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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 18, 2022 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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my 40th reunion, we laughed about old times life without cell phones and computers, the teachers who were so important to us, amazing we will connected with old friends. and we even had a reunion within a reunion, my east bury school kindergarten class. there they are. amazing. if you say you're not a he won the midterm election cycle in full swing with more than 2 million voters casting their ballots in the general election for half the country will have the option to vote early by the end of this week. look at your calendars. wow. three weeks to go. "fox & friends first" on a tuesday. >> carley: more important than ever with their jobs on the line and the clock running out of time.
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hitting the airwaves just last night. speak of the most dangerous thing facing georgia is four more years of brian kemp. >> my record has been attacked because miss abrams doesn't want to talk about her own record. >> talked to a police officer and they will tell you they are terrified of doing the job >> senator leahy has been doing this thing with a pocket constitution for the last couple of years. it is not a prop. >> carley: with a jam-packed night, jackie ibanez has more from all the candidates. >> by the end of this week early voting will have kicked off in 25 states. 17 states have officially opened their polls with iowa, nevada, tennessee set to join them later this week. early voting underway in georgia were republican governor brian kemp and democratic challenger stacey abrams went head-to-head in an intense debate last night. the incumbent pushing abrams on her past and i police rhetoric. listen. >> how many sher sheriff sherifs
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have >> i think you believe it's the truth. i support law enforcement and did so for 11 years. >> ms. abrams refused to answer the question so i let you know the answer is zero. no sheriffs are endorsing her statewide because of her stance to want to defund the police. >> carley: during that the feet abrams launching a wild accusation at the governor saying he's responsible for rising prices. >> promised to take care of our families get the rising prices in georgia are rising because he refuses to expand medicaid and he's sitting on $400 million of our money that he will not spend keep us in our homes. >> senate hopeful j.d. vance also facing off the air the republican nominee calling out the current congressman after thousands of steel workers lost their in his district. >> what were you doing on those
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renewable solutions and your 20 years in washington, d.c.? if you are half as good as a legislator as you pretend to be, youngstown would not have lost 50,000 jobs. >> vance noted how tim ryan did not support a wall at the southern border that backing amnesty for illegal immigrants. >> you have voted for amnesty multiple times in the congress. you cannot pretend to be a defender when you focused on border wall funding multiple times. >> independent challenger booed by the live audience after calling republican senator mike lee a traitor to the petition. >> that was the most egregious betrayal of our nation's constitution in its history by u.s. senator and it will be your legacy. senator leahy is still casting
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doubt. [applause, booing] >> either he and todd, it is heated up. >> carley: you can feel it. thank you. the cost of heating your home is going way up with winter approaching. >> new data from the energy information shows the average bill raising by 200 bucks. kevin corke with more. >> good morning to you. there is bad and there is this. high gas prices, high food prices, the biden administration warning americans yep, things are getting worse because we are going to talk about home heating costs on the rise and we aren't talking about a little bit too, it's going to hit u.s. households. set to pay $931 on heating this winter. it's up twosix box from just
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last year. according to the energy information which means if you are already struggling with soaring costs in other areas of your families budget, you get to add this to the pile, if that weren't bad enough, the cost of philadelphia, it's still on the rise. it's down from the all-time high but it's still wicked high especially when you consider where it was when president trump left office. as you see, $3.87 a gallon. the subject of oil and gas, bloomberg is reporting that 10-50000000 barrels will be released you a strategic petroleum reserve at some point this week. that is the latest from the $180 million plan. critics say it's all part of an unflattering tapestry of turmoil for the administration that will likely overwhelm them at the ballot box come november. >> the economy is the issue
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that's been strong and continues to motivate voters. it does seem like democrats have of set of cards they are dealing with but they are the ones who dealt the cards. vehicle the great mollie hemingway right there >> this a new poll from "the new york times" and seen a college showing that the economy as a top issue for voters ahead of the midterms and this is key, the same poll showing independent female voters now favor republican candidates by a whopping 18 points. a dramatic reversal. the white house does acknowledge they have more work to do. but with just a few weeks before the midterms the damage may already have been done. carley and todd? b2 thank you very much for that reporting and that whole unbelievable. independent female voters favor democrats by 14 points in
