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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 11, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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you're sitting on a goldmine. call coventry direct today at the number on your screen, or visit ♪ ♪ >> hello, everyone, this is "outnumbered." i'm emily compagno here with my cohost, kayleigh mcenany and harris faulkner. also joining us, mercedes schlapp and raymond arroyo. we begin with a big political stunner, tulsi gabbard ran as a democratic candidate during the last election cycle now says she is leading the democratic party altogether in a fiery takedown ahead of the midterms.
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she is urging independent-minded democrats to do the same. the former congress from and announced her departure in a series of tweets in a video posted this morning. >> i can no longer remain in today's democratic party that is under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers who are driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue and stoking antiwhite racism. who actively worked to undermine our god-given freedoms that are enshrined in our constitution, who are hostile to people of faith and spirituality. who. who demonized the police to protect but protect criminals at the expense of law-abiding americans, who believe in the open border, who weaponized the national security state to go after their political opponents and above all who are dragging us ever closer to nuclear war. i believe in the government that is of the people, by the people, and for the people.
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unfortunately today the democratic party does not. instead it stands for a government that is of, by, and for the powerful elite. i am calling on my phyllo common sense independent-minded democrats to join me in leaving the democratic party. if you could no longer stood to make the so-called woke democratic party ideologues are taking the country, i invite you to join me. >> raiment, that is pretty powerful. what stuck out to me and i think encapsulate so much about what she said, i believe in a government that is off, by command for the people. unfortunately today's democratic party does not. >> when i heard that i thought of ronald reagan, elon musk, and now the party didn't leave them. or rather they didn't leave the party pier the party left them. it changed, it worked.
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it breaks my heart that we do not have a fully functional democratic party today. my state of louisiana that may be the last holdout the democratic party where you can still have a pro-life, pro-gun governor who happens to have a d after his name. that is a fully functioning part three that welcomes other viewpoints, allows normalcy. and the middle to come home. this party, the national party, no longer welcomes that. the fact that they could not make room for a veteran, and articulate woman of conscience, who has called -- this is a woman who supported bernie sanders. she is hardly some right winger that was embedded in the democratic party. when tulsi gabbard leaves it is a big sign for the democratic party. we will see if they he did or not. >> emily: she joined a wave, mercedes, and it has less to do with the republican party that we are joining in more the democratic party which is left us behind. because we care about kitchen table issues like putting food
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on the table and inflation and the value of our paycheck, and having civil liberties and the secure southern border and everything that makes us feel safe and secure as americans. the democratic party seems to not represent. >> mercedes: tulsi gabbard came to speak at cpac. at the time it was controversial. democrats criticized her, but she wanted to find calming ground. that was her big thing. it's about common sense solution and about stopping cancel culture. at the same time what we have realized is her willingness to speak out boldly and stand against these radical agenda, the wokeness. this is waking up so many segments of our population, including the hispanic population that now you are seeing more and more shift away from the democratic party, move towards a republican party. they are pro-family, pro-america command pro-life. >> somebody that quoted that says in the past they become a party of division and hates what
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can no longer support them. >> i think what raymond said is so important. when you cannot make room for voices that are not just an echo chamber, and they have served this country, and they are serving in congress. i mean this is not a person who just woke up one morning and said i don't want to be a democrat anymore. she has run. people have voted for her. she believed in what she is doing. when you talked of former congresswoman gabbard, one of the thing she will say -- and i interviewed her many times. we have had her on the program. one of the things she will say is how much he loves this country. i just wonder -- you know making victims of the criminals themselves. but the military's readiness is something that you really feel strongly about. we all showed. by the way very quietly this
