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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  November 3, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> tomorrow i'll be at the harry and natives having breakfast with friends. >> week five number one on my book. i'm so glad you were born. appreciate it. >> bill: good morning, everybody. the word from the president a threat to democracy. that's what president biden is calling republicans as america gets ready to vote in five days. prime time speech last night. good morning. don't know what you thought about it. >> dana: i'm like a way to bring people together. i'm dana perino and this is "america's newsroom." what got me about his speech was a back drop. shut down union station which was an amazing place to go and now a hell scape. then the back drop made it look like he could have been in omaha giving a speech.
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the president was addressing voters last night. an unscheduled speech wanted to do it near the capitol and why they chose union station designed to drum up enthusiasm. the president ignored the issues voters are most enthusiastic about. >> bill: the economy was mentioned once. failed to mention inflation or crime. gas prices or the border, abortion or drug overdoses as a result of fentanyl. >> dana: the president referencing democracy 38 times while suggesting a vote for republicans is a vote for chaos. >> president biden: american democracy is under attack because the defeated former president of the united states refuses to accept the results of the 2020 election. extreme magna republicans aimed to question not only the legitimacy of past elections but elections being held now and into the future, this year. i hope you'll make the future of our democracy an important part
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of your decision to vote and how you vote. >> dana: we have fox team coverage plus reaction from house minority leader kevin mccarthy. we begin with lucas tomlinson at the white house. >> last night's speech at union station took place two months after his soul of america address in philadelphia. >> president biden: the fact that chaos in america, it's unprecedented. it's unlawful. and it is unamerican. i've said before, you can't love your country only when you win. >> biden called out his predecessor and other republicans. democrats have spent $19 million to support far right republican candidates who have questioned the results of the 2020 election according to the "washington post." democrats think supporting those gop candidates will boost their own party's chances in the election on tuesday. >> president biden: they've
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emboldened violence and interest timdation of voters and election officials. more than 300 election denyers on the ballot across america this year. zblee talked about the attack on paul pelosi in san francisco. he did not offer any evidence or mention any names when it comes to voter intimidation. compared to his philadelphia speech gone was any mention of semi fascism or ultra mega as well. >> joe biden would not be president of the united states today were it not for an election denier. james clyburn saved his campaign and he believed that the 2004 election was stolen by computers switching votes from john kerry to george w. bush. >> president biden heads to new mexico and california later this morning. they're not considered battleground states. dana.
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>> dana: lucas tomlinson at the white house today. >> bill: here is where we believe from two days ago, we believe on the house side of congress republicans will gain control. that's our forecast. for cast 236 seats. could be higher or lower depends. best case scenario they could be 249 or 250. worst case scenario 223. still a majority. the problem for democrats. show you here. republicans to the right, democrats to the left. all these yellow dots here are what is considered toss-up seats and races all over the country. they all sit on the democratic side and that's why their challenge is so high. the other challenge right now. poll from quinnipiac, we're gauging enthusiasm of registered voters. republicans had a nine-point lead when it comes to motivation for the election. that's really the starting point for tuesday night and with that,
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dana, we have a special guest. >> dana: let's bring in house minority leader kevin mccarthy. you were in five states yesterday. is that enthusiasm number bill showed, does it match what you are seeing? >> i'm going into small towns and they are packed rooms. you see the growth and excitement. i was in upstate new york and see what lee zeldin is doing to all the congressional races. i'll be in more districts today in new york and others. this is exciting. places we haven't seen before very competitive. i watch oregon, nevada, rhode island, connecticut. we're playing in seats where you watch democrats funneling money. seats that biden won by 20 points. they're worried about coastal seats in california. the president is going to california tomorrow. >> bill: "new york times" takes shots at you and others. >> that's every day. not new. >> bill: this is upper
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right-hand corner. gop signals plans to shrink social security. the major headline in the "new york times" today. a long article goes 4 1/2 pages. >> dana: we need to show you this. the headline surprised me, front page "new york times." the chief of staff at the white house, ron klain. he immediately tweets and says it is not a secret plan or ambitious or alleged plan, it is all here. the republicans plan to take away social security. so this is their closing argument. what do you say? >> they're desperate. the president was desperate going to union station. i'm going to five states. he goss down the block. to me what you find. here is a commitment to america. what does it say in there? to save and strengthen social security and medicare. it simply means we aren't touching it and this is the president deflecting. why didn't he bring up inflation? the number one issue, or crime that you are finding a race for governor in new york, the number one issue. fentanyl that will kill 300 americans a day.
