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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 28, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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immediately explain and tell us whether anyone in kathy hochul's office was involved. we're out of time. we'll be back monday and every night at 8:00 p.m. the sworn enemy of smugness and group think. have a great weekend with the ones you love. see you next week. >> sean: hi. welcome to "hannity." in 11 days, a major choice election for the country and tonight we'll bring you the very latest. we'll have polling, analysis and reaction. j.d. vance from ohio will join us. ted budd from north carolina will be here. bill hemmer will be at the hannity hemmer big bore and we'll have the very latest details on the northern california felon that atalked paul pelosi with a hammer. we begin with the state of panic in the democratic party. they are now petrified by the
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very real possibility that democrats could lose the house and lose the senate, not to mention multiple major gubernatorial races across this great country of ours. this weekend, barack obama, bernie sanders, first lady jill biden are hitting the campaign trail hard in a desperate attempt to salvage some of these races. but not joe biden. the president is just not up to the task. it's more than he can handle at this point in his life, so he will spend the weekend in delaware with his granddaughter. so much for needed rest and relaxation. after all, it was a busy week for joe. public events almost every day. needless to say, the struggle was very real. yesterday, for example, biden seemed to think that he's inherited $5 a gallon gas prices and you the american people should be thanking him for coming to the rescue. he said it. take a look. >> today the most common price
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of gas in america is $3.39. down from over $5 when i took office. we need to keep making that progress. >> sean: so is joe lying or maybe he doesn't have a clue. the cost of a gallon of gas was $2.39 a gallon. it's more than double that in most parts of the country. even the very liberal they said biden fally claimed gas prices were $5 a gallon when he took office. as of late october, gas prices were $3.39, which was also false. as we speak, the u.s. is now barrelling head first in to what will be a debilitating diesel shortage just in time for
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christmas and joe biden seems to have no idea. does anyone in the administration know what is going on here? does anyone seem to care? because almost every single thing you buy and every store you go to is transported by a diesel powered 18-wheeler, this is a major crisis waiting to happen. is anyone surprised? the biden white house, they have now mangled one crisis after another. afghanistan, the supply chain crisis, the baby formula crisis. all of that transitory inflation at a 40-year high. they told us only temporary. here we are nine months later. the crisis at our southern border that gets worse every month. the violent crime crisis and small towns and big cities across the country and of course, their idiotic support for defund. who can forget the oil and gas crisis with biden humiliated on the world stage by saudi arabia
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while draining america's strategic petroleum reserve only for political gain. that will stop the day after election day. joe biden and his fellow democrats want to be rewarded on election day. that would be delusional. in 11 days, you the american people have this critical opportunity to send all of them a resounding message at the ballot box. any new green deal climate alarmist cult member needs to be fired. that means every democrat. here now with the very latest analysis, he's at -- used to be the hannity big board. he took it. now it's the hemmer big board. i give it up graciously. bill hemmer -- >> you called it the hemmer hannity board. that's like h&h, right? >> how about the hannity hemmer board? >> h&h sounds like a clothing store. good evening to you. this is where joe biden is today. average all the polls a prove value rating at 40%.
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that's low. all right? it's tough. i'm going to show you, sean, about what presidents go in to in their first mid-term. he's at 40%. here's donald trump four years ago at 43%. go back further, barack obama, two terms. you know, that second term, so many head winds right now. 2014, 42%. lost 13 seats. this is obama. he's at 45%. lost 63 seats. that's the shellacking he talked about. go back to george bush. head winds in 2006. iraq is dragging on. at 37%. loses 30 seats. four years prior to that, he bucked the trend of political history. in 2002, 67%. he gained eights seats. that is rare, sean. a security election coming out of 9-11. that's a little history that we're trying to examine here. on the senate, we'll talk about this for you tonight. this is our what-if scenario.
