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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 12, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> that was different, hello, this is "outnumbered" i am harris wagner here with my cohost kayleigh mcenany joining us is david avella, and michele tajoya, we begin in philadelphia took place to be if you want to be safe. >> harris: three members of a s.w.a.t. team were shot while serving a warrant to arrest a teenager wanted in connection with a recent homicide of multiple armed robberies, that have been just this morning by
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the way. the officers approached the 19-year-old suspect, shot them through the door, and of the window, hitting the one officer in the leg, another in the head, and a third of the trust. the suspect was then killed after they returned fire. all three s.w.a.t. officers are said to be in stable condition at this point. the crime crisis has already taken its toll on the city of philadelphia and the young people who live there, philia seeing a surge of crime over the past year with significant spikes in robberies, and break-ins. just days ago a shooting claiming the life of 13-year-old jeremiah wilcox, police were told that that eighth-grader was hanging out with friends outside his middle school when he was shot multiple times in the head and face. emily, you have worked around to the of crime, law, and in jails, and prisons.
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we have a system right now that wants to put the jails and prisons on notice that it is easier to get out there is a revolving door in the d's as office and is literally killing us. >> emily: i've never experienced or witnessed anything like this, harris, this backwards, this reversal of what justice look like, what it should look like and we look back earlier this year when the nypd detective was shot while serving a search warrant, thank god he survived a hail of bullets as he was protecting his entire dangerous actions that a police officer can undergo and the fact that today three more shot that brings our total this year to 255, shootings above officers are up 20%, that is up of multiple or percents from the
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prior year before. now we are supposed to believe that the voice that matters most is the criminal defendant? now, as we see a 17-year-old, who is being charged with brutal murder of a double shooting, she looks like a child, but that is not a child, i refuse to lay blame elsewhere because there does have to be accountability at her feet as well. the bottom line, those that have sworn to protect us are the most in harm's way as those elected officials, whose salaries we pay, like fat cats every day, are voting to curry favor from this progressive left, left, are voting to prioritize criminal defendants which terrorized communities like asian americans, children, and the elderly. and urban cities led by democrats at the helm here yet at his backwards, harris, and i do not see a way out of it unless everyone goes to the voting booths in november and turns the tide. >> harris: you have a good point and just in terms of how long it will take.
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david, you can see the recalls with certainty as, and may be some of those things could come to fruition. but what emily is talking about is all of the backstops behind the people we see in the front lines of this is soft on crime movement. make no doubt about it, it is a movement, that is why we are staying at pop up in ads from republicans to point to it. but also, among democrat strategists saying you have to start talking about crime, and d funds. >> david: hair as you bring up an excellent point where prosecuting attorneys will prosecute crimes, you get more crimes. that is what we are seeing in community after community. that is why crime is such a prevalent issue on voters minds. it is not something republicans after shout at people, they see it every single day of their communities. let's bring this to pennsylvania specifically, it is why john federman needs to be defeated. he supported krasner, the d.a. in pennsylvania p.r. yet it is why democrats are being out registered by republicans and
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10% in the city of philadelphia. ed is why more democrats, 2-1 are reregistering from democrat to republican in the state of pennsylvania. if you want the type of policies that krasner has aborted in philadelphia, elect john federman. >> harris: i had on dr. oz a while back, master's from arizona. of those are states that are on the four areas that will decide the power of the senate. they need to bring in with her that. [laughter] 's before i recall in 2020, i live in minnesota, outside of minneapolis, a woman in the city council was interviewed in another network and they said defund, what do you mean by defund the police. >> michele: what happens when people pick up the phone and called 911. of the city councilwoman says, yes, that comes from a place of privilege. and i member thinking to myself,
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oh, my god, that privilege is something that we pay for as taxpayers. now, in minneapolis, a week ago, my son's high school football game had to be moved in our earlier and there was ramped up police presence. we have never had police presence at a football game before. but we had to be because they were shootings at a recent football game outside of annapolis and in other areas. it is insane, a messages being sent and on everyone hears it. >> harris: what is that message? >> michele: it that you can get away with it. >> harris: yes, exactly. >> kayleigh: this is such an interesting issue because it has gripped the country if you have not been a victim of crime and you know i've met people in the groom will not say they have been mugged you either had a family member who has, or you know someone who has. that is how this issue is gripping the country right now and i think you are exactly right this is going to be a defining issue of the election, where is president biden going this weekend? he's going to oregon,
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interesting, not a place that you go to as a democrat p.r. yet they have not had a statewide republican candidate elected in 20 years and have not had a republican governor in 40 years. they might to this time, it is on the race for governor. crime is at the epicenter of that race p.r. yet you look at the north carolina, riley durham 70% of ads are about a violent cr crime. this issue can only be solved culturally at width of the nuclear family having good parenting. the only thing that we can do short of that, it is very hard to make those sweeping societal changes. going back to church would help a lot of people and a lot of ways but will be could do as a government does do what emily said, go to the ballot box. democrats, turn your head, but voters will march to the ballot box because that is the only thing we can do to try to stop this. >> harris: i want you, i want to, i want to push and when something you said, a mugging, with someone you said in our greenroom. i want talk about how personal these crimes are.
