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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  November 12, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> greg: we are out of time. thanks, to o brian: aren't you excited it's saturday night? i'm brian kilmeade and this is "one nation." herschel walker, a lot of pressure on his shoulders. the mid-term elections are important. the first opportunity for the american people to look at their chief executive and let them know what they think of his policies win or lose. they give a clear picture what voters want.
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a formula for reelection and a chance to change before it's too late. that's why i find it noteworthy and scary that the president of the united states who narrowly avoided a red wave but not a shift in power has no plans for change. >> what would you do differently to change people's opinion of the direction of the country? >> nothing. because they are just finding out what we are doing. the more they find out about what we are doing, the more support there is. brian: biden has no plans to bring down inflation or rein in violent crime or fix this country's borders. only 25% of the country thinks we are heading in the right direction. this hasn't always been the way. when the mid-term elections didn't goat way of the party in power or a policy was failing, changes were made. it wasn't a big deal.
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fdr's overreach cost his party the mid-terms. packing the court and a new, new deal. after losing 81 seats in the house in that election fdr changed his tune working with congress and building up his democratic base. joe plans on singing the same tune until 2024. why? harry s. truman worked tirelessly to focus on issues important to this people. civil rights and healthcare. he changed. what matters to the people doesn't seem to matter to joe biden. there was no red wave. jfk, for example learned from the bay of pigs invasion. he reconfigured his staff and decision making process. and when the soviet union faced
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him in cuba, he stared down khrushchev. has joe biden reestablished his foreign policy team? no. i don't think he learned from his foreign policy mistakes in afghanistan. he will not change. i will give you another example. 1994, bill clinton's empty promises and scandals caused him a lost in the mid-terms. he refocused only crime and welfare reform. he worked with republicans and the budget was a focus. do you know he balanced the budget? it actually was at zero. biden feels no need to change, even after all those examples he probably lived through. 2006, hurricane katrina, the
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drawn out iraq war was hurting president bush and the gop. after the mid-terms when he got hammered, george w. bush changed things things. he got rid of his chief staff andy card. donald rumsfeld was filed, the secretary of defense. bush listened to the electorate. there is no problem with that in the past. there seems to be no leadership changes in the pipeline for the biden administration. the year was 2010. barack obama took full responsibility for the shellacking his party endured during the mid terms. he united his party and sailed to reelection in 2012. how will no changes for the american people pan out.
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joining me, governor sununu. there was no red wave. are you befuddled there is going to be no change? >> no. even if there was a red wave, president biden wasn't going to change. the democrat establishment, the liberal elite in warn -- in washington have no respect for joe biden. they only want him to be a political tool for the radical left wing agenda. i don't think he will be running in 2024. they will be using him to drive a left wing agenda and claim a victory for democrats. this wasn't a victory for democrats. it's likely the republicans take control of the u.s. senate.
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we had extreme democrat seats flip over to moderate republican seats in michigan and places like that. but they don't care. they have no respect for joe biden so they will be advising him to be nothing but a political tool as opposed to being the president of the united states. brian: i think the take away from some of this election is lack of polarization really worked. even if you think about party politics and desantis. he was doing everything for his people. what is your take away? >> that's it. our job as governor first and foremost is to be a bit selfish for the 1.4 million people i represent in new hampshire. i put them first every time just
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as ron wants florida to be first. when you do that you tend to put the policies aside and create the best solutions. and that gets results, and results get votes. people want you to do your job. they don't want to talk about payback or extremism on either side. think just want someone -- they just want someone who will gets the job done. was joe biden the most extreme candidate to win that primary? at the time he was one of the most moderate and he won that nomination and ultimately the general election. i was surprised by the results. don't get me wrong. i thought there was going to be a red wave. a lot of us did. there have been recent elections where folks said we want a moderate candidate who will be successful at getting things
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done. but it isn't about rhetoric or party policy. you have got to be able to deliver the results and that's what people will vote into. brian: there was a headline, the biggest issue was polarization. the most liberal usually win the primary process. do you think america is at the point where they don't want to feel the fighting and tension, they want more reasonableness? >> people are tired of anger and stress and anxiety in a political atmosphere. this has been going on for the last six years. it got exacerbated by covid. they thought the temperature would be brought down. so they went and voted with their feet and said we want the temperature brought down. what clearer message can we give you. inflation and the economy is
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still the number one issue for folks. we want that policy to be fixed, but that can wait. our priority is the polarization. it's not just an anti-trump thing. people keep talking about trump. there is a little bit of that. but it doesn't help when lindsey graham is talking about a national ban on aboarlings two weeks before the election. and it doesn't hem when someone talks about social security going bankrupt. it scares those on fixed incomes and the elderly. mccarthy was talking about payback for pelosi. nobody wants payback. people want someone who is going to move forward. brian: governor i look forward to seeing your next step. great to see you, chris. congratulations again.
