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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 13, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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will make the decision whether or not the sentencing verdict from the jury today on life without the possibility of parole will stand or if the judge will further the case and say i'm redoing it, it will be the death penalty. that happens november 1st and we'll bring you that as it happens. "outnumbered" begins right after the commercial break. on the origins of the russia probe. it centers on some shocking testimony and the trial of igor danchenko. the alleged source of a notorious steele dossier. and surprising turn of events, special counsel john durham led the questioning himself, and he went after his own witness. yesterday, fbi supervisory counterintelligence analyst ryan otten rebuilt the fbi offered
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hillary clinton operative christopher steele $1 million if he could prove his allegations that biden stomach davante adams included. and he pressed on the lack of cooperation justifying the visor pfizer warning, you and your colleagues took the information and put it in the corner page pfizer application and you didn't have cooperation from databases, intelligence community or christopher steele and still went into a fisa application. correct. david spunt outside of the courthouse, david. >> brian was on the stand for a day and a half and also we just heard from carl stolen a democratic public relations operative and according to john durham and durham is doing a lot of questioning specifically in this case to show how invested he is, charles dolan
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admitted he saw some information on television news, gave that information for gossip as durham may want to call it to igor danchenko. igor danchenko then put it in the steele dossier saying it was from a republican or a trump operative. igor danchenko is charged with five counts of lying to the fbi and three and a half year or little bit more than three and a half year investigation into the origins of the russian probe. this is john durham second trial. he lost a trial against former campaign attorney michael sussman back in may. to wrap this up what john durham is trying to do with the special counsel is showing despite the fact that the fbi had no cooperation from multiple sources, the fbi kept going forward with that fisa warrant on carter page to survey all carter page. in many cases, kayleigh and everyone on the couch, this is more than a case about igor danchenko, john durham is trying
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to build a narrative there were problems with the fbi in 2016. >> kayleigh: hello, everyone this is "outnumbered" and my host emily compagno and harris faulkner and also joining a cassie smedile and for the very first time kevin walling. it is quite something, cassie from the john term investigation but i had our team put together a timeline because i think what is important in all of this a lot affects comic a lot of names and the crux of this, two times, two times the fbi was told that this dossier was discredited, two times the fbi nevertheless goes to a fisa core and i want to spy on carter page. twice, here is the timeline. early october 2016, steel offered $1 million for the dossier. can't prove so what happens? they take the dossier to a fisa warrant to the fisa court 2021.
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timeline number one, timeline 22, danchenko the guy on trial debunks it and so what does the fbi due in april and june, they persuade the fisa court for a warrant. this is proof that this was all a wash from the get-go. >> emily: you might call it a hoax, but kayleigh, a lot of jokes today, but i hear this and cost, the fbi has so much making up to do. how the trust in this institution, that is what i think about. of the average american. what are we supposed to believe now? a guy $1 million and still wall-to-wall across cable news? it will be something the white house who are familiar with had to deal with day in and day out when so many other issues plaguing the country. and we are supposed to now go and say, well, the fbi agent
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knocking on my door is trustworthy." it is mind-boggling an end i have to say one other point. think of all the journalist who received awards for coverage of this. not turning back and those awards and you have trey yingst covering the war in ukraine. i don't know, he deserves a lot but these other journals get awards and that is what's going through my mind. >> kayleigh: it is incredible, emily, fourth amendment protection from the government being intrusive in your life. undergirding this constitutional right is a fisa process when you bring information to fisa court, it must be verified. it needs to be serious, critical information but no such thing here. >> just as important as evidence and that is why we see on a daily basis things like, "well, if this is not a proper chain of command and this whole" that exist for preserving the sanctity of our justice system. and you are absolutely right,
