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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 3, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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tis' the season to buy the maytag pet pro pair. so you and your sweater can forget all about those hairy situations. enjoy instant savings, when you purchase multiple appliances. shop daily steals this black friday, exclusively at lowe's. steve five days until election day. >> president biden ripping republicans. >> the rule of law will prevail whether we will allow the dark forces. >> they are not interested in solving immigration. >> governor kathy hochul passing the buck for the murder of a mom of three and has to make sure judges and prosecutors charge appropriately. >> people are hitting their breaking point and fleeing this state. >> lee zeldin for governor. >> some incredible gaslighting. >> questioning the job of press secretary among the president's most embarrassing moments. >> i'm not going to get into analysis. >> that's her job just like a defense attorney. >> the help families pay energy
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bills. >> bringing down household costs and fighting the climate crisis. >> what they are doing right now trying to win a couple votes at the margin not going to help anyone. >> bouncing ball to third. picked by brickman. the astros have a world series no-hitter. iit. [cheers and applause] >> steve: as you look live at our studio audience another broken egg cafe in gilbert, arizona, happy to be on america's number one cable morning news show "fox & friends" for this very special thursday before the tuesday when they start counting the votes. finally. welcome aboard, folks. >> ainsley: on the thursday before the tuesday. a few more days is everyone ledy for this election to be over?
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>> brian: i will tell you what, the subplot to all of this is the democrats' bet so-called unelectable candidates for republicans in the primary easier time in the general, kari lake, don bolduc, tudor dixon and guess what they all have in common. they all have written risen to the top ahead or within striking distance on all the polls. waste of money and also shows you how detached they are to the pulse of the people. >> steve: some of the most contentious races are out in arizona, that's why we have sent pete hegseth out there. pancake pete is there at another broken egg cafe and, pete, you know, you have been talking to the people the whole time. i just looked at the menu out there. it looks fantastic. >> it does. steve, i will always be pancake pete for you. although i have not had a pancake yet. we will get to that in a moment. you areexactly right the politil class the democrats said kari lake is unelectable.
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what does this group think about kari lake? [cheers] >> pete: polls are showing she is quite electable. [chanting lake and kari] >> pete: they go by a duo of lake and blake. blake masters and mark kelly have had one debate but why hasn't katie hobbs been willing to debate kari lake? [laughter] >> pete: it's interesting if she was so unelectable seems formidable when facing a potential debate. amazing traveling across the country, we see a kari lake for governor hat right here. only one of the gubernatorial candidates i have seen who when you go to other states they are wearing a kari lake for governor hat. so, she started quite a movement here in arizona. of the polls have tightened in both races although there is a local fox poll that shows kari lake up 11 points a couple of weeks ago.
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and in talking to voters, i mean, it is border security. it is crime. it is inflation. and it is education. in fact, if you stick around long enough, we have got a little 8-year-old over here who might know the preamble to the constitution and stayed up all night and might have to share it with you. also, barack obama was in town last night. anybody know that? [boos] >> pete: bringing in the big guns at the last minute which means they're probably a little worried here in arizona. [inaudible] >> pete: it is 4:00 a.m. arizona time i said pacific time last time. apparently it's not pacific time it's mountain time even though the sometime the same as pacific. arizona time because they never change their clocks here in arizona. [applause] >> pete: because they live free. so it is 4:00 a.m. in gilbert, arizona, what a great group. thanks for coming out for us. we will talk to more of them here on "fox & friends" with breakfast with friends. >> steve: that's right. thank you very much, pete, he makes a good point about changing the clocks by the way you do it saturday into sunday
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of this weekend. >> ainsley: oh, is that right? >> steve: yes. >> ainsley: falling back which means we gain an hour. >> steve: fall back. meanwhile, we told you the story yesterday about the new york woman who was murdered by her husband who had been caught on video in a violent beatdown and he was charged with a misdemeanor immediately under new york's no cash bail laws. he was released. what does he do? he gets out and executes that woman in front of her three children. >> her name is keairra. beautiful lady. she is in that picture. killed by estranged husband. she had this video of him beating her up. it was very brutal. >> steve: in the house. >> ainsley: she posted it on social media. she said in the middle of it i was thought i was going to die he kept sailing he was going to kill me. posted the video. he gets arrested. 24 hours after getting out of
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jail because he was charged with these low like misdemeanor low crimes and because of our bail laws here in new york, and they want to do this in other states, which is so mind boggling. >> brian: they are doing it. >> ainsley: yeah. in chicago they want to do this in that area. >> steve: what could go wrong? >> ainsley: she lives in buffalo. he gets out, and her mom is speaking to the press saying now i'm raising these two beautiful children of hers. she asked for help. she thought that the government would put him behind bars. she thought our governor, kathy hochul would put him behind bars and he would stay there so my daughter who is innocent could stay safe and that's not what happened at all. he immediately gets out and he goes and allegedly murders her. >> brian: execution style. totally predictable, preventable, this woman was left vulnerable and the mom blames the governor. the governor was confronted with this yesterday and here is a quote from the governor. the system absolutely failed her. the system has to work. orders of protection have to be