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summer, maybe we would not know this if kanye west hadn't called it deaf -- it's not. it's devcon and that's another thing to talk about. but did you know that we are at devcon three right now? it was raised. they updated that earlier this month to let people know on a much broader scale. he won people like that fighting for this country whether she is still in uniform -- by the way, she is still in a reserve in hawaii come in the fact that the democrat party didn't have these for that at a time with this democratic president has put us in a category where our air force has to be ready in 15 minutes now. and they say it is ukraine, russia, so on and so forth. i think that deserves a fireside chat. we had to be hearing from democrats on that. >> i think it is so interesting how for a part of the claims to be all about the youth, and it seems like so many of their decisions to utilize hollywood celebrities and tiktok video seemed geared towards wooing those voters, they have lost the
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in the area censorship. i know are going to get into that a little bit later in the show. but i wanted to get your thoughts on that i also wanted strategy. so for all these people come it is important elected officials and people who have import for leaving, strategically would be better for them to stay and then just vote and sort of help whip their party into that more moderate common sense ground. or by leaving altogether or is it abandoning that shift to become even more rotten and swampy -- >> abandoning the ship. this democratic party apparatus is totally and completely corrupt. you have a party that defund the police, abolish size, oppress the oppressors is how her kid should be interacting with one another. cancel culture. this is the democratic party. but i think two things are going on here. one the radical shift in the left number two you have to take yourself back to 2016 and this is when cults don't make tulsi gabbard came on the same. gabbard went to debbie
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wasserman schultz and said i think that you are reading this primary against bernie sanders in the swing of the party for then secretary of state hillary clinton. who by the way was being groomed as a russian asset appeared to love the russia thing. but you have to take yourself back to that. there was a reckoning with both parties in 2016 where the establishment was rejected. you could see it in every poll that seen and conducted. a republican, democrat, there were record high levels of discontent with the federal government. people did not like the establishment. republican party chose to listen to the voters. who is the head of the republican party? it would tell the donald trump, ron desantis, vice president pence come all of whom support the same agenda which is in tune with the party and in tune with the people. democrats, the consumer, nancy pelosi? give an establishment party and one that listens to voters and democrats chose to not listen to the voters. >> depending on the day. speak of this is why you have a million voters changing their
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registration away from democrat matt recent ap report. in 43 states. when you have that kind of hemorrhaging of support -- but that's a challenge for the republicans. >> harris: i was just going to say that. >> raymond: these people are leaving because of what is happening in the democratic party. >> harris: it doesn't mean they are making a shift because they see something else they want. it's a real opportunity, mercedes, for republicans and where they do not want to drop the ball as they have to get those people to vote. so you're upset with the outside but we have to make sure you stay in the voting game. >> emily: coming up with the midterms i want to get your thoughts on that. they sleep tiny slim majorities, even 2,000 votes can make a difference. how do you see this playing out as winter 40 days? bickel republicans cannot take this for granted. they cannot assume they are going to keep sting the republican side.
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at the end of the day it's gonna be the swing voters. it's going to be in the independents that do not want to be associated with either party. it will be the parents. those are the major swing voters you're going to see in so many of these midterm elections. >> emily: coming up, kamala harris it's a late-night show show which includes current political -- and abounding love for her boss, joe biden. thinkorswim® by td ameritrade is more than a trading platform. it's an entire trading experience. that pushes you to be even better. and just might change how you trade—forever. because once you experience thinkorswim® by td ameritrade ♪ there's no going back. i brought in ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. uhh - here, i'll take that woo hoo ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, 1 gram of sugar and now in two new flavors
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>> harris: the vice president
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made her first late-night appearance is taking off last night -- the interview revealed her new position of legalizing marijuana. and some glaring double standards. during her time as california's attorney general kamala harris was responsible for putting more than 2,000 people behind bars for marijuana related climes. she said this last night. >> i strongly believe in the majority of americans agree, nobody should have to go to jail for smoking weed, right? [applause] congress needs to act good we are 29 days away from the midterms. as cleora voting for and where they stand on this and i encourage you to vote accordingly. >> harris: despite growing criticism that she herself has been m.i.a. as the president's borders are, harris took the opportunity to rip republicans on the border crisis. she took a month texas governor greg abbott first sending the buses for filled with migrants to the nation's