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the foreign intelligence surveillance court fisa mandates and the department of justice you have to verify information before you submit it to the courts. let's back up and the risk of beating a dead horse here, cassie, that million dollars, that is our text dollars. that is your money too and that was offered by the fda, by the fbi to prove the content of that dossier. that shows right there but they knew it wasn't true and they had to pay someone or offer $1 million for them to get that proof. and then to rely on that multiple times in the mission to the court to decide to interview danchenko months later and maintained to the course of the contents were true even after he debunked it and rely on it again to continue surveillance of carter page. this is something that we are talking about at the national level, but what about the millions of americans, to your point, under surveillance of this abomination of the use of the procedure? the next time it could be one of
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us. speed >> kayleigh: it is so true. harris, we learned that a clinton ally testified today and i heard david tell you that dolan admitted he had just taken gossip and emailed back to danchenko. what an omission. >> harris: look, i have to actually relate credit john durham purity think we all do. i mean, some of the receipts that have come about with all of this and i have to think there must be some receipts because i don't think anybody would qualify and admit to that level of stupidity and egregious unles they had to. but i want to go back to something you said because i think it is very important with the complicity of the media in the spirit it is just that they haven't given back their awardsd the lies that were told in the coverage of those lies as facts. for me, it is the collusion of knowing that they could be counted on. that no matter what was going on behind the scenes with the fbi and the $1 million of our money,
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offer the guy that if you love this country you would do for free! why do you have to give an american $1 million to tell the truth and do what is right for the country? but all of that aside, where are they now? i mean, let's play the game of they were broken at the time. have they gotten counseling? have they been doused in the truth now and doesn't that cleanse them to the point they can come forward with it now? no! and that word works there: collusion. until they can prove me wrong, i'm sitting right here. >> kayleigh: you have a point about the media, both of you. i was at cnn and the story was breaking in after president trump had been elected. i remember exactly where i was, obama was giving a farewell speech. buzzfeed chose to run with the contents of the dossier and dossier and cnn reported but not the contents. but my point is, all of that reporting much you're responsible but could have been stopped if the fbi would have come out with what they know, evan. in fact you have the wall street
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editorial board, if the fbi stayed mute about failure to cooperate its claims, even as news about the dossier exploded into public view and disrupted the trump presidency and special counsel robert mueller, they pointed out, did not include the information. it is reported we taxpayers paid for. davante adams we have to reestablish to cassie's point be with the american people because again, if they come to the door, you have got to have the idea that they are there for the right reasons. >> harris: no, you need to have an attorney and his pjs standing right next to him. [laughter] >> kevin: and have him next door, but listen, we have to establish that faith back. it's important i was a biden surrogate in this process continues. durham was appointed by president trump and it is so critical the biden judiciary is moving forward with this investigation because we do have many more questions than answers at this point. we got to reestablish that faith in the american judiciary process, and it's got to be away
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from partisan. >> harris: you know how you are welcome to do that, tell the doj to stop telling the u.s. supreme court they can't look and on the hunter biden case. let's start there, look at that! >> kevin: the branches of government. >> kayleigh: guess where he was put on the hunter biden case? despite all of his mouthpieces. coming up top democrats making major admissions about the border. house speaker nancy pelosi now saying, "it is error responsibility to secure it." you think? that is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> the biden border crisis spiraling out of control for a long time, but now it has gotten so bad that even top democrats are calling for action. so what is this administration doing? the treasury department
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inspector general plans to audit governor d santos over his migrant plan. you will remember a few dozen migrants to the location hot spot of martha's vineyard. in the meantime, new goals for the impeachment of homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas over the whipping fiasco. the president of the national border patrol counsel claims he misled the public into thinking agents on horseback were whipping migrants in texas. after newly unveiled dhs email to alejandra mayer because he knew that wasn't the case. and now, there is a stunning admission from house speaker nancy pelosi about the border crisis in general. at a new york event last night, she said, "what we must do in our countries have comprehensive immigration reform. we know we must secure our border and that is our duty as a country. we must respect those seeking asylum for appropriate reasons, but we must also understand the impact on communities."
