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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 18, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> steve: how nice is that? ladies and gentlemen, the dillard high school marching band performing right here live at the hard rock hotel and casino. ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. >> ainsley: thank you so much! >> steve: dillard high is a magnet school in broward county. we're a little to the west of fort lauderdale and these kids got up early to join us today
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because we've been having special coverage. this is ground zero for our fourth annual patriot awards that took place last night. >> ainsley: it was so touching. funny moments, sad moments, sweet moments. we had 21 families on the stage and frank with tunnel to towers surprised them and paid off all their mortgages because they've lost someone fighting for our country. >> brian: here's some of the moments that stood out in last night's three-hour broadcast. >> i'm gonna do my best tonight not to blow it in front of every single host and every single executive at fox news and fox nation. no pressure at all. as kilmeade were to say, i have to stay within myself. >> i've worked at a lot of different tv channels and there's nothing like this one. but the thing that i'm most grateful for is to meet the people who watch because whenever i meet people who watch fox, i think those are my kind of people.
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>> for all of you brave patriots and all of you people that have sacrificed so much for the love of country and for our liberties and for our freedoms. >> for fox news to come out and to fly with us, to walk with us. l.j. was out there and one thing about l.j. is he can walk three miles and still smell like brand new guy. >> i have hundreds of teammates, i played 11 years in the league. not one of them answering my text messages right now. now, i come here and see you guys. how warm you guys are treating me. >> we paid off their mortgages! >> never have to worry about a shelter for my children. >> it's a great honor. thanks to the people who put me back together, the doctors, the nurses, the airmen. i want to lift this award to them. >> ♪ from the mountains to the prairies ♪ ♪ god bless america ♪ ♪ my home sweet home ♪
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>> steve: how great was that? you know, it was touching for us. it was touching for you. we've already heard from a bunch of folks. one of our friends, our family friends just texted me. the fox news patriot awards were heartwarming last night. fox is the best. we love all of you at fox. you are like family to us, all of us who watch. thank you to each and every one of you from our friends on cape cod. >> ainsley: that's really sweet. >> steve: it is sweet. >> ainsley: we were talking about how it's not -- we felt like friday was on wednesday because we came down here after the show on wednesday and we don't feel like we're working. we have had so much fun. >> steve: because we're at a casino. >> ainsley: that's been fun but we just heard everyone's stories. we've met all of you who watch "fox & friends" and all of our shows. if you weren't able to come this year, please try to sign up when we do it next year. i thought my dad would love this. i want to bring my dad next year. >> brian: my neighborhood came. they didn't ask. they said i'm going to the patriot awards. i said really? they got tickets.
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>> ainsley: they were so cute. you had how many couples? >> brian: we had 10. it was pretty great. yeah, they all had a great time and they're going to stay all but two are going to stay for a few extra days. i don't know if you know but it's winter in new york. they're in hollywood, why would they rush back? >> ainsley: you are empty nesters now. that's what you and dawn can do. >> brian: until monday. >> steve: they come down for a couple of days, you know what? i could get used to this especially with that four feet of lake effect snow. >> brian: few hours went by and we were not checking the news because we were so busy here. when we did, the word came out there was major news. for the first time, there will not be a nancy pelosi being speaker anymore. she made it clear that two four year terms will be enough. 19 years in the house, not clear if she's going to actually leave the house but she's not going to be in leadership as the democrats go into the minority which makes people reflect on her legacy, the damage or the success depending on where
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you're at that she's had. >> ainsley: here she is making that announcement yesterday. >> i will continue to do as a member of the house speaking for the people of san francisco, serving the great state of california and defending our constitution. and with great confidence in our caucus, i will not seek re-election to democratic leadership in the next congress. for me, the hour has come for a new generation to lead the democratic caucus that i so deeply respect. and i'm grateful that so many are ready and willing to shoulder this awesome responsibility. >> steve: you know what? she was historic. she was the first woman speaker of the house. >> ainsley: raised $1.2 billion for the democrats. >> steve: right. record breaker! she'd been in that position since 2003 leading the democrats. she said that during my time, there were four presidents. i enjoyed serving with two of