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he couldn't mention it one time yesterday. it is desperation. they're deflecting from the problems they created and "new york times" following it just like they would stop and not run the hunter biden story. >> bill: there is not a single republican quoted in this piece. >> they didn't call me for a response. >> bill: mitch mcconnell says it's not on the table. bolduc has an ad that says he won't touch social security. you are saying today that within the republican plan, despite everything the democratic leaders have said across the country, there are no cuts to social security. >> no. save and strengthen. >> dana: what does that mean? would it include means testing as a possibility. wealthy people might get less? >> we're not touching medicare. we'll work together. if people want to save and strengthen it but we knew what they would do. they detect from the policies that brought us inflation. steve ratner, a democrat advisor
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to obama calls it the original sin of inflation. for every single american this year they have lost one month of wages because inflation over 8.3%. he wouldn't mention that one time. crime at one of the highest levels we've ever seen. wouldn't mention it. fentanyl, the border, 98 people who are on the terrorist watch list around the world were caught this year trying to come into our country. why are they coming here? who are they talking to >> bill: what do they have planned? >> he won't do anything about it. >> dana: you have been a lightning rod for controversies for a while and brighter for you in terms of the strikes coming against you if you become the speaker. gavin newsom in california, the governor, this is what he said about you. >> kevin mccarthy as speaker of the house fills you with what? >> i don't want to say it out loud but fear. what he has done to aid and abet the notion of the big lie and
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aiding and abetting function youing authoritarian leaders in his party scares the hell out of me. >> dana: how do you respond? >> the governor can have an opinion. we'll bring accountability and washington money. the hard working taxpayers. we've sent tremendous amount of billions of dollars to these states. how have they spent it? have they used it on prisoners or wasted it? he should be fearful we'll see the policies of what he is doing. >> bill: on that point if you were to be speaker and republicans take control of these committees, what will the hearings be centered around? the collapse in kabul, i've heard the origination of covid. i've heard the investigation of american parents who showed up at teachers meetings. are those three among them or would you add to that list? >> those there are among them. we would add any time you use federal money. there needs to be a check and
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balance. the responsibility of congress regardless who is in the administration. we have to eliminate the waste that adds to inflation. but what we need to do as well is move policy. we'll repeal 87,000 new i.r.s. agents. i believe government should be there to help you not go after you. we'll make america energy independent which makes the economy stronger, inflation down and the world safer. we are going to make sure we secure our border. 300 people will die today. 300 people will die tomorrow. the equivalent of an airliner crashing every single day in america and this white house is doing nothing about it. we'll stop defunding our police. you covered these stories time and again. people are fearful of what is happening in their streets. we'll put a rating system to every woke prosecutor in the nation so you know what's going on and give the parents a parents' bill of rights. you have a say in your kids'
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education. you have a right to have a say in the education. >> dana: one last question not on policy or anything. but i do think even democrats would admit that your recruiting of candidates and the diversity of these candidates across the board is impressive, record breaking. just a final thought on that. >> i'm very proud. i think one of the reasons why we'll win are the quality of the candidates themselves. look where i'll be going this week. going to the border in texas and campaigning with flores, garcia and de la cruz, we're the most diverse and inclusive? why? the party is growing and reflects our candidates but our policies reach everyone. everyone is welcome to be a part of it. it is different than saying go run. i listen to them i heard them and this is an ability that will make a big difference in the future. >> bill: final question five
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days out. viewers are watching this. millions of people tuned in tuesday night. what's the key for a viewer that you will be watching that might be a signal or indication that it could be a big night or even a bigger night. >> allen if youing in rhode island. go out to oregon and watch, go down to nevada see if there are three races in nevada for winning there as well. i would watch in california. i would watch down in porter. if she loses in southern california. >> bill: the president is going to help levin against marriott. there are a lot of places to watch. >> dana: george logan in connecticut. >> i have to comment on guys. you are doing the best.
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i'm watching these races every day. you two are on top of it. you are pinpointing where it is. watch new york. that's exciting. remember what the democrats at play. i always go to lawlor against maloney. you have to understand what it symbolizes, the dccc chair. this is the equivalent to 1994 to the speaker losing. this is a real play. they tried to ignore it but you look at lawlor as state assemblyman who won a seat that was pretty democrat. >> bill: the hudson river valley. both sides spent millions in that race. i need to be at the board. we'll see what happens. thank you for your time. >> dana: we'll be talking to you. appreciate it. the world's richest man versus a fire brand. why musk and aoc are slugging it out over twitter.