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next on "one nation," biden plexes some muscle ahead of the g20. the georgia senate race is headed for a runoff. herschel walker joins us with his plan for overtime. don't forget to dvr gnats *. thanks for watching "one nation." that's a wide shot of our studio. all across the country,
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of conflict. is he really going to do that behind closed doors or on the world stage in let's ask the author of "reversing the left's plot." arkansas senator tom cotton. you heard about the red lines. what do you think is actually going to happen? >> suffice it to say i have my doubts that president biden will get tough with xi jinping behind closed doors. joe biden has been soft on communist china going back to his days at senator. he repeatedly toasted xi jinping. he said in the 2020 campaign that china was not competition to us. the fishy suspect dealing his
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son and brother had with china. and he came from a hot air conference in egypt. and we are hamstringing american energy production. he should get tough with xi jinping but i have my doubts. brian: you said we should stop all flights out of china. he thought were crazy and rebuked you. is this a weaker china. they are pulling away from open markets. i sense they are more vulnerable than they appear. >> i think maybe vulnerable is a better term than weak. but vulnerability makes a strong nation dangerous. xi just got an unprecedented
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term. he's exerting more political control over the economy which will slow down growth. china's population is getting older and it will start to decline since their one child policy ended. this is a narrow window where he might be able to achieve longstanding goals like invading taiwan and annexing it to the mainland. brian: he had no problem taking hong kong. vladimir putin is pulling out of kherson. and general milley is recommending we recommend they go into peace talks. is this the time we should be forcing a truce? >> we are not in a war with russia. ukraine is in a war with russia because russia invaded ukrainian
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territory. it's up to the ukrainian government and the ukrainian people to make that decision. we should back them in that decision. they just took back kherson, the only provincial capital russia has seized going back to -- to february. if we begin to falter or fail, if russia begins to get the upper hand to get on the battlefield, that's the most certain way to prolong this war. brian: the american people need to understand how valuable it is for to us have this aggressive nation neutralized. ukraine is fighting like warriors. this just came across. marco rubio tweeted this out. the senate gop leadership vote next week should be postponed.
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we should make sure we value the backgrounds of the people who gave us the vote. do you think mitch mcconnell's leadership should be damaged? >> i haven't heard that before. i'm not aware of any challenges to senator mcconnell or any of the other leaders in the republican leadership. we need to look at the agenda we offered. but this election is still not over. we are still counting ballots in nevada and arizona. and we still have another ballot in georgia in december. let's focus on making sure we get control of the senate before we worry about how we organize
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the senate. brian: so postpone the leadership vote. >> i wouldn't call for postponing it. if there isn't opposition or other candidates, i don't see what difference that would make. but the most important issue is on helping herschel get across the finish line in december. brian: thank you for matching my color scheme. always great to have you on. the gop boosts herschel walker as his chances to flip the georgia senate seat red are still in play. he joins "one nation" next with his battle plan. we are seeing the beginning of the end for woke corporations. i will explain the where he conning next. kevin! kevin? oh nice.
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[♪♪] jon: onwelcome to fox news live. i'm jon scott. control of the u.s. senate could be decide in nevada tonight as we await the final vote count it's between catherine cortez masto and adam laxalt.
