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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 28, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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>> todd: democrats hoping for a midterm miracle as former president obama heads to georgia. >> herschel walker surging ahead in the senate race. >> our candidates are offering a better vision. >> elon musk in control of twitter ousting two top executives in the process. >> including the coo and cfo. >> just tweeted out saying the bird is free. >> i'm not joking. >> president biden making some false claims about gas prices. >> gas in america is you down from over $5 when i took office. >> it's a lie. it was 2.39 a gallon the day he took office. >> thank you for being here. >> chicago mayor lori lightfoot defending a proposal to increase
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her pay and saying it's not a salary increase. >> in the midst of crime rising to alarming rates. >> none of our political figures deserve raises. >> rachel campos-duffy down in del rio, texas. >> rachel: joe biden says our border is secure. raise your hand if you say our border is secure. all right. there's your answer on that. ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: capitol hill is going to continue to stay cloudy there today. 60 degrees is your high. so take a sweater. >> ainsley: i'm going to washington after the show. we are celebrating mary's birthday. >> ainsley: we are so glad you were born ms. mary. happy birthday. >> steve: what would be interesting though because peter will be there, too. i wonder at what point peter will start to pick up the bill. he is a grown up and has a job. >> ainsley: never, not when your dad is there.
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>> steve: you are probably right. somebody who knows about parenting is rachel campos-duffy. she is live in del rio, texas. and today, because so many people are worried about the border. you have a town hall assembled there. >> rachel: yeah. we have got a great group of people who know exactly what is happening here at the border. you know, our president, our vice president haven't come here. but these people know what is happening. i have got kelsey french here, she is the wife of a border patrol agent. we were just talking here, laura said our border patrol are telling me about theale ofaper the force. it's defi low ys werhired too a g specnd they'able to do it mosy re processindbasicallting and it os aning and, i mean, they do to t want e pr the. >> rachel: covid is a big deal for you guys. a lot of border patrol agents saying they don't want the vaccine and their jobs are still on thecause of that.
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eah. the administration ir job is threatened. >> rachel: yeah. meanwhile eagle pass was the number two highest covid rate probably because people across -- coming across the border aren't -- were not getting vaccinated. we are going to come back to you and talk a little bit more about what you are seeing on the ground. again, thanks for joining us this morning. it's been so fascinating. and eye-opening. back to you guys. >> steve: all right. rachel, thank you very much. i think as well going to be talking about the fact that migrants are going to be building a great big tent city on the mexican side of the border. >> brian: venezuelans in particular. return to the policy for the venezuelans. guess what? it's working. venezuelans are not come in. word is getting out and slowing down things. like, for example, the old policy of remain in mexico which the president said was inhumane. it's not within american values. >> steve: now they are just camping out.
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>> ainsley: waiting and hoping to get in. >> brian: being screened there. if they try to get screened in illegally never allowed to get. in it's 9 new policy. it's trumpian. >> steve: rachel will talk about that. something else you are talking about. the cost of everything. president biden is passing the buck yet again by claiming the gas cost over 5 bucks a gallon when he took office. that's not true. >> ainsley: it's not true. and meanwhile americans continue to worry about how high their home heating bills are going to be this winter. >> brian: right. peter doocy is live from the white house with more. peter? >> steve: president biden is basically asking people that are going to fill up their tanks not to believe their eyes but to believe him. >> because of the action we are have taken gas prices are declining. nag for the last three weeks as well. and adding up real savings for families. today the most common price of gas in america is $3.39.
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down from over $5 when i took office. >> those numbers are just way off. gas was not over $5 a gallon when he took office. it wasn't even close. it was lower. it was 2.39. he also said the average is 3.39 right now. it's not. it's higher at 3.76. and all this also contributes to another problem, as temperatures drop, costs for home heating are rising. for natural gas up 28%. heating oil up 27. electricity up 10. propane up 5. and this is all having a real impact on growth. the real g.d.p. is just barely inching up nowhere near the growth this chart shows on the screen from previous quarters. >> look at the facts, when i took office the economy was in ruins. my predecessor was the first president since herbert hoover, not a joke, to lose jobs in the entirety of his administration. >> peter: the white house is telling us now where president
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biden is going go in the final week of midterm campaigning on the calendar. they are telling us he will have stocks in florida and new mexico. so, as of right now, he is not planning to play in the very, very close senate races in georgia or ohio or arizona or nevada. back to you. >> steve: peter, a quick question, so joe biden was way off. gas was not 5 bucks a gollon when he took office. was that in the teleprompter or was that an ad-lib? does he really think that? >> peter: well, it is down from over $5 this summer and so it's entirely possible that he was just riffing and got it wrong. >> ainsley: was it a gaffe or was it a lie? it's just not true. >> steve: he has a lot of gaffes. >> brian: peter, last thing, how could he say people are characterizing he is trying to help out governor hochul but no press was allowed to ask questions there was no rally.