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them which, of course, was a jab at donald trump who she famously -->> brian: she said three. >> steve: so she said keep in mind, she ripped up the state of the union speech behind him. so i think we know exactly how she felt about him. she talked a little bit about how it's time for a new generation. hakeem jeffreys of new york is going to be the guy, we do believe. kevin mccarthy was asked, were you able to watch nancy pelosi give her speech? and he said no. i did not watch it. steve scilese was in attendance. why didn't you watch? he said he had some meetings. >> ainsley: all these democrats were there filling the chamber. >> steve: very few republicans. >> ainsley: four or five republicans and steve was the only one in leadership there. >> brian: you can say she made an impact. she's a woman, nothing she did to heal any polarization that happened. she did nothing but fuel that fire, never reached across the aisle that i could tell. the other thing to keep in mind when she ripped up that state of
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the union address, that raised the level of classlessness to a new low and i just thought that was absolutely awful and she got a pass on her or salute. can you imagine -->> ainsley: she wanted to punch him in the face, remember she said that? >> brian: ripped up the state of the union address in january, it would be outrageous and believe me, i'm sure he'd like to do it. whatever happens, whatever he happens to put in it. so she's going to step aside, it looks like. but also, if you look at her district, look at what she represents. she has made san francisco -- she has done nothing to stop at the very least san francisco from going down to one of the most disappointing and beat up cities in the country. they gave us a national smash and grab. and that's the money that she brought back or she raised. she raised it for candidates and didn't help for people. >> ainsley: she suggested she was doing this because her husband was attacked. she said she's still going to mentor others and be there to help with the transition as the younger generation. >> brian: out of town when she
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hands up the gavel, word is she'll be on a trip. >> steve: she quoted the bible and said scripture teaches us for everything there is a season. a time for every purpose under heaven. >> brian: that's crosby, stills and nash. >> steve: she's stepping aside from leadership. who knows what she's going to do in the future? speaking of future, a congressman representing south florida was with us in the first hour. he had this observation about what's going to happen next. >> i expected her to step aside. i didn't expect her to seek leadership especially after we had won control of the house, and so look, she's been very effective for the democrat cause. i mean, you can give the devil her due. she really had a very slim majority. and then every single one of those controversial bills, she was able to get her 218 votes and get them to the senate. and so, you know, got to take her hat off to her. i didn't agree with any of her policies. obviously, look, the majority is everything even if it's a one seat majority.
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it's everything, because it gives you all the chairmanships and the ability to subpoena, to look into the administration, oversight, all of it. and so, yeah, things are going to change. >> steve: things are going to change because keep in mind, when you look at the accomplishments during her tenure, she got a lot done. and that's one of the reasons she was able to raise all that money for all those democrats. keep in mind, when you are a member of congress, because your term is only two years, you get elected one day and the next day, you start raising money. and she was the number one cash raiser. >> brian: she's had the job eight years. >> steve: she was great at it. >> brian: paul ryan was great at it. >> ainsley: 35 years representing her district, i believe, and 19 years in leadership. >> brian: you might say obamacare is a great accomplishment. it cost them 63 seats in the house when it passed because people are so outraged by the promises that she said we were going to have and the ones that we actually got. and we're still forced to
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subsidize this health care plan that is so revolutionary. >> ainsley: we'll be thankful for thanksgiving next week. everybody is sick of all of it. we need a break. >> steve: all right, let's break to this. some breaking news out of the idaho. and that is an elite f.b.i. unit is joining the search for the suspect behind -- suspect or suspects behind the killing of four university of idaho students. >> brian: the community remains on edge, obviously, as the coroner confirms the victims were stabbed to death. and one grieving father says there are signs his daughter put up a fight. >> ainsley: live in washington with the latest for us. griff, what do we know this morning? >> good morning. the update is the campus and this community is still on edge and a killer or killers remains at large with no information about suspects or any leads in this case as we are getting heartbreaking reaction from one of the victim's fathers. jeff says his daughter, a fighter, 20-year-old's body had
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"bruises that were torn by the knife" adding "she's a tough kid. whatever she wanted to do, she could do it. every time you go, you have to go arnold the house because of the number code so they either know that or went around and maybe found this slide door open." police have indicated there was no sign of forced entry when they initially responded. and said two roommates were inside the home at the time and were not hurt. at this time, they're not suspects. authorities say they could be key to determining what happened that night. what we do know, according to the county coroner, is the manner of death was stabbing to all four individuals and this is considered a homicide. forensic pathologist dr. michael baden had this observation. >> this many stab wounds and there's a lot of blood. blood is very slippery. and sometimes, the perpetrator is cut by the slippage of the knife and some of the blood at the scene can belong to the perpetrator.
