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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 7, 2022 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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to jail. well, today, a federal appealsar thurt reversed the decision and sprung them from behind bars. godspeed to them both. always vote justice when it appears. well, our final show before election day is over. e fo we'll be back during fox's election coverage for a bit tomorrow. that coverage starts. 6:00 p.m. eastern on the fox news channel. >> we recommend it highly. >> it's going to be an interesting night. here's sean hannity. all right. it's going to be an interesting day tomorrow. >> welcome to . >> all right. it is officially here. the moment is upon us . tomorrow is election day in america and you will decide the balance of power in the washington swamp. at this hour, we are monitoring tonight's massive trump rally. and it's massive. it's in ohio, which advance there is expectations of a big announcement will dip in live. straight ahead. also, dr. oz will join us with his final thoughts from pennsylvania. we'll bring you the very latest polls from all across the country. right now. five senate races, more than
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two dozen house contests, three gubernatorial elections are all within two points. that is called a statistical tie. now, as a reminder, three key swing states , if you go back to twenty sixteen , propelled donald trump to victory in 2016. the combined vote of those three swing states . seven thousand votes, 2020 forty three thousand votes in three states. that would be georgia, wisconsin and arizona decided the election. if you stay home, democrats. well, they're likely to win and you will get the government you deserve. we are warning we warned you. >> and this brings us to the most important question. every american this election needs to be asking themselves, are you better off? are you better off than you are ? twenty one months ago, are you happy we have a 40 year record high of inflation. we have backbreaking gas prices ,diesel prices and a diesel shortage. are you happy about that?
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is that is that the best we're capable of? are you happy that our borders are wide open? four point five million illegal immigrants, it's estimated, aided and abetted by joe biden and his policies, human trafficking, drug smuggling, record deaths of fentanyl and heroin. are you happy with your children getting indoctrinated at your schools with critical race theory? radical gender theory, other wolke ideologies, while parents ,by the way, you are told to sit down, shut up, or you will risk being investigated as a domestic terrorist? are you happy with zero bail laws in this country? in other words, violent criminal bank robber, they get caught, let them out, no bail, get caught again. let them out. no bail. are you happy with lax prosecutions? of violent crimes? are you happy with the spiking crime all over this country in small towns and big cities? if so, my advice is you vote democrat or stay home. but if you're furious, if you think that we are better as a
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country, that we can be better as a country. if you're unhappy with the direction of this country, you have a chance tomorrow to let your voice be heard at the ballot box. so much is at stake. this is an inflection point, tipping point election. any cliche you want to use, they're all appropriate. the current crop of democratic candidates have been doing since nineteen eighty seven , starting on radio. they are the most radical beyond radical that i've ever witnessed in my lifetime. for example, of pennsylvania, that trust fund brad, this guy thinks it's halloween all year round in a hoodie. john fetterman, he dresses up like a working guy, except he's never had a job in his life. a lifelong opponent of fracking, that's an eighty three billion dollar industry in pennsylvania, the commonwealth, he's against all other domestic energy production. he's obsessed with letting first degree convict murderers and other violent felons out of prison. additionally, he wants to open up the prisons in pennsylvania, let one third, one half of
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the prisoners walk out free, by the way. and he's in favor of taxpayer funded safe heroin injection sites. you live in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. you get to pay for that. is sanctuary states and cities. no limits at all on fourchan an hour before you're about to give birth, you can have an abortion during his reign as mayor of a tiny town of braddick, population decline by forty percent to only seventeen hundred people. that's his one job, one life. in the meantime, crime and poverty skyrocketed. next up, look at georgia, okay? you have raphael democrats there. you want to vote for raphael warnock? let's see. he loves not. god bless america, g.d. america . jeremiah wright loves louis farrakhan. senator warnock, a big fan of critical race theory, thinks the school should be teaching it a proponent of deep fund dismantle no bail laws all around the country. guy that even calls the police gangsters and thugs. why not praise fidel castro, a murderer demanded that america
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repent for america's whiteness. he was previously accused of running over his wife, his estranged wife's foot with a car after they had a domestic dispute. he was also arrested after he was leading a church camp. child abuse took place and apparently they found five varying cases that were, in fact, true. and he was arrested for obstructing justice. he now also collects a large paycheck as a pastor who supports no limits on abortion. until the moment of birth. meanwhile, in the great state of wisconsin, they have radical amandola barnes. he wants to cut the prison population fully in half, open up the prisons, let everyone go free. he wants all cash bail ended. he wants to defund the police and he wants even praise the 2020 riots. dozens of americans died. thousands of cops injured in new hampshire. you have, maggie , hasn't. she supports abolishing the legislative filibuster. she also voted against the keystone xl pipeline, voted
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against new natural gas exploration. and during her time as governor, she signed a twenty three percent gas tax hike. by the way, there are expecting an all of new england that would include new hampshire that the possibility that the grid itself won't have enough natural gas to be powered and they'll have blackouts in new england this winter with a minimum 30% anticipated price increase to heat your home, whether you heat it by gas or oil doesn't matter. >> out in arizona, you have democrat mark kelly . he's no moderate. he votes with chuckie and joe biden. 98% of the time, for example, he voted a higher eighty three thousand new irs agents voted against hiring eighteen thousand new border patrol agents. i wonder whose side is on anyway. also voted to defund border wall construction three separate times, voted against deporting illegal immigrants during the pandemic . and then to top it off, he has big dreams of using obamacare as a backdoor into a single payer socialized health care
