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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  October 17, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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they should switch judges and move the florida judge to waukesha and send the other one down to florida to keep things in line. robert: someone get that man an ice cream cone. tucker is next. i am watters and this is my world. >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we start the week by doing something we rarely do. bombarding you with political clichies. mid-terms are always a referendum on the party in power. that's true this year too. this year they are more than that -- in just 22 days americans will have the chance to render judgment on the moral
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atrocities our leadership class committed over 2 years. shameless lying, stupidity and incompetence and the unfairness and the vicious racism to the majority of the american population. all which have amount to attacks on democracy itself. if you believed in democracy you would not act like this. the question is: is anyone ever going to be punished for it? that's on the ballot for november. the template for success is just run against joe biden. there may be people who feel sorry for him but nobody can argue he is doing a good job because he is not. just say that.
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run on the economy and crime. homelessness, it's everywhere. fentanyl and what joe biden has done to the southern border. stick to the obvious issues and you will win. voters care most about inflation, jobs and immigration. those are the issues according to a poll that voters believe are the top priorities of the opinion party -- the republican party. there is total alignment between their priorities and the priorities of the electorate. that poll shows voters believe democrats are fixated on january 6 6th. the qanon insurrection where nancy pelosi's cops let protestors walk inside who are now classified as dangerous
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felons except for ray epps who is still a good guy. lots of luck. january 6th might make for a spicy cnn segment but not a government platform. one candidate understands that. john fetterman. he may have brain damage but one of the few democratic office seekers who explained what he will do if elected. here's fetterman getting specific about his governing platform. >> send me to washington, d.c. >> [cheers and applause]. >> so i can push back against [inaudible] to work. >> tucker: you hear that? if the voters of pennsylvania send john fetterman to washington, he promises to push back against work to work. no more work to work. you can hear a man in the audience cheering.
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that man gets it. he knows how badly we need to fight the epidemic of work to work. it is literally killing people. john fetterman will put an ends to it. there is that. the anti-work to work platform. the other thing the democrats are running on is abortion. you can see why. yahoo news reported that america is facing a diaper crisis and the anti-abortion movement is not helping. what you have is a classic demand side approach to the diaper and formula shortages. just don't have kids and then you won't need diapers. you won't need a house or a car or a raise or extra food or money for college tuition. it's simple.
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when you get to the point where the economy is so distorted only democrats can have normal families. don't reproduce! childlessness is the cure for the economy they created. that's why abortion is important. we don't have enough diapers. democrats want to eliminate the filibuster to bring back more abortion. once again, here's john fetterman. >> my name is john fetter-woman. >> [cheers and applause]. >> you know what i would do if i was the 51st vote. first, get rid of the filibuster. next, codify roe. >> [cheers and applause]. >> abortion is the ballot.
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now in november. >> tucker: yeah. in november or whenever the election is. there is no chance that guy is going to win. of course pennsylvania is a purple state and he is running against a guy who has been attacked a lot. dr. oz. he has the backing of every democrat in washington. let's be real. that guy in the u.s. senate, refuse to believe it. it's not just fetterman. every democrat is talking like this even ones who identify as women. they are actual women whatever that means now. at the white house today. karine-jean pierre said that abortion restrictions not relevant to her are not just disturbing but also dangerous. to whom? she didn't get specific. in arizona, katie hobbs running
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for office there against lake just went on cnn to announce not only is she pro-choice. she won't support any restriction on abortion under any circumstances. >> do you support any legal limits on abortion in arizona? >> we are under a 15 week ban. >> what do you support? >> look, when you are talking about late term abortion, that's extremely rare. >> but what do you support? what should the limit be? >> it is decision about abortion should be between a patient and their doctor. >> so no limits in the law? only decided in the medical of office? >> government making these kind of mandates interferes with the care from doctors. >> just to be clear.
