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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  November 20, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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park'd, we'll see you next time. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [mu ♪ ♪ mark: hello america. i'm mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." i am telling you, we have an exclusive special guest tonight. former prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu has written a book that is so fantastic. it i
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"bibi: my story. it is israel's story, and america's story, the world's story. e so readable and understand could. we walks through from early in his life up to really, current day. s interesting. services american presidents and secretaries of states and so forth. and i want to start not at the begin, but prime minister. i want to start with something that regime in iran. now, president trump pretty much had his foot on the throat of had regime, these got rid of deal that b obama administration negotiated, prob president biden is in there begging same regime to sign anything, anything, even though they keep thumbing its nose at united states and working at break-neck
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speed to get their nukes. >> i think it is height of folly, to enable iran to get nuclear weapons, we're seeing the danger of having agressaged with nuclear weapons. they chant death to israel. but they chant death to america. we're the small say the in, the -- satan and you are the big satan. you will be held hostage forever. you have seen what it, it is like with a rogue regime like north korea with nuclear weapons, and half of asia is quaking in fear. to have the acra toldas committed. >> committed to destroying our way of life is nothing
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short of folly, it has to be stopped. i devoted a lot of my time to stopping it. i think that any responsible policy on part of united states should do, that should not facilitate the iran deal that paves a highway with gold, billions of dollars, it should work opposite. it put crippling sanctions on iran and military threat to prprevent them from acquiring weapons of mass destruction. >> i think that they give lip service to the opposition to the upcoming nuclear deal, because the majority of public is against it. the way that you galvanize the opposition to go to u.n. like i did and draw a ri
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red line to , and to go to a joint of congress. was not an easy thing to do. i wrote about it. i debated with myself, i said when you have a regime that is openly calling for aaannihilation ofs jewish state, i had no choice. i did it and in every form and every television program. and every meeting with leaders, i wish i -- that doesn't change the fact that iran's nuclear weapon threaten us, they also threaten you, and they threaten the peace of the world, do you not want a fanatical islamist regime to be armed with nuclear weapons. >> the book you can get it is the
8:05 pm any major bookstore in united states as well. what was your relationship. you write about these things in the book. i want americans and others to know this. what was your relationship like with barack obama? >> it started out in a super -- janitor's office in washington, i was leaving washington, he was a senator then. we had a good meeting, i look forward to cooperating with him in case he would be elected. i was run, he was running, when we go the elected we met in his really. and i in in in israel, i said look. he sai -- we're pragmatic enough to work for our country interest. i hoped. in some things we did. but on iran question and
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palestinian question, we always parted. thought that obama was not a weak person, but strongly committed to his beliefs, they were just in my opinion on these crucial matters the wrong beliefs, we had a clash when i realized he was pursuing a deal with iran that nominally supposed to prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons but not kicks the can forward but allowing iran with american and international seal of approval to develop nuclear -- become a threshold nuclear state with break out time that obama himself would be zero in a few years. break out time to a nuclear weapon, i thought, this is something i cannot accept. question not accnot i accept. i believe in preventing iran from having nuclear weapon,
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i sought to apply everything that i had, that included taking difficult decision of confronts a sitting america president and his policies, i did it. mark: then, joe biden finally on this subject. you were prime minister for a period of time when he was president. and you have hamas raining missiles down. you talk about this in your boo book. what is joe biden's reaction. >> biden, i have known for 40 years since he was a i don't think senator in washington. i came as deputy ambassador, he says, bibi, i love you, but i don't agree with a word you say, said joe, sometimes a recep ka re-- reciprocate that. he tried to knock out their missile launches, they
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emplaced in civilian neighborhoods, it was supported throughout our right to exercise self-defense, he was under great pressure from certain wing of the democratic party, so he started saying, you have to end it. i said, no, joe, i have to keep going until we accomplish our objectives it took about 10 days for us. but, i would say, the american pressure and the israeli action met at point we have come little bit the our objective, we stopped. we didn't get to the point of confronting it i think that biden is sympathetic to israel but his policy on this, unfortunately, reflects his policy on palestinian question. and on iran. i think that is also misdirected. i am trying to be a diplomat here. but i think it is wrong for
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america to seek t to contain an iranian nuclear weapon, to say they will have it anyway, so let them have it, no. they have to be stopped, you don't want a regime that believes in the destruction of america to have that. you need strong leadership to reinstate a credible military threat on iran, it is the only thing that will stop them. if you look at rogue countries, that and i wrote it in my book, the rogue countries, that try to develop nuclear weapons. one was saddam hussein iraq. second was syria also stopped by israel military action and third libya.
