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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 15, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PST

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that i have to sue these guys and to bring attention to the issue this should be a bipartisan issue. china has a way to get stuff into our country we need have a plan. attorney general patrick morrisey, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. ♪ >> todd: republicans within one seat of control of the house. >> carley: hold a leadership election. >> truth is we were fighting on their terrain. >> hobbes to beat lake. >> will a recount. >> arizonans know bs when they steenchts former football player accused of shooting five teammates three of them dead. >> mr. jones came to the attention of a threat assessment team. >> lawlessness backing off of proactive policing. >> new data shows cbp encountered 230,000 migrants brand new fiscal year.
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>> power of the purse to mandate that this president actually secure the border of the united states. >> ftx it filed bankruptcy. >> are bank rolled democrats to the tune of 40 million bucks in the midterm. >> i would compare it to enron. >> this one is shot. watkins a diving catch. commanders pick it up 15-yard line. another take away by this washington defense. ♪ it ♪ >> steve: i got a feeling walker hayes is probably played somewhere along broadway as you look up broadway right now as you can see light rain, they have got 42 degrees at 5:01 in the morning. meanwhile, here in our world headquarters, good morning new york city. wee have got 35. it's actually warmer in
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nashville. we woke up this morning. it was 28 at my house. and it looks like it's going to feel a lot like winter today. >> brian: and do you know what happened 47th between fifth and sixth yesterday? >> steve: what? >> brian: a robbery a guy in a cherokee and black mask. how could you do that in the diamond district aren't there cameras right around the block from us. >> steve: it's right behind you. >> brian: are we suspects? was anyone here at the time? >> steve: i have got an alibi. >> brian: diamonds not newspapers. >> brian: unbelievable. begin on a lighter note. not crime, not smash and grab. find out who can grab the majority in the house. from the midterms fox news projects democrat katie hobbs will defeat g.o.p. candidate kari lake in the ears gubernatorial case hard fought
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campaign. i'm shocked this went this direction. >> and republicans now only one seat away from taking back the house. 217, the majority is 218. >> steve: yep. they just need one. we just need one guy to explain it all and there he is downer in d.c. >> how quickly some people want to declare a winner and move on in the arizona gubernatorial race but the process may not be over. especially if it's within half a percentage point. that's going to trigger a recount and i think that's important for the folks in the grand canyon state. for the moment katie hobbs, who you probably recall wouldn't debate, some even said she barely exaneld and yet, somehow she managed to acquire more than 1.2 million votes just enough, apparently, to best kari lake in arizona's gubernatorial race. so, here's what she had to say about that quote democracy is
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worth the wait. thank you, arizona, i'm so honored and so proud to be your next governor. but, as you can well imagine, not everybody is buying that. arizonans know b.s. when they see it said kari lake. um-huh. so we will see how that all shapes up. meantime, here in washington, the balance of power is oh so close to going to the republicans way in the house 217 to 205. by the way, just last night, a bunch of races called for g.o.p. candidates, including new york 22 which was a very deep blue district. left of center california 41. california 45 as well. so, a big night for the team in red. meanwhile, on the hill, there are some g.o.p. stalwarts who frankly aren't ready to choose leadership. at least not yet. >> it's time for something different. and to come in here and to tint status quo isn't acceptable. we need a change. we need to earn people's respect. and that starts tomorrow with having a full-fledged debate
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about the leadership of this party, the leadership of this country. and we need to actually make sure that we're going to represent the people. >> strong words there by chip roy on fox news at night. meantime, on the senate side of the hill, herschel walker is hoping to join the g.o.p. here in washington. and his effort to do just that got a huge boost to the tune of $11 million haul to help with his runoff battle against raphael warnock. , that's coming up in december. and that means, said senator ted cruz, listen, it means that we should also wait to vote on leadership. at least until we know how that race turns out. >> it would be insane if we elect the same leadership two days from now if we say hey, nothing happened. everything's good.