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you want to say that criminals are not afraid because they know they can get out quickly or not go to prison or jail at all, and not have to pay bail, whatever it is. but those personal crimes are what change in our standard of living. when you see the highest rate, ever, and subway killing, the number of them now outpacing a 10 year span on the subway, there is not a lot of gunfire going on in the subway. those are one on one person crimes. it that raises the fear -- code that is terrorism. >> kayleigh: the word that comes to mind is brazen. >> harris: it is tara. >> kayleigh: reminds me of the ax wielding man where the next day he is interviewing with "the new york post." if someone commits a crime with an ax, you think the first thing would be to hide and pray, you don't get charged for something but he is out doing interviews with his shirt off. this is crazy. people are brazen because they know that there are no repercussions. >> harris: we cannot let these people change our society, these people who would want us to be
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looked upon and judged because we are, what are we, the privileged victims? >> emily: privilege and general to be able to call 911, my dad lives in oregon, as you know, my dad lives there and we know that phil knight the cofounder of nike donated, publicly, a million dollars to the republican candidates, that shows a shift. we have seen up until now sort of a corporate hesitation to jump into races like that unless it is toward the democrat side. the other part of it, is the fact that, i've talked about my dad's neighbor, law enforcement, they were doxed day after day after day, and tivo would show up at their farm, they're working, small business, threatening and terrorizing them that nothing could be done about it. that is the thing that oregon and portland residency, and that is why it is changing their. crossing my fingers about how that population fields it, it is at their front doorstep and it has been far too long. >> harris: employers know that
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>> emily: president biden downplaying concerns about his son hunter after report revealed federal agents believe there is enough evidence to charge him with a tax crimes, and lying to purchase a gun. >> president biden: . this is not a kid, this is a grown man who got hooked, like many have families had happened,
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hooked on drugs. he has overcome that, and established new life. and i am confident that he is what he says and does, they are consistent with what happens. i do have good confidence in my sound, i love him, he is on the straight and narrow. >> emily: made vile former cia intelligence officer is doubling down, defending signing a letter claiming that the hunter biden laptop story is, you guessed it, russian disinformation, watch it. >> it has all the classic air marks of these operations, no doubt in the letter you will also read that we do not know if this is a russian operation at all. that has been dramatically changed in the retelling of the story. of the letter is merely pointing out that this is the kind of thing that time after time, after time, people who study russian disinformation and not look at russian tactics over the long. of time, this is the kind of thing that they like to amplify. >> emily: kayleigh, the rich part of it, in addition to the
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fact that we pay his salary as the refusal to acknowledge the amplification, if he put it, since that point that it has been cut were corroborated and periodicals after periodicals, "new york times," "washington post," all of the trusted sources that he reference says it is not disinformation and there is absolute truth to it all. but yet there he is doubling down. >> kayleigh: i encourage everyone to watch bret baier's interview with david peers, it should be a master class on how to question someone because they are really pushed on this and got david priest in a position where we had to answer. you are exactly right, "the new york times," "the washington post," they have all verified this laptop but we do not need their verification because this is a laptop with thousands of pictures of hunter biden, thousands of conversations with his father. but, when you watch as and interview, david preece does three things that are stunning, one, he doesn't regret it, two he says it doesn't affect the election that i don't know how he knows that because we have
9:17 am
polling sing 4.6% abide voters as he would've voted differently. and then, he suddenly doubles down on this having the hallmark of russian debt if disinformation despite everyone and verifying that it's not rusn disinformation. he said that "those words are still true" it was amazing to watch, everyone take a peek. >> emily: that is right, here is, you an interview last hour with jason chaffetz on this and you explored it as well. your thoughts? >> harris: i will jump to the next interview that i had with blake masters out of arizona, after what you had just said. so, he thinks it definitely did affect the election, absolutely. and, it is the reasons why the election of 2020 was not fair. by the way, he is not alone in saying that it wasn't. 62% of ballots across the country will have people who feel the exact same way as candidates, that this person in the white house should not be in the white house.
