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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 13, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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involves a crime scene and sound bites from people saying they don't feel as safe as they once did. this will have a profound impact on the midterms and democrats will be seen as the party ill-equipped to handle us. >> carley: a joe concha live for us right before "fox & friends." we like to sleep in a little bit this morning. >> todd: come on, man! >> carley: a fat, "fox & friends" starts right now. >> president biden is in los angeles today. >> as the parties being blamed for high crime, high gas prices. >> the consequences of saudi arabia after the moves. >> we are going to react to saudi arabia. >> police say a missing georgia toddler is likely dead, naming his mother as the prime suspect. >> a police statement on twitter saying, we seized evidence that will help move this case forward. speak of the so-called smoking gun in the whipping controversy.
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>> the biden administration knew early on those border patrol agents didn't whip any migrants. >> they deserve better. >> we thought we saw everything in the game and now a new friend wants to join our party. i know this is an intense playoff game but it but i can't help but laugh. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> steve: good morning. you are not disappearing yet. east providence, rhode island, your sunrise today is going to be in about an hour. about 6:56 right now. 61 degrees now and a daytime high of 67. just like new york city, it's going to be a rainy day throughout the day on this thursday, october 13th, 2022. come on in. >> ainsley: good morning, everyone! >> steve: it's day four of
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"fox & friends" weekday dish in. >> ainsley: this week flew by. >> brian: is it just me? don't feel compelled to agree. there's a blizzard of great and intriguing stories this week, little in the midterms. what is your favorite? >> brian: probably the first one we have today. i can't believe it. a lot of times what i think is a top story is not what anyone else thinks, but this is extremely intriguing. >> ainsley: we were reporting last week and opec plus cut the amount of oil production, 2 million barrels per day, that the white house was begging them, please don't do this. but there's a "wall street journal" article that gets more into the details that says yes, they did beg saudi arabia not to do this. and if they do it, to wait a month. what happens in a month? midterms. >> steve: it's all political. we've told you this. if saudi arabia were to cut production by 2 million barrels a day, that's going to jack up the cost of your oil. as joe biden heads out on the
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road, he's in california this morning and he is in l.a., then he's going to go to orange county, and up to the pacific northwest. but the one thing he doesn't want to talk about is how energy prices are killing you. instead he's going to talk about infrastructure. in particular he's going to be talking about infrastructure for electric vehicles. another good reason to buy an electric car, because gas is killing us, and before the election what they were trying to do is put their finger on the scale, trying to force saudi arabia, unless you help us out and bail out the democrats, there's going to be hell to pay, because it's helping the russians. >> ainsley: the average gas price there is $6.19. more than $6. i was talking to someone whose parents live in california and she says in some places it's $7 a gallon. that's outrageous. he's going to this area, skipping some states where they don't want him there because he's not going to help these individuals in neck and neck
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races. but he's going to california, going to oregon, going to colorado, and he can't tout the economy, he can't tout inflation. his ratings are sinking when it comes to those issues. he wants to highlight infrastructure legislation, manufacturing laws, climate tax and health care packages. >> brian: the backstory to what happened of the daily cut of 2 million barrels a day by opec plus, when word got out that they were going to do this, the president asked for a delay. what would be significant about that? the one thing people have told us, democrats and republicans, if you want to understand, look at gas prices in the direction they are heading. the reason his numbers were taking up is that it's about three weeks in which the gas prices were going down. now it's $3.90, $3.93, $3.94. there's no light at the end of the tunnel as china gets back online and demand goes up.
