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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 17, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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that offer when he paid his 37 $375 to enter his team. he showed up further per their request, and on their whole that they put out there and they designated. he hit a hole in one. okay all right, so we understand. we understand it. now we're going to see whether or not you can resolve this thing because we can. we're interested in running out of time. but we're going to pay attention, austin. congrats on the whole in one. we'll talk to you soon. thank you. thank you. gentlemen. focus is up. next here's harris. we begin with this fox news alert democrats looking at an uphill slog to hold onto majorities in the house and even the senate. americans are clear about the man in the white house. new fox poli indicates the next 22 days until election day can be summed up in one word. painful. i'm harris faulkner. you were in the faulkner focus. voters are not holding back. the majority of people say they don't think the president cares about people like them and most don't see the president as a
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strong leader, karl rove says it's bad. very bad. the president is out of touch, and that's the thing that that is worst from from a political perspective for anybody worried about democratic chances as selection is looking like they don't get it and he doesn't look like he gets it. when it comes to 2020 for nearly 1/5 of voters and the president's own party say they'd like to see a different candidate on the ballot. the list of democratic candidates ducking and dodging questions on a potential biden reelection bid. well, look at it. it's three rows deep now. ah, just a few examples here. are you encouraging him to run again? i'm encouraging him to focus on what's right in front of us. do you think president biden is the best candidate in 2020, for my focus is totally on this november, the country would be well served by a new generation of compelling, well
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prepared, dynamic democrats to step up working on my own election, and that's all i'm focused on. right now. the president chooses to run again in 2024. i mean, first of all, i'm focused on winning this majority right now. i don't want to answer that question because we have not. that's not you don't want to answer that question. oh man, so the only person who was really, really clear there was representative dean phillips. he said more people need to jump in the race to race ship. the issues people care most about inflation, rising crime, political divisions, putin's war on ukraine and what schools are teaching our children. some democratic candidates are running hard on the issue of abortion, which falls down in the sixth spot. senator marsha blackburn, republican from the great state of tennessee, member of the judiciary and armed services committees is in focus now, senator thank you for being with me. let's start with the disconnect that we see between the way the polls are
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showing us people are feeling and the reality somehow that the white house is seen. well harris people know that the actions of the white house or intentional and really, women are very insulted by this. i think that you have voters up and down that are insulted by this. this white house has created a culture of chaos. you see it in the economy and inflation in that open border drugs that are coming across the border. you see it in education of our children. you see it in. retirement accounts and the loss of value in 401 case that are down 25% and people are beginning to see this in a loss of their rights and freedoms. so intentionality insults coming at the american people and a culture of chaos that is causing and i would say
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this is causing women to be security moms there like you are not going to do this to my children or to my family or to my parents that i'm taking care of in their retirement. and i think that, um, when you look at the new polling harris, i'm not surprised at all because people have about had it with this white house and their actions. so it's interesting because you talk about that intentionality. you talk about what it's doing to women's perspective on security, particularly for their children. culture of chaos. all of that. it comes down to that doesn't get spread across the board. it comes down to the white house. and the problem for that is the head of the snake. and then everything or in this case, maybe somebody would say the head of the fish because all of it stinks that you just listed. let's get to this if the election were held today, not november 8th, but today, democratic candidates are up by three points. now
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that is a statistical tie. but democrats are actually bicameral ian the majority and they have the white house. it's flipped. it's not looking good for them, they will vote. democrats trail by one point percentage point of people vote today and how they feel certain that they will vote. you see there on your screen? more and more people are saying, yeah, i'm gonna vote. fox news is republican pollster darren shaw even saw a slight democratic edge in the generic ballot, which is still likely to yield modest republicans seat gains in the house. these results indicate a tight battle for control of the house. but it's a late break one way or the other. that could have a major impact. how do you see it, senator? i think that what you're going to see is people are going to vote on inflation . they're going to vote on crime in their communities. those are the driving issues. they're voting on parental rights because they want to be
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able to have a say in their children's education. those are the primary drivers and there are so many people harris that are looking at this. the pollster calls they don't want to talk about exactly how they're going to vote because maybe they're a member of a union. maybe they are afraid that they are being polled by people that they work for, and they don't want to say exactly what they're going to do. i feel very good about where our candidates are. and you look at these senate races. i feel good about those and our taking the senate i think we'll end up with a 52 republican 48 you do specifically and i know that that battle in wisconsin with with ron johnson and mandela. barnes was getting really interesting. so that would be one seat. but where do you just real quickly? where do you see another pickup? i think that you will see us with a pickup