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the primary issue is what kayleigh was talking about. at just the idea of disinformation that was out there, and how we as americans are not allowed to know what was true about hunter biden. and to have it question in such a way, where if you even questioned you got its acord on twitter. as a journalist, michele, i am questioning, okay, have you been to youtube, have you seen what he is doing? the timing of that audio, with his dad, crying, and you got it, you feel for the parents of drug addicted kids. but this is a grown man. the timing of that as he had just lied, felony, to purchase a weapon. he had been driving around with an unlocked gun in the back of his car and his father he did not think it was time to get help here and we might have to go legal on this. because, look at who i am. >> michele: the problem with this letter that was signed by these 15 intel people is that it was so intellectually dishonest to say, well, all we were saying as it had the earmarks, we were
9:19 am
in trying to. the hell you weren't and you had a head of the story. may be everyone verified the laptop well after the election. but this letter was produced in advantage and jen psaki used it from the white house podium to say, this letter, these people signed the list, or wherever she had said it, you know, this has all of the earmarks of russian disinformation. that letter was a tool, and to deny that it had a purpose, that is just completely intell intellectual -- >> kayleigh: president biden reference to with president trump. there was absolutely a tool. and the irony, david, as preece talked about that interview, the hallmark of dissemination and propaganda throughout the media, again, that was exactly what we do is used by these democratic operatives, to try to sway the election and to further the disinformation that it was not
9:20 am
hunter's verified laptop. >> david: this is a pivotal moment for the justice department at restoring its credibility with many americans. you would like to see a group of former doj employees come out and make that very case. but, as you have seen in the past and it is time to have true transparency in this process. let's also say that this is a time for the doj to step up because as more americans focus on crime, if you have a justice department that is supporting the type of policies you are getting out of krasner, and these prosecuting attorneys that will prosecute crimes, you will have an american people that is upset. >> emily: moving forward, coming up, storyteller and sheep, that is how the "new york times" is portraying president biden's habit of telling tall tales and outright falsehoods while labeling his predecessor however, a liar. we discussed that double standard next
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>> emily: "the new york times" is getting called out for its way with words, if you will call it that, portraying president biden as a "storyteller in chief" on excusing his tall tales and a piece downplaying his repeated falsehoods, writing "for more than four decades mr. biden has embraced storytelling as a way of connecting with his audience, often emphasizing the truth of his account by adding, not a joke, and the middle of a story. mr. bidens focusing this can the year end to folklore, with dates that don't quite add up and details that are exaggerated or wrong, the factual edges shaved off to make them more powerful for audiences." wow come away to put lipstick on acquitted, the times have the story that biden often told about having his house burned down with the first lady was inside. but it turns out it was just a kitchen fire that was quickly put under control by
9:26 am
firefighters. the president repeated that story just yesterday. >> president biden: lightning struck a little pond of by my house, struck the ground and went up into the air conditioning system and it ended up generating thick black smoke and literally that of the proportions and from the basement to the third floor, the attic, everything, everything was rude and in the kitchen floor, we almost lost a couple of firefighters they tell me because the kitchen floor, it was burning between bms in the house, in addition to almost collapse into the basement. >> kayleigh: i mean, harris, in the words we use, we have them on the wall, it's not just one, its embellished narratives, loosely based on fact, storyteller in chief, exaggerated, but my favorite, spins yarn, that often unravels. it paints a picture in your head of an old man in a rocking chair like a grandpa just saying he's something he didn't win he could, if you are being kind to