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fourth was north korea. there was no military threat. there was a series of agreements which north korea violated and result is they have a nuclear arsenal that can threaten you and fifth circris iran for one year alone after second gulf war, thought that america would take action against it, they suspended their nuclear program after a year they realized there was no such threat, they have been going at it i have devoted many years to do everything in my power to stop them, stop them through military operation. and political act, stop them through programs like this i think that it requires american leadership. to stop iran to prevent iran from having nuclear weapons, and proposed agreement is opposite of what is required. mark: it looks like president trump realized that. and understand that. and got out of that iran
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deal. and put economic sanctions on iran. looks like he saw the same with the palestinians, he cut off funding for palestinians, and he could see that abbas that they were playing money to terrorist activities. then, the biden administration reversed course almost across the board adopted obama policies, so now we have a situation where the palestinians are commi committing more actions of terrorism against israelis and saudis moving toward z the chinese and russians you had more peace deals 4, during your prime minister ship than all of the prime ministers combined before you. sounds like we are headed in the wrong directed with lapid and biden administration. >> yes, for a quarter you a century.
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prevalent wisdom only way israel would break out to have more peace agreements with arab countries by having an agreement with palestinians, it may sound logical it was not, it placed an impossible barrier, palestinians didn't want peace with israel, they wanted peace without israe israel. they vetoed go peace agreements after the two with ejich egypt and jordan . you go around the palestinians, and you make peace with the broa broader arab world than maybe palestinians of curb rejectism to israel, that is what we ended up
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doing it happened because of power of israel that we had been able to achieve through economic reforms of free markets, through military reforms, and through diplomatic prowess that combined the two. it is peace through strength. through the iron triangle of peace. economic, military, and diplomatic strength it paved way. mark: when we come back mr. prime minister, i want to pursue that iron triangle of strength, the book you can get it at and or any major bookstore, i encourage you to get it, it comes out tuesday, you can order it immediately. it is a fantastic book. we'll be right back. age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein
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mark: welcome back america ebenjamin netanyahu has a fantastic book out, "bibi: my story, his first exclusive interviews, we're giving the prime minister time to talk about it everything you hear us discusses is in the book. in an expanded way. very intriguing.
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mr. prime minister. you have a section in the book. throughout the book, you talk about power, talk about leadership. what it takes you talk about the triangle. >> we live in a very troubled world, a world in crisis, crisis in ukraine, you know roll out in o ominous ways. how do you stabilize it, get peace? the those who believe the way do this is soft power. commit tcommitment to democracy will assure the arc of history as martin luther king said bends today justice. i think it say brittle arc
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that is break. so, i believe that soft power by itself without backing of hard power, hard power is military power and strong economy power, without hard powering soft power is useless, we cannot gonguarantee that forces of darkness will overcome th the forces of good. to give those angels an opportunity. you need hard power, if there is one lesson in world today to understand is that free democratic countries have to be strong, and have to have leadership to apply strength. strength. >> ystrength. >> you dis jude ie.
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>> i devoted a great part of my life to ensure israel, they were massacred and exiled leaded to worst massacre of the world the holocaust we now never be defense less we ul have the power, but you need an army. everyone understood that, but f35 and drones and it costs money. where do you get money, only way you get money in my view not through the high tax socialist economy that israel had. was to transform it. through a free market revolution to a capitalist economy. i destreeted mu devotedded much of my time as finance minter. and prime minister. to affect a free market revolution in israel, i believe in it but also it was the instrument to give
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israel the mines to keep -- shore up its military, and intelligence and cyber capabilities, the combination of israeli civilian technology, should which is ou outstanding and military technology, also outstanding gave us a third power, which is diplomatic power, countries came to israel because they needed us. that placed israel had us rise on the ladder of the nations, we are ranked, i don't know if you know this, israel gdp, because of they from free market preformed surpassed great britain, and japan and france and canada. free markets work, we're ranked by the university of pennsylvania poll that ranks 20,000 opinion leaders.