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in georgia. arizona should be a pickup could be a pickup nevada pick up i think that we are going to do really well. people are tired of being broke. they do not like this culture of chaos and uncertainty, and because of that they are going to vote to defend their pocketbook, their families clean up their communities get drugs off their street. right and have a say. you know, it's so interesting to me. people said that they were tired of chaos and the tweets and everything with former president trump and now they have more of it than they know what to do with and it hurts because it touches every part of their lives. it's not you can turn off twitter, but you can't turn off the gas pump and your desire to eat. okay let's get to this. the covid public health emergency is still in place. president biden just renewed it for another 90 days. why did he do that? exactly cases are dropping restrictions are lifted its especially confusing after biden said this last month. pandemic and is
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over. we still have a problem with covid. we're still doing a lot of work on it. ah it's but the pandemic is over. if you notice no one's wearing masks, everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. the wall street journal editorial board painting biden's pandemic policy is choose your own adventure. and saying whether the emergency is over depends on what he's trying to get done. also this is a quote not to get all philosophical. but how can something be an emergency if it has already ended, senator blackburn? well you know, you just can't make these things up, he said very definitively more than once that covid is over and the pandemic is over. and because of that, now the team behind him what i call that cabal in the white house. they have to keep this pandemic going so that they can spend more
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taxpayer money the way they want to. and because they can continue to drive fear in people and because they think it helps them and the elections having more people vote by a mail in ballot, making certain that they have that power and control that's what this is all about, always has been from day one. ah if when you go back and you look at what happened, and you know what, harris? i am one of those i look forward after republicans take the house and the senate finding out exactly where covid originated and some of these decisions were made and why they were continued. and why people like dr fauci, now we're backing away. from some of the decisions that are going to affect our children. we don't even know how many years that that that gap in learning on on digital will hurt us from those lockdowns. they're backing away from any accountability or
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responsibility from that. i look forward to someone getting to the bottom of that, too. as a parent as an american. you know what? you mentioned the word fear and i have to say this cuts across every political um, lane because who loves the i r s here comes that money hall to hire 87,000 i. r s agents $80 million democrats passed it and they're massive spending bills. it's now another point of pain for dims as republicans are targeting their pushed print money and supersized spending watch. i think it's insane that joe biden and patty murray are sending a stadium full of new i. r s agents to force families making less than 75,000 to pay for someone else's law degree. voted for 87,000 new i. r s agents mark kelly kept our border wide open. but he's sending tax collectors coming after you. joe biden spent recklessly now he wants 87,000 more irs agents to cover his tab. you know, the senator?
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this seems more important than ever is. people are trying to stretch their dollars and would never even imagine how they would come up with money for a lawyer to fight the i. r s and even if they prevailed yes. you're right about that, and we know that what they're planning to do with their 87,000 i r s agents is go after people in the gig economy go after people that are self employed that are independent contractors. that is who they're going to target because they don't have a department in their company that is a legal department or compliance department. so getting rid of those i r s agents putting that money into policemen putting it into border patrol. i've got legislation that would do that . i know other people do also, but harris. this strikes fear in the heart of people because they know they won't go after
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the billionaires. they're coming after the mom and pops, the independent contractor. people like in tennessee that are in the music industry that work in film that work in production. that is who they're going to come to get their money from senator marsha blackburn, great state of tennessee. thank you for being in focus today. thank you. disturbing new trend by climate activist dumping milk. all over store floors. how is this supposed to help us? go green. well, it does help us go broke. americans are hurting. democrats are spending. they dumped over $5 trillion in the last year and a half. in addition to that the war on energy has caused the price of diesel to go through the ceiling, and it's still there today. we've got a fed that's been asleep at the wheel big government in in our way. still the president biden says it all looks good. someone should show
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the president knew fox polling so he can understand what that man was saying, and what americans are saying the economy he loves is hateful to them because we have to eat drive live former trump senior economic adviser steve moore is in focus a lot to get to i don't even know. choice hotels. there's always a reason to book it. whatever reason to book it. whatever your ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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patient. voters say they trust republicans more to handle the rising prices by double digits , 13 points over democrats, a new washington examiner. peds sums it up this way. democrats are rightly embarrassed at their inflationary spending. white house correspondent peter doocy. peter. and here is it's not just that democrats in tight races are not inviting