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september. now they favor republicans by 18 points. that is a 32-point thing and in just four weeks. if this polling turned out to be true that shows the abortion issue is dropping like a stone and democrats, who did they target with these ads? they spent $95 million so far in ads about abortion. they are targeting those independent female voters and it's not working. there is a political headline that says democrats' mid turn hopes fade with what we picked a little early but ever since the cream court overturn roe vs. wade in june it seemed possible that democrats could avoid a midterm disaster. but if the post-roe summer belong to democrats, they can see the momentum they had is fading. back to the pole, 5% of likely voters listed abortion as their most important issue. 44% cited economic concerns in which voters favored
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republicans. democrats by a wide margin. abortion is an issue that affects a small group of people. the economy affects everybody. >> todd: during the summer there were some good economic indicators for a time that allow the public to focus on an issue like abortion for a time period. the stock market had a fairly okay summer. all of that is gone. nobody wants to open up the 401(k) statement because your 401(k) has dropped in your 401(k) is what you are going to live on in retirement when you are no longer working. i want to focus on the spr, that's not getting enough play. the strategy being used in the stratpetroleum reserve is a stry for joe biden. it was intended to help us from a national security perspective to make sure that we had oil and did not need to rely on others in the international community and potentially hurt our bargaining positioning when it
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came to other geopolitical issues. this thing's ripped bike trip by trip is going away and each time we trip it out, our national security independence goes away with it. >> carley: jesse watters on "the five," if democrats get crushed in the midterms they only have themselves to blame. watch this. >> the democrats are lying and hiding in the selection so badly, biden tells you inflation is at zero and claims the guy who buys the -- they call you racist for flying migrants to the vineyard and then fly migrants to manhattan in the middle of the night. they say crime is under control, they hire private security for themselves but democrats doing anything they can, they aren't talking about, they have the issues they do don't want you to talk about. the exact reason democrats are getting crushed. >> there is this "new york times" article, democrats spent $2 trillion trying to save the economy and then the democratic candidate
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wants to talk about it. they were talking about the american rescue plan. raphael warnock one of the candidates that made those $1400 check a corner star issue for him. he's not mentioning it at all on the campaign trail anymore because he knows that those checks were great for americans at one time and now they have led to inflation. >> todd: kevin corke started his piece talking about heated oil rising but we locked in a few weeks ago in the weeks since it has risen at least in connecticut by over a dollar. if you can look at the pattern, let's face it, we are in october. it's not getting warmer. it's starting to get really cool will. that is really bad for democrats over the next three weeks because as that independent woman voters starts preparing for winter and seeing her home heating bill, he is thinking to herself, while matt, i need a party that's going to drill again, going to bring this
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about. the democrats aren't going to be the one to bring it. >> carley: inflation has led to a $6,000 pay cut for everybody across the board. that's why it inflation is the number one issue. >> we haven't talked about the potential of numbered two. former nypd -- looking to flip his deep blue district. when excess polling is done in your race, will prompt down the crime be the determining factor? >> it's going to be one of the top two issues. but as we've seen here in new york and across the country, crime is a very important issue and quite frankly there is nobody that can all crime better than crime fighter. >> carley: fox news poll and shows 79% of voters are concerned about rising crime ahead of the midterm elections. the only issue that rank higher is inflation and now you have lee zeldin. he's in single digits with governor eric kathy hochul. used to be by a 24-point margin
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so he's really closing the gap and he's running on the crime issue just like you. that's his race and the fact he's being able to solidify those margins into a smaller amount to give you hope and what does that say about where new york voters are right now? >> absolutely. as with congressman zeldin last night, the feeling is on the street. people are upset, people are angry. the democrats try to holler as much as they say and that crime is not an issue but the facts are the facts. here in new york the state legislature, or state senators, people like todd kaminski who were the architects of the cashless bail disaster, they are unfortunately the ones who are going to cause democrats to pay the price is november because people are fed up and when people hear are trying to say that crime, it's in the city, it's not here locally, we have men, women, cops, firemen, we have people who travel with the city to work, to go to school,
