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tv   America Reports  FOX News  October 26, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company. >> tense faceoffs in the books as we head into the home
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stretch. america reports is looking to a battleground matchup where stakes couldn't be higher. >> j.d. vance is neck and neck with his republican opponent. he join us live. judging from the opponent speaking this morning the tense political battle is about to hit a boiling point. >> try to dismiss j.d. as being an extremist weirdo which he is and everybody knows it. >> extremist weirdo? see how he responds in a closing race that could poachly tip the power out of democratic reports. welcome to america reports second hour. >> we will get to vance in a moment i'm sandra smith in new york. we invited democrat tim ryan to join us any time. he's welcome on the program and hope he will come on to make his case after we hear from j.d.
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vance. >> he's been here before and can be here again. we begin the hour with breaking news. the hour at the white house the press secretary will face questions any minute 13 days from the midterm the president announcing plan to tackle inflation vowing to crack down on so-called junk fees like overdraft charges and change fees but with gas prices up over a year ago and groceries breaking family budgets will that make a difference? >> that is the question, the president putting the blame for high gas prices once again on big oil companies. >> they're going to come down even further when gas companies when the oil companies agree to our demand. i'm going to be working very hard to make sure that oil companies pass on the reduction in the price of a barrel of oil to the pump. >> all this comes after a stark warning from the saudis, who say president biden's decision to
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deplete emergency reserves could be painful in the months to come. >> let's get to it with jackie heinrich live from the briefing room. >> the big binder of answers indeed. the polls have shown for months and months that inflation is the biggest challenge for this president and for his party and the white house is signalling they've been paying attention and trying to make some efforts around the margins to bring down costs for consumers. they're going after american companies like banks credit card companies airlines hotels and cable companies to keep down so-called junk fees including hidden payments an overdrafts. the president says it will save americans about a billion dollars a year. >> these junk fees in addition that companies charge cost americans 10s of billions of dollars weighing down family budgets making it harder for people to pay their bills so my
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administration is taking action to eliminate these fees. >> who knows how long it is will take for that to have a real impact or whether it is will be something people can actually feel with costs at the register running near 40 year highs? the head of goldman sachs is saying there has to be a pivot in leadership to address this changing world we are in. he is chiming in with wall street executives like jamie diamond saying different choices need to be made. >> we have a significant recession in the u.s. or elsewhere in the world we will work through that but as we work through and we think about where we are, different kinds of decisions will have to be made to get different results when you look 5-10 years forward. >> so that's not the kind of talk the white house wants to hear just about two weeks out from an election but so far there's no sign they're taking any sort of new approach, especially on the energy front which is a key driver of this inflation challenge. and something the president
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wrangling with. that announcement coming as a big surprise when it did to the white house causing something of a melt down in the west wing, john. >> all right, jackie heinrich at the white house. the debriefing was pushed back a bit. we will let you run back in. sandra. >> all right, john thank you. the economy is front and center in this big race in ohio we are watching, j.d. vance trying to pull off victory there, our power rankings have the state lean republican for the senate race with tim ryan making the case himself on the economy in a state where they are battleing a higher than national average unemployment rate right now as of september 20224 percent in that state obviously the economy a key issue with inflation continuing to surge not just nationally but focus on the
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midwest. this inflation rate obviously can you see 8.1 percent is the rate in ohio just below the national national average but this has been the picture for prices in that state so the economy inflation gas prices are also sky high. again, below the national average but still significantly above where things when president biden took office so gas will be one of the big focusses. before we get to j.d. vance i dial you into the state a big focus as far as the county that worked in favor of donald trump in 2020. first off i want to take a look as i go into the presidential election results, this is one of the swing counties that will be focusing on here. this did go president biden in the 2020 election by a very narrow margin but he was able to flip that from a trump victory in 2016 that would be one of the key focusses as we watch. i'll back out and go to the
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northeast portion of the state. this will be key, mahoney county, president trump pulled off a very narrow victory in this county. this is white, working class, deeply religious socially conservative and as of late we heard from vance sayings a lost democrats especially in mahoney valley so that will be a key county to watch. >> lot of counties in ohio. let's bring in j.d. vance ohio republican senate candidate. good to see. thank you. we will get to the extremist weirdo aspect in a second but i put up polling averages that have you at 47.3 percent, challenger tim ryan 45.3. it's about where other polls have the race tied. how do you think you could make the difference in the next 13 days and pull off victory november 8?
