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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 5, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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myself can see that was not a good idea, as you say. jack brewer, thank you very much. we always love to talk to you. we really pray for tua tagovailoa and the decisions he has a head. thank very much, sir. that is "the story" for october 25th, thank you for joining us this afternoon. have a great evening. we look forward to seeing you tomorrow. take care. ♪ ♪ >> n>> mr. president, welcome to florida. we appreciate working together across various areas of government, and the floor is yours. [applause] >> president biden: , the thank you for your hospitality. we are here today because we wanted to tell you in person we are thinking of you and we are not leaving, we are not leaving until this gets done. >> neil: inspiring moment and the sunshine state today, president biden tory ravaged
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florida and will meeting with governor desantis to put their differences to help hurricane ian victims get back on their feet. we have you covered with a void in fort myers with the latest on that meeting. steve, the recovery is just beginning. the white house john kirby and where these recovery efforts are going. welcome, everybody, a very, very busy news day and something rare you seek cooperation from both sides of the aisle because the people in florida demanded it but more to the point, the leaders offered it. momentarily. let's go to nate boyd in fort myers with more. >> good afternoon, neil a cordial vision cor to mike visit between president biden and governor ron desantis and over s over into fort myers beach. they were there recently and the president just left under an hour ago at this point and you
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mentioned it was cordial. the president said he has done a good job responding to this hurricane but governor desantis is very thankful of the government assistance he received. i wanted to show you a moment just again here fort myers beach pier they were also joined with leaders including the fema administrator as well as senators rick scott marco rubio, congressman byron mcdonald's, and listen to governor desantis how helpful the government has been. >> want to thank the administration who has approved 60 days of reimbursement for debris removal and you have some of these communities built for debris removal will be more than the annual budgets. so this is really, really significant help. >> neil, i can tell you on the ground, it is absolutely needed. so many lives just completely turned over and destroyed from this. president biden oriented southwest florida international
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airport 12:40 and then took a helicopter for the dam on the south florida post. then biden met with impacted residents, which there were a lot of business owners fort myers beach purity of this message for everybody after the hurricane. >> we are here today because we wanted to tell you in person that we are thinking of you and we are not leaving. we are not leaving until this gets done. i promise you that. >> so president's motorcade became saint carlos boulevard not long ago, neil. he and the first lady are set to fly out of southwest florida in 40 minutes at four: 40. we will send it back to you. >> neil: nate, nate boyd, let's go to steve in arcadia florida, steve. >> neil come officials say it will take a week for this water to drain. they have about 20 inches of rain in just a few hours time. it has destroyed some homes, damaged others and stranded a
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lot of trucks and cars. some of it carrying a precious cargo. >> can you tell me what happened to you? >> i was coming through and a guy in a big truck came through and splashed me. >> what kind of car do you got. and how are the dogs holding up? >> they are hot. yeah, they are all little babies. >> what are you doing? >> delivering them to their new families, eventually. >> if i have to i have to call local mechanic said two or three dates out before they can look at it. >> state police pushed that puppy delivery truck out of the water. after a few r's in the hot sunny, the puppies are on route to their new home has clean up near at desoto county continues. neil, back to you.
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>> neil: all right, thanks steve harrigan for the latest there. let's go to john kirby the national security council coordinator for strategic communications and his read on today's fast-moving developments. john, always good to see you. let me ask you first the president's commitment to provide whatever help it takes and however long it takes to florida. but these could be record numbers and record fema expenses. are we ready for that? >> yes. in a word, we are. it was important for the president to be down there to see for himself the extent of the damage. you heard his reaction and obviously it made it impact on him. and only submitted further his commitment to do all we can to help the people in florida for as long as it takes. he has double down the time of the disaster declaration for florida. 100% reimbursement for up to 60 days for debris removal. you heard him yourself in that clip.
