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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 22, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PST

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and we need to pay attention to this. the media isn't going to help him do that he has to do that on his own as far as this goes looking forward. >> i find the time of guilty cbs story interesting not after one but two elections. they wait until after this midterm. >> why not wait until after 2024. joe concha. >> thank you. >> carley: all right. "fox & friends" starts right now. how exciting. >> todd: bye. >> carley: bye. ♪ >> we honor the life of our son. >> police expanding the crime scene where four university of idaho students were murdered. will some of the victims fight back. cleared as suspects. >> every killer leaves something at the scene and takes something with them. >> threat of a rail strike. drive prices each higher. >> cost about $2 billion a day. >> we continue to urge both sides to finish their work in good faith. >> given the unions a lot that has sweetheart deals for the unions. >> we commissioned an independent review to determine its authenticity. >> cbs news confirming the
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authenticity of hunter biden's laptop after dismissing the "new york post" expose. >> the media want the scandal to disappear. >> result effort. >> u.s. men's national team finishing their first match in a 1-1 draw against wales. first world cup appearance in 8 years. >> 3, 2, 1. [cheers] >> ho h ho ho ho who wouldn't gp on the house top click click click ♪ down through the chimney comes saint nick. >> rocking around the christmas tree ♪ at the christmas party hop ♪ mistletoe hung where you can see ♪ every couple tries to stop ♪ rocking around. >> steve: sing it, brenda, because we lit up our all-american christmas tree last night about 30 seconds before
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6:00. 37 degrees. going for a daytime high on this the tuesday before thanksgiving 48. over the next couple of weeks you will be looking at that christmas tree. just knows there were 12,000 ornaments and there are 34,000 light bulbs. you don't want that job of changing the light bulbs. >> brian: i love that it's red, white, and blue. >> ainsley: very patriotic. we were all out there last night. so cold yesterday morning. lot of wind blowing, but last night it was nice. >> steve: here's the thing people don't realize because i was looking at my watch and i'm thinking, okay, santa has to get off the fire truck and light the thing. he was actually a little delayed so what they did was they started the countdown even before santa got to the big stage to turn on. 10. >> ainsley: we lit it during "the five" and probably 5:58 santa arrived. was it even later than that. >> steve: 5:59:20.
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he had 40 seconds to get off the truck and get up there. >> ainsley: but it was the real santa. >> steve: santa is magical. >> ainsley: sometimes they send his help hers because they don't always look. >> steve: i think they always look like santa. >> ainsley: she will say momma, that's a helper. that's not the real one. >> brian: you want to know the real one, it's the younger brother of fred clause and, as we know, played by paul i didn't manny. santa needed an incentive to get there on timing listen in line. >> steve: santa seems to have lines. do you really want to walk the streets of new york in the dark? >> ainsley: do you know what i loved about it last night, too, we had different fox personalities with their children on stage. i thought it's so fun. we have all been here for a long time and we have seen families grow. many of us were single when we got here and you get married and
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you have babies. there is the group. there is jay wallace and suzanne scott who run fox news right right in the front danced a little bit last night. so fun. >> steve: it was a lovely family event. and from our fox family to your family, merry christmas, even though it is not yet thanksgiving. so let's talk about thanksgiving first. and particularly, i went to shop right yesterday that's the grocery chain here. a lot of people going grocery shopping for thanksgiving are going to notice sticker shock. >> ainsley: yes. the american farm bureau federation saying the average cost of a thanksgiving dinner is up 20% compared to last year. butter is up almost 27%. >> steve: if you can find it. >> ainsley: canned vegetables up almost 19%. the turkey almost 17%. frozen vegetables almost 17%. and then potatoes up 15% and thes biscuits and rolls everyone
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tries to avoid but so good. >> steve: they were sold out of cress sant rolls yesterday. >> ainsley: up almost 14%. >> brian: they're fresh the cress isn't a rolls. >> steve: get them out of that can and go pop. owe they are popping fresh, brian. >> ainsley: they are fresh if you open the can and put them in the oven. >> brian: first that i think thing that came tomind. get a young one. tender if you get an old one like gum. says young turkey with little bios on there. >> steve: only ones for the most part that you can get because the usda, united states department of agriculture is trying to explain why things cost so much more. and, guess what? they are blaming for your high poultry, they are blaming putin. the putin poultry price hike. the cost of a large turkey cost you 2 cents more per pound and 1% increase and large frozen