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well john i feel good about where. we have to remember maris thought joe biden would win ohio in 2020 an polls have us out further than rpc average. we are in a good spot but can't let off the gas. the fundamental issue in this last we have to get back to common sense policies bring down the cost of energy, food and get back to border security and unfortunately tim ryan though he retends to be a moderates has voted with joe biden and nancy pelosi 14u7b percent and put over $60 million in ohio trying to run from his record. that's why i encourage go to j.d. and help correct that record because as ryan runs away from the carnage and attacks me in a dishonest way we are trying to talk about the issues and the lead for new leadership and direction in the state of ohio. >> there we go.
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sandra was with us. >> can you help our viewers dial into the areas you've been focusing on in? i mention's mahoning county, white working class deeply conservative, donald trump car i had the valley. this was part of tim ryan's congressional district economy is the top issue there. as i quoted you said you believe you'll win a lot of democrats especially in that valley. why do you believe that to be the case? >> well, in part just because of what we are seeing on the ground. there's a lot of enthusiasm, big crowd sizes all across the state of ohio compared to what tim ryan is able to bull n. there's just no comparison but let's go back a little bit 20 years to when tim ryan was first elected in mahoning valley he won by 20 points. in thweatt i think he won his congressional district by a few
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points and frankly that's one of the reason he is running for senate because he knows he would have lost that district in twult so as a lot of patriotic white working class videos go from the democrat to republican party it's one of the strengths forth our campaign and i think pollsters are undercounting voters in this election. they don't trust pollsters. they don't want to be told by a political pollster what they're exposed to believe so they're the ones very often are not answering the phone which is another reason i think ohio is going to be very red come november 8th. >> we see in 2020 the polls in advance of the election day weren't exactly accurate. but let me stick with that a moment. women voters are going to be an important aspect of this election. when you take a look at the new sienna and maris polls it would see tim ryan has a big advantage with women voters.
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sienna has him up. you have a big advantage among male voters, 55-37, 54-39, a lot of people say that divide is being driven by abortion and we do know that you are in support of lindsey graham's 15 week ban on abortion but where do you come down on the issue of exceptions to that? you know, in the case of rape incest or other particular exceptions? >> yeah john, so i'm very pro-life and not ashamed of i. you have to have reasonable exceptions but i want to save as and lives as possible. i think that's the goal of a pro-life policy, make it easier for young moms to afford health care making it easier for people to afford adoption services if they need to but i actually don't buy that we are way behind with women voters. i think there's a really big
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ground swell of women voters who are angry about inflation angry about crime especially in big cities in state of ohio and i think because of that we are going to do very well with women voters with men voters with everybody come election day. >> let me just drill down on that you said reasonable supgsz. what supgsz are reasonable to y you? >> my goal is to save as and lives as possible to try to protect as and unborn babies as possible. i think the states are going to handle the situation differently. lindsey graham's approach is minimum standards while allowing states to figure out individual abortion policies. i think that's the right approach trying to figure out what the world looks like in this post-roe v. wade world but look. i'm pro-life and i'm not ashamed of it. i think there are voters male and female who just feel like do
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i that they want us to be a pro-family force child pro-baby state. that's where i'm heading. >> i'm going to move on. one more chance for voters to hear what those exceptions might be. >> like i said, one on vups exception is you got to make sure you have life of the monument protected. my view is we want to save as and lives as possible sghients to move on to tim ryan this morning and what he said about you. >> we are focused on how do we bring back manufacturing. how do we focus on the economy how do we give tax cut to workers to help them ride out inflation an dismiss j.d. as being an extremist weirdo which of course he is and everybody knows it. >> and everybody knows it he says. are you an extremist weirdo? well, that's the kind of campaign you run when you know
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you're losing and have a record that's out of step with the roars of ohio. it's so funny in that clip he says he supports a middle class tax couple this is a guy voted to raise taxes 113 times to the tune of $6 upon 7 trillion. weeks ago he votes for the so-called inflation reduction acts which raises taxes and hires irs workers to collect them so nobody buys the fake image he's presenting. it's why he's falling behind. it's why his campaign is losing steam. it's why we are going to win. >> j.d. vance we will be watching the race closely. thanks for joining us. >> thanks j.d. >> thank you guys. fox news has you cover leading up to the midterm elections with a town hall we will talk to martha and get take-aways from what we just heard from that candidate.
