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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 18, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> john was saying are you okay. [ laughter ] >> dana: you can hear that. that's what percy's toy sound like. her son was chewing on the toy to be annoying. ended up swallowing the whistle. doctors used a scope to successfully remove the toy. i imagine she will not do that again. >> bill: that's a first and last. >> harris: we begin with this fox news alert. early voting in the state of georgia has set a new midterm election turnout record. day one voting nears presidential level. with 21 days to go for in-person voting, americans are making moves. at stake, some very highly competitive races for control of the house. at this hour, republicans are gaining ground. but don't count out democrats just yet. i'm harris faulkner. you're in the faulkner focus.
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exactly three weeks until election day. rankings out this morning show a slight shift in favor of the gop. races in california and oregon have gone from leaning democrat to toss-up. the current forecast of 15-seat majority victory for republicans. that's a wider margin than even a week ago. a path for democrats does still exist. house minority leader kevin mccarthy. >> you take nothing for granted. we have to continue to fight for the next 21 days. the issues are really very important. these democrat incumbents are the ones who voted for the american rescue plan that brought us inflation. you watch their defund the police what has happened to crime. you watched their ability to look at other way to have a border open that will kill 300 americans today with fentanyl from president biden to nancy pelosi. that is their challenge if they
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run on their record, they're in trouble. >> harris: on the senate side, it's anyone's game. we're closerly watching races in georgia, arizona, nevada and pennsylvania. senator tom cotton, republican from great state of arkansas is in focus for us. alexandria hoff digging deeper. >> reporter: this is a situation where no news is big news when it comes to the senate. control hingings on four races, arizona, nevada, georgia and pennsylvania that remains the case. those remains toss-ups. republicans need to secure 51. democrats just 50. that's because the vice president serves as at tie breaking vote. let's go to the house. this latest addition of the power rankings projects republicans winning 232 races. would give republicans a 15-seat majority. to see where gains are being made we'll take a trip out to
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the west coast where republicans are playing offense on issues rated most important to voters, inflation and crime. let's take oregon new sixth congressional district, that moved from lean d to toss up this week. an area easy win for president biden in 20. 2020. salinas and republican mike mike erickson. erickson found an edge on issue of crime. on our air today, erickson said that combined with open air drug use, voters are just fed up on both sides there. democrats do still have a small pathway to keeping the house. that number needed is 218. the reason that pathway is there it comes down to republicans suffering from candidate quality issues. in montana first congressional district, republican ryan has been subject to ethics
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investigation. his race against the democrat there has become way more competitive than what the gop like. that race has moved from likely r to lean r. >> harris: three weeks. my goodness. that's barely a good sale. good to see you. thank you. senator tom cotton, republican, is here with me down the stretch. first of all, what do you make of these latest power ranking, shifting over to the gop? just slightly but it's happening. what's going on in your estimation? >> it's not surprising that more americans are reputeuating joe biden. inflation continues to run very high. stock market has fallen over the last year and a half. more crime on the streets across america. we have a drug epidemic unlike anything this country has seen.
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i was on the campaign trail yesterday in pennsylvania with dr. oz. we visited a natural gas pad, it provides thousands of good high paying jobs to hard working pennsylvanians and ohioans. it provides low cost energy to america. it helps america support our allies around the world who rather get american gas rather than russian gas. it's good for our environment. it's so clean burning. it's opposed to coal. john fetterman and joe biden and the democrats would ban the techniques that we have to get that gas out the ground. that's why democrats are losing in the polls. that's why they're going to lose badly in three weeks. >> harris: i don't know how much time john fetterman has to focus on that with the crime that's just out of control. particularly, in philadelphia. i mean that. he might have been part of the problem with words like show the criminals mercy. that's a big way to go. you got energy mixed in too.
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inflation, it gets mentioned every conversation. you mentioned it. president biden said there may be a chance of a slight recession but, may be just slight. bloomberg out with a new projection. there is a 100% chance of a recession in the next year given the decades high inflation, fed interest hikes. the economy we know it's top of mind. "new york times" polls show concerns over economic issue have jumped to 44% from 36% a few weeks ago in summer. americans are weary when it comes to president's performance. new fox polling puts biden's inflation approval at just 29%. the white house doing pretty much anything they can to defend him. let's watch together.
