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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 30, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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♪. rachel: good morning. what a beautiful shot of philadelphia this morning and i am back from texas and happy to be back on the couch with my friends will and pete. good morning.
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pete: good morning, good morning. >> so great to be back. will: it is halloween on "fox & friends" this morning. we will be dressing up a little later in the show dressing up in our costumes. pete: how much input did we get into your costumes? the answer is zero. there is a little bit of confusion about who is what. rachel: i saw your outfit, they told me it was mine. i was like, how am i supposed to wear this? it was huge. they're like, then later on it was figured out that actually that was your outfit. pete: okay. i haven't even seen mine. will: i think i know what pete will be. i can't imagine you being that. [laughter]. by the way there was, we had a halloween parade, dog costumes. pete: was it a parade? will: it was not a parade. pete: may have been described as such. rachel: there is rachel's hunky boyfriend, our producer. will: her dog flapjack.
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rachel: her dog flapjack. will: didn't win. we had an instagram poll which dog had the halloween costume. the dog named tucker, dressed as tucker carlson, won our contest. rachel: kind of unfair. tucker is going to win on fox news. will: that's true. pete: it is not unfair. it is smart. if you're coming on fox, you're going to dress your doing up, dress him up as tucker you will win. will: is the french bulldog the right dog for tucker. rachel: he likes hunting dogs. pete: french bulldog. you know the types more than i do. will: all i'm thinking about what kind of dog you are. rachel: that is a great question. what kind of dog is pete? will: he is like a lab, golden retriever, no doubt about it. all american.
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let's go do it, guys. whatever it is. greatest thing in the world i'm all in. rachel: tennessee. [dog barking] pete: we know what you are. rachel: i'm a chihuahua. of course i'm a chihuahua. pete: will, you're self- self-obsessed. will: guise you know what i am. pete: you study breeds. rachel: you would know what breed you are. will: i'm on my second doberman. rachel: you were not adober man. you're not adober man. pete: he is not a poodle. will: labor doodle? rachel: you're a lab. probably a lab. i agree. will: that is hard-hitting news you got this morning. pete: halloween. rachel: are you a black, brown or white lab? like no, ma'am answering that. yellow by the way. seriously, in wisconsin,
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madison, wisconsin, was scheduled to speak. matt walsh, famously what is a woman from the daily wire. he was scheduled to speak. this is the reaction he got. protesters there on monday, not happy that matt walsh was scheduled to speak. take a quick watch and listen. >> regardless what conservative speaker we bring to campus the left always seems to be outraged and they always seem to lose their minds. they never come to the events to ask questions in the q&a line. they resort to tactics like this like eating a bible. they spray-painted the building you see behind them the morning of the event. administration decides to put out a statement to call our speaker harmful before he speaks on the campus, the administration didn't put out any statement they say standing with conservative students after an actual hate crime was committed against us the morning of our event. hard to feel safe sometimes when the administration doesn't seem to back free speech all the
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time. pete: that is harrison wells. he is a junior at uw-madison, one of the chairman of young americans for freedom who hosted the event and you heard it right what he said. one of the protesters outside the event grabbed a bible from a student supporting the event, didn't just, desecrate it, but proceeded to eat pages of that bible as a presumably, some form of a protest. so, matt walsh, later took to twitter, laid out the stakes of what a demonstration like that says. he tweeted this. he said, you can be on the side that eats the bible and castrates children, which is a lot of what his film, what is a woman is about, or you can be on literally any other side but that one, your choice america. sometimes they expose themselves for their own extremism, yet again here they do it at wisconsin. rachel: there is reason why they call it the republic of madison.