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if you come governor you will push for a law that has absolutely no limits in any point of the pregnancy on abortion? >> politicians don't long in those decisions. >> tucker: [laughing]. if hobbs loses, you hope for her sake she'll ask herself: how did i get here? how did someone like me with no obvious skills unable to speak or think, how did i wind up running for the highest office in the state of arizona? in the meantime, you have to marvel at how out of touch people like this are. if you listen to unhappy middle aged liberals like hobbs, you being hundreds of millions of americans can't get the late term selective abortion that
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they want. that's clearly hobbs' main fear but not the concern of most people. we know this for a fact. the latest "new york times" poll finds only 5% of americans list abortion as their top priority. whatever you think ever roe v. wade being overturned, this is not a powerful issue. it's a boutique issue. if democracy was functioning like a democracy, the broad bulk of people have a voice in government and control government. most people are not that interested. democrats know that. they have pollsters too. because abortion is all their donors care about, they can't stop talking about it. that tells you a lot. no wonder hobbs refuses to
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debate lake. saying this is a medical decision between the patient and the doctor. to which lake might say like a vaccine? it's a politicians choice what goes into your body or comes out. we will never see that because she refuses to debate. this is the democrat's platform. january 6th and abortions! that's what they are running on sort of. but actually the real thing they are running on their main platform is fantasy. denial. none of the problems you may have noticed and it's hard to ignore them. none in biden's america are real. there is no recession. it's not a recession. that's racist. stop saying that. no fentanyl crisis at least in
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ukraine where it matters. okay, no problem. there are problems in this country. the united states of america. rice was a high government official. he served in the clinton administration and was a smart guy. he wrote a piece explaining that rising crime is the fault of the republican party because guns -- rising crime rates are due to the proliferation of guns. okay! why is it the states with the lowest crime rates have the highest gun ownership rates? not a single person believes this. if you tell voters that qanon defunded the police, they won't buy it. people are tired of being lied to at this level. it's too obvious.
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they know crime is real. they are afraid of it and know why it spiked under joe biden. they defunded the police. they intimidated police still serving inteo not enforcing the law. the anti-social savages who are murdering people they have rights. what about the person shoved in front for the subway train? no one is bying this any more. -- buying. zelden caught up to kathy hochul of new york. why is he doing well? he's running ads like this one. >> no question the sphere of crime is real. >> you are looking at actual violent crimes caught on camera in kathy hochul's new york and
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it's getting much worse. on november 8th vote like your life depends on it. it just might. >> [screaming]. >> it's time our families feel safe again. >> tucker: what is the answer to that? it is not real? those are crisis actors? no the answer is shut up and look away racht -- racists. vance in ohio is running against ryan who in 2019 called for ending cash bail nationwide. watch. >> we are seeing states and cash bail, would you support that nationally? >> yeah. the bail system is unfair.
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it send people down a spiral of not being able to work and you have adverse childhood experiences. that leads to mental health issues and physical health issues and behavioral issues. i am for eliminating it. >> tucker: ryan was supposed to be the new democrat, the old democrat. the working man's democrat who understood you have to function in society or you can't continue. if you listen to him, he is just another liberal like the reservist of them. -- liberal like the rest of them. in new york lawmakers enacted bail reform in 2019. as a result of that, judges can no longer consider the danger supposed by the support when deciding to keep them in jail?