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it was an announcement. how do you help somebody by just making an announcement? >> peter: again, these events, when president biden says that he has been out with people that are going to be on the ballot, that's true, because everybody in congress in the house is going to be on the ballot. all 435. but these are not campaign style events where people that could be persuaded or people that are excited to go and vote are invited. it's like local officials, dig any tears, people from union in town, not a traditional campaign rally the way that we would think about it. and, in 2020, that was because of covid. and they did everything in delaware and they had people -- the closest anybody came was when they rented a bunch of jeeps and got to come to a parking lot in wilmington. >> steve: you were there. >> peter: yeah, we were there. that is not the reason for this. we don't know exactly why they are foregoing all of these big political events. >> ainsley: they want obama there not biden. >> steve: peter, i mentioned at the top when she showed the
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capitol that your mom and i are coming down there for your sister's birthday. at what point do you pick up a tab? just saying you are a grown up. >> peter: did you see these charts about inflation? >> brian: right. >> that's true. >> steve: thank you joe biden? that's why peter can't pick up the tab? >> peter: we can put all those charts back up. yeah. >> steve: all right, peter, thank you. >> ainsley: happy birthday to mary we are glad she was born. you got a fox news alert. >> brian: looks like i did. so far real quick. >> steve: we are the fox news channel. >> brian: one year the interest rates gone up to 7% to help cure inflation which the president brought in with him. look at that over 7%. if you are buying a mortgage one year ago this is a g good move honey put the down payment down totally changed. >> ainsley: mortgage doubled and mortgage doubled and so has gas. >> steve: i went on one of those mortgage calculator this morning for new york city. when you look at that number that we just put up, a year ago,
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if your budget was $2,500, a $2,500 monthly payment, a year ago you could afford a $500,000 house. today, you can afford a 300 and $50,000 house. it's not only impacting the size of your mortgage, it's impacting the size of the house you can afford. it's crazy. >> ainsley: talk about crime in chicago. there is this criminal his name is james killingsworth. and he punched a woman in the face, police say during an attempted robbery. and then he kicked a cop. so he goes to prison for this. and six days after getting out of prison, he does the same thing again. he allegedly punched a woman in the face on the cta, kicked another cop. >> brian: in the groin. >> ainsley: the department of corrections in illinois is not revoking his parole. >> steve: how crazy is this? last month he was sentenced to four concurrent three-year sentences so owe was sentenced
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to 12 years in prison for aggravated battery of a peace officer, theft, attempted robbery, he went to prison last wednesday. but he got credits for the time served and in illinois they have a 50% sentence reduction. so they said, you know what? you can leave today. of the day he went to jail they said you can leave today. and when he wound up doing this again, the judge asked the state how do you want to proceed? you are going to revoke his parole, right? they go no, we are not going to do it. the judge sighed according to the local paper and ordered him to pay a $12,000 bail deposit so he could go home to be monitored with an ankle device. i don't think that ankle device would keep him from punching a woman in the face but it might keep him from kicking a cop in the groin. >> brian: that's why it's so hard to get cops. everyone is quitting. they are turning in their badge. they have no power and then again, they make an arrest, they get beat up and 9 perpetrator is
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allowed out. why would you do that job? take your 10 years, get your health insurance and thrive to do something elsewhere you are appreciated. >> ainsley: the mayor there is asking despite decrease in crime. >> brian: 40%. >> ainsley: current salary $216,000. if she gets this raise, it will be 5% raise of $10,810. that would mean her annual salary at the bottom of the screen 227,000. >> steve: it wouldn't just be the mayor. it would also be the city clerk and the treasurer as well. because in chicago, the alderman, the people like the councilman, they have got this thing where they get pay raises based on inflation. so, they are already to get about a 10% increase in pay. so, the mayor says okay, listen, mine would be capped at 5%. and she says it's not -- and this is the part that is hacking off a lot of people. she is saying that this 5% increase in her take-home pay is
