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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 12, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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able to celebrate halloween as a child and now recognizes it. she has respect for people who don't want to participate but she didn't ask them to change. >> bill: stay home. >> dana: before we go has to do with a dog. harris faulkner will take you through the next hour. she has a big show coming up. "the faulkner focus" is next. here she is. >> harris: fox news alert. it is panic time for the biden white house as a fire hot economic report has just dropped. americans have known what president biden and team won't admit. we're in trouble. voters saying inflation is their top issue as they head to the polls in 27 days to decide who will have the power on capitol hill. i'm harris falker and you are in "the faulkner focus." that new report shows a true indicator where our economy is. the producer price index, the
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ppi tracks the prices that producers pay for their goods. it shows wholesale inflation jumped by.4% in august. double -- from august, double the forecast. with that september increase, the ppi is up 8 1/2% over this time last year. tomorrow we get the overall inflation picture with the consumer price index report for september. with the ppi higher for producers, it will be higher for us to buy stuff, too. we brace. a grim outlook, too, from the international monetary fund. the agency's chief economist looks at this issue all around the world. and here is what he said. the worst is yet to come. for many people, again this is all around the world, 2023 will feel like a recession. while we're in one, the rest of the world will feel it, too.
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however, here is president biden. >> president biden: i don't think there will be a recession. if it is, it will be a very slight recession. it is possible. look, it's possible. i don't anticipate it. what i do think, look, we talk about the impact on families. the families are -- they have reason to be concerned about energy prices, they have reason to be concerned about a whole range of issues. >> harris: remember, we've already seen back-to-back quarters of negative growth, the gdp growth. we already know that. fox business reporting it. we're in a recession according to that key indicator. there is more to look at and we'll continue to cover it. now, of course, the white house being asked about all of it and we got what from them? a dramatic game of dodge ball from the press secretary when edward lawrence asked about biden's role in the rising prices. >> why did this all happen? it's because of the global challenges that many countries,
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countries across the globe have been facing. because of the work that this president has done, we are in a better place to deal with those global challenges. if anything, his economic policy has been able to get us back on track in a historic fashion, in a historic fashion. >> harris: they know we're not stupid, right? edward lawrence joins us now live from the white house. you pressed the question. >> yeah. very interesting. and the message shifting has been subtle but stark from this white house. a year ago we're hearing the president say no, there won't be a recession. then about three months ago the president starting to say well, a recession is not likely to happen and then as you heard yesterday the president saying well it's possible but going to be shallow. so this is the question i asked, listen. >> i'm wondering if the president bears any responsibility with his policies for the inflation and what they are calling a stalling economy. >> we have to step back and look at what the president walked into here, right?
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when you think about the -- we've been here for 20 months. when he walked in businesses were closed, small businesses were closing down, schools were not open. >> we already add as you mentioned two quarters of negative growth and that's technically a recession. the international monetary fund says inflation will cause the u.s. economy to stall next year. gas prices, and now it's more entrenched. you heard her say it was global challenges that pushed inflation not this president's policies which targeted fossil fuels in the u.s. to help the election chances senator tom cotton is saying as the "wall street journal" report et the administration asked to saudis to delay an oil production cut to keep gas prices down until after the mid-term elections. >> joe biden has waged a war on american oil production. if we would produce more here we wouldn't have to depend on anyone overseas. but two, joe biden and barack
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obama and the democratic party have waged a campaign to ostracize and marginalize and ail yet saudi arabia going back 13 years by codling iran. >> that's where it started at the first day president biden was in office canceling the keystone pipeline. the war on fossil fuels. no change in policy from this white house. >> harris: thank you very much. new evidence now that the white house diplomacy did not turn out to be successful with saudi arabia. the "wall street journal" reporting the biden team essentially begged -- you heard edward talking about this a bit. begged the saudis to hold off on the opec oil cuts, the 2 million barrels a day. the move, of course, now has the residual effect on all of us here in america. gasoline and energy prices went right back up just a few weeks before voters are set to go to the polls. the timing could not be worse for the white house. and democrats. the journal is reporting this.
