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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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left. thanks for watching. here's sean. >> sean: welcome to "hannity"ed. tonight we are broadcasting from georgia. thanks for being here. >> [cheers and applause]. -- >> tucker: we will be joined by republican senate candidate herschel walker and senator lindsey graham and senator tim scott for an exclusive "hannity" town hall. we are a mere 22 days away from
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a tipping point election for the direction of this country. democrats are pouring tens of million dollars and resources into this state and many others in a desperate attempt to smear and slander herschel walker. last night they attempted to ambush herschel walker at a fake debate organized by individuals who donated thousands of dollars to democrats including joe biden and the georgia democratic senator and even ralphael warnock who was in the debate. they donated to joe biden and the arizona democrat mark kelly. another member of the press club donated to thousands of ralphael warnock. another member donated $500 to the democratic campaign
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committee and another member donated $500 to warnock. after herschel walker refused to play along. they put an empty podium to shame him for not attending their fake debate. we are the antidote tonight. the left wing bullies don't tell the truth and despise herschel walker and every conservative. they don't like the fact he is a conservative and thinks for himself and long rejected the radical socialist belief of the new green deal democratic party. do we need energy independence? yes. we need law and order. do we need a secure border and peace through strength and schools not woke that teach reading, writing, math, science and history.
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>> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: not woke propaganda. democrats and the mob and the media they would like the people in georgia to believe and across the country to believe that herschel walker is not worthy of being a u.s. senator. in friday's debate. herschel walker proved them all wrong. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: he won the debate. here are highlights. >> he told me black lives matter. if you think about it in atlanta, georgia, more black babies are aborted than anything. if black lives matter why are you not protecting those babies? >> [cheers and applause]. >> why are you not baptizing that those babies? not supporting law enforcement is sad. he calls them name and the morale is down and recruitment is down.
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he empowers criminals to think they are better than the police. i told people accountable which senator warnock is not doing. believing in no accountability that's a problem. people must be account believar f actions. -- accountable for their actions. senator warnock went to washington to represent joe biden. >> former president trump is considering a run for the white house in 2004. yes or no, would you support a trump 2024 run? >> yes, i would. >> sean: ralphael warnock would not answer about the question about supporting joe biden and would not aanswer a lot of questions. any exceptions on abortion? he would not answer. herschel walker could be the
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51st republican vote in the u.s. senate. herschel walker could be the last line of defense against biden's radical new green deal, socialist agenda that is impacting the poor and the middle-class and people on fixed incomes. that's why democrats are all in for a radical candidate with a lot of baggage. >> america, nobody can serve god and the military. >> no matter what happens next month more than a third of the nation that would go along with this is reason to be afraid. america needs to represent for its worship of whiteness. >> we remember fidel castro whose legacy is complex. don't let anybody tell you a simple story of life. it's usually not very simple. his legacy is complex.
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kind of like america's legacy is complex. >> sean: warnock praising castro and lavished praise on anti-american preacher that said gd to america. and praised farrakhan as well. compared police to gangsters. vowed to end all new fossil fuel. it's not clear that warnock supports any restrictions on abortion. he would not answer that question on friday. the media mob won't ask him about extreme positions. as a pastor. warnock's character was called
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into question many times. in 2022 as a minister in west baltimore, warnock was arrested for obstructing a police investigation into a child abuse case at his church camp. according to the baltimore sun, he blocked the police from interviewing camp counselors who were key to the case and warnock was not convicted of any crime but five cases of child abuse at his camp were brought against one of his camp directors who warnock was trying to protect. in 2020 warnock was accused of running over his wife with a car during a domestic dispute. >> [sobbing]. he was backing the car up. i can't believe he would run me over. >> you think it was intentional? >> i don't think he cares.