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>> bill: how bad will the rate hike hurt american families. >> dana: the biden administration throwing out an economic lifeline as the price of heating your home sores. >> they are deliberately hurting the american public and everyone needs to know this while they blame oil companies and profits. that's an indirect attack on capitalism.
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>> bill: the fed is aggressive heighting interest rates in hopes of cooling down inflation that hasn't been seen in decades. fourth straight hike of a 75-point bump. stocks fell sharply after the fed indicated it wouldn't be the
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last. >> the market will open up again down again. the fed chairman clearly saying inflation has not yet peaked. the fed saying they thought they would start to see inflation come back down with the moves they've already made but it hasn't happened and proving more difficult to get undercontrol. he outlined the problem. >> we're now 18 months into this episode of high inflation and we don't have, you know, a clearly identified scientific way of understanding at what point inflation becomes entrenched. and so, you know, the thing we need to do dpr the risk management standpoint is use the tools forcefully but thoughtfully and get inflation down to 2% and get it behind us. >> president biden has been in office for 22 months and see what inflation has done under his policies. because of this the federal reserve raised interest rates to
6:21 am
75 bases points. the signal that more rate hikes will be coming in december and january, the fed chairman saying to me that government spending played a role in pushing inflation this year. they're seeing consumer spending push inflation and supply chain disruptions still pushing inflation. you see why the fed chairman last month said that americans could expect years of economic pain. back to you. >> bill: it is fall at the white house, edward. good looking shot >> dana: let's bring in charles payne host of making money. what did you make at what the fed said yesterday. >> i have to say. jay powell is like bruce bannon turning into the incredible hulk. i think one of the things that bothered him about a week or so ago there was an article that suggested the fed would begin a process like step down. the next hike 50 and then maybe soon thereafter 25.
6:22 am
not a pivot. last month was the best month for the dow since 1976. amazing month. all the anticipation. i think jay powell felt like he was being pushed around and so in fact one of the reporters actually looked at his phone, told jay powell the market is up. he went off script. that was interesting. >> bill: what did he say? powell? >> he made it clear i'm welding this mallet and keep wielding it and we won't stop until the job is done. in other words, if the market is up while i'm speaking right now the market made a huge mistake. the market started up -- i suspect this reporter was looking at -- i don't have live quotes on my phone. 15, 20 minutes late. it was up when the meeting started. but right at the very beginning jay powell made it clear here is
6:23 am
what wall street was excited about and admitted to a lag. you have to think of this as a pipe, right? you push and pushing things through the pipe and at the other end is -- they are pushing the 75 bases point hikes and coming in, 4 or 5 in a row and they haven't even started to truly impact the economy yet. so he has acknowledged there is a lag, a cumulative effect. wall street was excited. he is acknowledging that at some point they have to stop, maybe before they see total damage because if you wait until you see all the damage and it's in all the data there will only be more damage. >> bill: when do they now and how do they know? is there a date certain? no, there is not. maybe it's the first of the year or june of next year. i was watching this yesterday, watching you on your program at 2:00 waiting for the news and it comes down. a colleague walked past the
6:24 am
monitor and i said what will it mean? everything will be more expensive. if you were going to buy a home you should have done it a year ago. you will be at levels now if you want to get a loan that you have not seen in decades. >> people won't be getting loans is the bottom line. the house you would have bought in january of last year, the same down payment and the same monthly payment you could have gotten a house for $750,000, now with those same parameters worth $4 hundred thousand now. the american dream for a lot of people will be gone for a long, long, long time. >> dana: wow. >> what edward lawrence referred to in powell fighting the battle and there is still money coming in and so-called student loan thing, the so-called inflation reduction act. you still have the white house pumping billions of dollars into an economy that the fed is trying to take billions of dollars out. it means powell has to wield the
6:25 am
mallet. tired of being second guessed. the job is difficult. he knows he will be public enemy number one. life will get a lot harder. >> bill: nice to see you. see you at 2:00 on fox business. thank you, charles. house republicans gaining ground. new fox polling showing republicans are cutting into democrat leads in the key senate races. can it carry momentum into next tuesday? ronna mcdaniel runs the rnc, the chairwoman in charge. she is our guest coming up. at jersey mike's they slice your order right in front of you. watching that can send a rush of emotions through a person, excitement, baby-like wonder, anticipatory chewing, and happy claps... sliced right in front of you. it's a jersey mike's thing.