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>> if president biden's top domestic priority is inflation, why doesn't he have more to show for it? >> he's been very clear about making that his number one economic priority. he's done the work with congressional democrats. >> who's exactly thinks the president is doing a good job on inflation? >> we understand there are challenges that are in front of us here in this country. that is why the president has taken action to lower cost. republicans in congress refused to be partners with us on this. >> harris: we'll hear from democrats in a moment. i want to get your direct action what she's talking about. >> guilty as charged, republicans in washington have refused to spend trillions of dollars we don't have. joe biden and democrats don't have answer on inflation because they are the cause of inflation. there's two main reasons we have inflations. the first democrats spent trillions of dollars that we don't have. it was completely obvious and
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predictable. it was predicted, not just by republicans but by democrats like former treasury secretary larry summers that spending all that money will lead to inflation. democrats kept spending it even after we had record high inflation. they spent another $700 billion. the second reason is price of energy is high. it doesn't just hit families and their budget. it drives up the cost of manufacturing. it drives up the cost of doing business. it drives up the cost of transportation. that is very much is an intentional policy. the democrats want energy prices to be high, because they want to end american production of fossil fuels, oil and gas and coal. they may not say it in the 45 day before election. mark my words, on november 9th, the democrats will go back to openly waging war on american oil, gas and coal. >> harris: when you say
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contentional crises, all i can think of our power grids still about 80% dependent on fossil fuels and or coal. i don't know what they are thinking they are doing but they are making that situation weaker using electricity. i remember few weeks ago, the governor of california said we're in a heat wave. stop plugging in your electric cars. it's a world of hurt that they brought with the policies. now for the democrats, senator, who also are not getting what they need from the president. watch. >> the president over the weekend said the economy is strong as hell. do you agree with that? >> i think there is much more the administration needs to do, especially around energy cost. >> harris: wow. oh, boy. that's like losing a relative. you say what to that? >> every one of these democrats, maggie hassan in new hampshire,
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rafael warnock in georgia and nevada, any one with of them could have put their foot down in a 50-50 senate and demanded that joe biden stop his war on american oil and gas and coal. they didn't. they were a rubber stamp for joe biden. a vote more any democrat this year is a vote for joe biden's agenda. if you want affordable and reliable energy in this country, you need to vote republican on november 8th. >> harris: you have really tied that with inflation unlike the president was able to tie his inflation reduction act to actual inflation and reducing it. just one quick one, fox news polling shows extremely or very concerned. they asked voters, their number one thing by 89% inflation/higher prices. democrats are in trouble. they have only 21 days to figure that one out. will they do it?
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meanwhile -- go ahead. >> they won't do it. it is their policies that caused this inflation. sometimes caused it in the form of high gasoline prices. they just hope they can distract the american people for another 21 days to get back to those harmful policies. >> harris: president biden is scrambling to detain what senator cotton is talking about. he knows it's the gas prices. they got to get their arms around this in 21 days. the administration plans to release that 10 million to 15 million barrels of oil from strategic reserves. they've done this to the point where we're lower where we have been. the lowest level in nearly four decades. the average price of a gallon of regular unleaded today, $3.87. that's up 55 cents over last year. it's only going up day-by-day, week by week now. there's so much pressure and it's getting colder.
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biden is playing a familiar blame game. he's added a new boogie man. >> i realized cost is going up on food. i was able to bring gasoline down well over $1.60. it's inching up because what russians and saudis did. >> harris: now we have the oil industry he blamed. the mom and pops. the corporation, putin and now saudi arabia. i guess no more fist bumps. >> joe biden should look in the mirror if he wants to figure out the reason for high gas prices. in the campaign he promised to end fossil fuels in america. that's why we have an energy crises in america. it doesn't help that joe biden and the democratic party have ostracized saudi arabia for years now and no small part because they opposed barack obama and joe biden's reckless nuclear deal with iran. bottom line is, we shouldn't have to rely on anyone for our oil and gas and coal.