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granted. transitions to home have to be available. charged properly. okay, where are they governor? where are the no cash bail? when the mayor went up there to ask lawmakers to entertain rolling this stuff back, giving them more time to build cases he was laughed at and pushed back. where were you watching his back? even though mysteriously the mayor is going to campaign with the governor today, to me, this is a perfect opportunity for her to point out her failings or where the system let down. she is the system and she has to take this blame. >> ainsley: she doesn't think it's important remember she said to lee zeldin i don't know why this so so important to you. steve: locking people up. >> brian: every time there is a major crime he goes there and talks with the people and meets with the press. i don't care if three people show up with iphones no one took him seriously now they do. here's what he said about this. >> you have to wake up to video pictures and stories of people being pushed in front of an
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oncoming subway car or a green gob glenn gang. people getting beaten on a street and it's not just inside of the city. you are seeing stories from across the state. heck, i even had a gang-related drive by shooting in my front yard a few weekends ago. it hits us close to home for all these new yorkers who are hitting that breaking point. we are focusing on those issues. and kathy hochul doesn't want to talk about any of it. she wants us to just look away, there's nothing to see here. she is calling it a conspiracy. and even as you list actual factual data, she will say that you are a data denier. she says she doesn't understand why that is so important to me. and when she says she doesn't understand why that's so important to me. she is saying why that is so important to all sorts of new yorkers. she has really alienated herself not just with republicans but democrats and independents, too. lee zeldin is actually up almost 1 point over the current governor who refuses to take, you know, the expression the
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buck stops here, not with her. she is kicking the can. it's the system. it's everybody else. not my fault. lee zeldin and he just pointed out the fact that he personally had been around crime in the last six months or so got the endorsement yesterday of somebody in times square that, you know, we see all the time because we work in the times square area. is he a guy by the name of robert burke. he used to come on this show all the time about 15 years ago also known as the naked cowboy. he will put together a song. he was singing it and lee zeldin retweeted it and here's a little taste of it. >> lee zeldin for governor of new york the one party democratic rule clearly doesn't work. restore law and order, repeal the cashless bail, fire all the woke das that won't put these thugs in jail. reduce taxes and regulation,
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build the economy ♪ before for wealthy new yorkers take their tax dollars and flee ♪ stop teaching crt and gender afluidity. ♪ start teaching math and science and the abcs. >> steve: as the naked cowboy goes so goes new york. >> ainsley: works out and pretty senator. >> brian: i will say, this only person who gets undressed to go to work. >> steve: we don't know what he does at home. >> brian: naked cowboy is never clothed. >> steve: right there he is wearing tidy whiteys as described by "the new york post." >> brian: unbelievable. he will sit there like that in the winter. i don't know how you do that. >> ainsley: he sees firsthand what is happening. times square a lot of the stories we report on. the subway system is there very popular there and we report on all these stories that happen in times square like a block from us. >> governor cuomo also weighed in yesterday on podcast and he actually sounds like a republican even though he is the one who put this cash bail in
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place. i don't know why the democrats nationwide can't be more aggressive at addressing crime. not just new york. it's everywhere. palm pulled by the far left. dangerous criminals have to be in jail. the democrats are not hearing it. if they're hearing it they're not responding to it. no kidding we have been saying that every day. under governor cuomo this took place. he as the experienced politician would have pivoted by now. governor hochul all she does is sit behind closed doors and collect money. yesterday she got $25,000 from the liberal owner of the knicks and rangers in madison square garden and draft kings guy. she is like i'm in trouble. i need some more money. but she has no ground game and she has got no message a terrible campaigner and can't draw a crowd she is in trouble. >> ainsley: can you believe pat lynch. he gave money to her campaign i asked some officers why do you think he did that because if she wins she is going -- we want to make sure we get the support we
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need. >> steve: because she would renegotiate the contracts with the police ains right. i can't believe she is actually even neck in neck because when you talk to anyone here it's the number one issue, it's crime. it. >> steve: in the meantime when you hear joe biden out on the stump when he is out at his limited engagements, what he will say and, you know, i'm sure his advisers and consultant have said, mr. president, this is not a referendum on you. it's a midterm election it's a choice. that's what he says. not a referendum on me. it's a choice. well, you know what? that's because currently his policies are what is costing you so much with inflation where, you know, ketchup is $8. rotisserie chicken is $15. his positions are tough to defend. yet, karine jean-pierre the new white house press secretary over the last couple of months, it is her tough task to actually defend the president when the reporters ask important questions.