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knowing there's a big push around the restaurant to mike western world for this green energy push, the up the price, it goes to $90 a barrel, and they cut back production. now, the saudi arabia and said, "yeah, we got a call from you guys, but i don't make all the decisions. it's opec plus. we sit around and had this meeting, and the whole group decided as a conglomerate to raise prices." it was in their economic interests. they go on to say that the kingdom affirms its view with his relationship as the united states of america as a strategic one that serves the common interest of both countries for the last 80 years. they don't say anything about being friends, and the kingdom of saudi arabia is not a country we want to emulate, but a strategic partner, for the most part. pretty consistent, especially when you're alternative is iran. so here is what they wanted to point out to you. days before major oil production
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cut by opec at its russia-let allies, u.s. officials called their counterparts in saudi arabia and other big goals producers with an urgent plea to allay the decision for another month. according to those familiar with the talks, saudi officials said to dismiss the request which they viewed as a political gambit by the biden administration to avoid bad news ahead of the u.s. midterm elections. the one thing donald trump has taught the political class is leverage. if you want leverage, produce oil. frack. they were leaning on us to try and destroy the frackers in america. if we got our production up as jamie dimon recommended the minute this war started in february, we could go over and say we'd put our production up. he says america is the swing oil producer. we should not be looking at opec. we are bigger than saudi arabia if we want to be, and we can control the price. but you call them a pariah nation and you stop producing oil, and then you call them with a phone call to delay? you have no leverage, therefore
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you have no success. >> steve: well, ultimately saudi arabia was relying on their analysts that thought the price of oil was going to go down, and they didn't want to go down because they want as much money as possible. so they said, and that's why the white house said let's wait a month to see what happens. they said, too late, we will go ahead and cut production. a couple nights ago, on the new cnn, which is a lot like the old cnn, joe biden was talking about the consequences now for saudi arabia which, as we have detailed for the last 7 minutes, would not help out the democrats in the midterms. watch. >> yes, and by the way, let's get straight on why i went. i didn't go about oil, it went about making sure that we weren't going to walk away from the middle east and what was going on. by the way, today i just got off the telephone with the president of -- i got off with the prime minister of israel and the president of lebanon.
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i worked out a deal. it wasn't about oil. but we should, and i am, in the process when this house of senate gets back, they will be some consequences for what they've done with russia. >> ainsley: according to "the wall street journal" interview, or article, if u.s. officials were warning saudi arabia, it's going to look like you are siding with russia and it's going to weaken our already waning support in washington for saudi arabia. and it quotes john kirby. he said the president believes the u.s. should review the relationship with saudi arabia after cutting production. saudi arabia said they were viewing this as a political gambit by the administration to avoid bad news before the midterms. what are the consequences now? >> steve: that's a good question. when you look at what the president said, he said there will be consequent as when the house and senate come back. what happens is democrats are pushing to scale back the u.s.-saudi relationship and the
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democrats are talking about freezing arms sales and withdrawing all u.s. troops and equipment. chuck schumer said the vote could happen with a crackdown on opec plus, but they do need republican help with something like that. tom cotton said the democrats are simply having a temper tantrum, simply encouraging the iranians to ramp up terrorist activity. so they're going, look, they didn't bail you out for the midterms. he can't pull the plug on saudi arabia. so the republicans are clear-eyed, but as you've heard over the last couple of minutes, the democrats are angry that, in the run-up to the midterms in less than four weeks, saudi arabia is pulling the plug on the gas. >> ainsley: we wouldn't be in this situation if they hadn't pulled the plug on the keystone pipeline. >> steve: right? 100%. >> brian: that was the beginning of the ripple effect. if we pull out our missile defense, china puts it in. china gains leverage in that region that we will not be able to get back in less the
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admission goes back there, had in hand, and say let's start over like fdr did 80 years ago. so we don't have leverage in the situation. they can substitute somebody else for us. do you want to take our missile defense outcome aside with yemen who is controlled by iran? take our alliances saudi arabia out. do you know there's no abraham accords? they green-lighted the whole thing? i don't love the country. i don't love the fact that they have it set up that way, but they're not looking for our approval. they are looking for a strategic partner. the anti-saudi arabia is not france, it is iran. if you pull out of saudi arabia, you are saying 1-800-iran. or you pull out of the middle east altogether. i don't think that is to anybody's advantage. >> steve: said i could be the consequence. stay tuned when the house and senate comes back to business. maybe something will get done. we'll keep you posted. coming up on 6:11 here in the east and have breaking news,
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terrible news. two connecticut police officers were shot and killed overnight. third in serious condition at the hospital. the latest attack on our men and women in uniform coming up ahead from bristol, connecticut. >> ainsley: press, alessandra mallorca's, prove he was told the migrant whipping narrative was false before going out and pushing it to you, the american public. ♪ ♪ this is john. he never gives up—no matter what life throws his way. high cholesterol. heart disease. 17 fad diets... 5 kids... 3 grandkids... 1 heart attack. and 18 passwords that seem to change daily. with leqvio, john can lower his cholesterol— and so can you.