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>> we will get the results live on election night in addition to coverage animus see analysis and a-list contributeers >> can't wait worry that don't miss a sunday special edition, america reports in the closing hours before americans decide which party controls congress john and myself will be there covering the races bringing expert analysis the sunday before election day 3 p.m. >> i can't believe we are down to the final 13 days of this election cycle. it seems like forever and then it's a ground rush in your face. this is going to be an exciting night. >> staying warm over the wiven ter feeding your family the question people are asking especially in places like the northeast, maine for example where energy crisis is creating problems for families there.
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>> supreme court justice samuel alito calling the leak of the roe v. wade decision put his life in danger along with the lives of his fellow conservative justices. why he is still furious and n demanding answers, coming up.
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>> oil prices up supplies low, americans feeling the brunt of it. president biden has been taping the streenl i can petroleum reserve to keep prices down but there is growing concern as our emergency supplies get lower. as of the united states has 25 days of diesel in tanks. peter how much does biden think
11:22 am
the strategic promote yum releases are bringing down prices? >> far enough. the president is claiming his actions have brought gas prices down to where they were before covid arrived. >> gas prices are continuing to go down and because they're going down we are making serious progress in getting prices close to what they were before the pandemic. >> that was today's and that is a stretch. gas right before covid was about $2.51 a gallon for regular, that's way lower than what consumers are playing now. we learned when president biden met with saudi arabia leaders he was focusing on oil prices, the "new york times" is reporting about that trip believing it could convince opec to increase production as russias war in ukraine had led to surging
11:23 am
global fuel prices but president biden told us right before he left, the opposite. >> well first of all, that's not the purpose of the trip. >> we know the saudis decided to cut production and weeks later they are now warning the world to brace for impact. >> it is my profound duty to make it clear to the world that losing emergency stock may become painful in the months to come. >> and that might be a real shock to people that pay attention to what white house officials and the president have been saying, particularly over the back half of the summer where they were bragging that these spr releases were bringing the price of gasoline down every day. john. >> it's going to cost a lot more to fill it up than it did during the trump administration.
11:24 am
peter deucey. >> karen with helps low income families in maine. thanks for joining us. i had the opportunity to speak with you a couple weeks ago cara. you were on the ground trying to help people ahead of what could be a really cold winter. they're feeling the effects of high sky prices. tell us what you're hearing from people as we approach winter? >> sure. thank you sandra. unfortunately we continue to hear a lot of concerns with increased fuel costs, heating oil at $5 a gallon which is a lot higher than historically, the benefit system used to provide a tank and a half, now it's a half tank because of the cost. as i told you last week maine winter average household knees four tanks so half a tank to four tanks is serious and people are scared. they're very worried. >> that's real stuff and real challenges they're facing as
11:25 am
these are the estimates that folks will face as prices continuing to up and people have to turn the heat on. natural gas costs estimated going up $931 difference. heating oil prices expected to be up 27 percent. that equates to about $2400 for folks out of pocket, electricity prices, while it's just a 10 percent, i shouldn't say just, it's a big jump. they were up year over year before this and propane also expecting a 5 percent increase. but natural gas if you use natural gas or heating oil for heat you're talking about a substantial increase in your bill. >> that's right, sandra and honestly increased costs are hard for all but i'm struck by the generosity of community
11:26 am
members, people can give $5 to help people stay warm. it's making how much we can help with the smallest donation. people are scared. they're making hard choices between keeping they are homes warm and getting medications, between getting food, filling up their gas tanks to go to church specifically older mainers who worked their entire career are struggling worried so if there are folks out there that can help it matters. >> that is what you aim to do with your nonprofit and helping folks plan for what is coming which is harder in some cases. this is a very uncertain volatile market out there. you talk about the hard choices and are making. this was aaron ramo, a maine resident talking about that. >> when i talk to my customers they say i don't know if i should buy food, should i pay my mortgage, i can't afford the oil
11:27 am