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d.n.a. will be able to evaluate that. >> steve: -- >> meanwhile, hundreds gathering for a vigil to honor the four victims. among them, the vigil organizer who knew those students through her daughter. according to a local affiliate, she described the student as vibrant and wild, carefree and loving adding that we know the bright stars they were here on earth. they are up there looking down on us every single one of them are the most amazing kids i've met in my life. and garrett who described himself as a high school best friend, says i know if she were standing here, she would want us to remember the good times. i know you're listening right now. i want to tell you, i love you. i always have and always will. now, we'll hope to get more answers as this f.b.i. elite team, behavioral analysis unit is on the ground assisting with the local affiliate -- local authorities but right now, a lot of questions, not many answers. brian, ainsley and steve?
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>> steve: all right, let's see what the f.b.i. can do. griff, thank you. >> ainsley: carley is standing over there and has headlines for us. >> carley: we'll start with a fox news alert. north korea firing an intercontinental ballistic missile with the potential to deliver a nuclear warhead anywhere in the united states. the u.s. and south korea scrambling s-35a fighter jets in response. this is the second long range test this month and comes one day after a smaller missile launch. a federal judge blocks florida's stop woke act that restricts colleges from teaching certain ideologies related to race or sex. an obama appointed judge halting the law claiming it's censoring free speech in the classroom. the judge saying "if our priests of democracy are not allowed to shed light on challenging ideas, then democracy will die in darkness." governor desantis implementing this bill to prevent
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indoctrination or discrimination. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in washington. this is the u.s. capitol christmas tree arriving on the hill just a few hours ago. the 78 foot red spruce comes from the appalachian mountains in north carolina. it's made the final stop on its tour at joint base andrews yesterday. service members and their families gathering to see the big tree before it made its way to d.c. and that is a big tree indeed, guys. >> ainsley: it is a huge deal if your tree is chosen because these three farmers all around the country, the white house is very focused on. there's so many different things they look at. if your tree is picked, you're like -->> steve: this one is for the capitol. it's fantastic. >> ainsley: for the capitol and not the white house. >> carley: it looks like a hallmark christmas movie. >> ainsley: it goes on and on and on. >> carley: your farm gets picked and then you find love. >> brian: the tree eventually dies.
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>> carley: oh! but the love prevails. >> ainsley: you just ruined it for us. >> brian: real quick, i'd like to thank everybody, ainsley and steve, i'm sure you feel the same way that showed up yesterday. unbelievable to meet people and take their picture. i'm going to be going to south carolina tomorrow going to myrtle beach over in south carolina, barnes & noble in the afternoon. make a reservation. makes it easier. >> ainsley: you'll be standing out, it's going to be huge. >> brian: good problem to have. plus it will be december 2nd streamed on fox nation with special appearances by some special people at fox news, be able to talk to america great from the start. all five books. american history, 1776 version, your version, not the 1619 version. >> steve: go for more information. >> ainsley: can you give us a hint? >> brian: it's like something you've never seen before. we try to re-create the great moments in history. >> ainsley: we? we? >> brian: yeah. >> steve: are you going to be acting out? >> brian: we have rachel and
5:17 am
pete have been committed. my buddies rick and pat come out and we re-create some great moments. >> steve: not ready for primetime players. >> brian: not close to ready. they remember the moments, though. it's all based on the dialogue. >> steve: all right. in the meantime, coming up on fox and, the party putting a spotlight on hunter biden's business dealings. >> ainsley: here in hollywood, florida to react. >> brian: here's country music superstar michael ray performing "drink one for me" at the patriot awards.