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capital in recent weeks. >> i think it's an absolute dereliction of duty. if you see a problem and if we agree that we need to address it, then if you are a leader, participate in a solution. right? when we first came in office the first bell we proposed was for a pathway to citizenship. it was to fix a broken immigration system, which was broken under the previous administration. administration. participate in the solution. because we are offering solutions. >> harris: it was like she was having one of those ted talks to herself in the mirror come if you see a problem we need to come up with the solution. she was lecturing herself. >> raymond: she is the border's arc of most wise she offering a solution? when you watch kamala harris it's like a living wardell. you know those were those where you just grasp at five words and
9:17 am
tried to make a solution? none of this make sense. she has a psa for your brain on drugs. the hang time here as long. i just don't know what this accomplishes. but incentivizing drug use? and more sloth for our kids and criminality in the border and security? i don't know how that helps the common good. >> i am curious about why now with the marijuana. and what kinds of cases -- you know it's not for everybody, obviously, not every criminal. but this is an administration that is law down mike watched a lot of liberties get put into place. there are tentacles out there. but why now? >> emily: she's trying to curry votes. she doesn't actually stand for the legalization of marijuana. if she did she would have been a record many years ago. everything that she does and all of her political positions political positions always represent what she thinks she
9:18 am
should be singing most white people from california like myself find it so hard to get behind her. we see our somebody that changes with the wind. she's never been convicted on anything. her record reflects the dead opposite of what she is saying right now. remember back to 2010 when she staunchly opposes legislation that would have legalized marijuana. she says she feels drug selling harms communities. one later on she says will be for medicinal marijuana and not wreck rational and she laughed when somebody said what he think about your oppositional candidate, how they think that they are for recreational marijuana. all of a sudden now five years later she's all of a sudden for it. it's one thing that i feel as humans we have all that for her to say i now understand the difference and i believe firmly in little benefit of legalizing marijuana on the federal level and here's why. here is why i believe in that for recreational purposes. but she is not part articulated that. she felt hot forming a sentence
9:19 am
let alone articulating whether this is a mono served as a dish and the attorney general, senator, vice president, and still cannot articulate why we should get behind her for a federally legalizing marijuana and how she thinks. i know i have my opinion but she is failing at convincing us. >> harris: 2,000 people are alive and, as emily said, if the vice president wanted to fight for minor charges on marijuana use, meaning they were not attached to murder or anything like that, why wouldn't she have 2,000 tries at that apple? it's down mike >> mercedes: may be, harris can start with the venn diagram. but the 2,000 convictions a circle one and then circle three of policy and then find the middle ground. look, i think the kamala harris is so out of her league. she simply does not have any foundation. she is a flip-flop.
9:20 am
it's what you: politics the ultimate flip-flop. on top of that tree does not even have the strength to go talk to real reporters. she goes on late-night television to get her message across. while president trump led on criminal justice reform, worked with democrats to actually come up with good solutions in dealing with nonviolent offenders, not the case with the democrats commences on top of everything with baylor form. >> harris: i have a feeling and why would be late-night close. but she doesn't have the right answers and in that environment you would not notice she's giggling because it's a late-night show. >> she fit right into the realm of comedy. her statement -- if your leader participate in the solution. hello, pot, meet kettle. what has she had a solution? she was sent to ukraine to stop the war and she didn't.
9:21 am
she was sent to meet with the european allies to stop the word and she did not bear the border, as you noted, and for her to have the audacity to criticize governor abbott, it's really funny to me. she must not read reuter's big publication of course the wire service because the el paso democrat mayor has said more immigrants -- illegal immigrants into different cities, than the republican governor. your party's mayor as a democrat. he sent a thousand migrants to new york city, 1,802 chicago appeared not to mention lori lightfoot who is sending migrants, bustling wimp from cook county to page county, then you have the mysterious buses in new york. you are with us last time we talked about that, sending illegal immigrants back to florida to work on campaign relief. >> harris: what's interesting about the el paso mayor, some heat was taken there. the clock back was people know they are coming, i let them know. you don't think they know when the buses leave texas and come to d.c.? yeah, they signed document, they know exactly -- it's a lot of
9:22 am
histrionics over those arriving. whiny students -- at the university of florida heckled senator vince has come the man expected to become the incoming university president, promising that he will not live a day in peace. that sounds like a threat.