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>> bill: the battle for control of the u.s. senate may come down to four states. watch this carefully tuesday night. latest polling showing very narrow races in arizona, georgia, nevada, pennsylvania. team fox coverage from reaction the rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel in a moment. first bryan llenas is in pennsylvania and aishah is in georgia where warnock campaigns today. let's begin with you, aishah. >> right now neither candidate is polling over 50%. we're looking at this race headed to a runoff. the big headline, though, take a look at the new fox news polls and you can see that republican
6:32 am
herschel walker has now closed the gap with incumbent senator raphael warnock for this race. a big win for team walker one point behind the democrat as opposed to the five-point margin in september. the race is neck-and-neck despite the fact voters are seven points more likely to feel extremely concerned that walker is unqualified and warnock is out of touch. interesting here and might have something to do with this, bill. inflation still ranking the most important issue in this race with abortion 20 points behind at number two. that kind of polling could spell trouble for the incumbent democrat here as the fed just announced another rate hike to get a handle on inflation. where senator warnock could see a boost is among those split voters, bill. people who are voting for governor brian kemp republican but opting not to vote for
6:33 am
herschel walker. >> bill: aishah hosni where it is a beautiful day there. >> dana: now to pennsylvania's senate race. we're live in pennsylvania outside of philly where john fetterman is holding a rally later today. you look beautiful in the autumn colors there. >> good morning. thank you, dana, i appreciate it. the latest fox news poll surveyed 1,000 registered pennsylvania voters. it finds the pivotal senate race is tied and unchanged since that one and only debate that happened last week. democrat lieutenant governor john fetterman is ahead of republican dr. oz by three percentage points. they're about even and within the margin of error. fetterman's lead is significantly lower than in july. 8% of voters remain undecided. 51% of voters say the debate was a factor in their vote decision between oz and fetterman. more voters after the debate said they are concerned about
6:34 am
fetterman's health. that fetterman is not healthy enough to carry out the job of senator effectively. 39% saying they are concerned. that's up five points from september. no voters say they are concerned dr. oz is a quote carpet bagger from new jersey with 44% saying they are concerned he is not familiar with pennsylvania. the top three most important issues in pennsylvania, according to our survey, inflation, abortion, and election integrity and voting rights. with five days left the bottom line is this race is a toss-up. dana. >> dana: thank you so much. super interesting. >> bill: what happens in the senate? rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel is in studio and joins us now. we could talk to 100 things. first up bill clinton is on the stump and he went after republicans in a very intimate way. let's say.
6:35 am
>> sound bite. >> republicans are pretty simple, actually. and pretty straight forward. they say i want you to be very miserable. [laughter] and i want you to be very angry. and i want you to vote for us and we'll make it worse but -- >> it's interesting that it's bill clinton. we are pulling out the relics right now instead of joe biden, right? none of the democrats want to campaign with the very person making life miserable with inflation and crime and open border and drugs and kids with major deficits because of the lockdowns. so they can say it all they want. the american people know the democrats own it. they have the senate, house and white house and why we're seeing the momentum for republicans right now. >> dana: we talked about georgia, pennsylvania, nevada, and arizona. new hampshire could be a flip for the republicans in the senate race. i thought it was interesting the
6:36 am
maggie hassan, who votes 96.4% of the time with joe biden, used this as her closing argument. watch here. >> getting things done means reaching across the aisle like working with republicans to ban surprise medical bills and voting to hire 100,000 new police officers. and it means standing up to the president, whatever it takes. >> dana: what evidence is there that she stands up to the president? >> when did she stand up to the president? did i miss it? 96.4% of the time on a curve is 100% of the time. bolduc is doing a great job but sandwiched between two strong candidates. sununu and leavitt. you have some of the senate candidates who have house and gubernatorial candidates and the whole ticket is rising together. you look at arizona, kari lake and others, you can see that all across the country we have strong tickets all the way up
6:37 am
and down the ballot and it is making a difference. >> bill: mendel knows pennsylvania very well. former governor and a friend of us here. hasn't been on lately, but we invite him back any time. he was worried about african-american turnout. others echoed a similar question. if you do not get the motivation for african-americans to vote, that affects philadelphia. that affects milwaukee. that's fulton county in georgia. all three races, all three states critical. >> wayne county in michigan. why would any voter feel motivated to vote what we have right now? reagan said are you better off? are you better off that democrats have been in control? are you getting more money? do your kids feel better in school? are you feeling safer? those questions you wake up thinking about every day and you look at the democrats and you say why would i vote for that?