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system in america. arizona, you're a border state. are you happy with mr kelly now? none of these far left candidate should be in the u.s. senate. but tonight, in the spirit of fairness, i want to highlight the democrats closing arguments to you, the american people, featuring a big new plan to combat inflation. chef boyardee not kidding. here is the democratic congressional campaign chief, the guy that's in charge of helping elect democrats, sean pat cipollone, is running himself. >> take a look at hudson valley. residents are feeling pain at the pump that grocery stores. what have you done and what do you plan to do to help solve our inflation problem? >> yeah, well, i grew up in a family where, you know, if if the gas price went up, the food budget went down. so by this time of the week would be eaten. chef boyardee, if that budget wasn't going to change. >> right. so that's what families have to do, is so families here's by the way, it's about a dollar ninety nine . it can't this is beef ravioli. >> chef boyardee, hope you
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hungry. let's see this one . oh, spaghetti and meatballs. chef boyardee. >> let's see. we've got. oh, beefaroni. that's good. that's right. everyone likes pepperoni and then we have lasagna. look, at the lasagna. doesn't that look delicious? a dollar ninety nine . it can we could eat that for breakfast, lunch and dinner. that's how you deal with bidens inflation costing the average household seven thousand two hundred dollars a year that you weren't paying when donald trump was president . now forget build back better. just make do with less and by the way, eat more canned food, suffer in silence and you probably won't have heat this winter. but he'll just tell you to put on a sweater like jimmy carter did. now, after all, according to the left, democracy, their argument is on the ballot . democracy on the ballot. democrats claim their political opponents are and fascists. and violent extremists and enemies of the state. if the gop wins america, as you know, it is over forever. you mean i won't have to pay
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high gas prices? we won't have open borders, we won't have fenthion. all human trafficking. drug trafficking. you mean we won't have defund? oh, that's not that's not their argument. listen to democratic house leader james clyburn doubling down on his recent nazi germany comparisons. >> take a look. congressman wants to deny this fire . okay, the facts are very clear . i've studied history all of my life history and i'm telling you what i see here are parallels to what the history of this world back in the 1930s ,congressman did in italy, comparison, by the way, the shepherd has no artificial flavors, no artificial preservatives, no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no artificial preserved. not none of that. that's amazing. anyway, hysteria doesn't. and there this is what we told you. when you don't have anything to run on , this is all you got . what election would be complete without democrats attempting to manipulate senior citizens?
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recently, they dusted off their decades old smear campaign to falsely accuse republicans of wanting to borrow social security and medicare. the lying has now become so outrageous that even "the washington post" agrees with me, and they're referring to joe biden as a bottomless pinocchio with nothing, by the way, who fact checks the fact checkers with nothing positive to run on . democrats are doing what they always do. they're trying to win an election purely through fear and dishonesty. they don't have any plans to improve the quality of your life or change course in any way. >> and in fact, over the weekend, biden was caught on a camera bragging about his plan to shut down coal plants across the country and new oil and gas drilling. now, what that means, we're going to beg saudi arabia, opec, opec, plus russia, iran for the lifeblood of our economy because we don't have the wind turbines, we don't have the solar panels
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that they say that we should be using. it's not available. it's not efficient, and it's not cost efficient. take a look. so it's going to become a wind generation and all they're doing is going to save them a hell of a lot of money. and using the same transmission line they transmit as a coal fired electric on , we're going to be shutting these plants down all across america. and having wind and solar. >> no more drone. >> there is no more drilling. >> i haven't for any new new drilling. if you think energy costs are bad now, just wait until that plan takes effect. joe biden must be held in check. that's what tomorrow is about. the good news for you tonight is the momentum for republicans is palpable. take a look at your screen. westerley right there. look at that screen. massive outdoor trump rally. that was the one in pennsylvania with dr. oz. absolutely.
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packed. compare that to the john fetterman rally. same day, same night. >> barack obama. joe biden. oh, half the place is empty. >> they had to hide all the empty seats. and while this is a great sign, it is the only thing that's really going to matter is what happens tomorrow, election day in america. so get to the polls or you get the government you deserve. it's that simple it with reaction. fox news contributor kellyanne conway, former governor of arkansas mike huckabee, and fox news contributor ari fleischer. kellyanne, we start with you. >> you're really good with numbers. so when we go back to twenty sixteen , if we take the three swing states that donald trump won combined total votes, seventy thousand, that's not a lot. if you look at 2020 and you look at arizona, georgia, wisconsin, you're talking about forty three thousand votes, kellyanne. so when i look at the polls in georgia and i look at the polls in new hampshire, and pennsylvania and nevada and arizona, although a poll has blake masters up by three
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today, and i look at those polls, am i wrong in believing that probably every one of those races or the power in the senate will be determined by tens of thousands of votes and not hundreds of thousands? >> yes, john , you're right. that's the way our elections have been going. and that's why these are called swing states . they literally sit on the razor's edge. and it depends, obviously, on turnout, but it also depends motivation and what i call investing in the nonsexist part of politics. everybody sees the as they see the rallies, the campaign, the candidate, direct appeals, the tv interviews. what they don't see is who's investing in data and digital, how many volunteers you have, how many voter contacts have you made? i don't really know what the dnc is doing, but the rnc has done a great job on this, as have all the committees they raised over three hundred million dollars and spent it. they have over one hundred million voter contacts. >> think about that. you're calling voters and you're party talking about inflation, crime, education, immigration, border security,
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national security, financial security, physical security in your communities, they have over one million volunteers. and you see that all of these these these candidates have been very well resourced. and i think what's happened late in the game, people like mark kelly and the woman in nevada with three names and no accomplishments and fetterman and certainly warnock warnock, who had no big national democratic stars. he had john asaph, his the other senator are these guys, they go down. i don't know if they've given up on or not, but nobody really went there for him lately. they probably didn't want to be near d.c., about to be a tutor to john biggest loser. but this is important because all the candidates i just mentioned, the democrats, they haven't been anywhere near 50% in the polls in a long time. that's bad. for the party in power. so when you see those narrow margins, everybody's vote counts. but even in 2020 at the house level, there were twenty seven tossups. republicans won all or all or most of them in 2018.