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[sobbing]. i was standing here with the doors open and leaning into the car. how can you drive the car when i am leaning into it? he doesn't care. he just cares about his own self. he has a flight to catch and that's all that matters. this man is running for the u.s. senate and all he cares about is his reputation. i had to draw the line today. i had enough with him thinking he can do whatever he wants and keep me any way. >> sean: we must ask why was warnock not arrested? now, why is nobody in the democratic party -- where are all the building all women caucus? where are those democrats? disturbed by those allegations you just heard? and this year warnock was
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ordered by a superior court judge to attend remediation after he was accused of not paying child support. he has two incomes. he has a large 6 figure paycheck as the senior pastor of a baptist church. they provided him with a $7,400 monthly housing allowance. a new report says evictions notices were sent to residents to a property owned by warnock's church. one resident owed just $28. herschel walker offered to cover all rent for anybody facing
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eviction in the building owned by warnock's church. if you want to see an obvious example of greed and corruption, warnock says he is against. look no further an the senior pastor of the baptist church laughing all the way to the bank. inflation. 41 year high because of the bills he passed. gas prices doubled under trump team and many states more because of the energy restrictions that ralphael warnock supports. soon an army of 87,000 irs agents will descend on america's small businesses because of legislation that warnock supported. in 22 days if you want to hold biden accountable and turn our economy around and you want
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a reliable conservative vote in the u.s. senates, you have to go to the polls. you have the power. make no mistake. this race is close. a brand new just for this show poll has warnock and walker neck and neck within the margin of error. a 2 point race. joining us now. give a warm georgia welcome to georgia senate candidate herschel walker. >> [cheers and applause]. >> how you doing? >> [cheers and applause]. >> hello there. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: just for the record. >> yes, yes. >> sean: for the record. y'all didn't chap as loud for me. >> that's family, yes. >> sean: let's do a quick pole. -- poll.
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how many think herschel won the debate friday night? >> [cheers and applause]. >> to be honest, i think ralphael warnock think i won as well. >> sean: i don't think he would admit it. >> yes. >> sean: we had a conversation as friends. we have known each other for a long time. in my radio studio we had a pushup contest and i lost every one. i can do a lot of pushups. i told you this would get ugly. they will smear and slander you. do you remember what you said to me? >> no. >> sean: you said, sean, i have fought my whole life and they can do whatever they want but i will be the public servant for the people of georgia. >> [applauding]. >> georgia is my family. right now i see the opportunity to be a senator. i hope everyone watched the
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debate. he came to the debate unprepared. i think he got exposed. now people see the differences between he and i. i can be a senator on day 1. he is still behind 2 years. we have high inflation and the border wide open and have problems happening. they continue to try to separate. but i am here to tell him it's time for him to go. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: let's talk about the things that you are talking about running on. are we taxed too much? >> way overtaxed. we have high taxes and to hire 87,000 irs agents who are coming after everyone here. instead of about having border agents. he voted against 18,000 border
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agents. there are a lot of things he is pretending he did for georgia and he didn't. i wanted him to be exposed. things are starting to come up. for the camp he did a cash settlement so the kids could not talk about the abuse at the that camp. they can bring up my personal life as much as they want. this is about what he is doing to the people of georgia. it's time for it to stop. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: i might have a slight disagreement. they have been going after you and your personal life with an unprecedented amount of attacks. you answer them all. here we have using a car as a weapon, i am shocked he was not arrested. that was in 2020 not that long ago. >> what is strange. i have been transparent. they can bring up whatever.
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i am very open. right now the people need to know the truth. i had problems years ago but i have been transparent and i came forward. he sealed his divorce papers and hiding behind any court papers. the kids can't talk. if you are going to be a senator and be honest, do not bare false witness. don't pretend you know the bible. don't use the bible as a convenience. he put dr. king's name it. that was totally insulting to do that. >> sean: in the crowd is dr. alvita, king. >> [cheers and applause]. >> that's one for the things i want people to realize.
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how you heard was excuses from him. he's been in office 2 years. we have high inflation. take responsibility. he took no responsibility. then got to the point where he would not answer a question. i am not afraid to answer questions. to be a leader you have to be the leader. >> [applauding]. >> sean: reagan asked a question: are you better off than you were. this crowd, are you better off? >> [booing]. >> no! >> they need to know this. if you vote for ralphael warnock you will get worse than right now. they need to realize that. it will get worse. it's time for him to go. he is trying to separate us and divide us. it will be government control. he even mentioned that in the debate trying to get the government to run our lives.
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he got confused and doesn't know how to debate. all he is doing is talking and not working for the people. >> sean: a 41 year high in inflation. joe biden said over the weekend, the economy is doing great. joe doesn't know what day of the week it is. 41 year high of inflation. record high gas prices. 70% of americans live paycheck to paycheck and last year the ap-poll 46% of americans think they are poor right now because of all of the economic wreckage done in 20 months. >> think about this: he is either a rubber stamp for joe biden or has no clue for what he is doing. it's 1 or 2. a rubber stamp for joe biden or
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you have no clue what you are doing. joe biden is heading in the wrong direction and he is as well. >> sean: between the borders and law and order, anything you agree with him or 180 degrees the other way? >> he said this election will come down between he and i. he will probably vote for me at the polls. i am the better man for the job. it is hard for me right now with everything happening to look and say there is something he is doing well. he tries to pat himself on the back. it didn't help. what he is doing is hurting this country and hurting georgia. the inflation reduction act. i invited him to debate. he didn't want to do it then.
