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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 24, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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the police greased sign polls. how did it work? >> dana: i'll have to ask jesse watters tonight. >> the evidence is on screen. >> dana: is jesse there? he was originally from philly. >> phillies and houston in the world series. should be a good one in 2022. >> dana: congratulations to the bengals. >> bill: sorry about the broncos. >> dana: every sunday. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: with just 15 days to go democrats doing some shape shifting the try to save themselves and rally their base. however, voters know whose policies are in place amid high inflation, the weakening ability to buy food and gas, and high crime. can democrats fix all of that by november 8th? millions of people are already voting early. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". one high profile democrat has a blunt message for his party.
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greenberg is one of democrats' most seasoned pollster. he wants president biden and dems to shut the h up. i cleaned it up. they are all potty mouth right now. he wants them to concentrate on their accomplishments because they know that the messaging isn't working. americans are struggling to pay their bills and fill up their cars. quote, i'm stunned about how much of the democratic commentary is winging it. this is stan greenberg. we have the self-satisfied message of how much we've accomplished rather than being focused on what is happening to people. house speaker nancy pelosi here. >> the fact is that when i hear people talk about inflation as i heard there, we had to change that subject. inflation is a global phenomenon. it is not -- the fight is not about inflation, it is about the cost of living. if you look at what we've done to bring down the cost of prescription drugs, to bring
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down the cost of energy and the rest and our legislation, you will see that there has been opposed every step of the way by the republicans and they have no plan for lowering the cost of living or helping with inflation. >> harris: i think shape shifting was kind of me. they are lying. change the subject from inflation? come on. the "washington post" with the headline. democrats fear the mid-term map is slipping away. axios, the red tsunami watch. explaining how we got here. inflation, inflation, inflation. in "focus" in moments republican congresswoman kat cammack of the great state of florida. let's begin with peter doocy. >> president biden is not heeding any kind of warning to stop talking about his record insisting instead he thinks there is plenty there for voters to like. >> president biden: a lot of what we've done and we've
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passed has not kicked in yet. for example, you know, we have all this money to build highways and bridges and will take time. it is not like we passed a law and all of a sudden the highways and bridges are all functioning. >> nancy pelosi is suggesting that inflation won't be a deciding thing in the election but republicans say the opposite. >> we're no longer talking about taking over nancy pelosi's speakership. we're now talking about 53 seats possibly with a republican majority in the senate. if you look at the last year and a half of biden's administration they've had a lot of records. record high inflation, record crime. record high spending. these are the things that are top of mind to voters heading into the election in two weeks. >> bill: the man in charge of helping democrats hold the house is now in danger of losing his own seat.
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sean patrick maloney's race is now classified as a toss-up. >> we've got a record of progress and we're doing a lot better than people thought we would and we're in a very competitive election. we know it will be a challenge and hard. my mom said everything good in life is hard. we have to go work. that's what we'll do. >> president biden is doing some rare for him lately today. he has a political event. it is not in front of any persuadeable voters or not alongside any candidates or in a swing state. he will be in washington, d.c. addressing a dnc staff meeting. >> harris: thank you very much, peter. in "focus" now congresswoman kat cammack, homeland security subcommittee of fema. she knows how to handle a disaster and we've got one. congresswoman, you know, when you look at inflation, it is of epic proportions right now. the economy is in trouble. when you hear dems on the other
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side like the top of the food chain nancy pelosi speaker of the house say let's just change the subject it feels like an emergency. >> absolutely, harris. you don't spend -- it has been a disaster. folks on fixed incomes are getting squeezed. everything from school supplies, rent, gas, you name it. everything is through the roof if you can get it. everyone is saying things are better under joe biden. and things are way worse and we have to make a change and fast. that's why you see democrats, independents and republicans nrong to the polls. -- flocking to the polls. >> harris: congresswoman, i want to make it clear for everybody there is a little glitch with your microphone.
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we'll push on through because we can hear and understand you. part of what democrats are saying is they don't know what your plan is although you have rolled it out. minority leader mccarthy rolled it out. commitment to america. just real simple. how do you address inflation the day after what is predicted to be a red wave? >> that's why our commitment to america. the first item on our agenda is getting our economy back on track. restarting production of our energy, getting government away, reducing the regulations. bringing down the price of gas and cutting the spending is going to give much needed relief to americans. no matter where you are or your economic station. that's the first order of business. the fact that we have that plan and it is to cut spending instead of increase spending that's the opposite of what the democrats do. they couldn't give us a budget.