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>> we are not finishing a wall. we are cleaning up the mess that the last administration made. >> can't talk about voters from here. as you know. >> no. no. i get challenge. not gonna -- i need to say that right? the president has been clear about maga republicans and leadership. they're the ones that have the platform. again, the extremist part of the republican party. i'm not going to get into specifics here. i'm just going to lay out what they have said that they are going to do so, of course, she was on his mind. she was of top of mind. >> brian: right. that he was when he called a dead person a dead congresswoman he wanted to know why she wasn't there. so joe rogan was talking about this yesterday and says she has to be the defense attorney for the indefensible. watch. >> if you are a lawyer, your job is not to make a judgment in your head. that's why a lot of defense attorneys, man, that's a
4:14 am
slippery [bleep] weird world to be in. tonight you think it's the same way in the government? >> sure. >> if you are that poor lady who is the white house press secretary. >> worst job on earth [bleep] >> worst job. it's the worst job. you get all the hate of the president and none of the power. everybody hates you. when she had to explain why joe biden was bringing up a woman who was dead, top of mind. top of mind she was top of mind. >> yeah. >> it was really like -- it was like for what she had to work with, it was some incredible gaslighting. that's her job just like a defense attorney. it's their job to try to get their client off. >> steve: joe rogan's job to be topical. he was dressed for halloween right there. couple weeks ago where he referred to kayleigh mcenany like the michael jordan of press
4:15 am
secretaries now he is talking about karine jean-pierre gaslighter and defense attorney because her boss says a lot of stuff and has policies that are hard to defend but she still does it. >> ainsley: when everything else fails and you have to defend his failures it's pretty hard to do. i would say that's the hardest job of the president of the united states especially when we have this president. >> brian: think of it as a springboard, too. look at dana perino and ari fleischer and jen psaki has a job at a network. kayleigh mcenany is hosting shows. so it could be a springboard because it's not easy right? >> ainsley: right. >> steve: not easy defending those particular policies of the president. how do you defend 8% inflation or unemployment and stuff like that or $8 cheerios? how do you defend that if they have doubled. >> ainsley: duke's mayonnaise the ladies at the diner $3 for
4:16 am
big jar and now almost 6. doubled. >> steve: now also in the handy squeeze bottle. >> ainsley: those are easier. >> steve: carley is impacted as well she goes out and buys groceries we all see it. >> carley: irwant to get my hands on some of this duke's mayonnaise. >> ainsley: old school to have the big glass bottle i think they are plastic now. i will bring you some. >> brian: do you do self-checkout, carley? >> carley: every time i do self-checkout i always feel like the grocery store should cut me a he can which. this is -- i'm taking someone else's job. >> brian: also you run up against bananas. doesn't have a coat on them. >> i'm pro-cashier i would like them to still have. >> brian: especially when the line is really long. >> carley: i have to get to symptom headlines starting with this shocking new information on a story we were following a few months ago out of new york an illegal immigrant of accused of killing and dismembering a new york city guilty manslaughter after a plea deal to
4:17 am
prosecutors. remember him? david banola rage. in the country illegally two decades the queen's attorney behind the plea deal has not explained why the chargesy downgraded from murder. pfizer set to seek fda approval of experimental vaccine found to protect infants from the respiratory illness rsv. given to pregnant women. initial trials found the trial is 82% effective in appreciating sickness in the baby's first 92 days of life. a school board meeting gets heated over this display of a thin blue line flag at a high school football game. the team flying the flag during last week week's game despite a ban put in place by their coach. some parents say it should not have been banned to begin with. >> i'm appalled that people are actually trying to demonize them. i would like to ask the people who are not in support of the
4:18 am
law enforcement who would they call if a bad guy held a gun to their child's head in school? i want to know who they are going to call. >> carley: it was the kids, the players on the team that started flying that flag to salute officers who quickly responded to a deadly campus shooting in 2019. good for them. and the world of professional corn hole is rocked by a cheating scandal at the 2022 league championships. fans are calling it bag gate. the top ranked team was accused of beanbags to gain a slight edge. violations were not intentional and the competition continued. bag gate, guys. >> steve: the conspiracies continue. >> steve: why didn't joe biden talk about that. >> carley: only sport where you can hold a beer in one hand and play it in the other. >> steve: do it like that.
