. it is incredibly racist -- can you imagine someone saying the exact opposite, only whites and men should get hurricane resources first? that's crazy town. the fact that the vice president of the united states is making those kinds of comments shows a lack of leadership. >> harris: peter doocy is live outside the white house wondering if any comment has come with regard to this, peter. >> no, harris. the vice president had a chance to clarify what she meant in this comment that sounds like race-based relief from the hurricane. but she didn't.
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>> vice president, can you clarify what you meant about equity for hurricane relief? >> now republicans in the florida delegation are wishing that she would set this politically charged rhetoric aside. >> listen, i couldn't disagree more with the vice president. now is not the time to be talking about who gets what based upon where you started. it is about helping people. making sure they get the resources they need as quickly to them as quickly as possible. helping them recover as quickly as possible. that's what matters. that other stuff can wait for another day. >> president biden has been striking a different tone tweeting the following. this is not just a crisis in florida or in south carolina or in puerto rico, it is a united states crisis. we'll do everything we can to get these communities back on their feet. there is nothing about equity coming from the fema director,
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either. >> we're going to support all communities. i committed that to the governor and i commit to you right here that all floridians will be able to get the help that is available to them through our programs. >> so she is in charge of the relief and she is talking about all floridians. that is different than what we are hearing from the vice president in that comment. harris. >> harris: peter doocy, thank you very much. we'll get into it with will cain. co- host of "fox & friends" weekend. first of all your top line response when you first heard this from the vice president of the united states. >> simultaneously shocking but unsurprising. you can't be surprised that this type of language was coming from the white house from the second most powerful person in the united states because this type of language, harris, has been employed throughout governmental policy for quite some time. i heard nancy mace in the clip you just played describe this as crazy town. it is not crazy town, it is immoral. what i mean it's not simply
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sloppy. it is not simply uncalculated. it is a predictable guidance, a principle to which the democratic party has subscribed that you should divide people according to their race. they do it with government contracts and educational opportunities. by the way, this word equity. i appreciate the vice president distinguishing it from equality. the idea we all aspire to a society judged by merit and individual. no, she sets that aside and says we have to strive for equity. we start to filter each other through the prism of race. my children's school has incorporated that concept. it is without a doubt immoral, it is racist and the president and the vice president of the united states i guess now that makes it unsurprising, i guess now what makes it shocking is they're willing to apply it to the most dire of circumstances. a natural disaster. make no mistake, this is
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predictable and this is one of their guiding principles, to be racist. >> harris: i want to get into it a little bit on this point. you and i talk brass tax an the time. i will be really transparent here. her husband is white and so is mine. she is bi racial. i'm black. if our white husbands lost it they would cry as hard as if a black husband lost his black wife. it's that basic. divide and conquer along the lines of politics is what this feels like because as human beings, it is very hurtful. >> that word you used at the end, human beings. why is there such difficulty in seeing one another as human beings, as individuals? that's why i'm telling you, it is morally abhorrent. a natural disaster highlights it for many. it is morally important to say we need to divide each other by
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race and then also by the way, for the purpose of employing a marxist ideology which she lays out. you don't need me to somehow filter this into something that it's not. she lays it out. she says the goal of equity is to arrive at equal outcomes. equality is doing our best to achieve equal opportunity. she wants to use race, racism, segregationist policies to assure we arrive at equal outcomes. thus is equity. thus to tie it into your final observation, there. this is the denial as us as individuals and ultimately as human beings. >> harris: we all have our own path and so did hurricane ian. so if he takes one of us away from someone who loves us, the hurricane didn't pick me because i was black or pick her potentially because she was bi racial and the hurricane didn't know that someone white might mourn us or someone black might mourn us. it doesn't work that way.