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we have more than enough, not only to support our own needs but to support our friends around the world. we shouldn't resort to dangerous gimmicks. we shouldn't have to go to dictatorships like iran. we can supply our own energy if we will unleash america's miners and roughneck and the entrepreneurs who are ready to get the resources out of the ground that got put in to help power our provide -- economy. >> harris: we get the point how we're no longer self-sufficient. we can be making money on the deal. we can be supplying others. we can actually make a profit on this then transition to what we think is the right way to go. i want to know about your pennsylvania energy trip another
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time. that caught my eye and ear. senator, thank you for being in focus today. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: the fallout over the bombshell report on the d.h.s. asking for military volunteers to do chores for people who shown up at our border. including picking up the garbage after them. i've shown you on this program a video that they leave a trail of unspeakables from the rivers-edge until they can enter some place illegally. where there are no border patrol. nobody there to stop them. som-- they make our country look like what they left and now, our people are going to be picking up all that trash. it's in focus. the president may find it more difficult to deny he knew anything about hunter biden's shady business dealings.
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>> this has been to be dug into deeply in every level. multiple committees. let's crack this egg open and see what's inside. it's not good. >> harris: a top republican senator claims documents now show the president was not only aware of his son hunter's business dealings, but also had potential criminal involvement.e in focus next. it's your va home loan benefit. it lets you borrow up to a full 100% of your home's value. with home values near record highs, the newday 100 va loan can get you an average of $60,000. and you can lower your payments by $600 a month. pay down your high-rate credit card debt, personal loans, car loans. best of all, there are absolutely no upfront out-of-pocket costs with this loan.
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>> harris: all of the president's denials about hunter biden and his shady business deals could be crumbling. senator chuck grassley with new whistleblower document. he sent a letter yesterday and it said, these documents also indicate that joe biden was
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aware of hunter biden's business arrangements and may have been involved in some of them. grassley accuses the feds of sitting on piles of evidence on hunter's business dealings and wants to know what they are doing with it. republican lawmakers promise this will not go away. >> this is likely just the tip of the iceberg with regards to more shady information about hunter biden shady business dealing. first thing we need to do if we will look at whether or not the president was involved as vice president is to have an investigation. >> harris: chief correspondent in washington mike emmanuel. i found interesting where that letter went. among the peoplen on the list was u.s. attorney for delaware. which is the home st state of te president of the united states. >> that u.s. attorney conducting the hunter biden probe, the top republican on senator judiciary chuck grassley credits whistleblowers for coming
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forward with the new information. grassley writing, based on disclosures to my office, the fbi has within its possession significant impactful, adversary with respect to potential criminal conduct by hunter biden and james biden. former business partner told tucker carlson that joe biden was acting like a chairman of these family business ventures. >> the chairman serves a purpose. he's a figure head. he shows up in meetings. shakes hands, advises, has faith in his team. effectively that was joe biden's role in the biden family business ventures around the world. not just my venture. i met with him multiple times. >> grassley says the bidens worked with the chinese assisting them in business deals while joe biden was vice president. however, that work remains
8:23 am
uncompensated. grassley is asking what d.o.j., fbi and the u.s. attorney have done to investigate. the fbi has not responded to our request for comment for grassley's allegations. the white house is declining to comment and referred us to the justice department. >> harris: around and around you will go as you cover this. mike emmanuel, thank you very much. jason rant, seattle radio talk show host is in focus with us. senator grassley is really pushing in and getting a lot from the whistleblower but also from those piles of evidence that he has questions about. >> yeah, i think they are all valid questions. every one would give the justice department sort of the benefit of the doubt as we recognized lot of these things take a very long time to investigate.
