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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  October 28, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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to see philly win. >> bill: i don't know if that pool was approved online. i was checking with treon yachlt >> dana: houston, i don't know what's wrong. why don't people like houston? i remember. i like houston, i guess. the world series is happening on fox. you can see it and we will opine about it. "the faulkner focus" is up next. have a great weekend, everyone. we'll see you monday. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. democrats reportedly are panicking over a senate seat in jeopardy in pennsylvania. the democrat candidate john fetterman against the republican candidate dr. mehmet oz. they are now separated by 0.3%, real clear politics that's an average of many polls. that's what we like to look at. not to just show you the best and the worst but the average. that's the important number. fetterman has been in freefall in the polling for weeks. it's a race which could decide
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control of the senate. i'm harris falker and you are in "the faulkner focus." this had to make it worse. now 11 days out and that brutally awful debate from fetterman this week. now the big guns are headed to the keystone state. his performance there was so challenging for him that those poll numbers we'll see in days to come and watching to see how much it made a difference. i can tell you this, a lot of people have already early voted in that state. president biden, vice president harris are traveling there today. somewhat of a rescue mission. former president barack obama will be there next week. fetterman's campaign needs all the help it can get. senate majority leader chuck schumer caught on a hot mic yesterday sharing his thoughts with the president.
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>> harris: i've been around for such a long time i don't believe that man didn't know he was picked up by the cameras and microphones. wouldn't that be a way to shake up your base and a planned moment? can't prove it. just 30 years of experience. democratic campaign strategists getting straight to the point. fetterman should not have debated. anyone on his team that agreed to a debate should be fired or never work again because that debate may have tanked his campaign. another says folks are pretty much freaking out over the democrat side and let's not forget about the most important opinions. those of voters. >> i saw that john fetterman, he wasn't on top of his game. he absolutely is still suffering from effects of his stroke. i am kind of afraid of that.
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>> we want a guy on top of his game. we don't want a b player in an a game. >> harris: bryan llenas is live for us in philadelphia. >> tonight president biden and vice president kamala harris will share the stage with john fetterman who is expected to speak tonight at the state democratic party here at the philadelphia convention center. after fetterman's campaign distanced itself from president biden they have since made two joint public appearances together since september. tonight's visit comes as fetterman tries to reassure voters after that debate he is fit for office following his stroke. >> i believe and so do my doctors believe that i'll be able to return back to being full back on -- back on 100% as long time keeps going longer and longer. >> biden and former president
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obama will be here in pennsylvania on november 5th. obama notably held big events here in 2016 for hillary clinton and in 2020 for biden with mixed results. two new ads are playing throughout the commonwealth. his closing message is threats to democracy. >> turn a blind eye to white nationalism and conspiracy theories or fight for an america where truth matters. the fate of you are democracy and a woman's right to choose are on the line. i know john will fight for people in pennsylvania. >> bill: former president trump is holding a rally for oz on the same date. the oz campaign said this. democratic efforts to help fetterman there is no distracting from the dangerous agenda as the momentum in the race continues to shift and pennsylvaniaians rally behind oz's message about restoring
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balance in washington. it's biden's 21st visit to pennsylvania compared to three visits to georgia. >> harris: the latest fox power rankings for the senate show it's too close to call. one of you four toss-up races on the decision where the power will rest will fall. will it be republicans retaining their -- democrats retaining their slim majority that they have now or will republicans be able to take it with just a few seats? pennsylvania one of those toss-ups again. reminder these are the most recent rankings which were released before fetterman's debate disaster. so i don't know whether or not the experts think that this will move the needle. they have said it could possibly but so many people have voted already. we'll have to wait to see in our final set of fox power rankings before the vote that comes out tuesday.
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marc thiessen, fox news contributor former white house speech writer and columnist for the "washington post." always good to have you on a fine friday. this is one of the two left before americans will vote in person. you know i don't buy the whole chuck schumer thing. that was like a cry for help. we're in trouble, fetterman was a disaster, somebody go out and early vote. it sounded like a help me sign. >> yeah, it did. here is what voters are struggling with after that debate which is does john fetterman just have cognitive -- just have auditory processing and speech issues or does he have serious cognitive impairment. hard to assess it because he isn't making medical records available or doctors available for interviews. he is telling people to trust him. when people look at that if it's just speech and auditory processing issues most people don't care. if it's cognitive impairment that's a big issue.