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they shouldn't fear about walking into the subway to get thrown in front of a train. you go to a local cvs and they've changed their policy where there is no longer at the door to put your irons and because so many people weren't using them to put stuff in it and walk out the door and the policy is don't stop them, let them walk out. our local businesses, or small business in operation when people were walking out with their goods, it's ridiculous. the fact is the democrats behind this, whether it is kathy hochul, or it's my opponent, someone who campaigned with people put this legislation in place. they are soft on crime, they handcuffed the police, and now we need people who respect law and order to get our country back on track. >> we started this by saying you are trying to flip a deep blue district inevitably. you are going to have to win over some democrat voters. when you're on the trail and you
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speak to those voters, what are they telling you. why are they saying, hey, we are going to give you a shot, we are not going to vote for our party, we are going to vote for you. >> the words they are delivering our moderate democrats, those who live in nassau county especially feel like they have lost their party. it's gone so far to the left. here in new york they favor, the lunatics of new york city, they are tired of it. in my last election, i represent the largest town in the nation. almost a hundred thousand people that live here. i won my election in november of '21 and that wasn't 70% of the vote because it was republicans and conservatives, people trust me, they like the way how i represent, i see that continuing from 2021 we started that
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pendulums wing, electing any donnelly as our district attorney, the issues then were crime and the issues now are crime. last weekend in my debate with my opponent, i had a question, what you better now when joe biden took office and answer was we are not better. crime is worse, everything costs more. as we discussed before i jumped on, we see the price of heating oil going through the roof. >> carley: you mention the subway earlier. the lead story for "new york post," more subway horror, man dead after being shoved in front of subway in queens and yet another transit fatality. crime is everywhere and if governor kathy hochul is asked about it she says she needs more evidence, more data to see if they'll reform is really something that is having a negative impact on crime. if she said that to you, what
1:16 am
would your response be. >> there is no more evidence needed. what we need to do is we need to focus on the rising crime. the stat leads is the day before at the new york city apartment, almost major crime has increased the last couple of weeks with the exception of murder. all those people, people who been burglarized, robbed, who had grand larceny committed against them or had their car stolen, every one of those incidents is a victim and every victim has a story. they start speaking to the victims and start playing to the far left because it's clear we don't need any evidence, we need to change and maybe she'll that come november 8th at 9:00 p.m. when she no longer has a job. >> todd: anthony esposito has got a big race. thank you for joining us but we have exclusive surveillance video showing what authorities say were likely gabby b-17's
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last moments. >> carley: a new low by the dod administrator diversity criticizing her for praising a book that demonizes 9/11 first responders. more on this outrageous story after this.
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we are back with exclusive video. box has obtained surveillance video what authorities say is likely gabby petito's last day alive from a wyoming whole foods store. petito andrew taylor can be seen roaming the aisles. today police say she was likely murdered. officials say this is the last footage they have for her remains were discovered on september 19th. gabby potato was just 22 years old. >> todd: gabby petito was a 22 years old. >> todd: setting on fire for all the crime of messing up his order. flammable liquid before striking a match for that man telling police "i was very drunk." yep. that's an excuse. i ordered chicken br briyani.
1:23 am
i didn't get chicken at all. this guy sounds like he's playing with a full deck. took police almost two weeks to chase them down, bring them into custody. you guessed it. because it's new york, he was released without bail despite criminal larson charges the next day. new york police urging three suspects who stole than half a million dollars in merchandise from this manhattan jewelry store on saturday, releasing surveillance video. you can see the thieves smash their way into the store with a sledgehammer breaking several changes. they stole watches, gems, more from that store. this matching grab burglary before the suspects fled in a silver sedan for the nypd offering a $3500 award for information. >> crime is a major campaign issue for republican lee zeldin and voters are responding to his message. listen. >> they care about the economy,
1:24 am
they feel like if they had to some other state that their money will go forward. they are deciding to go. from cashless bail and other pro criminal laws, a lack of support from law enforcement. people are reading the stories of individuals pushing onto subway tracks or stabbed or otherwise targeted in our streets and it's not just side of the city and across other parts of the state for the last couple of weeks. from the economic standpoint, people are struggling to afford to survive. they increase your taxes in york and new yorkers are deciding if they can afford to pay it maybe i'll just add to this other state where they are not charging this tax. there are so many reasons why new yorkers feel like they are at a breaking point. new york leads the entire nation in loss and whether you are a republican, independent, red county or blue county, does not matter.