6:38 am
why don't we make a change? this is that type of election where a lot of voters, especially african-american voters. look at detroit. test scores went down 12 points during the lockdowns. kids weren't in school for over 50% of the year in 2021. that's whitmer. why vote for somebody who did that to your kids? we're showing up at in communities and saying give us a chance to earn your vote. the republican party, unlike what bill clinton said, want to make lives better for everyone. >> dana: our job is to sit in new york and follow everything and have a chance to talk to you. you traveled to five states yesterday. did you meet anybody or make you think we need to work harder as a republican party in this area or did you feel some you met you thought this is our new voter? >> i see the momentum and i see the passion. so i will give you an example. we have a million volunteers now. i have never seen this type of grassroots energy we have with people making calls, knocking on
6:39 am
doors, talking to their neighbors. every event we go to is packed. i feel it on the ground. it is matching what i'm seeing in the polls. and i feel really good about our candidates as well. those are the things i'm seeing when i'm on the ground. >> bill: five days to go. thank you for your time today. ronna mcdaniel. we did a podcast the other day. it gives you some good insight as to what's moving across the country based on what you have seen. check it out at fox radio. >> dana: new developments on the attack targeting speaker pelosi's husband. evidence as the suspect heads to court. human smugglers continue to exploit the president's border policies. more than 100 found packed inside a trailer. we'll have the report from the border.
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>> bill: bill melugin has more in normandy, texas today with that story. bill, hello. >> good morning to you. a few moments ago we had a very large group of migrants crossing illegally here transported away by border patrol. right to this stunning drone footage. our team shot it this morning. look at this in the early morning hours as it was still dark out our thermal capable drone showing a group of well over 200 migrants crossing illegally into the normandy area
6:45 am
and see them snaking through the brush after they've crossed over the rio grande and entering into texas illegally. almost all of them were single adults and as we -- as they came into the area we had a chance to talk to several of them. they were from cuba, nicaragua, columbia, uruguay and dominican republic. we asked is the border open or closed? they laughed and said open. none of these migrants will tell you the border is closed as they are crossing it illegally. look at this images out of mexico. the government of mexico stopping a tractor trailer with 123 migrants who were being smuggled inside of it as it was heading towards the u.s./mexico border. they report those migrants were trapped in there for more than six hours and little to no vetlation. we see these multiple times a month. look at this video where texas
6:46 am
dps pulled over human smugglers. several people bail out and they go running off into the brush. troopers chase them down and take them into custody and opened up the vehicle and find six illegal immigrants being smuggled inside of it including a 9-year-old boy hidden in the trunk of that vehicle. the driver was from houston and the passenger was a confirmed gang member both arrested and charged with human smuggling as well as unlawful possession of a weapon. lastly look at these images. some of them are graphic but the reality of what happens down here every day. the result of a human smuggling crash in la joya, texas yesterday in the rio grande valley. the human smuggler driving a truck with 11 illegal immigrants inside of it ran a red light. evaded law enforcement. lost control of the car, rolled over. everybody in the car ejected. 12 people. one man died on the scene. everybody else in the car was from guatemala, mexico and el salvador. however, there was one person from poland in that vehicle as
6:47 am
well as another person from romania. three people still critical in that crash. back out here live that's the sort of thing texas law enforcement is dealing with day in and out here at the border. multiple human smuggling attempts every day along the southern border. >> bill: every single day. thanks. >> dana: for more let's bring in democratic congressman henry cuellar running for re-election in texas 28. you've come on a lot and talked about the fact you can't get the white house to pay attention to this issue. we have cassie garcia, your opponent on yesterday talking about all sorts of things. listen to her here. >> he has been elected since 1987. whats ing done? prices out of control and four out of nine counties in the district don't have a doctor. he votes with nancy pelosi 95% of the time and voted against lifesaving infrastructure. >> dana: let's give you a chance to respond to that here.