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kevin, it is clear to me she is responding to the midterm elections ar around the corner because this is too little, too late and at this point i have no investment into what she says as being anything close to true because her and her party have refused to acknowledge the crisis, 's humanitarian crisis in the security crisis the southern border has been for quite some time now. >> kevin: let me be the first democrat on the couch to acknowledge it is a crisis and we are in a crisis, 2 million migrants coming across the board of this year. we have to search those resources. i think you see speaker pelosi and she sees where the polling is in the immigration issue is tacking up among other critical issues for the midterms and wants action on this. we had a deal back in 2013 for comprehensive immigration reform. that should be the blueprint. marco rubio champ into theft. let's introduce that tomorrow and solve this problem and take the politics out of it. >> emily: you mentioned year-over-year by the administration has started spinning to the border, but what
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about the acknowledgment? what about the day-to-day daily acknowledgment of law enforcement giving up their lives for the resources and the small communities at the border and throughout the country that are losing teenagers and loved ones and losing their resources to this influx. the fact that the administration has really ignored this issue, it is not about funding, kevin. it is about acknowledgment of all these parts to place. we heard crickets from the administration so far. >> kevin: the border patrol and you were just down there two weeks ago, they are heroes. they are doing the lord's work in countering grants and providing a level of service to them. we have not just a surge of resources but recognize the importance of what they are doing every single day in the heat and the elements and really stay behind that. >> harris: but you know, you're getting a secretary and secretary mayorkas who has put a chill on the truth down there. finally the border agents, the president of the border patrol union who i talked with just a couple of weeks ago are starting to talk. you know what he tells me?
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yes, it is important to recognize and give resources and all of that down there. and they are doing the lords work. they are trying to say people from from drowning. drowning trying to get here. but you know who else's job they are doing? the federal governments. >> kevin: it is true. >> harris: they have to partner with states like texas, governor abbott and partner with states because of the amount of fentanyl coming across an arizona to get the federal government's job done effectively because mayorkas won't release what needs to happen. that is leadership here that is not more cash at the border. it is not more people and less judges and lawyers and people who can really help out pure the border patrol is overwhelmed at this point. and on top of all of that is this idea that back in the day that you are talking about, oh, rubio had this idea. you also had the majority. why didn't you do something then as democrats or not you, you are very friendly. and you get a lapel flour before
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the show was over. but you have majorities across the house and senate, why can't you get anything done? by the way you didn't do it with abortion either? fix i don't think democrats want to get it done. >> kevin: republicans controlled the house and that is where died 2013. the senate passed it and we have paul ryan, tight hunter paul ryan's leadership in the house. we can resurrect that hopefully. >> harris: you can bow and say, we try to push it this way. >> kevin: payment absolutely. speed took get in here because i want to deep dive further in the whipping fiasco and implicationf that. >> kayleigh: i would lend, want to say bipartisan reform, democrats have to acknowledge the wall and they use to acknowledge that back when we tried, but you are exactly right, emily and where i wanted go so important mayorkas breaking news yesterday september 24, 2021, last year, he received an email and aunt email the photographer of the border whipping pictures at this, i never seen them whip anyone.
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he was swinging and misconstrued when you are looking at the picture. so the photographer so said there was no whipping going on. mayorkas gets this and two and half hours later he goes to a press conference and says this image is horrifying and conjures up the worst thing in american history. president biden the same day says these border agents will pay. my question, mayorkas, why did you like to us despite having this in your inbox? question number two, did you tell the president of the united states? if you are a department head your responsibility is to go to your boss, "hey, mr. president, that is not -- you are demonizing them and there are a lot of questions and i hope the republican party gets to the bottom and a month. >> emily: cassie, the thing about law enforcement organizations that our tax dollars and americans go towards is that these men and women in uniform are prepared to put their lives on the line. they put their lives on the line every day and prepare to lay them down in service to the country. so the notion that the person at
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the top of that agency lies, misguidance, does not lead, in fact, the reputation of those men and women is outrageous as an american. i won't stand for it! somehow under the administration at that agency, that is acceptable. where's the accountability as men and women die every day. immigrants and americans on the southern border and throughout all of our states, which are all border states. >> you are reading my mind. what a system for their ability to do their job? the secretary, the big boss and the big, big boss who are out there undermining their work, undermining their work with like meaningfully, you know, that they would be out there and not have the best of intentions to do that work. what has that down to setback the issue? kevin, of course, we think you are the most probl pragmatic, le democrat at the table at the white house, right? but it is too late.
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as you said, why did it take so long to acknowledge there is an issue? why is that so hard for today's democrat party? before the voting booth is around the corner here that is the unfortunate thing. democrats don't care about lives. they care about boats. coming up, don't forget the economy. that is the warning from bernie sanders to democrats. the party betting big ong abortion rights at key midterm issue. ♪ ♪ the new monster has juicy steak and crispy bacon. but what about the new boss? it looks so good it makes me hangry! settle down there, big guy the new subway series. what's your pick?