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keep rolling off the water fall. the idea that we would have elections on wednesday is insane. >> insane in the membrane. it is possible can votes could be delayed. wink leadership on the g.o.p. side may not have the votes to secure their post of choice. so we will see how that all turns out but for now guys, back to you. >> steve: that's right. kevin, thank you very much. going into the election a week ago today the suggestion was there would be a red wave where republicans would pick up two dozen seats in the house. now, top republican officials anticipate the final total in the house would be 220 or 223. in other words, they would have a two vote or a three to five vote margin. that would be all. right now they are one away. but what happened? and that's why the finger
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pointing is going on and that's why some are suggesting that they postponed the election for leadership in the house and tomorrow in the senate. >> ainsley: andy biggs wants that position as well. >> steve: he wants it back. freedom caucus. >> brian: if you think one of the stunning things that happened last election. everyone was focused on biden and trump. president at the top of the ticket. one of the biggest surprises is how republicans closed the goop five seat margin in the house. if carrie is over to this. they end up in the majority, it could show incremental change. currently california with 8 seats. arizona with one seat outstanding. colorado with two. new mexico with one and oregon with one. i don't know what is going on in california. they have can't even count the single city race. in los angeles it's nuts. how could you not handle one city in over a week? so i don't know, you know, what the holdup is over there. but, for republicans, i think that they said let me just grab this and if they don't have a
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vote, if kevin mccarthy doesn't get it, it's hard to imagine who would be able to get the 217 or 20 that's needed. who else has that type of momentum. >> ainsley: it wasn't a red wave. sean hannity last night said he wasn't ever predicting a wave mike pence said i was more optimistic than you were. he said a win is a win and if republicans take back the house so much can happen we'll have the power of the purse, subpoena power. and he also said this about the midterm elections. >> we were fighting on their terrain more than we were in 2010 when i was in the house majority and we won 63 seats i knew the possibility of winning 20 or 300 seats was there. it was going to be a challenge and tough. with all that said a win is a win. i was there the last time we fired nancy pelosi. and i couldn't be more proud of
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kevin mccarthy and steve scalise and every single one of the rank and file members that worked their hearts out. >> brian: i don't know if he actually fired her or if she is actually going to leave. traditionally when you lose the speakership you usually leave office. >> ainsley: she didn't last time. >> brian: you would think at one point she wants to get on with her life. her husband was hit in the head with a hammer. she might want to spend some time. because my family was attacked. >> ainsley: it's addicting. that job is addicting. it would be really hard for her to leave. >> steve: that you will power. >> ainsley: yeah, all that power. >> steve: here's the thing about the elections today. regarding the house and regarding the senate tomorrow is it's all about negotiating between the members the republican members to get stuff in the coming session. you know, the house freedom caucus is going to vote against kevin mccarthy. but he is going wind one a
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plurality. >> brian: no, ma'am jim jordan firmly in his corner. most powerful freedom caucus member. >> steve: members of the freedom caucus that don't want kevin mccarthy there. so kevin mccarthy could win the plurality in the secret ballot going forward. ultimately he has got make deals along the way to get everybody in line so that as a unified republican party they can try to do something. keep in mind, the people who voted a week ago were very, very motivated think are suggesting ultimately the midterms eclipse 2018 which was the all-time record for the number of people who voted in a midterm. so, the people turned out, both sides turned out their bases unfortunately for the republicans, the democrats did a pretty good job. housework on investigation but work on what the public really cares about, that's inflation
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right now lowering gas costs. the cost of gaffes and lowering our grocery bills and electric bills. mike pence wrote this book so help me god and he said last night looking toward of the future is he going to run for president. the whole family going to be together. they haven't been together as a family for three years. he said karen and i will make a decision because the whole family will be there where we think we might best serve. i promise to keep you posted. mike pompeo ramping up digits ads on facebook. trump has that announcement tonight from mar-a-lago. ails shah hutchison governor of arkansas. going to iowa on tuesday and wednesday and hills aides say-what's today tuesday? and his aides say he is thinking about his options. >> steve: here we go. >> brian: 9:00 tonight the trump family will be there but it doesn't look like ivanka and jared are on board. lara trump who works here, a message to ron desantis while don't you wait four years and let my father-in-law go.