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there is a way to find out. if you recall back in 2018 when people were questioning whether donald trump was fit for office he took the montreal cognitive assessment. a 30-question 10-minute test to see if you can cognitive impairment. has fetterman been assessed for cognitive issues that he can't understand the issues and function? that's the issue before the voters. >> harris: i mentioned before his polls have been in a freefall since before this debate. he had that stroke back in may. he clearly has not been transparent with what his health challenges have been. all that aside his policies may end up sinking him. crime is terrific in places like philadelphia. you couple that with all the mystery around his health and now deep questions after that debate. you are right, if it was a
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toss-up before, it is just in the air. we'll have to call it when it hits the ground at this point. the latest fox power ranksings have the arizona senate race also. remember the list of four a toss-up. democratic senator mark kelly's lead in the polls has definitely slipped. now the cook political report has moved the race with blake masters way from lean democrat to toss-up. blake masters joined the "focus" earlier this month. >> we have a wide open southern border, crime is going through the roof in arizona, and all throughout america and the cost of everything you need to live keeps going up and up. what happened? joe biden happened. mark kelly happened. they are joined at the hip. mark kelly supports joe biden's agenda in lock stop. >> harris: when you say what happened, joe biden happened. he is going to pennsylvania. will he help anybody in arizona?
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>> i don't know if joe biden could help. blake masters is helping himself. he got on the debate stage and cleaned mark kelly's clock. it's one of the reasons why he has been gaining in the polls. a couple things are happening here, harris, not just his race. georgia is tightening, pennsylvania is tightening and new hampshire a little bit. a lot of these less than ideal candidates may get pulled over the top by the read wave. one of the things happening is undecided voters are cutting toward the republican party. the second thing happening is mitch mcconnell. he has spent $2 hundred million in these key swing states helping these candidates. trump put the candidates on the republican party. if doug doocy was the candidate in arizona we'd be winning by 10 to 12 points and he didn't spend money to help them. mitch mcconnell has come to
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rescue these candidates with $2 hundred million in spending. if we get the senate back it will be because of mcconnell's intervention. >> harris: one thing we saw the democrats do is run out of people who endorse and help out. you have the fab three now. president, vice president and former president obama coming in in the last stretch here. republicans have had glenn youngkin, former president donald trump. they have had other people to mix in and it has been interesting along with that money that you mentioned. marc thiessen. thank you for being in "focus" to get us led off here. appreciate it. let's get to some breaking news now that we're covering this morning. america's crime crisis has affected the speaker of the house's husband today. police in san francisco say the suspect broke into nancy pelosi's husband's home or their home in san francisco and violently assaulted paul pelosi this morning.
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currently he is hospitalized and they do have a suspect in custody. the speaker's spokesperson says the suspect used a hammer in the attack. jonathan hunt is on our west coast newsroom. the latest on this very frightening and developing story. we're already hearing from people and leadership on both sides of the aisle. mitch mcconnell and also chuck schumer the majority leader in the senate both expressing their thoughts and prayers this morning for the pelosi family. >> everyone horrified by this attack, harris, in which paul pelosi, nancy pelosi's husband, was apparently beaten with a hummer and suffered blunt force trauma to his head and body. sources telling the associated press that the pelosi house was specifically targeted in this attack. whether it was targeted because
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perhaps the assailant thought it was empty and wanted to burglarize it or if it was targeted. f.b.i. agents were witnessed outside. we first heard about this from drew hammel, spokesman for speaker nancy pelosi. he said, quote, early this morning an assailant broke into the pelosi residence in san francisco and violently assaulted mr. pelosi. the assailant is in custody and the motivation for the attack is under investigation. mr. pelosi was taken to the hospital where he is receiving excellent medical care and is expected to make a full recovery. now, speaker pelosi was not at home at the time. she was in washington, d.c. the question, though, as i mentioned, harris, the big question is the motivation here. was it politically motivated?
