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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 22, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PST

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>> threat of a rail strike could drive prices even higher. >> we continue to urge both sides to finish their work in good faith. >> cost about $2 billion a day. >> he really wanted a deal in september because he wanted to get this off his plate before the midterms. the deal could follow through, that would be a huge blow to the economy. >> el paso resident warns biden said come on over they are coming over. like a freeway to them. >> g.o.p. lawmakers will visit the southern border. this administration is using pieces of the code that are supposed to be exception to blow the door wide open. >> average cost of a thanksgiving dinner up 20% compared to last year. >> the usda is trying to explain
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the ongoing bird flu, russia's ukraine. >> food prices up almost hundred percent. >> result of effort. >> u.s. men's national team finishing their first match in a 1-1 draw against wales. first world cup appearance in a year. >> 3, 2, 1. [cheers and applause] ♪ ho, ho, ho who wouldn't go up on the house top click, click, click. down through the chimney with good saint nick ♪ you're here ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: look at our beautiful christmas tree out in front of fox news. if you are in the area, we're on sixth avenue between 47th and 48. it's a patriotic tree. it's all red, white, and whether
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you. many of us were out there last night because, during "the five." they lit the tree. all of us were there. many of us had our children with us. greg gutfeld had a new dog. the dog was there jeanine pirro's dog was there so many people had their babies in their arms which is so sweet because we have been working together for a long time and we have watched these families at fox grow. >> steve: absolutely. and, you know, it is putting us all in the mood for thanksgiving. which is a couple of days away. and welcome to studio m. here on this tuesday, the 22nd day. >> ainsley: are you getting excited. >> steve: i am excited. >> ainsley: thanksgiving is around the corner. >> steve: yes, it is brian. >> ainsley: brian? >> brian: yes it is. the bidens are going to nantucket they don't have a house there where do they stay? >> steve: a friend's house. >> brian: don't you think it's a little weird? can i come over for thanksgiving? i got nowhere to go? >> ainsley: never stay at your friend's with houses you are a
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hotel kind of guy? >> brian: yeah. absolutely. >> steve: remember when they were down in kiawah island they stayed at somebody who is a donor and stuff like that. these mega donors have several houses. so it's not like they are going to be there. >> don't you think it's sponging off them as president? >> ainsley: they might be really good friends. >> get your own bug low. doesn't hunter have any money left over you? can't borrow money from hunter like you normally do and stay in a lean to? >> the big guy has a friend nantucket. >> guy who brought like his entire neighborhood to the patriot awards. >> brian: they didn't stay with me, they stayed in their own hotel rooms. >> what do you do for thanksgiving? you seem like you have a wonderful neighborhood. do you all go to each other's houses? do you have progressive dinners? >> brian: progressive dinners? >> ainsley: one house for dessert. one for the turkey. >> brian: neighbors just do their own things. >> steve: like a pub crawl with turkey essentially. >> brian: kind of stay in their own houses.
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>> steve: one thing as joe biden is up in the commonwealth of massachusetts celebrating thanksgiving, one thing on his plate that he may have to deal with is a nationwide rail strike. because yesterday, 28,000 train conductors represented by the sheet metal air, rail, and transport workers also known as the smart union rejected a deal. keep in mind it was back in september when the president he personally intervened to make sure there was not a rail strike before the midterm election. the white house was involved. they needed all 12 unions on the same page, so far, four unions have said nope, not interested. and now we could be heading for a strike that is going to screw up everything. >> ainsley: it will make the supply chain recovery even worse. because these rails transport so much of what we buy. >> steve: like oil and gas. because the president pulled the plug on the keystone pipeline first day.
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so look at that -- that's a bunch of coal right there. we are heading into the winter months, and if there is a diminished supply of stuff to make our houses warm, that's not good for anybody. >> brian: hard to believe that they would strike over six days of vacation days. that's what it is down to. evereverything else has been frd out. >> steve: they feel strongly about it. four unions say our quality of life is on the line. this is their chance to extract what they want from their bosses. >> ainsley: the president of the smart union said. they said the bail -- the ball, excuse me, the ball is now in the railroad's court. let's see what they do. they can settle this at the bargaining table. but the railroad executives who constantly complain about government interference and regularly bad-mouth regulators and congress, now want congress to do the bargaining for them. >> steve: a strike like this would impact the economy to the tune of $2 billion a day in lost productivity, and forget about the christmas gifts, because they are already on the shelves. you have got to worry about food
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and oil and things like that. here's the press secretary on air force one talking about it. >> as the president has said from the beginning, a shutdown is unacceptable. because of the harm it would inflict on jobs, families, farms and majority of unions have voted to ratify the tentative agreement and the best option is still for parties to resolve. this should move forward in good faith and get this resolved. >> steve: the white house intervened but the people of those four unions that have rejected it want a better deal. >> p. >> ainsley: fox news contributor and kings college executive vice president and associate of business business and economics here is his take. >> really wanted a deal in september because he wanted to get this off his plate before the midterms. some would say that he actually forced a deal on to union leadership that workers didn't want. and now midterms are over.