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they are nuance. they are complicated. however, this is a federal government that has been so incredibly political. it's been politicalized. it's unfair to the people who are being investigated. i think grassley's questions need to be answered. we have to know the scope of the investigation. >> harris: why do you think that is the case? i know you're saying how is it possible? how is it possible? >> well, he is either an incredibly convincing lier or he's telling the truth. there's only one of those that can be true. i fear that the fbi doesn't want to investigate him or interview him because they are scared of what he might say. he's scared of the allegations he may make. [ indiscernible ]
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>> i do, unfortunately. tit's not entirely their fault because lot of talking head have be talking about the politicalization of the fbi and d.o.j. at some point, that's now sort of their branding. i do think that's an onerous on them to correct the record. >> harris: new york city subways are atto -- turning into a horrr show. now it's just a massacre. new video shows a violent shove in front of an on-coming train over the weekend. look at this. good samaritans recued the victims with just seconds to spare. just yesterday, a man was pushed to his death in front of a train during rush hour. witnesses say it happened during a scuffle on the platform. imagine having your kids county there with you and what they
8:26 am
see. the effect it has on them. yesterday's violence brings the total number of people killed in the subway system in new york to eight for this year. killings on the subway system is at the highest level in a quarter century. even as ridership continues to plummet since the pandemic. new york city mayor eric adams still seems to think this is a perception problem. let's watch. >> we're dealing with actual crimes. those eight homicides. we dealing with the perception of fear that people are feeling. that's the combination. must deal with the perception and actual crime. we can't get away from fact that we have 3.5 million people using our subway system. we have to be ho honest about t. it's not giving the impression that our system is out of control. >> harris: unless you're one of those six people. what is he talking about? the crime in the subway, transit
8:27 am
crime is up 41.4%. by the way, when w we toggles later to guns we're not talking about more than thousand attacks with hammers. you shove somebody, you're using your hand. only two involved guns. people are using everything but guns to kill people in the subway. >> exactly. i feel like this is deja vu. we had this conversation where he was down playing the crime and he was forced to retract that and saying there is a crime problem. now he's doing the same thing again. because we're close to the midterms and he understands that the issue of crime is benefiting the republicans. you're attempting fate when you take the subway, because these crimes appear to be incredibly random and sporadic. the fact is, he doesn't have plan to go after the random
8:28 am
nature of this and it's only going to get worse. every single day that goes by without a plan is yet another day that you're closer to becoming victimized in some way. it might not be getting stabbed or getting pushed on the platform. we understand what to blame here. i can say clearly especially looking at the backgrounds, they have criminal records. they should be in jail. we are releasing these people too soon. some cases we're not putting them in jail at all to begin with. we have to step up and we have to have a plan to address that. that is political. all of these problems are political. mayoradams knows that. >> harris: two things. you said crimes aren't happening every hour. he said six crimes a day. it's happening every four hours. there's not much difference. >> his argument, he's saying, there's not a crime happening right now in ten seconds from now. no, we don't need to have crime
8:29 am
every second for it to be a serious issue that it's causing serious concern. >> harris: i heard you say on this program that the more recidivism there is and they get practice hurting, killing and robbing, they too have life goals. they get better at it. it makes them harder to fight. jason rantz thank you for with focus. biden's border crises is raging. one of his top leaders on the border was reportedly asleep, asleep on the job. plus, a peach state showdown for georgia's governor seat and a pretty heated debate. >> the biggest takeaway, i told the georgia voters this last night is, stacy abrams is attacking my record because she doesn't want to talk about her own. we're getting up every day to make sure stacy abrams is not going to be our governor.
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>> harris: georgia governor brian kemp faced off again with democrat stacy abrams. remember their first debate happened when she was running against him in 2018. they haven't debated since then. last night they hit each other over crime, handling of the covid pandemic and inflation. >> this is a governor who's for the last four years has beat his chest but delivered very little for most georgians. >> my focus is going to be what i i was opening the debate. that's helping you fight 40-year high inflation and disastrous policies in washington d.c. stacy abrams campaigned to be joe biden's running mate. she supports these policies. >> he promise to keep us safe and crime has gone up. he promise to protect us. >> my record is being attacked because ms. abrams does not want to talk about her record.
