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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 27, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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election, things change every 24 hours. sometimes they change every 12 hours. we'll have it for you sunday night and check it out. >> dana: republicans look to be in great shape but gorman said you can't let up. it might be what the democrats are hoping for at this moment. jessica tarlov had good answers. harris faulkner is up next. here she is. >> harris: fox news alert now. democrats completely switching up their strategy from the mid-term election. they have 12 days to make whatever they are about to do work. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus." reports concerns for the liberal political party that president joe biden just spent too much time talking about abortion last week. now democrat candidates for house, senate, all those governor seats that are up and the president himself are all trying to go all in on the economy. we've been reporting for months
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the historically high inflation and crushing rate of soaring interest rates all robbing people of any chance to realize the american dream any time soon. and the cost of food is sky high. the white house finally now trying to convince voters that they care about the economy, the democrats. and it's actually the republicans who are the enemy. that will be their battle plan. >> they are trying to take away the gains we've made. the plans that they have put forth is not a plan to fix inflation, it is actually a plan to increase inflation, not lower it. >> harris: however, right now democrats are still in power across capitol hill and the white house, of course. with the new gdp numbers out this morning not much for them to work with still. the gross domestic product showed some improvement. remember, this is the most common measurement of a recession. well-known moody's chief economist saying we're treading
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water at this point. we had two quarters of negative growth. now this slight uptick in the third quarter adding up to an overall growth of .4%. in other words, we're moving extremely slowly, if not just treading water. if democrats truly believed that americans would not understand or care about this, then why are they suddenly trying to convince the voters that the economy is all the republicans' fault? they are in dire straits, democrats are, with voters and they know it. we'll have house minority leader kevin mccarthy in "focus." let's go to jacque heinrich live at the white house. >> the president has the same economic team in place that insisted inflation would be transitory. they have not shifted their economic approach despite months and months now of very stubborn numbers instead insisting the
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president's policies will eventually work and they have no plans to adjust their economic team after the mid-terms even though they can't answer one big question. >> can the administration say when americans can expect to feel relief from inflation? is there a date they can look to? >> i will let the experts speak to that. i'm not going to get into when that is going to occur. >> less than two weeks until election day and the white house is having to counter criticism they are late 0ing in on issues that are most important to voters like inflation. democrats spent more than ten times the amount of ad money on abortion spots than ads dealing with inflation. the president is now piling on events highlighting his party's economic focus like today's trip to syracuse to talk about semi conducter ship manufacturing. >> we're not coming to this
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economic argument late. we've been on this argument all year long. we'll continue to be on this argument next year, too. the economy and inflation is a critical problem. the president has put forward measures to address it. >> biden has a lot of campaign trail ground to make up. he is hitting as many stops as he can virtually. >> president biden went on the campaign trail stumping for democrats. i say he went on the campaign trail. he spent the evening on zoom attending virtual receptions on behalf of three candidates with less than two weeks until election day, experts say the momentum shifted to republicans and biden is literally -- >> energy costs are the biggest driver of inflation which is the president's biggest challenge and he keeps hitting big oil and blaming them for not passing on the savings on a barrel of crude to people paying at the pump. his problem is not just limited
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to regular gasoline. diesel is becoming a much more dire issue. you have northeast states that are now reserving and rationing home heating oil because we're down now to a 25-day reserve supply and the white house is having to look to the home heating oil reserve in the northeast, a very rarely-used tool. as winter approaches, shortages are going to be potentially a very big problem. harris. >> harris: he will now tap the home heating oil reserve after bringing to a historic low the reserve for oil crude. this is pretty unbelievable. jacque, thank you very much. we'll get to the energy in just a second. i want to hit this. there is a showdown over the debt ceiling brewing in congress as the nation's debt stopped $31 trillion. this is exactly what biden's inflation reduction plan was going to take care of. it wasn't going to take care of
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inflation. he said no, he will get the debt. democrats are under extreme pressure to raise the limit before potentially losing control of congress next year. it comes as the left is looking for any way possible to redirect messaging on inflation. the party, as i mentioned, is now going to shift focus. it has a new battle plan to social security and medicare, actionio calling it a hail mary and president biden is leaning all the way in. >> president biden: republicans have been clear and sfated boldly that they want to cut social security and medicare. they will shut down the government, refuse to pay our bills, and it will be the first time in the history of america we will default unless i yield and cut social security and medicare. in order to cut social security and medicare, they are threatening a default on the
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federal debt. republicans are determined to hold the economy hostage. give in to their demands on social security or medicare or republicans will crash the economy. let me be clear. i will not cut social security. i will not cut medicare. >> harris: that's the new plan. how do we know? democratic candidates seized on it in new ads. watch. >> while we're struggling just to stay afloat, what's blake masters' plan? >> maybe privatize social security. >> he would risk our hard earned life savings. >> we paid in all these years and she wants to hand it over to wall street. reduce our benefits? >> i will always protect social security and medicare. i will always fight for minnesota. >> harris: house speaker nancy pelosi took on house leader kevin mccarthy directly.