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turkey will cost 9 cents more per pound than last year. of the ongoing bird flu, russia, war on ukraine and drought across the united states pushing up the price of the thanksgiving staples, blaming climate change for drought. they are blaming putin for the, you know, price of everything. and they are blaming bird flu, which is accurate. and brian, to your earlier point, that's why it's almost impossible to find an older turkey, with birbled flu they have had to kill millions and millions of birds. something like 5 million birds so far. 50 million birds impacted across 42 states. that, for get about putin. bird flu is the reason turkey is to expensive. >> ainsley: here is the memo that the usda sent out says the biden administration has made progress fighting higher prices and down plate impact inflation is having on our thanksgiving dinners. >> brian: rick was on earlier today and talked about what life is like for a turkey farmer and
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headwinds they are facing. >> our cost of production is up dramatically. fertilizer is the worst one. we're a grass-based farms. we raise turkeys and beef and lamb and all that pasture. we have to fertilize our land. fertilizer is up almost three times, 300%. the reality is we are working harder than ever. labor is very hard to get this year for some reason. you just can't find the help that we usually get for this crunch time. so we are working a lot harder than normal and we are going to take home a smaller paycheck. >> ainsley: don't forget, inflation dan ratcheting up almost immediately after joe biden took office. the feed grain prices were rising before russia's invasion. so, first it was gas prices, we blamed those on putin. now, thanksgiving turkeys, thanksgiving dinner is more expensive and we blame that on putin. >> brian: we have a million less barrels produced of oil on a dale live basis from where we were when trump left office.
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it feeds all into it. we have an opportunity now. how long has this war been lasting, 10 months? 10 months we go to ratchet up our natural gas production. we have had 10 months with all these industrialized nations to fill the gap, whatever russia was doing. if we were not able to do it by then, that's on us. >> steve: when you look at it, you were talking about inflation. they don't want you to talk inflation. the usda put out that statement, blame putin, blame bird flu. blame climate change. do not blame the administration however, i was researching this today, can you blame putin for one thing. the higher cost of the spray whipped cream because of anitrous oxide shortage. a lot of that stuff comes from russia and ukraine. if you are having trouble finding ready whip blame putin. just saying. one other thing, brian, i was talking to lady a week ago in
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the grocery store line. she thought you said something funny and we were talking about it. and i saw her. >> ainsley: she was wrong? >> steve: no, no, no. she said he said a funny thing which he does every day. anyway, i saw her again yesterday. and she said hey, by the way, do you remember when i saw her a week or so ago i said yes i do over at the checkout she goes yeah. we talked about it and i was so, you know, i was laughing about what brian had said. i get to the karl and i realized i didn't pay for anything in the shopping cart. >> brian: she just left. >> steve: she walked out with everything. she bagged up and walked out without paying. went back in and paid. >> brian: how cool is that? >> steve: i had a whole cart full of stuff. >> brian: meanwhile walked in the next day wanted photo have you seen this woman. she comes in and loads up her carrots bagged them and leaves. >> ainsley: seems like a good woman thinks you are funny and honest. >> brian: semi honest she did
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try to steal. >> steve: security at grocery store. >> ainsley: she got nervous. she was talking to steve. weankt thinking. coming up charlamagne tha god sharing his thoughts on 2024, listen. >> biden safest bet? ewe i think that's odd, too. >> ainsley: full comments coming up. >> brian: it shall u.s. first appearance in eight years to county tar, that match coming up. ♪ them. at a price that you won't believe. where? lowe's, actually. black friday is here! get our best deals on everything for the season while you can.
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>> carley: we are back with headlines starting with. this we are learning the names of the victims to lost their lives in last weekend's tragic
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shooting in colorado springs. ashley, daniel astin, derek rum and kelly loving raimondo green advance were all killed in an attack in a gay nightclub. authority also identifying the his or hers who courageously took down the suspect, including retired veteran richard fir row who says, quote: i just went into combat mode. i just know i have to kill this guy before he killed us. ftx's new management team will make its first appearance in bankruptcy court today. they are expecting to detail the events which led up to the crypto joins collapse.