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it is a stark contrast to nancy pelosi and the democrats but at the end of the day american families just want to be able to raise their family, go to work without government dictating every aspect of their life and that's why we'll win and the plan we'll push forward. >> harris: i apologize to the audience. we're having a connection issue. i don't want to let you go. we'll get through this. you said restarting the output of energy production, that's huge. that works us our way back to energy independence. take some relief at the pump almost immediately if we could be putting energy out for ourselves. and, of course, to cut the spending that will at least for the most part immediately rebound a little bit our spending value. although we've lost more than a month's worth of value how we pay for things with the dollar. quickly, i want to get to this. democrats shooting inside their own tent.
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tim ryan about moving forward. >> there was a national democratic consul ant. high-level consultant that said we can't play in places like ohio, we have to go to the states that have more college-educated people. that [bleep] me off. that's a slap in the face to everyone out there busting their [bleep] who may not have a college degree. i will not let the democratic party turn into a party where you have to go get a college degree as a passport to get into the party. >> harris: oh my goodness, oh my goodness. i had to clean up the one little piece of quote i chose to read this hour and explain to the viewers that they are full on potty mouth right now. that's a panic move. your quick reaction to what he had to say. >> what is there left to say in this is a result of their
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policies. they are the ones telling americans you have to go to college and everyone should be getting a gender degree. we the republicans are the party of the working class, blue collar moms and dads and we're the ones that are championing all these working class families and now he has got the situation where the chickens have come home to roost and the policies of pushing everyone into meaningless useless degrease and racking up tons of debt. it's disgusting but they'll pay for it come november 8 when we retire nancy pelosi. >> harris: don't take your child to a rally is what i would say at this point. come on. all right. congresswoman cammack, we'll have you back and want to work on the connection issues. >> it might be china. >> harris: what do you say? >> i said it might be china. >> harris: that came through loud and clear.
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thank you, good to see you. the nation's report card is out. and you guessed it, when it comes to our children right now we're struggling. the pandemic's impact on our kids' schooling has been devastating. that gap is fierce. so what will failing our children mean for the mid-term elections? you know that voting block of parents is fierce. another issue on voters' minds right now the rising crime. in new york city, the reign of continues on the streets and certainly subterranean in the subways. >> you have to have your head on a swivel to ride in a new york city subway system. 13 people pushed in front of a train. that's not one crazy person acting with mental illness or something like that. this is a crisis. >> harris: you heard that from the republican there but the mayor of new york city, a democrat, says no, no, no, head
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>> harris: we'll start with where our children are right now. there are some amazing and not in a good way student test scores showing record lows on the nation's report card just out from the national center for education statistics. educational ready is a major concern for voters ahead of the mid-term elections 15 days away. this report card shows that during the pandemic math and reading scores fell dramatically. some declined the worst since
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the 1990s. mark meredith. >> good morning. parents knew this all along. now a new government report lays out how much the pandemic negatively impact elementary and middle school students. the national center for education statistics measured math skills of fourth and eighth grade students. it found fourth grade scores dropped five points compared to a test in 2019. there was an even steeper decline in eighth grade math scores. students scored eight points lower and reading comprehension finding fourth and eighth grade students saw scores drop three points since 2019. >> in the 50-year history of the assessment, the results show that we have the first ever drop in math. and one of the largest drops ever in reading. >> education secretary cardona is urging states to use money from the american rescue plan to invest in programs to help
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students catch up. but there is no doubt this issue goes beyond the classroom. republicans nationwide continue to campaign heavily on education. virginia governor youngkin made the issue his top priority a year ago and today it's clear parents should be outraged. >> we must acknowledge the glaring reality that we face together, our nation's children have experienced catastrophic learning loss and virginia students are among the hardest hit. >> there are obstacles for recovery. so many school district dealing with teacher shortages and scaling back because of staffing issues. a lot of problems. no easy solutions. >> harris: it is really interesting. glenn youngkin was on the program last week talking about when he goes to help republicans on the stump, in 20 congressional candidates and governors are next on his schedule. he knows how hot a topic it is in terms of helping parents get
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their voice into the mix. >> we've seen it in the polls and right behind the economy, education right up there. >> harris: mark meredith, thank you very much. let's go to pete hegseth, co-host of "fox & friends" weekend in "focus." we're parents and we know friends and we've been talking to us professionally and personally. what is your take what's being said now that makes it into the polling booth? >> what makes it into the voting booth is parents feel betrayed about a system they put their trust in. covid was a revealing moments. parents realized who is in charge of education or who the folks in charge really believe is in charge. it's not the parentsing it's the teachers unions. the teachers unions exposed themselves during covid-19 as protector of teachers and their own political power.