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she said the threat to slash social security and medicare would tank the economy. minority leader kevin mccarthy is here in "focus." great to have you. first of all your response to house speaker nancy pelosi. >> more lies from the democrats. they can't run on their agenda. the commitment to america to save and strengthen social security and medicare. what the democrats want to do is avoid talking about the inflation that they brought where every democrat was the only ones who brought the american rescue plan. remember, even democrats warned them about this. larry summers, a former secretary told them not to do it. steve ratner the economic advisor to obama calls it the original sin of inflation. when you look at those numbers today and you look at the real final sells to private domestic it's 1/10 of 1%. every sign shows greater
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recession based upon the democratic policies and now going into winter and home heating costs are up. why? because they cut our ability to have energy independence in america. time and again, crime in our streets, why? they want to defund the police. now to make this false accusation of where they want to go this is old dredged up ideas that will failing time and again and why america wants to see a party with a plan for a change in the course. that's what a commitment to america actually is. it's a plan for a new direction. >> harris: part of the criticism for democrats has to come that they've come up with a so-called plan 12 days out from the election which means they didn't have one to begin with. the plan is to hate the other guy, the guy on the other side of the aisle. quickly i'm hearing a lot from seniors and they are concerned that their nest eggs are being stolen right now. so they can't be missing that. they are trying to counter that argument, too. let's get to energy because you brought it up.
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jacque heinrich did. it is hard to fathom the united states of america is 25 days away from running out of diesel and everything that delivers our stuff runs on diesel. it is another albatross around the neck of democrats' economy. the oil cuts that saudi arabia and opec are about to put into place fast approaching. 2 million barrels a day of that oil will vanish from the market for our cars. growing fears over the impact it will have on already high prices. your reaction to all of it. >> this doesn't have to be. two years we were energy independent. on the first day this president came in where democrats took control of the house and senate. the first thing they cut domestic ability to produce oil and gas. when we got into trouble what did he do? looked to other countries to solve it. he went to saudi arabia and lied to the american public said he wasn't trying to cut a deal. we found it was truthful. he was not wanting them to cut
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production until after the election. he looks to venezuela and iran. why doesn't he look to american domestic production? not only would we lower the price of gas you could fill up your tank and have money left over. america would be stronger and the world safer. two years ago we didn't care what russia or saudi arabia made a decision on production. why? because they looked at what the production was happening in america. all that will change in 12 days because what a commitment to america tells all of us is we'll become energy independent. not just here in america but we could sell our natural gas around the world that creates more jobs, more stability in america. greater growth and also a safer community around the world because people aren't buying putin's oil but american natural gas and the environment is cleaner. american natural gas is 41% cleaner than russian national gas. no argument around this except the political argument the democrats use that make america
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weaker and more dependent. what does he do? he uses our strategic petroleum reserve for political purposes. now he puts america in jeopardy if we have a national crisis. another hurricane, he has put us in a weaker position not just economically, but now in an emergency basis. >> harris: also from saudi arabia's energy minister we in saudi arabia decided to be the mature guys. remember the threat from the president, right? he was going to be -- the americans led by biden would be the adults back in the room and they were going to make a pariah out of saudi arabia and now we're about to tap our home heating oil reserves before we run out of diesel. let's get to this. leader mccarthy, this is an issue affecting the senate but also the entire nation. we watched it together. before you go, i just want to quickly get your take on the pennsylvania senate debate. i know it's a cross chamber here. democrat john fetterman