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there were a number of races, not about 17 races, not called an election night in the house ,john , because they were so close, democrats ended and ended up winning most of those. so you didn't get out to vote yet. remember, day of voting is still a rich tradition in this country. you take the time to do things every single day. and independents, swing voters ,if you're out there saying, i hate both parties, they're not different. the parties have never been more different. one is for energy independence and a sound economy and lower crime. one is simply not. one didn't even listen to you, sean. addition to asking people, are you better off? here's the question. twenty , twenty two . which party, saul? you heard you listen to you and responded to you. >> that's a great question. and it's clear that the republicans are you are you're looking at the big picture here. this is not your first rodeo. all of us have been down this road all the foundational issues are there for the republicans to have a wave election. it doesn't happen, though, unless the people actually get out and vote.
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there's not a single thing they can run on that's that is a success for them. >> where do you see this going tomorrow? the republicans are going to take the house and the republicans are going to take the senate. i think that's that simple. the first race i ever worked on , sean, was nineteen eighty two. ronald reagan's first midterm election and republicans lost twenty six seats. it was a wave for the democrats. a president's first midterm is always tough on the president, with one exception in the last 60 years. and that was george w. bush, who , because of september eleventh and his great popularity at that time, he won seats and republicans did in the house and the senate this year for joe biden, the man as a 42% job approval, that's abysmally low. the nation by 70% thinks we're on the wrong track and the economy is terrible. marry that to a first term election. it's the kiss of death for the party in power. the republicans are going to take the house, sean. i think they'll end up with about two hundred thirty seats. and i think republicans in
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the senate, i predicted to you last week a twenty five percent chance that republicans would have a sweep. i mean, in fifty six seats, i think it's up to about a thirty three percent chance. now, it's been a good week since last week for republican . the trend continues. so republicans will take the senate probably with fifty three or fifty four seats, but i can see a thirty three percent chance of republicans ending up with fifty six seats. >> let me let me take a break. governor , we're going to get to you in a second. we're going to dip into president trump is in ohio. big crowd tonight for jd vance and he's expected to make a big announcement tonight. >> i'm not allowed to have a jury. >> this is the beginning of communism. likewise, a local left wing d.a. in atlanta is after me for an absolutely perfect phone call about election integrity. even while atlanta has among the highest murder rates per capita of any city in the country, they actually are higher than per capita, worse than chicago, which is a disaster. and all of these local democrat
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run cases are being directed by washington, d.c. it's part of the witch hunt. i've gone on the largest witch hunt in history. i have gone through the largest witch hunt in the history. of our country. >> and it's a disgrace. and a friend of mine, very smart guy, came up to me and said, you've been going through this for six and a half years. you have to be the most honest person. it's true. can you imagine? eleven million pages of documents have examined and they got nothing. they have a person. they have one person that they're torturing torture. >> i think of this about a company owned car , didn't pay tax on a company who didn't pay tax. the company on department they called fringe benefits, didn't report that i paid the education for his grandchildren a very good man. seventy five years. they're torturing him because they want him to say anything bad about trump, say something
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bad. they put them in handcuffs. friend of mine owns a big accounting firm. he said there's never been a case like this before. they have persecuted this man in order for him to say something and then ultimately they are for a medal. you go to jail for a couple of weeks or a couple of months or you go to jail for many years, he said. i have to say this is what i think of what they did. anybody out here would probably take a deal like that. i wouldn't be honest. i wouldn't. but they torture and this is what they used to do. i do currently in communist countries and that's where we're going. that's where we're going. >> and think of it, handcuffs walked in front of a man that never heard of jail before, a man that never had a problem with anything before handcuffs. and they perk walked him in front the press in handcuffs. and nobody has ever been criminally charged in this country. from what we understand on a fringe benefit case, a company owned car , think of that
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didn't pay tax on a company or a company owned department. and they say that very few people do. how many people? i wonder how many people here have a company owned car ? anybody ever company? do you pay taxes or. >> you know what? cover your face, please. do you pay tax? >> uncle sam, do you have a company on karplus? i guarantee even uncle sam probably doesn't pay tax, but it's it's a shame. it's a shame when i see what's going on , it's a shame our country is really going to . we have a weaponizes department of justice and a weaponizes fbi, including, of course, the rate of mar-a-lago in the document hoax case, totally violating my 4th amendment rights. and no president has ever been treated this way. clinton, you know, the same case. he had things in his socks. nothing happened to him except a great verdict. he's got a great verdict. we go by that verdict, the verdict. but no, he had it in his socks . that right.
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and others took many, many documents. they take them out of the house. they took that. i'm the only one that can take everything. but maybe our country would be better off if i actually had a nuclear codes, jd , because our enemies would be afraid, unlike the way they are now. >> if i had the nuclear codes, bill clinton, don't forget, he lost the nuclear codes twice. how do you explain that to the military? i have lost the military. what he he lost the military codes twice. i didn't. they're coming after me because i'm fighting for you. that's all it is . and if i wasn't leading in all these polls, i don't have you find those poll numbers. you could put them up if you find a back there eugenicist, do this stuff, put them up. let me know when they're up. we'll talk about. but we have poll numbers that are through the roof and so do republicans. this is going to be a wave. >> i think there's going to be a very big wave. i hope so. starting right here. the radical right, that's president trump. >> he is in the state of ohio. tonight, the buckeye state.