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he finally did a debate friday now. now everybody is see you are a fraud, a wolf in cheep's clothing. >> sean: we will take a break. a town hall for the full hour. senators tim scott and lindsey graham will join us from georgia. stay with us. ♪ for over 100 years, lincoln's been exploring new ways to deliver sanctuary in its vehicles. comfort for body and mind. that's ambitious. but the future of sanctuary, well that's downright audacious. ♪
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>> i am matt fin in los angeles. among the millions who might qualify for student debt cancellation. the federal government launched the application process for loan relief. tens of millions are expected to apply online. several states are trying to block the debt relief claiming the biden administration lax the authority to forgive student loans. rescue crews are scouring through ukraine's capital for survivors of russia's latest assault. suicide drones set buildings on
6:26 pm
fire. one was a residential tower. this was the second air assault on kyiv in a week. back to "hannity." >> ♪ ♪ >> sean: we continue "hannity" with our town hall in beautiful georgia. herschel walker with us and we are joined by senator lindsey graham and senator tim scott from the great state of south carolina. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: both of you have been really, really supportive of herschel's campaign. so is every republican i meet and know. senator scott. >> a common sense conservative who understands the business and signed the front of a paycheck and not just the back. to help georgia and all of
6:27 pm
america, let's start winning the majority right here in georgia. >> [cheers and applause]. >> right here in georgia. >> [cheers and applause]. >> with herschel walker. >> sean: it's important for people to know, you are up for reelection. you are coming down here because this race is important to you? >> so important to me. i was a fan of herschel. i was a weaker running back. he won the heisman trophy and i did not. the thing about this, someone who understands and appreciates the hard side of the tracks. who came up in georgia and understands poverty and tenacity. to go the extra mile for your fellow citizens. someone who did it on and off the field and in business and in the nonprofit world. he is willing to put his life on the line for this great nation because he understands the value of american citizenship.
6:28 pm
i can't think of a better place to be in all of america than right here in georgia. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: senator gram graham, i had a conversation with you off air when herschel was considering getting into this race. >> i said i will kick your ass if you don't run. >> he said that. >> sean: we know that's a joke. >> could i have done it? i doubt it but i said it. >> sean: we talked about the fact that herschel was such an open book. his life. his struggles and time. lindsey graham, i said they will go after him with everything they have got. they have money from outside of georgia. they have done tens and tens of million dollars in negative ads
6:29 pm
to destroy this man. >> i have seen in motive before. remember -- movie before. you remember kavanaugh? the 2 senators you have cancel out our votes. people in south carolina are pulling for you, herschel. you have a chance to right a wrong. one more senator means that tim is the chairman. banking commit and not sharon brown. >> [cheers and applause]. >> iffy are in the majority i am chairman of the budget commit and not bernie sanders. >> -- [cheers and applause]. >> 90 million dollars raised against herschel. he raised 32 which is a lot of money. we will close that gap tonight. help this man!
6:30 pm
he can take it. what did they do to kavanaugh? at the end when the hearing was about over, we got this letter. well, the media had the letter. nobody allowed kavanaugh to answer the letter. every day was somebody new. thank god for sean hannity who allows you to get the other side of the story out. >> [cheering]. >> we are going to close strong. herschel the debate was awesome. i tell you what, i am not a big dodge ball fan. if there is a heisman trophy for dodge ball, warnock gets it. where are you from? i don't know. with herschel what you see is what you get. one more seat and we stop all of this madness. biden eating ice cream in washington said the economy is strong as hell. if you want change don't vote for the same thing. people in south carolina are
6:31 pm
pulling for herschel because you had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at you. still standing and a good man. you will win this race. light up the internet. close the gap. >> [cheers and applause]. >> i will say this. think about this, we were on the precipice of losing the senate. losing one georgia senate site. cost us within the first 3 months of the biden administration 2 trillion dollars. it was followed up by another 1.2-trillion dollars and this year, 740-billion dollars more spending. one simple georgia senate seat cost all of the american people. >> amen. >> nearly 4 trillion dollars! one seat in georgia. >> sean: and we have 31 trillion
6:32 pm
dollars in debt. herschel, one of the big issues to me is energy. lifeblood of the world's economy. i find it embarrassing for our country that all of our natural resources, we are begging saudi arabia and opec and venezuelans and begging iran. we will make them rich and we will stay poor. we are losing high paying career jobs. we pay less at the pump if we produced it here. every store would be cheaper. this is the insanity of this entire democratic party. they are radicalizeed. >> i don't know if they know. that we are not talking about reserves. -- we are right now, they have already given up more reserves than any president combined.