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so this is going to be dynamic tonight at mar-a-lago where the former president will announce. will not have a campaign manager. he is almost going to have a campaign team. he pretty much calls his own shots. >> ainsley: do you think he will announce tonight or say i will wait and make a decision after the georgia racible. >> brian: i bet the mar-a-lago resort that he is announcing tonight. >> steve: there are a lot of republicans who would prefer that he goes ahead and waits until they divide the georgia race because then it could be 50/50 in the senate and power sharing rather than 51 for the democrats, which ultimately will be bad. the one thing over the last week since the election on last tuesday is there have been a number of polls. club for growth put out a poll that showed that ron desantis, i believe, would beat donald trump did they held the election today by double decision. same thing, i think the texas republicans had a poll. and they, too. found that ron desantis right
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now could beat donald trump. let's see what happens. i have a feeling sean hannity's ratings will be through the roof. the announcement 9:00 p.m. eastern. >> brian: see how that goes. you know mike pence is in. he is definitely. in there is no way. tom cotton wrote a book and he said he wasn't in. >> ainsley: telling you about the shooting at uva a wonderful school and hard to get into. academic school. still ahead, an x football player in custody this morning after police say he killed three of his former teammates at the university of virginia and injured two others. what we know about the crime and the suspect's shocking past. >> plus, reports reveal troubled ftx crypto boss sam bank man freed funneled billions to democrats. stuart varney reacts. where is the money it. where is the money it. >> steve: show me the money.
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i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ classes and events at the crrstd of virginia are canceled today as students and the community are grieving. the campus shooting that left uva football players dead. >> brian: police arresting the man they believe is responsible after nearly a 12-hour manhunt. >> reporter bob is live in charlottesville with the very latest. bob? >> hey guys, good morning. there was a i have jill last night sponsored by the university in the center of campus there were hundreds of students there. pretty much just a quiet somber event. look behind me. this is outside the football stadium here in charlottesville. and you can see this is a memorial. flowers and these battery lit candles that kind of created
3:19 am
late in the afternoon yesterday and just kept growing late into the tonight and is here still this morning. i want to tell you about the victims. they were three members of the football team deshaun perry, lone wolf davis jr. and devin chandler. they had a game here saturday against pitt. they took a field trip on sunday. and the three of them were shot and killed. two others were wounded. one of them also a football player. the suspect, who has been arrested and will be arraigned today is a 22-year-old uva student named christopher jones jr. he is charged with three counts of second degree 34urd and some other gun charges. he was -- at one time, four years ago, a member of the football team here he walls arrested 12 hours after the shooting at his mother's home near richmond. as i mentioned, he will have an arraignment here later today. we found out about the shelter in place order being lifted and the arrest of jones during the news conference yesterday at
3:20 am
11 o'clock a.m. held by the university president and chief of police. here's the chief of police getting word from one of his captains about the arrest. >> thank you, captain. we just received information the suspect is in custody. this is a moment to thank god. breathe a sigh of relief. >> obviously to the students who had been, some of them, sheltering in place in the gymnasium, in the library as they had been studying sunday night. the shooting happened on charter bus on campus as a class field trip to a play in washington, d.c. about two hours north of here had returned to campus late sunday night. what the motivation was, why christopher jones allegedly shot these three former teammates of his players on the team, we just
3:21 am
don't know. he was facing a gun charge and apparently, according to the university president jim ryan yesterday, guys. he had apparently made soming he had been under disciplinary review that hadn't been completed yet at the time of the shooting sunday night. he was currently a student at the time. >> steve: thank you for the live report. we have got to know more about that earlier suggestion about the gun and when they were looking into it. >> ainsley: some sort of a hazing investigation possibly. >> steve: could it possibly have been prevented? >> ainsley: we are going to interview the a.j. coming up. >> brian: dynamic having a press conference and in the middle of the press conference announce on the fly that they captured the guy. that's pretty amazing. meanwhile, 21 minutes after the hour. carley shimkus has the other breaking news. >> carley: begin headlines with the latest on that tragedy in idaho that unfolded the same day as the shooting at the university of virginia.
3:22 am
police investigating after four university of idaho students are found dead in a home near the college campus. authorities are calling the kwame homicide a crime of passion. they have not released any information about how the victims were killed but believe it is not a case of murder/suicide. the g-20 summit is underway and president biden unveiling a $20 billion deal to help wean indonesia off of coal as it continues to push green agenda on the world stage. >> mobilizing $20 billion for indonesia's efforts to reduce emission and expand renewable energy. we're at an inflection point. invests we make today will have far reaching impact on the world for generation tolls come. >> carley: this funding deal is the single largest climate it transaction ever. the consumer price index comes
3:23 am
out. whole say prices expected to have increased 4% in october that would be 8.8% increase year over year. federal reserve governor christopher waller says inflation will be around for a while telling the "wall street journal," the market seems to have gotten way out in front of this. everybody should take a deep breath, calm down, we have a ways to go yet. now to monday night football. the commanders pulling off incredible nfc east upset. washington defeating the philadelphia eagles 42-21 after forcing four turnovers. >> watkins a diving catch. ball comes out. commanders pick it up at the 15-yard line. they are going to throw on 4th down and 7. instead line nikki wisely and a flag and that's in essence going to end the game. >> washington improves to 5-5 while the eagles drop 2-8-1. undefeated season guys is over.