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our thanks. your rewards. >> steve: house republicans fresh off securing a majority are turning their attention to president biden and his family and his son's business dealings talking about hunter biden. here to react, somebody who has said many times hunter biden's name is dan bongino, co-host of unfiltered with dan bongino. if you had a drinking game where every time you mentioned hunter biden. >> i'd be thoroughly intox right now. i'd be three sheets to the wind. thank you to the hard rock. the coffee here is great. hotel is amazing. the people here are so pleasant and really nice. it's been a great time. thank you to everyone. the patriot awards was amazing. yes, the hunter biden fiasco. i find this hilarious. we have this fake collusion
5:23 am
scandal with donald trump that everybody pretty much acknowledges it was fabricated out of thin air. it was worth a special investigation. god only knows how many millions of dollars were spent and international attention. a fake collusion scandal warrants that. and then an actual collusion scandal, right, an actual scandal where you have the e-mails from hunter biden and the business partner to hunter biden on our network saying yes, those are my e-mails like the least we can do is kind of look into it, right? fair game. >> steve: so jim jordon and james comer was talking about this is going to be one of our priorities going forward. we're going to look into the entire biden family because, you know, how did they make these millions of dollars and what were they selling exactly? >> you know, steve, what skills does hunter biden have? i mean, blow hole paintings with a straw. gavin is laughing over there. gavin is the brains behind this. i love this guy when he's laughing. it's true. what is the guy -- what's his
5:24 am
skill set? i'm unsure. >> steve: i've seen some of the images from the laptop. >> you did the cookbook, right, you can actually cook stuff. what is hunter biden's skill set? other than like this is my surname. i don't understand. hunter biden, was he a professional baseball player? was the man like a shakespearean poet? i mean, what does he do? the guy is the greatest businessman of all. you know, i said that -- i was talking to todd from "fox & friends" first, i don't know how they got up this morning, by the way. i said to him yesterday, is hunter biden the smartest man you know? he gave the best answer. gavin, what was the answer? the answer was yes, he's the smartest man i know. he gets $500,000 for a blow hole painting with no skills. this guy is the greatest -- right? come on, he deserves a little credit. >> steve: he's related to somebody that could have something to do with it. last night, on this stage, you presented the ultimate patriot award. and what a man. what a man.
5:25 am
>> gosh, you know, he catalogs these stories of world war ii veterans. and my grandfather, frank bongino, god rest his soul, most special man i ever met fought in world war ii. giving that award to don who makes sure she's men's memories never die was really special moment. and i have to tell you, steve, i know you felt the same way, you know, we do this for a living. we talk about politics and it's a great job and i'm honored to be here. but being amongst these genuine american blue blooded patriots is such a humbling experience, and i don't know about you, but i said to myself when i was done, gosh, what am i doing with my life? i need to do more. those world war ii veterans, my grandfather, when i graduated from the secret service academy. quick story. i promise. we didn't have a lot of money. we stayed in the same hotel room, bigger hotel room. in the middle of the night, my grandfather got up and let out a scream. nobody did anything. it was 3:00 in the morning. next morning i said to my dad, what was that about? he said he's been doing that since the war. it happens once and a while.
5:26 am
don't mention it. and that was it. and i never did. >> steve: so many people. that's what the colonel had done. he interviewed so many people that their memories, what they saw with their own two eyes remains part of american history. listen, get a good night's sleep because you're busy tomorrow. >> i got my show tomorrow. i got f.b.i. whistleblower back. he's talking about pegasus, this program that and phantom and other program. and the attorney general of missouri is making real progress in his lawsuit about government censorship. he's on. and kayleigh, can't beat that. >> steve: thank your wife, paula, for not turning off the alarm clock. you got up early today. >> 5:00, 5:00! i want everyone on the fox set to know, the alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. gavin, 5:00 a.m. the alarm went off. pay attention. >> steve: he's not complaining. >> bring me on the set, everybody is fair game. i'm warning you right now. you, too. 5:00 a.m.! i still love you, my dear.
5:27 am
it's not a good trip without you. >> steve: who needs coffee? this guy is revved up. before you go, why don't you tell what's coming up? >> you want me to read your tease? >> steve: go ahead! >> can i just kind of wing it? i hate teleprompters. >> steve: marching band. >> "fox & friends" weekend crew is stopping by to help us recap the patriot awards! but first, here's the awesome dillard high school marching band performance! at the hard rock hotel and casino. ♪ customize your kitchen at lowe's with the samsung bespoke refrigerator. buy more save more on samsung appliances plus get $350 off instantly when you buy any 4 pieces. shop daily steals this black friday exclusively at lowe's.