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we have rated these seats right now. we believe going to tuesday night, republicans are at 49. democrats are at 47. could change. some of these states may become toss-ups and could be surprises. we believe right now as of this friday night, we believe nevada and arizona and pennsylvania and georgia, they're the four legitimate toss-ups that would decide the senate. here's what we did. what if republicans -- check that. what if democrats have a surprisingly good night on november 8? they take it. maintain control of the senate. they're at 51. what if republicans though sweep all four? they would be at 53. all right? so pretty resounding pickup right now. some people think that they can get the 53 based on some of the media reporting the last week, the polling. watching sean, where the money is being spent on each campaign. republicans are putting money in
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races that you would never expect. democrats are having to spend money in races they never thought they would have to defend before. it's a critical point. speaking of defending and going around the country and figuring out where you make your closing argument, barack obama is on the stump today in georgia. he's there for stacey abrams and raphael warnock. this is astounding, sean. this is .2 percentage points from two years ago. the entire state of georgia decided by fewer than 12,000 votes. barack obama is in fulton county, atlanta georgia. you can see where democrats do well. 70% of the vote, a difference here two years ago in just this state of 242,000 raw votes in just that county, i should say. fulton county. you have to go where the votes are. that's what obama is doing this weekend. a little later, he's going to
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pop up to michigan on saturday. then guess to wisconsin. look at the history and try to see what is moving. this was the deciding vote in wisconsin. 20,000 raw votes statewide. barack obama will go to milwaukee. if i can punch this up right here. just in this -- work with me. it's a substantial difference. you can clean up in milwaukee. because i'm here. pennsylvania. another great example here. i'm obsessed with how you can figure out here now based on total vote couldn'ts, how the margins can be so small. this is pennsylvania. 81,000. look at philadelphia. okay? just in philadelphia, one county, one city, one vote, one election. the ballot difference in raw
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numbers is 471,000. that's astounding. that's what explains why joe biden goes back. why kamala harris goes back. why barack obama goes back. because that's where the votes are. that's where for democrats you determine winners in states like pennsylvania. so crunch these numbers for the next eight, nine, ten days, sean and we'll pick up more patterns on the h&h board. >> sean: it has to be the hemmer board. i can never do that as good as you. >> see you next week. >> sean: thanks. we turn to big polls for republicans. they seem to be surging in every single state. in georgia, herschel walker is up by 3 in a new insider advantage poll on the heels of being up five on the heels of being up 2.4 in the trafalgar
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poll. in pennsylvania, an overwhelming majority of voters believe that dr. oz won this week's debate. no surprise there. dr. oz now is up three points over his ailing democratic opponent, the trust fund brat in the hoodie. that would be john fetterman. get this. look at nevada. we have adam laxalt is up by four in his race. here with the very latest, two of the most accurate polsters in america, chief pollster at the trafalgar group, matt, what i saw that was most interesting, "usa today" suffolk poll showing the people that are breaking late, identified them about 16% are now going overwhelmingly to
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the gop. do you see the same thing in the polls you're looking at? >> i think robert is going to agree with me with this. yes, we see late breakers going republican. but we saw three weeks ago and we said this on your show that we saw a wave developing across this country moving towards republicans anyway. so in a sense, we feel like the story in "usa today" is like playing catch-up to explain why suddenly all the polls are showing republicans winning. we've been showing the republicans gaining in arizona, pennsylvania. even in new hampshire, which could be the upset special of the night. we've been seeing it going on 3 1/2 weeks and seems to keep building. our latest poll in georgia, herschel walker is making incredible moves very late in this race after he's been beaten to death on television with all of these ads. >> sean: that's a state where if you don't get 50% plus one, you'd have a run off on december
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6, correct? >> that is correct. it's still highly possible that he could be in a run-off, although it will be better any time for any republican because they have shortened the time period of the run off so you don't drag on until january. that would be to walker's benefit. >> sean: robert, same question. >> absolutely. that's the one thing that we've been talking about. when we measured these undecideds, almost every time, breaking very much anti-biden. we're not shocked when the undecided end up in the republican column. 60, 70% of undecideds in every race are anti-biden. >> sean: let me ask you both a demographic question and go through the individual races. demographically, i'm seeing it in your polls, robert, i'm seeing it in your polls, matt, but in other polls around the country as well, demographically, we're seeing what i believe to be a big shift in terms of african american