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those victims left behind don't deserve something based on the color of their skin or the lack there of. your last quick thought and then we'll move. >> my last quick thought is again, understand it's calculated and it's purposeful and immoral. >> harris: the biden administration getting bombarded with hundreds of thousands of comments since president biden proposed changes to title ix. a big part aims to protect women and girls in sports. the president this summer said he wants to strengthen the rights of transgender students and athletes who use title ix. the department of education has to review every single response. a member of a girls volleyball team at a vermont high school says the team has been banned from using girls' locker rooms after they objected to changing clothes in the presence of a transgender student. caitlyn jenner weighed in today. >> the left is hijacking and
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politicized another minority group in our wonderful country. all they're doing is driving us apart. does this trans girl have the right under vermont law to be on the team and to use the locker room? yes, she does. do these girls have the right to comment, absolutely they do. honestly, everything is out of whack right now. these things have to stop. >> harris: one thing caitlin told me when they had her on "focus" we have to come up with a way to do some sort of separate but equal. you have to create something that makes everybody feel not just comfortable but safe in their space. she doesn't know how you do that but she thinks that's where we need to go. >> well, look, harris, i mean i think that you can over complicate what is in the end a biological fact. it doesn't matter what you choose to call yourself, your genetic components and god have
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defined for reality what you are. the laws of man have to follow some objective truth. and you can't have a boy who calls himself a girl force all the girls out of the girls locker room. it is insanity. i can't believe i have to say it. forced ten girls out of the girls locker room because they are uncomfortable. one would be able to perceive why they might be uncomfortable in order to allow him to warp objective reality to his desires. you know, if he doesn't want to go to the boys locker room, how about all ten of these girls in very mont had to go to a stall, a single stall to change while he had the entire locker room for himself. how about common sense says reverse that. you go to the privacy of a single bathroom and you leave the locker room, well, to the girls. how -- you and i are having a
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conversation that i can't believe is one we're having that is somehow political. it is not complicated. human beings have understood the differences between men and women for millennial and somehow we can't get it straight in modern america. >> harris: caitlin says she doesn't speak for everybody but she said create something separate for those individuals who are transgender. but you know we're all up in our feelings in the woke days. the feeling is you accommodate the minority number first, until you can figure out how to fix it for everybody. it leaves us in this nebulous point and why these parents are speaking up. when i say speaking up, they will have a lot of letters to read. will cain, thank you. real quick. >> yesterday's unfashionable minority is cast to the side. feminism is yesterday's empathy.
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yesterday's compassion. today's is trans. where is the principle? what is the guiding light? only what is fashionable it seems for many on the left and progressives and where they fight. >> harris: if only they could just look for answers instead of winning via politics and using everybody as potential victims. it is immoral, as you said, even though they say they take the high ground on that. will cain, good to see you always in "focus."enter thank you. crime is on the ballot. have no doubt about it. when voters head to the polls 36 days from now, the issue plaguing democrats on the campaign trail is red hot. jason rantz on what it will mean for the democratic majorities in congress and democrats dodging this very simple question. >> in your opinion is the border secure? >> i have to go give a speech. >> do you believe the border is secure? >> i believe we have to have a secure border. >> do you have agree with the administration that the border
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three half million people apprehended, processed. many released into the country by the biden administration since president biden took office. now startling new information on the illegal immigrants who have evaded capture. the gotaways. new research digging down into the nearly 1 million gotaways as they are called who sneaked into
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our nation since president biden took office. one high profile democrat will go on the record about it. congressman of texas henry cuellar said the biden administration needs to step up and that the border is not secure. here is what he said in "focus" last week. >> what i want to see is have more personnel, border patrol down there coordinating with the local police. we need to have technology, cameras like the cameras that dps has but the most important thing is we need to look at the repercussions. if you don't deport people, they will see the border as a speed bump. we have to deport people. we have to deport people that are not supposed to be here. >> harris: i reminded him this that the white house isn't listening. bill melugin has reported from the border since the start of the biden presidency and has more now from washington, d.c. where, bill, i know you've gone to get some answers from
8:20 am
democrats and administration officials who so far aren't saying much. the silence is deafening. >> that's exactly right. the administration has repeatedly insisted the border is secure despite the fact that under them there have been record illegal crossings, record numbers of gotaways and record numbers of migrant deaths. we have witnessed much of this chaos ourselves in person during our coverage of the border. so we came here to d.c. and we're looking for some answers. >> 250,000 unaccompanied migrant children arrived at the border, some trafficked and drowning in the river. any issue with that? last question, ma'am, is the border secure? do you agree with the administration the border is secure and we'll let you go. chairman, one question, is the border secure? >> i have to go give a speech. didn't you hear me? >> just a quick question, is the border secure? >> answers about the border few and far between from some democrats on capitol hill.