8:20 am
they couldn't hide it anymore. now they realize they have limited options because in most states the dollars don't follow the kids. you don't have -- if you pay property taxes and two parents working you can't go somewhere else. it will make its way to the voting booth. parents say my school was closed but found a way to rename it or insert perverted gender ideology into the youngest of grades. i want common sense. i want sanity. i want my kids to be able to read and write. i could have told you that if you lock them out of the classroom for months and in some cases years, they are going to fall behind. i wrote a book about this, the left wing takeover of education having nothing to do with standards. standards and excellence have been abandoned by public schools. they are lowering standards in the name of equity and put kids in masks and behind screens and lock them out and wonder why they don't achieve.
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>> harris: why not summer programs? they could have subsidized communities like in new york, the lower income or l.a. the lower income or just anywhere in the country that need subsidy to get people in the classroom to be with our children. we had the vaccinations, we had ways to do that. that learning gap in math and reading, that is going to be a problem could be for the rest of their lives. we're talking a humongous gap now. >> hard to catch up. >> harris: breaking news today. customs and border protection released the september numbers late on friday night. they are historic. and more than breaking news on when it came and how it came and all of that are the actual numbers. more than 227,000 encounters with people trying to get into the united states in september. the highest number recorded for that month in d.h. history. 2.4 million encounters in
8:22 am
fiscal year 2022 and the highest ever recorded period. 98 border patrol arrests on people on the f.b.i. terror watch list. that number keeps creeping up. people i've spoken with at the border in the month of september all told me yeah, this is what exactly was coming. >> how different is it now than just a couple of years ago? >> it is -- a couple of years ago in this sector we had approximately maybe 2,000 to 4,000 crossings per movement i think today we'll hit 30,000 just so far this month. just in this first 16, 17 days in september we'll hit 30,000 people today. >> harris: look at that. the "wall street journal" editorial board calling it out saying it's hurting the cause of legal immigration. the perception of an essentially open border is building a political backlash if favor of more restrictionist
8:23 am
immigration policies. pete, your reaction. >> the most in a month, the most in a year, and almost 100 known terrorist watch list members and these are just the ones that we know about, harris. these are just the numbers not to mention the human consequences. good on you to go down there. good on fox for covering it. the reality is the administration is gas lighting us for years saying the border is closed. it is not a crisis. it was a crisis under the previous administration but not now. voters know better. we just talked about education and talking about the border. i think we'll talk about crime and the reality is it impacts people's communities. talk about school. how about schools where fourth and fifth grade classrooms are having non-english speaking illegals already far behind that crossed the border. how about homelessness in big cities where they can't even provide for americans and now they have to provide for
8:24 am
illegals? this ripples across the nation. people know it's wrong. a border is meant to exist not be passed through. not to mention the fact that the terror number, imagine 20 years ago that would have been deemed an absolute national security crisis. now it's just a number and this administration ignores it. >> harris: it is still a crisis having 98 people roaming around. you are right. the 30,000 for september, that number, that was for the del rio sector. he is the president of the border patrol union just for there and they knew if one sector looked like that, it's how we got to 227,000 along the border. they see this coming and they think we don't. we'll keep reporting it. let's move to this. you mention crime. new york city. it's a microcosm of what shap
8:25 am
evening in democrat-led cities. we will focus. new york city police are searching for a man accused of pushing a stranger to the tracks on friday. this happened many times in the last few weeks, broad daylight at an outdoor subway station this time. at least nine people have been killed in the transit system so far this year. that's a quarter century high. governor kathy hochul, the democrat, trying to keep her seat is teaming up with mayor eric adams, another democrat, who says we're just having a perception of crime. oh, they want to put more cops and cameras in the subway system. we have been begging for that for months. congressman lee zeldin says this. >> i say let's hire for cops. they are stretched thin. there are more people retiring and leaving the nypd than we've seen in a long time. we should be hiring more. instead she is talking about forced overtime pulling cops from some other beat where they need to be doing their job over there in order to be in the
8:26 am
subway. >> harris: don't take them from brooklyn where eric adams was the borough head over there. we've covered the subway shootings and stabbings, we've covered them. they're calling out the governor saying the subway cop surge is about getting hochul reelected. her sudden focus on crime is a panicked, meaningless gesture. pete hegseth. >> amen, don't believe them. they are lying tou. it is election season. they know it's unpopular to have the reality and perception of crime where people don't feel safe. they knew exactly what would come down the pike. eric adams had a chance to be a strong leader. he has abandoned that completely. he is a disgrace claiming it is not a problem. people know, people feel and when you let people out of jail who deserve to be in jail, that is not compassionate.