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we are going to stay there. we are not going anywhere. >> neil: you know, if there have been a number as you know, john, all this money we have been giving to ukraine, congressman from the de soto area, it is coming at the expense of florida. what did you think of that? >> look, i hear the concern, but the truth is, it is just not the case. we have provided a lot of security systems to ukraine. impact, just yesterday, another $625 million. and you will see more in the coming days. that is not going to detract anyway the kind of support federal is speaking and the government will continue to provide to the people of florida as they begin to recover. we can do both at the same time. we are big enough for that and powerful enough for that. the president, you heard his commitment, clear today that we will stay at it. >> neil: if i can switch gears, john, we learn from opec and opec plus countries that they plan to cut production by
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words of $2 million a day. this is something the president did not want to see. do you think they deliberately stuck it to him? >> i will let them speak to their motivations. but i think as you saw from our statement, relate the president was appointed at this decision at a time when supply really matters particularly because putin is waging war in ukraine. and any cut to that supply actually works to the benefit of russia went it runs up the table and prices to get more revenue to finances we are making inside ukraine. very disappointing. i will let them speak to deliberate intentions what they were focused on. clearly, it is not the direction we want to be going to. >> neil: it is pretty clear we are more interesting and satisfying vladimir putin and then helping joe biden. what do you make of that? >> and he decreased to the global market supply, right, it serves to putin's benefit.
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>> neil: it also means we are relying on his supply and not all of our supply and we are capping more of our supply and critics in the administration have been saying that is the problem. it is not opec. it is also pursuing our own energy... >> i won't get ahead of the president's decision to go forward. i would just make a point here, because you know, record low production in the united states and on track for a record year in terms of domestic oil production. the president did release 180 million barrels outside of the strategic reserve. i think we have another ten coming this month before that extension. >> neil: but aren't we running out of oil and that reserve? aren't you concerned the 10 million additional barrels, we are running to low levels here? you can only tap so much. >> we are going to be working in looking at replenishment options and work with congress in addition with authorities. we increased at the number available to oil companies to
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drill in the united states. they are not taking full advantage of that. but to your other point... b1 the opportunity to pursue all that is limited and that is a multiyear process to get that stuff addressed. and there is a feeling that as soon as... i just want to get this out there, the administration is not eager to pursue this. if we can get it from somewhere else, so be it. because the push is on climate change, clean energy, i get that. but you are not in on everything. that is what is producing. >> but that is what i'm trying to say to you, we want to reduce our reliance on corn producers of fossil fuel. >> neil: they just cut 2 million barrels a day. we are upset about it as we should be. but that is a clear case of relying on them. >> we are on a record production year, oil production year of domestic yield.
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i will not get ahead of the president and the decisions he will make going forward, but we do want to reduce our dependence on foreign sources of fossil fuel. we also see the future as clean energy. if you look at the inflation reduction act, there was a lot of money put into advancing that sector and even a lot of the energy companies will tell you that is their future as well. we need to get to clean energy environment, and that will take some time. we know it is a transition. it will take some time. but that is where the president wants to go. >> neil: i don't want to go back and forth, you know, oil production is not all that. they were actually higher the year before covid and obviously covid change that. leaving that aside, the 10 million additional barrels you hope to get from strategic petroleum reserve after taking 180 million by the end of this month, john. >> that is right. >> neil: that is meant for super emergencies are actually war or worse. the discomfort and clear
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discomfort of high gas prices is a legitimate concern to your point. what are you worried that when it comes time to building this up, you know, we are going to be in a world of hurt. that thing will be almost empty. speak with the decision to tap into the reserve was not on the president took lightly. he understands the purpose of the reserve and why it is important to have that. we will work on replenishing the oil that we have been putting into the global market. as you know it is a global market that gets put on the market and the market sets the price. but what he is also trying to do is to everything he can domestically here to keep the price of gasoline at the pump going down. it is down $1.20 since the high point over the summer. we will continue to work on ways and work with congress on authorities to get that price down as much as we can. >> neil: all right, when you look at the economy right now and quite rightly, well off of our highs but still well off at the lows of the president