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♪ age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in just two days. new crepe corrector lotion only from gold bond. champion your skin. >> harris: we are 26 days from midterm elections. it appears that democrats may have a priorities problem. senator bernie sanders warning to focus on the economy and working class instead of putting chips on abortion rights. senator sanders from vermont, as you know, told "the guardian this. well it must remain on the front
9:27 am
burner commit would be political malpractice, excuse me, for democrats to ignore the state of the economy. that warning from sanders cummins has a report out this week says, "the dems have poured millions of dollars into more than 100 abortion focused ads in battleground states." here is a sample of what voters are seen. >> steve shabbat is obsessed with banning abortion. >> he is lying about his extreme position, no exceptions even for victims of even when a woman's life is on the line. >> voted against protecting rights to abortion in new york and reproductive freedom under assault. >> even vote to ban abortion with no exceptions even for victims of rape. the thought of him in congress is terrifying. the one when you look at all of the polling and not just a few aggregates outliers but everything, the economy and crime are often so much higher
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than abortion. why so much money on this? >> kevin: it is an animating issue for elements of my face as a democrat. we've been talking about this over a year. it is still the economy and still decided on the save inflation and state of gas prices. it might be a miscalculation to focus on march more on the negative. and for democrats not talking about all the good things that they are doing with economic investments in making the case that they are really focused on inflation, for example, especially with the report out this morning. >> harris: is there a possibility that they are not as ms. focused as you think they are and that is why they are focusing on abortion? >> kevin: i think it is an easy play to make. it can set my face and we are seeing record registration with women in the key battleground states peer that is an incredible thing to see in the wake of the dobbs decision. but again, we can't play middle ground. if you have a lot of women especially in the suburbs watching this election closely seeing what the cost of gases. we have to make the case to
9:29 am
them. and on the crime issue too. >> harris: crime too. and the cost of breakfast. real quickly and we will move on. you made the point earlier because the reason abortion didn't work for democrats and codifying that come excuse me when you had bicameral majority, you didn't have the votes. i find that fascinating that you still don't really have the votes on it, do you? >> kevin: we don't. >> harris: you want to push this issue ahead of the economy. cassie comes the shortsighted of this or something else? >> cassie: all of the above. they are turning out the base but the democrats put way too much weight on their face and i get if you don't try your base, there is no way you can win. we understand the political science at that. immigration and with abortion, to make this mistake that the base is the majority not just of the party but the country is what will bite them in the bomb on election day because for those who are single-issue voters on abortion and kayleigh, you made this point earlier this morning, don't forget people say that is important issue to me.
9:30 am
a lot are pro-life. they are showing up voting on the economy and getting them out the door and the pro-life issue too. i do think it is a miscalculation. >> harris: that is fascinating and you often remind me how much more -- how tricky it is to poll conservatives fear they don't always sit down with the poll or survey. just because people are motivated or incentivized to go to the polls and put their vote in on abortion, you cannot assume they are democrats. >> kayleigh: no, exactly. pro-life motivators are motivated, go to this crisis center once a month and i can tell you they are motivated up your the one thing that pro-life voters say to me, people think that we are done because dobbs is decided. we are just getting started and there is a fight here and we are ready for it. they are motivated. i would say this, kevin, i disagree you say it motivates the base but this is a desperate play. i think democrats are on the titanic and hit not just one iceberg but many and desperately trying to cover up the holes in
9:31 am
their sinking ship. the reason i say that is this: therapeutic democrats with kevin your ear to the ground more than others, bernie sanders is one of them who said you can't win on abortion. james carville said you can't win on abortion. the economy is stupid and bill clinton who warned about skipping michigan has his ear to the ground, hey, don't ignore the border. three democrats and i would count you as the more rational ones... beef i think you. >> emily: look to immigration. >> ha>> emily: tulsi gabbard but sounds like your talking points earlier bernie sanders warned the party accounts which is talking points of consultants and their directors of these well-funded super pacs. the point being when you mentioned the face and he referred to women only and the suburban women come abortion is not relegated simply to women appear that is an issue that regardless of your gender or how you identify, it is an important one. and also, when you mentioned the
9:32 am