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painfully struggled to communicate coherent thoughts. it was really hard to watch. what should democratic voters be thinking at this point? so many have already cast their ballots. millions across the country and over 700,000 in that state. they can't take those votes back. what did they watch last night? what is top of mind for you two nights ago? >> i hope all voters, not just democrats but republicans and independents, this election is different. this isn't about party. this is about a nation. this is a hinge election. it wasn't just in pennsylvania. look at lee zeldin's debate in new york. if you care about the economy, crime in your streets and having a future built on an economy that is strong and a nation that is safe. cast your ballot for who is the best to change the direction. even those democrats on cnn were embarrassed of who their nominee was and the capability of
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carrying out the job. this is a big job in the senate. it is a big job in the house. it is a huge job in the white house. we've watched what one-party control has done to this nation. inflation we haven't seen in 41 years, vent nall killing our next generations. no accountability when it comes to our government. a government that goes after parents because they simply go to a school board meeting. all of that can change in 12 days. so cast that ballot not based upon party but based upon a country that you know is greater and stronger and that the next century could be the american century with a real player. >> harris: thank you for being in "focus." it is 12 days away. the commitment to america that you rolled out a couple weeks ago. the democrats are now trying to do the same thing and naming you personally blaming you for the economy. i want one quick last word from you on that. >> the only thing i would say if
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you are tired of having a 401k the democrats created to a 201k. and if you are concerned to go on the streets and speak up for your kids' education that can stop. we made a commitment to you, not to republicans or democrats but to all americans that we have a better plan to make the next century the american century. join with us. go to take the be a part of a real change for this nation. >> harris: we'll cover every bit of it. leader mccarthy, thank you very much. u.s. supreme court justice sam alito is speaking out saying the leak of that early draft of the dobbs decision made conservative justices targets for assassination. plus border security is a huge mid-term election issue. texas congressman tony gonzalez says democrats are dishonest about their policies. >> you hear the democrats try to
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spin the narrative they're for law and order. they are for lies and order. the fact is house democrats want the reliability of the hispanic vote without the responsibility of showing up. >> harris: illegal crossings are not slowing down. fox news has brand-new video to prove it. ben domenech in "focus" next. i started cosentyx®. five years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infection, some serious and a lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist about cosentyx®.
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>> harris: let's check in now on the crisis at our southern border still spiraling out of control. it is a mid-term issue and a major one for many states. border patrol just busted a 13-year-old girl for allegedly smuggling ten illegal immigrants packed inside a car. this week authorities arrested
8:22 am
11 people in washington, in california connected to drug cartels accused of trafficking enough fentanyl. they had by the way 1,000 pounds of methamphetamine on them. illegal crossings are actually getting bigger. the fox news flight team drone captured video of 189 illegals sneaking into normandy, texas just waiting. this they are outnumbered out there, our agents. do you know how long it will take to get through the line? some become gotaways. our latest power rankings in arizona show a toss-up. new ads tying the incumbent senator mark kelly, the democrat, to president biden's policies. >> open borders hurt innocent
8:23 am
people. joe biden and mark kelly haven't cared. it doesn't have to be like this. end the cruelty, end the violence. it's time for mark kelly to come back down to planet earth. >> harris: ben domenech, editor of the spectator. we could see this coming. the numbers were swelling not even a month ago at the border covering this. this is another crisis the president chose not to pay attention to early on. >> you know, i think what we're seeing in this coming election, one that i believe as i have said to you before will be an incredible tidal wave for republicans across the country sending them, i think, the new heights in washington, is a lot of things that i think were very predictable. if you looked at the fundamental consequences of the choices that president biden and his
8:24 am
administration were making, including mayorkas and others, the leading officials on this. they were going to send us in this direction. obvious to anyone who knew anything about border policy there would be consequences for their choices. i think the media that has been so willing to carry water for joe biden and to pretend that everything is just fine under his leadership for so long they basically ran out of steam and couldn't spin for something that was so obviously terrible and not just having ramifications in border states as it clearly is but in other states across the country in terms of the trafficking of people, of drugs, and of other things that are frankly invading our lives in so many different respects. it turns every state into a border state. i think that's one of the big reasons that when the dust settles after election day, and democrats are starting to look at each other about how did this happen, they have to point the