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democrats won in arizona, giving them 49 seats in the chamber. republicans also have 49. if masto wins in nevada, democrats will maintain control of the senate. president biden has accepted the resignation of christopher magnus, the head of the customs and border control. i'm jon scott, now back to "one nation" with brian kilmeade. brian: you heard the phrase get wwoke or go broke. a number of business giants are writing racial and gender quotas into their credit agreements with banks and earning better rates for diverse agreements.
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the woker they are,' more money they make. many of these companies are household names, pfizer, blackrock and more. so what does this mean for the future of business in america? it used to be the best of the best in the world because of our wowork -- our work ethic. here is the king of the corporate turn-around. david sochel, he's author of the great book "america in perspective." your reaction to this being built into credit agreement. did you know this was going on? >> i heard of it. it's part of the virtue signaling reported progress. i think it's dying and withering
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on the vine. the reality is this whole woke nonsense is antithetical to our constitution. freedom of speech is the most important freedom we have. when you have cancel culture and wokeism, you are destroying the country, you are not helping it. but i think people are getting their mind around this and seeing it for what it is. youened discrimination by not discriminating. not a pay-to-play. you get a lower interest rate if you have a number of certain categories of people. brian: if you are not green, the idea your employees will leave you. disney caved to their employees who were upset about a bill that was disparagingly named "don't say gay bill."
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here is what ron desantis said. >> we reject woke ideology. [cheers and applause] we fight the woke in the legislature. we fight the woke in the schools. we fight the woke in the corporations. we'll never ever surrender to the woke mob. florida is where woke goes to die. brian: is that music to a ceos ears? usually the politicians pressure them to do this. he's saying i pressure you not to do this. >> he's my governor. i can't say how proud i am of him. i think people in florida on both sides of the aisle applaud his straight talk, honesty and common sense. this woke i am is harmful to our
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country, it breaks down civil discourse between us all. america is built upon a her to a meritocracy. we need to get away from the tribal warfare people are trying to cause in our country and get us back to being americans first and foremost. then we can be proud of our gen --of our gender, ethnicity d race. brian: think how far we have come since major league baseball cowered because georgia changed their election laws. they moved the all-star game out. and now you have governor desantis standing up to
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disney. let business be business and keep politics out of it. it was great to talk to you. good news is the president and the freedom fighters in paperback. tonight i'm in bramford, mississippi. and i will be in oklahoma city on monday. meanwhile, the georgia senate race goes into overtime. and herschel walker is hitting the trail and falling into big money. $3 million already. he joins "one nation." intelligent technology. courageous performance. discover a new world of possibilities in the all-new lexus rx. never lose your edge.
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>> this is a job that requires honesty. you can call me old-fashioned. but i still think character matters. integrity matters. telling the truth matters. competence matters. brian: wow, it's getting personal. georgia senator rafael warnock takes a shot at herschel walker. walker hauled in $3.3 million
5:34 pm
from friday. the democrats dumped $7 million into warnock's race. they spent another $7 million during the initial matchup between these two. good to see you herschel, i know you are back in your house, ready to go. when you first found out nobody was going to get to 50%, what was your reaction? >> i am built for this. i'm ready to go in a runoff because this means more than you just herschel walker and anything i have been doing. this is about the georgia people. it seems senator warnock has lost. my integrity and honesty is better than he is. he has hidden everything he has ever done in his life. he has lived on the taxpayer dollar and his parishioner's
5:35 pm
dollars. and i have built companies. i was the adult in the room in the debates. once he got called on the apartment he totally went blank and he was exposed. but let's not talk about what he has common his personal life. but what he has done as a senator. brian: he wants to talk about your personal life, he wasn't doing that at first. is it time to look into his relationship with reverend wright and lewis farrakhan? if he goes there, are you going to go to this personal life? >> i told my campaign, that's for outside groups to do. i want people to know what i'm going to do for them as a snror. and he failed the georgia people. what i'm going to do as a senator is be senatorial.