strides that the democrat party has taken in the way of the economy, i think the reality and the polls reflect this in the normal average everyday american conversations reflect this is that people are hurting really badly right now. their dollar is not going as far up your the grocery bills are absolutely astronomical. gas is not -- it's too expensive for them to even get in the car and drive around. remember the baby formula shortage. >> harris: they are still having it. >> emily: absolutely terrifying. it is still present. the fact that this administration convenes panels to hear about parents and they want to investigate, but they don't talk to the average american people. as bernie sanders said, they are out of touch. this party has no concept of reality, which is the everyday kitchen table issues. that is what americans care about right now. >> kevin: i think you are absolutely right. >> harris: i would add the women only conversation or the mostly women what happened to
9:33 am
birthing people quite honestly, the pretty pictures so far and flexes so far to hit categories of people that you can't be consistent. >> kevin: those are the four elements of my party. i don't think the matrix, hopefully not. >> harris: speaking of which the mainstream media seems to be squashing any health concerns about john fetterman. you know, he recently suffered a stroke back in may and they turned on one of their own twin raised questions about the lieutenant governor's abilities after she'd just had interviewed him. oh, yeah, they were going after that reporter for doing hed a r. job. ♪ ♪ in investing for the retirement they envision. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive.
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>> kayleigh: scented candidate john fetterman from pennsylvania refusing to release more medical records following his stroke. a recent interview shows him using closed captioning which has raised questions about his health. but for the most part, the mainstream media seems to be giving him cover appeared in fork "new york magazine" with a glowing profile on him to
9:38 am
dismiss many of the concerns. and an nbc reporter shared her observations that fetterman was having trouble understanding some small talk before the interview, she was the one who got criticized. >> we did find that in small talk before the interview without captioning, it seemed it was difficult for fetterman to understand our conversation. >> you mentioned that last night on nightly but since then, other journalist who dealt with fetterman came forward and said, "they had a different experience." >> savanna, that is completely fair that was their experience. we can only report our own. i will say it is important to note according to the campaign itself, her team was the first to be in the room with fetterman for an interview rather than via remote videoconference. myself, my producer, and our crew did find small talk before that captioning was difficult because of those auditory processing issues as i mentioned. >> kayleigh: i find this
9:39 am
amusing. first, a serious reporter and well respected. then you have pushing back on the "new york magazine," "hey, guys i was only one hand the room reporting." b when they can cooperate for each other there and she was pushing back. i can understand if she was pushing back people on the campaign but she is pushing back on other media members. that seems insane to me. that she witnessed, she covered, she is respected and does her job. and she is pushed back by other media members because they are complicit in his journey. how do i know that? they describe interviews that they had and he didn't seem that way. but they weren't in the room with him here she said, you are doing your stuff by remote. look, none of this helps john fetterman clinic note of it. this is causing questions of epic proportions now. first of all, how does the monitor work? how will you use that debate october 25th and early voting
9:40 am
starting september 15th. i have so many questions now and none of them is about how he will create a solution to the crime problem in philadelphia and waterville pennsylvania. that will be his role. >> kayleigh: these are fair questions, emily. we came off of an election covid-19 where presidential candidate to hang out in a basement and tromped taking all four rallies a day called at 9:00 a.m. and the american people in my estimation did not get a chance to assess president biden and his capability where he stood on the issues. it is fair to ask these questions, we want transparency. >> emily: of course it is pure donald trump's positive covid test, that led to the entire world analyzing what would happen, what could happen in any event of absence of leadership. this is a question every american deserves to answer and have an answer because again our tax dollars paid these people salaries. they represent us in establishing policy and legislation and running our entire country.
9:41 am
what happened to no matter what a woman says, you are to believe her? it appears in this regard, not if i had a different experience and out of my experience was remote. why don't you sit there and be quiet? this is not what we pay you for a peer that is horrifying as a member of the journalism world at large that she would be attacked and suffer a text like that without people acknowledging the legitimacy of her credentials and her caliber and her personal experience and say, "i had a different one and here is mine. what happened to that level of respect? this is the shell game the media is playing because now the stories about her instead of his health. that again, americans deserve to know the truth about. >> kayleigh: the magazine reporter, cassidy, two questions to obama's birth certificate come up right wing carnival barker. >> cassie: the easiest job, kevin, the democrat flock. >> kevin: fox news, it is not that easy. >> cassie: thank you for going into the lion's den.