8:25 am
finger at themselves. these were choices they made that had clear ramifications and the voters are going to punish them for paying so little attention to the issues that matter to them. >> harris: look, we got a look at where president biden is going to be in the next few days going to mostly completely blue-held areas, which pulls him right out of the race. he can change the messaging and the strategy all he wants. he just won't necessarily be the person delivering it. it says a lot right there. all right. so we're talking about something that obviously could even cook hotter in the next 12 days won't get better, because they waited until now to really pay attention to it. here is another. we still don't know who leaked that preliminary dobbs decision. that's important when you have things leaking out of the u.s. supreme court. justice samuel alito said the move put conservative justice's' lives at risk and people holding
8:26 am
protests outside their home for months. a liberal organization even offered bounties on twitter for information on the justice's' locations. another group posted home addresses, alito said enough is enough. >> it was a grave betrayal of trust and a shock because nothing like that had happened in the past. the leak also made those of us who were thought to be in the majority and support of overruling roe and casey, targets for assassination and a man has been charged with attempting to kill justice kavanaugh. >> harris: all of it -- all of it to overturn roe v. wade and ben, the president now isn't really going to talk about that. they can see in the polling men, women, everybody is focused on the economy. the irony. they had a momentum in june. they didn't have to let this
8:27 am
happen. it didn't have to go down like that. >> well, i think that the backlash that that ruling created got out of control so quickly that as you say, it was not something that ultimately became as politically beneficial as a lot of people said. i would encourage everyone to check out justice alito's remarks he gave at the heritage foundation and find it online. i think it is an incredible presentation and this is one part of it. this is one of the few institutions in american life where people still talk to each other across ideological divides, where justices are able to meet together and so much of that is because they've been able to maintain this kind of strength as an institution that was completely ripped away by this terrible leak. we deserve answers on this. we deserve to know who did this and to make sure that there are consequences for it and that it doesn't happen again. he is absolutely correct, they did see the situation where their lives were put in danger.
8:28 am
one more thing, harris, when they were identifying the addresss of a number of these individuals, they got actually a number of justices wrong. they sent protestors potentially assassins to the wrong houses and wrong parts of the neighborhood. they were putting americans' lives at risk in this desperate and really evil attempt, i think, to change the result. and look, we have so many things that are broken about american politics today. we deserve a supreme court that's able to do its work. >> harris: no doubt. putting potentially victims that didn't have anything to do with the supreme court, ad hoc wrong addresses. critics are having a field day after president biden made a bizarre claim yesterday. he was promoting the white house plan to crack down on excessive fees on consumers, let's watch. >> president biden: some airlines if you want six more inches between you and the seat in front, you pay more money. look, folks, these are junk fees
8:29 am
unfair and hitting marginalized and low income folks and people of color the hardest. >> harris: a former rnc communications advisor wrote this. who had leg room equity as a dem? closing message on their bingo card. ben. >> you know, this is just so out of touch. they are grasping at straws. they don't know where to look, harris, at this moment. so many of the fundamental things are going against them. the idea and suggestion that people based on race can't figure out how to book an airline travel properly i found that very insulting. it's an insulting thing to say. >> harris: it's unfathomable. >> absolutely. it shows you how desperate they are in the closing days of this campaign. >> harris: thank you for breaking it all down with me. appreciate it. judge alito's writing in the heritage foundation is something people should read for themselves.
8:30 am
it lays it out. good to see you, thank you. white house reporters' actual job is to ask questions. that's what reporters do. but that didn't stop the president from mocking them for doing their jobs. and he was on camera. plus critics calling democrats debate performances dismal. the pennsylvania voters taking notice of the fetterman/oz. >> it made him seem as if he was not qualified to do the functions of the office. >> i don't think he is healthy enough to hold the office. >> harris: a lot of people have already voted. how will it play out on the actual election day november 8th and how the liberal media now are trying to spin it all. i don't know that they can spin. there is tons of video on it, but they're trying.