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>> he's expected to make a big announcement. i've been calling sources all day, governor huckabee, many are speculating that, in fact, the president may be announcing that he's running for president tonight. my sources saying that that will not be the case, that he will be announcing that he's made a decision and that decision will be forthcoming. >> would it have mattered if he did announce tonight? >> well, i think it probably is better if he holds off for a little while for two reasons. number one , everybody is focused on the midterm elections through tomorrow night. we need to get through this and we need to put all the attention on getting our voters out to vote and to win these races and to win them big. and the second reason he really would be taking away from the focus of his own announcement in the midst of the midterm elections. if he were to make that announcement tonight, people wouldn't be talking about nearly as much as they would be if he has a date out there somewhere in the future and he
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has the stage all to himself with nothing else going on . and it will give all those press people an opportunity to do what they love to do. and that's who they support. him. and by the way, i want to say one thing about chef boyardee. ashan singh. i was a kid growing up. it was a luxury to have chef boyardee, all these people talking about it being some kind of a piker lunch heckmann. i would be thrilled to have chef boyardee, if you like, i'll send you a case. listen, i like that as a kid, too, and i like spaghetti o's also, but i couldn't get there with my dad who liked corned beef hash and dinty moore beef stew. so, kellyanne, what if if my sources are correct and he's going to the announcement, is that the only that he's made up his mind and will be announcing in the future, is that a hint? >> how do you take that? well, it shouldn't be a
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surprise to anyone. he's made very clear that donald trump agrees with the majority of democrats on that. he doesn't want biden there in 2020 four either. i mean, if a majority democrats feel that way, why shouldn't the former president if this could be a binary choice between the economy, energy security, crime under donald trump and border, of course, and under joe biden, then i think it's easy. but look, donald trump has been doing what you see him doing right there in the split screen. he's been doing this for a year and a half now. he endorsed candidates. he wrote checks to them. his maggette inc has spent millions and millions of dollars in five states recently, especially, he has showed up, stood up, spoken up and put up for these candidates. >> contrast this with the current president who can't stand at the podium by himself. the swing state. he was in maryland today, not a swing state. he was in union station the other day, not a swing state. in fact, it's a train station. and the president went there to to give some rousing speech . he was in new york .
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he was in california. so, look, i think that a number of people deserve a lot of credit for this going the republicans way. but that includes donald trump is going to have a lot of good to say tomorrow about the candidates he endorsed the way he did the telephone calls for them, et cetera. and the issue set the america first issue set is on the ballot or we'll give you the last word and then we'll we'll have to inform governor huckabee that he will no longer sue and he will no longer be the best governor in arkansas. >> history. but, ari, what's your what's your take about the president basically saying not announcing, but saying that he's made up his mind? yeah, he's a wonderful teaser, isn't he? i mean, he really does know how to get the focus on him. but i think governor huckabee is exactly right. republicans want to have the focus on joe biden through election day. that's one of the reasons republicans have been propelled to such success. joe biden is a very unpopular president . keep the focus on joe biden. whatever the president does,
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president trump does after that, then we'll see. and then i think it's going to be a fascinating issue about whether anybody challenges donald trump. i'm certain he's going to run, sean. i just can't imagine with all the teasing he's done that he'll pull back . i'm pretty sure that president donald trump is going to run again in the republican nomination. then all the attention shifts to will somebody challenge him? >> all right. we'll find out as that announcement gets close. we'll go back to our coverage of that. thank you all. kellyanne, thank you, governor huckabee. good luck to "start here" tomorrow. ari fleischer, thank you. now, on the eve of these midterm elections, republicans are now making their closing pitches to voters, laying out their plans to fix inflation, reduce crime, secure the border, and , of course, end will carr education and indoctrination in our schools, all while democrats continue to double down on the politics of personal destruction. >> and are as desperate as ever . we turn now to the great state of georgia. herschel walker has now opened up the biggest lead yet over failed far left incumbent raphael warnock.
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and by the way, control of the senate likely runs through the state of georgia. herschel walker joins us now. he's campaigning tonight with lindsey graham in the great state of georgia. welcome , both of you. herschel, welcome back. you have now pulled away in a lead. i saw a poll today that shows you might have an opportunity to win this outright and not have to go to a a runoff on december six . >> that would be good news if that happen. well, that would be great news. and what we're looking for is to win outright. so i got to think senator graham would be in here and we're going to continue to push because i want everyone to get out and vote to have their voices heard a vote, count it, because that's what we've got to do if we want to change this country back to being the americans way that we grew up with a great, great place where we got to do is we got to get out and vote. so i'm encouraging everyone to get out the vote tomorrow. he knows when to have them voted. they have the right to vote, get out the vote and do whatever you can, because right now we've got to get america
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back . in a way, we're going to do it and vote for republican . i believe, in this country and believing in that american flag. >> you know, lindsey , when you look at states like new hampshire that are very close, states like pennsylvania that are still pretty close and arizona still pretty close, i don't like when some people get ahead of themselves and talk about wave elections and tsunamis until it actually happens. you've been through you've watched this whole your whole lifetime race is going to be closer than people think. however, all the underpinnings, all of foundational issues seem to be on the republican side and there's not a single thing that the democrats can point to where they can say they've been successful and they've made the lives of the american people better. well, let's just. thank you. yes. number one , thank you, audience, your audience, for helping herschel and so many others. hey, i hope he wins without a runoff. would be great for georgia, great for the country to be great for the audience, because
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i won't be on tv every night begging for more money. so here's what i think is going to happen. i think is going to be a big night for republicans because everything they've thrown at herschelle and everybody else, he's handled they've tried to make it about everything but inflation and crime and broken borders. and of all the people running in this cycle, herschel walker's impressed me. so much because they hate him so much. he is a threat to the democratic narrative that the republican party is a bunch of racist. thank you for helping hershel. tim scott, herschel walker, miss green running as a republican house member and hispanic women along the border are going to win in large numbers because the border is broken. and i would just say this. if we don't win in this cycle, if we don't stop the crazy now, god help us all. this is the last, best chance we'll have as americans to stop the slide to socialism.