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>> ainsley: a shooting overnight in bristol. investigators are still
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gathering information on what led up to this horrific tragedy. we are going to bring you more details on the story as it develops. september is consumer price index coming out later this morning, and about two hours from now. it's the last one before the midterm elections, and yesterday we got data showing the producer price index rose by over 8%. and 30-year mortgage rates are now at their highest since 2006, hitting 6.8%. this is the eighth straight weekly increase. and to baseball we go as national teams that lost their first division match up get some revenge. the atlanta braves bouncing back to defeat the phillies 3-0, and in los angeles the san diego padres even if their series with the dodgers with a 5-three win thanks to a pair of homers from many machado. but upstaged by a fine feathered friend. the sellout crowd mesmerized by a goose on the loose, swooping
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in to get the big bird off the field in the eighth inning. that is the cutest goose i've ever seen! >> steve: the goose is loose! >> ainsley: we are glad that no geese were injured. >> brian: the most self-confident bird around. i thought pigeons are confident, but a goose will walk through traffic. when a goose wants to go to a field, it just sits -- >> carley: does this happen too often? >> ainsley: does this happen to you often? on the l.i.e. sometimes you see a goose? >> brian: they are second, ducks are first. i apologize to the ducks. i should've said that. i'm just amazed they will take the kids and walk them through traffic. >> ainsley: you mentioned stories like. how you like this next one? at >> brian: we know the border patrol agents on horseback, we knew about this
3:18 am
huge migrant crisis that had thousands under the bridge that even made other networks cover it. at the same time, a desperate attempt to change the narrative: this administration saw haitian immigrants crossing the border. what they thought was an opportunity, we postulate but now can conclude that they see border patrol agents on horseback with haitians, and here's an example we can point out of racism in america. let's change the narrative, and it'll be such a great opportunity, even the vice president would talk about the border. if you look at some of the video, it could be deceptive. it shows border patrol agents, they claim, whipping migrants, but they weren't doing that. what makes it worse, according to a letter that's been exposed thanks to the heritage foundation request, they knew these guys were not whipping haitians. >> after this was released, the
3:19 am
photographer who took these images, he told a news station, ktsm, "i've never seen them with anyone. he was swinging it, but it could be misconstrued when you look at the picture." when the article came out and homeland security realized what the photographer was saying, and they were about to go on tv for that white house presser in two hours, they must have been worried, because a lady in the office, the assistant secretary of dhs public affairs, emailed mayorkas and others flagging that news article about the photographer and his comments and said the photographer was even saying they weren't whipping. two hours later, what happens? >> steve: here's what she is saying now, so everybody would be on the same page. this was before any public statement were made dhs. "the photographer of these images told ktsm tv in el paso that things are not exactly what they seem with it comes to photos. the photographer says he and his
3:20 am
colleagues never saw agents whipping anyone. "i've never seen them with anyone," he says. he was swinging it but it can be mistreated when you look at the pictures." they are referring to how the reins a very long and that so you can control the horse. the word went out to mayorkas and everybody else at the department of homeland security. they weren't whipped, he knew it, and yet, too many people it looks like he then went on tv and told this lie. >> our entire nation saw horrifying images that do not reflect who we are. we know those images painfully conjured up the worst elements of our nation's ongoing battle against systemic racism. >> brian: just to remind america we are racist. thanks. >> steve: he promised there would be an investigation in days, not weeks, and it wound up taking a year. of course the agents were
3:21 am
cleared of whipping although they do face some sort of punishment for some other trumped up violations. who knows what they will come up with. obviously if you got the boss saying there was something bad, they've got to find something bad. >> brian: ken cuccinelli was booked yesterday on jesse's show and he was asked, in a situation like this, you have this job, would you get this email? why would you go ahead with a press conference anyway? listen. >> he's going to say, "i didn't see that email." i guarantee, if the secretary gets an email from the communications team two and half hours before a press conference, that email gets read by the secretary. he lied through his teeth and he threw the people he's responsible for it -- not just the american people, but the people who worked for him and put their lives on the line -- under the bus. knowingly. it wasn't casual. he knew what he was doing when he did it. in my view, this is impeachable. >> steve: right, he threw them
3:22 am
under the bus. he called and racist. joe biden should fire him, but joe biden did exactly the same thing. he went on tv and said people were being strapped, the agents will pay, they will be consequent is, it's an embarrassment, it's dangerous, it's wrong. when his joe biden and when is mr. mayorkas, when are they going to apologize to those agents? >> ainsley: exactly, my thought is with the agents. if you don't agree with his administration or if you are in law enforcement, you are canceled, you are hated, you are trashed, you are punished. whatever the extreme is, they're going to do it if you disagree with them. they don't want the border agents talking down there and say they have a problem. they want to ignore the problem. why isn't someone from homeland security coming out and saying this is wrong? it's been a while since that press conference. more than a year. why didn't anyone within the department say, "we knew about this?" we saw the email we know at the photographer was saying. why are you lying about it? why didn't anyone question it?