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not a salary increase. she is saying, quote: to be clear, the ordinance that was introduced today would put the mayor and city treasurer and clerk in line with the alderman regarding the cost of living increase. it's not a salary increase. with all due respect, it is a salary increase. >> because your salary is going up trying to keep pace with inflation. but, inflation, obviously, right now at this point is about double that 5%. >> brian: think about this. if you are in chicago, she is running for re-election. this is such an in your face. it's almost as i dare you to fire me. i will dance on television. i will put on crazy videos, i will demand i give -- demand that i get a raise and then i'm going to ignore the fact that overall crime is up 39% in chicago. and nobody wants to live there including the cubs. here is pastor corey brooks on this possibility of this mayor actually deserving the raise she wants to give herself. >> in the midst of crime rising
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to alarming rates, in the midst of a recession and what we're going through in the city of chicago, the murders, the carjackings, not one political figure in our city deserves a raise at this time. these elected officials are giving themselves raise and enriching themselves off the backs of citizens and taxpayers. we need to make sure that they are doing their job and we need to hold them accountable. when they don't do it themselves and we need to make sure that when we go to the voting booth that we make sure that they are held accountable. chicago needs to wake up and say that we need change immediately. >> ainsley: she deserves a raise if these numbers go down. if she cleans up chicago. hike you said earlier. what if we reduced crime in chicago by 20%. she would get a raise be. >> they will change the wording
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some crimes don't count. >> vacate the city to cut down on crime. >> ainsley: also in the private sector if you don'ted me your numbers then you get fired. you don't keep your job. >> steve: they cleaned house at twitter yesterday, just like that. >> brian: stuck with close to $40 million. >> steve: jack dorsey gets a billion. >> brian: how dare they. >> steve: carley joins us right now, speaking of police officers. >> carley: speaking of crime. got some somber news, guys out of nevada. a final farewell today for fallen las vegas police officer ty. shot and killed while responding to a domestic violence call earlier this month. there will be a special tribute for ty during today's funeral procession. 23 thin blue line flags will fly along the route. one for each year of supervisors with the department. alaska senate candidates hit the debate stage less than two months from midterms. murkowski faced off against her two challengers kelly tshibaka
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and democrat on a number of topics including energy, inflation and abortion. >> abortion should not be without limitation. >> i really am pro-choice. i think it needs to be up to the discretion of the individual, not anyone else. >> there is a bill that has been introduced that would set a nationwide it second trimester when the fetus could feel pain i would support a bill like that. >> alaska's high stakes race could decide the senate majority. a common antibiotic used to treat all sorts of ailments in kids is in short supply. three of the largest manufacturers of amoxicillin working with the fda to ramp up production and it is forcing doctors and pharmacists across the nation to find alternative treatment. that shortage comes as a new study finds rsv and the flu can actually fuse together creating an entirely new untreatable hybrid virus. looking ahead, doctors are
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warning of hydrocarbon flu season. and neiman marcus christmas catalog is out and as always there are some real over the top items like this rare cart yea diamond tiara worth $3.2 million. and what about about this all pink barbie inspired maserati suv with a price tag of $300,000. it's one of only 3 suvs made in the entire world. and finally, your very own custom mini golf course created by the sweet tooth hotel worth $200,000. apparently you can get a golf course, guys, in the catalog. >> steve: that's great. they have always had crazy stuff. >> carley: merry christmas. >> ainsley: who can afford it and how do you buy it? you can't put it on your credit card. >> steve: they have a neiman marcus credit card. >> ainsley: that's your limit $300,000? okay. >> brian: doesn't every financial planner say don't get a department store credit card.