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it is, that university -- pete: that is the eating -- rachel: look at that. pete: individual. rachel: this campus is crazy and matt walsh also talked about how it's the cowardly administration that he was most shocked about that they enabled this. that they you know, came out and made the statement, not, you know, that this is bad before even speaks a word. this is the kind of stuff that is happening. i think what is really important to note that is a lot of tax dollars are going to this university. you're paying for this in wisconsin. will: there was a ton of vandalism as well. graffiti and spray paint all over monuments. pete: matt walsh is a nazi. there you see some of it. will: university of wisconsin-madison had to say mostly about the graffiti and that vandalism, the university is deeply committed to the right of free speech however criminal damage to the university buildings or spaces for any reason is unacceptable and will
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not be tolerated. pete: talking about the free speech of people that did that, by the way. that is what they're referring to, not deeply -- they condemned matt walsh from the administration before even showed up, putting their thumb on the scale exactly where they stand. then they ultimately have to say something about this because shouldn't be allowed although that is what antifa, black lives matter are doing with no consequences, so why can't it happen on college campuses. and -- rachel: never mind by the way matt walsh is standing up for women, defending our gender against people who think that our gender is a costume they can put on. it's not. it is, it is an immutable thing about yourself and you know, these students are upset that he is saying the truth, that he is following the safe ends when it comes to biology and they just don't want to hear his point of view. pete: 2022 america, saying that a woman is a woman an a man is a
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man gets you bible eating at the university of wisconsin-madison. will: insanity. pete: amazing. we have a lot more stories this morning including this, russia suspending its participation in its green export deal with ukraine -- grain. will: sparking fears of a global food crisis as winter approaches. >> very serious story. lauren blanchard is live in washington d.c. to tell us more about it. good morning. reporter: i had mated call to indefinitely suspend the grain deal after a drone attack on the black sea. it is called the black sea grain initiative brokered back in july through the united nations. it allowed ukraine to use black sea shipping ports to ship grain, wheat, other by-products. moscow had expressed concerns with it, they claim their fertilizer exports have not been
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allowed. russia blames ukraine for the drone attack. they say this is false pretext for the russia to belong the grain ships. as winter approaches the u.n. said 47 million people are in acute hunger in the region. the exports from ukraine go all over the world. cutting them up will drive up food prices yet again. secretary of state antony blinken said this, quote, any act by russia to disrupt the critical grain exports is essentially a statement that people and families around the world should pay more for food or go hungry. in suspending this arrangement, russia is weaponizing food in the war it started. over in prague on friday thousands protested the center-right government leadership and called for earlier elections. the demonstrators want direct talks with russia to ease sky-high energy prices. as for the grain initiative, the u.n. secretary-general is urging russia to come back to the table and extend the deal in order to keep food and fertilizer exports
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moving. will, rachel, pete. will: thank you, lauren. >> this is one of the most underreported stories that is out there right now. i think it has massive implications. we already see europe. we're not getting enough news what is happening in europe with the energy prices, with food shortages and bread prices. people can't afford bread because the prices have skyrocketed. many bakeries have shut down because they can't make a profit, because their, the materials they need to make the bread have gone through the roof. now you have this situation. you saw antony blinken talking. all of the people before this war started understood what the implications were for the food supply in this went, did not go the way they wanted it to go and they have refused to negotiate a settlement and there are many europeans that, the protest that you saw there earlier, in her report, were europeans saying we
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want a settlement to this, this to war we want to live, we want to eat and they know what is looming here in this case. will: yeah the reverberations of this war, to your point, rachel what is the conclusion of this war? is the ultimate conclusion of this war the unstated goal? i don't know we call it unstated, regime change. rachel: that's what they said. will: the absolute defeat of russia, not just in ukraine but in russia? the regime change. what is the risk, the risk/reward of that when you're talking about fuel prices, grain, food supply. obviously nuclear threats across the globe. rachel: and that. right? pete: yeah. there is no plan other than that when you actually look at it. will: regime change? pete: yeah. from the hawkish left in america today which sees putin as an extension of trump effectively, that is participate of their derangement around this war.