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president biden to join them on the campaign trail in swing states. it's that they're barely talking at all about his biggest ticket item to date that nearly $2 trillion american rescue plan. and that agenda has driven this inflation by spending trillions of dollars we don't have and driving up the price of energy costs for americans. fox news. paul is finding that 71% of americans have had to cut back just to afford necessities. that is a number that has grown steadily in this poll since march of this year. administration officials often blame most inflation on energy prices, but they claim they're bringing them down. i think the key story there is that is this administration doing as much as we can to help increase the energy supply? and i think the answer is unequivocally. yes even though domestic suppliers here in the united states say
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they can come forward and help increase supply here in the united states, so the president biden doesn't have to go and ask saudi arabia or venezuela or potentially iran. but they can't do it because the administration still has not softened their stance on new leases and permits. harris peter doocy. thank you for the facts on that. americans living another day in biden's terrible , horrible no good, very bad economy. and a new piece for the new york post. former trump economic advisor steve moore says the average four oh one k plan the nest egg most of us have at our employers has lost $34,000 since the start of last year. altogether that adds up to $2.1 trillion in losses. steve moore isn't focused now. steve how do we get any of that back? or is this just the biden stamp on our lives that that taints it forever? because you can't retire right now, that's
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for sure. i hear it's great to be with you. you know, i looked at that. i was just looking at that facts. poll you're just citing and it finds. i guess i was sort of surprised that 35% of americans still approve of the way that biden is handling the economy because i can't think of anything that's going right with the economy. you've got record high. gasoline prices. you have inflation and it's 40 year high. you have our national debt that's been increased by $4 trillion in 21 months. friend of mine just texted me this morning harris that in california they're paying close to $7 a gallon for gas. i mean, i could go on and on. and so this new study that we just did that you're just citing finds that the average family and these are mostly seniors or people getting close to retirement. they have lost in this is essentially we're talking about here. harris is their lifetime savings all of the money that they've saved during their working years, sometimes for 30 or 40 years, and that 41 k plan. if it's an
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average sized plan has lost about $34,000 in value. that's a lot of money of money, and it's a lot of sweat equity, and it's a lot of dreaming of what life could be after you've raised your children. you've done all that you want your grandkids to come back and rocking chairs with you and know that you can tell your stories your family history and get them some christmas presents along the way, and when you're wiped out i mean, all of that all of that wiped out. it's just heartbreaking, and it only took a year. transportation secretary pete buddha judge apparently has no regrets about the administration spending, however. despite the raging inflation, let's watch together if we hadn't done that if we hadn't rescued the economy through the american rescue plan, we would not have had the 10 million jobs that were created under this president. we wouldn't be seeing some of the lowest unemployment numbers in the history of the republic . we would be faced with the kinds of problems that we were faced with when the president arrived, which was an economy that was facing a very real
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risk of freefall. and here's a look at all that spending with the president in office fewer than two years ago or two years . rather some of those outlays overlap, but the total hovers around four trillion dollars. what does that mean? steve you know, you said that i was insulted. by the way things are going on more infuriated, and especially when i hear pete buddha shag i about the condition of the economy. i mean, look, let's face it if you look back at the last six months of the of the trump administration, as we were coming out of covid, the economy was booming. harris. we had businesses reopening. we have people going back to work . covid was behind us. we had that vaccine coming out the thing that is most fury ating as the economy. we shouldn't be talking about a recession right now. we should be growing boom town is my friend larry kudlow from fact says very well that biden inherited high growth economy with low inflation, and
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he's turned it into a low growth economy with with the highest inflation rate in 40 years, by the way, puke bulajic i seem to recall was the man who was supposed to be in charge of the supply chain problems. problems are worse than ever. pete get on the job . and why don't you fix these, and he's got two young children , so you think he could still fix that baby formula crisis which we don't spend a lot of time on. but mom and dad's out their moms and dads, they know that there's still a problem. white house economic adviser cecilia rouse was pressed on when the so called inflation reduction act would start to bring down inflation. you know, we've been asking for weeks, but anyway, let's watch many parts of the bill will start to take effect next year. for example, there are tax credits for energy to help people weatherize their homes and also bring down other forms of energy costs. so we are focused on helping to make that transition to clean energy in a way that brings down energy costs for families. wow i mean,