8:27 am
this election, harris, coming up in two weeks is a sanity eople sane who live on planet earth have a border or keep electing people who try these left wing schemes w of the world that never worked and tell you, you are a problem. vote for sanity when you walk into the ballot box. i think it will cross party lines. look at zeldin's serve in new york. hochul should win the race but panicking about more cops when she hasn't talked about it before. it is a shuffle game like joe biden begging saudi arabia to not reduce their output. it is all about election earring. they'll go back to the left wing base when it's over. don't believe them. vote for sanity. >> harris: two things there. hochul didn't say more cops. she said move the cops here.
8:28 am
if we burn out the cops here. nypd leads the nation with the percentage of suicides among those who serve and protect us. i've interviewed some of the families. come on. you are going to shuffle these people around and completely burn out the ones willing to do the job after defund and all the rest? that seems extremely cruel and short sighted. i say let them both ride the subway and come up with better ideas. the mayor says he does and prefers not to wear his ipods so he can see what's coming. i haven't seen him down there outside a photo op. >> bill: the police are purpose driven people. they don't do it to get rid but they believe in protecting and serving and they are being abandoned by their leaders and that's why they are in such desperate measures. >> harris: we hit all the things showing up in the polling for democrats to try to fix across this country.
8:29 am
stacey abrams and other high profile election -- how does this square? early voting is breaking records daily. some democrats still can't let it go. plus inflation is spinning out of control, you know that. republicans are warning it will only get worse. >> we have record inflation because democrats spent like crazy, paid people not to work and drove up the cost of energy. doesn't take a genius for the solution, quite spending like crazy. >> harris: we have phil flynn, a financial genius with us in "focus" next. naturally with an optimal dose of melatonin. so you can wake up refreshed. for better sleep, like never before. today, everything costs more: gas, groceries, cars.
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8:35 am
sentence this morning. he is the second former police officer to plead guilty. george floyd died may 25th, 2020 after an officer pinned him to the ground with a knee after floyd said he couldn't breathe. americans are feeling the pain of inflation in everything from gas to groceries. you know it. and now an economist, advisor to president bill clinton says, don't expect it to get better anytime soon. >> it will be worse than the 70s. this is not going to be short, it will be hard and financial stresses and financial debt crisis. in short, it becomes very ugly because the indebtedness of the private sector in the u.s. was
8:36 am
very high and rising. >> harris: wow. the biden administration is shrugging off any concerns like that. brian deese telling the financial times quote, two things are clear. one is that we have a degree of strength and resilience in the labor market and household balance sheets and business investments continuing to move our economy forward. the second we're in a stronger position than frankly any other country to navigate through this transition without having to give up those gains. phil flynn, price futures group senior analyst and fox business contributor. great to have you in "focus" today. i don't mean to seem disinterested in what other countries are doing but when it comes to my money i kind of am. why is the left making that argument for where we are in inflation? why can't they focus on us? >> because they don't want to admit that they are the problem, right? they're saying we might be bad here but look at everybody else. they are a lot worse, right? this is the thing. if you want to solve a problem, you have to admit you have a
8:37 am
problem. you have a party right now, harris, that doesn't even admit that there is inflation, right? you know, a few years ago they were saying inflation is transitory, nothing to see here. when it kept going up they were blaming the war in ukraine and everything else. but because they won't admit they have a problem, it will be a lot harder to solve and worse for the economy. >> harris: i do want to get into the idea of what a recession will feel like because you saw that former member, still a member of the democrat party, but he used to be with bill clinton. you saw what he just had to say. some people are calling for there to be a soft landing is what the fed chair. what is your take on where we're going? >> i mean, to get to a soft landing we have to change direction now, okay? and the policies that got us into this mess in the first place printing too much money,
8:38 am