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voters, hispanic american voters are moving in big numbers to republicans. i'll give you two states, georgia and pennsylvania. matt? >> yeah, this is becoming common not just in those states but robert and i both keep getting these cross tabs back. we consistently see where the african american vote about 20% or more are going for republican candidates. when it comes to either hispanic latino or what we call other. sometimes it's 60 something percent for the republican. not always. these are things that we've never seen before. i've never seen republican candidates getting 20% of the african american vote this close to an election. certainly have never seen hispanic, latinos or other races trending republican like i'm seeing in this particular year. >> sean: robert, i'm looking at your poll. i see you're picking up that trend as well. >> very much so. the two states you mentioned are particularly interesting with
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walker doing 23% among black voters. governor kemp is doing 20. what is really fascinating how oz is doing. we have oz in the 30s and the only one in the country breaking 20% with african american women. >> sean: all right. let's go to the states. you can pick any race i'm going to mention here. that's fine. we have marco rubio in florida. take him off the table. i'm not worried about john kennedy, rand paul, tim scott or charles grassley. but we have rubio now up by double digits. i guess we can add him to that list. but we have herschel in georgia against raphael warnock. we have ted budd in north carolina and general bolduc in new hampshire. ron johnson is doing better in wisconsin. we have j.d. vance in ohio. we have eric schmidt in
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missouri. we have in arizona blake masters. we have adam laxalt. then the other races that we're paying attention to like tiffany smiley in washington, joe o'dea in the state of colorado. which ones if you had to pick day 11 days outside the election, which states would you predict go red on election day? >> i think you end up with oz, walker and i believe that masters gets over the hump. i think smiley is in a dogfight and possible. i would give an edge now to bolduc winning. i don't think o'dea gets close enough. >> sean: j.d. vance, you don't worry about him or ron johnson in wisconsin. >> right. >> sean: matt, your take. >> the incumbents, they're all safe. let's talk about some of these other races.
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herschel walker gets in a run-off or wins straight up. arizona masters, four points down two weeks ago for the fox affiliate in phoenix. now it's two points and lake is rising so quickly and so strongly as a republican gubernatorial candidate, i think that could be a sweep and masters could win. laxalt will win. pennsylvania, the bottom is falling out of fetterman's campaign after that debate. you saw a huge move when we hall our poll in pennsylvania for the fox affiliate in pennsylvania. here's the issue. so many people have already early voted and didn't see the debate. oz won the debate 54% to 20% among those that saw it. i don't know. it's a photo finish in pennsylvania partially because so many people had voted before they saw this debate. i think the same-day vote and the rest of the vote will be extremely weighted in the direction of oz after that performance by fetterman.
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>> sean: let me ask you both this. we see that joe biden is hiding out in delaware while jill biden and barack obama are being brought in as surrogates in a lot of the states we're talking about. do you see any impact that they could have on these races. >> no. >> sean: none? simply answer. robert, any impact? >> considering that joe would be a negative one, i'll say zero. >> sean: so barack obama will be of no help to democratic candidates? >> he could in places like atlanta and fulton county. he might increase the interest in the turnout a little bit. the african american turnout in georgia has ticked down in early voting. started out at 36%, which is robust to in georgia, there has to be a turnout of 33%. in today in early voting, it's down to 30%.
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so barack obama has got a lot of work to do to pull these candidates through. >> it's not going to be stacey. if he's going to help warnock, he has a lot to do in a short period of time. i don't see it working. >> sean: robert? >> not to mention so many of these african american voters will vote norwalker and kemp. so you have to be careful who you turn out. when they haven't broken in to 80 yet. 70% of the people are voting for him, and turning him out might not be the panacea they think it is. >> sean: i don't think anybody can help stacey abrams at this point. she's run the worst campaign of any one single candidate this cycle. robert, thank you. matt, thank you. coming up, 11 days left until you the american people go to the polls. when we come back, we'll head to the buck you state and check in with j.d. vance. we'll get the latest on his campaign in ohio and we'll check in with ted budd who is with lindsey graham. they will weigh-in on a race in
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north carolina. that's straight ahead.
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>> sean: this is a fox news alert. i'm maryann rafferty. the husband of nancy pelosi is expected to make a full recovery after being attacked at their san francisco home. paul pelosi has undergone surgery to repair a skull fracture. the intruder sad "where's nancy" beat him with a hamner the couple's san francisco home. mr. pelosi is suffering from serious injuries to his right arm and hands. police are still investigating but say the public is not at risk. >> we're not at the point where we can say what the motive is publicly. but we do know this was intentional. it's not random. we know that.