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>> i was just talking to the producers, and i got permission to make another award. there's somebody here tonight. again, it's not on the schedule. shane and justice put this together and it's pretty amazing. i'll read you the inscription. it says "to the 2022 patriotic badass, ladies and gentlemen, it's my pleasure to present this to pete. >> are you kidding me? no speeches to come but i'll
5:32 am
always take that as a title. thank you, guys. if this is for anybody, it's for all of you out there. every single one! >> ainsley: that is great. pete, you did such a great job. we have pete and rachel and will here who host the weekend show, obviously. but you did a beautiful job. >> pete: what an amazing night. i didn't expect that. they hid that from me the whole time. that was a fun moment. but like you guys, when enes got up there and -- first recipient and talked about how he was scared to go to thanksgiving because of the propaganda. he texts his friends in the nba and they won't text him back. but i've got a new family and he looks out at this audience. the border patrol agent, i mean, don saying i started this. i hope it continues. like across the board, it was the kind of night we want which is a true celebration of america and the people that make it special. >> ainsley: and frank --
5:33 am
>> pete: giving out 21 mortgages. >> brian: it was a surprise. >> pete: absolutely. it was a surprise to him and all those widows come out. that was special. >> steve: unbelievable and rachel, it's great for us personally to meet the people who actually watch. that's a lot of fun because essentially, we had 5,000 people in an instant focus group and knew exactly what they were interested in. but it's also a salute to the heroes and the patriots that so many people came from all across the country to tip their hat to people that have done extraordinary things with their lives. >> rachel: way more extraordinary than the awards we see given to people all over the country every year. i mean, this is really -- you just are so amazed at who americans are, that these are everyday people that go to the grocery store with you and are willing to take a head-on collision to prevent runners from getting -- i mean -- >> brian: that's what happened.
5:34 am
>> rachel: i was in a head-on collision when i was younger. i couldn't believe she had taken that on. i ended up talking to her later on. >> brian: there was a marathon going on one side of the bridge. >> rachel: the other side of the bridge was a drunk driver. powering through. >> brian: 100 miles an hour. >> will: i was blown away with that as well. it was on the video screens here at the patriot awards and turns her vehicle into the driver going 100 miles per hour. it's on your screen right now. stunning act of selfless heroism. >> rachel: this happened in march. she went back to work in july. i said are you still injured? we asked her on camera. she said i'm fine. i'm ok. i've had a lot of rehab. she told me, i'll be dealing with -- i'll suffer for the rest of my life. she told me the same thing. you talked about the focus group, one of the great things we're able to talk to so many people in the audience. it gets better every single
5:35 am
year. they just loved it. it's amazing. >> brian: nobody was in a rush to get out. i'm staying. this is why i came here, most people came from out of town. and they liked the speech. >> ainsley: like going to a destination wedding. we're all here. so we all stayed up. >> pete: i heard tucker say this last night, i've worked at a lot of different television networks and never had a relationship with the viewers like i have in this network. i've never felt with the connection with viewers that is felt at this newschannel and a unique opportunity, as you point out, to bring so many and i hope we get more throughout the future to tell us how they feel. >> steve: and pete, you have one year to find new tuxedos. good luck. for the people that are watching right now, and they have a suggestion about like nominating a patriot or somebody in their town whose story needs to be told, how do they share it with --
5:36 am
>> pete: very good point. we're going to start that even earlier, nomination process so everyone out there can pour in. when i think about the photos that we get for the national anthem on the weekend, amount of people that will submit, that will be an impossible task for some lonely producer. what an amazing opportunity. so we're going to keep doing it. >> ainsley: how many costume changes did you have last night? >> pete: just two. three. >> ainsley: you had the camo and the stars and then you had your blazer when you opened it up. you know what i've noticed? what we've all said, carley said next year and rachel you'll be in it, too. we have to bring our game. the guys are outdoing us. stand up for a minute, will. >> will: me? lieutenant jonathan morris showed up here last night. i'm going to show you. he came up here all texas and had all his border patrol buddies. i can't be outdone. >> ainsley: look at that! and your cowboy boots. >> brian: going right to the saloon, right?