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that's not just a disconnect. those talking points are from fantasy world, so i think you know the statistic harris, but i want to repeat it because it's something that people should keep in mind when they go to the polls in november, the inflation rate when donald trump left office was 1.5% 1.5% the gas price was 2 59 a gallon now it's almost $2 a gallon higher. um the most important thing for people to remember about inflation is the reason we have these horrible inflation numbers is because biden spent about and printed $4 trillion howard stuff. that's all there is until and by the way when republicans come in because i think they will take congress. they better start hacking some of this excess spending. we're gonna have inflation for a long time to come just real quickly. i want to point this out, you said when trump left office, inflation was rocking 1.5% you know why? that's also so critical. cause we were buying
8:27 am
more stuff than ever before and having it land on our porches because we were locked down. by local and higher governments. we were locked down. so if that wasn't the height of demand what would be i mean, that is incredible that things have risen so high now. at a point when it was really at our lowest in terms of where we were as america and the pandemic fascinating, last quick thought. just that it's not just the high prices. have you tried to run a car recently, harris got into i got to know hair airport a couple of weeks ago, there was no cars and you couldn't run a car for $400 a day. try buying a new car. you go to a new car showroom. you have to wait 6 to 9. the rentals are gone. it's unbelievable because of the supply chain is trying to get the cars here. call pete buddha judge. yeah alright. steve moore. thank you. thanks harris. democratic candidates make a point of running away from socialism. but new polling
8:28 am
shows democrat voters are embracing it. republicans, not even alone. plus early voting begins today in georgia. do you want a conservative like walker, who will go up and put a stop to what we're seeing, or do you want warnock to continue what he has been building as you know, here's fidelity to joe biden in this failed administration, well what voters are taking away from friday's very fiery debate between walker and warnock, the between walker and warnock, the hottest exchanges stay close. buying a car from vroom is so easy,
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8:34 am
we are talking about the fiery debate friday night. successfully he turned the conversation to the president's unpopularity and democrats down falls including his opponent raphael warnock for only leads now by three points. that is tight, tight. "politico" is reporting some black political strategists worry that warnock has not yet secured the broad support he will need from black voters to earn a full term. charles watson is live for us in atlanta. charles. >> good morning, harris. no doubt that georgia's senate race is tight. after a busy weekend both candidates are hoping to have earned the votes of some of those undecided voters headed to the polls for early voting today. those folks have a lot to consider including friday's debate between raphael warnock and his republican challenger herschel walker. they exchanged jabs during their first and only debate. walker largely avoided
8:35 am
addressing his baggage including claims he paid for an exgirlfriend's abortion and tried warnock to joe biden and issues the president has been weak on including inflation. listen. >> i believe in reducing insulin but at the same time you have to eat right because he may not know and i know many people on insulin and unless you have eating right insulin is doing you no good. you have to get food prices down and gas down so they can get insulin. >> meantime warnock defended his decision to vote for the democrats' widely criticized inflation reduction act while avoiding questions whether or not he would support a second term for president biden. he hit walker on a number of issues from abortion rights to allegations of domestic abuse to walker's claims of once being a deputy. >> one thing i have not done, i have never pretended to be a
8:36 am
police officer. and i've never -- i've never threatened a shoot-out with the police. >> you know what is so funny? i am what many police officers and at the same time -- >> that exchange got a lot of people talking on social media. there was a second debate planned between those two but herschel walker decided not to accept that invitation. warnock was the stage along with the libertarian candidate. a big race folks are looking forward to. brian kemp facing off against stacey abrams. they will debate tonight. >> harris: always great reporting from you, charles. thank you. voters have a message for the government. 52% say lend me a hand. 43% say leave me alone. a year ago only 44% wanted a hand. fox news polling. a new big divide now along party
8:37 am
lines. nearly 70% of democrats say they would ask for a hand, only 38% of republicans say the same. half of democrats say moving away from capitalism towards socialism would be a good thing. republicans and independents together say that's a terrible idea. >> we have a problem in this country with people who have gotten too comfortable being given what was once called government cheese, government hand-outs to minorities. a way to keep people in the projects. if you want this country to keep going forward and becoming a nationwide project, keep supporting that. >> harris: nationwide project. power panel now, matt gorman former nrcc communications director and a democratic press secretary. jose, your top line to what you
8:38 am
are seeing in terms of where they think the answers lie. majority not with democrats. >> majority of democrats are not so socialists. >> harris: your party made him impotent politically. >> you talk about socialism. i come from venezuela. born there. we don't have in the united states the federal government knocking on our door taking our private property. so to even compare the united states to a socialist country is absurd. look, if republicans didn't learn anything in 2020, keep going. keep trying to tie democrats are socialism. it didn't work in 2020 and it won't work in 2022 and 2024. >> harris: in all respect when they hired those 87,000 i.r.s. agents it when feel like they're coming to take your stuff. >> it did work.