8:21 am
including the secretary of homeland security mayorkas. >> i'm bill melugin with fox news. do you have a few moments to talk about the border real quick? >> i don't. >> a week before this we sent an email to dhs saying we were requesting an interview with the secretary. we received no response. so we went to him. >> a few moments of your time is all we're asking and we'll let you go. reached out to your office and asked to talk to you and they blew us off. 900,000 gotaways. no comment, sir? >> only democrats from the state of texas, the front line of the border crisis, ended up talking to us and expressed concern about the border. >> this is unsustainable. it has been for years. >> we have resources down there but we clearly need to be doing more. >> this is our administration. i'm a democrat. they need to understand they own it now. they own it now. and they have to take the steps to correct this, otherwise when are we going to see an end to
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this? >> we also put questions to democratic leadership. >> do you believe the border is secure? >> i believe we have to have a secure border and i think that we are trying to address it. the president is -- has a plan to address that. >> democrats have had majority control in d.c. for almost two years and still no significant progress on any immigration legislation in the senate. i asked chuck schumer why that's the case. >> republicans don't want to do immigration reform. even on something as simple as daca, which has the overwhelming support of the american people, republicans are belong it. >> under republicans would amnesty of any kind for any group of migrants be on the table? >> no amnesty. if nancy pelosi was no longer here a lot of democrats would feel free to vote for a secure border and work with us to have a real immigration reform. >> harris, minority leader
8:23 am
mccarthy told me if republicans end up retaking the majority after the mid-terms and he becomes the speaker of the house, he says he would not move to immediately try to impeach dhs secretary mayorkas. he said republicans' priority would be legislating border securing in particular. we'll send it back to you. >> harris: just quickly i have a question about some of the people you are talking with. you know, under obama, who got the moniker deporter in chief, henry cuellar told me that last week on the special. he said obama deported more people than really anybody. and this is how divided democrats are. they didn't want the talk about that. they actually wouldn't comment on that, either. it was on their watch. so if they really wanted to solve this why didn't they do it when they had the majority? it is a fair question. i'm glad you're there. >> it is a fair question and henry cuellar told us very
8:24 am
similar to what he told you. he wants the administration to deport more migrants and show images of those deportations. he said it is important to show the migrants around the world that if you come here illegally and you file a fraudulent asylum claim or you aren't here for a legitimate reason you'll get sent back. right now the administration is removing people. they don't want to show it. he says that's a problem. >> harris: we had to dig to find out about obama's situation because that also was very quiet because politically explosive for democrats at any date on the calendar for them. bill, thank you. you set us up for a great conversation here. jason rantz, radio talk show host in seattle, jason, really at a very simplistic level and cuellar saying it. both agreed washington, d.c. is not listening to him but others from both sides of the aisle can't miss the fact that we need to enforce our laws. >> yeah, i don't think there is any doubt about that.
8:25 am
part of the reason why democrats don't want to say that part out loud is because they know that they are not living up to that expectation from the american people. they've told us this entire time that there is not a crisis at the border. thats completely secure and issue but our border czar doesn't have to visit the border. they realize they can't walk it will be called liars. they are doing it for politics. i'm glad there are some folks on the democrat side. some others are speaking up and saying it is important. it is unfortunate we have to get to a mid-term election where it is clearly an issue to get some of them to actually speak up. >> harris: i interviewed what we're looking at now was a busted up suspected smuggling ring. there were americans in the car driving who are the suspects picking up illegals already dressed in camo that the cartel tells them to wear to hideout
8:26 am
until they are picked up. you know, what's also complicated about this has to do with the fact if there is any compunction to do this it only comes 36 days out from a mid-term election. there is no plan for anything. a few people on the left are willing to talk about. >> every single person who is watching right now has heard some politician say it is time to get ahold of immigration. >> harris: what does that even mean? >> i don't know. whatever it means clearly it means something different to you and i and everyone who is watching than the actual politicians saying it. you can't tell me over for decades we need comprehensive immigration reform and literally do nothing. democrats have had control of every branch of our government before multiple times and done nothing. the republicans are saying we need to have a secure border. then you have chuck schumer throwing out daca as if it has
8:27 am
