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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 20, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> thanks, nancy. >> we love pickle ball. >> look at this. wooh. >> i cannot deliver the mandate on which i was elected by the conservative party. i have spoken to his majesty, the king, to notify him that i'm resigning as leader of the conservative party. >> bill: major upheaval in the u.k. liz truss resigned. >> dana: some people did. >> bill: a couple people may have had that based on some decisions she made.
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>> dana: i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." the prime minister making the announcement moments ago outside 10 downing street. this after she failed to overcome a flurry of criticism from her own party. alex hogan is following all of this from london. hi. >> good morning. this has been a very contentious day here in london after a contentious two months of british prime minister liz truss time in office. she announced her resignation earlier this morning. speaking for a minute 30 seconds. very brief. take a listen. >> we set out a vision for a low tax, high grade economy that take advantage of the freedoms of brexit. >> this comes after a shaky day yesterday at downing street. another member of her government left the job. home secretary resigned. she was a popular figure in the conservative party. she has been replaced by grant
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sha*p. he is a supporter of the former p.m. candidate who lost to truss. he quickly addressed the need to get to work. truss had only served for 45 days. she is the briefest serving p.m. in u.k. history. the economic turmoil we've seen in the last two months only also led to the ousting of her treasury chief. she announced widespread tax cuts and spending plans that were announced less than a month ago. all of that has been scrapped. her approval rating had been very low. it is worth noting food and energy is soaring. inflation the highest in 40 years. the bombshell announcement today coming on the heels of yet another resignation last night announcing she will leave the job. she has talked to the king formally announcing her resignation. she said next week there will
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be a vote of potentially who will take her place and she says until that time, bill and dana, she will continue to serve as p.m. i cannot state just how big of a decision this was and how monumental of a moment this is after seeing so much change here in england with not only the death of the queen, a new king, this is the second prime minister that we've seen in two months. so much change and so much economic instability. it is really a time of economic turmoil. again, the instability is the one thing in england that can't be stated enough. >> dana: they are facing a very difficult winter possibly because of the energy situation there. one question for you. yesterday during the prime minister's question hour, she said -- she stood up and said i'm a fighter, i will be here and stay. what was the straw the broke the camel's back to this announcement? >> that will be the big question everyone is looking
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forward to finding out exactly what it was. we've seen so many people within her cabinet already have to leave after just 45 days. so likely what we're hearing is that there were a lot of conversations last night after the home secretary left. someone who was considered a very close ally. the reason that she left, she explains is that she sent an email from a personal account that contained a crucial information instead of sending it from her work account. it's not a reason typically we would see someone resign. realistically a formal apology announcing the graver orr and made grave comments how truss should have taken some of this responsibility. we've seen so much criticism of elizabeth truss even within her own party. she didn't have enough allies as a politician but also given all of the economic instability
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and how bad of a situation this is becoming, the worst inflation in england in 40 years. >> dana: well, thank you, alex. this is big news over there and politics is not necessarily a pretty sport but it is a contact one. thank you, alex. >> bill: we'll get analysis throughout the day. she had a commitment to lower taxes on the wealthy in england. when she came into office. within days she back tracked on that policy. you can call it a misstep or pressure from people within her own party. that was not the right track to take for the current economy. >> dana: i think that's what tanked the markets. >> bill: you do have that. six weeks later they're betting the bank of england will hike rates in england again by 75 basis points >> dana: mel gardner can maybe explain it better than i can. there are conservatives who believe her economic policy was the right one. but even she admitted they
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communicated it horribly. the way that it was rolled out was just a complete nightmare which led to all the problems. i hope i have that right as we bring in mel gardner former advisor to margaret thatcher. i don't know if you could hear what i was explaining. but give us your initial reaction to this news, liz truss resigning after 45 days. >> thank you very much for having me on the show. without a doubt, of course, political earthquake in the united kingdom. it had been expected liz truss would resign. the speed of her resignation, i think, has taken most people by surprise. and so she has gone earlier than expected. and this then sets off a leadership contest which will take place in the course of the next few days. what we are witnessing here really has been frankly a political coup within the conservative party.
