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tv   Sunday Night in America With Trey Gowdy  FOX News  October 9, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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it is so frustrating the media goes on with it. we are out of time. i know you have a strong view but the media are so corrupt. thank you for watching. never miss a show and we will see you next sunday when "the ♪ ♪ trey: thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, it's "sunday night in america," fbi believes there is sufficient evidence to charge hunter biden with violations of tax, and gun statutes accords to media reports fbi doesn't make charges decisions. federal prosecutors do. so the matter now sits with u.s. attorney in delaware. hunter biden's lawyers have asked for a chance to presents information before final charging decision is made, and under investigation since betwee
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2018, most in media either buried that story or claimed it was rushed disinformation. -- or it was russian disinformation, two things worth noting agents, prosecutors members of grand jury take an oath not to leak information, someone violated that oath. leaks in past have hurt republicans and democrats, but mainly the leaks hurt a justice system, in need of a reason to respect it. secondly, this marks 1,000 th time adam schiff has been wrong about something, he told you this was all russian disinformation, how do you think that dc media would treat a republican member of congress who is wrong as much as adam schiff is? >> joining us now former united states attorney from great state of texas,
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congressman from texas, director of national intelligence john lee radcliffe. this did not turn out to be russian disinformation, did it? >> well, you correctly pointed ut this is a two year anniversary this week of an effort by democratic chairman of house intelligence committee to create a lie that the allegations that may result in criminal charges against hunter biden and other members offed biden family was russian disinformation that lie was perpetuated by 51 intelligence former intelligence officials mostly democratic appointees from obama administration, then amplified by social media flat forms and mainstream media, that took place too mislead and misrepresent to american people who was happening and put it in perspective, two years ago this week. that i was having conherring as with bill barr, attorney
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general and fbi director christopher wray about need to put out public statements to not counter who china was doing or russia or iran was doing to meddle in the 2020 election. trey: you and i could not get away with what he has gotten away with, you were once you u.s. attorney in great state of texas. let viewers know, it doesn't mean that prosecutors will go forward, what do you think that u.s. attorney is avam waitievaluating right now. >> if the leaks are accurate and u.s. attorney is evaluates tax fraud charges, if u.s. attorney has them,
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they have already been reperu reviewed and approved twice in department of justice if they are following protocol, they have to start review with irs district council, then the doj criminal tax division has to green light it before it gets to u.s. attorney. if the u.s. attorney in delaware is looking at this, this is little doubt there is sufficient evidence to of probable cause to charge hunter biden with tax fraud. that is he received income he didn't declare on taxes. my guess is they are eva evaluating hunter biden hunter biden 's defense, saying, yeah i did it but i was an alcoholic or a drunker at tdrunk at the time, i am surprised that two years after having
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corroborating information in a laptop and corroborating witnesses talking about foreign agent re registration violations, that the leaks are not about those types of charges, i would have expected that at-this-point. trey: i hope his defense is better than i was drunk and high, unless the world has changed, i don't think voluntary instoc instoc intoxication is much of a defense. >> and now north korea is acting badly again, breakin making threats, what should your viewers? should they be worried or say just the craze rocket man? >> you see north korea doing unprecedentedded things they have not done in a language
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period of time -- long period of time, two weeks ago they fired ballistic missile over japan, and now there are reports that north korea may be preparing to test nuclear weapons for the first time in over 5 years. you know i don't think it is a coincidence they are happening now with the administration that has rewarded escalatory and provocative behavior. when ran started rattling nuclear weapons sabre, they got offered a trillion dollar sanctions relief deal, and kim jong-un in north korea wants sanctions relief and a piece of the action, he understands that administration, sometimes this bad behave wo behavior is rewarded. trey: another allegation against hunter biden involves making false statement in application for a firearm, let's walk down
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memory lane, do you recall what media and mueller's prosecutors got animated go false statements, they could not think of a prison sentence long enough for someone who made false stations. do you believe that will be the same reaction? >> there have been a lot of questions about even-handed application of justice, folks will recall roger stone prosecutors wanted 7 years for lie ing to congress, when bill barr reduces it to 40 months people called for hiss ric, contrast that with trump hating fbi director director andy mccabe who lied to congress 4 times under oath, his punish ament was to get fired from the fbi and sentenced to work for low rating cnn. if hunter biden is charged with false statements and either convicted or pleads
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guilty, it will be interesting to see how the mainstream media and others approach this you know the even-handed application law from bob mueller and others says this is a very serious offense. trey: if we could work around your golf schedule, i look forward to having you back omple thank you for joininon, thank you for joining us. trey: coming up former president donald trump is asking supreme court to intervene in his case with department of justice, what does he want? former doj official, john yu is joining us next on sunday night in america. who's on it with jardiance? ♪ ♪ we're the ones getting it done. we're managing type 2 diabetes and heart risk. we're on it with jardiance.