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consistently. israel ranked number 8 in the world powers. that tells you that it works, that is what i did. and the arab countries in the gulf in particular took note, when they saw israel strong, militarily standing up to economy and economically with the civilian technology they want, that was really what produced the i would say foundation for the hit historic abraham accords you it know that meetings that i had with the gulf leaders, and i wrote it in the book, took place after i gave the speech in 2015 in the u.s. and joint session of congress, against the iran deal, that is when we got phone calls they said could we meet. we did meet in second with the meetings that produced the foundation of the start
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of the peace accords, peace through strengths, iron triangle of strength. mark: milton friedman noticed you in 2005, he said among other things that israel was a socialist state, until it stops becoming a socialist state it will not succeed. not succeed economically and other ways, certainly it has the capacity. he said fortunately finance minister benjamin netanyahu who specialized in economic issues understands the problem. and he selling to use his willing capital to bring a solution that was in 2005. you also went to m.i.t., you are highly educated here in the united states i want to pursue some of this when we come back, your experience in the u.s., and i want american people to know that
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you also served in most special of special forces in israel as did your brotheryoni. the book "bibi: my story, get a cobby at, or amazon will do cot. it comes out tuesday, this is his first exclusive
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jackie: welcome to fox news live, i am jackie ibanez in
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new york, fbi trying to determine a might it for last night's mass shooting at a lgbtq nightclub in colorado springs. 22-year-old gunman opened fire in the club killing 5 people, and injuring 25. he was tackled by heroic patrons there bev police arrived. a suspect is in custody. and treated for injuries. >> heavy shelling hitting ukraine. the site of europe's largest nuclear power plant. it could lead to a massive disaster. >> the plan it under russian control. but moscow and kyiv blame each other for the shells, international atomic energy agency will inspect the site monday, i am jackie ibanez, now back to "life, liberty and levin." for all your headlines log on to ♪ ♪ o
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introduction, we're talking with benjamin netanyahu. i have stated he reminds me of modern day churchhill. you served in what is equivalent to u.s. seals. smaller but a special forces among special forces in israel. you write about this. about the various men that you served with and your commanders, some became prime ministers themselves, ehud barrack and rah - tell us about sabena airline hijack. >> i came one night to the base and there was no one on base, they said there was a plane hijacking, two
8:30 pm
palestinian men and two palestinian women hijacked a blaineplane they landed it in tel aviv, they will blow up plane unless israel released imprisoned terrorists to fly them to a country of their choice. we drove to the airport. unit was already punctured the tires, and the defense minister was negotiates and made it appear we were willing to give them what they wanted. then, in the meantime, we prepared plane for take off, they took 16 of our soldiers, including me, to dress up as mechanics we came to in a baggage train we would fix the plane, when we got into position, before -- next totte the entrance of the plane. you bang is in the outside and the door pops out, that
8:31 pm
was the plan, we got to the plane, red cross official frisked us, he noticed i had a gun in my pistol, my boot, he said my god, i had with my french, i said, god is great. let me through. climbed on the wing, ready to go, waiting for barrack who stood on the tarmac. he was going to blow a whistle, one of the guys next to me, told me, you have to stop the operation, i said why, he was a reservist who was trained and using handguns, to protect airline security. he said, i glu flew in from london, i didn't have to a chance to go do the bathroom, i said big or small, he said big, i said we have to wait. he reliefs himself.