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better off putting it on a major credit card? >> ainsley: i don't have them anymore. >> steve: a lot of the stores have perks. >> brian: it's a trap. >> ainsley: cut up your serious card. serious closed. cup every your card. >> brian: definitely not getting a serious card. next year penny's. >> ainsley: that's still open. >> brian: it is? i'm going today. >> carley: >> ainsley: weeks of threats and fears of escalation and general jack keane on the latest war tactics. >> brian: plus, progressives turning a blind eye to tax breaks two years ago amazon would have bought three times as many jobs for less money. we break down the radio silence from aoc ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> brian: russian president vladimir putin continues to deny any threat of nuclear weapons, calling it absurd, really? now vladimir putin is accusing the u.s. of fueling the ongoing conflict. makes no sense. but president biden is not buying it. >> i think he -- if he has no intention, why does he keep talking about it? why does he talk about the -- the ability to use tactical nuclear weapon? he has been very dangerous in how he has approached this and he should -- he can end this all. get out of ukraine. >> brian: joining us now to weigh in retired four star
4:23 am
general jack keane. the president, vladimir putin had his remarks in yesterday. the pentagon released their strategic -- their strategy from here on in and our main threat being china. what was your take away from vladimir putin's remarks yesterday, general? >> well, this was not a rant as the president suggested by putin. this is a carefully crafted speech that he gives every year to foreign policy experts at a think tank around moscow. i read the whole text of the speech. it's a typically attack on the west for sure and for what he believes is imposing on the rest of the world in terms of the rules based order, he is, and hypocrisy of all of this. but i think he is using the speech to actually exploit the political divisions that he sees in the united states and also in europe. europe with the coming energy crisis that they are going to have over the winter time and he recognizes that what has happened here is he is has
4:24 am
brandished a nuclear weapon himself personally to ten use and surrogates. he said no point nuclear weapon no. point for the military to do it. why is he taking such a different public stance and i think he is going after the fact that he sees on the left in the united states and on the right in the united states, some resistance to supporting ukraine. he knows full well that the brandishing of the nuclear weapons and creating fear failed to do what they wanted. what they wanted was stop supporting ukraine and push zelenskyy into negotiations. and freeze everything in place as a result of the cease-fire. that hasn't happened. as a matter of fact, the united states and european nations and the west have increased their support. so i believe the speech, part of it is addressing the different approach to exploit the
4:25 am
divisions and so that the support for ukraine politically dries up. no one pays more attention to the political situation in the united states than putin does. after all, he is constantly undermining our elections and undermining our political process with disinformation campaigns on a regular basis, brian. >> brian: right. so far the actual fighting kherson seems to be going -- the russians just pulling out thereof, a major victory for ukraine. i think you agree with that i understand the ukrainians are having a strategy to knock down iranian kamikaze drones they sent up 70. over 23 were knocked down, correct? >> yeah. the ukrainians are having some remarkable success. obviously many of these drones still get through and people are being killed. that's a serious issue. but, they -- they have been able to knock down considerable amount of them, much to the surprise of the russians, i'm sure. secondly, listen, the russians cannot mount an offensive. and we don't see anything like
4:26 am
that at the institute of study of war taking place. even with the additional mobilization that's taking place. much of that mobilization are bringing in to the fight people who don't want to be there, who haven't received much training whatsoever. and are not going to add anything to the fight that would be decisive. the only thing i think that russians are going to try to do is hold on to what they have. and try to stop the bleeding, brian. and but the momentum is shifting, clearly, to the ukrainians here. they are building up forces to also go into the zaporizhzhia as they are will in the east and eastern oblast as you mentioned and begin to roll that up very methodically. they can fight through the winter when it freezes in december and january, that ground lends itself to mobile operations. so they are going -- they are
4:27 am