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sam bankman freeland is named in that federal class ax lawsuit. influence has obtained these exclusive pictures of the $40 million penthouse he bought while allegedly misusing customer funds, wow, look at it there. twitter announcing a new wave of layoffs putting part of the staff on the chopping block. not clear how he lost jobs. comes as elon musk holding off gjt blue checkmark says waiting twitter has high confidence it can stop users impersonating other users and companies. musk pausing the subscription after many took at advantage of the verification system. world cup we know. the men's national team finishing crucial first match one-one draw against wales. is you burb pass. wales star forward convert ago penalty kick after a foul by
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walker zimmerman with less than 10 minutes' play the u.s. will be back in action on friday for a pivotal grudge match against england. coverage kicks off at 1:00 p.m. eastern time only on fox. >> steve: carley, you were not here yesterday but brian and piers morgan had a bed 5,000 bucks. >> carley: i was watching at home. >> brian: right, it's going to go to charity at least mine will when i take it from piers morgan. i'm not taking a pounce. venmo doesn't accept $5,000 it's too much. he will have to mail it. i hope he licks the envelope on television. so close to getting 3. >> ainsley: both teams get a point also interesting what tehran. refused to sing national anthem. they are in alinings with the
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protest in their country and the 326 protesters, most of which were women that have been killed, because of that brutal regime and also signs in the stands and the woman that was killed that started this whole thing was 22 years old. as 22nd, 22 minute mark they all screamed out. so iran, which is not too far is sending a message. i think that takes tremendous courage from that team. >> ainsley: we play england on friday and iran after that i would not be surprised if we win by two goals on friday. i love to say tie or win. >> ainsley: win. last time we tied them 1-1. >> steve: meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about -- i know we just got over the midterms but look ahead to 2024 fox news
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digital sat down with charlamagne tha god. he does podcasts. is he a big factor in broadcasting. anyway, he is looking ahead. and this is interesting. because i heard a survey yesterday, or i read a survey yesterday. i want to say on the drudge report that something like 57% of democrats now say that they want joe biden to run for president in 2024 because he is the safest bet ands that exactly what charlamagne told us yesterday. >> sad that we are saying it's still a toss-up between him, president biden. i think that's more indicative of what, you know, democrats aren't doing. and for me, i don't see the bench that the democrats have. like, i personally don't see the person that they could put up in 2024 that could really galvanize and energize people. the fact that biden is still
3:20 am
their safest bet. ugh i think that's bad too. >> steve: he prevents pete buttigieg is he great and he thanks him for coming on his show. >> ainsley: part of the lgbtq community that gives him empathy. i don't know if america will embrace him because of the same reasons. >> brian: fell apart for him in south carolina. i don't know what has changed because he can't get the supply chain queued up. does anyone think trade has worked effectively. think that transportation has excelled under pete buttigieg? do they think the planes are running better? prices are up. when you look at transportation. you look oat his track record. the thing is he is intelligent with a military background. but it all fell apart for him. why would it be any different now? i can't see him running against him like say like bob dole against bush 41 or reagan did against gerald ford. but, on the other side, the
3:21 am
republicans have to admit they have a deep bunch with a lot of people that are contenders and willing to take on president trump it, seems. listen. >> i think people sleeping on ron desantis. ron desantis is a very, you know, formidable opponent. i can't even believe the conversations i'm hearing with people saying i don't think he can win the national election. why not? what would make them think he can't win the national election? sorry to tell you all, i'm from south carolina. more of the country is more like florida than we may want to believe. but the majority of america is more, you know, rural and, you know, full of conservative values like in a place like florida than there is, you know, other places, i think when you live in new york, you know, california, you might be fooled and think that's the world, but that's not the world. the world is more southern and midwest than anything. >> steve: i think is he exactly
3:22 am