3:23 am
>> brian: evidently in their town they have been bullied and their kids were harassed because they were called by the president and the homeland security secretary as racist. and they are still not back on the job, and they should be sitting. 20 minutes after the hour, and gen z said hold seriously for the midterms. what will motivate them to get out and vote? members of that group joining us live. you ready babe? “everywhere” by fleetwood mac ♪ ♪ ♪can you hear me calling... out your name?♪ ♪you know that i've falling...♪ ♪and i don't know what to say♪ ♪i'll speak a little louder...♪ ♪i'll even shout...♪ ♪you know that i'm proud and i can't get the words out♪ ♪oh i♪
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>> carley: back with headlines, starting with this. police and the fbi saying missing georgia toddler quinton smith, he disappeared last week, is likely dead, and his mother is named as a prime suspect. 22-year-old leilani has not been arrested or charged. she told police her son vanished from his playpen. authorities naming her a suspect after bringing search dogs to the savannah home she shares with her parents who have legal custody of the boy. a vigil was held for the missing toddler last night. police say more information will be released later today. the cdc and sta authorize the new omicron booster shot for children five years and under, but the vast majority of adults don't want to take the new vaccine. only 5% of 260 million eligible adults have rolled up their sleeves for the updated booster. the white house chief medical advisor is blaming the slow
3:28 am
rollout on the warm weather which he claims discourages people from making an appointment. in an update here, the raiders wide receiver devante adams is now charged with misdemeanor assault for shoving a media worker after monday night's loss. the victim says he suffered whiplash and a possible concussion, the former espn contributor jamele hill labeling him a victim of systemic racism, sing the charges are totally on brand for how black men are treated by the police, willing to go above and beyond to prove a point. controversy there. over to you. >> brian: she will not miss an opportunity to add followers. a quick announcement before we talk a little bit about gen z. along with fox nation, i'm going to go live on stage to talk about history and perspective from 1776 on down pay to have some fun interact with you. let's go to brandon mississippi, me there. also, right after on the 13th,
3:29 am
and then december 2nd with some fox surprises in newark, new jersey. where else would you want to be on a friday night? if you can't cast me here in studio you can catch me on stage. go to and i'll see you there. they will be parted with fox nation. meanwhile, no the story. in 2020, the youngest voting voting bloc overwhelmingly supported joe biden. 61% to max 31%. has anything changed? now they are said hold seriously in the midterms. what issues are driving them to the polls? here to shed some light are a panel of gen z years. emma potter, chanel jackson, jabari green. let's start with you if we can. emma is a gen z voter coming to us from farmingville virginia. what do you think the stereotype of gen z is and how would you label yourself? >> i think people these days
3:30 am
think that people my age is not as informed as we are. we are starting to realize that these issues, this upcoming election, actually has a lot to do with our future. we do have a voice. we can kind of determine what our future looks like. so i think that we are becoming a lot more informed. we are getting out there, becoming knowledgeable. i think we will see that with this upcoming election. >> brian: name your top two issues. >> the high cost of living. being a college student, this is my second year. i have a part-time job, i'm still living on my own. it's a struggle. another thing, i come from a law enforcement family. i fully support the police, but you hear in the media kind of a back-and-forth thing. i think we should always have that full support behind them.