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>> harris: critics are tearing into tuesday night's debate performances from democratic candidates in key races. a "washington examiner" said it was an unmitigated disaster for democrats across the board pointing to moments like these. >> she said i kept students -- that's not true. kids were out for three months. the fact of the matter is, education is what levels the playing field for people. >> she still hasn't talked about locking up anyone committing any crimes. >> anyone who commits a crime under our laws especially with the change we made to bail has consequences. i don't know why that's so important. >> i do support fracking and -- i don't -- i don't -- i support fracking and i stand and i do support fracking. >> harris: yeah, that part about gretchen whitmer the governor of michigan bragging we only had
8:37 am
kids locked down for three months. wait. liberal mead are there to rescue all of them. >> had some really, really strong comebacks, his opponent, oz, he also fumbled, right? i fumble on television. >> i definitely fumble on television. >> he was hesitant at first. >> yeah, it happens. >> harris: these headlines appearing to run cover for john fetterman. one calling it proof of ableism in politics. but it looks like the dems are also worried as they call in the big guns. president biden, vice president kamala harris, former president obama all set to barn storm the keystone state next week. president obama also released a rare campaign ad. >> in pennsylvania, you've got some important choices to make this year. so when the fate of our democracy and a woman's right to choose are on the line, vote
8:38 am
democrat on november 8th. >> harris: wow, you think the president would be doing that. power panel mer said schlapp and kevin walling. mercedes, i will come to you first. this is one exception. biden is going primarily to blue-safe states to make appearances, which is really a head scratcher. he can't help anybody if they already hold a seat. >> the problem is none of these candidates, they don't want joe biden to come to their state. i think they take president obama over joe biden because he is so unpopular. this is also the case with kamala harris. so they do not want to campaign with the president or the vice president. and i got to say something here. the democrats are playing defense. it is why you have seen these debates be so catastrophic for the democrats. they don't have a good answer on
8:39 am
the covid lockdowns, playing defense on border security because they don't support it, and they are playing defense on energy independence and crime. these are issues that american people care about. add to that the economy with one in five americans who are skipping meals or not being able to pay for groceries because of inflation and the democrats will be blamed for it. >> harris: kevin, pennsylvania is an area that's a toss-up. biden and obama and camp hair will be there. does it matter? >> it does. pennsylvania is a toss-up. >> harris: it's more of one since that debate if you look at the polling. >> joe biden won it by just over a percent in 2020. the ultimate bellwether and offensive opportunity for democrats. let's not forget it would be a flip. it's a republican held right now. of course we bring out all the big guns. kamala harris and joe biden are going there tomorrow. mr. obama is going next week. john fetterman had a great event
8:40 am
last night with dave matthews band, 3,000 people in pittsburgh. a must-win opportunity for democrats. >> harris: there is a group in pennsylvania that's doing a rally for each of the candidates. i was reading about that. mercedes, what do you say about what kevin said and the difference that these three at the top can make for john fetterman or anybody? >> look, i really don't think that again biden or kamala bring anything to the table. poor kamala harris, she is always making a gaffe as well as joe biden. i think president obama does have the star power. but what bothers me about these democrats is many of them refuse to debate the republicans. we see this with shapiro. he is a wimp for not going out there to debate -- we know hobs is scared of lake. it shows how the democrats have
8:41 am
nothing to say. they have no message and keep shifting their message because they are losing. >> harris: you are talking a about. we got trump's list of areas for trump. the president and the press have what you might call a complex relationship. critics now calling biden out for making fun of reporters for doing their jobs. [shouting] >> harris: blah, blah, blah he says. that's not right. >> compared to the last guy who openly mocked the press corps. it is a bizarre situation with these bilaterals with foreign heads of state in the oval office with reporters screaming at them. they screamed about donald trump and want to get a question in edge wise and it is a bizarre video. mercedes was in the white house
8:42 am
and ran the events. and it is a silly thing the press corps does yelling as heads of state and the president in the oval office. >> you can't defend this. i'm sorry. president trump answered question after question of the present corp. always trying to take down president trump. let me make this clear. president biden won't even speak to the press. the only person he is talking to is like to a tiktok social influencer who supports child mutilation. i don't want to hear it. the american people deserve to learn -- i'm sorry. the american people deserve to learn what president biden actually thinks if he can actually answer a basic question. >> he has answered questions at every event this week from reporters. >> harris: kevin, i do remind you president biden has called one of our own reporters a stupid s.o.b.
8:43 am
>> and he called him to apologize. >> harris: then he has done more. he has a bit of a potty mouth and he has got mad at those who like to ask questions. we'll pull away. thanks to see you both. the high school football coach fired for praying on the field. we had joe kennedy on. he won his day at the u.s. supreme court and now he is hoping for a winning season next year. good luck to him. plus a new patriotic film taking on the liberal woke media and the agenda of hollywood. certainly getting no love from woke hollywood. >> your truck? >> my flag. >> some people find it offensive. >> if i find them offensive, what happens. >> harris: john schneider directed and starred in this movie. we'll get into a lot of things together. he joins me next.