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really? isn't that the whole point. not anymore. in the bail reform law took effect in 2020, police arrested people who should have been locked up under the old system. they were not because bail reform, they were terrorizing and murdering new people. the numbers show it. major crimes are up 40% this year in new york. 40% in 1 year. that's a disaster. it hurts the weakest among us. instead of acknowledging that, the democrats in the media are telling you if you notice it, you are the criminal. watch. >> less than 5 weeks to the mid-terms and republicans are pulling out the fear and loathing playbook trying to scare voters about crime. >> harping on the issue of crime
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and linking it to illegal immigration. those are the things that drive fear. >> the issue of crime and thesh of immigration are trying to scare voters to vote republican -- >> the fear of black people coming into your community or latinos and republicans used this language time and time again to scare their voters into going along with their policies. >> tucker: you really hope that november 8th is the beginning of the end of the tiny brain cringing liberal who wreck this country. the people you just saw on msnbc. you hope their rein is over. their hypocrisy is impossible to miss. these are the ones who cheered as the residents of martha's vineyard deported 50 illegal
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immigrants to a military base. they tell you you are afraid of migrants in your community because you are a racist. the shamelessness good to the top. here's joe biden on saturday. >> the strength for the dollar right now? >> i am not concerned about the strength for the there. i am concerned about the rest of the world -- dollar. >> can you explain that? >> yes, our economy is strong as hell. >> tucker: i am concerned about ukraine. our economy is strong as hell? really? have you looked at markets. your retirement account is way down. and day-to-day you notice inflation. we have record inflation. you already know. they are telling you, yes we
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have inflation. they are telling you that republicans are responsible for it. they did this. remember the inflation reduction act. joe biden said if republicans get their way prices will go up and inflation will get worse. it's that simple! really? tell us how that works. [laughing]. unbelievable. it really is. like eating the cookies right in front of you. you ate the cookies. it's sick, actually. they are telling you that if you vote republican you will get a lot more of the things that you don't like that they created. if you don't vote for democrats border security will get too. it's not a crisis. there are no drugs, criminals or terrorists coming over the
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border from mexico. watch democrats. >> the blue wave is african-american and white and asa hutchinson -- and asian-pacific islandsers. >> in a couple of presidential cycles we will call the 38 electoral votes of texas for the democratic nomeny for texas. -- nominee for texas. it will be a purple state and then a blue state. >> the voters are moving away from them and moving to be independents or vote on the other side. >> tucker: there was admitting that american's population is changing faster than any country
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in history. you must celebrate it. if you don't, you are evil. but, you also can't acknowledge it's happening. in other words, it's not real and it's a good thing that it is. if it's not real who are these people come into united states? according to cnn 99% of law abiding. watch lake running for cover of arizona respond to that. >> i want to stick on the question of asylum. those that meet the cri teria. they should be allowed to stay in this country. -- criteria. do you think what the governor has done is sending them to washington, d.c.? >> i disagree on the figure you put out. we have a million got aways and
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we don't know what their background is. >> tucker: exactly. never agree to the premise of a biassed question. well, 99% of the people are law abiding. wait, that's not true actually. the point is we can't know if it's true. according to the biden administration estimates one million illegal immigrants snuck into the country since 2021. how many have pre-existing criminal records? we don't know. they are using fake documents in the united states. ones you would get arrested for. they broke federal law by sneaking into our country without permission. to avoid that problem, the cnn anchors forces on the migrants
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encountered. they are breaking federal law but you are not allowed to notice that. people are noticing that. this is all a lie. it's a tissue of lies. it's coming apart. the republican party in washington is as lame as it's ever been. but voters are sick of it. lake in arizona and masters also in arizona will likely win and why conservatives are surging in places that biden won easily just 2 years ago. that include connecticut and michigan. dixon is running for governor of that state and closed the gap with the worse governor in the united states gretchen whitmer. here's her message. >> a lot of people want to have families. this state we don't have support from the governor for families unless they look the way she
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wants. you know what that looks like these days? it looks like single women working. that's her dream for women. single women working. last time i checked that was a lonely life. >> tucker: so she is running for governor in michigan. in a normal year you would say michigan is a union dominated democratic state. they elected gretchen whitmer. this year she has a chance and looks like she will win. she joins us tonight. you are one of the candidates not just running against the failed governor of michigan, but also running as someone who will improve michigan. gives us a quick preview of what you tell audiences? >> we will bring back education
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in the state of michigan. it's been decimated by this governor. 38th in the nation and kept our kids out of school. then we heard the department of ed, is trying to keep secrets from parents and teach sex and trying to hide it. we have the ninth most violent crime in the country and the economy. we have to bring businesses back to our state. ford left the state of michigan. >> tucker: to politicizing the schools, is that something voters in michigan are aware of? >> absolutely. you are even seeing the voters in michigan, families across the state are saying wait a minute. we don't want this sex and gender in your schools. we put it on our website. we will find against sex and
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gender in schools. similar to florida. we will go back to the basics for kindergarten to third grade and no pornography. parents are reading things out loud you can't air on your show. >> tucker: keep that stuff away from my kids, creep. looks like you will win. tudor dixon, thank you. so, when you think ever professional pro-lifers, you don't imagine them scaling sky scapers, but there is one a man climbing buildings to bring attention to the unborn. we will talk to him live next.