3:31 am
>> brian: no matter which city you go to come of the crime rates are going up. it doesn't matter how you feel about it. you're from philadelphia. what do you think the stereotype of gen z is? technically kids born between 1997-2010 paid what issues concern you most? >> i agree that the stereotype is us being uninformed. but i think when roe v. wade was being overturned it made a lot of gen z voters think, well, what other laws have been in place since we've been alive? what else might change? and it has motivated all of us to look towards politics, the upcoming elections, to see how our vote can impact how we want the courts to shape or what we want it protected. >> brian: you care about the courts, so it is your top issue of abortion? >> i would say no. it's crime and the economy.
3:32 am
i remember, when trump was president, going to school cost about $30 just to get a plane ticket to school. and about $30 for my baggage fee. now going to school, that crucial plane ticket is about $300. it is up so much, and i think those small costs matter a lot to college students who have to travel back and forth throughout the country. >> brian: where do you go to school? >> i go to the university of chicago. >> brian: so you have a sense of your city as well as chicago and things are getting pretty scary there by all accounts. let's go to jabari green now where do you find yourself? where what issues concern you? >> mainly education. that's extremely important to me. it's more specifics, things like crt and affirmative-action. i feel like we spend more time fighting over the nomenclature and what is to be said inside
3:33 am
high schools or even middle schools and elementary schools, teaching and finding the importance of sexual orientation, and not so much funding and influencing these public schools to help these kids that are disproportionately affected to get a better education. >> brian: you are over in atlanta, probably besieged in that battleground state. where are you leaning towards voting? >> right now, where i lean towards voting is pretty close to the right, it aligns with my values on my morals. just to hit back on education, they try to find ways in different alternatives he could see through homeschooling, or a great option i try to teach people about school choice, and you see people on the right pushing for school choice. >> brian: unit independent, your democrat, and emma, you lean right. great perspective. you are very well informed. thank you so much.
3:34 am
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♪ ♪ >> ainsley: the trial for the alleged source of the notorious steele dossier continuing in d.c. this week. special counsel dawn durham grilling the fbi over its use of unverified information to secure that flies a warrant against the trump campaign. durham asking, "you didn't have corroboration from fbi databases from other intelligence community agencies or from christopher steele and it still went into a fisa application?" to which they responded, "correct."
3:39 am
fox news contributor lara trump is here to react. i'm sure your family is irate. >> yeah, well, ainsley, more of the same yet again. something donald trump talked about years ago and, don't forget, was mocked and ridiculed for, was actually true. this is shocking to hear. this sort of thing, we have all seen the damage that the fbi has done to its own reputation. just recently come in the unprecedented and unnecessary raid of a former president but it goes back to 2016. by all accounts, it looks like there was a coordinated effort to thwart a presidential campaign. the fbi was apparently willing to pay $1 million of taxpayer dollars to anyone who could confirm these outrageous, disgusting, and disparaging allegations against my father-in-law. of course, we know what happened.
3:40 am
we know the fisa weren't actually went forward and that they knew from the beginning that all of this was a lie, and it still went forward. don't forget, ainsley, where this all started. hillary clinton's campaign manager told us hillary clinton was the one who gave the green light to push this out to the media to continue this russia collusion narrative. i think for so many people they say, who is held accountable, when are they held accountable? how far up the chain at the fbi and the doj does this actually go? we are in year six or so of having to do with us. when did we get answers on this and when do people get their reputations back, the money they had a page or defend themselves over these false allegations? it's absolutely disgusting, and honestly it's frightening that this could happen in america great six years later we're still learning more. >> ainsley: we also learned that the fbi analyst brian otten said they offered christopher steele a million dollars if he could prove
3:41 am
allegations, and he said he cannot prove it. they still want to surveilled your family and they can't even prove that anything in the dossr was factual. and they went through several fisa applications. the bigger picture here, we learned this morning that mayorkas knew those border patrol agents were not whipping the migrants, yet he still had the press conference and said that was happening and that they were racist for doing that. meanwhile, border patrol agents lives are turned upside down, the kids are bullied. if you support donald trump, your life can be upside down if you talk about it. if you are in new york your kids can get canceled at school. when do americans say enough is enough? >> i certainly hope they take this with them when they go vote on november 8th, because we need to take this country back. you're totally right, ainsley. the media coordinates all the time with the democrats, and it is a really frightening time for people out there. but you see all of this happened
3:42 am
to people who lean right, and yet you have a laptop filled to the brim with emails, with texts, with videos, with photo evidence that shows that, while joe biden was the vice president of the united states, his son, hunter, and his brother, jim, profited for the biden family millions of dollars with these foreign business deals, and they leveraged his position as vice president to do it. when is the investigation into that? where is the rush to pay someone in million dollars to confront something on that side? the double standard that exists is really frightening to people, and you can't have a country that operates like this. this is banana republic type stuff, but i think this is something that so many people out here absolutely fed up with, they are taking it when they go vote on november 8th, and as we had to 2024, we need to make sure that the person we are running on the republican side is looking for oversight on this and is going to help us get our country back, because this is not fair across the board.