bills. how are people going to survive? people are going to lose their houses because of these prices. >> okay, so just to be clear that was the owner of an oil company in the northeast who has been in the business 26 years who told us, he's never seen anything like it. in fact, he talked about and of his curse percent he's known for decades saying their making the hard choice between paying rent or mortgage and heating their homes. he eventually made the prediction some will face foreclosure because of skyrocketing prices. the maine resident i was quoting said this. those are incredibly sad tough choices and are making cara. >> sure and these are the stories we hear every day. a woman called couple days 76 cancer survivor and literally
11:28 am
laying under six blankets because she didn't want to turn her heat on to save a few dollars so these are real people with stories that are struggling. it's our friends our families our neighbors. it's worry some. >> you're doing an important job trying to help them. cara navigateing the energy market it's not for the faint of heart. >> thank you. >> she's a lovely person. we spoke with her in the news room and your heart goes out to folks for making tough decisions right now. >> when you consider a lot of the northeast not on natural gas but on heating oil, the cost of filling up that reservoir of oil is going to be more than a thousand dollars for households an depending on the severity of the winter they could go through 2-3 tanks of heating oil.
11:29 am
now there's going to be pressure on the president to release to release the northeast oil reserve. you wonder when does it end and the president saying we got to do more to get more fuel out of the ground in the united states so we can keep the cost down that way. >> when it comes to heating oil prices with the experts saying it's expected to be up 27 percent that means the average home heating bill for the winter is going to be $2400. that's a lot of money. >> that is a ton of money and something we will be watching closely as we head toward november 8th. the hunt for the supreme court leaker is underway. justice alito is determined to find the leaker. why he says it could have easily gotten him or some of his colleagues killed. >> and the battle for control of
11:30 am
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a term policy? even a term policy! find out if you're sitting on a goldmine. call coventry direct today at the number on your screen, or visit >> supreme court justice alito making his strongest remarks on a leak of the high court's draft opinion overturning roe v. wade saying it puts targets on the backs of conservative justices and six months into the hunt for the leak here is demanding answers and david is live at the justice department. any update on the investigation into identifying this leaker? >> sandra much as i wish i could say there was a big update unfortunately the details are continuing to fly under the radar from the supreme court. this leak happened about six
11:36 am
months ago. no one has been held accountable at least publicly. >> it was a grave betrayal of trust by somebody and it was a shock because nothing like that had happened in the past. the gate people, rational people would think they could think they could prevent it by killing. >> he expressed frustration the court is being used as a political object. the leak of the draft overturning abortion rattled the justice end putting justice kavanaugh's life in danger. nicolas roski is the california man who came to washington took a taxi to his home and con tell played killing him. the 26 armed with pistol knife
11:37 am
pepper pray and crow bar called authorities on himself saying he planned to break in and kill kavanaugh's. he found kavanaugh's address online. pointing to march 2020 a speech by senate majority leader chuck schumer as a real problem. >> i want to tell you, gorsuch and kavanaugh you have released the whirlwind, and you will pay the price. . >> it's unique sandra john because this investigation has been running by the marshall of the supreme court an office not you'd to deal with a leaker. the justice department more likely to handle this not involved in this investigation. >> live at the justice
11:38 am
department. >> thanks. >> despite the part stan complaints about voter suppression early voting off to a record start in battleground georgia, democratic warnock and stacy abrams trailing in polling as she tries to flip the governor's mansion. jonathan is live in union city, georgia, south of atlanta. >> who would have thought, georgia for a long time a red state is now a competitive battleground. you have republicans controling the governor's mansion and democrats controlling both u.s. senate seats one warnock hopes to increase conservative report. >> when foreign countries tried to block us from selling our crop we needed someone to fight back. >> that's why i partnered with a
11:39 am
senator from alabama to stand up for farmers. >> stacy abrams in her second bid for governor is rallying the conservative base, if elected abrams agenda would face challenges from georgia's republican controlled legislature. >> they are likely to not have a super majority in the legislature. as a result of that, abrams veto power actually does really important. >> republicans point to record early voting numbers as evidence against abrams claims georgia election laws discriminatory, a nonprofit group found to have paid more than $9 million for legal services from her friend and campaign chair law firm.