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>> the 42-year-old suspect being treated in the hospital is facing charges of attempted murder. i'm maryann rafferty. now back to "hannity." >> sean: like we've been telling you, we're 11 days away from what will be the most crucial critical mid-term election in our lifetime. i frankly can't convey the urgency, i feel. anyway, we turn tonight to the great state of ohio. j.d. vance now continuing to gain more momentum as tim ryan, the democrat, is floundering and now voters continue to learn more and more about his extreme record. for example, we see it on the screen. wanting to release prisoners up to a million of them. acting as nothing more than a rubber stamp for the biden agenda. anyway, he's with us now, j.d. vance. he made attempts to try to seem
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more moderate than he is. as i scroll his record, i can repeat it, he is as hardcore left wing as chuck schumer is in new york. have the people of ohio figured that out? >> yeah, i think they're slowly waking up to it. we've been hammering the message. voters are smart. tim ryan has run away from his record so aggressively. he wants to let career fentanyl dealers out of prison, end cash bail. he says he supports law enforcement. this is one of the reasons it's so important for folks to go to the only way we can get the message out is to tell the truth. the guy's record is terrible. it's one of the most liberal records of any congressman. he was a rubber stamp for pelosi. he would be a rubber stamp for chuck schumer.
6:26 pm
>> sean: this is the same guy, that says he's pro police, he called the criminal justice system racist and says he believes in his heart that it's the new jim crow, a new version of it. a guy that also wants to take away people's second amendment rights. so not exactly consistent with conservative ideas. >> no, not at all, sean. in fact, the police here in ohio are very angry and frustrated with tim ryan. the former chief of police in youngstown, the biggest city in his direct, lit into him when he supported all of the craziness a couple years ago, the defund the police and stripping the police of their legal protections. the fraternal order of police normally doesn't endorse first-time candidates but they did endorse me in the state of ohio because they're angry. when the entire democratic leadership was going after the police a couple years ago, tim ryan joined right in. he does what he always does, which is bend the knee to nancy pelosi and because of it, our police are struggling to
6:27 pm
recruit, to retain good talent here in ohio. it's one of the reasons why we have rising murder rates and crime rates. tim ryan didn't do his job. >> sean: let's talk about the state of the race. look, ohio, i think, has been trending more red over the years. the last poll i saw you were up like five or six points. you've been running a consistent race. what is your final closing message in these last 11 days? >> yeah, it's really simple, sean. on the one hand, tim ryan and joe biden had their chance. they delivered high inflation, a wide open border, a lot of fentanyl deaths and sky rocketing crime. i'm a business leader. i'm a successful job creator. it's time to get new blood to fix the problems in washington d.c. at the same time, sean, we're trying to get that message out that tim ryan is not the conservative or moderate he pretend to be. he votes with nancy pelosi 100%
6:28 pm
of the time. we just need as much help down the final stretch. talk to everybody you can, all your listeners, tell people that tim ryan is not the guy he pretends to be and go to if you want to help out. >> sean: thanks, j.d. we'll check in before election day. now we head to the state of north carolina where republicans are standing strong and ted budd continues to expose the radicalism of far left democratic opponent cheri beasley. he has a 4.5% lead. here with the latest in north carolina, ted budd. he brought along his fellow carolynian, lindsey graham is with you. welcome both of you. ted, you've been able to build up a lead. it's gone from one point to two points, now 4 1/2 points. what is happening in north carolina that is bringing you more support almost on a
6:29 pm
weekly basis in. >> sean, thanks for having us. we're all carolinians today. this is about inflation, crime and education. we're talking about the things that the voters want to get better in their life. everything that democrats are doing is making it worse. everything i'm doing is making life better for not just here in north carolina and south carolina but the whole country. and beasley is running from her record. she's defended cop killers, thrown out diamonds for sex offenders. the more we dig into her record the worse it gets. i'm for getting parents a say in their education. we can't let up in the next 11 days. that's why i help everybody goes to and figure out we don't have the tech billionaires but we have you and your viewers on our side. we need help. >> sean: lindsey, used to be democrats would hide their
6:30 pm