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saudi arabia defied those u.s. warnings and says the saudis saw the urgent appeal as just a political gamut ahead of the mid-term elections. they are reading the tea loves of our politics and it's hurting us. jason chaffetz, former chairman of the oversight committee and congressman from utah. we could use oversight for what's happening right now. jason. >> imagine joe biden who would fight as hard for domestic production as he does to beg these world leaders to produce more? he is so willing to go to saudi arabia and evidently venezuela and others to say please produce more. but he won't do that here in the united states of america so there can be american jobs and self-dependency here in the united states. you thought we would have learned that lesson with jimmy carter, no, didn't learn it.
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joe biden -- he got all the policies that he wanted and now he is complaining about the results. >> harris: look, the evidence is ticking up because peter doocy told me on the program just last week saying no, no, no, i was with the president, part of the team that went in the media and talked with the president about the fact that diplomacy had failed. that's evidence number one. now the "wall street journal" reporting some of the begging that was going on that was failing. what do you make quickly of the failed diplomacy here. saudi arabia reading the politics of this country. >> well, look, it didn't used to be this way when donald trump was in office. the sub text here is about iran. i think the saudis know that biden desperately wants a relationship with iran and right across the gulf from saudi arabia that's a non-starter. so if you want to have that discussion, mr. president, let's have that discussion because we should not be trying to cozy up
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to iran. >> harris: all right. we'll move to this. the stakes with russia are higher than ever with vladimir putin's threats of nuclear action. president biden warning the situation is dire. doubling down last night on the controversial comments that he made last week. >> when people hear the word armageddon they get scared used by a u.s. president. >> president biden: putin. he cannot continue with impunity to talk about the use of a tactical nuclear weapon as if it's a rational things to do. mistakes get made and miscalculation could occur. no one can be sure what would happen and it could end in armageddon. >> harris: he turned heads with this on putin. >> president biden: i think he is a rational actor miscalculated significantly. i thought he would be welcome with open arms. that this was the home of mother russia and kiev and he was going to be welcomed. i think he just totally
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miscalculated. >> harris: i think he is rational. i think he is rational. those are the words that our president used to describe a mad man who went to war on a sovereign nation and is threatening nuclear action. a man who starts brutal wars, annexes countries, poisons political opponents, unleashes cyberattacks on western nations, including the united states. jason, he called him rational and you say what? >> the inconsistency coming out of joe biden is really quite stunning. under his watch while he was vice president, putin went in and took crimea and they just let him walk through and didn't say anything and didn't do anything. but to try to categorize this person as a rational actor, the brutality coming from russia, this goes back to the days of barack obama and joe biden. they always thought that this was a non-starter. this person is out there trying to take over the world and joe biden, i don't know what he is
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thinking on a daily basis. and the rest of the world doesn't, either. we are the leader of the free world. our president needs to act like it. but he just doesn't have it in him. >> harris: i hadn't had that first thought but you're right. former president obama, i think you are alluding to calling terrorists the j.v. team. >> yeah, yeah. he called them the j.v. team and pooh-poohed it. russia went in and took 25% of the country of georgia. not much response there. went in and took crimea. not a response there. now going into the crimea and the president of the united states is calling him a rational actor. what kind of message is that to the world? it is not a strong one. >> harris: he probably would rather talk about that than this. president biden is brushing off potential criminal charges against his son, hunter biden. federal agents have enough evidence to charge hunter with tax crimes and making a false statement on a gun purchase. we got into that yesterday.