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>> tucker: in may, someone, we don't know who, leaked the supreme court's draft opinion overt overt overturning roe versus wade. a college student protestered abortion in a remarkable way. he climbed the outside of the tallest building in san
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francisco -- the tower, 61 stories high. climbed without using a rope. here's footage. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: amazing. climbed several other skyscrapers including in oklahoma city and the "new york times" building in manhattan. some call him the pro-life spider man. he joins us tonight. [laughing]. i am embarrassed if i am not pronouncing your name correctly. i am amazed by this whole thing.
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tell us why you are doing this. >> we are in a culture battle right now. i started this project because i wanted to inspire young people to speak out against abortion regardless of the back lash and criticism that comes can being pro-life. i wanted to raise money for let them live to help moms in a crisis pregnancy. we are seeing states like california pay for abortions. there has never been a better time than now for us as pro-lifers to put our money where our mouths are and support let them and women in crisis. >> tucker: of course. it's hard to see why it's controversy to help pregnant women have their babies. what is it like being 61 stories above san francisco with no rope? >> it differs person-to-person. for me it's not that bad. i would not recommend anyone
5:33 pm
else try it. >> tucker: how did you climb office buildings? it looks like guaranteed death from my perspective. >> i was inspired by a guy. i had no money. no influence. i was in college. i thought what can i do to help this pro-life movement? all i had was the gifts god gave me. >> tucker: incredible. how do you learn to free climb a building? just do it? >> tucker, if you want to come with me, i can show you how. >> tucker: i am 53, but i impressed. how do you train for this? how hard is it? >> i train on rock outside. out here in las vegas and it transfers over surprisingly. >> tucker: that's incredible. i have to ask: which is scarier climbing a 61
5:34 pm
story building with no ropes or admitting you are pro-life in a group full of npr listeners? >> scarer to go on "tucker carlson tonight." >> tucker: come on. least hostile environment you will ever find! is this illegal? what happens when you get to the top? >> yeah. surprisingly in detroit there is a law that says you can't leash your pet alligator to a fire hydrant but no law about climbing buildings. >> tucker: incredible. pronounce your name? >> mains deschamps. >> tucker: thank you very much.
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-- mason. in california people missed this story. governor gavin newsom made it illegal for doctors to disagree with gavin newsom on covid since he is such an expert. that's next.
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hi, i'm karen. i lost 58 pounds on golo and i've kept it off for over a year. it was so easy that the weight just kept coming off. that's when i knew that this is real. golo works. i still can't believe that i look like this.
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>> tucker: first amendment used to be a big deal. it was america. that's why we were different from the rest of the world. it's going away. politicians in california co cluded with twitter to censor political critics. instead of topping this illegal censorship, california is doubling down. gavin newsom will punish doctors for the crime of disagreeing with him. gavin newsom is not a doctor but he is telling your doctor what to think.