11:40 am
the organization retracted the statement saying there is nothing unusual or troubling about organizational leaders hiring qualified friends or acquaintances to serve as legal counsel. there is interest in these races already more than one million georgians havecast early ballots. >> sandra. >> now back to that ohio senate race down to the wire 13 days until election day. >> we just spoke with the republican candidate j.d. vance. as we noted earlier, vance is trailing with women voters even though he suggests that maybe the polling dropped. >> martha good to see. the focus seems to be where for the republicans at least on inflation the economy and what
11:41 am
matters most to voters in that state right now. >> yeah, absolutely. we are actually in harrisburg, pennsylvania today. we are going to talk live in a few moments to voters and gets their reaction to what happened last night on that stage with john fetterman and dr. oz and really looking forward to hearing their fresh take on whether it is changed their mind. next week brett and i are going to be in ohio and speak with congressman tim ryan and j.d. vance and also be with a bunch of ohio voters when we do that and i think iegtsz going to be very interesting to hear. i'm reminded a lot lately by the comments that candidate quality was weak and people who have been supported by the former president like vance walker or dr. oz were candidates that couldn't win, so now we are in a situation 13 taste away where we see these are extremely tight races and i think you said it
11:42 am
exactly right it's because of inflation an because of crime so these candidates have honed in on those specific needs and deep concerns that voters have across this country and it's elevating them to some very tight races. that's going to make it a very fascinating final stretch toward elections. >> i wanting to to a caller with j.d. vance, a couple polls suggest vance has a double digit deficit when it comes to women voters. he pushed back on that today. listen what he said. >> i actually don't buy john that we are way behind with women voters. i think there's a really big ground swell of women vote horse are angry about inflation, real angry about crime in our big cities. >> the polls tend to be accurate. we have seen in years past polls have been anything but but there's sort of a lingering
11:43 am
feeling the abortion issue is driving women voters in state of ohio. what are you picking up? >> you know what, i think that could very well be the case. i think independent women voters are going to be very significant part of the voting population to watch on election night. and there was a time last summer which all of us all three of us reported on extensively when it was felt that abortion decision can change the tide for this whole election and i find it very fascinating now that we are this close it seems to be dropping down the list of priorities as we see these gaps in oil prices rise as you've been reporting on. women care first i think about kitchen table issues about feeding their families and abortion issue i think has fallen further down the line. but it's going to be there are going to be places where i think we are going to look and say that obviously was a factor for women voters in that state or in that congressional district so it is clearly i think
11:44 am
independent voters, black voters hispanic voters and turnout are going to be the biggest things that we are watching in and races that are tight. those are the narratives and issues people care about. i'm looking forward to speaking to pennsylvania voters. i love the opportunity to question them not only about this race but how they fuel about the country and how they look forward to a future for their kids so we will we are going to talk about that. >> when you talk to voters on the ground you get a better picture than head lynn unemployment rate. you find out are they having to work two or a third job to pay for inflation living pay check to paycheck or taking on credit card debt. you find out what what the real situation is. herds a big more from the big debate with fetterman. >> transparency is about showing up. i'm here today to have a debate.
11:45 am
i have speeches in front of 3,000 people in montgomery county all across pennsylvania big, big crowds. you know, i believe if my doctor believes that i'm fit to serve, and that's what i believe is appropriate, now with two weeks before the election, you know i have run the campaign and i've been very transparent about being very open about the fact we used captioning and the doctors that i believe they all believe that i'm ready to be served. >> we have already heard from fetterman supporters and those in the media say watching last night say it was tough, cnn saying fetterman supporters voicing concern the debate performance will sway undecided voters martha. >> you know, that's going to be probably my first question for these voters, do you think that this man is able to serve as a u.s. senator. that's their decision.