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called his dad, they both had a meltdown on the phone. the leaked audio shows that gun purchase had already happened and the man on the left of your screen, the young biden, had lied to get a weapon. the president also addressed hunter's battle with drugs. >> president biden: i'm proud of my son. this is a kid who got -- not a kid, see a grown man -- he got hooked o like many families have had happen -- hooked on drugs. he has overcome that and established a new life. i have great confidence in my son. i love him and he is on a straightarw and has been for a couple of years now and i'm just so proud of him. >> harris: jason, where feat nanotechnology take came across the border our hearts go out to families struggling with addiction. the president knew he was in meltdown mode and purchased a weapon and he couldn't have done that without breaking the law.
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there is so much more here that makes this president vulnerable and that means the rest of us. >> at a minimum this gun charge should have happened years and years ago. that information has been out there before. there is other information out there. look, the laptop. we have emails, photographs, text messages, voice mails. the bigger issue is following the money, the corrupt money that's coming from overseas. that's why weather they put the united states of america vulnerable and that hasn't been investigated and should be prosecuted. >> harris: special treatment yes or no? >> 100%. the only reason this guy gets away with it and he is not in jail now is that his name is biden. even he admits that. >> harris: jason, thank you very much for being if "focus" and getting us started. a horrific new report shows president biden's open border policies, which i just mentioned, have made human smuggling a billion dollar
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industry. there are even some americans involved in that as you saw from my exclusive reporting at the border. border security is one of the top issues for voters this fall. it could decide at least one key senate race. >> i think arizona saw a clear contrast between incumbent senator mark kelly who has been a rubber stamp for biden's failed agenda. that agenda has failed. of course it is indefensible. >> harris: he showed up in a tough debate. republican blake masters looking to unseat arizona's incumbent democratic senator mark kelly. blake masters is in "focus" next. with no upfront costs for an appraisal or termite inspection. no upfront costs at all. let us get your family security of cash in the bank. this isn't dry food or wet food. it's not burnt brown pellets.
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>> harris: republican blake masters is challenging democrat
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incumbent mark kelly. they had a spirited debate last week. the mid-terms 27 days away. fox news power rankings show control of the senate is too close to call as we project this out. there are four toss-up races that it will all come down to. one of them is arizona, a contest that hinges on crime, abortion, and illegal immigration. blake masters, republican candidate in that race, is in "focus" now. so talk to me, if you will, just looking back and then forward what were the contention points. what separates you from the democrat in the race? >> just look at how mark kelly has been voting. he has been voting as a rubber stamp for chuck schumer and joe biden's failed agenda. two years ago we had a secure border and crime was under control and prices were low. people could afford to live. fast forward two years, we have a wide open southern border, crime is going through the roof in arizona, and all throughout
8:20 am
america, and the cost of everything you need to live keeps going up and up and up. what happened? joe biden happened. mark kelly happened. they are joined at the hip. mark kelly support joe biden's agenda. everything is on fire. people are in arizona are more than ready to make a change in november. >> harris: you are talking with voters. are any of them talking about the fentanyl coming across the border in arizona? you have human smuggling that has been going on at a fierce pitch in texas. now you are getting some of that, too. what are some answers that people are seeking? >> it is heartbreaking to be on the campaign trail and as happened 2 or 3 times i run into someone whose child has died from fentanyl. and there are no words. i have stopped using the term overdose to talk about these kinds of deaths. what they really are is poisoning. china is sending the chemicals
8:21 am
over to be -- mexican cartels ship the product north. joe biden and mark kelly must like it because they haven't done a thing to stop it. mark kelly should need to attend some of the funerals, the consequences of his support for the open borders. i'm sick of this problem. we're losing teenagers every year. it will stop when we take back the u.s. senate. >> harris: i don't know if he has done any of that but certainly if his district would have any of those victims' families you would hope he would attend. i would have to do homework to figure out if that's happened. a big day for you yesterday. this happened. let's watch together. >> arizona and america need blake masters in a republican majority in the united states senate. >> harris: and you also have the endorsement of former president trump. first of all, i want to get your response to the help that you are getting and why it's so