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tell your doctor if you have a history of infections or if you have symptoms of an infection. vyvgart can cause allergic reactions. the most common side effects include respiratory tract infection, headache, and urinary tract infection. picture your life in motion with vyvgart. a treatment designed using a fragment of an antibody. ask your neurologist if vyvgart could be right for you. the code senator ben sasse says he visited the campus yesterday. the nebraska republican was recently named the lone finalist to become the school's next spirit. listening sessions. students angered over his blood
9:27 am
to the chance you're listening to now. here's what one student had to say. >> we believed the senator from nebraska's holy up neck. he has a known republican so we all know what is policy platforms are. >> mercy come i looked at some of the science that the students had, 700 candidates and you pick a homophobe was one of the science. antiwoman is what he called him. f off was another. he's pro-life, he's expressed results for birkenfeld v hodges but he is questioned federal legislation that would take the decision from the states. for some reason that's not good enough. >> if you're going to become president of university otori for you as well. this is what the liberals do. this is the tolerant liberal
9:28 am
liberals, they do not allow conservatives to speak up. they try to bully them, they try to censor them. they do not want conservatives getting jobs like ben sasse for the president to university of florida. here is a deal. ben sasse is not what you would call the trumpian repu republicn anyway. he is a very thoughtful leader. he has what i call the disk he really dug deep into intellectual thought, into the senate evan is an institution. for the students to really attack ben sasse because of what he stands for, is insane. he himself is said like i'm here for academic freedom, i'm about inclusion pretties made a very clear his position. he said that on same-sex marriage. the laws set. but the left will not stop until they make sure ben sasse basically does not accept this position. >> i think that's a great description of who he is as a senator. yes that i believe deeply in the
9:29 am
immeasurable worth in human dignity of every single person but because he has traditional conservative views he gets this. >> his first mistake was doing a listening session at all of it all. don't do a listening session at a college. it's always a bad idea. the second point, the wider cultural point that disturbs me, we are teaching our young people that if there is a teacher that you disagree with, you can dispatch them and banish them forever by just agitating and getting a group of your friends to agree with you. the sickness of that is that is going to carry into the workplace. we are seeing that as well. where petitions are levied against some ceo who said something at a corporate gathering contributed to a campaign. this bounty on the authority a real problem. young adults and young people have to come to grips with there are always people we disagree with. in the classroom and in public life, and in the workplace. get over it and do not state a
9:30 am
riot, just move on with life. >> it is being modeled after the adults. one of the city's mayor said give them room, speak give them space. they were destroying things is what they were doing. there is so upset at some of the cities in america. like you have every right. you have freedom speech, you can say most things. not everything, hate speech obviously. but i argue that some of what they said was not protected speech. it sounded like a threat when they said you will have no peace. what do they mean by that? look at one of their own political people. i mean i have to assume that they are probably democrat because they don't want the republican on campus. but look at kyrsten sinema down in arizona. i believe she was on the camp college campus when men followed her into the bathroom. where are the lines here? and where are the adults going to model for the soon to be in the world of adults of working that this is not how you deal with dissension. use your words. debate him.