radicalism. try to run as moderates. they're not hiding it anymore. you know, the issues come down to radical policies on energy, wide open borders. defund, dismantle. it comes down to woke education versus traditional curriculum in schools. they're saying it openly and no restrictions at all on abortion. they all seem to be out radicaling each other thinking that will resonate with the american people. especially in light of two years of biden? >> they're in a bind here if they don't say the things you're talking about, nobody gives them money. just listen to what ted said about mrs. beasley. she ran statewide and lost by 400 votes. trump won by less than 1 percentage points. ted is running one of the best races in the country. don't let the polls fool you. these people surge at the right time. if they say no to d.c. statehood, is a know to trying
6:31 pm
to secure the border, they'll lose all of the money. so she raised $13 million in the last quarter. ted raised 4. from october 1 to october 19, the last recording period, she raised 5. ted raised 1 1/2. your audience has been incredibly generous. 11 days left. everything he said needs to be in a commercial. i don't know where this money comes from, sean. >> sean: i was going to ask you, lindsey, this is every single state, every race, gubernatorial race, senatorial race. where are they getting the tens of millions of dollars from? has anybody looked into it? >> i sure will. i don't believe this is legit on the up and up. i do know this. the money is real. 13 to 4. he's being outraised 4 to 1. hey has the best story. there's a head wind for democrats. the next 11 days, if he can get the money he
6:32 pm
needs. you have helped herschel three nights ago. you have no idea what your audience did for him. all of these people are being pounded. let's close with a flourish. every liberal is trying to take over georgia, north carolina and florida. i live near these folks. we need conservatives to head j.d. this guy has run the best race maybe in the entire country. he's leading in a state where it's hard to lead. pray, vote and give. >> we're going to stay humble and work hard. go the next 11 days and win this. we need your help at we ask for people's prayers and support and in north carolina, their vote. >> sean: thanks to both. straight ahead tonight, with democrats rapidly losing momentum, they are now turning to their idol, the anointed one is back. barack obama. can he even help any of them at this point? we'll check in with senator ted
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>> sean: he's back, the anointed one, barack obama traveling to atlanta today to try to save the struggling campaigns of raphael warnock and stacey abrams. here's a question the mob and the media will never ask barack obama. does he endorse all of the extreme views of warnock and abrams in take a look at your screen. warnock has often praise for bomb's former pastor, jeremiah wright. he offered praise for the murdering dictator thug fidel castro. let's see. warnock called police thugs and gangsters. he wants to end cash bail. look at the list on the screen. is barack obama on board with
6:38 pm
all of that? if he is, he never told us in the past. now, remember, we thought obama was radical. as it turns out, warnock and obama do have shared radicalism. their love of jeremiah wright and luis farrakhan. so does obama agree with all of the other radical positions? what about the case of stacey abrams? does obama agree with her jim crow 2.0 lies? does he agree with her pushing the mlb all-star game boycott that cost georgia at least $100 million? here we reaction, author of "justice corrupted", senator ted cruz. >> we knew that obama was radical. we didn't see the picture until after the president see with farrakhan. we knew about acorn. we knew about olinsky and frank
6:39 pm
marshall davis. he never took on the positions of these new democratic candidates. will anybody ask them if they support these positions >> of course they won't. because the corporate media is corrupt and they're in the propaganda business. obama is radical. he was radical when he was president. what has changed, the democratic party is so much more radical. back then, barack obama and joe biden both opposed gay marriage. it was a different world. they both claim they opposed socialism. they both claim that they wanted to secure the border. they claimed they supported the police. now who has happened, the democratic party is so extreme, so radical, there's no moderates left. it has been weaponized. i look at your last couple guests. yesterday i was in georgia with herschel walker campaigning all over the state. couple of days before that, i
6:40 pm