8:22 am
necessary at this point. how tight is that race? >> it's super tight. a lot of people wanted to write this race off in august. nope. we have kept working and outworking our opponent. we had a great performance in the debate last week. i think mark kelly struggled to defend his record. his record is indefensible. this race is neck-and-neck in arizona and we can take all the support we can get. we will win this race. >> harris: i want to ask you about something. i've done my homework what it looks like and i don't know if you know this. 60% of the country will see somebody on a ballot somewhere who believes that 2020's election was not fair and that joe biden actually according to the pointer institute for media studies, and that joe biden is not the legitimate winner of the 2020 election, 70% of people
8:23 am
polled are saying that. quinnipiac, "washington post." with that as a back drop i know at one point your website featured this statement. if we had a free and fair election president trump would be sitting in the oval office today. that comment no longer sits on your website. why not? >> well, i still believe it. that's for sure. like i said in my debate last week i think if everyone followed the law president trump would be in the oval office. look how the f.b.i. pressured facebook and other big tech companies to censor true information about hunter biden's very serious crimes in the weeks before the election. millions of people didn't get to read about it. the media said it's just russian disinformation. no it's true. hunter has dealings with ukraine and china. millions didn't get to read about that in the weeks before the election. that one act of corporate and big tech censorship sent biden into the white house.
8:24 am
he is doing a really bad job as president of the university which is unfortunate for all of us. >> harris: it has nothing to do with the election process. you are thinking about why it wasn't fair and what americans need to know in these polls drill down like you did there. i would ask again why it was taken down. one of the people in that debate with you was an independent and i know it was an issue that he was willing to use against you. your last thought on that and we'll move forward. >> like i said states change the rules to flood the zone with mail in ballots, that's messed. it was big tech working with big media and being pressured by the f.b.i. to censor true information about biden's crime. i think the american people should determine who is president is not google or facebook. >> harris: more evidence at the federal level. a former c.i.a. agent that bret
8:25 am
bare interviewed him was part of a letter signed saying that he thought it was misinformation about hunter biden at the c.i.a. just to pitch into what you are saying right there. blake masters, good luck this fall. thank you for being in "focus." >> thank you. >> harris: we always ask the democrat opponents to come on this program. you see them sometimes and we are doing that, of course, with senator mark kelly. crime is raging across blue cities including new york. the growing calls to dump democrats and their soft on crime policies. mid-term election voters will decide it all. pressure is mounting on one los angeles leader. >> if you have cancer, you have to get the cancer out. >> people in leadership don't play the real role of leadership. >> this ends today. this ends right now. >> harris: protests and public outrage over a barrage of racist remarks caught on tape by the democratic city council
8:26 am
president. how the liberal media are responding and how the white house is now getting involved. jason rantz in "focus" next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> harris: three swat officers shot today, this morning, while serving a warrant in crime-ridden philadelphia. police say the suspect is now dead. it comes as violence is surging in that city. police are reporting a total of 407 murders this year so far. that's more than much larger cities like new york and los angeles. a recent fox news poll shows voters believe republicans will do a better job at handling it all by a 13% margin over democrats. david lee miller is live with more. david lee. >> following this morning's shooting in philadelphia one of
8:32 am
the city's top cops said the city surge in violent crime is not normal. three philadelphia swat team officers serving an arrest warrant to a 19-year-old charged with murder were involved in a gun fight. the most seriously injured hospital was hit in the chest. the other two officers were hit in the leg and hip and are in good condition. when officers arrived around 6:00 this morning to arrest the suspect whose name has not been released he opened fire and tried to flea. in addition to being sought for homicide he was allegedly involved in two armed robberies. philadelphia's first deputy police commissioner describes a criminal justice system is not working. people who should be behind bars -- >> not everybody deserves to be in jail.