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>> harris: former high school
8:49 am
football coach joe kennedy has launched into the national spotlight when he was battling his way forward. the school he worked at put him on leave in 2016 for praying on the field after football games. his case went all the way to the u.s. supreme court. in a 6-3 decision the justices decided in kennedy's favor saying the school violated his right to exercise his religion. court documents show the school will reinstate coach kennedy early next year and the coach joined the "focus" on the very day of his u.s. supreme court victory. remember this moment? >> any public employee i think about the teachers, i think about the janitors, lunch people. everybody that works in the school district, that's a lot of people in this country. and everybody was keeping their eye on all this to see what the rights are going to be. are they going to be taken away? it just shows that hey, it doesn't matter what your faith is. it just proves this is america and the first amendment applies and nobody should have to worry
8:50 am
about now especially have to worry about just because you want to thank god you can do it now and it's just an awesome thing for everybody. >> harris: how about that? john schneider, actor, filmmaker and musician great to see you today. is there a shift happening? are people seeing that faith is something that we can share just like people who want to share all their scandals and everything else on tiktok? >> absolutely. absolutely. what we're seeing, i think, as a christian, is that faith works, okay? he had faith he would come through this. i want to remind people we have rights, not permissions. if they can be just cavalierly taken away or defined by someone else that you don't ever get to see, then they aren't actually rights. they're permissions. we have rights from god that man cannot intervene with and they are inailable.
8:51 am
people. >> harris: you have a new film, to die for in haollywood and already pushback. it's about a veteran's flight to fly an american flag and the woke pushback he gets. let's take a look. >> what would happen the next time you touch that flag. >> i can identify with his position on this matter. >> why is everybody so worried about losing their jobs and so little worried about losing their freedom? i will cut a donut next time in your living room. touch my flag again. >> harris: it looked like you were having a good time playing this role. >> i really was. my wife and i were in the west, not los angeles. i think we were in new mexico or arizona last year and i heard a story about a man that defied a t
8:52 am
a restraining order that said he couldn't go by his high school with the american flag on his car. he went to jail and gladly because he defied that. when i heard that this is a story i have to write and expand it but i have to write the story and i have to play this guy. because we live in louisiana. i see flags on the back of trucks all the time. i see them more and more often now, i think, since the movie came out i'm more aware of them. but i think it's a wonderful expression of our freedom and love of country and our respect of those -- for those who have been willing to give the last full measure so that we can enjoy freedom. so when people insult that flag they aren't insulting a country or nationalism. they are insulting in my opinion the men and women who have given their lives for freedoms that i never had to pay for. and i thought that was crossing the line. we must always respect our
8:53 am
military. we must always respect our law enforcement. and end of story in the schneider house. i did this film to try to get people to be outspoken about that again. i know a lot of people feel this way but don't say anything about it. >> harris: if you express too much in hollywood, maybe it's changing and as it feathers out across the country. i see a lot of people leaving hollywood and stars leaving it and ditching it. i was going to say if you can't express it there and it gets canceled does that mean somehow or another the woke point of view just infiltrates everything without any pushback and the screen our loved ones and children are watching? there has to be more than one side. >> hollywood has no autonomy. it owes its soul to the company store. hollywood does what they're told. they put forth this great independent spirit and we know
8:54 am
what's right for you but really they are owned by 4 or 5 globalists sitting around a table somewhere and they do what they're told. those of us who have not been canceled but left the sand box that is hollywood to build our own sand box and explore our independence through creativity and thought, we're the ones who actually are in touch, i believe, with the heartbeat of this great nation of ours. what people are really thinking. >> harris: one last question. where do we watch it? >> you can watch it right now at to die for, or you can pre-order the dvd at to die for coming out on orange friday, which is the friday after thanksgiving in honor of my car from the dukes of hazzard. >> i think you could play joe kennedy and playing a little tossing the football around and being a coach.
8:55 am
that's another story waiting. there are so many testimonies of pushing back on the woke culture. >> we have to push back. we have to push back. we are free in this country to pursue happiness as we define it. that's what we must do. we can't let other people lead our lives. i know you have to go. much appreciated. >> harris: good luck with the film. thanks for being here. "outnumbered" is right after the break.
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