1:25 am
people realize they have to save our state. this corrupt governor has to go. >> there are so many reasons why crime has skyrocketed in new york. one is bill reform, the other are the soft and crime prosecutors bidders a lack of police in the country in this horrific situation out in connecticut where three police officers got a 911 call, the rest of the scene thought they would be helping somebody and they were mowed down. a principal attack, 80 shots fired, it sounded like a war zone and that situation really punctuates how much crime and how much violence being geared toward police. as of this year there have been 63 ambush style attacks which officers were wounded, 93 officers were shot, 24 fatally. this could be the most deadly year for police since 2016. >> todd: not just police, everybody is scared specifically in york state leading to these
1:26 am
numbers you see in your screen which is astounding when you consider how blue the state is. the latest real clear politics average has the race within a single digit margin. it's going to be fascinating to see if lee zeldin ultimately closes that gap. i for one thought he had no chance. you do that's not a new york story. that's a national story. >> todd: minneapolis looking to hire as cops combat crime. the crime rate hike across the board, motor vehicle stepped up 30% last year, salt up over 8%, domestic assault rising over 20%. acts of vandalism up nearly 15%. between 2020 and 2021, as you know, the city slashed its police budget by $13 million. doesn't look like it's working. bad news for the big guy. whistle-blower claims linking president biden to his son
1:27 am
hunter's business dealing even though biden has told us multiple times he's never been involved. >> carley: one reason why republicans are keeping impeachment on the table. wait until you hear those details. brooke singman is here with all of it coming up next.
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we won a big story here. new whistle-blower >> todd: a big story here.despi. >> carley: brooke singman has a very latest. >> new whistle-blower document say potentially aware of his son's shady business dealings. in a letter to merrick garland and devin weiss, the u.s. attorney for delaware leading
1:33 am
the hunter biden investigation, g.o.p. senator chuck grassley claims the fbi "has a voluminous significant evidence related to the potential criminality of hunter biden's dealings." the documents include specific details with respect to conversations by nongovernment individuals relevant to potential criminal conduct by hunter biden. these documents also indicate that joe biden was aware of hunter biden's business arrangements and may have been involved in some of them. grassley set a summary with tony bob linsky suggested that joe biden was involved in the hunter biden's business ventures. first obtain text messages in 2020 showing joe biden met on the sidelines of a california conference in may 2017 and they were discussing a business venture. other emails first reported by fox news in 2020 also suggest that a portion of an interest in
1:34 am
the deal being held for joe biden. the president has repeatedly denied involvement or knowledge of his son's business dealings. also questioning whether doing due diligence with the investigation and he isn't the only republican calling for oversight into the entire biden family. listen. >> one of the reasons why voters give us majorities in both the house and senate because to provide that oversight we need majorities and ideally we have majorities in both houses of congress but the level of corruption in our government is totally unacceptable. >> the white house as recently as yesterday to acclimate if the president met. >> todd: what's going on with hunter a and a russian oligarch? speak the newly email the hunter biden's real estate company received millions of dollars from russian oligarch elaine a alreadybeen flagged as alarmingu
1:35 am
wired $3.5 million to a real estate company links to hunter biden as a consulting f fee. hunter's legal team quickly shutting down those claims saying "hunter biden had no interest in and was not a cofounder so the claim he was paid $3.5 million is false." it turns out hunter's financial relationship with the russian oligarch was much more extensive than that, with leaked emails revealing her firm invested $40 million in this real estate venture. hunter biden still currently under investigation for his tax affairs, avoiding potential charges. >> carley: a lot going on. thank you for covering it all. we will be watching. also this, g.o.p. lawmakers already preparing to file impeachment articles against president biden next year should they flip congress next month. you are congresswoman lee stefanik says she is confident biden could be impeached over his involvement over hunter's boring business dealings calling his request for cuts in oil production after next months
1:36 am
midterms is a smoking gun. she says "when there is an egregious abuse of power and high crimes and misdemeanors, that means anything is on the table. also called president biden's request to the saudi government very egregious, inappropriate, and illegal. that's the thing. think back, todd, former president trump's first impeachment and the allegation there was the pressured ukraine by withholding aid ukraine to pressure zelenskyy to dig up dirt on hunter biden and help them in the election. now this saudi arabia think about president biden apparently asked saudi arabia to delay the opec production cuts until after the midterm elections and he went on tv and said that because they didn't do it, there will be consequences which is essentially forcing saudi arabia to help him in the midterm election. that's the thing about impeaching a president, the pendulum swings both ways here.