3:24 am
over to you. >> brian: other news is the giants are now in second place alone. just one game out of first for more on that carley. [applause] >> brian: chris, keep it down. carley shimkus will be providing. >> carley: provide expert analysis top of the hour. >> ainsley: thank you, carley. >> carley: you are welcome. >> ainsley: sam bankman-fried whose massive crypto business filed for bankruptcy days after the election. >> brian: not before helping his party pumping $40 million into far left voting causes this midterm cycle on top of the 10 million to help get joe biden elected it in 2020. >> steve: the 30-year-old once said to be worth $16 billion now under a u.s. federal probe as $1 billion of customer money reportedly just poof vanished conveniently after the democrats spent his money on the campaigns. joining us right now is host of varney and company and american built on fox business, stuart
3:25 am
varney. good morning to you. >> good morning, all. >> steve: he was the number two democratic donor behind george soros and, yet, until this, people had never heard of this guy. >> he was buying political cover. he funneled money into the democrat party and into joe biden's campaign back in 2020 and all the time he was fiddling the books. he was certainly acting unethically and probably illegally. here's what he gave. as you pointed out in the graphic there a moment ago. $10 million went to biden in 2020. $40 million, maybe 38 million. 38 to 40 million went to the democrats in 2022, including money that went to new york democrat senator kirsten gillibrand who opposed any kind of regulation of the crypto market. he gave her money. his mother. his mother, that's a professor at berkeley, barbara freed, she helped funnel $140 million for the democrats get out the vote deal. >> brian: she knows nancy
3:26 am
pelosi. >> stuart: i believe she does. >> look, the democrats ignored all the warning science. will it bank man freed is unusual it. he lives in multiple relationships within the same apartment, $30 million. >> steve: you mean a bunch of roommates. >> stuart: with multiple relationships going on. he never makes eye contact with people. he lived on uppers and downers, drugs, amphetamine to get you up and whatever it is to get you down at night. he admitted that on twitter. conducted meetings on zoom even though the other person in the meeting might be in the same room. this is oddball stuff to say the very least. what he was doing was he was using customer funds, that is ftx this exchange using that money to back up his other company. when that was discovered, there was a run on ftx 6000000000 came out on sunday alone. >> steve: sounds familiar. >> it was insolvent. >> brian: no money to take out. >> stuart: no money there that's my basic problems with cryptos
3:27 am
what is there? >> steve: digital does not exist in the real world. >> stuart: if i buy a share of the company. i get a piece of that company. profits and the company itself. if i buy bitcoin what have i got? interest is nothing there. it's not a hedge against inflation. not some kind of new currency where you buy pizza or something with bitcoin. you don't do that it's just nothing there. >> brian: here's the comparison we use in today's "new york post" in the editorial. this is like a madoff situation. almost everyone in tech and hollywood invest in this thing now no one wants to admit it. and people like gisele bundchen, tom brady all these big stars. tony blair, these guys were all involved in it and some of them got equity in whatever it was in lieu of payment they become investors. >> most of the people who had money lodged at ftx have lost it. >> brian: call tom brady and if it's good enough for tom brady is he my idol i'm going to put my money into it.