9:27 am
say these are exaggerations or myth truths are if you are not being kind is calling dumb lies. >> harris: the problem is the fire chief said it took them 20 minutes. i mean, he is imputing people's livelihood is firefighters because he wants to make his embellished story have more impact with a less listener. i mean, it is the difference between the front page of the news and the editorial section. you know, he lives in the editorial section where he is going to take it and run with it. oh, my gosh, the more embellishment about comms that the brighter the story shines, the more clean up his team has to do. but it has not team cleaning it up but it is the officials, the families of the train conductor, who he reports to know because he wrote on the train down to scranton so often. but the family has said, it is hurtful what you tell it, it is not possible that he knew the man because he had been deceased before he had said he knew him. i mean, it is hurtful.
9:28 am
more than that it is manipulation at a fire reform that we cannot accept. >> emily: he asked to be a part of everyone's life story, emily, that puerto rican community gap that he did, he was arrested in marching with the civil rights movement, the staff told him not to say that story and they say he thought he understood but he kept saying like he has to be in every even. >> emily: that's right and when you strip it down to what it is, he is truly misappropriating that minority cultures here yet he is flat out lie in, and he has for some reason tried to have some sort of embed that they had at the close alignment with a lot of minority communities, including telling them to their face, if you do not vote for me, you are not black. i am not quite sure why the democratic machine has insisted on protecting him since 1987. as far back as 1987, when he ran for president back then, or senate, whatever, i blink. he said he had these multiple degrees, and that and that he
9:29 am
was top of his class. exactly since then he has been protected. y, the manipulation you're talking about, i see it from the media and i see it from the machine and how is it that he is truly the candidate that is supposed to represent the minority community that aren't monolithic, that the single women, the business owner, is that the best you have democrats. because for whatever reason you are acting like he is a coordinated cane. he is a liar and he has become feeble. everything out of his mouth, it is like the rachel dolezal of presidential admissions. how was he allowed to skate by you may call former president trump liar, we get called worse on this couch all the time. it's ridiculous by their protecting him. >> michele: that is outcome of the same article they call president trump al liar, they sy bidens fictions are nowhere near the scale but my favorite is, they cite this author they say they have the tendency where he's a good and decent man,
9:30 am
obviously who in politics feels like he can stretch the truth to a point to just like virtually every president has done, eric alterman the author of why you trump is worse, like this is who they go to as their expert. >> david: the president goes to hurtful to a new level of harmful with americans when his lies are about that his inflation reduction act is going to bring inflation down. >> harris: there you go. >> david: he has harmful with his lies when he says he is going to get out of afghanistan in a safe and orderly way. or that gas prices are going to come down here yet that is where these lies are harmful to americans on why they know it, and why to what you said earlier, kayleigh, why joe biden has to be in oregon, democratic stronghold three weeks before an election to try to help democrats in a state that they should not have to worry about. >> harris: not talking about how desperate they are aware that his polling is in a toilet and has been for over a year.