9:31 am
ask for a town hall with this new president. by the way do they push back this hard on people who come in, who are awoke folk? you mean i have not seen the equivalent of this but i do know some people who maybe shouldn't be leaders of colleges based on what else is on the resume. >> it's very sad for the snowflakes. i was a conservative in a college campus not so long ago. i was in law school and i felt very advantaged being in a sea of liberalism because i was forced to defend my views and have an articulate position as to what i believe. but if you are liberally just go through life unscathed. you are never challenged. >> right commute started out and became an even stronger, brighter damage because of the pressure you are put under but these guys sitting in their pile of dirt it makes me so sad for our future. i'm sitting here thinking about is holy and fit or is it just like the liberal arts guys? then i remember the outcome students at nyu they got their
9:32 am
professor terminated because they felt the standards were too high. it makes me fear for my future here is an american in the workplace because i wonder what building am i going to work -- was he given in letter a unfairly and undeservedly because he protested really loud? who is capitulating to home? certainly and i condemn you i'm nervous for the accountability that we might see later on and remember this is just the latest in a sea of really terrifying censorship among our youth. tomi lahren and the university of new mexico. remember the allen west protest. another student, feared for their life. she doesn't -- he didn't know at that went up into the students in the room and she was so terrified for their safety that she had the benefit of a police escort out but what about those students? that did not. ben shapiro and matt walsh, the
9:33 am
list goes on to the average joe blow student that dares to speak up and they're all come class, are they ostracized? this is holy and is unacceptable but this is the censorship the democratic party is losing their youth too. hopefully we will see the cleaving hop in. welcome to the g.o.p., there's plenty of room for you guys here. 63% of kids say it's okay to shutdown the professor. don't take that behavior to the workplace. coming up controversy after the nations with an out of video encouraging puberty blockers for kids. that's next. ♪ ♪ 12 irresistible subs. the most epic sandwich roster ever created. ♪ it's subway's biggest refresh yet! mission control, we are go for launch. ♪ um, she's eating the rocket.
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♪ ♪ >> harris: did you see planned
9:38 am
parenthood is drawing a lot of criticism for a cartoon on its youtube channel, which encourages children to use puberty blockers if they are feeling confused about their gender identity. take a look. >> if you are transgender or nonby an air you may find your puberty experiences do not line up with their gender identity or how you see yourself. that feeling can be uncomfortable, scary, and stressful. if that sounds like you know that you are not alone. there are medicines you can take to the late puberty for a while pair they are called puberty blockers and they work like a stop sign. puberty blockers are safe and give you more time to figure out what is right for you, your body command your gender identity. >> harris: i'm blown away by how many bottles of pills. i know it's an animation but is that in ants air? you have five daughters. >> when i saw this i was so
9:39 am
outraged by this. this ad is can end up somewhere on social media where so many teenage girls are going to watch this. what are they going to think? they're going to be like wait a second, this is propaganda, this is an ad. maybe not even talk to their families about it. planned parenthood is now pushed forward with the frontal assault on parental rights. parents need to step up and stop this madness. it is happening in the schools and now if planned parenthood involved where they have been huge advocates for teenage abortions and really trying to figure out a way that they can keep the parents out of this whole process. >> harris: teenage abortions -- i mean when you put it like that it almost feels like there must be an end game. wised is happening? >> i think their end game has always been to really get to the children at the end of the day. >> harris: why? >> i just think their approach
9:40 am
is very much the obsession with the abortion industry which is their biggest profit-making area. now i think when you're talking about -- it's a big moneymaking scheme for them as we are seeing with so many of these hospitals across the country. >> raymond: one did planned parenthood turn in to replant planned personhood? your biology is not a headache. you don't have to take peers pills to cure it up with the fact that we are leading young people and may be emotionally vulnerable young people down this path and sing here take a drug and don't talk to your parents, talk to a trusted adult or your doctor. this is what's most insidious here. >> harris: you don't know who your child is talking to. yet they are being given life altering advice. you can say well this will not harm you, we don't know what the long-term repercussions of this are going to be in mass. may be individually kids may do
9:41 am
well. emily? >> just to be clear for viewers this ad that has been running actually throughout social media's and smart specifically says talk to a trusted adult or a physician. it does not mention speak to your parents. it has no acknowledgment of the valley outcome fundamental value of all apparent in these kid's life. this is in part why there has been a whole host of legislation and litigation that is trying to attack or defend and protect parental rights, transparency, and these children getting wrapped up and does something that is life impacting effects. what was that music and this too? i was like what is this ad? it's all wrong on so many levels. >> harris: kaylee? >> administered -- member planned parenthood gives taxpayer dollars. let's remember that. but do your point that's exactly right. the government is now the
9:42 am
parent. the teacher is now the parent. the school is now the parent. for the parent is not the parent. and what infuriates me -- i'd apparent say to in california weeks ago please look into what governor gavin newsom is doing. i've never heard of this and unless you have blended is put forward legislation that allows -- get this, prove revoke parents rights over the kids and take temporary emergency jurisdiction of a child travels to the state of california for gender reassignment or puberty blockers, or the like. so it is father gavin newsom. it's no longer mommy and daddy. this is very scary place in society. >> how do they know which age is okay to travel out of state and -- >> doesn't specify. the state can take custody in california. >> if you take a minor cross state lines that's a federal crime. it's so wrong.