5:37 am
not everything -- not everything is going smoothly between us, the six of us. we should tell them, we have to be honest with the viewers. i'm sitting here last night and all of a sudden, i realize that i can't trust pete with my catch phrases. watch. >> pete: i'm going to do my best tonight not to blow it in front of every single host and every single executive at fox news and fox nation. all of my colleagues, and all of my bosses. no pressure at all. as kilmeade would say, where is he, i got to stay within myself. ok, i'm going to stay within myself. >> brian: it was more i gave you advice. >> pete: you did. you did. you did. thank you. i did. i channelled it the whole time. don't get ahead of myself. >> brian: don't be someone you're not. >> pete: don't be someone i'm not. >> brian: don't be will. >> pete: don't be will.
5:38 am
don't be tucker. >> ainsley: we finally understand what that phrase means. you explained it a lot better than brian always does. >> steve: yeah. >> brian: that was it. i'm not angry anymore. i realize i helped. >> steve: check them out. they'll be busy all weekend long. kicks off at 6:00 a.m. eastern time running until 10:00 a.m. guys, thank you very much. >> will: there's the line-up tomorrow. >> steve: thank you very much. brian will be working that show, too. >> pete: only guy on tv more than brian kilmeade. >> rachel: there's a great photo of enes freedom and brian kilmeade standing next to each other. >> brian: put it up. >> rachel: brian looks like a toddler. >> ainsley: i know! who took that picture? did don take it? >> brian: no. your husband. we'll put it up. >> steve: ok. >> ainsley: to the producers back in new york. >> brian: do i read this or you read it? >> steve: your name is on it. >> brian: sean hannity is
5:39 am
getting up early. >> steve: sean loves a wake-up call by a high school marching band. dillard marching band performing! ♪ i have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. with skyrizi 3 out of 4 people achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months, after just 2 doses. serious allergic reactions and an increased risk of infections or a lower ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms, had a vaccine or plan to.
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♪ ♪ this... is a glimpse
5:43 am
into the no-too-distant future of lincoln. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like. more on that soon. ♪ ♪ the best part? the prequel is pretty sweet too. ♪ ♪ >> i want to say what tonight is really all about. this is from my heart. for all of you brave patriots and all of you people that have sacrificed so much for the love of country and for our liberties and for our freedoms and for the gifts that god gave us of free state that we live in. and i believe this is the greatest country god gave man. this night is for all of you. and you made all of that happen.
5:44 am
>> steve: look at that. last night, he's on the stage. this morning, he's on the stage. sean hannity, good morning. >> same stage. good morning to you guys. >> steve: we had the marching band for you. >> this really is getting out of control. the good news is it wasn't right outside of my hotel room as it has in the past. >> steve: your hotel room looks like a guitar! >> ainsley: usually when people have to speak in front of 5,000 people, you prepare a speech, right? >> steve: about five minutes before he started. >> ainsley: this is what he did. >> steve: anybody have a pen? >> ainsley: does anybody have a pen? steve had one and wrote down five words, that's it, went up there and you delivered some bad news last night. >> i did deliver -- i started out, i'm sorry, i've been here at fox the longest so they gave me this horrible task. i had to announce to this massive crowd, it's what, four layers up top, right. i said yeah, sorry to have to inform you nancy pelosi has been fired.
5:45 am
>> brian: what was the reaction? >> they were very upset. a lot of people were crying. >> ainsley: you got a standing ovation for that one. >> you didn't get the standing ovation. made a big difference, though, we saw that yesterday. >> brian: it's interesting, steny hoyer said i'm going to move over, too. do you have any idea what he would be like as a leader? >> radical hardcore leftist. as left as nancy pelosi was. he will be more left. i've always said, nancy pelosi to me never was the speaker of the house. nancy pelosi to me was speaker in name only. it was a.o.c., it was the squad, the new green deal socialists that really controlled the agenda. >> steve: right. glad you mentioned that. so what role will they have in the upcoming house? >> i think they'll have a lot of power. i think the party has swung hard left and they're going to stay there and joe biden is right there with them. when he was asked the question, i'm not sure if your son peter asked it but somebody asked the question, what will you do differently? the answer was nothing.