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trey: welcome back to sunday night in america, former president donald trump asked supreme court to reverse 11 circuit court of appeal which reversed part of what florida trial judge orders, so a reversal of a reversal i think would put us back to where we started. and we'll need professional help. we bring in former deputy assistant attorney general john yoo. what is the former president asking this supreme court to do? >> great to be back. you got it right. judge cannon appointed a master to review 11,000 documents that fbi seized from mar-a-lago.
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to make sure they are not protected. her order, was reversed by the 11 circuit, appeals court that includes florida, as to just the hundred classified documents that fbi found, those the appeals court said the justice department can continue to use in the investigation, doesn't have to go through the review process. so now, the trump lawyers have gone to u.s. supreme court said, please reverse that one piece that hundred classified documents parts of the order that have been accepted from the general view by the special master, a reversal of a reversal would bring us back to judge canon's original order of appointing a special master. trey: if i'm right, i should stop. but i'm not going to, i'll ask another question. are there some things as you look at this case in and
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chronology, that trump's lawyers could have appealed or asked for? >> a great point. you remember, from your practicing days the real question, what is donald trump's end game? what does he really want to achieve. even if you were to win at the supreme court, judge dearie, he is doing his review as to all other documents, he may will be finished in a month, it might not mean that any appeal of the supreme court will make that big of a difference. i think they are both the justice department and donald trump, they are testing i've other, they know they -- each other, they know they will be back in court about something else, probably something more do with january 6 investigation. i don't think that there is really any important legal issue that has nationwide significant that was draw will attention of supreme court. i think that president trump is playing for more time.
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trey: you have studied these issues for most of your life. to our viewers are not as familiar with the way this works. the is up we is divided to judicial circuits, this is the 11th. is the supreme court divided where one justice gets to hear matters from a circuit who is that justice, what did cacan he do and what is their options. >> i have to remind something boater to do with my life -- better to do with my life. the country is divided in to 13 circuits. florida is 11th. when there are emergency appeals like that that require immediate attention of supreme court, there is a justice who is assigned for each of those circuits to handle the emergency actions, this case justice clarence thomas, i clerked for him 30 years ago.
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he makes an initial decision and will send it to supreme court for all 9 justice to decide, only thing to decide, is this important enough to stop the appeals court and bridge the case up -- bring case up to u.s. scwowr supreme court to hear oral arguments briefing, they usually do that only in most important time sensitive cases where something nationally significant is at stake. trey: all right that leads to my final question. chief justice roberts said there are no obama judges no bush judges or trump judges, they are just judges, people who look at thomas say he is a conservative therefore he must rule this way, they may be wrong, right? >> that is a wrong way to look at this supreme court or lower court judges, i think that justice thomas will look at standards here, i would be very surprised to
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see justice thomas or the supreme court reach down and intervene into this case, i think they would rather 1 circuit and judge canon and judge dearie figure it out. trey: professor john yoo thank you for joining us on a sunday night. >> thank you, trey. trey: up next, governors are chief executives like president, arkansas governor asa hutcheson is one of them he is joining us next on "sunday night in america." bipolar depression. it made me feel trapped in a fog. this is art inspired by real stories of bipolar depression. i just couldn't find my way out of it. the lows of bipolar depression can take you to a dark place. latuda could make a real
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with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. entrust you heart to entresto. trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," people may not like washington or national politics but there are some very popular governors across the country delivering results for their states. we kicked off a new series with governors across the country, tonight we are pleased to welcome arkansas governor asa hutchinson, he is one of the most popular governors in country having bucountrwon -- reelection.