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a large number of conservative m.p.s on the left of the party trying to force her out. they succeeded in doing so. at the same time the british government has faced a wave of attacks from the i.m.t., president biden and all sorts of corners and liz truss felt she could no longer lead. she back tracked over a series of tax cuts which was a huge mistake. once she gave concessions to the left, she gravely weakened her position, undermined her own position and resulted in her resignation. so i have to say it's an appalling state of affairs in the u.k. and i am very concerned now about the future of the conservatives and the future of brexit as well. there are growing calls now for an early general election. the conservatives will try to stave that off. they don't have to hold one for the next two years.
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the pressure is going to be, i think, immense for an early general election. at the moment the socialists have a lead of 30 percentage points. the situation is very grave. >> bill: let me squeeze in this quick question. your inflation leads most european countries, 10%, could go higher at this point. she caved on her major policy. do you think had she held her ground she would have survived, or not? >> i think if she had held her ground she would still be the prime minister. that's what happens when conservatives give into pressure from the left. she u-turned. this was a tragic mistake here. inflation rate in the u.k. is very high but it is much lower than many parts of europe actually. so the british government could have sailed through this storm. original plan to cut taxes was the right one. high growth pro-economic freedom policy that should have been the course the prime minister actually went down.
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instead, she basically surrendered to the left and gave in what can be described as a coup within the conservative party by the left wing of that party. we're seeing a shakespearean sad state of affairs. we're bidding goodbye to liz truss as the prime minister. >> bill: in short order as they say. >> dana: liz, we hardly knew you. democratic mayor of el paso caught in a flip-flop on the border right here on "america's newsroom." it all started on monday when the "new york post" reported the white house had pressured the mayor not to declare an emergency over the city's migrant crisis. did the white house ask you not to declare a state of emergency? >> absolutely not. you know, one of the things i'm thankful for the white house, the federal government have done a really, really good job of working with us and helping
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us to make sure we get funding to be able to do the job that border cities are required to do. >> dana: that was yesterday. listen to what the mayor said at a city council meeting three weeks ago. >> i had a conversation this morning -- or yesterday with the chief of the u.s. border patrol, chief ortiz. he does not support declaring the state of emergency at this point. congresswoman has urged for us not to do that and county judge does not support this at this point. we may have to do that. there is a point we may have to do that. at this point, the white house has asked at this point for us not to do that. >> dana: bill melugin is in texas reporting live. what are other officials in el paso saying about this? >> good morning. first off, he is on camera admitting to it. no sugar coating this one. it appears the el paso mayor was very dishonest with you
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yesterday. the mayor should know all these city council meetings are recorded and posted online for the public to see. one of those el paso city council members said she went to the mayor repeatedly asking for a disaster declaration and repeatedly told her no because of pressure from the white house. she believes he has been playing politics. >> i asked him to please consider again to, you know, declare state of emergency and, you know, he said not at this time, you know. the white house asked me not to do it and so that was the conversation i had with him a couple of weeks later after that out in the open at our council meetings i challenged him and he said the white house asked me not to do and our congresswoman asked us not to do that. i thought are you kidding me? we're elected to serve people in el paso and not necessarily put politics into it. >> the city of el paso has
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inundated in migrants averaging more than 1800 illegal crossing every day. border patrol released more than 26,000 migrants into the city of el paso in the month of september alone. half of them didn't have a sponsor in the united states. that resulted in some of these migrants living out on the streets of el paso and as a result, el paso had to spend its own money to house, feed, and transport these migrants. they say they've racked up more than $6 million bill for that so far. they want fema reimbursement for and asked the federal government for a $10 million advance. so far fema has only reimbursed them with a $2 million advance. that includes for el paso's migrant buses. we reported this for weeks now. for weeks el paso has been sending migrant buses to new york city and they are being reimbursed by the federal government for it. so far el paso sent 250 buses. triple what greg abbott sent.
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only governor abbott has been criticized for it. some people calling him a human trafficker. at the same time the white house is now reimbursing the city of el paso for doing the exact same thing. we'll send it back to you. >> dana: remarkable. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> bill: to be clear on this, fema was giving the mayor of el paso a sweet deal? >> dana: that's what i understand. >> bill: wow. >> dana: the other thing is the perception as well. governor abbott is declared somebody who as bill melugin said is a human trafficker, somebody who is unethical and not doing the right thing. he has only sent 3100 migrants to work. el paso mayor sent 11,000 and doesn't get the criticism. >> bill: he escaped all the headlines, too. interesting reporting there. now there is this that affects all of this from yesterday. watch the white house. >> is it politically motivated, sir, right before the mid-terms?