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we, of course, have seen politically motivated violence across the country particularly since the january 6th attack on the capitol. that's the most disturbing potential motivation but we simply don't have an answer to that. there have been previous protests outside the pelosi's home in san francisco. graffiti was put on that house on new year's day 2021. reaction as you mentioned coming in from across the political spectrum. pelosi's republican opponent for her district this november said this was, quote, an appalling act that deserves condemnation and contempt. no one has the right to violate another's property nor to initiate force on anyone else. the pelosis are neighbors. my family and i wish a speedy recovering for paul and swift
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justice for the assailant. senate majority leader chuck schumer said, quote, what happened to paul pelosi was a horrible act. i spoke with speaker pelosi and carving her my heartfelt wishes to her husband and family and wish him a speedy recovery. the white house released a statement saying the president is praying for paul pelosi and for speaker pelosi's whole family. the president apparently spoke to speaker pelosi earlier today to express his support after what the white house said was a quote horrible attack. he said that he is very glad that mr. pelosi is expected to make a full recovery and the president condemns all violence. harris. >> harris: just a couple of things, and i'm not sure if we have the video or images but you were talking about graffiti in the last couple of years, the house has been hit a couple of times. a man defecating in the
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driveway. you had the words up on the garage that were so nasty that they had to cover them with garbage bags. each section of the double driveway and garage. so this has been a house -- there it is. the images in the bottom left corner. this has been a house that -- it is in a beautiful, very expensive neighborhood and people know who lives there. this time around it doesn't just happen in a vacuum and we can pitch to politics if people desire to do that. i say wait for the facts. but one fact that we know is that crime in that city is off the charts. and that the liberal d.a.'s office, which has now some changing people in it, has been problematic in terms of getting that so-called swift justice. this does not happen in a place where crime isn't hitting everybody. if it has one thing clearly it
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can hit anybody. we'll wait for the motive to come in but those are the facts, too. >> san francisco is a city that is no stranger to violent crime, which has been rising over the last couple of years. so the questions that we need answered here and we expect to get answered in about an hour and 15 minutes when the san francisco police department holds a press conference, we understand from the a.p. it was specifically targeted, the pelosi house. was it specifically targeted by a criminal who wanted to burglarize it and thought the pelosis were not at home or was it specifically targeted because the assailant was politically motivated to do harm to the pelosi's property and perhaps to the pelosis themselves. harm was indeed done to paul pelosi. those are the major questions.
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you are absolutely right, harris. it is not for us or anybody else to jump to conclusions. we'll find out in good time what the motivation was, harris. >> harris: two things. you mentioned the san francisco police will update the media. we know that chief william scott with the san francisco police department says it will happen from police headquarters about 90 minutes from now. great reporting as always. president biden is going stumping for new york governor kathy hochul who is slipping in the polls suddenly. in the process he seriously botched key economic statistics. you can't somebody if you hurt them. who wants to tell him? elon musk wasting no time cleaning house as twitter's new
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>> harris: the slight of tom brady and gisele official. the two have just filed divorce documents in the state of florida. they announced it on instagram. we grabbed that. it was happening as we were going to air a few moments ago. brady's post went first. gisele filed the documents and brady says he won't fight it. both sides were able to reach a settlement before the divorce was filed. and tmz is saying legal teams
8:24 am
are working with the mediator to divide up houses, business ventures and custody of their children. they have two young children together and a little boy and a young girl and then they co-parent along with tom brady's ex girlfriend a son. they were married in 2009. and they started to hit the skids earlier this year when brady at 45 years old shocked the world and said i'm unretiring after he had just retired from the nfl. their divorce comes one day after brady lost his third consecutive game. he is making history. he now leads the nfl in total sacks. it used to be because he was playing so long. the longer he plays, watch out. he has to protect that legacy and not let the negative numbers get too high.