going to continue this fight. and that is critical that we continue the support to them. it's a little unfortunate we get things from too late. they have been asking for air defense systems for many, many weeks. and now we have a crisis and they are finally getting them. they need other things to help them with their offensive. tanks, fighting vehicles, artillery, more himars and the army's tactical missile system hopefully we get to them as quickly as possible. >> brian: everyone has an opinion. we leaders explain to us the need to stand up to russia there and what they will do long term. we didn't get that explanation from afghanistan. and now it is a terror haven once again. got make sure r russia does not have success in this theater. general i know you live that every day. thank you so much. always educational to talk to you. >> yeah. great talking to you. a great point you just made. >> brian: thanks. thanks to everyone who came out last night on long island signed my paperback the president and
4:28 am
the freedom fighter abraham lincoln and frederick douglass. i'm going to where frederick douglass called home most of his life rochester, new york. i will be at the barnes & noble. make your reservation brian next week be in scranton. meanwhile on saturday night. please join me on one nation amongst our guests to break down the political battling ground. >> karl rove will separately. michael loftus on making sense of late night television and why greg gutfeld is king and tomi lahren will have the news all coming your way 8:00 and repeated 11:00 saturday night there is no reason to date. you have a show to watch. coming up straight ahead. migrants kicked out of the u.s. building a new home, tent city on mexican side of the border. rachel campos-duffy sits down with sheriffs, borders and representatives ahead of the
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♪ >> ainsley: migrants kicked out of the u.s. are building a huge
4:33 am
tent city on the mexican border in hopes of reentering our country. >> brian: this as a guatemalan official reportedly warns migrant caravans are prepared to flood the u.s. border ahead of the midterms. >> steve: let's bring in rachel campos-duffy along the border prosecute mexico to discuss this. rachel, good morning. >> rachel: good morning to all of you. i have been sitting here all morning sharing stories with these wonderful people and they feel more like war stories to be honest. really quick show of hands. how many of you feel that the biden policies on the border, which you guys call open border policies, how many of you believe it's intentional? >> 100 percent. >> rachel: sheriff, i want you to show you a picture this was taken just yesterday by texas dps about 30 miles away from here. this picture here happens every day, right? >> every day. day in and day out. rach what's your message to mayor bowser, mayor adams, the
4:34 am
people in chicago who are freaking out over the migrants that are going over there, probably this amount in a month? >> basically welcome to my world. come down here and take a look for yourself and see exactly what we are going through day in and day out before you start complaining about 500 people that showed up in new york city. >> rachel: talk to me about the bodies. >> traditionally for the past number of years,e come acros one, twoar thatve died due elet hee case may b last year we h 17. n- is an astl for kinney coun all bodies course we haut t lookt what ig.nd take a one ofdeputies young l childr itedhalf of e de last u train.she ha take that her any to decoms to take care ofer kids. she is vstrong. uldn't wo n ight witt, she is handling it v, well. >> rachel: yeah.
4:35 am
>> when you start talking about the deaths. there is two sides to the story. one of which we have got a body out here on the ground that we need to take care of. somewhere whether it's this side of the riff or other side of the river, somebody is missing a family member and sense of closure that never happens. >> rachel: i heard the morgues are just overrun. don't send us any more bodies we don't have enough room in the freezer. let's talk to you, alison, you deal with this every day. you are a mom. >> yes. >> rachel: you have seen illegal migrants keep up on the windows ofy your home kids can't play outside. tell me about it? >> i have actually caught. i was holding my daughter who was an infant at the time. i actually caught an illegal trying to break into our house. after watching him try to pry open the screen door and appropriate rock to bash it with is when i stopped him myself and held him until border patrol came down. we have had every type of individual illegalwise on our property as far as violent criminals go.
4:36 am
>> rachel: that's to the fair. >> it's not. my kids are being raised to understand that there is bad guys and they can't simply play in their yard or out on the trampoline unless one of them is with them. if it's me i have to be armed because i have coming into the back end bailouts on our property. helicopters flying over our property multiple times a day. we back up to a large ranch that borders the river. they cut drew the ranch and cross the road into our property. they are knocking on our kid's windows at night trying to lure my daughters to the window at 10:00 at night. >> rachel: alison, how far do you have to go to take your kids to the pediatrician because it's overrun in the hospital in your town. >> well, last year when we had the overwhelming amount of haitians under the port of we have here my kids had two month span where they were extremely sick and our youngest needed potentially to have chest x-rays done and we had the conversation with the pediatrician not to bring her to the local hospital because it was. >> rachel: because it was full? >> yes. it was brought up to potentially just dry her to san antonio.