6:33 pm
we are in a crisis time but they don't care about the people or the people watching. that's the problem. they are doing this over and over. we have a national security problem. they are telling the is the new normal. well, i am here to tell you this is not the new normal. >> sean: every state in play. florida and georgia and north carolina and south dakota. peninsula, ohio, and wisconsin. we have missouri. we have nevada. we have arizona. add maybe colorado or washington
6:34 pm
state. every one ever these races are impactful but not easy. this will be a tough election from my perspective for the senate. >> let's look at it this way. if we pick up one more seat as i said 1,000 times, all of the madness stops. the road to the majority runs through georgia. do you believe america is on the wrong track? will you do something about it? all right. take your friends. if you don't have a friend, make one. vote illegally in georgia. if you are at home wanting to help him who gets the hell beat out of him every day. close the money gap. the last time i was on your show we raised $3 million.
6:35 pm
>> a little more. >> $4 million. i hope it's $100-million. i am a one trick pony. here is biden's america. you have to mortgage your house to fill up your car to go to the gas station where you will probably get robbed. we can end it here in georgia. if herschel wins and they know this. it's over. that's why they are trying to destroy his life and destroy his family's life. they tried to destroy kavanaugh's life so he would not be on the supreme court. the three supreme court justices changed america. give herschel the ball. he is the best bet for georgia and for america. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: he is all of that.
6:36 pm
senate scott? >> i don't like georgia football but i love herschel. no doubt that when you look at the mid-terms in my lifetime, there is not a more important mid-term for america's future than this year. we are just days away from putting america back on the right track. we have to have the majority in the senate. remember the good old days? 2016 to 2020? we were in the majority. we put 300 conservative judges on the bench. three supreme court justices on the bench. the firewall for america has been our judiciary. we can change the course of american history starting in georgia and starting with herschel. returning common sense and sanity to the u.s. senate.
6:37 pm
it's that important. >> sean: a hard question: if you are african-american and a conservative you get smeared, slandered. in a woke world in which we live, it's the one thing you can tear anybody apart and say anything. senator scott you lived through. herschel you are living through it. why don't we demand that character assassination end forever? >> it should but it won't. here's the truth: what herschel and i represent, it's not about me and herschel. it's about every single young man, young woman who happens to be a person of color who is conservative, and they want to say to those young men, shut up! young ladies, you be quiet.
6:38 pm
if they cut our throats every other young person will be silent. we will stand up and fight for this country. >> [cheers and applause]. >> we will not back down! we love america. >> [cheers and applause]. >> [cheering]. >> sean: to me life is simple. i am trying be to the best christian. we are all imperfect and fall short. it's simple for me. god created every man, woman and child on this earth. you got a lot more than the rest of us. this is something that is a pattern. clarence thomas and senator scott. i almost said senator herschel walker. >> yes!
6:39 pm
>> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: you are a threat to the establishment. why is that? >> i say that because right now we must realize that they will say can do anything to retain power. it doesn't matter what it is. who they have to go through. they will say and do anything to retain power. i told them earlier, they don't know who they are messing with right now. god prepared me for this moment right here. i told them, you are waking a grizzly bear. you have to fight. i think senator warnock saw that friday night. he will see it come november. he will be leaving. i will shake his hand. he didn't shake my hand when the debate was over. >> sean: he got his ass kicked? >> well, i don't want to say it like that. but he got beat. this is about the people of georgia and the people of the united states of america that we know there is a problem.
6:40 pm
the problem stems from washington, d.c. people that don't seem to care about the people that put them in office. it's time for a change to happen. >> sean: if you are elected, your promise to the people of georgia, lower taxes, controlled borders, re-fund the police, get rid of no-bail laws and support energy independence and support reading, write, math, history and get rid of the woke agenda? >> yes, and i continue to support our military. our military is our strength. >> [applauding]. >> sean: we will take a break. more with herschel walker and tim scott and lindsey graham. please stay with us.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome back. as we continue our "hannity" town hall with georgia senate candidate herschel walker. also joining us are georgia lt. governor candidate jones is with us. >> thank you. >> [cheers and applause].