anything to do with the current crisis happening on the border. it doesn't. there is a lot of room for conversations about daca and movement. that's not the crisis. we have people coming across the country and we don't know what they're doing. >> harris: 900,000 of them who don't want to be counted. there are millions who have turned themselves in. let's go to violent crime raging out of control in liberal-led cities and weighing heavily on the mid-term elections 36 days away. another topic that democrats are now jumping in to talk about. wow. a warning. some of the images we show you are graphic and disturbing. they aren't talking about these. a surveillance camera captured a brutal attack on an elderly jewelry store owner in delaware. he is hitting the man in the head with a hammer. he falls and then jumps over the
8:28 am
counter at one point and starts kicking him in the head. look at this. that person isn't even human any more. in los angeles we've seen chaotic scenes like the one you see on your screens now. looters grabbing hundreds of dollars in goods. new york city a victim of a horrific random attack inside a subway station is speaking out. i've seen so many people watch this video on "focus" and have a response of what happened to her. we're following her medical path. now all we know is she still may lose sight in one eye. also caught on surveillance camera watch this. >> how could they allow somebody like this to be on the street? who is the person supposed to be making sure he is inside and getting treated because of his negligence and keeping us safe and making sure we have the proper security that we need in our city? that something like this has to
8:29 am
happen. person has to lose their eyesight. >> harris: we pray for your recovery. a blistering headline in the "washington examiner" reads democrats have earned their soft on crime reputation. when you ask them it's crickets. >> you do, although i know that d.a. larry crassner from philadelphia came out and say we're doing a bang-up job. go to some of the maga states. it is a wonderful slight of hand. the will point to stats as missouri the number one state for violent crime being driven by kansas city and senility luis which account for half of all the homicides in the entire state. three reluctant to say anything. they believe, i think, that this is justified, this pain in the short term because their long-term plan is to reimagine public safety. in the short term means we're less safe. they think in the long term means that utopia of anti-
8:30 am
racist policies that will change criminal justice system for the better. it is clearly not working and voters are taking notice. >> harris: look, even jen psaki former white house press secretary for joe biden said if you back him, if you say -- pay attention to crime, by the way. we'll see what happens. jason rantz, great to see you. thank you. biden's student loan bail-out testing the trust of voters. why he is backtracking on his big promise the pay for everything. what will that do for all the democrats hanging on to that in a mid-term election? secret had ph balancing minerals; and it helps eliminate odor, instead of just masking it. so pull it in close. secret works.
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8:36 am
water. >> i was devastated seeing what was happening to the property and to my neighbor's place downstairs. it was hard to comprehend. >> harris: it is so hard to comprehend. tragedy in the after math of hurricane ian. lives and entire communities destroyed. officials confirming now from ian so far at least 80 deaths confirmed. the toll is expected to rise. we're told more than 1600 people have had to be saved by search and rescue teams. first responders say there is still a backlog of more than 500 more addresses to get to. cleanup getting underway in some of the hardest-hit areas. many in fort myers beach have lost everything. sanibel island is flattened. we know getting on and off the island via what you see on the right part of your screen will take a long time to fix if you
8:37 am
want to get on and off in a vehicle. senator marco rubio is outlining the state's response. >> i think now it starts to become more about search and recovery and then becomes the process of rebuilding to the extent possible, which will take years. some of these fort myers beach, sanibel. they'll never look the same again. these communities have been wiped out. >> harris: phil keating live in fort myers, florida. as you are out there and talking to a lot of people. what's going on for people out there? >> well, i will say this, harris, life is slowly improving here in extremely hard-hit lee and charlotte counties. tens of thousands of people have come here. not here are more grocery stores open. restaurants were opening and more gas stations but here people can pull up -- [inaudible] eat and get cases of
8:38 am
water and, of course, somebody that has no electricity desperately cannot make at home and that is ice. so everybody gets 2 or 3 bags of ice and they say it's one of the highest in demand. over the weekend, especially friday and saturday in particular, extremely busy with super long lines of cars and trucks restocking their dwindling pre-hurricane supplies. the national guardsmen and women say they're happy to help. many are coming here every day. their only option and they're so thankful. >> we're getting what we need to survive. these guys are awesome. they help so much. >> i'm so incredibly gracious. i come every single day but yesterday we had no ice here and i'm so happy to be able to give my 90-year-old parents ice.