4:19 am
good form. >> ainsley: cheating in corn hole. >> brian: what is happening to our country. >> ainsley: like beer pong. is it even a story. >> brian: brian waited ping-pong ball. north korea firing warning missiles across japan now. former secretary of state, fox news contributor mike pompeo on the threat. >> steve: first, let's check back in with pancake pete hegseth having breakfast with friends in arizona. >> pete: steve, pancakes have been ordered. i will report. i hear the cheros are amazing have to try those. kim, you are a former public school educator, education and the border are big for you. we will talk to you about that in a moment. you hear a lot about democracy. democracy under threat. what are your thoughts? >> i love it. and, you know what? this is the biggest thing they can throw out there with what has gone on here the last two years, i will say adios to
4:20 am
democracy. if this is what democracy is, we need to go back to constitutional republic and kiss democracy goodbye. >> pete: it was not a democracy it is a constitutional republic. we will talk to "fox & friends" voters in just a moment. moments away. ♪ ♪ hritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting...get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections some serious... and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms... or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms... develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me. ask your rheumatologist about cosentyx.
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with a qualifying bundle. ♪ brian a fox news alert now. overnight emergency warnings across japan as north korea fires more missiles as a day behalf law firming two dozen missiles off the coast of south korea. got way too close. here with the threat, former secretary of state mike pompeo. you probably spent more time with kim jong un than anyone
4:25 am
else. what's he up to. >> he senses much like some leaders around the world, he senses weakness in the west in america, a confused president who hasn't exercised any of america's tool kit for power hasn't used diplomatic power. hasn't built our military. what he is up to he is testing. how far he can get and how much pressure he can put. trying to get economic relief from the sanctions that the trump administration put in place. >> brian: unlike past years, china is not going to pretend to be compliant. our relations with china have never been worse. >> think about it, bret, think brian, northkorea has fired mise waters in south korea japan. reported to sell weapons to russians who are in oppositions oppositionsto the ukrainians wee supporting. allowed to become uncontained in
4:26 am
foyer years simply didn't happen. we were shutting our energy industry. all the tools of american power have been taken away and a president of the united states that thinks that america is not a force for good in the world. he is just wrong. >> brian: so now i'm not sure exactly what john kirby's title is now maybe superior press secretary. here he is basically saying for sure what we know is happening. let's listen. >> we do believe that north korea is covertly supplying russia with a significant number of artillery shells. we are monitoring to see if they actually get delivered. we think they are going to covertly funnel these through third party nations to try to hide the fact that it's actually going to russia for use in ukraine. we don't believe, given what we know, that it's going to make a huge change on the battlefield. >> brian: can we interdict? we interdict in the past and stop this? >> brian, of course. reported on a story of cheating in corn hole it. broke my heart this morning. we could stop this cheating,
4:27 am
too. they are violating u.s. sanctions, u.n. sanctions, we interdicted all kinds of things, traveling in and out, coal, energy traveling in and out of north korea. it's absolutely possible to do. this administration has shown no evidence. there is no evidence this administration is going to do any of that. and this is what you get. you get bad guys acting out. >> brian: mr. secretary, president trump famously has a good relationship with kim jong un. in the past, past presidents have reached to former presidents, jimmy carter, helped out actually with north korea, bill clinton. do you think president biden should call up president trump and ask for help? >> he should absolutely call on anyone who can help him. i did the same when i was secretary of state, brian, i would reach tout my predecessors and folks government before my time. doesn't matter about the party. he should reach out to anyone he thinks can help. we had north korea in a much better place than it's in today. >> brian: talk to you on one nation saturday night. thank you mr. secretary. >> see you then. >> brian: president and freedom