4:37 am
>> rachel: two hours away. >> almost three hours for me to drive her just if she needed a chest x-ray. >> rachel: driving three hours away to get their kids to the hospital. >> yes. >> rachel: john, you are the only one here not from del rio. you come from florida. you are part of the group doing great work cleaning up some of the garbage that's been left behind. what have you seen when you come in to del rio to clean up? >> i mean, you are talking about breastfeeding babies being washed in the rio grande. you are talking about dead bodies. i found a dead body last time i was here doing a clean up in eagle pass. you are talking about the worst things that people can see. and, you know, a lot of these border patrol agents they are dealing with this every single day. morale is in the dump for these men and women. and it's a shame. i'm retired from the army. and, you know, in the service like that, that isselfless, it's all about morale and taking care of each other and having each other's backs. the upper echelons of border patrol do not have the border patrol's back when they stand
4:38 am
here and tell you the border is secure while i'm cleaning up crash and watching a thousand people cross in a matter of, you know, a day. >> rachel: john is one of the people who alerted our own bill melugin about the number of people under the del rio bridge so you have have a r role to ply in that. you talk to me, frank, about the only efficiency that you see is in the processing. >> yeah. so it's become so efficient now with the way that our federal government has placed the infrastructure out of here. they get caught and say normandy, they get bussed a few miles to power flag processing facility about two or three miles. right down the road is the local ngo, mission border hope. so it's get caught, get processed, get taken to a ngo and get bussed into the interior of the country. the operation which i call government sanctioned smuggling after 30 years of border patrol work i know what it looks like. they have become very efficient at it. and it's so clinical now. and the intent is for the
4:39 am
american people to become desensitized to it. that's why we are out here as, you know, american advocates saying, you know, we need help. you can't forget about us on the border regions. but they are efficient at the one thing they should not be, which is smuggling people to the country. >> rachel: really quick, show of hands. houmsee this is an emergency? all right. well, we are going to come back and die a little deeper later on in the show. stay with us. you guys are amazing. thanks for sharing all of this. >> steve: thank you, rachel. so much frustration on the part of the people who see what the government is doing and they are right on the front lines. >> brian: unless the election make them pay the price they are going to continue with this policy and only going to get worse. >> ainsley: absolutely. >> brian: pressure on guatemala to stop the caravan, stop mexico and tariffs all these things work behind the scenes. that's what the state department should be doing. >> ainsley: coming up, progressives turning a blind eye to micron's massive tax breaks when just two years ago amazon
4:40 am
would have brought three times as many jobs for less money. and we are going to break down the radio silence from aoc. >> steve: plus, coverage of fox sports' 25th world series broadcast begins tonight with the houston astros taking on the philadelphia phillies. joe davis will announce his first fall classic. he's coming up right here on "fox & friends." ♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each, with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. at jersey mike's they slice your order fresh, right in front of you. and let me tell you, watching that can send a rush of emotions through a person...
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many. >> steve: you saw president biden was in upstate new york yesterday to highlight micron's plant for a semiconductor facility, which would employ 9,000 workers with the help of $5.5 billion in new york state
4:45 am
tax incentives. but, you know who is notably quiet right now? aoc and other new york progressives who helped kill the amazon headquarters deal back in 2019. that deal actually would have received less tax credits and brought in many more jobs. here to react business and political commentator john burnett. john, good to have you here today. >> good to be here. >> steve: so the amazon plant would have brought in over twice as many jobs at half the cost of this micron plant, which is getting like close to $6 billion worth of tax incentives from new york. why are the progressives so quiet all of the sudden? >> why? because it's midterm elections. they don't want to call out fellow democrats for negotiating such a horrible deal as you pointed out. i think the amazon deal was 25,000 jobs projected. the micron deal is 9,000. so, leave it to democrats to use taxpayer credits right?
4:46 am
to pay more to get less. and to take a victory lap two weeks before the midterm election. >> steve: you are exactly right, john. so, here's the thing. the president is up in syracuse with the governor, the democrat governor and the democrat majority leader chuck schumer and they are all taking a victory lap. look at what we did for new york. cop on, vote for us. there they are right there. and they all want people to think hey, we are on your side economically, this before you go to the grocery store and wind up paying 100 bucks for a half a bag of groceries. >> run down the numbers. new yorkers over the last 18 months have paid more than $7,400 more for basic essentials like shelter, food, energy, transportation. but guess what? the 12 month forecast is expected to actually inch high tore 8500. $8,500. so new yorkers are being crushed while these democrats are taking a victory lap.
4:47 am
>> steve: except aoc she has been very quiet about this. john, before you go, the midterms are coming up in about 10 days, you are very hopeful that the republicans are going to do well and we were just talking about a news item here in new york that democrats in new york are panicking because they have forgotten how to get out the vote on election day because they have taken the democrats for granted for so long. >> look, the inflation, the right of economic opportunities, small businesses are being crushed, right? and then look at the crime wave. people don't actually want to go out and take the subways and enjoy life. that's not new york. so new yorkers understand on november 8th, we need to make change at any point between now and now. >> steve: can you imagine if republican lee zeldin wins what an earthquake that would be across the country? >> it's going to be a reality and wake-up call. >> steve: you are saying it's going to happen. >> yeah, absolutely. you heard it here first. once we get, in i have full confidence in congressman zeldin
4:48 am
soon-to-be governor to actually govern prudently in terms of crack down on crime. bolster business. jobs, and get inflation, at least within new york, under wraps. because it's double digits in new york. >> steve: right. one of the first things he said he would do is fire the d.a. here in manhattan who is soft on crime. >> right. he is already reducing the budget, right, when he does that. >> steve: just like that. john burdett, great having you. >> yes, sir. >> steve: coming up on this friday, teens crisis. trend warning of harsher consequences ahead. jack brewer the advisory group. jack is up next. ♪ .. backed by our price promise every day? lowe's, actually. get our best deals of the season backed by the lowe's price promise.