8:25 am
my goodness. he has seven super bowls. attorney mercedes joins us by phone now. are you surprised that almost all this was worked out before they announced? >> smart move on their part, harris. always great to be on the show with you. these are two spectacularly successful individuals. gisele net worth has been reportedly $4 hundred million. his net worth is $250 million. they make 35 to 40 million a year and have two minor children. it was a brilliant and genius on their part to put differences aside, put their children first, understanding that there is no money issue between the two of them. it is splitting assets and looking at it in a practical way. >> harris: i want to get into the nitty-gritty. if she is worth almost twice as much as he is and he is the one who broke his promise so the
8:26 am
reports go that he was going to leave the nfl. she gave him an ultimatum. does he get half her cash? >> depends how they worked it out with the mediator. may have been his intention. talking about a $150 million shortfall between their mutual net worth which is tremendous but looking at his post nfl career. he could be an on air earning $3 hundred million in a ten year contract. what he could lose is if he has an ugly divorce, allegations and it gets ugly then he becomes kryptonite for any network. it was a smart move. even if he wanted to get some money from gisele who is worth more than he is, it wouldn't be advisable in the long term. >> harris: it helps the children, too. that's been the big point for me
8:27 am
throughout this whole thing. we feast off it because they are beautiful and such a magical looking couple and he is so talented and the goat and she was the highest paid super model, all of that. amazing blessings in their lives. but the children are the ones who really capture or have to catch the fallout. legally smart for them to work it out before they announced. the breaking news of tomorrow brady and gisele calling it quits and filing for divorce. thank you very much. now let's move. >> coming here on twitter. i think there is something dangerous when the richest guy in the world controls one of the most important political social platforms in the world. >> harris: liberal media having a little bit of a tantrum after elon musk completed his twitter buy last month and fired several top executives.
8:28 am
jack dorsey got a billion for leaving. don't cry for them. among them the one who permanently suspended former president trump's account, musk tweeted the bird is free but some users predicted doom. this one. i don't think any of us are prepared for how quickly this whole site is about to go down. it is a miracle flames aren't shooting out of it already. really? another with yay man baby with poor impulse control has the helm. "washington post" columnist. like the gates of hell opened on this site last night. my goodness. kelly o'grady is live for us in los angeles. boy, those tweets and people need to step outside a get a little oxygen and life. >> i know, the platform is really on fire today imagining what this new order is going to look like under elon musk. he is giving us an indication of what he is planning and calling
8:29 am
the digital town square. i want to highlight a quote from his letter to advertisers yesterday. twitter cannot become a free for all hell scape where anything can be said with no consequences. our platform must be warm and welcoming to all where you can choose your own desired experience. that last bit is interesting. he wasted no time. kanye wests account has restored. he doesn't agree with lifetime bans. the big question on the table whether president trump will be let back on the platform days before the mid-terms and he responded to the takeover sharing i am very happy that twitter is now in sane hands but he loves truth social. that will be the hard part. pose merger environment are tough. he will be facing a hostile workforce after getting rid of the leadership. expect changes to become clear quickly.
8:30 am
he tweeted this in response to a user saying he has been shadow banned saying i'll be digging into this today. we'll see a lot of philosophical questions. it becomes what content is off limits? i really think it will set the precedent of what we are allowed to say and what role does social media play in deciding that. it is a very important moment. >> harris: thank you very much. you lay it out well. a "wall street journal" op-ed is praising this deal. the headline, elon musk and twitter a welcome declaration of tolerance arrives two years after the companies disgraceful censorship. james freeman said achieving that content balance between liberty and order is an enormous task. if he can pull it off the benefits for our society and public discourse will be much greater. steve hilton host of the next revolution. i've pictured a revolution to be freedom of speech. >> it is amazing when you think
8:31 am
of how things have fallen when we have the conversation and really people out there who think the idea of letting people express themselves particularly on controversial political matters is somehow threatening to democracy. but yet that's what they seem to think. the other hilarious part of all this is the left wing people complaining a billionaire taking over an important media platform. there was nothing about that when the previously richest man in the world bezos took over the "washington post." if there was a left wing tech giant, someone like reid hoffman who puts millions into democratic campaigns. if he was taking over twitter i think there would be a different reaction. the whole thing is ridiculous. >> harris: let me bring up something that i questioned on "outnumbered" yesterday when it was coming together and we thought it might, you know,