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turn out big in georgia. >> you know, it's georgia. it's north carolina. it's your friend, our mutual friend. tim scott in south carolina. it's also general don bolduc, two purple hearts, five bronze stars, in new hampshire. it's dr. oz versus the most radical. he's going to join us in a minute. candidate ever to run for the u.s. senate. and john, fetterman, it's jd vance with president trump is today. it's ron johnson in wisconsin. it's eric schmitt in missouri. it's blake masters in arizona, adam laxalt in nevada, tiffany smiley, hopefully in the state of washington. when you look at these races and you look at the margins and you look at the numbers that i was talking about earlier, that the difference between, you know, 2020 three swing states , seventy thousand votes combined ,forty three thousand and twenty twenty . lindsey , that's that's that means every vote really does matter. well, let's just end on this
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on my part, we talk a lot of senators, but we eventually vote . herschel walker will be one less vote for an agenda. it makes you throw up. he's not going to make d.c. and puerto rico state. he is not going to vote for the radical agenda of joe biden . he will vote to secure the border energy independence . he will not vote for eighty seven thousand irs agents. so at the end, the day warnock's been a reliable vote for biden, this man will be a reliable vote for common sense in georgia. how we vote in the senate affects you. if you got any friends in georgia, tell them to vote tomorrow. if they haven't already voted for hershel, yeah. >> show will give you your last closing comments. what do you want to say to the people of georgia on this election? well, first of all, i to thank you everyone. >> to contribute to team herschelle and continue to tell people to go to team horrorshow and just volunteer your time and see what's going on with the campaign. we're going to continue to fight like you said, we're
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not looking to a runoff, but if we got a runoff, we're ready to fight that as well. right now, this election is bigger than herschel walker . this election is about the people of georgia and by the people of the united states of america. >> all right, herschel walker, good to see you. thank lindsey graham. thank you. we appreciate you both being with us now. in the great state of pennsylvania, far left pro criminal candidate, the guy at the thinks halloween is every day of the year because he's never worked a day in his life and tries to masquerade as a working guy . john fetterman, the trust fund brad in a hoodie, is literally struggling as much as ever. and his campaign is already warning the votes will not be fully counted until days after the election and over the weekend. and fetterman had yet another major mishap while trying to rally a small crowd of voters take look so is going to be standing on the stage. i'm going to be standing
11:33 pm
with president 100%. >> all right. you see every american flag go shopping down there anyway. but dr. oz, he is surging at just the right time. look at this new poll from al gore. showing him ahead of fetterman in this critical senate race. dr. oz joins us now to explain . forty so close, by the way, say hello to all our friends in pennsylvania. and i love cheese steaks. so i'm not going to be eating chipboard tonight. >> well, i'm proud of you, actually . i mean, montgomery county, i've been traveling the whole commonwealth, and i just got home because i'm voting tomorrow morning right behind me in those doors, there's a crowd of over a thousand people. i spoke to . and to your point, the main argument i was making is that washington keeps getting it
11:34 pm
wrong because of its radical ideas. i stand for balance. john fetterman is going to be more radical insights and policies to washington that would be destructive. and to follow up what lindsey graham said the most dangerous thing fetterman has promised to do is to blow up the filibuster. he'll pack the court and he'll all of a sudden get all these laws passed that aren't aligned with the values that people here in pennsylvania. >> it's why i'm going to win the moral. >> all right. but, you know, you look at the guy you're running against ,let's look at his record . he wants to legalize drugs in the in the state of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. he is the biggest pro criminal. he's advocated for more convicted murderers to get out of jail than any other one person, legalize drugs and he wants taxpayers to pay for heroin injection sites and he wants no restriction on abortion and he wants a moratorium on fracking and no domestic energy production, by the way, that cost the commonwealth of pennsylvania. eighty three billion dollars. this guy wants to sue oil companies and grocery stores.