8:33 am
but some folks with a lengthy record deserve to be in jail. there are too many innocent citizens that their lives are at risk every day because there isn't any accountability. >> when asked if he was pointing the finger at the liberal district attorney, the deputy commissioner said he was pointing the finger at everybody including parents, because in his words, too many people have guns. since the pandemic homicides in the city of brotherly love are up about 60%. last year philadelphia had a record 562 homicides. this year will be about the same based on current data. >> harris: david lee, thank you very much. let's watch this. >> it's really, really scary. each time you hear someone gets shot, you worry about your child. you worry that it could be your child. if you are caught with a gun, you get a slap on the shoulder and get bailed and you come out
8:34 am
and repeat the same thing. we need stricter laws. we need these kids -- these criminals need to be punished. it is a terrible feeling knowing that your child can be next. >> harris: she knows that terrible feeling. the mother of a new york city murder victim angry at city leaders making an emotional plea that you just heard as crime is spiraling out of control. violence in new york city subway system has hit a 25-year high. remember, the mayor says -- and other people in his office are saying yeah, nothing to see here. ridership is plummeting. the number of killings in the past two years now higher than the amount recorded during the entire 11 years between 2008 and 2019. critics railing against soft on crime policies which have led to the release of violent criminals who commit crimes over and over. by the way, those subway
8:35 am
killings, they are person on person. they are stabbing. they are hitting people in the back of the head with hammers. this is out of control and it is a tight space when you are down there and hard to get away from somebody trying to kill you. police say the man who went on an axe-wielding rampage at a manhattan mcdonald last month was just arrested again for vandalism and fleeing from police. i don't know why they run anymore. they walk through a resolving door at the d.a.'s office. an alleged member of the so-called green goblin gang accused of attacking two teenagers on a subway was released yesterday without bail. however, democrats are playing the blame game. >> we have a red state murder problem. eight of the top ten states with the highest murder rates happen to be red states. these states in the united states that have a rate of homicide that is 40% higher are
8:36 am
maga states. they are trump states. >> republicans say the opposite. it is the blue states. >> republicans lie. let's get down to it. republicans lie. that is what they do. >> harris: wow. the "new york post" op-ed calls it a shameless ploy. f.b.i. data showing 50 of the nation's largest cities homicides are up by 16% in those led by democrats. the numbers don't lie. compared to 9% in cities with republican mayors. i don't know where that man was getting his numbers. or maybe he is delusional. that one-on-one person crime is brutal. it is real. jason rantz, seattle radio talk show host. jason. >> this is at this .100% a political problem. not socio- economic or access to guns nothing other than
8:37 am
politicians changing the law or policies that are deliberately light on crime. so the only way we'll see any change whatsoever is if you make political changes. you boot the people out of office causing this and you replace them with people who vow the change the situation. every day that goes by without that kind of systemic change and really meaningful change is another day that you or someone you know is more likely to become a victim of a crime whether we talk about new york, philadelphia, seattle, l.a. all of the cities are on the brink. it is political. we have an election coming up. you talked about it with blake masters. this is what's on the line. >> harris: especially in blake masters' state when you mix in the border and illegals and the fentanyl. absolutely right. the los angeles city council president is forced to give up her leadership position this week over big controversy regarding deeply racist remarks
8:38 am
she made captured on a leaked audio recording. it set off a series of angry protests. these just yesterday. [shouting] >> harris: martinez was heard making disgusting comments about a colleague's black 2-year-old son. she apologized and then resigned as president but not from the council. the white house -- the white house is weighing in. >> the president is glad to see that one of the participants in that conversation has resigned but they all should. he believes they all should resign. the language that was used and tolerated during that conversation was unacceptable
8:39 am
and it was appalling. >> harris: the liberal media, however, are glossing over martinez's party affiliation. she is a democrat. first of all, break it down for me, jason. your reaction. >> i'm actually quite surprised that so many people have taken to protest on this. i guess i'm used to when a democrat does this they get a pass. maybe because the media is not mentioning sthe a democrat some people might be confused. i'm glad they are stepping up. the only way to see real change becoming activated in your community. it takes a lot of time for people to show up to a meeting in the middle of the day or evening when you have a family and job. they decided to do that because they know what's on the line here. you have to start getting rid of these toxic people. in fairness to the white house i agree. it is not just about martinez, it about the others caught on this tape as well. the media giving this an ideological pass again is not necessarily surprising. we just had this conversation