8:39 am
>> fox news flew yesterday with the national guard over the worst of the destruction on the devastated barrier islands of fort myers beach, sanibel and pine island. they no longer have bridge access for residence. at this point sanibel says the number of residents remaining there are under 100. this line is smaller than it has been. that's a positive sign. at least the guard believes so. that people are less in need at this point. it is day five after cat four hurricane ian. as for the electricity, the power, 95% of lee county went without power immediately during the storm. today that number is 55%. so things are certainly slowly improving on the electricity front thanks to the 40,000 utility workers who have been working round the clock. >> harris: talk to me, if you will, about what people are doing just in terms of where
8:40 am
they are staying right now if they are out of their homes. are those shelters still filling up? are there any other sort of alternatives for them right now? hotels opening up? >> exactly. slowly but surely the hotels and motels are opening up getting the supply they need and staff they need. a lot of their staff first had to deal with the hurricane, the cleanup, and all of that. so people are either staying with friends or they have been able to return back home. clearly the people on the barrier islands they cannot return back home right now and the bridge connecting pine island, they are building a temporary one this week. rushing the job because the old one is simply going to have to be rebuilt. >> harris: sanibel's causeway is a long stretch of road. the governor said it will take a while to get it back. i'm so glad to see clean drinking water and people are
8:41 am
able to pick it up. we talked that it would be critical. god bless them there. thank you. >> yeah. thanks, harris. >> harris: the red cross is on the ground in florida leading efforts to help people recover and rebuild. fox corporation donated $1 million to the organization in support of its incredible work. fox is double matching employee donations to red cross hurricane relief efforts including ian and fiona. if you want to help, people affected by this historic storm, visit red forward. to politics now. both democrats and republicans laying into president biden after he quietly walked back part of his massive student loan hand-out. hundreds of thousands of borrowers are ineligible for that bail-out. the "new york post" editorial board put it this way. in reality, biden's roll out of his forgiveness program and
8:42 am
touting of it since is one big charade. the point isn't just that you better not count on a dime in loan relief. it is that you can't trust anything team biden says it will do or has done. fox business's edward lawrence is live with more. all right. he giveth and then he scraped it off the table. >> he is scaling back the program is what happened. 770,000 people will be left out of that program. now we've seen the numbers associated with this. the federal reserve estimates their research estimates it's $441 billion is what taxpayers will pay for this. congressional budget office is saying $400 billion. the president fighting back defiant defending his campaign promise no matter the cost. >> president biden: we can afford to cancel $10,000 in student debt and $20,000 if you have a pell grant. for americans making under $125,000. i don't want to hear a word from
8:43 am
those members of congress if you notice, whose families got tens of thousands of dollars and several million dollars in pandemic relief loan forgiveness. the same ones criticizing. give me a break, come on. >> shaming others but still costs taxpayers. the president moving forward regardless of the criticism and lawsuit. applications will be taken by the department of education this month. the application period will run through december of next year. republicans say this is just more unnecessary spending. >> the american people need a check and balance against a reckless, extreme, far left agenda that's been promoted by this administration and their leadership in the congress. there is no question in my mind that the american people will be looking for something that says we want to go in a different direction. >> no big changes in biden's policies. over energy or student loan relief. back to you. >> harris: so the american
8:44 am
public is saving $41 billion but still $400 billion. i want to make that clear. >> it's very expensive. it depends on who you look at. congressional budget office is not correct in some of the revenues they believe will come in associated with this. it is all guesstimation work. so somewhere between $441 and 400 billion is still a lot of money. >> harris: it is a lot of our money. yes, edward lawrence, thank you. mid-term elections are getting closers and democrats may be getting more worried. what new polling shows about senate races in particular in two key battleground states. and former president bill clinton with this stern warning to people on the left on what could sink them in november. power panel next. at newday usa we give veterans the va cash out loan with no upfront costs for an appraisal or termite inspection.