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assumed office. and now, there is this concern building that the timing of gas price increases couldn't be worse. five weeks before the midterms, but more importantly, the economy globally and the disruption and what is going on half a world away in europe, you know, with pipelines there. do you think that this gets much, much worse? that if europe is all but shut down and unable to get oil back on onstream, that the alternative is only going to be higher prices, much higher prices? >> obviously, we don't want to see that happening we are watching the market dynamics as close as we can call mcneil. we know that in her is coming and that is why we doubled to export natural gas to europe and the president in march, we are looking at other suppliers to help our european allies and partners out because putin is
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weaponizing this energy. look, these are obviously different markets and you're talking natural gas and will. they work on different dynamics but clearly what the president wants to see as the supply and demand are in some sort of equitable arrangement here. there is a balance appear that is why today's decision was so disappointing to the president because it upsets that balance that we were starting to get better at pier and so began, we will watch this closely. the short answer to the question is we are all watching options domestically and internationally with our partners. >> neil: the nord stream two and the sabotage germany and britain argues his sabotage. are you of the view that vladimir putin has sabotaged nord stream two? and twin pipelines at that? >> we are certainly of the butte this was an act of sabotage but we have not gone attributing to it at this point and we will respect that process. >> neil: we know that in the
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area when these first signs appear of leaking gas and the rest. but it would seem to connect russia to that. do you have any evidence otherwise? >> nope, we don't but we are just not at the point, neil, to get attributions for what we do believe is an act of sabotage. separate and distinct from that, it has been clear the last seven months, putin weaponize energy to old people hostage for an energy supplies. i can't say they were responsible for this. but it is very clear where putin is in terms of willing using energy sources punishing in a war that he started in completely unprovoked. >> neil: ukrainians, john, i know you are pressed for time, but the only way to end this is to give russia something may be formalized the fact that they own and con crimea.
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you heard their response. do you think the only way to end this is to give vladimir putin something, some land or keep fighting until he has to leave? you know, his tail between his legs? >> we would all like to see a diplomatic end to this work, but obviously mr. putin can do the right thing and end it and pull troops out. clearly, that is not going to happen. mobilization of 300,000 people tells you he wants to keep the war going. we all want to see it and as quickly as possible. we want to see it ended in negotiated settlement. neil, it is important president zelenskyy gets to be in the driver's seat when it comes to wind that negotiated settlement occurs and what is negotiated in the settlement. mr. zelenskyy wants to determine what victories looks like and success for ukraine. what we are going to do that he has the tools and capabilities
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to succeed on the battlefield, which he has been to succeed at the negotiating table when they get to that point. >> neil: so, when mr. zelenskyy's is not 1 inch of land, there is no middle ground. do you support him in that regard? >> president zelenskyy is the president elected of his country and elected chief and he gets to say what the success has his and we will respect him here it's point does administration hope that vladimir putin is overthrown? >> what we are hoping for and what we are working for is ukraine success here. ukraine success on the battlefield. ukraine success at the negotiating table. we want to see, quite frankly, ukrainian sovereignty fully respected by russia. our territorial integrity resumed and returned to them as is their right. for them to continue to exist as a sovereign, independent nation here that is what we want to see.
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>> neil: all right, john kirby, following all the fast-moving developments. we will take it back to florida in just a minute. and this cooperation that we have seen between forget they president of the united states or the governor, but democratic mayors. republican mayors and all sorts, united and helping the people in trouble. it is possible. today we saw it play out in florida. re company. nervive contains alpha lipoic acid to relieve occasional nerve aches, weakness and discomfort. try nervivenerve relief. ♪ ♪ from out of the blue, every room can be more innovative. with some of that. and a whole lot of this. meet our exclusive dent and scratch resistant stainmaster laminate. check out our most innovative products. only at lowe's. thinkorswim® by td ameritrade is more than a trading platform. it's an entire trading experience.