3:43 am
>> ainsley: and you just celebrated her birthday. we are so glad you were born! >> thank you, ainsley. >> ainsley: i mean that, we are. thank you for coming on this morning, the thank you for being a good friend to the show and to fox and we are so glad you're part of our team. >> i love you guys daily. thank you so much. it means a lot. >> ainsley: let's check in with our senior meteorologist, janice dean, for our fox weather forecast. >> hello, beautiful day in new york city but there is rain on the way. the temperatures are warm ahead of this cold front, but behind it we will see some snow in the upper midwest and the great lakes. the front comes later this afternoon and overnight tonight, then into tomorrow. if you have travel plans, just know that. we will see flight delays and probably some cancellations, so keep that in mind. as you get into friday, things will start to clear out. snow across the great lakes is happening. measurable snow for the upper midwest, places like duluth and towards portions of marquette michigan, as we get into
3:44 am
saturday. so we will track that front and the cold air behind it. the rest of the days forecast as we see the potential for showers and thunderstorms, especially across the gulf coast over the next 5-7 days, and very warm temperatures for the northwest. we'll keep you up-to-date on that. and today we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of puppies behind bars with some very special friends on fox square. i'm so excited, because you know how much i love the dogs. while the organization started out working with prisoners to raise guide dogs for the blind, it gradually expanded to raise service dogs for our veterans and retired first responders. most recently, for active law enforcement. officer jabe odell is the middletown police officer in connecticut. he joins us along with the canine, bare, and service dog members. this is a wonderful segment, but they have to start off with some not so great news. >> thank you for having us.
3:45 am
i want to send our thoughts, prayers, and condolences with the bristol, connecticut, police department. we look up the tragic news that three officers were shot overnight, and two passed away. one is in recovery right now. it has been a tough morning for us and we are going to get to work as soon as we get back to connecticut. >> you came here to talk about the dogs, and we will certainly do that, but we have to remember our friends who protect us every day. tell us about these wonderful dogs and what they are doing for our veterans and our service members. >> puppies behind bars pairs puppies with incarcerated individuals who go through 14-18 months of training, and it was paired with wounded warrior veterans, first responders with severe ptsd, and officer mcclellan over here has chase, bear's sister. she was the first active law enforcement officer to get
3:46 am
one of these dogs. they are trained and certified service dogs but leaves them in a facility dog role, because they are used to help multiple people instead of just one. >> now they are all sleeping, but tell me about your dog. >> i'm with the southern connecticut state university police department. he works in areas of support for our students, victim services, community outreach, and officer wellness. speak a lot about your beautiful dog? >> this is a female lab, sister to bear over there, same role, helping victims, police officers, first responders. great touch of the community. >> what is it about these beautiful dogs and their temperament, and how good they are to people? >> you can see it as we walked through the streets of new york city and people gravitate towards them. they have that unspoken easy way about them. >> i'm going over to this one, what is her name? >> this is indy, he is a male.
3:47 am
>> is it okay if i pet? indy is the only one awake. >> we work day shift. i've had indy going on for years now. >> how can we find out more information? >> and we are on instagram. >> thank you all for coming. these are beautiful dogs, and i love shining a spotlight on what they do for our first responders and our veterans, and i'm sorry for your loss. thank you for coming today. >> thank you for having us. we appreciate it. >> ainsley come over to you, my friend. >> ainsley: thank you, janice. test scores for the ect dropping to the lowest number in more than three decades due to the pandemic. will our children ever get back on track?