8:36 am
>> he denied women access to reproductive care. >> stacy abrams said georgia is steel and--worst state in the c. >> harris: it puts brian kemp ahead of abrams by 5 1/2 points with just 21 days. doug collin, former republican congressman from the state of georgia and david carlucci from new york. doug collins, i will hear from you first on the battle in your state. >> it's just a continuation. it's a continuation from 2018 to now. brian kemp has an excellent record to run on. brian kemp is in a strong leadership position. he's very much right. stacy abrams only wanting to attack him because she doesn't want anybody to understand what her background is what she's wanting for the last few years. she's made public her liberal progressive ideas. it was funny she tried to blame
8:37 am
brian kemp on crime when crime is going up in the city such as atlanta and others that are democratically run cities where they had issues trying to defund the police and others. it's a hollow attack coming from abrams. >> harris: it's interesting, david, when you talk to people how crime really rates in that state. that might be why some people particularly people of color, might vote for the incumbent governor kemp. take a look at this. "new york times" columnist appears upset that some black georgia voters are supporting kemp. let's watch. >> there is a little bit to that number. you could have some split ticketing on the ticket between the governor's race and the senate race and may be black people doing that either we're told in a vote or voting for kemp. that's a strange dynamic happening there. >> harris: wow, what do you make
8:38 am
of that? god forbid. >> these candidates are trashing each other that's because -- >> harris: that's trashing the black voters. if you black you should vote for him. >> they are trashing each other because there's not much movement to be made. unlike four years ago when they were unknown, now they are both political super stars. georgians just like other races we've seen in this political climate, where voters in this partisan environment, already have their minds made up. that's why they trying to attack each other to really demotivate the other supporters. i don't think we have the illusion if you thinking about voting for kemp, you will vote for abrams. that's not going to happen. this race is close. there was a quinnipiac poll that shows kemp one point ahead of abram. you have a libertarian candidate mr. hazel, he's polling about two points. in georgia, you need over 50% to
8:39 am
avoid that runoff. could you imagine if we have a runoff in december, this will be the most expensive runoff in the history of runoffs in the united states. >> harris: you gotten some talking points in there. that's great. i don't know how many people will call her a super star. she denied the election when she lost then calls other people election deniers. it's an interesting thing. quinnipiac is part of that average. some of them are higher than the number that i gave you 5 1/2 and some are lower. it's close. it's not may be close as that one poll that's your favorite, david. doug, i would want to ask this question between the two of them and who gets more stuff done for communities that have high crime. remember stacy abrams was in favor of a boycott over election
8:40 am
laws. which turned out to be less strict than the ones in delaware the president's state. >> it did. let's ask the question here, she's costing georgians jobs. she said georgia wasn't a great state. who will get more done? the state legislature down here is not flipping. it will be republican in house and senate. there's dishonesty going on with the abrams ads. there are ads say if you want to do away with the georgia abortion law, then elect abrams, she'll do away with it. she said i will make abortion safe haven for women. excuse me, we have a law on the books. if you were elected governor, you're telling people of georgia you will not enforce that law? they trying to lie to the voters of georgia about what they can and can't do. who can get more done? a governor who can work with the state legislature, that's brian
8:41 am
kemp and not come up with attacks in the way she had, trying to hide where she's been. brian kemp made the case. this is going to be the case going forward. look, for everybody who thinks that georgia is just this radically red state and all of sudden, it's purple, it's still center right state. it's 52 or 53%. again, we're seeing closer races. >> harris: david said similar. your state, early voting began yesterday. it's near presidential levels. that's where we started this hour on the "faulkner focus." they will vote for president and they're voting for governor. that's an impressive early voting turnout. let's get to this. do democrats now get like sudden extra credit for looking at a situation at the border in a nuance way compared to doing
8:42 am
nothing? guatemala says a caravans of 2000 migrants arrive at the border over the weekend at guatemala border. largely venezuelans, all hoping to get in the united states. this comes as the department of homeland security is trying to enlist volunteers to help do chores for the people that you see trying to get in guantanamoa and make their way here. >> i will be certainly looking into what these dod officials that are apparently going to our border on a volunteer basis, aren't focused on back in the pentagon. the opportunity cost of this action, rather than just coming to congress and dealing it is concerning to me. >> harris: the new report is calling out the head of customs
8:43 am
border patrol is disengaged with his job. he's skipping white house meetings and sometimes going to sleep. he's been caught snoozing. david, i said there was a nuance a change from the government. they are saying venezuelans have to be deported if they come here. that's causing now a new crises for countries like guatemala, they want to come. then there's this other thing calling for volunteers to help. how is that going to work out? >> well, first, commissioner magnus has been suffering from ms. he's addressed that. he's been taking medications to deal with that. he's been outspoken. he's asked critical questions, he's trying to change the status quo. i'm sure he's drawn some critics. you can see that opposition happening. as far as the volunteer force, this is something that both president trump has done and president biden is doing to try to flex that muscle and secure the borders and have access -- >> harris: wait a minute.