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♪ ♪ >> neil: all right, it is possible people still talking about the fact you have the president of the united states with a guy who could be his challenger in 2024 working together to deal with an issue together, even though politically miles apart. lee carter, we have seen this before. it is rare but the g.o.p. pollster extraordinaire on significant of days like this. i think we would be angry, lee, if we didn't see that on a day like today. but we need not worry. i'm just wondering, you know, how long does a sort of stuff last? >> i think a good mile. you are right and that these moments are really, really important for the people who are trying to heal. you want to see republicans, democrats, call people coming together in service of those that need the
1:22 pm
most. but looking back to during hurricane sandy when chris christie and president obama hugged each other, a lot of people said that was the end of chris christie's career. it wasn't. i think people want to see us rise to the occasion. that is somewhat not just now as the poster and researchers personal for me. i had four family members sell homes for the very first time. we heard exactly what we needed to hear. we were going to come together and do whatever it takes and joe biden said today we have one job, only one child and that is to make sure people implore to get everything they need to thoroughly recover. that is exactly what we needed to hear appear at the other thing that i think is important to note is the contrast between these two leaders and these two generations, frankly, stark when you saw how they spoke and delivered a message. at the end of those who will benefit the most? i think ron desantis. >> neil: obviously ron desantis has media concern obviously in florida right now in the aftermath of the storm
1:23 pm
but in five weeks or less than five weeks now, he is going to be up for reelection in florida. the poll numbers show him leading pretty substantially over the former governor, senator chris congressman. so i'm wondering if this number reflected at least partly his initial response to the storm. >> you know, they say leaders are forged in crisis. there was no question that ron desantis will 4 crisis when you think about his response to covid. how many flew into florida and you think about this moment, he has really lead people in places they never expected to be. there are so many people very, very hopeless about the situation in sanibel and the barrier islands and devastated so much of southwest florida. he immediately goes to action and announces there will be a temporary bridge on pawleys island. he is surpassing all expectations and putting dates
1:24 pm
out there to make people absolutely in awe of what the government can accomplish. it is not what we would expect to hear appear and certainly, you know a lot of the politicians are afraid to put things out they are endlessly missed them. so there is a lot of people excited by his ambition, motivated to see this kind of repair, but we know it will be a good long mile. he is clearly very, very prepared what might happen to florida and that speaks highly to him. >> neil: we will watch the ramifications of all of this, lee carter, thank you. just to alert you oil prices are rising so even with the administration indicating that will tap the street there strategic petroleum again. the opec is cutting production went out to peer that has a lot of people in the business community very, very nervous. i talked to one of them. when my last customer discovered a crack in his car's windshield, he scheduled at
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to heavily damaged after hurricane. how does florida come back? that we know. but what about real estate there and they draw out there up this? >> when we put more effort into the relationships, it can get this back more than we ever dreamt. >> with all of the activities we do to live the life we love, the factor really helps us take them on. we feel the difference all day, every day
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♪ ♪ >> neil: opec, opec plus companies by 2 million barrels a day and not surprisingly cut the amount of supply or promise to prices go up and they did today. it continue the run-up in gasoline prices we have been seeing now for the better part of two weeks and every day straight. martin durbin is worried about that the u.s. chamber of commerce peer of the fact we depend on opec to the degree we do and when they move to cut supply, it directly affects us. but we used to have a lot of that supply appear that supply used to be our supply. why do you think that is? >> that is exactly right and think you for having us on. this is a letter to the president along with 200 chambers of congress around the
1:30 pm
world. 47 different states represented from hawaii to new hampshire peer of the focuses on asking the administration to encourage greater domestic energy production. the chamber of commerce and most of these states that are not energy producing states understand the importance of being able to take advantage of our ability to be the large producer of oil and natural gas in the world. not only does that provide security for us here at home, but it allows us to provide the resources to our allies and partners around the world. at a time when we are at a global energy prices and the announcement like today from opec, now is the time we have got to get serious. we should have already been doing this, but let's get serious about long-term security domain security and producing more oil right here in the united states. >> neil: well, of course, we talked to john kirby and running at a record level but i believe they mean recent level and not where we were before covid hit
1:31 pm
the country. but leaving that aside, this idea that by tapping to strategic petroleum reserve yet again, that will mitigate things. we are still tapping that reserve. we are going to extend it, but we have already discovered in the last, you know, little weeks it has done little to reverse what has been an uptick somewhat in gas prices. where is this going? >> the strategic petroleum reserve is for emergencies. it is appropriate to use it, but it is a short term answer. we have to be focused on the long term here. and this is not only about inc. focused on our energy security, but also to focus on the energy transition that everyone is focused on. we've got to be able to make sure natural gas and oil continue by a drum roll to shore up the economy, our businesses, our family so we are not as vulnerable to opec or anyone else around the world
1:32 pm
deciding they are no longer going to produce. i think what is often missed in this story here is production oil and natural gas in the u.s. is among the cleanest in the world. if it is coming from the united states, it is not coming from russia which is the most dirtiest and the world. we don't have to rely on russia, venezuela, iran which are not as clean and efficient and responsible as production in the united states. >> neil: and countries not near as friendly. martin durbin, thank you very, very much. as he indicated, it is a big issue and he has been following the senate race where gas prices have become a very big issue indeed, rich. >> good afternoon, meal. they have. aaa says for nevada, for example, $5.53 the second ice for regular gas. prices are up across the west in the past week with washington state, arizona and oregon increasing $0.25 a gallo.