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>> harris: on "the faulkner focus" counting down to the mid-term elections 36 days away now. poll show things lightening in two key races for the senate. axios calling out democrats' new senate struggles. political battleground wisconsin a recent fox news poll shows voters prefer the incumbent,
8:50 am
republican senator ron johnson, over his democratic challenger mandela barnes by four percentage points. in pennsylvania, a fox poll shows democrat john fetterman letting his wide lead over republican candidate dr. oz slip away. remember a few weeks ago he was leading by double digits. and now it's a statistical tie when you mark in the margin of error there. it is tight. here is former speaker of the house newt gingrich. >> i think these two races are a great examples. mandela barnes is, in fact, remarkably left wing, pro- criminal, anti-public safety. not just anti-police. john fetterman has a long record voting to release murderers. in both those states crime is a huge issue and the radicalism of the democrats is an issue. in both states republicans are going to end up winning.
8:51 am
>> harris: power panel now. doug collins from georgia. david car lucci. great to see you both. doug, i'll start with you. take a look at where we see the races tightening in the very too important senate races. >> i think they're exactly right. the election we knew would get closer. people especially in wisconsin have seen this up close and personal and seen it in pennsylvania. two separate issues. criminal element. incumbent element is playing in johnson's favor and a governor's race affecting that race as well. in pennsylvania they don't know what to do with fetterman with the issues with his health and also with his record. now his record is coming back to being attacked and people are concerned about his health. republicans are coalescing around dr. oz. that's a big difference in the last couple months. >> harris: what's interesting to me, david. they don't know what to do with
8:52 am
the man who is lieutenant governor. how is it that people are just discovering some things about john fetterman now when it comes to crime? were they just ignoring it or they didn't know about it? people are hurting because of that crime. >> i think what's happening now is republicans are blanketing the airwaves, attacking the democratic candidates in wisconsin, in pennsylvania, across the country. on these two states particularly the republicans are doubled downing on crime. it's a good move. it's moving the needle. when you look at what voters really care about. >> harris: i promise to let you finish. double down on crime. did you hear when jen psaki said? you can pay attention to what they are putting in their ads and let it be your focus. maybe you come up with some answers. maybe it is about policy. maybe republicans don't have to double down on crime as a toying. maybe on your side of the aisle they could try to solve some of the problems.
8:53 am
>> i think it works both ways. the issue here what i was getting at is the economy is still the number one issue. etchings it is polled it's polled in different ways. what's real. the democrats are proving success. the inflation reduction act. canceling of student debt. help veterans pay their medical bills. what voters care about is action. we can debate whether it works or not but they are putting up a plan. republicans are just saying biden is wrong. >> harris: commitment to america. commitment to america. you should read it. that way you will at least know your talking points match with reality. they both have plans apparently. one plan is in motion and not working currently for the democrats. let's move to this. former president bill clinton has a mid-term message for democrats. he says let's not find ways to
8:54 am
lose. watch this. >> we lost the last two weeks of the 2020 election on defund the police and socialism. and that was our fault. we shouldn't have let that happen. people in the middle, especially like suburban, middle class voters, upper middle class voters are easy to split because they have something to lose. so all they have to do is sit around and think about what will i scare them with this election? >> harris: commitment to america is contract to america when republicans saw the kind of victories back in the 90s that they had not seen in decades, doug. >> i think that's the part. the difference is they see a plan from the biden administration that doesn't work. you can't say i passed a bill and think it works. it has to do something. clinton is right. the left has overtaken the party and taken it too far out in some of these key races. >> harris: do you think the voices on the far left, we're still hearing from them. the more moderates say they're
8:55 am
outnumbered. real quick. >> they're not outnumbered they get every newspaper publication and the publications that everybody pays attention to and the mainstream media goes straight to them. >> harris: thank you so much. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus." "outnumbered" after the commercial break. and longer when you need it most. its non-habit forming and powered by the makers of nyquil. i'm a performing artist. so a healthy diet is one of the most important things. i also feel the same way about my dog. we got her the farmer's dog sent in the mail. it was all fresh. i want my dog to have a healthy and long life. the farmer's dog helps that out. see the benefits of fresh food at the new subway series menu. the greatest sandwich roster ever assembled. for more on the new boss, here's patrick mahomes. incredible - meatballs, fresh mozzarella and pepperon- oh, the meatball's out!
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