turning back on energy. >> harris: maybe no to a student loan process, is that what you are saying? >> that's one of the things that will backfire on president biden. i'm hearing from more people angry they paid off student loans. why did i do that and work my extra jobs? i think it's backfiring on them. silly things like that. this administration is famous for pork. inflation reduction act, how much in that bill actually reduces inflation? not a lot. what it does is raise a lot of spending creating the inflation. you can say well we're putting a cap on prescription drugs and republicans are against that. no they're not against that, they're against the spending. >> harris: i just a little while ago had congresswoman kat cammack on from florida. she was in "focus" and i asked her what are republicans going to do differently immediately because they'll get the mantle? what do they do? >> i think you put pressure on
8:39 am
the biden administration restart the keystone pipeline, pressure them to lift drilling moratoriums and try to reverse the executive orders that have created inflation and slowed economic growth and reinvigorate investment in america. the biden administration with new regulations has turned investors away. don't invest in oil and gas. don't invest in the u.s. it's a bad investment unless you invest in green energy farms. get back to investing in america which really we've turned away from that and we're becoming an economic weakness because of that. >> harris: i don't know why -- first of all, let's go to congresswoman cammack. this is what republicans said in their commitment to america. let's watch. >> america and the very first item on our agenda is getting our economy back on track. restarting production of our
8:40 am
energy, getting government out of the way. reducing regulations, bringing down the price of gas and cutting the spending is going to give much needed relief to america. no matter where you are in america or economic station. that's the first order of business. >> harris: that's interesting, phil. she also starts and republicans say they will start with the price of gas. that is like an infectious disease that touches everything. the supply, what you have on your shelves, diesel price is outrageous again. up above $7 a gallon right now >> it is. it is caused by short-sighted energy policy. the green energy movement. president biden is doubling down. rejoining the paris climate accords and getting into the net zero commitment that isn't realistic. the only way you get to the net zero emissions is with a lot of economic pain. pain by the normal person at the gas pump. >> harris: correct me if i'm
8:41 am
wrong, aren't other countries looking at some of these so-called green energy commitments? i read the netherlands are taking a look at what they are doing. why is that? what's happening? >> because they realize it isn't working because it is causing tremendous economic pain. it is also creating global instability. because this green energy movement with the short sighted thoughts really lead to the war in ukraine. one of the best tools that vladimir putin has been using against ukraine, europe and the world was his energy weapon, right? the only reason he could do that is because of the switch away to green energy. shutting down pipelines, closing production and instead building windmills doesn't add up. that's what we're starting to see. >> harris: when i've seen the windmills many are running on fossil fuel supports. you have to pay for gas to get
8:42 am
your windmill to run to give you the energy, oh boy. >> you have to replace the blades every few years and put them in a land phil. >> harris: fewer czars like john kerry flying around in private planes. maybe we don't have the democrats fly anything. just a thought. then there will be energy left for the rest of us, anybody. phil flynn, thank you very much. another awkward moment during an interview with president biden in raising new concerns over his age and mental fitness for office. do you recall this? >> president biden: this makes jim crow looks like jim eagle. >> a jim crow kkk-like caucus. >> their strategy now is to past racist voting laws, a new jim crow in the south. >> harris: some of the liberal media are talking about the long lines of voters and diversity of those lines. record early voting in georgia.
8:43 am
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>> president biden: i think it's a legitimate thing to be concerned about anyone's age, including mine. totally legitimate. the best way to make the judgment is to, you know, watch me. am i slowing up, don't i have the same pace? you know, that old joke, you know, everybody talks about the -- you know, the new 70s, 50s, all that stuff. >> harris: president biden admits on camera that his age is a legitimate concern for voters in 2024. he insists he can still do the job. some voters may beg to differ citing his many gaffes and stumbles that seem to be mounting by the day. the latest when he appear to zone out when asked about running for a second term. >> president biden: my intention to run again, and we have time to make that decision. >> dr. biden is for it?