11:35 pm
he wants sanctuary cities and sanctuary states . i've never met a guy this radical. we've gone through this whole campaign. but for the one hour debate that you had with him, the media so corrupt has never asked for any explanation on any of this issue of these issues. he's like joe biden hiding the basement. the less you talk, the better the , you know, send out surrogates to talk for you and act as though everything's okay. >> and the media lets them get away with that. that's fundamentally unfair. having a debate five weeks after voting starts. that's fundamentally unfair to me. those are things that need to change in the future. your thoughts? >> well, you can't fool the voters of pennsylvania. they're on to him now. and that one debate was enough. they got to see that he's unable to explain why he has these far left radical positions that are out of tune, out of line with what most pennsylvanians vote , i'd rather believe. and they're going to vote based on what they think is best for the country and for the commonwealth. and the most important thing
11:36 pm
doctors do, sean, is we listen. and i've listened carefully to voters all over the commonwealth. they're telling me the same story, which is the economy is destroying their lives. they're unable to make a safe community that they can send their kids out into. and they don't trust your mailboxes because it's fentanyl showing up all the time. we've got seven times more fentanyl than we had two years ago. so they're going to vote because they're angry, they're frustrated, and they don't think anyone's listening. in their own words have said that they feel like they're a social experiment. being run by people like john fetterman, who's so far to the left that he would yank joe biden even further to the left. that's why my big speech tonight was about believing in them, because and i believe that we're given that opportunity, i believe with a land of plenty. i believe we can balance the budget. i believe we can have safe city streets. i believe we can have a secure border so we can have legal immigration work again and out. sentinel. but most importantly, sean, i believe in you, the voters of pennsylvania, and they believe in me, which is why are we going to carry the day tomorrow? and i think when all the dust has settled, what you said
11:37 pm
is correct. but the voters will not be fooled by a narrative that did not tell the truth about what john fetterman stood for. >> all right. by the way, the very respectful behind you, but you could tell him i said hello and they can actually wave to the crowd. >> he's saying he could. shearim amathila. we get him quiet. they wouldn't being very respectful by the way, dr. oz, is it healthy to eat chef boyardee? because that's a democratic plan. if you can't afford groceries, it's only a dollar ninety on a can. >> is that a good idea? sean, the democrats have no agenda for prosperity. it's not just food. it's energy prices. it's where your kids are going to school. they're not taking us anywhere. republicans had better ideas. let's win this election tomorrow. those better ideas shine forward. go to dr. oz .com because we have all our ideas there. if you want to support us in any way, get involved in
11:38 pm
the campaign tomorrow. but you've got to call friends of yours in pennsylvania and get them to vote. we don't grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory. let's win this thing the right way. all right, dr. oz, goodbye to you and your great crowd. very respectful crowd. thank you. all right. also tonight, republican gubernatorial candidates are on the rise all across the country. arizona, michigan, florida, new mexico. even in deep blue new york state voters are rejecting the failed far left pro criminal agenda. and virginia governor glenn young, and he has been in state after state. he's been out campaigning for these great candidates, vowing that these midterm races will be a wake up call for joe biden and the democrats and governor duncan joins us now. >> you know, from. all right, at least your crowd is alive. i mean, dr. oz's being very respectful. i don't know if they were told to be quiet. good to see you, governor . i know you've been all over the country, been campaigning, especially for jen newman, especially for gubernatorial candidates. >> what do you feel on the ground? often you get a feeling
11:39 pm
on the ground. i've been out on the campaign trail when i felt no energy and when i felt a lot of energy. and you can there's discernable difference. yeah, sean, the momentum is huge. every everywhere that i've had the great privilege of campaigning. the momentum has been giant. and listen, this this red wave that found its headquarters in the commonwealth of virginia last year has only grown momentum. tonight, we had an amazing rally for jenkins in the second district. we had the future speaker of the house, kevin mccarthy, with us. >> we had the 15th speaker, newt gingrich, with us. the crowd was his folks can feel this happening. and it's time. it's time for change. americans have been hurting. virginians have been hurting. i've seen the damage that joe biden has done to our nation and they're going to show up tomorrow at the polls and make a real statement. i hope that joe biden answers this wake up call because there's going to be a loud one . but, john , we got to do the work.
11:40 pm
tomorrow is the day to get out and vote, get 10 friends, get to the polls, do the work. let's win this. governor , stay right there. we're going to come back to jamie. vance has now taken the stage in ohio with president and former president trump. >> people who are going to fight for the issues and actually get something done for the people of ohio. that's what i want to do. >> let's get out to the polls tomorrow. thank you, paul . thank you, j.d. you're going to win big. it's going to send a signal to these people that are ruining our country. they're destroying our country. tomorrow. you also need to get out and vote to reelect governor mike dewine and your hotel and governor john used that. we've got to do that. he's done a good job. he's done a good job. mike and jon newman, an outstanding team who have fought tirelessly to bring jobs and factories back to ohio. i worked with him on doing that, including the twenty billion intel plant that
11:41 pm
will create more than 20000 ohio jobs. and they cut taxes, slash regulations, and they delivered historic funding for support and for the police officers. and they've really done a job. mike and john are running against a radical lunatic who is a disaster as the mayor of dayton. i got to know her when we had a terrible shooting here. remember, i went to the hospital, i got to know her and i said that she's not. president trump with jd vance in ohio, massive crowd, final rally of the midterms this year. we go back to governor glenn young. and , you know, governor , you ran in with a state many had argued for years, was purple, but really was a blue state. he didn't just win. you won by a significant margin. the issues that that were very prevalent in your race, everything from education to law and order and safety and security, not funding the police or no bail laws. the issues of the economy,
11:42 pm
inflation and record gas prices, they seem to be resonating all around the country, you know, so with that said, as you look at these very close races, as we look at pennsylvania and georgia and new hampshire and arizona and nevada, what do you see happening, sean? americans are hurting. and when they sit around their kitchen tables at night, that's exactly what they're talking about. the silent phil lipof inflation, stealing their hard earned money, the undermining of their schools, the demeaning of law enforcement. and oh, by the way, a crisis at the border. it's made every every state a border state. and so republicans have answers. they've seen republican governors lead. they have seen our congress, our congressmen and senators want to make change and be held back . and tomorrow's going to be a loud wake up call. we ought to do the work. but, boy, americans are ready to lock arms and show the amazing thing is it's not just republicans against democrats, but it's americans who are going to stand up and make a statement about
11:43 pm
our future. you know, the reality is i don't think the democratic party in the past that i knew governor , they used to hide there they real opinions. and it was interesting when you when you were running against terry mcauliffe, he was part of the clinton administration, very close to the clintons. >> and yet he made these outrageous comments about parents need to stay out of the classroom. and you were saying, excuse me, parents have every right to know what's going on in the classroom. and what's what's fascinating things that democrats would never say years ago. they are now openly advocating defund the police, dismantle the police, no bail laws. they're proud of wide open borders. they have no problem speaking out and saying, no, we don't need to be energy independent. at all. oh, and you need to go buy an electric car , which is only twenty two thousand dollars more than a gas powered car. and by the way, it's powered by an electric grid that's 90% fossil fuels.