8:39 am
we had gains in the house on the type of socialist messaging. talking about the mid-terms, 25 or so days out there was a story in the "washington post" how latinos are being pushed more toward the g.o.p. because of their fear in socialism. six in ten latinos believe that socialists -- let me finish. six in ten of latinos believe the democrats have close ties to socialists. we look at places like nevada, texas, florida, some of the down ballot races there it will make a difference. latino support among democrats is cut in half since 2018. jose can say whatever he wants. those are facts. >> harris: when you go to places like texas where flores turned the more than 100-year-old red seat blue. she said to me on this very program that one of the issues is this idea that those people are leaving countries where it
8:40 am
is socialized. it is socialism and want to come to a place that doesn't look like where they left. we need to trim down those numbers and handle those people so they all can get here in a legal way. she said that's why you see seats flipping and support flipping from blue to red. let's move. advisor says the mid-term elections are the democrats' last stand. >> they will try to install their republican winner no matter what, which will set off a constitutional crisis the likes of which we've never seen to further undermine the american people's trust in the electoral process and that is pretty much the end. >> harris: do you agree with that, jose? >> i agree in part. democracy is at play in the mid-term elections if you have secretary of states that believe the 2020 election was not real that will be a problem. you talk about socialism, you talk about dictatorships.
8:41 am
if they don't believe in something they try to change it. trump did it in 2020 and why we have the january 6th committee and such forth investigation. by the way, the department of justice and supreme court said time and time again the 2020 election was won by joe biden. and you have a former president until this very day says that 2020 was not real. so that is crazy to me. >> harris: matt, you want to reply to that >> the only end is the end of grifters like the lincoln project taking advantage of democrat forties. that's what the end will you. they want to talk about anything else about the economy and inflation. >> harris: that's what i was thinking. you present all of your opinions. we want them all here on the "focus", jose, but the bottom line is none of what you just said has to do with what's really shifting people in one way or another. the worst case scenario for democrats is that people sit home because they don't want to necessarily vote republican but they want to vote for your
8:42 am
candidates, either. real quick. >> look, i agree the economy is the number one issue and should be and you see biden creating jobs in 2021 and the inflation reduction act. >> harris: which doesn't reduce inflation. even other networks now are catching on because it's a fact. so it's not like it is a feeling. >> have seniors pay less for prescription medicine? thank you. >> harris: so neither of us is doctors and we won't go into where the needs are and where they're not. that's not the conversation. let's move on. i will have you back and we can talk broadly. former president barack obama had some harsh words for members of his own political party saturday. suggesting they move away from cancel culture. >> having fun, you know, not being a buzz kill, right?
8:43 am
sometimes democrats are. sometimes people just want to not feel as if they are walking on egg shells and they want some acknowledgement that life is messy and that all of us at any given moment can, you know, say things the wrong way, you know, make mistakes. >> harris: geez, i think he is still the most popular person in the democratic party and he reached back and grabbed people by the hair. >> i agree with president obama to an extent. wokeness versus the economy and inflation. >> i agree with president obama. let's bring it back to the economy. >> harris: good to see you. president biden raising eyebrows after this happened over the weekend. >> president biden: very important i told my daughter and
8:44 am
granddaughters, no serious guys until you're 30. >> harris: there is a woman nearby who says what did you say? and then he repeats it and doesn't let that child go. critics are calling it creepy. high cringe. the reporter behind the now viral clip of video says he was almost stopped from recording it all together, huh. plus questions growing about the health of pennsylvania democratic senate candidate john fetterman. now his wife says the reporter who interviewed him should face consequences for being ableist. senator tom cotton says there is more to worry about. tyrus breaking it down next. there he is, hey. ♪ subway's drafting 12 new subs for the all-new subway series menu the new monster has juicy steak and crispy bacon. but what about the new boss? it looks so good it makes me hangry!