9:31 am
>> michele: i'm so tired of hypocrisy, one gets called a liar and one gets called a storyteller, this is what we are doing with language in society, it is not a student loan because you don't have to pay it back. you are not a bomb, a birthing person. this change in language, it is really, taking people off, i am trying to clean up my language, i do have children at home. but it is urging people. it is not only biden who was saying these things, it is his whole staff aware they do the cleanup, but they stand by him, and it is the media that does not push back, does not question, and does not clarify for everyone that this is bull. i mean, the list of things he is told is unbelievable. >> kayleigh: but with "the new york times" says he's unable to break himself out of the habit. coming up, protesters and all the white house are demanding the resignation of three los angeles city council members
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tell your doctor if you are or may become pregnant. disrupt the itch and rash of eczema. talk to your doctor about rinvoq. learn how abbvie can help you save. [chanting] >> kayleigh: hundreds of angry protesters store in the los angeles council meeting demanding three councilman deserters resign and recording surfaced in a closed-door meeting in which racist language was used when talking about a child, who is less than three years old. according to the "l.a. times," former city council mumble, nuri martinez, she is still a member but she did resign as president was in a meeting with gil zedillo and kevin deleon when she called the adopted black sign of another city council member a "little monkey" she also compared them to a
9:37 am
louis vuitton purse. she said he needed "a beat down" he was also heard making crude remarks about jewish people, armenians, and oaxacan immigrants. martinez has said and stepped down from her post and is taking a leave of absence from the council. the white house says that the president wants further action taken. >> he believes they all should resign, the language that was used and tolerated during that conversation was unacceptable, and it was appalling. they should all step down. >> kayleigh: i mean every racial group or ethnic group and then they go on. i mean the comparison to a child of a monkey, person, civil war statue, this is cruel it is disgusting, it is divisive and i've never heard anyone speak this way personally. >> michele: i hate to cut to the chase but virtue is not determined by your skin color or ethnicity. in other words, this woman's last name is martin is, i am
9:38 am
hispanic, i do feel okay saying this. the majority in this group were latinos, and they were talking in horrific ways about arme armenians,, a black child, it does not make you virtuous to be part of a minority saying, i am going to fight for minorities. clearly that is not what is going on, this woman, nuri martinez does not represent, and you can see it with the protest, she is not representing the value of her constituents, she does not need to take time off she needs to resign. all three of them. they are not representing these people in the same fashion that these people feel they should be representing. one quick thing when you get to city councils and massive cities like this, minneapolis, philadelphia, l.a., you get very little voter turnout. it is not that a lot of people vote. the people that really do populate those cities, the businesses the corporations, et cetera, they take the brunt of it, they do not vote in those cities. small groups of people vote and so you get these really narrow
9:39 am
elected officials that are very kind of representative. and that is my take on that. >> kayleigh: david, to the president's credit, the white house did call for them to step down and we have heard garcetti, the mayor, call for them to step down. we have heard both mayoral candidates on both side of the audio on both to step down on the president is smart to do this before he heads out to l.a. >> david: absolutely, absolutely, thankfully he called for the resignation. it but the press secretary couldn't do that on that's where the podium always goes or they try to turn everything political. and a time where l.a. is dealing with a lot of crime, and job issues, and educational issues, they now have a city council that has to focus on their racist members. >> kayleigh: yes, they do, harris, there is an op-ed in "the new york post," alec coleman said there's no purity in party politics but there is something insidious about progressive policies and then
9:40 am
projecting racism onto conservatives while enacting policies that negatively impact minorities. i do think he has a point with steve on the police, and some of these other policies that are so counterproductive. >> harris: i want to respond to something that you have just said and it ties into this whole idea, this is all democrats. this is part of the reason you do not see the wider media talking about it. i would argue the virtues signaling is coming from the president to the united states. what he does not want is for anything to distract, and for democrats to get tainted by any brush, painted by a color, tainted by a thought, in any way, shape, or form this close to the midterm elections. so, if you do take this off the table, and it is the right thing to do for these people to step back, for the former state representative on the other democrat, all democrats on this call, write. it is good for them to step back after saying these things. i do not know what she is going to be doing in a timeout. i do not know how you come back
9:41 am
from that. but whatever. but this is politics. i think this is politics and this is saying that we are going to take one of the weapons in your hands, republicans, because these guys were democrats and we are going to ask for them to leave from the top level before the president gets out there. he cannot escape being asked about this. i think it is a shrewd political move. but, if they really, really cared, he will now, because he has called for their departure. but if they really cared about this matter, do you think that this is the first time this has happened with these three? i refuse to believe that. >> kayleigh: to four people on this call, the labor president set down and martinez that she was going to take a break but the other two are on the council. >> emily: if i was an l.a. resident i would all my money back for their salaries and they should absolutely be disciplined for this. if there is no part of that public taxpayer dollars have in a compensating that those people. i actually thought that the assembly man said it best, the ongoing can-am american assembly
9:42 am
man about whom they were talking so offensively and he echoed that point that this city council is actually filled with historic firsts actually. instead however instead they have the approach to governance is that it is from this prejudice standpoint traumatized communities against each other. it is a playback of the democrats he said in a time where unity has-beens more importantly approach the government does us versus them. member the topic of the conversation was that this person could not get elected, he was not wide enough. and really, just vile and disgusting things but it shows you how democrats think. has you have pointed out, if this is the 2 minutes pointed out and captured on film, what else did they say. >> harris: yes, they were comfortable about talking like that. >> kayleigh: and redistricting between black and white communities yeah.