11:44 pm
all of these issues now seem to be resonating around the country. do you see the democratic party if in fact, this is a bad day for them tomorrow? do you see any hope of any change? bill , clinton once said the era of big government is over the end of welfare as we know it. i see that in this party, i don't see any moderate voices out there. >> well, i hope i hope joe biden hears this loud wake up call that's coming tomorrow. but listen, we have not seen any democrat candidates profess anything close to common sense and we hit it right on the nose. we've got inflation stealing everybody's hard money. they've undermined our schools. they demean law enforcement. we have wide open border. these are straight forward to go out and fix. they have done none of it. that's why there is going to be a sea change tomorrow. and you know what? sean? in virginia, we've got three amazing congressional candidates. jenkins yes. lee veiga hung. cal we're going to make a big statement that virginia is going to continue the red wave that we started last year this reflects the needs of
11:45 pm
virginians and americans. it's going to be a statement tomorrow. we'll get those early races from virginia. that could be very indicative of what's going to happen the rest of the night. governor young kim, thank you. we head back to the great state of ohio. president trump with his rally for jd vance. it's expected the president will make a big announcement tonight. my sources are telling me that he has come to a decision. will he give that decision? >> tonight, there's conflicting reports. we'll see virtually defeated. he was the best in the in the whole country. best wrestler. and but i looked at it and i looked at those years. i shouldn't say this because i've never told as i said, that guy had some things going on with the fighting, but he is such a warrior and such an incredible guy. >> is he here? is he here? come in. come on . i love this guy. come here to say some .
11:46 pm
well, they've heard from me, mr. president , but they want you back here. i will. i'll just say this. my favorite scripture verses second timothy for seven . it says, fight the good fight, finish the course, keep of faith. and i tell folks, i tell folks that's a verse for our country. fight finish. keep your words of action. not timid words, not. words, words that we associate with america and words that we associate with the best president we've ever had. >> president trump, god bless you all. thank you very much. and a friend of jim's, a friend of all of us , warren davidson. warren, thank you very much. good job. you're doing my carry in a person who mike was. mike . hi, mike . great. good job, mike . warrior, another warrior. a person who is very shy, very
11:47 pm
timid. we're trying to get her to get a little tougher. >> marjorie taylor , gary, she's terrific. she did a commercial. >> yes, yes, yes. somebody can break into my house, were treated very nicely. but first he's got to go through this as he takes. i said that's a hell of a commercial, but she's great and she's done a tremendous job and she's highly respected, highly respected. and she just won with almost like everybody voted for her. she's great. thank you very much. larger. it's an honor to have you congressional candidates. oh, i love this guy, max miller with max. so where is max? i'll tell you the job he's done. right. and he was with me for four years. i know him. made me almost as well as that guy right there. jim . but max is going to be a great congressman and he turned out to be an incredible campaigner.
11:48 pm
you know, they're having a hard time with the district and it kept getting worse and worse. they got up. it was a trump plus twenty , then it was a trump plus. and then it was at trump plus two. they kept playing and he kept saying, don't worry about i'm going to win anyway. does it matter? and then it went the other way. it was a little democrat. he said, don't worry about it. and then in the end it became like a trump plus eighteen. i don't know how the hell you pull that, but you know what? you did a great job for me, max, and i'm here for you. and you're going to have a great career. so great young man and a great man grew right, right here. thank you very much, max. and j.r. maduka. you know, he suffered he suffered a lot of false false statements. >> and i just want to tell you, everyone knows they they all all of the people that i've just named, but they have my complete and total endorsement, you know that. and they treated j.r. very unfairly. i made up a lot of stories. he's a tremendous warrior. and a great gentleman.
11:49 pm
and i think he's going to do very well tomorrow. but i think he got treated very unfairly. i don't even know what's going to happen. you know, the fake news went after him and we don't know what's going to happen. but i think you're going to have a good result because the people know that you are a legitimate hero. you know, told me that, you know, told me that jim jordan, that's all i have to hear when jim says so. good luck tomorrow, fellas. >> good luck tomorrow. ohio republican party chairman, a friend of mine, bob peduto. right. that is president trump. he is stumping his last campaign rally in this midterm election cycle. obviously, it's election night in america tomorrow, election day tomorrow. joining us now, our friends, our pollsters, matt towery, insider advantage and robert haley, trafalgar. >> they have been polling every race. all right, guys, this is your final opportunity. we're going to go through, especially the senate races, a lot of these gubernatorial races. let's start in the great state of georgia. both of you have herschel
11:50 pm
walker in the lead. >> robert haley, what's going to happen tomorrow? i mean, think is going to come in first. >> and i think he's going to get barely and avoid a runoff. okay, do you think it's a runoff on december 6th and in that runoff, what's that? or you think without a runoff avoids a runoff? wow. yeah, that would be a huge win for that would be a big night for republicans. if that happens. matara, do you agree? well, i have to tell you, i am increasingly convinced that robert is going to be the best pollster on this. i think herschel walker will make it across the 50 percent plus one requirement in georgia, partially because african-american men are going to vote for walker at even higher level than they've told us in the polls. and what about and you can't deny brian kemp has run a great campaign for governor . >> oh, you he is lifting all boats in georgia.