6:48 am
>> again, if you are losing all you do is attack. we're looking at the numbers and we'll win this race. it is interesting her home -- i don't know if she is married yet. her husband a border patrol chief when he used to run border patrol training center who did he call so we could go and talk to the new cadets at border patrol? her own husband. i've been strong on border patrol. she said i've been strong on border but i understand what you are behind all you do is attack, attack. it is -- we've seen the playbook before. >> bill: let's get some of the numbers now. who is best capable of handling the issues on the border "wall street journal." republicans in congress check in at 49%. almost doubling democrats. another question what do you think about biden's border? approve or not? 60% disapprove. difficult numbers for you as a democrat. democrats have had this district
6:49 am
for 110 years. if you are a voter watching the problems on the border of the past two years, why vote for a democrat yet again? >> well again i can't talk about generic democrat. i can tell you about myself as a democrat. i have come out on your show many times and talking about the border and strong on border patrol. we've added money for border patrol agents, equipment, pay raises and everything that's important for the border. so in my particular district, in my particular district people know i've been strong on the border. >> bill: nothing has changed. i appreciate you coming back. we hope we can talk to you again and see what happens tuesday. nothing has changed. you heard mellanby. every day we sit here and every day new video and new evidence of hundreds of more who have crossed the border and you just heard that report. he said is the border open or
6:50 am
closed and everyone says it's open, right? got to believe your eyes. >> well again, look, i said we need to be strong on border security. what we need to do is not only add personnel and equipment but make sure we put money -- we put money at the border. but we can't play defense on the one -yard line. we've seen these numbers come in. we need to deport people. if you don't have repercussions at the border they'll come like like the migrant said, it's open. there is no denying about that. what we need to do is make sure that there are repercussions at the border and that we're able to do that, i think we will see the numbers slow down. >> dana: i have a slightly different question. ronna mcdaniel said in many states the gubernatorial candidate is helping for pub couples. she mentioned that in new
6:51 am
hampshire and in nevada, for example. maybe other places. do you think that beto o'rourke as the democrat gubernatorial candidate in texas is helping or hurting your race? >> i can tell you i'm running my race and i support democrats but i can tell you in my place, i get moderate republicans that come over and support me. they know i work with your former boss, call him governor bush, they know i work with republicans because that's the way we ought to do things. i usually get a good number of independents and moderate republicans that supported me. i would venture to say when i won my tough primary race, a large number of those folks that came over to vote were republicans. so they know that i've been very bipartisan working with people. >> bill: it's one of the races
6:52 am
we're watching come tuesday. thank you for your time. >> dana: take care. thank you. >> bill: in a moment a woman killed by her estranged husband. new york governor kathy hochul is under fire. why the victim's mom said the state's law led to her daughter's death. political violence targeting republicans. new hampshire senate candidate don bolduc dodged a punch only moments before a crucial debate in that state. >> i guess he couldn't contain himself and he charged from his side of the sidewalk on mine. i just turned my side to reduce my profile. he made slight contact with me.
6:53 am
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6:58 am
they fired 23 missiles near south korea. they are building up to a new nuclear weapons test. it happens every day now. >> dana: the white house deleted a tweet that mistakenly took credit for raising social security payments. we have a copy of it. twitter fact checked the tweet and the increase is caused by the highest inflation in 40 years. so karine jean-pierre was asked about this. here is what she said. >> so look, the tweet was not complete. usually when we put out a tweet we post it with context and it didn't have the context. it was an incomplete tweet as i mentioned and why you saw the team take that action. >> dana: incomplete. >> bill: a different outcome. >> dana: i would say so. >> bill: wonder if they've ever been fact checked. maybe it's the first time. it's a good thing when you have that job you have to answer. >> dana: i didn't have twitter, facebook or anything until after i left. somebody said i could post
6:59 am
pictures of my dog. i did that and kept doing it. absolutely. >> bill: final debate in new hampshire last night. hassan and bolduc. before the verbal crossfire the republican challenger was almost punched in the face as he entered the venue. what happened, molly line? >> the accused assailant. this happened outside of the venue. accused of going after the republican contender in the race. according to his campaign as he was entering the area to go into debate. one of the tightest and toughest senate campaigns in the country. republican bolduc talked about the incident during the debate as he and the democrat in the race hassan addressed the recent brutal attack on house speaker nancy pelosi's husband. the first expressing sympathy for paul pelosi. it >> it is a sign of political problems. republicans and democrats that
7:00 am
fuel issues with people, that get them to the point where they are just so upset at an individual that they strike out at them. happened to me outside just before i came in here, right? this is wrong and it needs to be stopped. >> the campaign released a statement offering further details saying as the general said on stage tonight it is time to lower the temperature of the political discourse. prior to the debate someone attempted to punch the general and arrested. we are grateful to the quick response from law enforcement on the scene. the campaign responded by hassan. disgusting behavior. we saw the same libertarian party activist get aggressive with our volunteers at this debate and the last. bolduc was not hurt and described the contact as slight noting the police moved in swiftly. >> bill: thanks. five days to go as we said. final


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