4:28 am
fighter now out on paperback. going out on the road books-a-million i don't know, scranton pennsylvania. hope you to see you there i want to be in scranton. joe biden grew up there i might find corn pop if i have time before the event. best seller list. battle for arizona and border security is top of mind for voters. i want to check in with pete hegseth to see who he is having breakfast with now. pete? >> well, 8-year-old sloan who pulled an all-nighter to be here. i asked her what her favorite subject was. she said the constitution. and she has memorized the preamble. sloan, will you share that with us? >> we the people of the united states in order to form a more perfect union establish justice and tranquility, provide for the common defense and ensure for the general welfare and secure the blessing to ourselves and to our prosperity. to ordain and establish this
4:29 am
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why have been waiting a while and five days left until election day in newark. control of correct me if i am ce line hanging in the balance. >> brian: check out all these races a handful incumbent senator mark kelly expected to coast to victory. challenging blake masters on the rise. >> ainsley: pete hegseth joins us from the battleground state, arizona. good morning to you, pete. >> pete: good morning, guys. you are exactly right. the balance of the u.s. senate could be determined here in arizona in that race between blake masters and mark kelly and, of course, not to mention the governor's race that has a lot of people fired up. one of the issues i'm hearing a lot this morning and across the country is education. i'm going to talk to a few voters passionate about that. sloan, i just checked the internet. you are already a star with your rendition of the constitution. the preamble. well done, thank you so much. and mom, nicole, you must be very proud. >> yes. she does he have well. >> she certainly does. let me ask you, have you voted
4:34 am
already? >> no. we will vote on tuesday. >> pete: on tuesday. what issues will you be voting on the most? >> our biggest issue is education and our borders. >> pete: arizona, a lot of folks watching right now might not know arizona passed one of the most robust school choice educational savings accounts so parents can take the dollars and decide where their kids go to school. how are you used that? >> oh, it's for books, she gets extracurricular activities. her art classes can be expand her ninja could be before we even had that she could do that now she gets to do more competitions. >> pete: she was in public school. you were seeing bad results and you were able to because of the dollars following the kids choose homeschooling? >> yes. her test scores dropped by half when we put her in they had dropped dramatically so now she is excited about school again
4:35 am
she knows her constitution. she is excited about it. so it's easy to hand her the books and help her guide her through them and, yeah, they do wonders. >> pete: very cool the parents are empowered. very neat. check out your new fame on the internet, sloan right there. you can use my phone. watch her phone while i head over to the other table. good morning. >> good morning. >> pete: couple of other voters what's your name? >> harvey. >> biggest issue for you. >> inflation and the economy. i just retired three months ago. you get the double whammy. your retirement funds are going away and the cost of living is going up and you get crunched in the middle. >> pete: and what candidates are resonating the most with you here in arizona? >> in arizona, kari lake definitely. i like blake masters. somebody needs to to beat the democrats. >> pete: ma'am, what's your name? >> penny. >> pete: i see your blake for
4:36 am
governor hat what issues are important to you. >> i'm a border girl. i want to stop the border. i think soon-to-be speaker mccarthy needs to impeach mayorkas and get things back the way we were working two years ago. stop the influx. >> pete: kari lake has said she would declare an inflation at the southern border which no other governor has yet to do. do you think that's the right step? >> absolutely. we can't call it a flawless immigration. it is an invasion of our border. and i'm a fifth generation arizonan. this is not how it's been and we don't expect it to be like this. we need to get back to the rule of law. >> pete: well said. thank you so much for joining us. ma'am, what's your name? >> christine. >> pete: we have had a chance to catch up this morning. one of the women responsible for making sure education savings accounts were passed in the state legislature. you are saying right now parents have access to resources to choose where their kids go to school and the dollars follow the kids. >> absolutely push back on the teacher's unions this summer and