11:51 pm
he is going to absolutely have a big night, let's put it that way, over stacey abrams. so, yes, brian kemp is going to add to herschel walker likelihood of making it without a run off. let's go to this great state of north carolina and ted, but where do you see that race towering? >> oh, bud, that's easy. okay, easy, robert . agreement. yes, bud. comfortably. okay, let's go to new hampshire. poll came out today, had gen. bolduc up by one. but you have a governor in and governor chris sununu that is leading anywhere from 12 to 18 points in some polls. is that going to help gen. bolduc, who also had a good debate, i thought, in against maggie hassan. >> where's that state going? matari? >> well, it's very close, you know, that they don't have that early voting. they don't have a lot of noise
11:52 pm
before the actual election. and he's been rising the entire time. the british betting houses say he's not going to win. i say he has a chance of winning. it's going to be close. robert . i think probably that is probably even going to be closer. what do you think, robert ? yeah, i think just exactly what you said. >> he had a great debate. he's now got governor sununu behind him. a lot of that happened on your show. people thought and that's a big move and the guy's done a bunch of town halls and maggie hassan sat in the basement. so i think in the end he pulls that out, but just barely. but i'd say bullet wins this thing. >> you know what you look at general bulldog, he's not a polished politician. he's been a general. he did ten tours of duty, two purple hearts, five bronze stars. he's in it to serve the people of the granite state in new hampshire. and he'd be a great choice. i hope. i hope he pulls us out. let's go to the state of pennsylvania. we paid a lot of attention to this race. you have, i think, in in
11:53 pm
john fetterman, the most extreme candidate ever to run for the u.s. senate, it's still relatively close. >> your take, robert . i think in the end, oz is going to get the most votes. and i think michael strahan outperforms all of his polling and makes that a little more competitive. everybody gives it credit for. but what happens after pennsylvania drags out a week is anybody's guess. >> he gets the most votes. that sounds like code words, but i'm not going there. >> matt . okay, well, i alluded a moment ago to the british oddsmakers who tend to be the very best at figuring out american politics. go figure. and they have moved this race to favor of winning. so as larry sabato, who's known to have a pretty good crystal ball, our poll for the fox affiliate in philadelphia had several points. i think oz will win the race, that he is going to be tight. and i do agree with robert. he will get the most votes. we'll see what happens.
11:54 pm
and i will argue that john fetterman, if you're in pennsylvania, you can't let that happen in this country. all right. let's look at jd vance and let's also look at ron johnson. >> any issues there for either of you? none the most not. >> all right, then. let's go to the state of the union, blake masters. >> robert , you had him up by three today. actually , our brand new poll has him up by one. and that's the first poll that we've put out with masters winning. what we've what we've seen happen is what we expected as once this libertarian got out. hang on , one looks like massachusetts. >> we're going to dip back into the ohio rally with donald trump. >> he's with jd vance. let's listen in. we will end of this, a lottery and we will end illegal immigration in our country once and for all. we want people to come in, but they have to come in legally.
11:55 pm
>> they have to come in legally. we will stop the crime wave and democrat run cities. we will give our police the power they need and the respect that they deserve. and we will not take legal protection away from our police. they want to take protection so that if somebody sues a police person for doing their job, they have to go out and hire their own lawyer. that's not a good idea. >> we will restore law and order in america. we will hold china accountable for unleashing the virus upon the world. sixty five trillion dollars in damage. they can't pay that much, but something's going to happen. >> we will abolish all covid mandates and lockdown's and rehire every patrón who is fired from the military with an apology and full back pay. yeah, and we will defend
11:56 pm
our constitution. we will defend the second amendment. and we will proudly uphold the judeo-christian values and principles of our nation's founding. we will restore patriotic education to our schools and we will teach our children to love their country, honor our history, and to always respect our great american flag, always respect our flag. in conclusion, our maga movement make america great again. is by far the greatest political movement in the history of our country. >> they never challenge that. >> they've never challenged this amazing thing. they wouldn't challenge it if i said anything slightly wrong. they challenge, but they can't challenge that together. we are standing up against some of the most menacing forces, entrenched interests and vicious opponents. our people have ever seen. despite great outside dangers,
11:57 pm
our biggest threat remains the sick, sinister and evil people from within our country. you know who i'm talking about. you see them all the time. but no matter how big or powerful the corrupt radical democrats that we are fighting against may be , you must never forget this nation does not belong to them. this nation belongs to you. >> that's who it belongs. to . this is your home. this is your heritage. and our american liberty is your god . given right from akron to toledo, from cleveland, to columbus, from youngstown to dayton, you inherit a legacy of generations of americans who risk their everything for the beloved country that they love so much. ohio is the state that gave us american heroes, icons and legends with names like neil armstrong, annie oakley
11:58 pm
and the great general and president ulysses s. grant. and this is the state that gave us legions of farmers, soldiers, steelworkers and skilled craftsmen who built this country with the sweat of their brows and the strength of their spines. and they suffered so greatly. but they also gave us something very, very special, the goodness of their souls, hero hio ancestors fought the battles they broke the barriers. they conquered the unknown dangers. they pushed into uncharted frontiers and they made america into the greatest nation in the history of the world. >> but now we are a nation in
11:59 pm
decline. >> we are a failing nation. >> we are a nation that has the highest inflation in 50 years. and where the stock market finished the worst first half of the year since 1870, likewise, we are a nation that has the highest energy costs in its history. we are no longer energy independent or energy dominant as we were just two short years ago. we are a nation that is begging venezuela, saudi arabia and many others for oil. please, please, please help us . >> joe biden says as we have more liquid gold right under our feet, than any other country anywhere in the world,
12:00 am
we are a nation that is consumed by the radical left screen deal . >> tomorrow's election is now in your hands, and it's all about the things that you're happy with . inflation record high gas prices, open borders. if you're happy with no bail, laws, defund the police and work education. vote for the democrats, otherwise save the country. let not your heart be trouble. laura's next. aham and >> i'm laura ingraham.s th this is the "ingraham angle" from new york tonight. and just eight hours, the first polls, the twenty twenty two midterms open and candidates are not leavinghs anything on the field. >> who's ready to take this state back ? great >> who's ready to save this country? thisin the wor is the greatest n the world today. and this time it is time for us to stand up for america., we >> if we're all in, we win. all in, all in