8:32 am
happen. kanye west and letting him back on the platform or whatever decisions are made with him, part of what he said was not protected speech. when he threatened to kill people. maybe if he actually were intelligent enough to know it's the defense department and death con three for a stat is what happens with our air force under pressure and in july put into that status because put-in was making threats against ute. he said death con three. was it a killer threat? what was that? that would not be protected speech. how do you see going forward addressing issues like that? i know musk said he wants to do with 75% of the staff. i'm hoping that the staff who are left behind can look out for the moments when those questions come up. >> it is very complicated and
8:33 am
that's the bottom line. making these fine judgments. there are things that are clearly everyone would agree you don't want anywhere near a platform, terrorism, child porn porn and so on. other judgments are not clear. first of all, people talk a lot when discussing these tech platforms the algorithms doing all the work. i started a tech company myself and i know well algorithms are programmed by people and engineers actually programming them that you need to think about. the fact that all these companies are based in the bay area where i live. the people around here reflect the political climate which is overwhelmingly left. a big part of this is going to be the hiring policy. if you still have the algorithms programmed by people whose biases are the far left, that
8:34 am
causes a problem. secondly, advertisers. the revenue for twitter comes from advertisers. a lot of the pressure to take down controversial content in particular during the pandemic actually came -- i know this from talking to some of the people who run the platforms, it came from advertisers, big corporate advertisers. this connects to the whole biden conversation about how corporate america has gone so far left and been indoctrinated by the woke mind virus as elon musk calls it. it's the advertisers, the marketing departments of the big corporations saying to these platforms we don't want our ads next to anything that questions pandemic sponsor whatever. so that's the big question for elon musk because it's a business model. >> harris: that's a really important and great example when you consider where we are in talking about vaccines and therapeutics. we know the dance.
8:35 am
let's move forward. you are always so thoughtful anyway. you went deep there with me and i appreciate that. president biden is botching some statistics on the economy. i don't know we're breaking news here but it is true. it was during a campaign stop in upstate new york while trying to boost the campaign of governor kathy hochul and other democrats. watch. >> president biden: the most common price of gas in america is $3.39. down from over $5 when i took office. my republican friends in congress need to be hoping for a recession. economic growth is up, price of inflation is down. >> harris: according to aaa the average price of gas when president biden took office was $2.39 actually. and today's average is $3.76 per gallon. president biden has been hitting this talking point hard recently. here he is again yesterday. >> president biden: if i don't vote to reduce social security and medicare, if i don't support
8:36 am
that they'll shut down the government. refuse to pay america's bills for the first time in american history. to put america in default. again, read this. that's what they are saying. unless we yield to the demands to cut social security and medicare, they are determined to cut social security and medicare and willing the take down the economy over it. >> harris: first of all, your reaction. >> first of all, this is desperate stuff. there was a reporting just a few days ago that this is all last-minute panic. they realize the strategy they had put in place for these mid-term elections has completely failed. they thought they could ride the abortion ruling all the way to some kind of success in november. it's been a catastrophic failure because in fact around the country people are voting in their real lives. they're trying to scare people by making up claims about the republicans. when you talk about biden with these false statistics that he
8:37 am
puts out there, i mean, politicians have always engaged in what we call spin. massaging the available information to put forward the best possible interpretation. this is beyond that. this is a lie. he is lying about gas prices and inflation. when anyone else would have done that on the other side of the political fence the media would have called it out because it's biden they give him a pass. it is not acceptable. >> harris: i had on kevin mccarthy yesterday and he said exactly what you are saying. put it this way. accusing democrats of telling more lies and that you can read the commitment to america, people can read that for themselves and see that. steve hilton, great to have you in "focus" on this friday. thank you. >> thank you, harris. see you soon. >> you see, the democrat party has walked away from the hispanic community. my father was a democrat all his life and said they walked away from our values. they are no longer standing with god and family and hard work.