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>> president biden: it makes sense. i've been doing this for how long now? it is motivated to make sure that i continue to push on what i've been pushing on and that is making sure there is enough oil that's being pumped by the companies. now, the problem is these guys are asleep. >> bill: president biden is going back to the well. another release from the nation's oil reserves as runaway energy costs haunt the administration with an election 19 days from now. cover of the "new york post" this morning mocking that effort. gas backward. want to bring in jacqui heinrich when the white house north lawn begins the coverage there. hello. >> good morning, bill. the president defended his decision to lean on the country's emergency stockpile not only blaming russia's war in ukraine but also going after the oil companies and saying that prices at the pump should be lower but they are raking in the profits.
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the ftc has found in evidence to support the president's price gouging allegations but now he is also deflecting criticism from the industry saying that he has not slowed u.s. production, even though his administration is leasing federal land to energy companies at a much slower pace and he is countering criticism over the stockpile releases claiming that there is plenty left. it's necessary right now to stabilize prices and there is a plan to buy it back when prices fall. critics are not moved. >> that's not a supply, that's a reserve. now he wants to take some more out of it. just before the election. no, that's not political motivation, not at all. but the fact is, we could have bought oil at 24 bucks a barrel back when trump was president and he tried to do it. chuck schumer blocked it. >> the oil industry also sponted. u.s. oil and gas association president saying we remind the
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white house they've taken dozens and dozens of actions that will make it harder the produce those u.s. barrels they intend to buy back. fixing those prior mistakes will have far greater impact than anything announced today. but there is really no sign of any course correction ahead here at the white house even though their focus recently is split between two issues. >> top domestic issues, inflation or abortion? >> president biden: all important, unlike you there is no one thing. it crosses the board, domestic, ask me about foreign policy, too. multiple, multiple issues and they're all important. we ought to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. >> the white house said this week that the president has done the work to halt inflation even though it is still sitting near a 40-year high. >> bill: thank you, jacqui heinrich leading us off at the white house. >> dana: maria bartiromo joins us now. anchor of sunday morning futures and mornings with maria
6:17 am
on fox business. the oil situation so much to talk about. let's start. how bad is the policy to drain your reserves at this moment? >> i just spoke with the president of the american petroleum institute. the strategic political reserve because of all this selling of the oil just right before the mid-term elections. this is very dangerous. this is supposed to be a reserve of oil that is needed in terms of crises and emergencies and he is selling this oil even to adversaries like china as a way to keep gasoline prices lower going into the mid-term elections. it is totally dangerous to be playing politics with this reserve. this is the lowest numbers that we've seen in this reserve since 1984, as you've been reporting. the problem is that we're using 27% more oil than we were in 1984. he says he is going to buy back oil. look what he is going to be spending. $70 a barrel to fill it back up when donald trump filled it up,
6:18 am
i think he spent it was 24 or 25 a barrel. he filled it up at cheap prices. >> bill: gas backward is right. both sides of the argument and let you handle it. president biden is making the case the oil companies need to produce more from yesterday. watch. >> president biden: our message to oil companies is this. are you sitting on record profits and we're giving you more certainty so you can act now to increase oil production. >> bill: and he said that before, by the way. here is the american petroleum institute and their response. at a time when american energy can be a stabilizing force at home and abroad, we urge caution in continuing to rely that is no substitute for sound, long term policies for american energy leadership. >> i spoke with the president of the american petroleum institute today and he said one issue, what is certain this
6:19 am
administration is bullying anybody who wants to work in fossil fuels. they are even bullying investment managers to tell them not to bank fossil fuel companies. look at that question that was answered by jamie dimon the other day when he was testifying at slaib says will you ban doing business with fossil fuel companies? of course not. that would be the road to hell. when he talks about certainty, the president, the only certainty we know of is this administration wants to phase out fossil fuel companies. so this is a major issue and not only that, but when you are talking about putting the blame on the oil companies, there have been, i believe, six or eight leases approved. you go back to the obama administration, i think it was 60 leases. that was the obama administration. it's not the oil companies fault. oil prices are got to by supply and demand. oil companies would like to
6:20 am