8:40 am
about robert telis, the clark county public add min is strartor accused of a murder. they didn't talk about he was a democrat. we are heading into the mid-terms and don't want any kind of causal relationship between the way these people act and their ideology even though they do it to republicans all the time. it is pathetic. >> harris: i was going to say. you heard from our previous topic, republicans are liars and blah blah blah, what are democrats when they say overtly racist remarks about a toddler and an office? what are they? >> this is the lapse of judgment on the democrat. when a republican does something not even remotely close this is systemic and deeply embedded white supremacy within the republican party. the double standard is so
8:41 am
obvious. these are democrats going after other democrats in los angeles and they are starting to pick up on it. >> harris: you know what, though, i will just say this. point this out. i don't see why the white house gets involved other than the fact that they want this to go away as quickly as possible because she was a democrat and because this -- once it gets out that democrats are doing this and caught on tape and all of that, that becomes a focal point and so wouldn't the white house rather get involved in this and push those people off the stage than solve the economic issues? >> fair enough but it's on all of us to make sure they don't do that. we take advantage of the fact to put pressure to make change on the los angeles city council but pivot back to the economy. >> harris: you are a strategist and radio host. dem on dem crime happening. democrat john fetterman says he is fit to serve despite having a
8:42 am
stroke last spring. what he needed to just get through an interview, though. he is struggling. plus another tall tale from president biden. he has actually told this one before. >> we all love hearing a good fairytale. they all-star the character, joe biden. >> harris: it comes as the white house reportedly is planning to downplay the president's 80th birthday next month. my name is joshua florence, and one thing i learned being a firefighter is plan ahead. you don't know what you're getting into, but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you. not having to worry about the future makes it possible to make the present
8:43 am
as best as it can be for everybody.
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>> this is a serious health issue that you experienced. what has that recovery process been like? how has it changed your day-to-day experience? >> it's -- it changes everything. i feel like we have been very transparent in a lot of different ways. our doctor has already given a letter saying i'm able to serve and to be running. >> harris: pennsylvania senate candidate john fetterman saying he is fit to serve.
8:48 am
the reporter who interviewed him yesterday says effects from the stroke he suffered in the spring are still very evident. >> he had a monitor set up so he could read my questions because he still has lingering auditory processing issues as a result of the stroke. which means he has a hard time understanding what he is hearing. once he reads the question, he is able to understand. just in some of the small talk prior to the interview before the closed captioning was up and running, it did seem that he had a hard time understanding our conversation. >> harris: that is critical because, you know, the pushback is always you are not a doctor. well that reporter is not a doctor. what she is saying that some of the things about fetterman are so obvious that lay people can see them. among that would be voters if he would have considered debating dr. oz before voting actually started in mid-september.
8:49 am
fetterman and his opponent mehmet oz will face off in their only debate on october 25th. that's very close to the election. i just mentioned early voting underway. dr. oz accuses fetterman of hiding and spending. >> we can't afford for democracy to die because candidates aren't obliged to speak. whoever can fund their story and get it out better and whoever can prevail in the debate will win this. i'll do well to debate. we'll see how john fetterman done. >> great to see you both, panel. kevin, i'll start with you and the unenvious position of having to defend a candidate who you believe in as a democrat, but when a reporter spends close to a minute of her talking about
8:50 am
what she could see, what is your reaction? >> to your point, i do believe in john fetterman and his record and capabilities. he suffered a stroke. there is a long recovery process. as the lieutenant governor said, it is one thing now to be recovering from the stroke in the public eye. as he said yesterday, he will be much better come january when he is sworn in as the junior senator from the commonwealth. >> harris: let me stop you there and use famous line. we aren't all doctors here. but i will tell you this. it has been longer period of time between when he had the stroke and when he started saying he couldn't debate than it will be between now and the time that he would take office or about the same as we inch forward, it will get shorter. if he is not ready now and an emergency happens in the state and you have to put stuff in a teleprompter monitor for him to read you slow down a process. governors have emergencies. look at florida.