9:43 am
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>> coming up we are reading a briefing live from as mayor is
9:47 am
said to detailed plans on city plagued by crime plus tiled pan on the latest numbers just out on the american economy as the president acknowledges that we may enter a recession carry a democrat khanna will join us as a president vows consequences for saudi arabia after the nation colluded with russia to cut off oil supplies. has a reaction to that coming up, come join us live as america reports of the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ >> welcome back it is time for in case you missed it. >> emily: a legendary comic creator is taking an amen adults who love superhero films and thinks that the fan base has propelled these films to box office success. that fan base is problematic, alan moore the creator of watchmen, and v for vendetta says "i said around 2011 that i thought it had serious and worrying implications for the future is millions of adults were queuing up to see batman
9:48 am
movies. because that kind of tantalize agent, that urge towards simpler times, simple or realities, that can very often be a precursor to fascism" kayleigh, way to just take it in the wrong direction. way to punch 20 onto. i love that man, i love superhero films, i am going as one for halloween but way for them to take it to the end. >> kayleigh: maybe your wishing for a time where kids would get pushed in the subway and kindergartners when are you talking about, that is what similar times mean that i love wonder woman. love wonder woman. put me in that camp, she is a strong woman. 3200%. a hundred percent. not shocking for them or him, he wrote v for vendetta, that's how his brain works but as kayleigh is pointing out, maybe we are yearning for someone to come save us from the crime-ridden gotham seats that are plaguing the country. >> harris: i will take it the next level, maybe some people are willing to be the heroes and they do not get enough credit either. maybe if we were not defunding some of our heroes we would know
9:49 am
that. >> emily: that is right, david. >> david: it falls on the line of those who want to protect the criminals and not go after the bad guys. many superheroes of courseware heroes because they made it all safe for us. but not a message that hollywood wants to play p area >> michele: what superhero would you be? >> david: batman absolutely. blue already. batman went from blue to black and when it was when he went black that it went downhill but when he was a blue cape good g guy. >> michele: that's all i wanted on a topic gary had >> harris: i didn't even know that much about the cape. speech of their ordinary people, right, and then at night the andra did cover of darkness they come and save us. so perhaps that is what we are yearning for or perhaps some good old-fashioned entertainment. >> emily: but everything now is trending toward fascism. all right, the next topic, free of plastic grocery bags on the outs but california has taken
9:50 am
the initiative a step further and they are going after the little plastic bags that hold your produce bag while you shop, a bill that bans them is slated to take effect in 2025, michele you and i were talking about our families in california and i am picturing the elderly who are shopping. they are just so many things that are being taking away from people who rely on them and their routines. i cannot imagine that the plastic bag police coming after those people in lucky's. >> michele: fans are a first level thinking reaction to things. we remember when paper bags were considered evil because we were cutting down trees to make paper bag so stop the paper bag, only plastic grocery bags. so we made the transition. and you have the paper, or plastic, and you chose. to this is a first level, no one is really thinking beyond, what might the consequences be. like no one thought what the consequences of plastic bags would be to begin with, however many years ago. so, we do need some next level thinking. i am not sure what it is but we have to innovate. >> david: we have to be
9:51 am