8:49 am
mr. president? >> president biden: dr. biden thinks that -- my wife thinks that -- that i -- that we're doing something very important. >> harris: hum. have they actually talked about it? did he forget? what happened? critics are finding a lot of fodder showing it shows the president doesn't have the mental fitness. >> here is a new flash, we watched him. since we watched him he has talked to people who are no longer living, wandered out of a fema briefing and gone the wrong way. at one point his wife had to help him off the stage. >> harris: power panel. jason riley and fox news contributor, david car lucci former new york state senator. jason, top line thoughts when you see the reports of the president saying that his mental health definitely legitimate questions about that, if people want to ask but
8:50 am
just watch him. >> well, there is a rule of thumb in politics that says when your opponents are beating up on one another, just get out of the way and let them have at it. so that's what democrats seem to be doing right now, dealing with president's age and questions about his competence. i think republicans should just let democrats have at it right now. if i were them i would stay focused on the president's poll syracuse inflation, the border, issues like that. energy independence and so forth. they are failing policies and they would be failing whether the president was pushing 80 or 40. >> harris: david, what do you think when you hear that? that maybe democrats are making too much out of his age? >> well, i think jason is right. it doesn't matter if the president is 80 or 40. it doesn't matter the stumbles that they have along the way as long as they are producing
8:51 am
results. president biden -- >> harris: that's not what he said. he said they are not producing results. >> he passed the american rescue plan, inflation reduction act, medical benefits for veterans and capping out-of-pocket costs for seniors. the list goes on and on. when we just talk about the age of course that is room for concern and we need to be concerned about that when there is only so much time we have on this planet. >> harris: why do you even think it's a thing? reports out of the white house that they are worried about the 80th birthday coming up and don't want to see so many gaffes, that sort of thing. why focus on that? is it possibly those policies aren't working? and the one thing that sticks to a fellow democrat isn't the president's age or mental fitness. it is his policies. >> you are exactly right. it is his policies. i think it is a little bit of chatter about his age, about his gaffes. the main focus has been on jobs. the president was in upstate
8:52 am
new york touting the over $100 billion of private investment made in upstate new york, a place that has been long neglected. >> harris: too bad it's not about energy. let's move. jason, i caught it. the advice that you were giving republicans. let's see if they take it. looks like they are. there is a lot to talk about. crime especially. georgia is seeing record-breaking early voting numbers. and liberal media are reporting that everybody is in line. so far, a lot of, well, a total 740,000 people have voted early and in person. so we know who is in line. nearly 80,000 just on saturday alone, which is a 159% increase over numbers reported in 2018. state officials are talking up the numbers with this. how many turnout records do we have to break before stacey abrams and president biden apologize to georgia? apparently the number is
8:53 am
infinity and beyond. >> you have record numbers of people voting early in georgia. record numbers of african-americans voting early and yet the democrats are saying it's jim crow 2.0? >> it is, unfortunately it is jim crow in the case -- it is jim crow 202 as you well know. allow anyone to challenge the validity of a voter. there are many african-americans and others, young people especially who are going out to vote and they are being challenged. >> harris: so the talking points persist and so do the voters going to the polls early. jason. >> this is such a phony issue. this whole voter suppression issue. but it persists and it is ironic, minority voter turnout has never been higher. in recent presidential elections we have had black voter turnout rate passing white voter turnout rate.
8:54 am
it happened in 2008, it happened in 2012. in 2020 it was the third highest after 08 in 201. 2018 mid-terms in highest minority turnout on record. this is just a phony issue. ironic that it would be -- that georgia would be ground zero. when stacey abrams lost her gubernatorial race to brian kemp in 2018 she started a voter suppression group. at that time in georgia, black voter turnout and black voter registration already surpassed white voter turnout in the state. >> harris: david, last quick word. >> georgia voters are concerned and coming out in record numbers. sb202 as donna said is the voter suppression tool. >> harris: george voters are concerned and why they're coming out in record numbers and they are able to vote. where is the argument that there is no access?
8:55 am
>> there are a lot of caveats there. they've lowered the threshold when you can return mail-in votes. >> harris: these are in person. >> they are going in person because of this also allegations against voter brew ta. it's working in toerms of total coming out to vote. >> harris: if they turned away we'd -- >> they are voting provisional ballots that might not be counted. >> harris: i'll bring you back. ♪ ♪ my name is joshua florence, and one thing i learned being a firefighter is plan ahead. you don't know what you're getting into, but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you. not having to worry about the future
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