drill. the bureaucracies this administration has put in place makes it impossible. these are long-term projects. oil companies are not even oil companies anymore. exxonmobile has changed its business because of the sentiment and the lead that comes out of the administration. >> dana: what about the winter? what can people ex ?ekt the supply is low for heating oil and things like that and prices could go pretty high. >> that's a great indicator of what we should be talking about when it comes to the strategic reserve. we are looking at low numbers and you don't want to have supplies in question at a time where demand is going up. heating prices are expected to go up, oil and gasoline will likely go higher in the winter months, which is why i've said many times inflation is not peaking right now. >> bill: elections have a way of changing things or not. but right now they are hell bent on keeping their green energy policies in place. >> it is a whole of government approach. >> bill: nice to see you maria
6:21 am
bartiromo fox business every day. with control of the senate hanging in the balance the race between vance and ryan in ohio is critical for both sides. we'll have a look in a moment the key issues when vance joins us. >> dana: parents cautious this halloween. authorities found thousands of fentanyl pills disguised as candy. >> bill: many candidates skipping traditional political debates. will that backfire? we're about to find out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> he seems to care more about the criminals than the innocent. that's what i'm hearing especially in some of the urban
6:27 am
populations. people of philadelphia say we think we're part of a social experiment. they are doing things never done before to see how it works out. we don't want any part of the growing pains working that through. >> bill: that's in the city of philadelphia dr. oz with sean hannity. why do you go to philadelphia? that's where the votes are. remember during covid when joe biden rarely left his home state of delaware but many times he would make a visit to the city of philadelphia. showing you on the map why it is so -- >> dana: that's where his campaign headquarters were. >> bill: why democrats continue to go back to the city of brotherly love. the results of pennsylvania from two years ago. 1.2 percentage points for biden. look in the upper right-hand corner. he won the state by 81,000 votes give or take, right? let me clear this off and try to come down here to philadelphia county, philadelphia city. you see these numbers?
6:28 am
joe biden at 81%. you see the raw numbers? 471,000 was his advantage in philadelphia alone. it's remarkable. what does that mean, right? well, we're poking around yesterday looking at a few states to the west of pennsylvania and we found this in the state of indiana, all right? trump an easy winner 57% of the vote. look at the difference raw votes. he beat joe biden in the entire state by the same number, 487,000. one more example that we found. come to ohio, j.d. vance will be here. trump won the state of ohio twice by 8 points with a margin both times. here was the raw vote difference in the entire state of ohio, 475,000. that's why if you are a democrat you go to philadelphia and that's where john fetterman and joe biden will be today as we watch that coming up a bit later. >> dana: polls show a
6:29 am
neck-and-neck race. bryan llenas is in philadelphia ahead of the fundraiser this evening. what have you heard? >> good morning. there will be a fundraiser tonight here in philadelphia. the president will be attending behind closed doors for john fetterman but not before they go to pittsburgh to publicly appear together to tout the bipartisan infrastructure law. the senate race here is a toss-up. the latest aarp poll finds fetterman's lead dwindled to two points over republican dr. oz. it was a six-point margin in june. the most important issue for pennsylvania voters inflation and rising prices. the average price of a gallon of gas in the commonwealth is $3.94 higher than the national average and up 42 cents from last year. rising energy costs has fracking back on people's minds.
6:30 am
in 2016, fetterman called fracking a stain on pennsylvania. in 2018 he didn't support fracking. now his campaign says he does and always has supported fracking. >> yeah, fracking, i don't support fracking at all. i never have. and i've signed the no fossil fuels money pledge. i believe as pennsylvania i support our energy independence and we need to do it in a very strict environmental regulations. >> dr. oz says he would fast track oil and gas financing and development. listen. >> when you say that fracking is a stain on pennsylvania, that's insulting to people who are making their nrifg that area. it destroys communities and we drive up inflation, energy drives one-third of the total inflation that we see. but maybe for most of us the most important reality is it makes us subservient to our
6:31 am
enemies. >> as for fetterman's stroke recovery his doctor said he is doing well, no cognitive problems and can work. >> bill: from pennsylvania to new york and check this out. the governor's race lee zeldin is said to be within striking distance. kathy hochul now only has a razor thin lead. if that's true you can flip a lot on its head. >> closer than a lot of people thought in the race. because it's so tight it is impacting elections across the state. democrats are sounding the alarm and spending money as they try to hold on to the house. take a look how close things are. this is the latest quinnipiac poll. houck you will leads zeldin only by 4 points.