8:32 pm
and barack blows the whistle we storm into the plane, a woman standing next to the door they opened got hit by a bullet from a terrorist, other two terrorists hit. i wanted to go in, this is -- was big problem. before we did this, my older brother, who was senior to me, he said, i'm going in there too. i said, what? you can't do that. he said why not. >>. i said i'm going in, he said we're going in i said yoni there are 16 people in closed quarters we can't both go in there what will you say to mother and father, he said something, that i can't believe, he said bibi, my death -- my life is my own and my death is my own, he had a determination, we went to barrack who sided with me, mahe was left waiting.
8:33 pm
we're storming the cockpit and i'm looking for the explosives, someone said here is one of the terrorists there is a woman there. i yank her hair. it a wig, comes off. ganch iand one of the people in the unit members, said let me handle her, he slaps her with a load will pistol in the face, the bullet went through my arm, it ended in two minutes. and i was on the tarmac. wounded. yoni, i see him rushing from afar, getting closer, there is a terrible look of anxiety on his face, he stands above me and sees a splatter of blood on white
8:34 pm
overall of the mechanics on my sleeve, a huge grin on his face, he said, you see bibi, i told now the not to go, and i was lucky. the bullet didn't hurt my nerve or bones. he continued he stayed on. in unit i was -- left the military a year after that. he stayed, 4 years later he commanded the historic rescue. which has really no precedents in military history. and he in modern history, he was killed while leading his men in rescuing the hostages in heart of africa. mark: you know, your brother, yoni, as you write, and my wife read and i read, the letters he would send to you and your younger brother and parents was a brilliant
8:35 pm
renaissance man. a man's man. and it is obvious in your book, and elsewhere through our life what an impact he had on you and what an impact his death on it you and what a great hero he was and american people are well american people are familiare'll with entebbe. we'll be right back. before we begin, i'd like to thank our sponsor, liberty mutual. they customize your car insurance,
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mark: welcome back america, we're here with former israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu with his really fantastic book. both current events and historical. it is. it is very intriguing. there a lot in mer there is a lot in here about u.s. and relationship and benjamin netanyahu and multiple figures, it is "bibi: med "y story.. at or you spent a lot of years in the united states, you went to m m high school outside of philadelphia, you made it to hall of fame there, they will not allow me into hall of fame >> why not. you >> youon know, we have goney wokewo here. that assault i -- is
8:41 pm
all i can say, your father taught here, tell us about it. historian, he believed before world war ii if we don't establish a. >> you jewish state that would be a pol a holocaust, he was right, he tried to persuade leader of our movement to come to the united states he went to see the leader, in london, he said, you are working for the right caused in the wrong place. he was twice his age, he asked him why do you say that. he said because you cannot persuade -- if you want to persuade bratton britain to enable the reaction
8:42 pm
creation of a. > jewish state then you have to go to america, america is the rising power in the world. they packed everyone, went to united states, and soon after, he died. my father spent war years in the united states agitating alone for a jewish state. roosevelt, didn't like that. he didn't want to activate his british allies, my father could not make headway with the democrats. he did something astounding, he went to the republicans, nobody did that. and he argued that the platform, republican party platform should be adopted in 1944 to recognize a. >> you, state, 3 months later, the democratic convention did the same thing. my father was actually, of
8:43 pm
bipartisan american supports for a jewish state for the state of israel, he talked to public opinion and pol politicians, he wanted to talk to generals, he got an audience with generalize e eisenhower, he said you should support a jewish state, he asked him why. you are only six 600,000, he said no we'll be th strongest power in the middle east. my father said, general, you have seen in two world wars, how we jews fight when we fight for others, you can imagine how we'll fight when
8:44 pm
we fight for ourselves, eisenhower was so impressed with that. and talking about blocking soviet domination of middle east, he convened the whole general staff to hear m my father again. i would say much of my most dominant affect on my thinking came from my father who told me that you have to be very strong to survive. the weak don't survive, and you don't make peace with the weak, they get devoured, you make peace with the strong, you have to make israel strong, he continued to have that influence until he passed away at age of 102, i was very fortunate.