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not as big of a deal for him. the deal could follow through, that would be a huge blow to the economy. you cannot overstate how important this is for supply chains, if this strike happens, that's a $2 billion a day hit to our economy. not chump change. >> brian: likely not going to happen. six minutes after the top of the hour, leader mccarthy hopes to come speaker mccarthy going to go to the border and let border patrol know he has got their back. el paso has been run over. the mayor who basically sold out to the democratic party has stopped sending illegal immigrants to another state like, for example, new york state and new york city. and he is allowing his city to be overrun with legal immigrants who as you see here used mattresses, using their streets, clothes hanging up on the fence. but he decides because i'm a democrat and i don't want to alienate myself from the democratic party. i'm going to make my people of el paso suffer and the people of el paso for some reason put him in office.
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so, right now, all these border cities overrun. has not stopped. buses in different cities run by republican mayors and governors from now going to philadelphia as well as chicago and new york. >> steve: as we look at el paso right there. >> brian: unbelievable. >> steve: el paso now has the distinction as being the number one location in the united states where people are crossing into the united states. and here's the thing. think about it, these people are coming in to el paso, they are hungry, they are thirsty, and in some cases, you know, that's it. never looking for something to eat and drink. the people who live in el paso though are worried about these people prowling the streets. they don't know if they have knives. they don't know if they have weapons as well. we were talking to a guy. >> brian: i'm sure they all have covid shots. >> steve: they are outside. we don't have to worry about covid. i mean, we were talking about. >> brian: the military does. >> steve: we were talking to a rancher about two weeks ago who said that they are so thirsty
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and hungry, he actually put a water fountain outside his house so the people don't break into the house. which was a brilliant idea. >> ainsley: with el paso being the number one location for these migrants to cross into the united states, residents there are really afraid because they say they are recovery run with these illegals coming into their neighborhoods and prowling through their yards, louise lujan lives near el paso's park which is less than two miles from the border where those border patrol agents were chasing a group of illegals. and they were beaten and dragged and punched. the illegals were arrested. but he says it's real bad because sometimes there's up to 10 or 15 of them running all over. ever since biden said come on over, they are coming over. this was like a freeway to them. we don't know if they are going to break into our houses. we don't confront them because we don't know if they have guns, we don't know if they have knives. >> brian: senator mark kelly got to lean on him in arizona. all these other democrats who said they were going to get tough on the border just to win
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an election. they have to do it. 18,000 people now that title 42 is done, are going to start sstreaminginto our country a da. we are not capable of handling all of this. there is already 50 million people here. i mean, 50 million people here over the last 10 years legally. we are basically rolling over our whole society and other countries are coming here by the thousands. and it's incredible that nothing is changing. >> steve: so the speaker -- potential speaker kevin mccarthy is going to be down on our southern border, talking to border patrol, et cetera, going with a number of members of congress including kat cammack who is going to be joining us in an hour. she is part of the coddle, the congressional delegation. so far and brian, you touched on this, texas has ships out of texas to different parts of the country, 8400 migrants to our nation's capitol. 3800 to new york. 1200 to chicago and just yesterday they wound up with
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another, let's see, 46 people totaling 100 now to philadelphia. they were dropped off. >> ainsley: took a bus. >> dropped at 30 street station, the city welcomed them with jackson and blankets and a number of the migrants we talked about this yesterday, were shocked at how cold it is here. they heard about oh, you know, new york city, i have heard about it my whole life. why is it so cold it's winter. >> ainsley: they said it's expensive expensive, too. tell you why they are shipping them thought cities, these are the lawmakers and leaders who said we are going to be a sanctuary city. y'all come over. that's why they are welcoming them. in once they are here, the leaders are campaigning because they are saying we don't know where to put them. which is what texas has been going true for years. >> >> brian: unbelievable. watch the other channels. they won't cover. this to me very few bigger stories in the country. >> ainsley: what kevin mccarthy said. our number one issue. >> brian: how a guy like senator kelly got six more years for totally ignoring this and pretending that he was arrested totallyinterested a few months .