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the insurance company getenwasn't fair.ity y cablele. i didn't know what my case was worth, so i called the barnes firm. llll theararnes rmrm now the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: across the country kids are adding to america's crime crisis like in this video obtained by the "new york post" reportedly showing a teenage suspect who shot and killed a 15-year-old boy on the subway. it's happening as a former nypd officer warns, quote. the penalties aren't scary for these kids. there is no discipline at home and at school. jack brewer is vice chair of the juvenile justice prevention state advisory group and commissioner on the social status of black men and boys and joins us now and form everywhere
4:53 am
nfl player. good morning to you, jack. >> good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: good morning. if you looked at this, you heard about the 15-year-old shot in new york. philadelphia, three teenage boys last month opened fire near a high school. in l.a., a taken allegedly shot and killed a rapper during a robbery with help from his father. what is happening? >> we have a breakdown of the family here that is really scary. you know, just this weekend, nine juveniles were shot in chicago. 51 people shot in one weekend in chicago. this is an epidemic of proportions that this nation has never seen. we have zero accountability for parents and until that stops, you are not going to see these trends back down. i mean, that's the sad thing about it. you look and i see it in border meetings and i work with these children all the time. but folks never want to talk about holding their parents accountable for their own children. so these kids are going around terrorizing the neighborhoods and communities across america. and so, this is an issue that
4:54 am
starts at home, the vast majority of these children are fatherless. most of them don't have a father at home that will whoop their butt. they go to school. they don't have any discipline. i mean, i have had kids in my program get caught with drugs at school. weed at school. fighting at school. they don't even suspend them anymore. it's like this whole woke agenda has just pled through our substitutions and into our school system and now we are paying a grim price because our kids don't have a fear of god. for you to go up in school and think that you can do what you want to do, have no respect for authority, no respect for adults you don't have a fear of god and consequences. we need to get spirituality back into our children. this secular mentality, those that feel that you need to keep your institutions secular, you guys are the problems. you have to have spirituality in a child so that they have a fear of god.
4:55 am
>> ainsley: i think there are some things i would encourage, of course, all parents, even if you are v divorced. to be voltd in your kids' lives. the god component obviously you and i are close to the lord. that was kept us out of a lot of trouble and make better decisions because we are squared of the consequences and we don't want to upset the lord and we don't want to, you know, or our parents. we have a countability at home. there has got to be more. right? police officers are retiring. they don't want to be on the street. they are scared of being sued now. they don't have the support system. and look at this number. back in last year, 2020, law enforcement agencies made child arrests 424,300 child arrests of which 8% were for violent crime offenses. when you talk to these kids, why do they commit these crimes and what do their parents say? >> it's like they are immune to it. the music they are listening to and the culture that is being promoted around them, you know,
4:56 am
a few month back, two young kids walk into the barbershop next door to our center and shot the barber in the face. so these things continue to happen. and we don't live in a neighborhood that that's bad. these things are happening because kids are losing their fear. and so, you know, when you go to school and you really can say what you want to to a teacher. you can act out and have no consequences. those are children. and so we are allowing this type of behavior we have to bring discipline back in this country and bring the paddle back to schools. >> ainsley: jack brewer, thanks so much for coming on. >> thank you. >> ainsley: done deal elon musk twitter deal complete and he has top executives heading to the door. the lifetime bans that could now be reversed as elon sets the bird free. ♪
4:57 am
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order 11! yes, see you at 11. ♪ 1111 masters blvd. please. that'll be 11 even, buddy. really? the clues are all around us... some things are too obvious to be a coincidence. ♪ >> democrats hoping for a midterm miracle of former president obama heads to georgia. >> herschel walker surging ahead in the senate race. >> our candidates have a better vision. >> you on is this a win? >> elon musk in control of twitter ousting two executives in the process. >> he tweeted that the bird is free. >> it will be tough to make this rocket ship while work but if anyone can do it, he can. >> i'm not joking. >> president biden making false claims about gas price


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