3:28 am
>> stuart: they have lost their money. you can't get it back because there is nothing there. disappeared. >> ainsley: uber went down to bahamas to interview him. i watched that video. vegan. definitely a little eccentric. >> stuart: he is different. >> ainsley: t-shirt and casual clothes. >> stuart: people were prepared to chuck money at him sequoia leading venture capital company. >> ainsley: warriors called the ftx related promotional aspect. lobbyists who severed ties with the company. orlando bloom and katy perry paid $3,000 per person it festival. >> held by suspicion bahamian authorities. ains. >> brian: is he basically under house arrest now. >> stuart: sounds like it. $30 million condo up for sale. >> steve: the research some prominent people got on board because it looked like they were making money hand over fist that
3:29 am
nobody wanted to miss out on it and now family medical leave act flat broke. >> your maybe it is making money. >> ainsley: fomo. >> stuart: why would you buy it crypto now? >> ainsley: i have a friend that is it's really low right now. >> steve: why is it low? >> steve: stuart watch you at 9:00 this morning and watch him on america biflt as well. still ahead on this you tuesday, a teacher's union in clean-up mode after claiming that educators know better than anybody else what kids need. the shocking comments firing up parents coming up. >> ainsley: plus -- >> brian: overnight cbp released data from migrant encounters showing record-breaking numbers. i put that in bold for a reason. tom homan joins us live to talk about this horrific situation. all preventable. >> ainsley: plus -- [laughter] ♪ i want to put on my my my my boogie shoes ♪ and boogie with you
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had. >> carley: we are back with your headlines. late night legend jaylen know recovering after suffering serious burns after working on car collection on saturday. leno telling fox l.a., quote, i got serious burns from a gasoline fire. i am okay. just "newsweek" need a week or two to get back on my feet. tmz reporting one of the cars burst into flames burning the
3:34 am
left side of leno's face. thankfully, 9 fire did not penetrate his eye or ear. my goodness. god bless him. the national education association upsetting parents after undercutting moms and dads in a tweet writing quote educators love their students and know better than anyone what they need to learn and to thrive. well, the founder and president of parents defending education nikoui mealy joined "fox & friends first" earlier to react. >> they know better than anybody how to spend money on democratic candidates and undermine american education but certainly not how to let children learn and thrive. so really an astonishing claim by them. >> even former education secretary betsy devos sounding off with a very as i remember tweet here saying you misspelled parents. the house from the original christmas story is now up for sell. sale. >> fried chile it must be
3:35 am
italian. no asking price is listed with the house. the owner says he expects offers of 8 fillings to the sequel to the christmas classic debuts this week. later this week the star both films peter billingsley will join us to talk his return to the role ralphy nearly 40 years after the original. my all-time favorite christmas movie. i'm very excited, brian. >> brian: i know you are. i know that about you. thanks, carley. stay there. you are not going to believe this shocking new numbers revealing the crisis at the border getting worse. encountering more than 230,000 migrants across illegally last month that record marking the highest october in dhs history. let that sink. in and likely to come up when secretary mayorkas is grilled by the house homeland security committee today. will anyone be paying attention. fox news contributor and retired acting ice director tom homan
3:36 am
joins us now. tom, those numbers don't surprise you. they must horrify you though. >> it does. because this is on purpose. look, they took the most secure border in my lifetime. i have done this as you know for 35 years. they took the most secure border of my lifetime and purposely dismaneld it, this caused historic illegal immigration. it's not just about illegal immigration. when you overwhelm the border patrol with these numbers 70%, 80% pulled off the line in process, that's when the fentanyl comes across and kills 100,000 americans. that's when known suspected terrorists cross. they have arrested 114. got-aways. how many of them are known suspected terrorists. >> brian: why didn't it come up you were shocked it didn't come up when president biden' meet with president xi. that's where it's machined and sent. >> because he is a weak president. this president has not talked about fentanyl overdose. evidence came out and did a speech on human trafficking. under president biden, the amount of child trafficking,
3:37 am
seq.ial trafficking of children is at an all-time high. when you open the border like he has opened up. hundreds of thousands of children this bored last two years. the government has lost track of 40% of them. can't find the children they released through disawld sponsors because they didn't vet them properly. >> brian: problem is solved. chris magnus has been forced to resign. his position as customs and border protection commissioner. what changes now that he is out? >> nothing changes. he did exactly what alejandro mayorkas wanted him to do. they hired him for his ideology. he supported sanctuary cities. refused to work with the bedroom when he was chief of tucson pd. he attacked trump policies secured the border. they hired him because he would do what he want thissed him to do not enforce law on the border. secretary mayorkas said many times even under oath the border is secure and closed. if it is, magnus deserves an award not get fired. is he leaving for one reason and one reason only. they are afraid of oversight hearings by the republicans once
3:38 am
they take the house. they don't want him around. >> brian: are you concerned that this new democratic governor of arizona is going to take out those containers that were being the headache shift fence that were so effective that governor ducey put in play? >> absolutely. because like the white house, they won't do the research to see that every place that build a border barrier every place. testimony illegal drug flow went down. barriers work. >> brian: that's why president biden when he was senator and senator obama 1r0e9ed for 700 miles of wall. what changed? donald trump changed. and they won't do anything that trump wanted to do that you said worked and i agree. tom homan, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> brian: tragedy at the university of virginia. three football players are dead. two more are injured after a former teammate is accused of murder on campus. virginia's a.g. is assisting in the investigation. he's next.