right. you know, he works out of new york. but he has got the unique ability to talk to people from across the country. is he from down in south carolina. and, you know, one of the things about new yorkers is they think the sunrises and sets on new york city. it's the greatest and they like, you know, this town is largely democratic and that joe biden is the guy. he also said that between ron desantis and former president trump, he thought that he said his gut tells him that ron desantis would be the winner ultimately because he says he thinks he is more stable. >> ainsley: florida is interesting. full of people grew up there and full of transplants from the north. medley of people from all over the country. he probably does have a good point a good mix of everyone around the country and maybe look to that state to determine the direction of the country. >> brian: just real quick over the weekend. the republicans spoke out at a conference, a jewish conference and it's pretty clear that nikki haley is going to go back on her word it seems about a fourth
3:23 am
coming run. she was going to deer to president trump. it doesn't seem that way. mike pompeo indicates is he going to run. he says it's time for competence. larry hogan as well as chris christie called out trump directly. ron desantis indicated that he is going to run as i have not yet begun to fight. it looks as though there is a big field. maybe as many as 10 or 12 looking to run along with or against president trump. >> ainsley: probably won't know the entire field until, what the summertime. >> steve: late 2023. you don't want to get in too early but then again you want to start raising the money. the money guys are already lining up behind different factors. different people who are going to throw their hat in. look for 2024 to look a lot like 2016, where there is just -- when it comes to debate time, just a whole bunch of podiums which means we are going to have to bailed whole bunch of podiums, chris, can you build a whole bunch of podium? >> can we just get through
3:24 am
thanksgiving and christmas first? >> brian: i bet you rockie mountain desantis throw in later. staff. tell everybody keep your money i'm going to get. in a lot of money is going to go to the people who get. in ron desantis, i would not be surprised if he was january or february. if he goes forward. >> steve: do you want to bet $5,000 on that? >> brian: yes. >> brian: coming up, still no suspects in the murder of four university of idaho students as police expand their quest for answers. dr. michael baden joins us next. . completely... on its head. bringing legendary design... and state-of-the-art technology... to a fully-electric suv. the all-new, all-electric eqb from mercedes-benz.
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3:28 am about healthcare that puts you in control. >> a fox news alert. still y'all, no suspects in the stabbing death of the four university of idaho students as police expand the crime scene area, searching for any evidence of a weapon. joining us now is fox news contribute earth and forensic pathologist dr. make baden, good morning, dr. baden. >> good morning. >> this is baffling all of us, we are fascinated with this case and we want to find out who did this. it seems odd that they don't have a suspect yet because the college, the campus is close by. it involved four people. someone had to have seen something, right? >> yes. or some kind of security video. but, even looking for the weapon actually that you bring up, they may not be looking for the right weapon. because in a gunshot shooting case can you tell the specific
3:29 am
gun by the budget recovered at the autopsy. you can't t stab case. can you get approximation by the blade but not the weapon unless part of the weapon tip or so breaks off which is very unlikely, the reason looking for that specific knife isn't true. maybe the perpetrator dropped the sheath at the scene, but that would be the only way they can do it not from the autopsy itself. >> dr. baden in your experience, when someone fights back, d.n.a. is usually found, right? >> no. usually not found. because usually brett victim doesn't get to scrape the skin of the perpetrator. sometimes, in fighting back if there are scratches on the perpetrator, usually on the
3:30 am
face, for example, then there's a possibility of getting d.n.a. from the fingernails. and that happens occasionally. brew that's rare not common. and if the perpetrator cuts himself, blood is very slippery when it's on a weapon. and there are a number of cases where the slippage causes air in the hand of the perpetrator and then there are drops of blood that have to be looked for and distinguished from the other blood that's present at the scene to get the d.n.a. >> ainsley: what does it tell you this is a brutal way to die and whoever did this killed four people this way? wasn't a clean, you know, gunshot where you die instantly. this is stabbing people to death. which is just brutal. what does that tell you about the person who did this? >> i don't want to say this, because it does indicate that death is not as quick that the
3:31 am
person may be conscious for a while and know what's going on. it depends how many woke up at the same time one person can people who are sleeping wake up one or two at a time. but then the issue of two people comes up if you have to control four people which isn't clear. and ainsley, one of the problems is that we just learned that there were friends of the decedents who arrived at the scene before the police did. that impacts on how all the forensic evidence can be interpreted, especially how the perpetrator got there usually they get there by a car, a motorcycle, a bicycle, shoe leather. that can be identified at the scene coming and going from the scene. but not if a whole lot of people have trampled over it first. >> ainsley: why haven't they released the 911 call?