4:37 am
make sure that he had occasional savings accounts and parent scholarship accounts are available for all arizona students. that's the reason why so many people are activated for this election. >> pete: when you look at kari lake and blake masters, are they on board with the type of things you are talking about. >> 100,000 percent. even more so because most important position is the superintendent of public instruction. we have to elect tom horn and get the democrat who hates this program out of office. >> pete: how have democrats like mark kelly and katie hobbs responded to the issue of education? what is their default position? >> they hate it. they have pushed against us. in fact katie hobbs and secretary of state held this initiative, this referendum they tried to do for longer than she needed to to stall out the thousands of parents that were waiting to sign up for any. over 40,000 now on the program. >> pete: so, democrats would like to stall it to prevent school choice. >> right. >> pete: that's the type of thing that's on the ballot with. >> that's the reason we pushed back so hard. education, usually a portion i'm
4:38 am
so pro-life. but this year education is the number one thing on the ballot for me. >> pete: education number one thing on the ballot. i think we are going to hear even more of that we heard a lot of that when glenn youngkin won in virginia. now here in arizona at the forefront of school choice add that to a porous border. add that to inflation. add that to crime. and democrats seem to only want to talk about threats to democracy and january 6th and climate change. not necessarily topics i see resonating with voters right now. thank you. quick look at voters in arizona as blake masters -- by the way blake masters and kari lake we have a couple of congressman in the house, too, representing this district. andy biggs. this is his district. is he here with his constituents. it's great to see him. >> brian: keep in mind barack obama was there yesterday saying if you elect republicans, democracy is in danger. so other people have different
4:39 am
opinions. it's amazing. thanks, pete. >> steve: hey, pete, go back over, don't forget you left your phone with sloan. we just want to make sure she hasn't bought a bunch of stuff on amazon. >> pete: i don't see it. i will have to figure out what sloan has done with it. yes. that's dangerous. >> ainsley: have your kids figured that out yet? brian's have. [laughter] >> pete: oh, no. i don't let my kids have a phone. i will give it to sloan for two minutes. none of my kids have ever seen a phone. >> brian: gone amish living on a farm without electricity. >> steve: thank you, pete. >> ainsley: thanks, pete. kids are older they are allowed to have fens now. >> brian: yes, i'm sure. >> ainsley: they like your amazon account. >> brian: need a way to track them. >> steve: suburban women are going towards the republican. lara trump break down shocking new poll has democrats scrambling wondering what went wrong.
4:40 am
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>> carley: we are back with your headlines the parkland shooter life in prison without the possibility of parole. family members of the victims giving emotional testimony calling nicholas cruz a monster and a cold-blooded murderer. the sentence comes more than four years after cruz killed 17 people at marjory stoneman douglas high school in south florida. the jury wasn't able to reach a unanimous decision to give cruz the death penalty. a teenager has been arrested in connection with the august shooting of washington rookie brian robinson a 17-year-old who was 16 at the time of the incident is accused of shooting the running back twice in the leg during an attempted carjacking. robinson underwent surgery before the season started. he was able to make his nfl
4:45 am
debut in week five against the tight at that points. ohio's attorney general is suing dollar general after multiple deceptive bait and switch pricing complaints. dave yost claims stores in the state are charging more at checkout than prices displayed on the shelves. the a. im saying, quote: this seems like a company trying to make an extra buck and hoping no one will notice. dollar general could face a $25,000 fine per violation. no comment yet from the company. and how is this for a wild encounter? drivers in colorado come face to face with a big herd of elk. cars were forced to wait as the animals slowly strolled across the highway. the highway is known for elk population. shot near elk meadow park. over to you. >> ainsley: that is so cute. i love that. >> steve: kids are going look, look, reindeer.