6:32 am
maloney is at risk to losing his seat to law lore. this is happening in a district north of new york city that president biden won by 10 points. maloney is the democratic congressional campaign committee chairman. sixth highest ranking position among house democrats. most people didn't think he was at risk. now the g.o.p. super pac is spending millions to take him out adding another $4 million to help lawlor. >> sean patrick maloney wants it easier for violent criminals to get back on the street. >> you can see in that latest ad they are trying to paint maloney as soft on crime. not just in new york. democratic -- story we'll continue to follow. >> bill: thanks. want to bring in republican ohio senate candidate j.d. vance. thank you for your time and good morning to you.
6:33 am
a couple things for our viewers. right now vance at 47, ryan at 45. undecided at 6%. see which way they go. among the issues in ohio, inflation and economy is number one by a lot. 44%. abortion at 19, threats to democracy after that 19. then you have immigration at 9%. i came across this piece today where you want to challenge joe biden to continue building the border wall. when immigration checks in at 9% tell us how that argument is playing in ohio. >> well, it's really important to folks in ohio, bill. the southern border is the way the fentanyl coming into the state of ohio kills a lot of our citizens. we're the third state when it comes to fentanyl deaths. people also want their communities to be safe and want children to be safe from this poison that the cartels are bringing in. we're hammering both those
6:34 am
issues. unfortunately joe biden and my democratic opponent tim ryan who votes with biden 100% of the time have been big failures on the border issue and especially when it comes to inflation, economy and jobs. >> dana: i was just reading a new column. she was in ohio talking to voters there and to police departments. it was interesting about to hear if you think that the issue of drugs and fentanyl is directly in the voters' minds connected to the immigration and border crisis. one of the sheriffs she interviewed said there are cartels on the corner and that they are helping try to figure out what the supply need is there and the demand. >> yeah it's crazy if you talk to some of our local sheriffs tell owe tell you if you go two layers beyond the street dealer in small town ohio you'll eventually get to a member of the mexican drug cartels. that's how closely connected this stuff is to what's going on in ohio. but i also do want to talk about, you know, the importance
6:35 am
of reining inflation under control. we have a situation where people can't afford to buy groceries or fill up their car with gas. one of the messages we're trying to carry forward over the next three weeks, bill and dana, we don't have to live like this. this inflation was caused by bad leadership. caused by tim ryan who votes with nancy pelosi and joe biden 100% of the time. actually 100% of the time and if we get better leadership into washington, d.c., we can actually solve some of these problems for the people of ohio. >> bill: only a handful of democrats 100%. a lot 96, monday night big debate you and ryan clashing on the stage. it got pretty personal i will characterize it that way for our audience. here is how it went. >> this country has been enriched by immigrants from all quarters of the world. the danger. >> my biracial children get attacked by scum bags online
6:36 am
and in person because you are so desperate for political power. you can believe in a border without being a racist. you can believe in the country without being a racist. >> bill: i believe correct me if i'm wrong your wife is of indian descent but born and raised in california, i believe that's the case. now you make the case you can believe in a border without being a racist and you can believe in america without being a racist. go. >> you know, bill, i feel like it's common sense. 90% of the people of this country want a strong and secure southern border and also don't like it when democrats like tim ryan call us racists for believing that we have to have a border to have a real country. and between the fentanyl, the crime, the sex trafficking, all the problems we're seeing because joe biden and tim ryan refuse to get that border under control. what they are trying to do is silence the majority of americans who want common sense policies back in washington,
6:37 am
d.c. you're right, it did get heated because i think it's important for us to push back against the crazy accusation that we care about our country and care about our border because we're bad people. i will say, bill, to your viewers who want to help us out. j.d. is how to get involved in the campaign. go to the website and find ways to support us to make sure we get across the finish line and get back to common sense policies on the economy, inflation and certainly on that southern border. >> dana: last question from me would be if you were to be successful and win this election, what's the first order of business that you would like to try to accomplish in the senate? >> there are so many things going wrong at the federal level right now and so many issues to tackle. i think the border is right up there but the thing we need to do is open up ohio and america's energy sector. i think that brings down the cost of inflation. it also makes us less reliant on the worst regimes in the world to get our power and energy. in ohio a lot of people don't realize from outside the state
6:38 am