3:32 am
is it because it's probably so brutal. >> that can be very upsetting and the police have to determine whether or not it's going to be helpful to their investigation or would be more helpful to the perpetrator to know what information they have. >> ainsley: will they find this person? >> i think so. because there is such, as you point out. such a narrow group of people involved. so, the police know a lot about the happening that they haven't released yet. such as anybody around who may have a motive, such as -- who were all the different people at the scene. they know that. >> ainsley: dr. baden, thank you, i know you have been working hard these past few days we are all fascinated with this case. we hope they can find whoever did this. >> it's hard to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving in circumstances like this. >> ainsley: maybe they will find
3:33 am
who did this before thanksgiving to give the families some peace. thank you, dr. baden. >> yes. >> ainsley: tiktok throwing bipartisan backlash over security concerns. >> i think donald trump was right. tiktok is an enormous threat. ainsley: what you and your family should know about the app. major rail union as the strike looms ahead of the holidays with an already crunched supply chain. professor here to break it down for us here live. ♪
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3:38 am
major rail strike this holiday season as the nation's largest rail union has rejected the labor deal praised by the president, brokered by the president just two months ago. watch. >> this agreement is a big win for america. together, we have reached an agreement -- you reach an agreement that will keep our critical rail system working and avoid disruptions of our economy. and this is a win for tens of thousands of rail workers and for their dignity. >> steve: well, hold the phone. fox news contributor brian brenberg is a business and economics professor at the kings college here in manhattan and he joins us live. brian, you know, it was a couple of morning ago the white house was taking a victory lap. oh, look, joe biden brokered of a deal. well, as it turns out. you need all 12 unions to sign on and four unions have rejengted. >> he really wanted a deal in september because he wanted to get this off his plate before the midterms, so, someone would say he actually forced a deal onto the union leadership that workers didn't want and now midterms are over, not as big of
3:39 am
a deal for im. but the deal could fall through. that would be a huge blow to the economy. you cannot overstate how important this is for supply chains, if this strike happens, that a $2 billion a day hit to our economy, not chump change. >> steve: it is. when it comes to it the supply chain, people are reliving what happened last year and the year before with supply chain and there weren't toys on the shelf and stuff like that. the toys are already at the stores. it's the perishable stuff, the groceries, that's what we have got to worry about. >> don't worry about your toys here. worry about your food. worry about crude oil moving. worry about feed stock for livestock. chemicals, oil, these are the kind of things that really matter here. that's what we move on trains. and if the trains aren't moving, these supply chains get snarled again, this economy can't take another round of supply chain hardship. it's going to spike inflation. we're starting to see inflation
3:40 am
come down a little bit. but it's exactly these kinds of things driven by politics that get us back on the inflation train. >> steve: speaking of trains, why do we shift the gas and oil on the trains because he pulled the plug on the pipeline. >> keeps showing up, folks, we need smart infrastructure and we don't have it right now. >> steve: speaking of smart, when you name somebody a ceo, you want them to be smart. the guy they appointed about a year ago over at disney, bob chapek didn't turn out to be as smart as people thought, and he got canned over the weekend and bob iger has come in. you have got to figure that ron desantis is giggling some place because disney weigh in on state politics and said i think that state bill about parental rights and education, i'm disappointed in the state. that was a mistake for a big business to get involved because after that their stock shares tanked. >> their stock has been terrible
3:41 am
this year. disney has big problems. their biggest problem isn't just managing cost. it's not how they have structured their business. their problem is with their core audience. the people who have wanted to consume disney products in the past, are looking at disney and saying, it's by activist for activist. it's not for american families. iger doesn't have to solve just a business problem he has he to solve culture problem and build goodwill again. only coming in for a two year stent. his job is to find his successor. he didn't do a great job the first time around. >> steve: maybe he picked this guy because this guy makes him look like a genius. >> that would be a brad reason. chapek is out, eagler is in. not clear he wants this job. i don't know how well he is going to do in it the next two years. >> investors like it. as soon as the stock ex's change opened. i think the disney chairs shot up something like 10 bucks a share. settled at 7.