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>> steve: he won. 7:11 in new york city. headhead carley has headlines. >> carley: i still do. honor six people killed in the devastating christmas parade attack last year. members of the community gathering to honor those six people, offering prayers, memories and a message of strength, recalling the phrase waukesha strong. darryl brooks was sentenced to six life sentences last week for purposefully drilg his sufer into that crowded parade. the nypd is searching for the robber caught on camera. look at this video. snatching a 77-year-old woman's purse and knocking her down in the bronx apartment building friday. of the woman hit her head and had to be treated at the scene. police say the suspect ran off with the woman's wallet, cell phone and keys. didn't even see it coming. new orleans mayor latoya cantrell is in hot water after
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being accused of using taxpayer money for ritzy hotel upgrades. reports show mayor spent up to $2,400 upgrading to d.c. san francisco. between january and april of this year. cantrell previously defends her stance that black women aren't safe when flying economy, eventually having to repay almost $32,000 on upgraded flights. to the nfl in mexico city. san francisco 49ers are now tied for first in the nfc west after cruising to victory over the arizona cardinals on monday night. more than 78,000 fans on hand as george and score a pair of touchdowns for the niners. >> down in three. gatrent williamsout on front of.
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blocking, tebow, end zone, touchdown what a play. >> carley: cardinals fall 4-7. murray sitting the bench due to injury for the second week in a row. those are your headlines, guys. >> steve: carley, come on over here because yesterday you missed tv history. you know, it's a tradition we always make thanksgiving. we always make things out of our cookbook for thanksgiving and we have a new cookbook. tv history was made yesterday because brian actually ate on television. brian, that was the number one people talked to me about because you tried the pie. >> brian: it was great. >> steve: other thing they asked me about, turkey thing all the taste of turkey together how do you make it a.j. hall and i put together a video yesterday. here's how you make it. >> steve: this will be your new holiday meal stopped making turkey in the oven too much waste. now we just do a breast that we
4:15 am
roll up and stuff with dressing. we call it the stuffed turkey twist. see the twist at the end you slice it, drizzle a little gravy on it. it is amazing and so easy. just watch. let's start with ground sausage, then add died well cellry and sliced leaks. add butter and chicken stalk. add oil and a bag of dried stuffing. mix that together and then set that aside. now butterfly your bonus skin on turkey breast. cover that with plastic wrap and start pounding away. make it nice and flat. time to add that stuffing mixture. all right, now let's roll it all together. take some twine and tie up the turkey every couple inches. place that in a roasting plan on top of four uni don't know slices, brush with oil and add chicken stalk. and now, into the oven at 350
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for about two hours. two hours later, look at that beauty. whoa, yeah. cut the twine, and then slice it up and top with gravy. abc-delicious how great is that all the tastes of thanksgiving rolled up. >> brian: a.j. >> steve: he i shot that with my iphone. it is delicious. it's so good. >> really good. >> brian: where do you get the wrop? >> steve: it's kitchen twine. order the cookbook today. have it for you tomorrow. make it on thanksgiving. actually make it for christmas. speaking of christmas, it makes a great christmas gift for the person on be your list who loves to cook or anybody who loves to eat. order it at sipperly happy or wherever you buy your books online.
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>> carley: cranberry makes it. >> steve: based on the fact a couple years ago peter was on the campaign trail and he could not come home for thanksgiving. he would go to wawa the convenience store and order the turkey gob glory sand witch and had had all the stuff together. kathy and i came up with this. and the cravens c crasins make n berry. ains eye on on the speaker phone. >> carley: worth it. >> steve: that's how you make it. >> brian: buy the book it's fs it's all there. saudi arabia beaten argentina 2-1. biggest upset in history. they were favored to win it with messy up front. >> carley: number one in the world argentina. >> brian: not film. >> ainsley: if we do well. >> brian: two more games.