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he attracts good jobs and new residents and devoted time and resources to improving the state a education system. >> joining us now arkansas governor asa hutchinson, thank you governor for joining us on a sunday night, tell us about what good things in the great state of arkansas. >> thank you, trey, good to be with you, appreciate your show and your service in congress. you are right i've served in congress in the administration but there is not a better job of leading the state like arkansas, here in this state we lowered taxes when i came in to office we had 7% individual income tax rate. that has been lower to 4.9 percent. we had zero dollars in our reserve accounts, now we have over 1.2 billion dollars in reserve. you mentioned education, that is critically
10:26 pm
important. i said 8 years ago i wanted to put computer science in every high school in arkansas, we did that we became a national leader, we went from 1100 students take computer science to over 12500 and shrunk the size of government, my goal to grow the private sector of our economy more than government. we have reduced by 14% our state employees we're paying them more we are utilizing technology to deliver services. and because of all, that we -- this week we had announcement from tyson some headquarter job from illinois are moving back to arkansas, this is great news for us, our economy is growing. wea -- we're delighted with the future of our state. trey: you are modest in your
10:27 pm
resume, you were u.s. attorney, and dea administratadministrator, what is the main difference between serving in state government and federal government. you have done both. >> well, first of all, you are dealing with issues that they impact everyone's lives whether you are in washington or here. but they can call you up here, they know you. and so that is what is nice, it is more personal in the state, but you are held accountable to get things done, not enough to kick it down the road, we mentioned some of our success stories, but you know our foster children, we had our foster children program and crisis we didn't have enough foster parents, i created a task force that worked on this and improved our foster care. and start a reentry program to help those wants to second chance coming out of prison.
10:28 pm
these are just simple problems that you are having to address and held accountable. you work across the aisle, main of our proposal get democrat and republican support, you are able to work as a team more looking at what is best for our state and our country. and so there are still partisan divide, obviously, when you come across the pandemic we kept our schools open and kept our businesses open. and that was a difference in leadership among blue states and red states, proud of what we did here in this state of arkansas and keeping everything open. trey: governor, arkansas i believe has term limits, you are not running for reelection. because you cannot run for reelection, you are term limited. is there any job out there that would entice you want to stay in public service. >> you are right. we have two 4-year terms, i
10:29 pm
end in january, i have a lot to do between now and then, finishing strong. but, whenever been involved in public service, and the private sector seeing the impact of what happens in washington on our lives, you want to continue to make a difference, i look for that opportunity, you ask about only one job that would temp me to public service that is just simply because. the crying need in our country for leadership, for change of our energy policy, to get a handle on inflation and to have the respect across the globe for ronald reagan a stro's strong and free america, that is what i would like to see, we'll see what happens in january. trey: governor, i not notice you can't went to college in south carolina,
10:30 pm
if you retire, i believe that beaches in south carolina may be better than beaches in arkansas we would love to have you back in south carolina. >> i'll be there, i know what spartanberg, i went to school in greenville, i'll go back there, what a great state. and i had a computer science conference there that they are doing well in, i wanted to brag on on them. trey: great, next time are here, let me know, i'll take you to play golf, thank you for joining us on a sunday night governor. >> thanks, trey, appreciate it. trey: up next new york congrnew york all across the country, people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work, helping them achieve financial freedom. we're providing greater access to investing, with low-cost options to help maximize savings. from the plains to the coasts,
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elise stefanik has a race of her own and working hard to win back the house, he would lovserve in leadership possession, welcome back congresswoman stefanik, thank you for joining us, where do things stand. >> we have 30 days, there is so much at stake. when i travel my district in upstate new york, we hear from voters about historic inflation. gas prices and home heating bills increases since joe biden took office, and hear of crime crises in new york state and breaking news about shootings that occur outside our gubernatorial republican nominee lee zeldin and the border crisis. republicans in a opportunity to win, if we pick up 35 seats we'll make history, we have the most talented recruited class of candidates to be the most diverse group of newly
10:37 pm
elected members of congress in our nation's history. trey: congresswoman. we sat beside each other on the committee and floor, you know how cynical i am. i'm asking a question rooted in that house -- joe biden will be in the white house until january 2025. no matter what. what is a realistic way to balance this is what we want to do ledg legislatively but we don't have a president that will sign what we want. want. >> the commitment is based on 4 pillars. with the economic issues, stopping the trillions of wasteful reckless spending that fueled that inflation crises, republicans will do that immediately when we earn back the house. and we have to work hard to earn back senate, it will be
10:38 pm
our job to send as much legislation to president biden's desk, he will make that decision to sign or veto it, i hope he will work with republicans, that is up to him, republicans will fight on behalf of the american people to hel save america and focus on the economic issues and unleash american independence there is a lets that average american family is concerned brepublicans have solutions and regulation - -- legislation to move in first hundred days. trey: you had a bird's-eye view. two impeachments, and russia, you were on intelligence committee, how do you balance ledge lake alegislation with investigation, you will have
10:39 pm
members that want to investigate a lot. >> you have to do both. one major role of congress is oversight capacity, having a government that is accountable. with border crisis for example, making sure we call secretary mayorkas under oath and hold him accountable for their failure to secure the southern border, there are a lot of investigations that need to happen, i am working on a local issue, there was a deadly limousine crash in upstate new york, the owner of that company was a long time fbi infor informants. we have to have oversight over the agents that run wild, they work for the american people and congress' job through power of the purse and investigations will be an important parts of making sure we have a government that is accountable.