but those of us in ohio know that we're sitting on the saudi arabia of natural gas in eastern ohio. the biden administration backed by tim ryan have crippled the oil and gas industry in our state. we should unleash it. it is good for national security and good for energy workers but also really good for everybody who wants to see the price of everything come down. >> bill: you might have to wait for a new administration to get that done but we shall see. ohio is one of five states that republicans must hold. they have to go five for five and on seats they currently hold and go out and win another one. ohio is one of them that must be a hold nod to have a shot at the majority. thank you for your time today. we'll talk again. >> dana: questions swirl over the latest hunter biden allegations and how much president biden knew of his son's business dealings. ranking member of the senate judiciary committee chuck grassley is seeking answers and will join us. fearless criminals out of
6:39 am
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>> dana: 12,000 fentanyl bills
6:44 am
in candy boxes at los angeles international airport. it was found in candy. police departments nationwide are warning parents to take a closer look at their kids' candy this halloween. drug dealers attempt to lure children and teens. >> bill: meanwhile disturbing trend from our nation's capitol showing an innocent woman beaten by a group of teens on a bus. bystanders watch and film as the woman begs for help. lucas tomlinson the follow up on that out of d.c. with more. >> good morning. not only did nobody get up on the bus and help the 42-year-old, she said the bus driver ignored her pleas to stop the bus to get her off as she was attacked by a violent mob of teens who she said started attacking her after she told them to stop using foul language. >> the kids become unruly and started being disrespectful saying things to me. next thing you know there were objects being thrown at me.
6:45 am
i was like thank you, lord, throughout the whole incident only thing i could recall was the kids hitting me and kicking me. i had no defense. >> in this video first obtained by local affiliate wttg in the nation's capital the teens are ganging up on her trying to throw her off the bus. she was assaulted monday in broad daylight. nobody stood up to help her and the bus driver didn't stop. >> i was trying to get off. it was the bus driver kept going after i'm yelling at the top of my lungs, stop the bus, let me off the bus, the bus driver never stopped. >> aggravated assault has spiked 25% aboard d.c. mass transit in last month. robberies were up 70%. d.c. mayor's was asked and mayor said she hadn't seen the video.
6:46 am
>> i imagine it's traumatizing and it shouldn't happen. that is not any type of crime that we want to see in our city at any time. >> i spoke to her before coming on air and credits her christian faith for giving her the strength to resist the attackers and largely emerging unscathed. we'll sit down with her in the next few hours. >> bill: interesting what she has to say the day after. >> dana: let's bring in ted williams. fox news contributor and former washington, d.c. homicide detective. that's a brave woman that didn't need to go through that. she is a mother and you have a bus driver who ignored pleas to stop and a mayor who wasn't aware this had happened and said we don't want to see that in our city. what do you think? >> i've heard she was a very brave woman, dana, under the circumstances. this woman was on the bus there, she was sitting down and
6:47 am
a woman got on the bus with two children and she gave them her seat and then she heard these young kids using profanity and she immediately tried to stop them and they began to assault her. the thing that is very troubling about this, dana, is that individuals just stood around and watched. you would have thought that the bus driver, who has an emergency button, would have used that emergency button to call law enforcement. sadly, dana, this is where we are unfortunately when it comes to crime especially on these transit systems in our country at this time. >> dana: so on a bus like that, bus driver has a button they could call for police immediately? >> absolutely. most of these buses are equipped with emergency switches where if they are being robbed, if there is an assault going on on the bus they can immediately call for
6:48 am
assistance. apparently under the circumstances in which we've heard here, that was not done. >> dana: you mentioned transit crime. call for 3, new york city crime stats and crime up 41.4%. eric adams, the mayor, he is trying to lead the city but he said this about perception that has people confused. watch here. >> we're dealing with actual crimes, those eight homicides and we're dealing with the perception of fear that people are feeling. that's the combination. we have to deal with the perception and actual crime. we can't get away from the fact we have 3.5 million people using the subway system and have to be honest about that. the average of six crimes a day is not giving the impression that our system is out of control. >> dana: he may not have heard the phrase perception is reality, ted. >> perception is reality and
6:49 am
perception is everything, dana. i think if the mayor had to relisten to what he said here, he would want to walk that back. when you look at in new york, if you are on the subway, there have been individuals killed, pushed in front of trains, on the subway you've seen videos of individuals assaulted. we've had women raped on subway platforms, and it is unrealistic and the mayor sticking his head in the sand if he believes that perception is not reality. perception is reality. we've got to do something to bring crime specifically on the subway station under control. especially in new york there. >> dana: we also had this video out of philadelphia where you had these i don't know how old there were youths attacking