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the whole idea they're defending nato is gone. that is straw managerment. that was from the beginning. nato is not under threat. putin can't take ukraine. he is not taking europe. the idea that is part of the rationale is gone but you still hear it time and time again. rachel: pete, what should happen for you because of your military background? pete: i don't know it is one of situations that feels entrackable, because of incentive zelenskyy has, continue it, get as many weapons as possible, regain as much territory as possible and incentives to say this fight is existential for him. i think some sort of a bad event that would allow putin to pull back, declare victory on a portion of the eastern side of ukraine is probably the best-case scenario. meaning there is some sort of a -- rachel: you're saying there is a potential -- pete: i don't know what that eventuality, but somebody has to create an event that provide cover for them to say they won
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even though they lost. will: right. pete: it gets carved up and there is some sort of negotiated peace. rachel: i am intrigued that we explore on this show some other time what are the incentives for the elites driving this war? i want to understand more deeply what their incentive is? it could be this trump thing. pete: no, i think at a higher level fighting putin with the puppet they made trump. that is one person you're happy to go to war with. rachel: right. turning now to the headlines beginning with a fox news alert, a tragedy in seoul overnight as a deadly stampede leaves more than 150 dead and dozens injured. officials say a sudden crowd crush in a narrow alleyway left people no room to escape. the cause of the surge still under investigation. the president of south korea already declared a national mourning period. high school football players are taking a stand against their school's ban after thin blue line flag. the team displaying the flag at a friday night game despite the
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explicit plan to put it in place by the southern california school after one local called it the pro-police flag, he called it a pro-police flag and said it was racist. the tradition of carrying the flag on the field began after a shooting on the school in 2019. in honor of the quick work of the first-responders on the scene. pete: we forget that. rachel: we wouldn't want to honor that. a new survey ranking the worst halloween candies. candy stores find circus peanuts are most unpopular candy. candy corn, peanut butter kisses, neco wafers and wax cola bottles. i always liked the bottles. will: i don't like those. they're not very good. rachel: for the most popular halloween candy according to pollsters. reese's peanut buttercups always wins, number one. those are the headlines. will: yeah, absolutely. what do you think? what do you got going on?
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rachel: oh. pete: i don't know. we have a new friend on the couch. >> that is very cool actually. i love that. will: showing there are no strippings attached. pete: yeah. will: that's it, hr violation. [laughter]. not my hand. rachel: it is harvey weinstein. [laughter] i don't like that. pete: not wrong. will: don't take it one more step further. pete: always count on one more step. always count on one more step. rachel: what is your favorite. pete: my least favorite swedish fish. will: i love them. pete: no taste. will: i love them. pete: i love swedish, scandinavian. i love gummy bears. swedish fish are tasteless. will: you're so wrong. like all reds in gummy bears.
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pete: favorless. rachel: i love whoppers. whoppers are good. will: skid skittles. rachel: they are one of the most expensive candies now. that is gummy bear. i will take a whopper. i will take your tease, will. you go ahead. will: coming up obama is back and desperate to keep gretchen whitmer as michigan's governor. >> i can tell you what gretchen whitmer is obsessed with. she is focused on fundamentals. that is what you want from a public service. you don't want a lot of, wild, crazy talk. will: but her opponent tudor dixon said michiganders are tired of democrat nonsense. rachel: plus, owe goard a massive pumpkin is about to be the world's largest
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come and get me. [ heavy breathing ] [ grunting ] ♪ >> now i can tell you what gretchen whitmer is obsessed with.