1:37 am
the one impeachment has to be on the table because democrats impeached trump for much, much less. the question is should impeachment be and what we do in these situations? i would argue probably not. but this is a new standard that democrats set by going after donald j. trump literally for everything just because they did not like him. in this instance, the way biden approached the saudis has major geopolitical and national security implications. congressman's had on yesterday running for senator in north carolina. he had a very interesting take on this issue. >> let's go back to american weakness. it really started in afghanistan about 14 months ago where we tragically lost 13 marines. it signaled to the rest of the world that they could interrupt ukraine driving further instability in western europe and the rest of the world and singled to china that they can
1:38 am
save a rattle in the south sight china sea. signaled to north korea and certainly signals to saudi arabia that biden is not strong and now biden is going to venezuela, a sworn enemy to us, said that we need more energy. it's american weakness and it's all what joe biden has rejected. the democrats cannot solve this issue. >> taking all of joe biden's approach to foreign policy as a whole also begs the question why we don't have a special counsel on any of this by now. there's so many other issues distracting the american people and likely so. the economy, crime, we need a special counsel to delve into this so it actually has because the drip, drip drip is being lost by the american people. >> carley: think back of how the hunter biden in possession of documents showing joe biden
1:39 am
was involved in business dealings. i have those documents too. you can print out the picture of joe biden for any of the foreign business associates or the white house logs that show that he met with hunter's business associates when he was a vice president and still to this day president biden is saying that he has no knowledge of his sons over teams business dealings. kind of rich. >> todd: i don't understand it. i'm not accusing him but even if anything i don't understand how somebody could make a public servant salary whose wife also makes a de facto public servant salary has the real estate portfolio of one joseph robinette biden, a lot of that was before the book deals. >> carley: the fbi has those documents. the trial of russian national
1:40 am
igor danchenko after john durham delivered the prosecution's final rebuttal saying, let's talk about the elephant in the room. the fbi. the fbi failed to hear on a of occasions but wrapped his efforts that anyone was the primary informant for the debunked trump dossier and lied to the fbi number of jury deliberations will continue later this morning. >> carley: nbc news taking heat after a report on john fetterman's health. >> wasn't clear she wasn't understanding our conversation. allowed to use a transcription program on his computer during our interview. >> carley: fetterman's wife is not happy and she's demanding an apology. >> todd: comedian tim allen facing his own backlash over what he said about wokeness. wait till you hear what he had
1:41 am
said that has a left so steamed after this.
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h>> todd: political reporting six staffers have seen commissioner chris magness fall asleep during meetings. he's even accused of seeing meetings on the current crisis at the border. blaming multiple roles for multe says it like many with ms my symptoms such as brief periods of tiredness must be managed with different medications that sometimes require adjustment. el paso's mayor not to declare a state of emergency over in the city's migrant crisis fearing he would make the president look bad. texas congressman tony gonzales also claiming to have urged similar accounts. he calls the whole thing "a sleight of hand" on the part of the administration pressuring the local government to say as
1:47 am
if everything is going okay. when asked about the post report, please "i don't how to pressure from either side." >> carley: can senate candidate john fetterman's wife calling to apologize after reporters made comments about his health. >> he still has lingering auditory processing, he has a hard time understanding what he's hearing. once he reads the question, he's able to understand. some of the small talk prior to the interview before the closed captioning was up and running, it did seem like he had a hard time understanding our conversation. telling the independent "if this happened in a school, if this was a child that was able's towards another child or a
1:48 am
teacher, there would've been issues stated. i would have loved to seen an apology towards the disability community from her and her network for the damage they have caused. no word yet on that apology from nbc. the election just three weeks away, candidates and some of the country's biggest races squared squared off to win over voters in utah a month ohio. the good of the most dangerous thing in georgia is four more years of brian kemp. >> miss abrams doesn't want to talk about her own record. >> the call for tax cuts in the short term to put money in people's pockets... >> when you propose it, it is a gimmick. your timing congress congress you voted to raise taxes $6.7 trillion. >> this is troubling. it's also entirely consistent with your adopted political party. >> senator lee has been doing
1:49 am
this thing with his pots constitution the last couple of years. senator lee, it's not a problem. >> carley: joining me are voters from all three of those states. jim nill is a former democratic sheriff in hamilton county which is in cincinnati, ohio. brett eldredge is the co-owner of vaped on main. brian picture is a boater from georgia avenue, a very politically active one. you have a political show called "b lk politics" and have been to herschel walker events. kemp is up 5.5 points than stacey abrams in the real clear politics average. what are your thoughts on this race overall? >> last night, all governor kemp had to do was hold his own, stay calm. there is a libertarian in the race. very bold last night in the debate. i didn't watch it.