6:50 am
police riding atvs illegally and attacking them with bottles. the penalties for attacking and assaulting a police officer have to be increased. judge jeanine talks about it oh the five a lot. a prosecutor in philadelphia who doesn't believe in that. >> you know, you have to have ask yourself what's going on in the city of brotherly love when, in fact, you can assault police officers and get away with it? it is inconceivable to me that any politician, any city official would want this to go on in their city. and dana, guess what? the public in these major metropolitan cities, they see what is going on. law-abiding citizens who just want to walk down the street and feel safe. they do not feel safe in these
6:51 am
major metropolitan cities and i have to tell you, there are cities all over this country where crime is out of control. >> dana: ted williams, thank you for walking us through all of that terrible story down there in washington, d.c. and lucas tomlinson will keep us updated on her. thank you. >> bill: search for a missing student, princeton university enters a new clue out there offering a hint about her whereabouts as university officials intensify their search. update on that. the u.k. facing another leadership crisis. it happened only 90 minutes ago. the prime minister steps down after only 44 days in office. week of telling people how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need! (limu squawks) he's a natural. only pay for what you need. ♪liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ >> tech: at safelite, we take care of vehicles with the latest technology.
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>> there is an independent taking potential voters away from the democrat in a reliably
6:57 am
blue state. all three went head-to-head for a fourth and final debate on the stage. taking on the state's biggest issues including the growing homelessness problem. >> if people decline services and choose a homeless lifestyle because they are facing substance use disorder or a choice they're making, it is time for our state to recognize there must be accountability. >> from what i understand of mayor wheeler's plan he is headed in the right direction. i applaud the mayor nor taking decisive action. unnoortly he waited too long. >> the republican has a slight lead. if she wins and the other two split the vote on the left side, she would become the first republican elected governor in oregon since 1987 going back a long time in the state of oregon. >> dana: in swing states around the country a growing number of congressional and gubernatorial candidates are refusing to participate in televised
6:58 am
debates. longstanding tradition critics are an important public service for voters so you can know what's going on in their minds and plans. mark meredith is live in washington with an update. >> good morning to you. like you said, traditionally debates offer undecided voters where a candidate stands and how they perform under pressure. in year in so many races the debates are few and far between or not happening at all. arizona, the gubernatorial race democratic katie ho*bs refuses to debate karrie lake. she is doubling down on the claim. >> i think right now it's a distraction. i think kari lake is so desperate for a debate because she is scared to sit down and have an in depth conversation. it will highlight her level of inexperience. >> i am working for the people and this is where i have a problem with my cowardly opponent who won't debate. a debate is a job interview and she refuses to show up for the
6:59 am
job interview. >> this week georgia senate candidate walker was criticized for not participating in the debate with the atlanta press club. he recently participated in a local tv debate in savannah, they offer a sub stantive chance to grade candidates on a variety of issues. >> i suspect at some point we'll swing back but it will be voter driven, constituent driven saying i demand these people show up. it will be the result of punishing people who don't. >> this cycle we've seen an increasing number of candidates reject formats, moderators or debates that allows the issue to drag on as election day grows closer. >> dana: republicans are daing ground as democrats rely heavily on the issue of abortion despite polls showing voters care more about other important issues. welcome to a new hour of
7:00 am
"america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: good morning. how are you doing? >> dana: great. >> bill: i'm great. i'm bill hemmer and good morning. election day less than three weeks away. republicans moving the needle tapping into key voters' concerns like violent crime. higher gas prices, rising inflation, state of education in american schools. president biden dodging questions to name his top priority. >> mr. president, what is your top domestic priority? inflation or is it abortion? just hoping to clarify for mid-term voters top domestic issues, inflation or important? >> all important. unlike you there is no one thing. it crosses the board. ask me about foreign policy, too. there are multiple, multiple issues. and they are all important. and we ought to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. you know the old expression. >> bill: headline the "wall street journal" declaring the


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