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with all the noise, all the nonsense going on out there, she is focused on the fundamentals. now gretchen's opponent, her plan would slash billions of dollars from education. so her plan would slash billions from the education budget, change michigan's constitution to allow taxpayer dollars to go to private schools. that is what you want from a public servant. you don't want a lot of, wild, crazy talk. will: former president barack obama hitting the campaign trail for michigan governor frenchen whitaker, lead over republican opponent tudor dixon shrinks and democratic anxiety grows. fight fight latest realpolitiks average, the incumbent 3 point advantage, within the margin of error. rachel: here is michigan republican candidate, tudor dixon. great to have you here on "fox & friends." sounded to me like obama did a commercial to you, he called
4:22 am
concerns of michigan people nonsense, crime, inflation. he also brought up school choice which i would imagine after what gretchen whitaker did during covid, that that might actually be a very popular idea now in michigan. >> this is a new theme of the democrats to mock parents in the state of michigan, parent who are desperately concerned about learning loss, what is happening in the classroom right now, while he stands in a city that has lost three decades of reading progress because of the policies of gretchen whitmer. he mocks the idea of making sure parents can have a decision-making power in whether or not their child gets educated. let me remind you in 2019, gretchen whitmer was sued by students in detroit because they said she violated their civil rights, not allowing them to achieve literacy. they stand there and mock education? after having the boss of the national teachers union there
4:23 am
introducing them and lieutenant governor said, we know when we talk about education, the first thing we need to do is take care of the adults. this is what the democrats are peddling now. pete: tudor, they're peddling your opponent in the debate i believe, gretchen whitmer claimed that there was only a lock down for three months, kids were only out of school for three months. you're fighting a total rewriting of history on her record as well. >> absolutely true. yes, that has been shocking as i've gone around the state because we had schools that were closed in january of 2022 of this year. in fact detroit was one of those. so they stand in detroit say they're taking care of students when they still had schools closed this year, which is outrageous. that is coming directly from the partnership with the teachers union that has poured a million dollars into their campaign. she lied multiple times on the debate stage. she got fast he frazzled, she
4:24 am
didn't know how to come back. she even mocked parents on the debate stage who are concerned about these radical books and sex and gender theory in our schools. that has parents really fired up in the state of michigan. they want to make sure kids are getting back to the basics. owe said they want to get back to basics. we want children to read, write, do math that is the focus of my campaign. that is what we bring back to the state of michigan. will: tudor, is this a number one issue for michiganders? it was for glen youngkin, and immigration is number one issue in new york, it is crime what is the number one issue for michiganers? >> education, the high cost we're seeing. gretchen whitmer, i called her out on that. she had the opportunity to give people of michigan a child tax credit to reduce the personal income tax. she twice had the opportunity. to reduce the retirement tax. all three times she vote toyed.
4:25 am
i vetoed them because you wouldn't get them until spring of 2023. imagine that you would get them a few months from now we're in full-fledged recession. she decided they wouldn't get that in your pockets. rachel: no governor took more glee in tyrannical covid policies. i don't think michiganders will forget about that. you will be on the campaign trail. you will be joined by who, tulsi gabbard? >> we have tulsi gabbard out here today. she is talking about exactly these things. the reasons she left the democrat party really has to do a lot with family. that is our focus here in michigan, forging a family friendly michigan. she talked about that, not wanting to take a family voice away. we're grateful to have her. ronna mcdaniel is here as well. we're out on the trail. for the next nine days we'll not slow down. we're going to take our state back. will: tudor dixon, thanks for
4:26 am
jumping on our show. nine days before the midterm. pete: all eyes on michigan. that race is tight. rachel: tulsi gabbard running around with republicans. pete: tulsi gabbard, ronna mcdaniel on the same stage. >> it really does. will: crime is a major issue ahead of next week's midterms. of the pete goes off the wall on the outrageous moments just from last week. they all have one thing in common. that's next. luxury exemplified. innovation electrified. with apple music seamlessly integrated. the all-new, all-electric eqs suv from mercedes-benz.
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4:31 am
so let's go off the wall to see a few of them. will, the first one starts in chicago. will: this is all just from this week. in chicago a car care business owner went inside of his business. left the front -- unlocked. would conduct a virtual meeting. he looks up, this man comes in with a gun. he does something people increasingly going to be apt to do, he fights back. pete: yeah. he lungs at the gun, when you watch the clip. somehow it appears the gun misfired or did not work properly. i mean watch this, he has a gun waving at his face. his door was unlocked. will: jamminged. pete: he is trying to rack a round, he can't. he realizes that is the opportunity. by the way this individual pointing a gun at somebody else still at large, which is often the case in a lot of these situations as well. probably has previous criminal
4:32 am
record, still at large. this guy acts on his own. will: new york city, we've way too much of this over months and this week. we saw another subway rider pushed on to the tracks. this time a 32-year-old individual who has been riding the subway, pete, since he was in middle school. pete: his entire life. no reason to think otherwise. 32-year-old, i don't know if he have his name, lifelong new yorker. this guy eyeing him up, looking for a target, wearing a mask. he tees off. will: randomly. pete: they don't know each other at all. what do we know? this individual had already done 20 years behind bars for attempted murder. so as we often see in these cases, plenty of prior criminal record. will: the victim, he survived. was not hit by a train. broke his collar bone. he was injured. we're seeing way too much of that exact type of crime in new york city. pete: eric adams says it is safe. will: statistically, no big deal. this is not something you see every day.