9:43 am
>> harris: casey desantis pays an emotional tribute to her husband, ron, the governor of florida, after her battle with breast cancer. stay with us. ♪ ♪ appraisal or termite inspection. no upfront costs at all. let us get your family security of cash in the bank. hi, i'm karen. i lost 58 pounds on golo and i've kept it off for over a year. it was so easy that the weight just kept coming off. that's when i knew that this is real. golo works. i still can't believe that i look like this.
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>> we are 28 days until election day. our political panel is here to weigh in on the country ski races to watch. plus fox news new power rankings are out. bret baier is here to react. and jeff lawlor reports and the unexpected ways in president biden's energy crisis may be hitting your wallet. come join us live in america reports at the top the hour. ♪ ♪ >> october is breast cancer awareness month. it's time to learn more about the illness and the impact it has on so many women and men in this country. among them casey desantis, wife of florida governor ron desantis. watch her emotional tribute to his support in her cancer battle in a new campaign ad. >> diagnosed with cancer. i was facing the battle for my life. he was the dad who took care of my children when i could not.
9:48 am
he was there to pick me off of the ground when i literally could not stand. he was there to fight for me when i didn't have the strength to fight for myself. that is who ron desantis is. >> emily this was a beautiful ad appeared we talked about casey's cancer diagnosis. it was one year from the date that she released this ad. she rang a bell in the governor's mansion for her last chemo treatment and in march the governor and the first lady got to announce that she was cancer free. a beautiful moment for the family. what an ad that was. >> it is incredibly moving. all of our prayers are with her in our celebration and support along side of her for being cancer free. we've talked a lot on the scuttlebutt how breast cancer has impacted everyone of us and hearing her testimony has reminded of my mom who beat breast cancer in the support my father played in that journey because it is so many years worth. at such a long, exhausting
9:49 am
marathon journey. when you have young children at home like me and my sisters were at that time, there are just so many people that it impacts. i also will not ever forget after we spoke about our different experiences with breast cancer and included casey desantis and that she wrote each of us a handwritten note of gratitude. that level of generosity of spirit end of heart while she is going through such a trial speak volumes about her caliber is an incredible woman. >> incredible and strong. one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in this country. it's so important when we come together as an american family and fight this. in the state of florida it was a special moment when gove governor king sent desantis said -- it's where i want to have my preventative double in the sanctity and announced a hundred million dollars for cancer in florida. as a 60% increase in the budget. >> harris: it is the pulpit appeared in her case it's the pulpit of a survivor. and it is so powerful to hear her speak about getting to the
9:50 am
other side. and about those people who become warriors in your life, it's what she's talking about with the governor. just as her husband and her children's father. i would imagine people who live in florida also see a connection point in that. another family's with both of them but particularly the governor. now he's playing that role again. picking people up off the ground who may be cannot stand. i mean figuratively, giving them the resources that they need. just those big trucks coming in with all of the fuel for cars, the few that were left untouched after hurricane ian. to see her in this ad is a survivor, and then to speak directly about her husband who was also giving counsel to survivors right now from that big storm. a secret lot of connection points and understand where they included her in that. >> casey desantis, she is such a great team made with ron desantis. look any woman -- my wife was a
9:51 am