5:41 pm
doctors can't spread misleading information about the coronavirus... you can't criticize pfizer. that's a crime in california. shareholders of pfizer? probably. dr. marc siegel. don't you get to determine the best practices in medicine? >> yyes, this is very dangerous. using the word misinformation and deciding you know from the french laundry restaurant you know what doctors should do. misinformation is against science. science is not consensus. it's about challenging and
5:42 pm
saying existing dogmadoesn't work. they called einstein a heretic and musk is saying his electric car could beat a porsche was right. this is not about tony fauci saying lock down. we are seeing the great damage to our children because of the school closures. gavin newsom should be called out for misinformation mis. for mask mandates and vaccine mandates. if the right doctor's office
5:43 pm
none of this takes place. a global survey says that 73% of people around the world still trust their doctors and nurses to provide medical information. i don't know if that's still true. what i do in the exam room, i listen. i say to the patient, what is bothering you? i don't tell them dogma and say sake that vaccine or wear that mask. i listen. when i stop listening i am no longer a physician. my message to gavin newsom is shut up and listen. >> tucker: he is not doing science but witchcraft. thank you. so a red wave? in november? well, we know that congressional seats that joe biden won
5:44 pm
comfortably are vulnerable across the country. we will talk to a republican running for a seat in connecticut of all places. a good shot of winning. that's straight ahead.
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations
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making big promises. what's the real math behind prop 27, their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. vote no on prop 27.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome back. one thing we try to do in spare time is identify smart young people who are doing good journalism with clear thoughts and acting bravely and talking to them. holding them up for public scrutiny. nate hockman is one ever them. we were impressed. here's part of it. >> i think there is a belief in every revolution the people that support it can control it? >> yes, they always think that. >> you have lost control? >> yes, it's a cliche but revolutionaries eat their own.
5:50 pm
it's a top down revolution happening in america right now. the top has a very sanitized understanding of what is happening because it's more comfortable. they think it's the civil rights movement 2.0. it's actually destroying the country. >> tucker: i thought that was a fair assessment. full conversation starting tomorrow at 7 a.m. on fox nation. one of the most interesting congressional races under way is taking place in connecticut of all places. a deep blue state. george logan and challenging hayes who won her seat by 12 points in 2020. this time he seems to be winning even though his democratic opponent raised a lot of money.
5:51 pm
sandy court ez brought it in fo her. it looks like logan will win anyway. thanks for coming on. this seat hasn't been held by a republican in decades. is that right? >> that's right, tucker. good to see you. they are spending tons of money coming after me. they have over twice the amount of money we have but we are surging at the polls. people are tired of their lies. i go to washington to support the u.s. constitution and not to tear it apart. it's resonating in my district. >> tucker: we were in the same college class but have not seen each other since 1991. you took the engineering root.
5:52 pm
i did not. did the national party support you? did you have trouble raising money? >> no, we are doing much better with fund-raising. my opponent they are throwing everything at us. lying. false attack ads. i am so excited. i am gaining more and more supporters every day on my website. we will take this seat back. it's been 20 years since a republican represented connecticut down in washington. folks are excited. we have the momentum going. they keep trying to distract us. i keep focus on affordability and crime is up and the southern border is relevant in connecticut because of the fentanyl issue. we are making history in connecticut. we will turn this country
5:53 pm
around. flip the house of representatives and get rid of nancy pelosi. >> tucker: that would be incredible. they try to define you as an extremist. that sounds very common sense or oriented. what kind of response do you get? >> a great response. what is extreme is the failed policies of the biden/harris administration. people have a hard time putting food on the table and high gas prices. democrats are even using racist tactics. they compared me to a monkey. they don't care about representing the people in the district. they just want to maintain power. it's all back firing. they can't hide from their record. i am just taking it right to them. we will win this seat back.
5:54 pm
i look forward to help our country move in the right direction. i get moderate democrats and other voters who are coming our way. my opponent supported the nancy pelosi agenda. that doesn't represent my district. we provide the alternative for a different way to help their families. make our communities safer and solve our problems. don't get me started on education. parents are boxed out of their kids education. my opponent has done nothing to help. >> tucker: we will be watching democracy in action. november 8th in connecticut. more news ahead. of like minded people ready to support you when you need it most? christian health care ministries is an organization with over 40 years of trusted care who understands the importance of family.
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left. thanks for watching. here's sean. >> sean: welcome to "hannity"ed. tonight we are broadcasting from georgia. thanks for being here. >> [cheers and applause]. -- >> tucker: we will be joined by republican senate candidate herschel walker and senator lindsey graham and senator tim scott for an exclusive "hannity" town hall. we are a


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