9:42 am
but it is mind-boggling. and to your point, first of all, we feel for someone going through stroke recovery. i have experience that my family. that is difficult. now a relevant point in the selection, is he ready to serve in day one peer that calls that into question. and then let's talk about what he will do day when his positions on crime, hard criminals on the parole board or the story that came up before the stroke where he worked for less than half of a year as lieutenant governor. those are the issues pennsylvanians need answers on and they would push back on her opportunity to get those answers and sake, "give him a soft interview" is really concerning an unsettling. >> kayleigh: an overabundance of transparency, he said he will not put out more medical records as of now. to emily's point, you know, trump demanding covid results and an amount of expectation to release information. >> kevin: 100% lieutenant governor's in full force. he's on the campaign trail and
9:43 am
yes, he is struggling with recovery to cassie's point. he is not ducking these things but hosting thousands rallies in new york. >> he has ducking until october. >> kevin: listen a medical condition like this should not be a disqualifying act for this election. we have had two u.s. senators that suffered a stroke that are currently suffering but survived, obviously and fully recovered. so there is ground for lieutenant governor to combat that health crisis and come back stronger than ever. it will be the commonwealth voters to decide. it will not be about the stroke but about the issue as you pointed out about the economy. >> kayleigh: i'm current to make that the issue. >> cassie: the senators and with fetterman we have this crime and record go up here it's a focus on that. >> harris: and the word mercy because he wanted to share the most violent crime. >> kevin: we will see in 25 days. >> kayleigh: a man who murdered a woman with scissors. clemency i want to talk about that.
9:44 am
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♪ ♪ >> harris: supermodel heidi klum is debuting her latest ad campaign posing in lingerie with her 18-year-old daughter. but it is drawing some criticism online. with many saying, "is it is not appropriate for this to be happening." one person on twitter, "does anyone think it is weird to have a campaign with her daughter?" imagine to an a photo shoot to make shoot with your mom. another calling it a little bit it. let's go to kevin. >> kevin: asher resident on women's lingerie i am an expert, many gods, but i think it was an italian publication and of course, they are a little bit looser in terms of what they put out. >> harris: you got emily's attention. you know the columbus day parade and she has a lot to say. >> emily: i think what you need to say is... >> kevin: bikinis and things like that, but you know, if they
9:49 am
wanted attention for this, they are certainly getting it. when is the last time heidi klum is in the news and now we are talking about it. maybe it serve that purpose to reinvent and introduce her daughter. i'm just a little... be when i'm going straight to emily. [laughter] >> emily: there are so many factors at play here and both have been well established in the fashion world for quite some time. heidi klum especially but they are german-american citizens so yes, different european standards and ideals commonly found in publications. i will say on the instagram account, there are photographs far more revealing than that add. i do think they are their own entity and probably just operating with a different set of parameters being that heidi klum is a top superstar, absolute fashion model. for example, she was on the cover of "vogue" when she was 16 and i was 22 years old. so this is probably another example of people imposing their expectations or their sets of
9:50 am
rules on those two. if it may be know. maybe for them to have that residence with the american audience, it makes a difference. by the way, heidi klum was recently in the news when she was topless by a pool security guard to ask her to cover up because different rules in the states. >> harris: cover-up? >> kevin: all the boys are looking up the instagram account that you are talking about talking about. >> emily: 6.6 million followers and they are well-established. >> harris: so what some of the critics are saying that don't like this are that it is a moment daughter. and i just wonder, you know, because people are beloved and look at the kardashians and kris jenner. you know, i just wonder if maybe things are little bit different now. and if that is okay. >> cassie: and very conflicted on this. first of all, this raises the bar on mommy and me and i'm just trying to coordinate with my baby. what are we supposed to do as
9:51 am