3:48 am
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i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ ♪ >> carley: we are back with some headlines, starting with this. the joe rogan experience is back at number one on the spot the spotify podcast chart after kim kardashian's newly launched true crime series briefly took the top spot. her podcast, named "the system," ranked number one this week before quickly falling to the number two spot. number three is meghan markle's podcast, which centers around
3:52 am
kevin keith, serving life in prison for a crime he claims he did not commit. and d.c. comments discontinued series centered on a bisexual superman. it features clark kent's bisexual son, john, after he takes over for the man of steel. the end of the series after year and half, reporting lagging sales and mixed reaction from fans and critics. steve come over to you. >> steve: thank you very much, carley. new numbers revealing more of a devastating impact on kids during the covid shutdowns, as a.c.t. tests dropped to the lowest scores in 30 years. our next guest says it's all part of the fallout from schools pushing the social justice agenda. here to explain is the host of the fifth column podcast, good to have you. a lot of people will look at this and say, obviously that's because people were locked down and they weren't paying
3:53 am
attention. it's hard to learn on zoom. is that what this was? >> there's been a precipitous decline on average for a number of decades now. when we talk about the a.c.t. we talk about math, science, english, and reading readiness for college. we are talking about students in the top 30% of all graduating seniors. the kids who have their futures ahead of them and think they ought to be able to go to college. and something like 40% of them are not prepared to tackle these subjects at a college level. >> they are all in the same boat. 40% are going to be kids as far behind as they are, so you've got to wonder if the parents realized the kids had fallen so far behind. when they are sitting at the computer, the average parent, if your kid is in high school, does not understand the homework. it's not like it can actually help them. >> i think there's an increasing number of parents concerned about this. the increasing popularity of things like school choice, for
3:54 am
example, is a pretty good indication of the fact that there is growing concern about this. i also think it's worth us taking in consideration what's been happening in public schools over the last couple of years. we have these pitched ideological battles about what should be taught in schools, and the question is whether or not anything is being taught meaningfully in school. we have dismantled our best performing schools throughout new york city and places like san francisco, and we are doing what, exactly? it seems like a race to the bottom. >> steve: i'm glad you mention that, because ultimately the united states has always regarded -- we are at the forefront of education, but when you look at the list of countries, we are usually in the middle of these days. what does it say about the future of this country if future leaders and the future population -- not everybody is at the same grade level, and they are falling behind. >> that's exactly the right question, and it's a profoundly bad indicator of where things are headed. there is a growing move toward home schooling and
3:55 am
micro-schooling and some of these other trends, so hopefully that'll help. >> if we look at the teachers unions, you'd think they'd be horrified by the fact that, obviously, if the kids aren't learning, you get a look at teachers. >> the system seems to be feeling a number of parents in profound ways, and it's worth taking into account that the teachers union serve the interest of teachers, and that may or may not be in line with the interests of students. we have seen this on public school campuses increase profoundly, but test scores still seem to be going down. performance seemed to be either flatlining or declining and that is not a sustainable situation. >> steve: parents are going, "i want my kids know as much as they can." what should parents be doing in the run-up to leaving the house? >> if they don't have school choice in the area, if that's not an option for them, they should get involved in their local politics and do something about that.
3:56 am
they shouldn't get involved in the school board and get involved in pedagogy. if it's the scenery already, you're probably in a bad situation. those of the things you can do. kids should read frequently and there's a declining percentage, but kids who read frequently have a better chance of succeeding in education broadly and certainly in higher education. >> steve: that's great advice. check out his podcast, "the fifth column." glad to have you back in the studio. still ahead on this thursday, the pennsylvania senate candidate facing new questions about his health after a reporter admitted he still has a hard time understanding conversations. the renewed calls for his health records, coming up next on "fox & friends."
3:57 am
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>> president biden visits los angeles today. >> as the party is being blamed for high crime, high gas prices. >stick a bite and sing the consequences of saudi arabia after the move that opec plus made. >> the smoking gun in the so-called lip in controversy. >> we are learning the biden administration knew early on that the border patrol agents didn't whip any migrants. >> these men and women put their lives on the line for the country every day and they deserve better. >> missing joint is how they quinton simon is likely dead, naming his mother as the prime suspect. >> the police department released a statement on twitter saying they seized evidence that will help move this case


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