1:33 pm
california up $0.45 and alaska even more, $0.32 and about. we spoke with nevada drivers and many say inflation will factor into the midterm votes. >> it is really affecting my budget and stuff and how i spend normally because i have to focus more on spending a little gas to get the work there to work in the places i need to go. >> it's if we can get it back down to $3 a gallon. that would be great. >> will you be voting on gas prices? [laughter] >> to reduce them, yes. >> to unseat democratic senator cortez meso. we spoke after a camping event and he blame to get democrats focused on renewables over fossil fuels. >> right now the biden administration have both houses and they have crammed their progressive agenda on america. it is killing our state in every way imaginable. >> in response, cortez campaign
1:34 pm
offered the statement, "while i have been working to lower cost for nevadans, my opponent eventually defending the big oil companies profiting off of high gas prices. he supports an abortion ban in nevada is wrong and i will not let him drag us backwards. he says his opponent is highlighting abortion to distract from the economy inflation. he told us he would pose a new federal abortion ban, neil. >> neil: rich edson thank you very much. every time we see vladimir putin he is smiling or smirking or both at the same time. today, a little more courtesy of opec. we will explain after this. ♪ well the sun is shining and the grass is green ♪ ♪ i'm way ahead of schedule with my trusty team ♪ ♪ there's heather on the hedges ♪ ♪ and kenny on the koi ♪ ♪ and your truck's been demolished by the peterson boy ♪ ♪ yes -- ♪ wait, what was that?
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1:39 pm
particularly because of the war putin is waging in ukraine. in a coat to that supply works to the benefit of russia. >> neil: it is clear they were more interested in satisfying vladimir putin and then helping joe biden. what do you make of that? >> and a decrease to the global market supply right now serves to putin's benefit. >> neil: today did just that. vladimir putin just got a lot richer on paper and that is the currency for ongoing work. oil got a little pricier thanks to opec and opec+ countries cutting payrolls by $2 million a day. the former cia station chief in moscow. dan, the read up that was pretty clear from opec. you know, we will help vladimir out even if it doesn't help joe biden out. they couldn't care less about the latter. what did you make of that? >> it is not going to change the fact that russia has serious
1:40 pm
problems with the morale and their troops with their logistical supply lines. as well as a lack of equipment, basic equipment peer they are importing drones from iran and artillery from north korea. this will hurt u.s. consumers and the u.s. economy. when the united states is trying to be the arsenal for democracy and that is costing us billions of dollars to support ukraine with military and other assistance, it just got a lot more difficult. i think that is where the challenge is going to be for us, frankly. >> neil: i just wonder, dan, opec is not dummies and they know their actions will lift the underlying price and we don't know how long, of course, but we do know that can be long-term foolish. because from prior experiences in the 1970s, they overdid it. and eventually shut them down two years later. so they are playing with fire here, right? >> they are and this is going to be an issue in the midterms and
1:41 pm
may induce, of course, correction and u.s. policy. we will have to see about that. the russians have fixating [speaking non-english language] your shirt is close to your skin so they are thinking about their own interests but as you point out correctly the interest could be shortsighted. >> neil: what it made amazes me about you, dan, you know so many languages but i barely got english down. i digress. let me ask about what now for ukraine? out of the blue, vladimir putin and foreign territories and all of a sudden and all of a sudden reconquer or look like they are reconquering one of the four territories. back and forth about what would make vladimir putin leave. i would imagine if the soldiers continue to have this type of difficulty, it could be sooner than we think. what do you think westward >> vladimir putin is desperate. that is why he announced russians first mobilization since the second world war. that is why he's making nuclear
1:42 pm
threats, to induce the biden administration not to provide artillery, ukraine needs to finish the job. and of course, he annexed the territories. now, that is writing a big check, whole lot of rubles his military can't cash. because the line is being extended eastward day by day. ukrainians are offering a blistering counter offense. and the only thing that just might stop them is if they the fighting season ends with the weather. we get severe temperatures and snow that could diminish ukraine's ability to take this fight all the way to the finish. you know, russia has bombed too many hospitals and schools and >> neil: we have more protest and more, among those 300,000 servicemen cold up and many trying to get the heck out of the country.