3:42 am
so wall street likes the idea of somebody who maybe is not as woke as the last guy. >> well, is he going to have to prove that iger doesn't have the bone in a feeds on that yet. see how he handles florida more complicated than buying marvel. this is a deep rooted cultural problem i don't know if he is ready for that. >> steve: you mentioned florida because ron desantis got rid of that tax benefit that they have had. the ready creek thing for years maybe they negotiate. >> so many kids any employees are pushing woke so howard. i can't wait to see how he handles that. >> steve: professor, thanks so much. >> great to see you. >> steve: 18 minutes before the top of the hour. carley has some. >> carley: absolute earthquake news. cbs finally confirming the authenticity of hunter biden's
3:43 am
laptop after dismissings the "new york post" expose for more than two years. >> i think it's one of the biggest scandals i have ever seen and you don't cover it. you have want to talk about. >> because it can't be verified. >> you want to talk about insignificant things. >> i'm telling you. >> of course it can be verified. excuse me they found the laptop. levelsly. >> it can't be verified. >> we commissioned an independent forensic review to determine its authenticity. >> just the shear volume what we are doing with. >> none of the material on the laptop was doctored. reality star todd and you'll julie christie receiving a combined 19 years from a federal prison. todd chrisley handed out 12 years his wife seven. after both found guilty of federal tax evasion, bank fraud,
3:44 am
tax fraud and conspiracy to defraud the u.s. julie also charged with would wire fraud and obstruction of justice. the chrisleys are requesting staggering sentences so they can maintain custody of their 10-year-old granddaughter. jay leno is back home ahead of the thanksgiving holiday. the former tonight show host smiling alongside his nurses there after being released from a los angeles area burn unit on monday. you can clearly see the scars on his neck and hands. the late night legend suffered those injuries about 11 days ago in a fire at his home garage. leno was on pace to make a full recovery. he will continue to receive follow-up care as well. republicans holding on to a house seat in california. incumbent congressman david winning the 27th district with more than 51% of the vote over democrat ruby sal less. his victory pushes the republican majority to 219, steve, with several house races still undecided if you can
3:45 am
belief it, steve, still unbe decided races out there republicans have a far gin and they are over 218. thank you carley. >> carley: you are welcome. >> steve: let's check in with janice dean for the weather. live with chelsea piers beating new york city annual charity event. janice, good morning. >> janice: good morning, steve, this is such a wonderful event. i got to speak with the ceo of feeding nyc this past week. a charity happening for 21 years since the terror attacks of 2001 he decided to give back that's why all the volunteers come out this morning and feed the homeless. talk to sue over here who has been working. this is your shift this morning right, sue. >> we were here 10 of 6:00. >> janice: how long have you been feeding n cc? >> 10 years. >> janice: what made you get involved. >> my involvement with alumni.
3:46 am
something we do every year to give back to our community. >> janice: i love it. what do you get out of it personally? >> the satisfaction of trying to help others that benefit from, you know, aren't as lucky as we are. >> janice: now more than ever, right? >> now more than ever. >> janice: unbelievable. we have volunteers that have signed up to it do this shift and going to be going all day long here today giving out 8,000 dinners and this year will be the 100th thousand continuer that they will give out to a family in need. i'm really excited to be here. we have to talk about the weather, right? it is the busiest travel week of the year. today is very quiet but we do have a storm system moving out of the gheft. and that's going to impact travelers throughout the workweek. this is going to be the storm sham it travels across the country, we're going to see airport delays across the northwest today. along the texas coast. and then for the next couple of days, the big cities look good for the big macy's day parade. wonderful weather, but i'm
3:47 am
concerned with later on for the plain states and then this system is going to travel across the mississippi river valley, the southeast, up towards the mid-atlantic, on sunday. so you know what? home for the holidays, you have all your weather details at your finger tips at fox we will keep you posted. you can put in where grandma's house is and we will detail the forecast hour by hour. steve doocy, over to you. >> steve: got to worry about over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house when you go. >> janice: that's true. >> thanks, j.d. inflation may be on the menu this thanksgiving. that doesn't mean you have to settle on da core. giving fashionable but affordable table tips coming up next. ♪ oh customize your kitchen at lowe's with the samsung bespoke refrigerator. buy more save more on samsung appliances plus get $350 off instantly when you buy any 4 pieces. shop daily steals this black friday exclusively at lowe's.
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i d d so my y quesonons eouout hicacase.y y son,
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cacalledhehe bars s fi i d d soit was the best call eouout hii could've made. call the barnes firm and find out what your case all could be worth.uld've made. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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and find out what your case all when a truck hit my car,ade. ♪the insurance companyed, wasn't fair. eight million ♪ i didid't t kn whahatmy c caswa, so i called the barnes firm. i'm rich barnes. it's hard for people to k how much their accident case is worth.h barnes. t ouour juryry aorneneys hehelpou >> carley: we are back with quick headlines, country super star leukemia holmes corroboration inspired love of fishing. the collaboration shoe comes in forest camouflage hooks of hooks, fishing boats. released drawing next wednesday with lucky winners able to buy a pair.