5:36 pm
he's not. he's broken almost every commandment he can break. if he can't keep the oath to almighty god, do you think he's going to keep it for you? he's off the hinges right now. he never thought he would be in a runoff. i wanted to win it outright. i am built for his. he feels he can buy his seat. georgia is not for sale. he needs to know that georgia is not for sale. i'm here to win this for the georgia people. they haveless money in their -- they have less money in their pockets. two years ago they had more. the border was secured. two years ago it was secured. now it's not. it's only because of him. brian: in overtime you will need
5:37 pm
a different strategy to be successful. one thing is clear. mitch mcconnell is tapping governor brian kemp to loan you the get-out-the-vote machine that worked for him including his analytics and door knocking campaign and the super pac to loan you money to help you out. how do you feel about that? >> i feel great about governor kemp and his advisors. when i get to the senate i will work with him on a federal level and he will work on a state level. that's what you have got to have. you can't have a person in washington working against the governor. that's what we had in washington with senator warnock. right now he can have someone in washington that will work on the federal level and work with him. any help i can get from governor
5:38 pm
kemp, i'm saying please help me. anyone in the state of georgia i want to help me win this race. this race is about the georgia people. brian: when you look at the rundown and saw who didn't vote for you, how does that figure into your strategy leading up to december 6. in the black community they didn't vote for you in great numbers. is that a place you want to revisit and finds out the message they want to hear? >> i do want to visit that area. that's one of the things we have got to quit doing, separating the black and hispanic votes. separating the people vote. i am going to work for everybody. i want everyone to have a quality education and the american dream i have.
5:39 pm
the only way you can get that is to bring people together and have a senator in washington that will fight for everyone who has the quality you deserve to have. brian: what about his vote that might appeal to make them your voters? >> the way you get to that vote, you have got to talk to those people and let them know how important this election is. let them know who they are fighting for. everyone is going to worry about their pocketbook and retirement. right now, you know into your retirement to live. right now they are totally destroying your social security and destroying everything about what america was great about. this is happening in less than two short years. can we give them six more years? brian: you are going to see everybody joining on the stump.
5:40 pm
we'll be tracking you every single day. thanks so much, best of luck. >> go to they have to earn this seat. brian: we'll find out december 6 who is going to get six more years. nike co-founder phil knight will join me next. what world leader appeared on "drag race." i will give you a hint. it wasn't joe biden but it was somewhere in north america. peop. it's lying dormant, waiting... and could reactivate. shingles strikes as a painful, blistering rash that can last for weeks. and it could wake at any time. think you're not at risk for shingles?
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it's time to wake up. because shingles could wake up in you. if you're over 50, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about shingles prevention.
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brian: democrats in oregon
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managed to hold the governor's mansion. christine drazen almost flipped the state. phil knight is committed to fixing the lawlessness in his state. we have all seen it in portland where crime, drugs and homelessness are running rampant. phil, i know you like to win. you didn't win. it looks like co-tech holds on. is she going to ask you to leave the state? >> i don't know, she might. it was a disappointing night for me. but we'll muddle through. brian: what prompted you to say i don't care what anyone thinks in this case, i just have to take action. what prompted you to take action
5:46 pm
to get involved in this case? >> you said it. i'm an oregonian to my toes. born and raised here and lived virtually my whole life here. the oregon i grew up in, i lived? a suburb of portland and we left our doors open at night. it was a friendly and pretty place. for six months the last year portland, oregon was the murder capitol of the u.s. with a higher murder rate than chicago. how did we go from the portland of my childhood to the portland of today and the simple answer is leadership. it's the state i love and i hate to see what's happening to it. the person in my opinion who is more responsible than anyone
5:47 pm
else is tina co-tech. kotek. i did everything within my power to see that she wasn't re-elected. brian: can you wrap your head around that type of report card that gets you four more years in office and you have two counties who want to leave oregon and go to eyed mow? how do we do this in this country. >> especially in oregon. it's such a special place of my youth. the cocaine -- cocaine is legal. heroin is legal. and plastic straws are not. that was all passed in the same year. it's sad to watch happen. i wanted to try what i could do to keep it from going down hill. i tried, but here we are. brian: you put $2 million into