8:38 am
>> harris: the biden administration's inflation problem is driving traditional democrat voters to seek out a different party and in this time it's the g.o.p. a new poll finds 40% of hispanic voters and 21% of black voters will go republican on a generic ballot. significant increase of 2020. it found president trump won just 8% of blacks and 35% of hispanics. that's quite a jump. the same poll shows sky high prices are forcing voters to cut back. 61% say they're eating out less. half say they've postponed their vacations and cut back on groceries and driving. those numbers are even higher among latino voters. power panel now, richard fowler fox news contributor, rob smith president of the douglas society and deputy editor of off the press. great to see you both. first of all, how do you defend
8:39 am
some of that, richard? i'm curious to pick your brain on that. >> i don't think it's defense or offense. what the polling says is true. economy is hurting everyday americans. they are talking to likely voters. for democrats, the democratic voting universe is more than just likely voters. it is registered voters. what we saw in 2018 when democrats took control of the house is this. when donald trump was the president is they have to go and expand the voter universe. when you talk to the stacey abrams campaign that's what they are doing. talking to registered voters about the issues they care about. if they can turn them out it will be the ballgame for them. >> harris: i thought you would try to defend the fact you are losing blacks and late latino in owes in your party and you might want to fit to get them back and come up with ideas. i understand how registration works, of course, appreciate
8:40 am
that. but i'm looking at the bigger picture here and it started with trump and now it is exponentially gaining with the republicans attracting more blacks and latinos. rob, i come to you. >> so it's very interesting right now that richard talked about how he has talked to the abrams campaign and all that stuff. when you see the viral video from a couple days ago. their big idea to get to black voters in atlanta was to go on stage at a concert and do a song about abortion rights with lotto. this is what african-american voters are seeing. furthermore, i think there is a fundamental miscalculation coming from democrats and the left that african-american voters only care about protecting our democracy in terms of the voting rights stuff that they want to push. they only care about abortion rights, things of that nature. that's not true. look, my organization the douglas society we do events across the country.
8:41 am
when i talk to african-american voters on the ground they are talking to me about economy and gas prices and not affording groceries. these are the issues the democrats are missing now. >> harris: president biden had a suggestion for people struggling. here it is. >> president biden: p i come from a family when food and gas prices went up. what happened, there was a conversation at the kitchen table. food price is the main driver of food prices is not the price of beef and eggs, etc. it's packaged goods. packaged goods. you'll see people not buying kellogg's raisin bran but other raisin bran that is a dollar cheaper. what's happening, there is real movement >> harris: he really just went after kellogg's. does he realize it? you can see september data showing the increase in food prices, eggs especially notable about 30% more than they were
8:42 am
just a few months ago. richard, you and i have talked about this before. sometimes you get out of touch in politics. is president biden too out of touch to help other democrats at this point? if this is his pitch on the economy, who is he helping? >> look, don't get me wrong i think we have an inflation problem across the board. i don't think it's a democrat or republican problem but it's affecting everyday households. that is the issue voters are taking to the polls and who can involve the problem better. what you see on one side of the aisle is we have a problem but no solutions to solve it. on the other side. >> harris: have you read the commitment to america? >> it just says cutting taxes will solve inflation. that's not a fix. >> harris: turning back on energy, lower the price of gas. go ahead. >> but beyond that if you talk to voters across the country, which i have.
8:43 am
they are going to the polls with more than one issue. they go with inflation but also going to the polls in georgia specifically with the commitment to democracy. >> harris: the border. >> all the issues matter to them. >> harris: usa today polled candidates on a generic ballot. they support the republican candidate over the democrat 149 to 45% down from july when democrats led this 44 to 40%. so they are still separated by the same amount of points but flipped it. "politico" puts it bluntly. democrats debate themselves. why do we suck? this is a quote. and if the party loses the mid-terms there, will be no shortage of i told you so explanations. rob. >> there will be no stories of i told you so. democrats now have the issues they've chosen to make the
8:44 am
cornerstone of the fight for -- to keep the majorities that they have in the mid-terms are issues that the majority of americans really don't care all that much about. when you look at the polling for abortion, it's like 6 or 7. >> including the usa poll that harris cited. >> harris: you didn't get to finish your thought. >> the fundamental point i'm trying to make here is that democrats aren't focusing on kitchen table issues. i would like to ask richard when he talked about republicans having answers to what's going on now. i must be confused. who was in the white house and house of representatives and senate now these are democrats. people see who is in charge and see who is failing them right now. >> sure, rob, that's the good point. >> harris: i invite you another day to come back. great discussion. education is on the ballot and
8:45 am
parents are paying attention. >> we've watched what one party control has done to this nation. a government that goes after parents because they go to a school board meeting. all of that can change in 12 days. >> harris: just one year after the department of justice targeted parents and called them domestic terrorists, still there are questions about how much say parents should have in what their own children are learning. okay everyone, our mission is complete balanced nutrition.