normal people out here? i think it is interesting if she is trying to teach her daughter a healthy relationship with her body or this modeling industry, i can sort of see that here. but the pictures we talked about, i'm shocked and can't show that on tv. it feels a little too much. so, i don't think -- like i'm not like this is shameful, but i'm a little conflicted where and if we make it okay to go to parnell. >> harris: and lenny is an adult and as emily said, if you go to her social media page, she has stuff more revealing but in lingerie with your mom is a topic. >> kayleigh: i'm a big "no" on that. i was on stuart varney preparing for the show and looking up this topic, oh, my gosh, i have to clear my screen before they see these pictures. i shouldn't feel that way about mother/daughter. it is her choice and she is an adult, to your point. looking at a bird's-eye view, there is a lot of pressure on young women in this day and age
9:52 am
to bear more, show more and instagram pressure, and i hate that for young women. my body, my choice and embrace your body and you need to show more but you don't. show more mind and heart pure that is what i like to see. >> harris: can i ask a quick follow-up because it was mentioned on the couch that her mom the last time you saw heidi klum she was from the waist up so one and so forth. i always thought it was the parent's job to model what you wanted to teach but cassie you bring up a good point, modeling, confidence in what you look like in your own body image. >> kayleigh: victoria's fashion show, these women are beautiful and strong and that is the choice they make but the mother, daughter, i can't go there. i have a 2.5-year-old daughter. >> cassie: it is too much. >> harris: and another one on the way. >> kayleigh: he is a boy. they went okay, more "outnumbered" in a moment. ♪ ♪
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♪♪ >> last but not least. this could be the future of airport taxis. delta has invested in flying taxis to offer easy rides to and from the airport. they are working with jobe aviation in new york city and los angeles by 2024. united and american have invested in similar projects with both airlines buying their own fleet of flying taxis. and this week in dubai, a chinese company has a two-person electric flying taxi. my question is, would you get in one? >> absolutely not. i am terrified of small flying aircrafts, right. the small planes, helicopters freak me out. i will get on the major jetliner all day, and the tack i driver not that safe, but not this.
9:58 am
>> at least you are on the ground. >> think about all the congestion in the airport, too, how are there all of a sudden going to be -- like dodge those, too, and they are going to get us to the airport faster? i'll take my chances on the ground. >> you don't dodge them, they don't see you. that's the big problem, you are so small. that's like being in a drone. and two-person, like are you and i driving it? are we flying it? >> what about the luggage? >> exactly, exactly. >> i'm excited about this, actually. it took 30 minutes to drive three city blocks yesterday in new york to come to your show, i would love to take a helicopter to the airport. >> flying taxi thing with the blades. >> helicopter all day, but that's not that. this is like the jetsons, i have a thought, i get it around here for sure but in the midwest where you might live an hour and a half from the airport, now you are like i will move out to that farm, thank you very much, and then take my taxi in.
9:59 am
and nice and rural and nobody will bother you in the skies. my husband is probably putting a for sale sign on the house right now. >> jetsons. >> i never saw propellers on the jetsons. >> i loved that show. >> that's right, that's right, and seems like the airlines are only investing in the urban areas versus america. >> where there is the congestion. >> we'll see. with he could not let this episode of "outnumbered" say good-bye, without wishing harris a happy, happy birthday. we'll celebrate you all day and all year. happy birthday. >> just my second birthday without both my parents, so it is -- it has been really meaningful in many different ways. i can't wait to get home and hug my girls and husband. >> we love you. >> you have your family here. >> i love you guys, and so blessed. >> i know speak for emily. >> the more years the better. 57.
10:00 am
everybody is like stop saying your age, i can't, it means the good lord is giving me longevity. >> amen. >> and i want to move the mountain, so yeah. >> we love you, so honored to be with you every day. >> love you guys, too. thank you to everyone. here is sandra and trace. >> special coverage of the january 6th committee hearings. holding the 10th public hearing today. hello and welcome, i'm sandra smith in new york. trace, great to have you here today. >> trace: i'm trace gallagher in for john roberts. hearing set to begin, we are not expected to hear new testimony from live witnesses but the panel says it plans to focus on president trump's state of mind as the riot unfolded using new video of closed door depositions as well as new evidence from the secret service. >> sandra: and for the first


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