5:48 pm
two separate candidates and it didn't work. nike put money into her. does that bother you that the company you founded put manin to a democrat? >> actually it doesn't. he's a little bit to my left. but i understand why they did it. i think they thought she was going to win. so no i'm okay with it. brian: one of the best books i ever trade was about you. i got a chance to now and see what you accomplished. but the ceo of the company said this. about china and manufacturing over there. he said we are confident what wire seeing in china. we have a longterm view of china. we have been in china for 40 years and investing significant time and energy. we are a brand of china and for
5:49 pm
china. how do you interpret that. i always thought you were the ultimate american company. >> i'm an ultimate american person red, white and blue all the way. but nike is an international company. when we would go into any foreign country we would go in and want to become a part of the fabric of that country. we didn't just want to take the money and leave. i don't think that's a controversial statement. brian: is it possible to bring manufacturing back here. they are our rival if not our enemy. we won't be able to be in control of our own economy unless we do. you know the reality of it. it was japan first. is it possible to bring
5:50 pm
manufacturing back to america? >> it's not economical the way shoes and clothes are currently made. we'll automate those industries and at that time you can bring it back to the u.s. we made a million pairs of shoes on an automated process. it wasn't quite ready yet and economical. but i think there will be a day but it's not quite yet. brian: i could go on for another two hours. thanks so much. i know you like to win. hopefully people understand they have got to change their policies if they can't change the horse in the race. phil knight, thank you. >> thank you. brian: will cain, it's time for
5:51 pm
the news duel *.
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all across the country, people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work, helping them achieve financial freedom. we're investing for our clients in the projects that power our economy. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive.
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brian: he's so jealous of my animation. it's time for the "news duel." the shottest stories, everyone is talking about. joining me, will cain. 8 hours on the air this weekend. will, are you ready to duel?
5:56 pm
>> yeah, i'm always ready to duel with brian kilmeade. brian: new zealand, this guy got a 330-pound 8-9 foot long shark. will: it's on the line or jumped on to the bow. >> it jumped on to the boat. it's capable of acleeflg speeds of 46 miles per hour. >> have you ever caught a shark? brian: no. will: we were fishing for marlin. if you get a shark onth, you are disappointed. i pet it, very rough skin. canadian prime minister justin
5:57 pm
trudeau. brian: endlessly sexy. will: he will be the first world leader to appear on "drag race." canada versus the world competition. it's founded by ru paul. justin trudeau joins a segment where the could be testants receive inspiring word. it includes transgenders. it's like the "american idol" for drag. now simon cowell is justin trudeau. brian: how did he get re-elected. it's unbelievable. snl has to controversy. they took the most successful
5:58 pm
comedian on the planet, dave chappelle. staff writers are so furious that he's the man hosting, they have chosen not to write for the show this week. will: it's dave chappelle. brian: he's the best. will: he's on the top-10 list of comedians for all time. he might be much higher. but i'm trying to go back in history and include the greats. richard pryor. and they are boycotting the top pfeiffer? brian: they used to welcome controversy. i'm a soccer guy. you want to do this? we go to the world cup and get us a cabin. $270 a tonight. there will be a whole village of
5:59 pm
tiny cabins. it holds one or two people with a twin bed, a night stand. brian: i am not going to stay with you. air-conditioning and a toilet are inside. would you say in that just to watch soccer. >> it comes to america in 2026. brian: if you go there single and meet miss special, how would you like to say let's go back to my tiny house. good luck tomorrow on "fox and friends" from 6:00 to 10:00. will will be on my radio show from 9 to noon. don't forget to dvr the show and don't forget to watch "fox and friends" saturday and sunday
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with will and monday through friday with me, steve and ainsley. i will pay the $8 to get verified on twitter. and i also rumble. dan bongino is coming up. you want to stay here and watch? will: yeah, i have cable. dan: it's been a while week with the mid-terms. we still don't know the results of many races around the country. but clearly things haven't gotten bad enough for some people. we have been here before when the democrats' policies continue things around. could it be john tetterman for the white -- could it be john fetterman for th


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