3:39 am
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>> ainsley: a former university of virginia football player is in police custody after officials say that he killed three current football players and wounded two others on the school's main campus late sunday night. christopher darnell jones jr. had been on the school's radar for possible links to weapons violations and hazing. virginia's attorney general jason office working with the federal and state law enforcement to assist with this investigation and he joins us now. good morning to you, mr. attorney general. >> good morning to you all. thanks for having me. >> ainsley: thanks for coming on. out of all of the articles i have read, no one explains how this actually happened it. happened in a parking garage sunday night around 10:30. was he on the bus on this field trip with the football players or did he drive into the parking garage? >> well, right now, everybody in charlottesville just has questions. which is natural. and right now it's the midst of the investigation. so we are going to get to all of these answers. but this would be one of those moments where first our most important need is both the
3:44 am
criminal investigation but also the community in charlottesville at large. for a lot of young students, this is their first time dealing with this level of tragedy. and they are came late. what is so tragic to really understand america you have to come to charlottesville the birthplace of the man who wrote the birth certificate for the entire nation thomas jefferson and this is his university. making national headlines again for the horrible, horrible reasons. so we are trying to get to those answers. i don't think -- think it would be premature to get into too much of what we know and don't know because we have a lot of people and political science and state police have a lot of investigators getting those answers appropriate time we will talking about that. focus on the community and healing and getting those questions straight. what you have think as a former prosecutor i will tell you what you think you know in the first 24 hours after an investigation and what you know after have you been able to sit down and talk too late witnesses and everybody involved sometimes can be quite
3:45 am
different. everybody is in the midst of that and we are asking everybody to be patient. >> ainsley: why do you think he did this? did he target certain players? >> you know, again, we have a lot of questions we want answered. and we are going to get to that but i can't really comment on what we know and don't know, balls, again, what you think maybe you know in the beginning and what you know after you have been able to conclude, when the state police has been able to conclude all of their questions could be very, very different. and so right now we are trying to wrap our arms around the charlottesville community which is hurting right now and these students, and, you know, we are right now trying to focus both on them and then get these questions answered. this is really a measure twice, cut once moment, when you are in the midst of a high publicized investigation like this and that's what i know the state police want to do. >> ainsley: february of 2021, there was a misdemeanor concealed weapons violations. september of 2022, third party reported that jones spoke about having a gun and involved in
3:46 am
campus hazing probe. i know that investigation is still going on. chris swecker the former assistant fbi director said there were red flags okay something have been done to prevent this? >> listen, i'm going to allow the pundits to make that determination. i think one of the best -- worst disservices i could do to those that are investigating this is to put out information out there while they are still trying to get information. i don't think it does for the individuals with the state police and the university police and others that are investigating, i don't think that's very fair right now. i want to be able to just put my arms around the charlottesville community, express my heart felt prayers and condolences for what happened. it's a tragedy. but there's going to be a lot of speculation as well. i just caution everybody. let the professionals do their job. this is why they are there and there is going to be a lot of speculation in the media and we will get to the answers. we promise you we will get to those answers, but it's going to give us the time to get there. >> ainsley: i know these parents want to know why their sons are
3:47 am
not coming home. lovell davis jr. deshaun perry and devin chandler. had their whole lives ahead of them. they were going to get a great education and now not coming home for the holidays. please keep us posted. >> thank you. >> ainsley: flu season is here and manufacturing delays could make it harder to get medicine this year. dr. jeannette measure water is here to explain what you need tn know. shop daily steals this black friday exclusively at lowe's. buying a car from vroom is so easy, all you need is a phone and a finger. just go to, scroll through thousands of cars. then, tap to buy. that's it. no sales speak, no wasted time. go to and pick your favorite. science proves your best sleep is vital to your mental, emotional, and physical health.