careful, ladies, or we will realize that california is in plastic, chicken comes in plastic container. >> emily: what would you carry it with your hand? >> harris: we just came out of a pandemic where people were rushing that hams are ready you imagine how much salmonella we will have. >> emily: it's hard to where if it's a supermarket not a farmers' market there is a reason the plastic ones are there. >> harris: you mentioned a farmers' market that is thing, a choice, you go to farmers' market, you have your basket, you have something to be able to carry those out but it is choice. >> kayleigh: i am thankful i do not live in california. [laughter] i need to have a recycle paper bag where the apples fall out of the bottom, let's order plastic bags from amazon, let's beat them. >> emily: a hot debate on the lunch time favorite and how we should be serving it up. one "washington post" writer and says that sandwiches must be cut
9:52 am
diagonally, and she has not taken questions on the matter, kayleigh, she is right because if you cut in half, it is proven that it is actually less, your sandwich is last. i am kidding, i am kidding, i am kidding. i am saying that if it's diagonal, it looks smaller. >> kayleigh: no, you're up to cut it in four squares because that's how it lasts longer. but my pet peeve is when people do not cut it. >> michele: i was going to agree, but when you cut diagonally you have the dip in corners. i like her. i am team diagonal all the way david. >> david: in our family, we get it right down the middle. >> harris: same, that is what i have done since i was a kid and you can dip anything. >> david: but when i get a sub auto i do, cut it straight down? that way i can always be consistent always up and down. >> harris: break down the middle, especially for kids, kids can eat like that. >> more "outnumbered" next.
9:53 am
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♪♪ >> oh, i'm a little monster, a huge gaga fan. anyway, last but not least, there is another emoji you might want to avoid when texting. this time it's the thumb's up, a new report says genz finds it passive aggressive and even rude. how weak are these people? it's now among a list of ten emojis that make you look old, according to young people. includes emojis like a check mark, a red heart, clapping hands, genz says the characters are taken too literally by people over the age of 35. oh, and that's poop, on the right.
9:58 am
i use that all the time, 57 tomorrow, by the way, emoji my way to happiness. >> thumb's up, i always interpret as a ok, or yes, i agree, and you said it perfectly and this is all i will say. if you can't handle an emoji, you might want to rethink your resiliency for existing in the world. it's an emoji, get tough. getting hurt by emoji, passive asieve -- my god. >> i'm going to send out all snowflake emojis. >> i learned from the article i am old, my top are the thumb's up, the brown swirl, i don't know if it's pudding or -- >> it's poopy. >> that's poop. >> and whatever, the red heart, like i am a geezer, apparently. these are all mine. what are they using the pregnant man? i don't know. [laughter] >> david.
9:59 am
>> as i thought about this, the only emoji i really use is i don't know. >> yeah, who doesn't love the red heart and the kiss mark. they are adorable. it's just one more disconnect, and one more, you know, be quick to be offended from the -- we have to somehow change our behavior and our style of communication because they are a bunch of snowflakes, no thanks. >> maybe you and i could work on emoji that says get on your phone and go get a grip. like the -- >> people are going to send them in droves, thumb's up, thumb's up, like the dad who loves to embarrass his kids, now that you have told us what you don't like -- you are going to see a bunch of it. >> i love it. >> you know what kamala uses, she has not been able to send an emoji in 18 months and she loves
10:00 am
it, i guess the government phones don't let you send the emojis. >> maybe that's why obama -- no, he was into blackberries. all right. thanks for joining us everybody. oh, my goodness, and remember to set your dvr if you are not in front of the tv so you never miss an episode of "outnumbered" and we are always here waiting. "america reports" next. >> sandra: country's crime crisis, three philadelphia swat team officers shot while serving a murder warrant early this morning. the violence coming ahead of a news conference city officials already had planned for today to talk about efforts to curve violence in that city. >> john mcnessby, the president of the philadelphia fraternal of police, he will have an update and the crime issues plaguing his city. >> sandra: a fresh read on inflation. nt


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