1:50 am
all he had to do was stay calm, hold his own, not make any mistakes and he did do that. you play the clip and you said, stacey abrams said the most dangerous thing for georgia is four more years of brian kemp. that's the direct opposite for the voters of georgia do not see a need for a change. they've seen brian kemp go through a pandemic, they see that the economy is okay, they see many challenges. kemp is very popular around suburban atlanta, popular with the chamber of commerce. stacey abrams cannot catch traction. you cannot catch traction. kemp has broke that magic the mark several times in polling and i know that's what they look for as they get over that 50 mark, and right now stacey abrams to me doesn't stand a chance but there is an unknown
1:51 am
in georgia and i'll leave it there, the people, the trump voters who will never vote for kemp again, that's not in polling, that won't be cold. how big that number is we don't know, but we'll find out. beatty let's talk about ohio. i state that president trump won i'm probably both times. but the senate race margins are extremely close but republican j.d. vance up by just two points over democrat challenger tim ryan. why do you think that is and what were your takeaways from last night debate? are you there? >> i'm here. i'm sorry. thanks for having me, carley. j.d. vance is a very strong candidate. let's remember, he grew up in middletown, ohio, which is a steelworkers town. it's like a little pittsburgh.
1:52 am
he understands the working men and women. he understands. i was taking my youngest son the football practice and i had seen a yard sign in the campaign his opponent tim ryan that said "workers first" and i chuckled. it's a joke. he's a hypocrite because the democrats are taking the union workers' money to help fund their campaigns. but when they are elected, they are taking the union jobs away. and i believe j.d. vance not only supports the private sector unions, but he also supports the public sector unions, the police officers, firefighters. and above all he also supports the military and this is very important. i think j.d. vance is not going
1:53 am
to win... let's increase that. i think he's going to win by the margin is going to be much higher. i'm going to say closer to 7%. >> carley: j.d. vance would love that prediction but let's talk about utah now. the senate race has gone under the radar on a national level. it's between republican senator mike lee who is a national name and an independent candidate, his name is evan mcmullen and he's trailing by just a few points. who do you support in this race and why? >> carley, i tip my support and have to go with senator mike lee. he's done an exceptional job here utah and i find it interesting, where we have an independent running against mike lee, but what you will find being is that the democrats actually endorsed evan
1:54 am
mcmullen and it's a simple solution here. it's an independent and appealing to democrats have put him in there in a situation where that's the only way he has a go to win. but if you look at your facts here, this is the closest race the last 50 years of the utah senate, is actually closer than i'd expected. i firmly believe likely, his views and what he said are very valid. mr. mcmullen was really going at him against the certification of donald trump's win of the president. and i really feel like if the voters really see where mike lee has done for this for utah, i feel like it's going to be a dog fight till the end. >> carley: three debates on the one single night, all the races are close and it's getting down to the wire. thank you all so much.
1:55 am
social media erupting in reaction to this claim that the president played about the price of gas in california. >> it seven bucks a gallon almost. >> todd: republican gubernatorial candidate lee zeldin tweeting "false." gas in california was less than half what it is today. the data does not lie, average gas just below $6 in jan january 2021, $3.18. better bundle up this winter because your energy bill about the cost a few hundred bucks more than last year. beatty that's coming directly from the white house. we are going to show you the numbers coming up next.
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we planned well for retirement, but i wish we had more cash. they have no idea they're sitting on a goldmine. well they don't realize that
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if you have a life insurance policy of $100,000 or more, you can sell all or part of it to coventry for cash. even a term policy. we've got to tell them! hey, guys! you're sitting on a goldmine! do you hear that? i don't hear anything anymore. find out if you're sitting on a goldmine. call coventry direct today at the number on your screen, or visit ♪ ♪ >> carley: a fox news alert, new whistle blower documents indicating president biden and his son hunter's business dealings. you are watching "fox & friends first" on tuesday morning i'm carley shimkus. >> todd: todd piro. the fbi has in its possession evidence related to hunter biden's potentially criminal business dealings and that the president knew about them and was potentially involved. brooke singman joins us live with more, brooke. >> presidentid


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