3:52 am
dog toy company. tempting to stop a company parody trademark with hissy bottle. overturned a ruling in favor of jack daniels which allows brands to use parody logos. filing appeal saying virtually impossible to stop copy cats. interesting. brian? >> brian: thanksgiving dinner gobble up 20% more of your wallet this year, ainsley. >> ainsley: so, brian, how can you make sure that your table is beautiful and on a budget? >> here with their tips and tricks for fashionable and affordable day core on thanksgiving, lifestyle expert lamore. >> good to have you. >> you know, everything gets really expensive. the first thing you want to do is take an inventory of what you have in the house, if you have maybe a gravy boat in the back of the cabinet. have everything, stop prepping. when you are buying, don't buy the plastic. buy things that are on sale so can you use them year around.
3:53 am
>> steve: of course. >> over here j.c. penney 60% off. >> you only buy stuff on sale. >> always on sale. this table runner is $13 a four piece dinner ware set was $20. and then can you use it year around. so you are not necessarily just using it once and throwing it away, the next tip is to go outside and just find things in the yard over here i got pine cones, painted them with the kids. >> steve: is that clean? >> you wash them before. and then over here little place settings. over here i have gratitude so the kids can paint them and write what they're thankful for. getting crassic. put leaves on the table. >> ainsley: so adorable. grateful, thankful, love, gather, together, friends,. >> steve: i think the headline is that wirick coming to dinner. >> i tried to get everybody -- sorry, but you are still inv
3:54 am
invited. >> i have made a turkey platter. i just what i have done here is turkey out of a box. put googly eyes and little bake. beak.instead of getting the choe get if h specific i made them of oreos. >> brian: did you chop down a tree? >> no. this i just happened to have. took inventory of my house and what i had i happened to have it last year. >> steve: you said get stuff from the yard got a tree in the yard. >> you never know. >> >> i have done dyi centerpieces. took grocery store flowers and take a may have been jar. make a grid out of scotch tape and ainsley help me, just stick each flower into the opening. >> steve: if you don't do that there is not enough structure at the top of the base and the flowers droop. >> exactly all over the place. this looks really beautiful and really easy do do. just took me 30 seconds to do.
3:55 am
also upcycle wine bottles over here i took a wine bottle we already had. painted it in chalkboard paint. grateful. if you want even put flowers in there. it's really just for day core day decoron the table. >> steve: another empty on the kilmeade table. >> if you normally have 10 stick to 3 or 4. same thing with a bar. you don't need a full bar. get some wine so you don't spend so much on mixers and alcohol. same thing for non-alcohol. ice tea and water. not 17 different beverages for everyone. shop the big box stores. i got this pie, butter and margarine are up 35% and flour up 30%. >> brian: i think ainsley is overdoing it. she is totally concentration. >> she hasn't moved on but it's all good. >> do you want me to keep going?
3:56 am
>> instead of making your own baked goods. pickets then up at the store. 5.99 at costco. >> finally, i love this in the muffin tray. >> so all your leftovers, get if you have fin trays putin foil and heat it right up. >> those are cute for the kids tables. >> get them at the dollar store. so really inexpensive and really easy to do. >> not done with the food give it to the kid's table and this down. >> steve: take this stuff out because you didn't put water in first. coming up, ainsley, what's happening? >> ainsley: coming up, stand up comedian super star jeff dunham has a new special taking on today's climate and cancel culture is he going to join us live with a preview. ♪
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4:00 am
>> threat of a rail strike could drive prices even higher. >> we continue to urge both sides to finish their work in good faith. >> cost about $2 billion a day. >> he really wanted a deal in september because he wanted to get this off his plate before the midterms. the deal could follow through, that would be a huge blow to the economy. >> el paso resident warns biden said come on over they are coming over. like a freeway to them. >> g.o.p. lawmakers will visit the southern border. this administration is using pieces of the code that are supposed to be exception to blow the door wide open. >> average cost of a thanksgiving dinner up 20% compared to last year. >> the usd


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