8:51 am
they are mini presidents. i will go to chris for his response. >> you are right. this is not about the power of the senate. this requires 100% dedication and fight. what we're in right now is a fight for our nation and fight for our lives. a fight to bring gas prices down and fight to be able to afford groceries. we have 70% of americans looking for additional money because they can't make ends meet. we need to make this happen. it will be a fight and one that he can do but unfortunately fetterman is not able to do it because he is not 100%. how can you talk to senators and take on a nation and bring things back to where we have to be? >> harris: a major milestone birthday is coming up for president biden in november. it looks like a white house is not too psyched to celebrate. "politico" is reporting his 80th is being met with trepidation inside the west wing. the president brushing off his
8:52 am
age as it raises many questions about a run for a second term. >> what is your message to democrats who like you and what you've done but are concerned about your age and demands of the job? >> president biden: look what i've gotten done. name me another president who has gotten as much done as me. not a joke. >> harris: critics call out biden for exaggerating a story about a 2004 fire at his delaware home. >> president biden: lightning struck a pond behind my house. came through the ground and into the air conditioning system and ended up generating thick, black smoke literally of those proportions from the basement to the third floor, attic, everything was ruined. and the kitchen floor we almost lost a couple firefighters. >> harris: i've never seen smoke described with -- okay. here is what really happened
8:53 am
aerreding to reports. lightning struck the home of senator joe biden starting a small fire that was contained in the kitchen. that's not the first time. the list goes on. we could put it to music and slow scroll it. we'll keep the music down now so we can continue to have the conversation. kevin, again, we aren't doctors. this is a problem, though, for the optics of the presidency as he turns older or is it not? >> the american people will decide that. he won the election by 8 million votes last time. he will decide whether he will run for re-election come two years from now. he is focused on the mid-terms just happening in 27 days as he talked about with jay tapper last night. this is a president we all know how old he is and we know he struggles sometimes with gaffes and makes him humble before the american people. the american people will be the ultimate judges as he decided to seek a second term. as he said last night, no president in recent memory has
8:54 am
achieved what this president has done legislatively over the last two years. think of all the big wins this president has lined up. judge him on the merits and not on the age. >> harris: has gaffes make him humble, chris. >> what is actually happening in america. gas prices, i'm from california, $7 and $8 a gallon right now. i'm judging him on the price of groceries and people who can't afford their jobs right now they have to get a second job. judging him on the price of -- everything is going up. the reality is we're in a unique time in america and can't afford to have a president that exaggerates everything. you and can't exaggerate in real life. the fire chief said it was contained within 20 minutes, much more of a small fire. he talked about being arrested multiple times as the civil
8:55 am
rights activist. >> harris: that's really offensive. >> very much so. it is ridiculous. >> harris: when you look at it, there the s the train conductor film he tells. that family is hurt of somebody he says he knew. kevin, a word about your new op-ed, check it oute there it thank you for watching. "outnumbered" after the call newday. use your va home loan benefit to borrow up to 100% of your home's value. not just 80% like some other lenders. take out an average of $60,000 and lower your payments by $600 a month with the newday 100 va cash out loan. pay down high-rate credit cards, personal loans, even car loans. missed a payment along the way? newday's been granted automatic authority by the va. we look at your whole picture. when lenders say no to a veteran,
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