8:44 am
i don't think anybody would get those two people confused in which is a flex and which is a flex. come on. you're building walls one president and you're having the materials for the wall sit out in the dust with this president. i can't pretend like i know. i been down there recently. david, i did not know about the multiple sclerosis diagnosis with magnus. his health is important. previous to what is happening with his needing to rest during the day, however, he was disengaged. this was a problem that has been rocking under this president. while i feel for his health, i'm certain my guest does too, doug collins on this panel, that's not really what we're talking about. what we're talking about is somebody who's pulled back to the point. i appreciate you telling us about his personal journey. we do have hearts. that is important. douglas?
8:45 am
>> i'm going to let doug finish. >> i agree. this biden administration, shrug and not flex they opened the border. they see how bad this is playing. the border patrol agents are disheartened. people will continue to come until we make a border policy that says you can't come in unless you doing it illegally. >> harris: gentleman i will bring you back on a different day. douglas i sounded like your mother [ laughter ] david, thank you both of you. people in california especially are feeling the pain at the pump. however, the president says people there should be used to it. it's not that bad. it's certainly not bad enough he says. he got the facts wrong. a fresh report on the president's time away from the white house is daunting. he's taking work from home to a
8:46 am
whole new level. tammy bruce is working from here. she is in focus next. ♪ ♪ at newday usa we give veterans the va cash out loan with no upfront costs for an appraisal or termite inspection. no upfront costs at all. let us get your family security of cash in the bank.
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>> harris: critics are questioning president biden over his many trips to delaware. the president has reportedly spent more than one quarter of his term in delaware. that's 174 days away from the white house. it's also 39 more days than president trump at this time in his term more time out of the office than all of his rent predecessors. the first lady has been working overtime to protect her husband. according to the "new york times," dr. jill biden has a lot of influence on the president's decisions. she helped vet white house officials. tammy bruce is a fox news contributor. she join us now. what life experience professionally do we know that dr. jill biden has for vetting white house officials? >> it's not about what they will
8:52 am
do for the country or how they will do their job, she understands what her husband can do and what he's capable of and what he needs. i think any spouse could vet those individuals in that fashion. that's what worries me. it's really about protecting him as an individual. many of us, thought she would stop this from happening because she would love her husband and not want his reputation ruined. it seems as though, we'll remember a photograph early on, she was on air force one at the president's desk i believe with his jacket on looking at a binder of policies and things. it was like the people were saying, who got elected here. she was literally photographed in his position. we've known that president is not necessarily as engaged. the fact is she is protecting him. it means someone else is running the country and we've had that
8:53 am
question. >> harris: the question becomes for voter if he want to run in 2024 is there a comfort done for person to have that role. here's what's interesting to me about what you said. especially given that picture that i do recall. why wasn't that kamala harris? we do have somebody to do that job. she will be the vice president. is this like what is this? >> from the beginning, clearly a all of these political decisions. whether it's because kamala harris did real damage to him during that one debate about the issue of busing. >> harris: he ran with her. >> it's funny how quickly she pulled out the race once that was done and became the vice president. those choices are made all the time for political reasons to get somebody out of a race in order to protect yourself. but the fact of the matter is, this is something that you're right. no one would have minded we should exceed the vice president
8:54 am
in a position like that. we haven't seen that was the beginning of the division that may be was there from the beginning between her office and the president's. >> harris: dr. jill biden is doing everything now. she's putting clothes on him as they are coming on flights. she's helping him with every aspect of life. >> the world sees that as well. >> harris: "wall street journal" on op ed says obama warned us about joe. it was a story noting that the former vice president was trying to play the obama card even though obama hadn't endorsed the man who served him faithfully for eight years. the money was don't under estimate joe's ability to exmive things up. >> barack obama is the leader of the party effectively. he could have stopped this from
8:55 am
happening. he didn't. he knew of the weaknesses of this man. he knew what would occur. perhaps, he felt that susan rice could run the country. i don't know. we got this problem. he didn't stop it. that's what everybody needs to know. >> harris: now obama is back. who else do they have with his popularity? >> exactly. he decimated that party during his time. >> harris: thank you, tammy. "outnumbered" is after the break. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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