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>> harris: 11 days and on the ballot education, fox polling showing it's a top concern from parents. second place. 79%. but you still don't hear democrats talking about it. now a recent op-ed getting a ton of pushback, the author arguing that it's a good thing parents are not in charge of public schools. here is what he wrote. it's unreasonable for parents to insist that public school classrooms replicate their children's home environment. parents who want to shield their children from exposure to specific courses, books, or points of view have lots of options short of private school. instant backlash as you might imagine. the heritage foundation tweeted no, parents should have a final say in how, what and where their
8:51 am
children learn. another they think they own your kids. and this one, when people show you who they are, believe them. vote accordingly. i think oprah said that or maybe -- tyrus, fox news contributor and author. they showed us. >> you know, since we mentioned the great, i mention when you wear a sweater made of human hair and rose thorns is what it feels like when you hear them talk about education telling parents don't have a final say. since when? this placating to the small percentage of really left leaning liberals in education isn't okay. if that's your belief system that's fine. but the education system is not for that. parents should be able to deal with that. >> harris: do you think it is a paid-for talking point. >> it has to be. >> harris: the unions, the education unions. h
8:52 am
hone -- when democrats aren't talking about it. they don't have their own talking points. >> i'm sure there are fact finding board and committees put together funded to research how important these things are in the classroom. so as long as those dollars are coming in and parents for them are not paying them to do fact finding things on what is appropriate for my child in the place classroom based on my home beliefs but it's unilateral. whatever your religion is, it is the staple thing. you want decorum, responsibility and cored indication at school. that's it. no one is asking for jawing else. >> harris: i want to fill that gap with math and reading and the nation's report card showed how behind our kids are. >> i don't want to worry about the moral compass of our child. that's what parenting is and great when you work hand in hand with your teacher. >> harris: it seems like part of
8:53 am
the deafness on this issue. there are options, private school and short of private school your taxes are paying for public schools nearby your home. it is part of the total experience of living wherever you live. so now you are telling people that without handing them any extra cash they can go find options. >> that comes from an elitist attitude. either he doesn't have children or in a financial situation he doesn't worry about it. busing children to the other side of town so he can golf. someone who lives in the community, i want my child to go to the community school. if i have an issue i look at homeschooling options. i'm able to do those things because i live in a different tax bracket and have the ability to go to this school. my mother didn't have that. i went to the school that was the shortest walk, end of subject. >> harris: the president heading to new york today. however, critics lit her up over
8:54 am
comments at an event, speaking of school, promoting electric school buses, you just have to see it. >> who doesn't love a yellow school bus, right? can you raise your hand if you love a yellow school bus, right? just -- there is something about -- and most of us, many of us went to school on the yellow school bus, right? it's part of -- you know, a nostalgia and memory of the excitement and joy of going to school. >> harris: i mean, clay travis, my goodness, they can't let her talk in public. tyrus. >> no one raised their hand and no one sis excited about a schol bus. no one. why does she do these things? is this another script writer? don't say things you know aren't true. who loves a school bus? the bus drivers don't love the
8:55 am
school bus. >> harris: she said they run on fossil fuels and combustible and not healthy for kids. >> 17 lithium batteries at the bottom of a bus we've seen the problems with severe weather, wet weather we've seen a lot of problems. not a big fan. >> harris: don't be afraid to show them you studied. keep studying. >> harris: "outnumbered" is next.
8:56 am
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some hidden and layered fees. (fisher investments) no. we structure our fees so we do better when our clients do better. that might be why most of our clients come from other money managers. at fisher investments, we're clearly different. ♪ ♪ >> harris faulkner: fox news alert where leaving a press conference this hour after house speaker nancy pelosi husband was violently assaulted in the san francisco home. >> : he is hospitalized, and a half suspect is in custody. the speaker's men said that the assailant used a hammer in the attack, leaving paul pelosi with blunt force injuries. hello, everyone, this is "outnumbered."


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