5:46 am
we can expect more of the same. more inflation, higher gas prices. wait until all of you at home, wait until you see your heating bills this winter. wait -- >> brian: they're seeing it. it's tripled. in some cases it's tripled. >> 45% on average is what we're expecting. all of new england is on one grid, new hampshire, massachusetts, maine, etc., they're not sure if they're going to have blackouts this winter on the grid. >> brian: they're running out of diesel, too. >> everybody will be freezing on top of the 45% increase, just to heat your home. >> steve: you'll have to go outside and get into your electric car if you want to stay warm. >> if you want that electric car, it's 22 grand more than a gas powered car and you have to pillage mother earth and take out the nickel and the cobalt and the maganese and you have to power the electric car and if they let you in california only during certain hours. you have to power it with a grid that's 90% fossil fuel.
5:47 am
how does that make sense? >> steve: you've done something, you've been doing it for years on your show. you delighted the crowd last night when you brought out a bag of footballs and you threw them out because we've seen you do that at the end of the show and going to commercials. how many people left with those souvenirs that they will put proudly on their mantles? >> we were during the show last night, we had a big crowd outside. by the way, got to give props to pete, his wife, they put all this together. and everybody that worked on this. even gavin, gavin did a great job. >> brian: even gavin. >> he brings in the marching band. >> ainsley: there's pete. >> by the way, thank you. you did a phenomenal job last night. and i thought the coolest outfit of the night was yours when youed -- you had a tux and you opened it up and it was the american flag. that was it. never forget it. >> nailed it on your speech, too. >> ainsley: where did you get
5:48 am
that? >> custom tailoring. can i have it? they said no. i said, can you try harder? >> steve: maybe because it's we're in hollywood because your hair looks higher. >> pete: someone told me in between peter doocy and steve doocy. i asked for the illusion and they gave it to me. >> brian: lot about hair last night. >> i can't tell you how many times that people said, is your hair real? pull it. take it out. >> ainsley: what do they always say when they see you in person? >> you look taller in person, younger in person. and skinnier in person. i'm like so i'm heavy, short and old. i don't want to get yelled at. heavy, short and old on tv. i said thanks a lot, i really appreciate that. >> steve: thank you very much for getting up early. >> i love you guys. i love "fox & friends" weekend and what a special night last night was. i was honored to be a part of it. >> brian: who's on your show
5:49 am
tonight? >> i don't know yet. i'm working on it. >> ainsley: go back into radio and do tv. >> i got radio. >> brian: kevin mccarthy, what kind of speaker do you think he'll be? >> i think republicans will find a way to unite. i think they'll follow through on the commitments to america. we saw the investigations that will take place yesterday. f.b.i., d.o.j., origins of covid and i think they're going to go really hard into this hunter biden and more importantly, como was very clear, this is about joe biden in that laptop, hunter biden implicates his father numerous times. and this could end up being the biggest pay to play scandal in history. >> brian: is he going to be out there more now? >> i don't think there's any doubt about it. he'll be a key witness in the case. >> steve: we'll be watching and listening. >> getting rid of me now. >> ainsley: you can stay. we have john rich coming up. >> i love -- he needs overtime. i love him! he's great. >> brian: i'll read us out.
5:50 am
country star john rich closed out the patriot awards with a performance paying tribute to america. he is next. >> ainsley: why don't you do this, sean? read the teleprompter. >> first, let's check in with our own bill hemmer not at the big board today. what's coming up at the top of the hour? >> bill: congratulations, everybody, in florida, give everybody our best, ok? well done, guys. we salute you. so the murder of four college students was brutal and there is still no clearance. coming up on that investigation. republicans say they put joe biden on trial. how is it going to happen? jim jordon here to make the case today. he'll do it live. fresh off the midterms, big gathering of republican hopefuls. what they are saying about 2024. and t. swift has issues. come join on a friday. see you then.