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it's hard for people to k how much their accident case is worth.h barnes. t ouour juryry aorneneys hehelpou >> janice: good morning, everyone. i have got a big fan base here. hi, guys. a big family. what's your name. >> terry finch. where are from you. >> oklahoma city? these fans are all with you. >> yes. >> what's your name jessica. >> your birthday today? >> yeah. >> you love "fox & friends." >> yeah, i do. >> how much. >> a lot. every morning i watch. >> janice: i love it. are you ready to do the weather? >> no. >> janice: okay. of i will take it over from here. take a look at it. a professional i'm not so sure about that. here are the current temperatures. so it's cold my friends for much of the country. these are 20's and 30's across the map. current temperatures. nationwide cold actually dipping as far as south as the gulf coast over the next couple of days. this is really the biggest story, lower 48 feeling those temperatures and feeling the
3:52 am
cold it. feels like winter time. and then we are also watching the storm system move across the southeast, the mid-atlantic and the northeast, this is going to be trouble not only today but tomorrow. so we will continue to track that. some heavy rain, wind, ice, and snow. that's "the big story." fox now, who would you like to meet if you could meet anybody? >> she likes. >> i think i can make that happen. hello, steve doocy, going back to carley but i will get steve out here for you. >> if i read slow maybe steve will have enough time to get out there although i'm not so sure about that. janice, love those people. good stuff. got a couple headlines to get to here. boston city officials accusing wall greens for being racist for closing three locations in predominantly black and hispanic neighborhoods. wall greens defending the move when faced with the difficult task of closing a particular location.
3:53 am
several factors are taken into account. including things like the dynamics of the local market and changes in the buying habits. and there will soon be no such thing as a free lunch for twitter workers, new owner elon musk is scrapping free meals at the company's san francisco headquarters after claiming it cost the company $400 per person and 13 million bucks per year, musk tweeting there are more people preparing breakfast than eating breakfast. they don't even bother serving dinner because there is no one in the building that is called cost cutting. steve, over to you cases skyrocketing all across the united states. tammaro that flu the treatment for right reach amoxicillin and.
3:54 am
find medicine for her patients. dr. jeannette measure water joins us now never in a million years would i have thought a shortage of antibiotics, amoxicillin, first line drug of choice that i used to treat bacterial infections in my patients. sign news infections, pneumonia, ear infections, strep beings. it's multi-factorial. the reason we have a shortage number one supply chain issues, shortage of the raw materials, ingredients we need to make these antibiotics. >> steve: are thessalonians these things made overseas so much stuff made in china. >> that's a great question. china controls 90% of the supply of the ingredients we need to make these antibiotics, this is a problem, they have mow nope plizzed the pharmaceutical industry and we need to bring it back home. >> steve: biden should have talked to xi about that yesterday. >> exactly.
3:55 am
on top of that have 300 million antibiotic prescription written each year. about a third of them are unnecessary. remember, antibiotics treat bacterial infections not viral infections. if you are prescribing them unnecessarily if a parent dock torn. number one decompleting the resources and number two contributing to antibiotic resistance. >> steve: other factor is the flu. the flu is surging across the country. i know you are going to get yours. i got the flu shot. my daughter got the shot but still got the flu. if do you have get the protection you still have some protection. >> yesterday, i saw about 60 patients and about 15 of them tested positive for influenza a or b. some of them had their flu shot and some of them didn't. fortunately i was able to prescribe antiviral medicine for them called tamiflu i did notice who got the vaccine their symptoms were not as severe as those who were not vaccinated. >> if you haven't gotten the flu
3:56 am
yet. i think i might get it. can you give me a prescription can you give it now because there is a shortage. don't do that don't hoard it? >> that's not a good idea. you don't want to take a medicine unless you need it. medicines have side effects. >> steve: indeed. nobody knows better than her. she is a doctor who advises get the flu shot. >> yes. that's right. >> steve: thank you, dr. nash watt. >> my pleasure. >> steve: still ahead on this tuesday, don't let the inflation greenwich destroy christmas. toy companies smaller out smaller options for families on a budget. their plan to have toys under every tree this year but they might be a little smaller. ♪ grand hotel ♪ it' s the sturdy or being a or being a kind
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low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto for heart failure. entrust you heart to entresto. ♪ ♪ are. >> todd: the republicans within one seat of control of the house. >> healed leadership election. >> the truth is we were fighting on they're terrain. hobbs poised to beat lake. >> arizonans know b.s. when they see it. >> do i think is he willing to compromise? yes. this is gay who was a thug. >> talking face to face. >> taiwan war. >> $20 billion to indonesia. climate change on their schedule. >> new data shows cbp encountered more than 230,000 migrants during the first month of this brand new fiscal year. >> use the power of the purse to mandate that this president actually secure the border of the united states. >> produce


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