8:45 pm
mark: and you report to m.i.t., why and what did you learn? >> i initially done go to m.i.t., i finished american high school and went back to serve in israeli army. none of the them would accept me. because i said i'm going to army for 3 years. there was one university that actual' actually agreed to accept me that was yale. i went to army, i signed up for an additional year, i wrote to jail yale, i said i need another year, then i spent 5 years, they agreed. in the military in my special unit, i was exposed to cutting edge technology. and i realized i wanted to go to university that had strongest technological edge possible, i apologized to
8:46 pm
yale, whom i really appreciate and decided to go to m.i.t. to really get to seize the future in terms of technology. it really helped. it was i think a wise decision. mark: when we come back mr. prime minister, i want to ask you about kiah. who is kiah? we'll find out in a modem, we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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mark: welcome back, we're here with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. book is "bibi: my story, i want to encourage you to get it, it a fabulous book., >> prime minister told me before tol the show he writes every worried no cursive in
8:51 pm
his own hand. that seems to be veryse painful and but high he did it nonetheless, i would love to buy that original. one day that will be forth a fortune mr. prime minister. that said who is kaya? . and when i first became prime minister our two boys, they are little kids, they said, mommy economy we is could we have a dog, sara, said absolutely not. who will take care of it. the last term they were grown up and abner was a soldier, and he came to sara, and he is holding a cell phone, he said, mother, take a look at this dog. beautiful dog, alaskan husky. beautiful dog.
8:52 pm
and said this dog will be -- she is old, she is 10 years old, if you don't cake h take her in this dog will be put to death, that did is sara said ag okay bring her, then she became a part of the family and i be aware of emotional life of dogs. you know, it is astounding. but the greatest transformation took place with sara. she was -- went from being a never-dogger to a dog mom. and when we were abroad she would would the staff, and did kiah get her medicine, did you give her the vitamins? it was a reflecting of the tremendous affected that we
8:53 pm
had for her, she was a highly intelligence dog, when she passed away it was heartbreak. you know, i was reminded of what truman said about political life. if you want a friend, get a dog, i had a great friend. mark: and you write this history in the book. yet there is room for kawh kiah. you are prime minister again of the state of israel. what do you want to tell american people, the israel peopisraeli people about what that is important. >> not for the fun of politicians. this is a cruel sport, i go back there for really for three reasons. first is to stop iran. i think the impending deal has to be stopped. if it is not, then we'll have to have all of the resolution to make sure that
8:54 pm
iran cannot threaten any of us with nuclear weapons, second to continue finish the arab-israeli conflict by having peace with other arab states i believe that saudi arabia can make peace with israel, i think this will push the arab-israeli conflict to his closer. i think i can do that. and among other things, . >> and third reason is to continue the great economic revolution, the power house of innovation that israel has become, i can see a few ideas of breaking into life sciences and genetic databases that could make a tremendous difference not only us and our arab neighbors but all of humanity. and i think that these are three worthy goals. mark: i wish you the best. god willing, the book is "bibi: my story. you can get it now at
8:55 pm out on tuesday, you can get your copyright away. it a fantastic book. i know you will love it. mr. prime minister, it has been an honor to have you. good luck and god bless. >> you thank you, mark, go age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. my name is joshua florence, and one thing i learned being a firefighter is plan ahead. you don't know what you're getting into, but at the end of the day, you know you have a team behind you that can help you.
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mark: welcome back america. you know. i have been blessed in my life to meet some tremendous human beings. president reagan. president trump. margaret thatcher, and others, and benjamin netanyahu. benjamin netanyahu is the real deal. he is a great statesman, he will go down in history as being one of the greatest statesman that we've had, now is the time for great men and great women, states men and leaders to step up
9:00 pm
and to win. to lead our country. for the rest of the world, so we can survive, i encourage you to get benjamin netanyahu's book. "bibi: my story. it is a fantastic book. i will see you next time on "life, liberty and levin." >> breaking tonight an update from local law enforcement officials on the investigation into the brutal murder for college students found stabbed to death in off campus home in moscow idaho. good evening this is universe interesting hilton welcome to "the next revolution" we have the latest. >> moscow police chief said it is a huge investigative effort receiving 650 tips


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