4:46 am
>> steve: speaking of reindeer janice dean yesterday you were talking about snow. kids are starting to think about it. >> hard to believe. i was wondering how you were going to go with that. >> steve: yeah, ho ho ho. >> janice: i have dressed up as mrs. claus a couple years in a row. let's move on shall we, we should. it is feeling he like christmas across the rockies, and we do have the potential for severe storms for the plain states. look at those temperatures, well above average for the eastern two thirds of the country over the next couple of days as this front pushes through. the very warm, unstable air mass. the potential for severe storms including tornadoes today. this evening and then friday. friday we have a wider spread area we are going to watch for large hail, damaging winds and then those tornadoes for that bulls eye there for much of texas through louisiana, arkansas, and oklahoma. so, have a way to get your watches and warnings. i know a lot of folks are like severe weather. it happens in the spring but we have a secondary season in the fall and that's what is going to
4:47 am
happen tonight and friday. so there are your highs today. can you really see where that cold front is positioned across the rockies and then we have feet of snow over the mountains as that area of low pressure ejects into the plain states. so, for now, 73 in chicago. 67 in new york. want to see those windowy conditions for the kansas city down towards dallas where we could have severe storms. current temperatures northeast and central rockies where we have snow. 72 for the new york city marathon on sunday. that's pretty awesome. >> steve: we will take it. cat scan january where is brian? >> steve: good question. >> ainsley: not sure. >> steve: he just took off. we think it could be all that delicious breakfast food he probably went to get a little breakfast. >> ainsley: we will go look for him during the next commercial break. but let's check in with pete hegseth having breakfast with friends in gilbert, arizona. hey, pete. >> pete: good morning, guys. we sure are. by the way, i found out that at
4:48 am
another broken egg cafe they normally opened at 7:00. they opened at 3:00 for us because of steve and reed. real quick. thank you for hosting us what a beautiful restaurant you have here in gilbert, arizona. how has inflation impacted your business? >> it's impacted us quite a bit. it also effects wages it. effects insurance cost, food cost. everything is affected by inflation. so, it's been challenging. we have been restaurant owners for over 20 years. and this has probably been the toughest two year stretch we have ever had. >> pete: would you tie that to policy? >> yes, i think i would. >> pete: there you go. business owners, more difficult to do business which makes it more difficult to provide jobs and everything costs more. which is something we are hearing from a lot of voters here in arizona. more from the people in just moments. ♪
4:49 am
4:50 am
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>> steve: getting close to the midterms in a brand new "wall street journal" poll reveals a key shift towards the republican party among suburban white women concerned about skyrocketing inflation and crime rates as well. female democrats pulling out all the stops with vice president harris and former first lady hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail for new york governor kathy hochul today. lara trump, a fox news contributor joins us right now. lara, good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: you know, when they do -- when they take a look at the election, and the run up to it in a couple of weeks, the democrats probably should say, you know what? we put too much emphasis on
4:54 am
abortion and the threat to democracy and not enough emphasis on kitchen table stuff. the cost of a box of cheerios. the cost of gas. the cost of flipping on the lights because that is how they blew it. >> yeah. for sure. it's too bad they weren't listening to you or maybe i guess good thing for the republicans that they weren't listening to you, steve, makes a whole lot of sense. the democrats did here what they always do. and instead of looking at individuals with their own mind. people they are voting for based on a whole host of issues. they lumped everyone here, white suburban women into one voting block and said they all care about one thing and one thing only, abortion. of course we know that is not the case. is a very big chunk of the electorate though makes up about 20% of the electorate, white suburban women. it turns out we i say we because i'm one of them care about a whole host of issues like moms
4:55 am
out there who have kids in schools concerned kids not being prepared for futures. being incongress doctrine nateed and falling behind in so many ways in schools or new moms have struggled to find baby formula and still are today. it's rather shocking in november of 2022 that that exists. or how about young women who are entering the workforce and see that they can't pay their bills and have their basic needs met because inflation is, of course, outpacing wage growth right now important to women and of course the democrats blew it. >> steve: democrats were actually leading in august and gas prices were going down they had not increased domestic production. had they done that things would be completely different but joe biden had an agenda. >> of course he had an agenda. by the way this group of voters
4:56 am
white suburban women put joe biden over the top in 2020 and gave him his victory if they were asked today a recent poll shows the majority of them would vote for donald trump people are not stupid, especially women. we get it. we need our basic needs met, too. we understand what's going on and we understand who brought it to us. that's why women are going to go out and vote republican in this midterm election. >> steve: all right. lara trump joining us a little before 8:00. shouldn't you be putting your kids in a car driving them to school? >> we're going right now, steve. i'm leaving immediately. >> steve: thank you very much, lara. all right. coming up on this thursday, south dakota governor kristi noem is going to join us live. don't go anywhere. you are watching "fox & friends" five days to go. ♪ ♪ tis' the season to buy the maytag pet pro pair. so you and your sweater can forget all about those hairy situations. enjoy instant savings, when you purchase multiple appliances.
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indecisive, anticipatory chewing, nervous pacing, happy claps... and finally...jealousy. because that's this guy's sub. i should order one...mhm, good idea. sliced right in front of you. it's a jersey mike's thing. a sub above. ♪ ♪ >> five days until election day. >> president biden ripping republicans. speak with the rule of law will prevail. >> solving immigration. >> i found content my school library. >> dixon is not the only one worried about. speak with the candidate made up a story to claim that i am not here. >> ignorance. >> read it and weep. >> federal reserve, hiked interest rates and forth hiked great this year. >> are they still pouring more


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