5:51 am
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5:54 am
>> hello, good morning! as promised, this is my last report from hollywood, florida. we had the patriot awards last night and look at the scenery here. this is the guitar hotel, the one that sean hannity was talking about. the one that we've been staying at. i mean, this is really incredible, right? it is such a beautiful landmark here in hollywood, florida. thank you so much for having us
5:55 am
here. i have to tell you, today is the warmest spot on the map here in hollywood, florida, as we take a look at south florida. the rest of the country is into a deep freeze. 81 in west palm beach. 81 in hollywood. 82 in miami. look at the rest of the country, my friends, 20's, teens, single digits. arctic air has sunk as far south as the gulf coast. you're looking good in florida. for friday, saturday and sunday, way below average for over 250 million folks and the biggest story we're covering this weekend, fox weather is all over this. we have reporters up and down lake erie and ontario for an epic snow event. lake effect snow event that will bring upwards of what we think is 50 inches of snow for buffalo and close to watertown, new york, so that's going to be the biggest story as we go into the weekend. has you covered. and by the way, we have a busy travel week next week. will keep you up to date on all your holiday travels. i'm so excited to be here. thank you, hollywood, florida
5:56 am
and to all the people that came out to see us. it has been quite a week. and i'm just excited to be here. i'm sad to go home to cold. steve, ainsley, brian. >> brian: i know. all right. thank you, janice. great job. >> ainsley: happy to go home to sleep, right? how many hours did you get last night? >> janice: yes, two? >> brian: all right. >> ainsley: have a safe trip home. country star john rich closed out last night's patriot awards with this showstopping performance. watch. >> ♪ god bless america ♪ ♪ land that i love ♪ ♪ stand beside her ♪ ♪ and guide her ♪ ♪ through the night with the light from above ♪ >> steve: and live from the main stage here in hollywood, john rich. john, it's great to have you.
5:57 am
you were fantastic last night. you've played big halls like this a lot. but something about the people who were in this room last night is a little different. >> it's way different. i mean, everybody in this room last night loves their country. we were here to recognize and celebrate the finest of us, the finest americans among us. that's inspiring to be around that many great people. and to lead them in "god bless america" what an honor. i think that's probably the most important lyric any american could be singing right now. >> brian: they should reaffirm that they do and they should understand who we are. nu number two, you bowed out at the end and let the audience sing. >> michael ray is a great kid, too. he's a patriot. he was excited to be at this show. i stopped and said you guys sing it. this is america's song. it wasn't about me last night. it was about them. >> ainsley: no, we were talking during the break how special it is to work for this network because will said something, ooi worked at a lot of networks but
5:58 am
never had the response that i had when i'm around fox viewers. we definitely felt that yesterday. it was pretty -- it was a very humbling experience because we're so blessed to work here. >> brian: you were already famous before you started coming to fox. >> ainsley: they love you. they know your story. they know your grandmother and mom, all the stories. >> they know my story. it's almost like a family connection. listen, our country is in a critical state right now. we all know that. i think probably not since the world war ii generation have we seen our freedoms literally be threatened like they are right now. this time by a lot of people in our own government. i think when people come together and you look around this giant room, everybody is of the same mindset. that's a powerful thing. >> steve: in addition to being a singer, you now have the honor of being a co-founder of a bank. >> i know, right? >> steve: old glory bank. >> yes, old glory bank. so we all saw justin trudeau freeze people's bank accounts and weaponize the accounts when the truckers protested. i just saw this morning in brazil, they're having those protests.
5:59 am
the brazilian government is now freezing people's bank accounts so old glory bank is a new banking platform where you cannot be canceled for exercising your freedom of speech as long as you're not breaking the law, you can have an account. >> brian: unbelievable, who is your partner? >> larry elder is in on it. dr. ben carson is a part of it. and then a lot of guys that are just coming from that world and best at what they do. i think that's an important thing. we have to build parallel lines to what is currently been built. if they decide to shut you off, there's nothing you can do about it. there's no option. now you have old glory bank, >> ainsley: it's like leave your current bank and put your money in this. >> that's absolutely right. and you can trust that the people running that bank think like you think. >> steve: thank you very much for coming from nashville. >> brian: you'll never freeze my account? >> never. >> ainsley: unless you do something illegal! >> steve: from one musician to a bunch of them, we close today with the dillard high school marching band live from the hard rock hotel and casino.
6:00 am
see you back monday in new york! >> ainsley: bye, everyone! ♪ ♪ >> bill: thanks, guys, good morning. great work in florida. hello on a friday with a mystery deepens in idaho. four students murdered, killer on the loose. so many questions and getting our first look at the autopsies. it's friday. dana has the day off. i'm bill hemmer and this is the lsu tigers. >> i'm happy to begin my friday with you. thanks for having me. i'm sandra smith and this is "america's newsroom." a horrific story. the coroner revealing all four victims were stabbed to death


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