11:46 am
these voters watched what happened last night and they will make that decision but i think there are a lot of big questions today about the democrat party in pennsylvania about his own family his own advisers, whether or not they made a mistake in not saying to him, let's wait until the next round. let's wait until you're better. if you're conner lamb or matthew who in the state legislature in pennsylvania two names potentially on the list as potential senate candidates you got to be asking yourself whether or not the party should have said to you we need to you step up right now and we are going to ask john fetterman to perhaps do the right thing the noble thing and take a path this time around this time and come back when he is better. >> i doubt if that's going to happen martha. i wanted to finish off with. >> not at this point. >> no. the nbc reported burns was vel
11:47 am
feed for accounting her experience with fetterman before the interview he was having trouble communicating. now that has been laid bare for all the world to see. is she owed an apology by the mainstream media? >> absolutely, john. i had the same thought as i was watching that last night because when i watched her interview with him and i watched what she said prior to her own report i thought she was extremely straight forward. she laid it out as a reporter should. here's what we heard before we started the interview. here's what my crew noticed. she was straight forward and got vilified because she wasn't toeing the line. she was being direct and does deserve an apology today. >> all right. doubt if she will get it though. >> martha thank you very much for joining news is thanks martha. watch martha an brett's town hall tuesday one week after election day. >> fox will be your one stop
11:48 am
destination in these final days before election day, brett will be live from atlanta special report as he breaks down two huge race making nationwide headlines into tomorrow on america reports republican candidate for governor of new york zeldin will join us. things have been changing there and he will tell us why. >> virginia democrats proposing a controversial bill. if you're on medicare, a controversial bill. we'll be right back.
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>> john: parents across the country fired up heading to the mid-terms. it's not all about parental rights. they're studying test scores and wondering if elected officials are doing anything about it. marc thiessen is here. eighth grade proficiency in reading, 31%. in math, it was 26%. fourth grade proficiency, reading 33%, math 36%. i guess we're not going to see them on the screen there. there they are. the white house today is focused on electric school buses. >> ask yourself a question. if your kid came home with a failing report card, would you care if he brought it to you on an electric school bus? i don't think you would. our kids are failing because our
11:54 am
political leaders are failing them. reading scores dropped to 1992 levels. the pandemic lockdowns wiped out three decades of progress in reading. they're talking about electric school buss? have their lost their minds? >> john: they're setting aside a billion dollars for this. shouldn't they be setting it aside for other things? like reading, writing, arithmetic? >> how about summer school so the kids can get caught up? once you get the learning losses, you never make a comeback. if you can't read in third grade, every year it's cumulative because you can't do the higher work in the higher grades. >> john: i wanted to put this up. gretchen whitmire suggested schools weren't closed that long. listen here. >> mrs. dixon says i kept kids out longer than any other state. that's not true. i worked with my republican and
11:55 am
democratic governors. kids were out three months. >> it was much longer than three months. >> she's confusing herself with ron desantis. just so you know, january 2021, 23% of michigan schools were fully in person. >> 70% were not >> john: thanks, marc. that does it for us, sandra. >> sandra: i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. "the story" starts in moments. it's called the newday 100 because it lets veterans borrow up to 100% of their home's value. not just 80% like some typical loans. that extra cash can make a huge difference in these times of skyrocketing prices. here's more good news: home values have skyrocketed too. that means even more cash! take out an average of $60,000 to pay down your high-rate credit card debt, consolidate your second mortgage, personal loans, and car loans, and lower your payments by $600 every month. best of all, there are absolutely no upfront out-of-pocket costs with this loan. and even if you have credit concerns, give us a call.
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>> martha: today "the story" is on the road for the mid-term elections. we're live in harrisburg, pennsylvania, the capitol of the keystone state. last night there was a highly controversial debate with john fetterman and dr. mehmet oz. we'll talk to a panel of voters from across the state, some undecided, some republican, some democrat, some independent, and we'll find out what they thought about what happened.


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