4:33 am
this is in pasadena, california, a woman attack as home with a grandmother babysitting an infant just on the other side, attacks it with a pick axe. she is going at the windows, window by window attacking with a pick axe. pete: yeah. likely some mental health issues, we're told, in this particular case. by the way there was a baby behind one of those windows that apparently, the grand march pulled the baby from underneath the window before it was smashed. again unprovoked. no connection to the people inside. the mental health, and, at least in this case we know who the perpetrator was. will: she walked away with the pick axe shrunk over her shoulder, saying question, questions, i will be back. get out. wow. pete: speaking of get out, go down to new orleans where carjackings are on the rise. this video of a woman who is walking out after building,
4:34 am
locked the gate, getting into the honda crv, a man who has been hiding in the bushes jumps out, grabs the car, punches her as you just saw. jumps in, steals the car, carjacking way up in new orleans. will: this man is still at large. the suspect has not been caught. you point out, these carjackings on the rise. this woman totally unsuspecting as she pulls out of the driveway, whacks, her, assaults her, pulls her out of the car. pete: the vehicle was found with a flat tire four hours later, taken to a tow yard. as happens in minnesota, new jersey, happens across the country. he is in the bushes, think about the fear, terror of your own neighborhood, the middle of the day, carjackings way up. it's a crime that doesn't get reported enough. will: tuesday, all of these just from this week from all across the nation. you can see why americans are
4:35 am
ready to do away with poll is leading in rising crime. making their voice heard in the coming weeks. pete: totally random. could be anybody. fear is so important. often no arrests, no consequences, which means the perpetrators feel like they can pull it off, do it again. will: up next as protesters worldwide push for change in iran the biden administration is still having nuclear talks with the country. former state department spokesperson morgan ortegas said this is no surprise. this is basically the third term of obama. she is next as "fox & friends" weaken continues.
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♪ pop rock music ♪ >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪. rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." the biden administration is still negotiating a nuclear deal with iran despite deadly protests across that country. anti-government demonstrators receiving a new warning yesterday from iran's government, joining us now, former state department spokesperson morgan or take -- ortegas. morgan, thanks for joining us. we'll crack down harder on you. yet our administration refuses to end this iran nuclear deal. also they're still buying oil from them. at what point do we say there is blood on the biden's hands, on the biden administration hands for this? >> there is almost no portfolio the biden administration has not mismanaged more than the middle east. i will remind you, rachel, in
4:40 am
the trump administration, in the final months of the trump administration we negotiated the abraham accords which were four peace deals between israel and arab states, the first in 26 years. we handed those to the biden administration. we also handed them the maximum economic pressure campaign against the islamic republic of iran. they have spent almost the past 19, 20 month, begging pleading, cajoling this regime back into the failed deal that trump withdrew from the first place. what's happened? what is really fascinating is that the iranian people, they're the ones that have rejected these overtures, right? the iranian women we see on the streets, in the sixth week of protesting, i was seeing on university campuses the students were chanting to the iranian authorities, to the religious police, you are our isis. the i.g. c which we and trump administration designated as a terrorist entity, they're telling the people, they're the security forces in charge of
4:41 am
everything, they're telling iranians you will not be able to protest anymore. essentially we're going to crack down. i don't think the iranian people will stand for that. there is a revolution happened from these young women after they killed massa, and you're seeing it every day by the way. young woman as you show are cutting off their hair. they are losing their lives, being killed by the religious police of the crime of showing their hair. rachel: we have to make the point because it is happening, that this government, this, our government is empowering them. this is moment where they could be, the iranian regime is weakened, the people are against them and funding them at precisely the wrong point. >> yes. rachel: in our country feminism is the right to kill your own offspring. these are true feminists, leading a revolution that we never thought we would ever happen on this scale.