6:47 pm
>> sean: with senator lindsey graham and senator tim scott. let's give a warm georgia welcome to our dear friend and fox colleague dr. alvita king. how are you? >> okay, sean, i am so glad to be here with you. you have been my mentor for a long time. i appreciate that and my young brother. he is my young brother because i am older. i met him getting the heisman trophy when i was in the state legislator in georgia. i wish your sweet mother was here. hi, everybody. i will take my seat. >> sean: big hand for dr. king. >> [cheers and applause]. >> herschel says a lot of wonderful things, but he said
6:48 pm
america is my family. that made may love america more. i learn so much from you and i thank god. >> [cheers and applause]. >> i really do. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: let me turn now lt. governor, i understand the governor's debate occurred earlier tonight. thank goodness you are replacing a guy i was not fond of. you are up by 5 and on the ticket with herschel. how do you feel about where georgia is headed? why is georgia different in 2022 than this 2020? >> the momentum is with us. gas and groceries is what this election is about. who do people trust more to recognize that? it's our party. the republican party.
6:49 pm
people like herschel walker and governor kemp and myself. you talk about the issues about crime and the economy and education and who has the best interest of georgia. you don't have to look further than on this stage. >> sean: who could vote for stacey abrams or ralphael warnock? >> [booing]. >> sean: she thinks georgia is the worst state in the country. she cost the state $100-million plus. you will win your race and kemp will win and i believe herschel will win his race. >> [cheers and applause]. >> early voting started today. i want to remind people of that. go out and vote. get your friends to vote. if you don't have a friend make one between now and election day. this race is really important. just like the rest of them.
6:50 pm
i encourage everybody to vote. exercise your right and we will win in november. >> sean: i would like to see that. lindsey graham, we talked about -- i have not written a book in 10 years and i didn't want to write another book because i hate writing books. i felt compelled. live free or die and america on the brink. i never thought things could get this past this fast. it's bad. i worry about my fellow americans and about the poor and the middle-class. people on fixed incomes. early in my adult life for many years i lived paycheck to paycheck. it was not fun. that should not be in a country as wealthy and smart as we are. we deserve people and the people of this state better. >> tim and i are on a team.
6:51 pm
tim wants to secure the border and i do. tim thinks that afghanistan was a debacle. he is a low tax guy. one of the smartest people i met on the economy. our votes are being cancelled out by neighbors in georgia. this is where my family was from. didn't pay our bills and have to come to south carolina. i grew up in the back of a liquor store, poolroom and a bar. the people in washington have lost their way. wednesday is the last filing day before the election. 3 weeks from tomorrow, we get a chance to fix this. early voting starting right now. i beg and plead with you. it's tough. a lot of people are on fixed incomes. prices are through the roof.
6:52 pm a little bit from a lot of people wipes out the liberal spending want between now and wednesday night. let's blow it out for herschel. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: a minute for both of you. >> a vote for herschel walker is a vote for your own pocket. 18 consecutive months of the biden inflation out running your wage increase. 18 consecutive months. 74% of americans say the last 6 months they have been in a financial crisis because of biden's inflation. >> i will make it simple. in less than 2 years you see where we are at right now. think about giving them 6 more years. you have to vote for the republicans. we believe in this country and in lower taxes and protecting the border and less crime.
6:53 pm
the only way that will happen is getting the right people in office. >> [cheers and applause]. >> go out and vote. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: we talked about this. we are seeing record examples of murder, violence. >> these are the highest numbers. these are not records we want to see. higher inflation and crime. rape. here in georgia is up 200%. they believe in no cash bail. people have to be held accountable. >> sean: warnock called cops thugs and gang ters. >> at the debate he said i love cops. he is a liar. he is a false prophet. don't bear witness. it's time for people to know the truth. ralphael warnock is not the senator for georgia. he is a senator for new york and
6:54 pm
for california. but not for georgia. >> [cheers and applause]. >> sean: we have to take a quick break. more "hannity" after this and a big announcement straight ahead.
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♪ . >> sean: before we go, a quick programming note. this wednesday we will be on the road again. we will be in york pennsylvania. we will be doing a town hall with dr. mehmet oz, newt gingrich, and one -- well, senator tim scott will be there. senator tom cotton will be there, doug mastriano will be there joining us, wednesday night this week from pennsylvania, 9:00 eastern as usual but sorry guys
7:00 pm
unfortunately that is all the time we have left tonight. thank you for being with us, thank you for making the show possible. please set your dvr so you never, ever, ever, miss an episode of hannity. in the meantime let not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham, the ingraham angle is next, we'll see you backs in new york tomorrow. ♪ >> laura: hey everyone, i'm laura ingraham, this is the ingraham angle from washington tonight. we have a lot to get to. and, first, red wave rising that is the focus of tonight's angle. have you checked this out, the bad news keeps rolling in for biden and the democrats. it's so sad, a new york times poll has trump edging biden 45-44 among likely voters. and that's the key metric. now, remember, this is even with biden's horror show economy, a