cancer survivor. the emotional no toll that takes on the women at a whole family is not to be overlooked. for her to invoke that here it is humanizes ron desantis in a way that ron is a decisive leader. he's now a warrior in the recovery. but is not trying to be touchy-feely. you see it around the edges. but to hear it from his wife in this way, she is a powerful advocate for him and what he stands for and who he is behind the public figure that we see. i think she has a future if she wants in politics. she is articulate, she's beautiful, she could certainly have a future. >> harris: no doubt. >> you've been in politics a long time, what's so interesting to me, governor desantis this ad comes out he also leads released a tranche of ads but they were also positive. for ten testimony of what is done in florida. negative ads work in florida but we have seen a lot of positive
9:52 am
coming out. >> printable on the signature mammogram. that is so important i think for all of us to be able to share that message because what if my dear friends is battling breast cancer. she has three girls and to watch her journey in the tribe coming together to pray for her recovery and there's just so many women out there that are suffering. that we need to pray for. but secondly i think when it comes to politics what i love about ron desantis' yes there is the toughness, there's the top of the ad that was at top gun ad. but at the same time he is in a position right now following the hurricane where he is really the comforter in chief. he's really bringing the state together and the recovery efforts and had to put politics aside. the politics has changed a bit since hurricane ian but at the end of the day right now is focused on recovery and probably less focused on the governor's race to just get to the finish line which is 28 days.
9:53 am
it makes it hard for charlie crist to put an ad out there because it's going to come across -- >> that's a good point. >> that's a good point. well we are praying for your friend, mercedes, eat your mammogram. as women we are fighting this fight together. more "outnumbered" in just a moment. ♪ ♪
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♪♪ >> oh. >> last but not least. yesterday was columbus day, i had the honor of serving as the grand marshal for the nypd columbia association in the new york city columbus day parade. it was incredibly humbling to walk alongside the italian american members of the nypd and
9:58 am
the thousands who came out in support and celebration. since 1932, this close ethnic group of law enforcement has cherished the spirit of brotherhood and remembrance of their roots and are dedicated to fraternity, integrity, and charity. one of the most decorated officers in nypd history has served as the association's 10th president and full parade past grand marshals include sofia loren, and tommy valentine and tommy lasorda. >> oh. >> you are right up there with sophia. >> speaking of holidays, our very own raymond arroyo is out with a new book "the wise men
9:59 am
who found christmas." >> it drops today. i was stunned to imagine like most of you, i knew nothing about the wise men, that is all wrong. i did a deep dive and decided to turn it into an adventure story for the whole family. who are the magi, and watch them journey. it's a buddy movie. they go journey to find the christ child. >> i don't know if you can catch a glimpse, look at the artwork. look at little baby jesus, so cute. >> diane did such an amazing job. >> angel who walked in darkness have seen a dark light -- this is beautiful, raymond. >> i love digging deep when you find out the meaning of the th three gifts, we'll get more of it closer to christmas, but where did they come from?
10:00 am
probably from petra, arabia, and first century writers say they were in arabia. so it's available now. >> congratulations to everyone so much. congratulations, raymond, don't forget to dvr the show and now here is "america reports." >> and we alert to this fox news alert on a serial rapist in oregon who assaulted nine girls as young as 13 years old. he is set to be released from prison. what is more, families living near his new home may never even be warned of his sickening past. >> "america reports" exclusively, speak to the predator's last known victim how she's dealing with the news and what she wants to happen now. >> sandra: begin with the battle for congress as we enter the final stretch. just 28 days to go until the crucial midterm elections.


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