4:42 am
>> that's right. rachel: they're so brave. they're cutting their hair. risking their lives, all for freedom and basic human dignity? >> yeah. this is classic obama-biden administration foreign policy which is they tweet and they offer a lot of hashtags, rachel to say that they support the iranian people but when ever you are negotiating and giving billions of dollars if not a trillion dollars of sanctions relief over a decade to the very on press source of these women, you can tweet all the hashtags in the world that you want. if you're empowering your oppressors to crack down your foreign policy isn't working. >> the hashtag save our girls, not doing anything about islamic terrorism when he was in office, he and his wife. anyway, let's move on because you are on the campaign trail. you're campaigning for candidates in georgia, in nevada, in florida. what are you hearing?
4:43 am
because you're so solved in foreign policy, through your experience what are you hearing as you talked about every facet of of our administration's foreign policy just being a disaster? >> you know, rachel, i have had the privilege since august going around the country, doing these events with candidates. i took nine woman who are running for congress to the border. in august i was with oz, herschel walker, with blake masters in arizona and nevada with adam laxalt. in north carolina, you name it, yesterday, last night i was in florida with two women running for congress, paulina luna, paula lee, i do events where nothing about foreign policy, not a rally, what you see on the typical campaign trail, it shows me how hungry people are, to learn what the new congress can do if the republicans which i think they will regain power in the house and senate, how we
4:44 am
hold biden and his team accountable. there is essentially no oversight of their foreign policy, just what we talked about with iran for example, no oversight by the congress. these new members are going to do so. rachel: yeah, thanks for bringing light to this issue in iran, morgan, we really stand with those women and we're glad that you're out there being a voice for them. >> absolutely. rachel: at least here in america. thank you, morgan. >> thanks, rachel. rachel: you got it. will? will: thank you, rachel. begin with headlines with this the owner of bison coffee house in portland, oregon remains resilient after her shop was vandalized over a planned coffee with a cop event. >> i choose not to live in a life of fear. i still got busted windows. my shop is not together inside but the support of the community and of the people have been way bigger than what they did to me. will: loretta guzman says, police officers and random strangers offered to help clean up walking by her damaged coffee
4:45 am
shop. number four ranked michigan takes down rival michigan state. look a postgame fight grabs the headlines. after the game several michigan state players were seen shoving one michigan player in the tunnel. michigan's athletic director calling it completely, utterly unacceptable, providing details to law enforcement. it is unclear if michigan state players were charged. the michigan player could have suffered a broken nose. ugly video. the world's largest pumpkin carves its way into the history books in minnesota. i guess he has a name. maverick weighs in 2550 pounds, winning the world championship pumpkin layoff earlier this month. the pumpkin could break the guinness world record as the largest jack-o-lantern. the owner of maverick finished the majestic eagle design. pete: shout out to the anoka
4:46 am
tornadoes. we used to play them in high school. that is where the pumpkin win. will: we're celebrating all weekend on fox square. rick: with all the trishes and treats to throw a spooktaclar halloween party. >> you did it up. >> we had to. morse costume sent this incredible guy. the halloween costume association were able to send this to us. great hearse from the paranormal museum. i made it real. high, rachel. rachel: you look fantastic. >> first up, talk about decor. we'll have a lot of save national the next two days because of it. obviously the holidays are winding down. these were incredible inflatables. i lost one. it looked great a second ago. i found these. shirk found halloween essentials.