10:40 pm
trey: i want to ask you for update on lee, if there is one information -- more information, last i read he is okay, and wife okay and daughters, what is latest on that incident on congressman lee zeldin's home. >> we are grateful and thankful his twin daughters, who are 16 years older safe, they did the right thing and action immediately calling 911. lee and his wonderful wife, diana were marching in a columbus day parade in the pronchs, t bronx. the girls were doing homework at home. and the crime shows up on your doorstep, we need to vote to turn out and save new york by electing lee zeldin this november. trey: hard to imagine, two young girls doing their homework on sunday afternoon
10:41 pm
and they wind up calling 911. steve hilton will have a reaction from congressmanly zeldin on the next revolution. later on night, thank you so much congressman elise stefanik. >> coming up, you wouldn't know if it all you do is watch the news but there are strong bonds of trust between police and communities they serve. the widthe widt widow of i think i changed my mind about these glasses. yeah, it happens. that's why visionworks gives you 100 days to change your mind. it's simple. anything else i can help you with? like what? visionworks. see the difference.
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trey: welcome back to "sunday night in america," almost 7 years ago, a call went out, suspicious person was in parking lot of richland mall in colombia, south carolina. you know what happens next. we avoid the area. we stay tucked in our homes or cars and wait on someone else this make sure that everything is okay. someone like greg aaliyah, a graduated of u.s. of south carolina, eagle scout, husband to beautiful wife, father to newborn son. he responded. greg didn't make it home at the end of that shift, he was shot and killed investigating what others consider a routine police call. the story could have ended there, his wife kasi did not let it happen, she did what should of us could never do,
10:47 pm
offer words of forgiveness on the man who killed her husband, he was sentence to life without parole, and kasi made her life a positive connection. >> some good too. kasi started a nonprofit called serve and connection, hosted a special grocery packing events at a walmart not far from where her husband was killed, an 1. they got help. joining us now a really special person. doing her best to serve the same community her late husband greg served, kasi thank you so much for joininjoining us. tell us about the grocery packing event. >> thank you, trey.
10:48 pm
a joy to be back with you. a joy to share about this amazing events. it was a beautiful day. sun was shining, we had police officers from nearly 50 agents across the state packing side by side with community volunteers. they packed 2000 boxes in under an hour. by favorite parts of the day was the love that was there. as you shared, i started this work for some painful reasons. when greg was killed, the hate and negative around us intensified my grief. such a lonely feeling, but thursday. it was love and healing and
10:49 pm
action. it gives me hope. trey: i was go -- i can imagine i know you, i know your reaction, i can imagine the police felt great about it the community's reaction. tell us about that. were they grateful for the chance to interact with the police officers in a setting like that? >> absolutely. so the theme of this events was beyond the box to show how we go beyond the box to make a difference, connecting people with resources that the community, and building trusting relationships. and we encouraged our police partners to invite members of community to join them. a favorite story of the day was barnwell county sheriff office invited an entire classroom to join, they almost didn't make it, there was something about the bus driver but the school director was so committed to
10:50 pm
having them there he drove the bus themselves, he said the kids were so proud to be there, on the way back it was chatter and pride and i love that so much. you know. our officers they give, they give and they are asked to do more and more with less and less. they need their community working side by side with them. and that is what we saw on thursday. what i look forward to seeing more of. trey: you know, the officers do need that. but i think we need good news in the correct pro portion, bad news gets all of the attention. i think you shared with me the story of a officer who stopped a car and bought a car seat rather than issuing a citation. how do we get focus on that good story instead of negativity. >> i think love is so much stronger than hate. that is what we're seeing
10:51 pm
through greg's groceries, story after story of officers making an impact to like lieutenant westley from columbia police department, within minutes of hearing about a woman in need, showed up at her doorstep with a box of greg's groceries, the woman called my afterwards crying, wanting to tell him when a blessing he was. that is how it happens. one interact at a time. we're seeing it healing the people receiving the box and the officers as well. i'm proud to be a part of that. trey: kasi, i'm proud to you know, speak of blessings, your attitude is a blessing. to those of us who have been fortunate enough to be around it thank you for joining us. look forward to seeing you soon, i hope in colombia. >> absolutely, thank you so, much, look forward to more good things to come. trey: pleaing a life is a tough job even on the days do you make it home alive.