1:43 pm
so they appear to be increasingly at a breaking point and russia or are they? >> they are. vladimir putin is using the military and intelligence services to go to the border and tried to bring those russian military aged males back to the center of russia so that they can serve in the military. so russia's resources are for sure very stressed right now. vladimir putin is at his most vulnerable point right now. his inner circle under incredible pressure, the administer of defense, the fsp director and national security advisor over putin's failed strategy and a race to see whether those guys think about moving putin or he gets to them first. because there will be some scapegoats. putin is facing pressure from right-wing ultranationalist hawks holdings be accountable for the fact he did not deliver a victory in the special military operation he called in
1:44 pm
days. instead, rushes losing and losing badly. >> neil: and that is getting on at this time. thank you, dan, very much for that. in the meantime, the hurricane that completely change florida, but for its real estate has the boom become a bust? more on that after this. so you only pay for what you need! (limu squawks) he's a natural. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ my most important kitchen tool? my brain. so i choose neuriva plus. unlike some others, neuriva plus is a multitasker supporting 6 key indicators of brain health. to help keep me sharp. neuriva: think bigger. the day you get your clearchoice dental implants makes every day... a "let's dig in" day... mm. ...a "chow down" day... a "take a big bite" day...
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♪ ♪ >> neil: you know, you see a lot of before and after pictures of florida. and taking look at fort myers beach to the left of your screen before. and of course, post-storm. you can easily say the left represents boom and the right represents may be florida bust. the katrina encampments and experts extraordinaire. the host of mansion global on fox business. i believe it premieres wednesday october 19th. >> it does, neil. >> that is the anniversary of the stock crash. but you say this is a big difference here. that the market clearly is getting hit right now. but the real estate market is still strong. explain. >> my belief has always been and i've been doing this for two decades. >> neil: right. >> i love the networking...
1:49 pm
b1 you are staying under the knife. explain what is happening. >> the home space is very important to the american people. let's face it, everything starts at home. family values, s values, stability, wealth, you know homeownership is the main way to accumulate wealth throughout our lifetime. so, that is why i believed back when you and i first started when covid hits to my housing would bring us out of the procession. now, we have this hurricane in florida. many people asking, wilbert florida recover? i believe florida is extremely resilient and people are pausing more because of interest rates as opposed to hurricanes. you know it goes with the territory in florida. >> neil: i was asking in the break come a lot of people did not know that. i am wondering especially newcomers the new u workers, new jerseyans and myself, made the drive more a hazard and i can say that but do you think that that is making people
1:50 pm
say, oh, the other part of the state is this. it has always been there and you have looked at countless storms and real estate has gone up through it all, but this has been a different occasion that we've had so many millions of people who have made it out the third biggest state the country. a pauses in order. what do you think? >> i arrived to new york and i'm trying to get back home to miami. my flight was delayed and tomorrow i'm going home. all the flights are booked. we asked why that is peer that is because a lot of floridians have places in new york that came up and they are headed back. so, i think people may, obviously pause because it might be a little bit of a shock when you move to florida. florida, again provides a quality of life that everybody loves, including new yorkers. it will be very difficult, obviously, to rebuild but governor desantis is doing a great job of working on that. i think insurance will be an issue in florida. i do think that.