was in north carolina campaigning with ted budd all over the state. couple of days before that, i was campaigning with j.d. vance. in all three of them, we're seeing huge crowds. people are energized and fed up with this radical and extreme left wing that is bringing record inflation, out of control crime and open borders and chaos. sean, we'll see a red tsunami in november. >> sean: it's funny you say that. over the years, i've been out on the campaign trail covering campaigns. you can feel it. i knew, for example, when obama was running in 2008, i remember being on stage with bill cunningham. i know you know him, the radio talk show host. we were on stage together. we're like this is not going to happen. this is a disaster. but then on the other side, the flip side, you can feel it when this energy and people are excited about a campaign. i get the feeling everywhere i
6:41 pm
have been -- you're going to 17 states in total, that the energy is high, people are motivated and tired of the failure of buy didn't and kamala harris. >> that's absolutely right. the test that i'm saying, we spent a month doing the 17 state national bus tour. i'm not on the ballot. i'm supporting other candidates for the house and senate and trying to retake the majority and b, make sure we elect conservative warriors so when we have the majority, we do something with it. i'm going to tell you the test. when we talk to reporters, ask yourself this question. is your life better off now than it was two years ago when biden became president? if you happen to be a big tech billionaire or a human trafficker or a fentanyl dealer, your answer is yes and you should vote democrat. if you're a working mom a senior a young person trying to get a
6:42 pm
job, life has gotten much harder and much worse. that's why we're going to see a big election. i'll tell you this week also as you noted, my new book came out, "justice corrupted" how the left has weaponized the legal system. it details how barack obama and joe biden politicize the department of justice, politicized fbi, the irs, the cia and weaponized the federal government to go after their targets. it is dangerous, whether it is the fbi raiding president trump at mar-a-largo first time in the history of our country or whether it's the fbi targeting pro life activists, raiding them at dawn with machine guns drawn in front of their crying kids. it's an abuse of power. this book walks through how this originated under the obama presidency where he took the machinery of government, turned it in to a weapon and now under joe biden it is metastasized and it is dangerous. the book, "justice corrupted"
6:43 pm
walks you through the antifa riots and january 6. what happened? it's the first inside account of what happened that day. i was standing on the senate objection against the voter fraud. it walks you through president trump calling me and asking me to argue the u.s. supreme court case had they taken the case. give you the facts. people need to be prepared to take on the media laws and counter it with truth and facts and substance. >> sean: we won't have a country if we won't have rule of law, equal application of our laws. it goes to the heart of the constitution. last question. when you're out on the campaign trail, you talk about inflation and high gas prices and open borders. you talk about law and order and defund and no bail laws. you talk about woke education versus classical education. which issues seem to resonate
6:44 pm
the most from your perspective being out on the road? >> yeah, the top three issues in the country according to the polling, number 1 is inflation. especially gas prices. people are really hurting. number 2 is crime. crime is out of control. people are very upset about it. number 3 is illegal immigration on all of those. the bad policies are a result of dis disasterous policies. what i talk about in the back is the instances of letting violent criminals go. if you look at what happened this week in the waukesha shooter, this guy was arrested for trying to run down a woman with his car, a red s.u.v.
6:45 pm
he tried to murder her. he went to jail. a george soros d.a. let hem go with $1,000 bail, a slap on the wrist. days later, that homicidal maniac drove that s.u.v. in to a parade murdering children, murdering little old ladies, the dancing grannies. this is happening all over the country and it's an incredible threat to safety and security. people in every state in america want their families to be safe. i think in addition to the senate and house, i think we're going to win some governors races. i think lee zeldin will be the governor of new york state. even bright blue new york is fed up with left-wing democrats who have cashless bail and let violent criminals go. the first responsibility of government is to keep us safe and the democrats have abandoned that responsibility. >> sean: your book could not be any more timely. thanks, senator. wait till you see what pennsylvania voter said to
6:46 pm
circle back jen psaki. we'll show you that and check in with tammy bruce and more. hello, i'm franklin graham. we're in election season and many politicians are promising that they're telling the truth. i can tell you there is one who always tells the truth. that is the lord jesus christ. he said, "i'm the way, the truth and the life, "and no man comes to the father except through me." there aren't many ways to god. there is only one, and that's through jesus christ. god sent jesus to earth to save us from our sins.