10:52 pm
pay is not good, hours are long. and people sometimes are not happy to see you, there are not that mone many jobs where you need a bullet proof vest and a firearm to go foe go to work. it has become more difficult because of all of the rhetoric. it was defund the police. the media bought it. that is what we heard, defund the police, except the voters done like it, voters know we need police as long as there are people who break the law and have no regard for life, property or well being of officers, we have government because of the human condition is glawed. flawed. we have militaries and borders and doors and locks because the human condition is flawed. despite the obvious, some on
10:53 pm
the left want to defund the police still, instead of calling a cop when someone is breaking into your home, they would like you to call a social worker, a psychologist or a life coach. logically the defund the police move ament was a train wreck, politically worse, the smart politicians to lif left figured out, we need to stop talking about something as stupid as defunding the police, this is a dumb idea. there are not enough protesters to talk about us defunding police, most stopped talking about it they forgot no tell congresswoman corey bush, watch and listen. >> the thing about defund police we have to tell the internarrative. people here defund police, san jose, say reallocate, say divest, remove, but still the same thing. >> if you could do it again
10:54 pm
would you still double down or use that slogan defund the police. >> absolutely. >> you would? trey: i'm not sure where to start. she said we can't get caught up on the words, what else would we get caught up on this what else would we focus on? body language, words matter, that is why we use them to communicate. how are we to know you prefer word divest over defund? divest is a word too. she want us to say divest the police. well, the word means to deprive. to strip away to take away. that is like defund, but worse. she said people spend too much time on the word defund, there are only 3 words in the phrase, defund the police, the does not warrant were time, we could talk about police but at point a reporter might ask you, what do you want to do with the police, there we are right back at at the
10:55 pm
word defund, now divest. divest the police? i think we have it yo now. >> joining us now fraternal order of police national vice president joe gamaldi, thank you for joining us. police agencies are suffering shortages, they are having a really difficult time recruiting and retaining officers? >> yyou are right. i have been a police officer for 17 years, i have never seen it this bad. retirements are up 45%, resignation up 25%, we can't get anyone to takes job, applications are down 83% in chicago, in new jersey down 90%. and do you really blame anyone at-this-point? we have been called murderers and spit in our face and beaten up for better part of a decade, the smart, intelligence people who are interested in life of service, the people that
10:56 pm
we wowp want in law enforcement are taking their talent else where. we're ending up lowering -- lar already starting we're taking people with criminal histories and drug histories, as a result overall profession of the law en officia enforcement goes down, we're on the road to not having a professional law enforcement if this keeps up. trey: always been a hard job. always been a hard job. but at least the cops and the officers i knew they fell that public appreciated them. had their back. they could take pride in what they did because there was public support. which makes me wonder if the political rhet rhetoric is brayinplaying a royal. have you had a politician explain to you how gets rid of police would make us safer. >> no, no one can descre
10:57 pm
scribe -- describe it. think the arrogance of congresswoman bush to push defund police after we just experienced highest murder rate in 30 years, and this disproportionately affected black americans in her home state of missouri, they have highest number of black americans murdered per capita. not a peep from her on that. their lives don't matter i guess, her hypocrisy knows no bounds, she advocates to befund police she maintains a private security force to make sures she is safe, she does not give a damn about our cum community, our rhetoric divides the community and police officers she putted her ideaic ideology over innocent lives, she is an embarrassment. trey: does the word tie invedivest make you feel
10:58 pm
any better? i went to a pub talk scho public school in south carolina, even i know they mean the same thing. >> you know it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. whatever word salad she uses to fool american people, the american people are not stupid, they know who is calling to defund police, you can bet when they do midterms, they will hold the people accountable who did this they know that crime is through the roof. trey: we have a minute. two questions. what can we do to get more folks interested in a very noble profession, law enforcement. and what can the public, not
10:59 pm
corey bush or not democrat politicians but the public do to show they actually do surare support overwhelming majority of police officers who are very good decent men and women. >> i work the streets every night. ifure out there in public -- if you are out there in public and you see a police officer, tell them thank you, you have no idea what that means to us, you make our day or week. todo thatdo that and show your support for law enforcement, locally with your elected officials let them know you want a fully funded police department and highest training standards for law enforcement. we attract the right people to our profession, maybe we can turn the ship around. trey: joe, any kopp cop, that you see, between now and next time we talk tell them that i appreciate them.
11:00 pm
forget about pay, forget about the danger, they are willing to do things other people are not. tell them thank you and thank you for joining us on sunday night. trey: thank you for spending part of your sunday with us, good night from south carolina, "life, liberty and levin" is up next. ♪ how close the world could be to. the president says of putin is not joking about the possibility of major escalations as russia's war on ukraine falters. an oil origination/production the white house new help to bring down gas prices. correct a lot of alternatives we have made up her mind at records and bring former secretary state mike pompeo on how the u.s. should respond to ruia


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