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>> small talk before the interview without captioning it wasn't clear he was understanding our conversation. >> other journalists who dealt with fetterman said they had a different experience. >> savannah, it's completely fair that was their experience. we can only report our own. >> harris: exactly, we can only tell you the facts that we
8:50 am
experience and see and have on tape. nbc reporter defending her handling of a recent interview with pennsylvania democratic senate candidate john fetterman. you know he had a stroke in may and needed a monitor to process the questions during that interview with the reporter. she also said he seemed to struggle with small talk before the interview. yeah, the words weren't in the monitor so his brain had to figure it out. john fetterman's wife is angry now. >> i don't know how there were not consequences. there are consequences for folks in these positions. she was ableist and what she was in her interview. it was appalling. the entire disability community and to journalism. i was shocked and i'm still really upset about it. >> harris: the real clear politics average of polls show a very tight race there. fetterman leading oz by fewer than four points now. it is crunch time 22 days out.
8:51 am
tyrus is with me. congratulations on your patriots. if you want to turn the hat around at the end of the interview good for you. my chiefs lost. we'll get into this. >> i would rather be the chiefs than the pats though, just saying. we'll take what we get. >> harris: you know i love to hear you stay that. i understand his wife loves him. consequences for reporting facts in the media. >> the left is used to social justice and woke stepping in any time anything truthful or factual that is said that they don't like. so i think she was expecting twitter to cancel this reporter. so that's what she was -- when you challenge somebody saying you can't say that to me because i'm this or that and check this box or that. all she did was report the truth and it is refreshing and it was an uncomfortable truth and tough but he suffered a stroke. he is dealing with the side effects of that. and it does affect his ability -- you are a politician.
8:52 am
this isn't a job that you can get around it. you are supposed to be a politician and it is a tough job and december crime nateing job. you have to be fit to serve. right now based off that interview if i was voting i would say no, he is not. if that hurts his wife's feelings it is your feelings. your feelings aren't facts. the reporter dealt in facts. it hurts a little bit and they are used to seeing when something like this happens huge backlash and that reporter being taken off the air. that's the typical cancel culture. it is a good sign the truth is allowing to be told. >> harris: it is also a sign that people are paying attention to it like you just said. what voters may be thinking now particularly democrat voters, is he ready yet? consequences. i think of another con word, though, constitution. >> when you are dealing with facts. what we have seen the trend over the last year is any time someone says something that challenges somebody especially on the left that is supported by mainstream media the social
8:53 am
jus justice warriors come out and attack her and that's what she was calling for. >> harris: the c.i.a. and the hunter biden story. here we go. critics cringing after president biden gave a young girl dating advice unsolicited in california friday. watch. >> president biden: very important thing i told my daughter and granddaughters, no serious guys until they're 30, right? no serious guys until you are 30. >> harris: all right. the person who is taking the video claims that secret service tried to do a reach-in to keep him from recording that. you can watch the video for yourself. it is my understanding the person who tweeted it out has the baseball cap on. a recent poll shows more than half of registered voters, 56% say the commander-in-chief does not have the mental soundness to serve. what do you make first of all, he has been down this road
8:54 am
before. somebody has already told him don't touch the young girls. don't sniff hair, don't do that. i don't mean disrespect by that. these are the facts. >> again, it goes to his filter and his boundaries seem to be off. that was a conversation you have with a family member at the holidays, uncle hasn't seen the young lady you aren't dating until your 30 or something her father would say to her or grand parents would say to her. if a stranger came up to me and i'm with my daughters and telling me she shouldn't be allowed to date until this and this my first reaction is why are you looking at my daughter and worrying about her dating life? you don't know my child. don't talk to my child about that. back up. regardless if he is president or not it's irrelevant. seeing that, as a parent my first -- i had an aggressive response. first of all, take your hands off my daughter and don't talk to my daughter about dating. who are you to do that?
8:55 am
>> harris: the point of touching and kind of turning around and seeing that young girl's face look at him, that is something that i think is you hear a female voice in the distance, we don't know who she is, could have been a mom, aunt, who knows what did you say? you have to say that again. none of it feels right. we have to run. thank you so much. we'll talk sports later. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus." "outnumbered" after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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