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>> sean: all right. brand new msdnc contributor jen psaki traveled to john fetterman's hometown of braddock. by the way, pennsylvania is a disaster, where she was dealt a brutal reality check about the failures of the biden agenda and the administration. take a look. >> what is most important to you when you think about who to vote for? >> as a mother of four children, the jobs. they say all of these jobs are out there. they don't want to pay enough for you to live off of the jobs. so, you know, i'd like there to
6:51 pm
be more jobs available with the flexibility to be able to actually work and take care of your family and not have to worry about choosing one. i need to go back to work but i can't afford to pay for child care. >> thank you. being a mom of four is not easy. >> probably not the answer you wanted. >> here with reaction, fox news contributors tammy bruce and ari fleischer. it's interesting watching that from jen psaki, tammy. what are your thoughts? >> i think her getting that job will help her understand what america is going through. if you're just in an air conditioned suite, you're hanging around the table with the politicians, you get locked in that bubble. she's now getting a pretty good idea of what americans are going through. what is interesting is that i don't know why the democrats are worried about losing the house and the senate. that will help america. if they want any chance to survive in 2024 and even keep
6:52 pm
the white house is if their policies are stopped. this is the only thing that they can hope for, is that the republicans come in and get this country back on her feet, create the jobs. that one was talking about that job and raising family on. those were the donald trump jobs. the real career jobs that we had. the best economy in the history of man kind. they threw it all away over the lies and the promises that were really meant to not be kept about coming back to normal and everything will be fine. now they have realized that they were taken for a ride. so the democrats in fact, every grass roots democrat as we see from this red wave and this trend we're coming up to, understand that if they care about their future and their family's future and their jobs and crime ending or certainly getting better and there being
6:53 pm
real justice, it's about voting for republicans regardless. it's a two-year stretch for governors. we've seen the abuse of power that happens with democrats. everyone understands now this is about life and death and the future. it's not about mean tweets. it's not about a personality. it's about policy. this is what is destroying their lives now. jen psaki is getting the education of a lifetime. she should start to acknowledge that this democrat party is a failure. it's going to be a marginal party and ruined people's lives. >> sean: ari, it's not or first rodeo. we've been friends a long time. tammy, same thing. i've never seen so much damage done to the country in such a short period of time. in this case, you know, 20 months. the damage is real. i'm seeing the energy on the ground, people want change. they're unhappy with what has
6:54 pm
happened to the country in the short period of time. >> yeah. here's the historical trend. republicans were the victim of it in 2018 in trump's first mid-term. barack obama in his mid-term election in 2010. what happens here towards the end of the campaign is the undecideds and independents break. they're overwhelmingly breaking against the party in power, joe biden and the democrats. that's why the senate races are moving in the direction of republicans. that's why every prognosticator has increased the number of republicans that will pick up seats in the house. this is an unmistakable mid-term wave. the only question is how big will the waves be. with the democrats going for them in august, long dissipated in terms of joe biden's approving job numbers, the problem remains and this is what jen psaki can't get her arm across, her boss. american people are commonsensical. they want to swing away from
6:55 pm
what they've seen with joe biden. >> sean: everyone says it's biden. but it's biden and the new green deal party, socialist party that they have become. the party has been radicalized. it's almost everybody. >> sean: sean, i think one of the biggest factors, you talked about it with some guests, one of the biggest factors is the black vote. every thyme awoke democrat says a man can have a baby, they lose more votes. >> sean: can you prove otherwise? i never thought the halls of congress would debate whether or not men could have biological children. i never anticipated that. thank you both. >> they're killing their own party with nonsense. >> sean: even barack obama referred to that. ari, good to see you. tammy, good to see you. more "hannity" after this.
6:56 pm
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7:00 pm
>> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have for this evening and set your dvr so you never ever miss an episode of hannity and monday we'll be eight days away from the midterms. in the men time, this friday night, let not your heart be troubled and laura ingraham, "the ingraham angle" is next. see you back here monday. >> laura: this is the ingraham angle from washington tonight. thank you for joining us. let the melt down begin. that's the focus of tonight's angle. they're desperate, i'm telling you desperate to find any edge on republicans as midterms approach. in the aftermath of this hideous attack on paul pelosi in their san francisco home, of course we hope and pray for his full recovery from this