4:47 am
they were $60. got it for $15. the fogger 14.99 at walmart. this tells you where to get the best deals at anytime. will: nice. >> get to entertaining. first up i like taking things in the grocery store making them spooky. i don't want to spend my holiday cooking everything else. this is gordo queso recipe style dip. this is rick. this is so good. mess them up. >> there you go. >> i took bean an piped it in here. made spider webs. >> that is good. >> that is exactly how you do it. thank you for doing it. you know what i wanted. pete: only got a minute. >> this is farm rich. fill your kids bells up with yum-yums. these are witches fingers. monster little heads. rachel: how do you make the nails? >> you do almond slivers. these are available at farm
4:48 am they have the recipes. pisas are back for halloween. rachel: pizza for halloween. >> i know. gaining five pounds eating all my kids trick or treats. get account atkins peanut buttercups. >> atkins. >> they're zero sugar. will: no diet. how about the tequila. >> walmart, target, amazon. this is sew fun, day of the dead november first. about celebrating life and death. we'll make a cocktail. this is -- did i do that correctly? this is a fame mouths cocktail. this is 100% blue gauve. this is citrus and grapefruit, orange juice. put the gloves on. will: we're almost out of time. >> the dry ice. >> almost out of time. go to
4:49 am
will: where do i put night stick it right here. perfect. guys we need ice cream cake at all of our parties. car develop limited edition pumpkin cake. i love ice cream for information. >> beautiful. >> this is the case. >> kerrey, you bring the best stuff. amazing setup. rachel: this is not hard. >> nice and easy. grab everything from your grocery store. will: happy halloween. pete: what rest of us will be doing. will: we'll have more fun halloween fun on fox square a little later. >> look who is here. tom shillue. pete: that is what i want. rachel: that is what you wanted? ♪. hello, i'm franklin graham. we're in election season and many politicians are promising that they're telling the truth. i can tell you there is one who always tells the truth.
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♪. will: fox bet super six giving you another chance to win $25,000 in a quiz show game. rachel: fox news contributor tom shillue joins us now with questions. >> yes, we've got this is special election edition. we can predict the midterms. pete: okay. >> win cash. 25,000. pete: got it right here on my app. do it while we go. >> 6 these candidates, who will
4:54 am
get the least amount of votes? rachel: i can't read that far. >> walker warnock varnes rubio, val dem,. will: i go with demmings. pete: 49% of people had the most votes. >> most votes for least votes. pete: go there too. rachel: i will do that. >> which of these governors races will be closest by total votes? wisconsin, georgia, new york, florida, texas, or arizona? rachel: i actually think wisconsin will be really tight. will: what was the last one? >> wisconsin, georgia, florida, new york, texas, arizona. i say new york zeldin could pull it off by a little bit, right? rachel: that's is a good one. >> which of the following house races will have the most voter turnout? pete: oh, boy. i don't know what states these are in. i don't really recognize any -- 87% of people have gone with flores republican versus
4:55 am
gonzalez democrat. will: that is texas, right? >> when in doubt go with the people. ask the audience. how about this one a two-part question. which candidate will win the pennsylvania senate race and part two by how many votes. pete: going mehmet oz, going by over 17 to 20,000 votes. that is my guess. >> there we go. will: going with pete. rachel: that's that's a good guess. those are good guesses. pete: that he very much. we should cover politics. rachel: we should talk more about politics on this show. >> there are all different things on fox super six app. there is sports, pop culture. this is the first time we're doing election trivia. pete: next question, who will have majority in the senate following election by how many seats. republicans going 53 seats. rachel: boom, another great guess. will: tom shillue, in order to play along download the fox bet super six app, play for free. win $25,000 if you're right on
4:56 am
midterm election contests. pete: i played. i'm not allowed to win. >> probably not. wouldn't that be fun though? pete: in the fine print somewhere you work for fox you can't win. that is my guess. you can win. download it. win for us. rachel: thank you, tom. will: coming up two more, two more to go? pete: two more. will: "fox & friends weekend" coming up. every year we try to exercise more, to be more social, to just relax. and eating healthy every single meal? if only it was this easy for us.
4:57 am
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