1:51 pm
>> neil: that will go through the proverbial roof. we don't know the impact but we know the florida numbers have not budged dramatically. there were more homes and listings for a while, but i think you touched on it about interest rates. the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage closing on 7% peer that could be a game changer right there more than anything mother nature issued. >> i agree 100% because we were spoiled and have low interest rates. i know you mentioned before you had 12%. my parents had 14%. but we did get spoiled when we have 2%, 3%. 7% is definitely a shock. >> some people have been priced out of the market. >> absolutely. >> neil: the markets picked up a slight tick from two days of gains. that is the currency for a lot of deals. the collateral for a lot of deals. how important is the stock market to these transactions? >> i believe the stock market is
1:52 pm
extremely important not only liquidity but the psychology of it. if the portfolio is down, you will be careful with your money. if the portfolio is up, you will spend more on housing. you will do innovations to your home here and so i do think that the stock market plays in part to the effects of housing. >> neil: i have to give you credit. you were very optimistic when everyone was dire appearance maybe this has been overdone. but where does the attention shift? people look at the golf side and say i better not be there even though far fewer storms until now. in the east coast is a different matter. what is the story? >> interesting and i fort myers was one of the top markets in florida. this last year. and that is what got hit so unfortunately i think it will take time to rebuild. tampa is doing well, palm beach is on fire and tremendous the past few years. born and raised in miami and
1:53 pm
traffic is god-awful because everybody is migrating there. spray went they showed tempers and their horns. all right, thank you very much, katrina. she really does know what she speaks, catherine hogle. october 19, fox business, but that is kind of a expertise you cannot get. she provides it for you. and i show she's always walking around, running around and puts it into perspective. we have been through worse in real estate has been through a lot worse. it always comes back. . stay ... all that talent! ♪ this is how we work now ♪ thinkorswim® by td ameritrade is more than a trading platform. it's an entire trading experience. with innovation that lets you customize interfaces, charts
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: all right, florida will rebuild, the message from the president of the united states and florida governor working hand-in-hand to make that sooner than better. kevin anderson, joining us right now. how are things going right now where you are, sir? >> so, thank you for asking, neil. just to clarify, the city of fort myers is really a small and as a ability within lee county. and within the city itself, things are going extremely well. we've got more than 85% of the power back on. water is coming back on. our roads are clear. we are starting to prepickup.
1:58 pm
so, things are progressing very nicely. we saw the big challenge. >> neil: i understand lee county is where a lot of the search and flooding occurred and drownings had occurred. how is it looking now? as you look at the whole county? >> i was down at the president's press conference at fort myers beach this afternoon. so, i got to see the beach area for the first time. it is devastated. it is going to take a while for the beach to recover. >> neil: you know i was thinking fort myers and you would know this better than i would, that was the draw across the country. fort myers the biggest boom town in the country. obviously, there is a world of hurt there. and hoping to build up again, but how do you see it going the rest of the year? and then into next year? >> well, i think we are very resilient as a community.
1:59 pm
for example, pizza place right in the heart of downtown got flooded. as soon as the storm was over comically the owner was cleaning up and opened up on thursday and have a line around the block gig people pizza peer that is what we are seeing, people are clearing out the flooded store space, cleaning up their homes, and they are moving forward. i guess the best way i heard it is, i'll hurricane gave us a good punch, he did not knock us out. >> dome xp kit don't like >> neil: what makes florida tech in the eyes of the world but space excellence going on 150 miles in where you, if that was not a sign that florida remains a thriving mecca, i don't know what is. >> oh, absolutely. we will bounce back we will bounce back bigger, better, and stronger. >> neil: i have no doubt.
2:00 pm
mayer, it is great to talk to you, fort myers, florida, mayor echoes what we heard from so many floridians and those who acknowledge the fact they are in a world of hurt right now. but like we have seen in previous storms and disasters, they have a way of climbing out of it and all the more. we wish them well. i know we have their back. we will continue to appear that will do it here. here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone dana perino, jesse watters, jessica tarlov, greg gutfeld, 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the media is freaking out after months of legal trauma and uncertainty. elon musk is closing in on his blockbuster deal to buy twitter with a stated goal of restoring free speech. the world's richest man making a surprise offer to go through with his bid to buy the


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