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>> ainsley: do we go on to play more. >> brian: that's the hope. get to the knockout round and life will be good again. >> steve: from turkey to tiktok, brian. >> brian: here we go. still ahead. targeting tiktok lawmakers on both sides of the aisle calling for a ban of the chinese owned app., what you need to know. >> ainsley: plus, as republicans take back the house, boosting energy independence is at the top of their to do list. what power c power power compan do on day one. that's next. ♪ customize your kitchen at lowe's with the samsung bespoke refrigerator. buy more save more on samsung appliances plus get $350 off instantly
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>> i think donald trump was right. i mean, tiktok is enormous threat. so, if you are a parent, and you have quote a kid on tiktok, i would be very, very concerned. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle finally calling for a ban on the popular social media app. tiktok. many u.s. officials believe the platform is helping china collect data from millions of users. here now with reaction heritage foundation research fellow in the center for technology policy kara frederick. welcome back. how big of a problem do youview tiktok. >> absolutely massive. there is no excuse at this point. we know from leaked data, leaked audio from, reports that chinese officials, via bite dance parent company decided to monitor the specific locations of americans. this is the forbes article recently using the app. tiktok. we know that engineers in china
4:24 am
can access americans' data when they use this platform. so there's no question it is the ccp, chinese communist party spy app. and americans are using it. they should get off. >> brian: 60 minutes did this three weeks how the content of tiktok for china is history and math and things. but here it's all garbage. it's all dancing. it's all whatever you want. it's escapism. here's an example of the news that comes out of tiktok in 2020, 9% of those age 18 to 29 got their news from tiktok. now it's up to 18% two years ago and this year 26%. only looking to grow. in fact, you see president biden inviting bizarre tiktokers to the white house. you see president obama sitting indian style on the ground talking to a tiktoker. do they not realize what senator warner just said. >> they absolutely realize it. again, there is no question that given the national intelligence law that china has, they have to -- the private companies have
4:25 am
to give information to the chinese communist party. so we know that lawmakers know this. they are so reflexively anti-trump because trump had an executive order that said tiktok should not be born. we should give it to a u.s. company. preserve and safe keep americans' data. they are absolutely not. we are going to court the younger generation. you have parents saying that 30% of preteens. preteens. 9 to 11-year-olds are on tiktok. biden wants those voters. the democratic party wants those donors so they are using this platform over and over again. >> brian: give up what's in the u.s. security interest in order to potentially get gen z voters. they're the administration that destroys tiktok or relevant gates it to china. kicks it out of our shores, they are worried about backlash. >> that's exactly right. we have seen this time and time again. it's a pattern. they want political gain at the expense of u.s. national security. but there is no excuse anymore. how long do we have to wait?
4:26 am
>> brian: facebook took myspace and we see this over and over again. snapchat was the preferred location for a lot of preteens and teenagers and now things move over. why is instagram or any other app. looking to push this out? see the success tiktok has and knock it out. >> yeah. so facebook through instagram is sort of trying to do. this the secret sauce to tiktok is in their machine learning algorithm. thus far other companies haven't been able to replicate it. again, mark zuckerberg is lost in the metaverse, he wants virtual reality he is in all in on that. snapchat they know they are dying. if they can replicate that secret sauce algorithm i think other cups would do as well tiktok is doing but so far no luck. >> brian: two years until another election, democrat and republican both pushing for it. i imagine this might be an opportunity. tara, thanks so much. >> of course. >> brian: coming up straight ahead. the hunt for suspects continues, more than a week after four college students were found brutally murdered in idaho. what we know this morning and how the police now expanded
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hello, colonial penn? ♪ over the last 100 years, lincoln's witnessed a good bit of history. even made some themselves. makes you wonder... what will they do for an encore? ♪
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♪ steve 7:30 here in the east. it's 5:30 in idaho. fox news alert. idaho police expanding the crime scene at the home where four university students were
4:31 am
brutally murdered in their beds. now nine days ago. >> brian: officials now combing through the woods and a parking lot in a new area they blocked off behind the home searching for any evidence of a weapon. >> ainsley: fox news contributor and former homicide detective ted williams is on the ground in moscow, idaho and he joins us now. good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> ainsley: i know you are hearing rum plings and talking to law enforcement constantly. what does this new information tell you this morning? >> well, you know, it puts the investigation and the information that has been provided the public somewhat in question. i can tell you that yesterday afternoon while i was on with bill and sandra, my cameraman and i, brian almond went to the back of the house we could see that the ground was undisturbed. i found that to be rather troubling because they are looking for the murder weapon
4:32 am
and so, if the ground is undisturbed, it tells me that they have not searched that area. but, shortly within 30 minutes of us making that report, they came and expanded the crime scene. >> steve: oh, good. >> steve: i know the fbi is there and 20 investigators so the a team is there some are suggesting maybe this police department is not -- has not handled it properly. i heard a story that apparently the local cops let them pick up the garbage can in the backyard and carted it off. then investigators had to go to the landfill to sort through things. >> you know, steve, i hate to use the word keystone cops but, there was so many different things that i now question, for instance, the preservation of the crime scene. we know that before the two surviving occupants of this home
4:33 am
called law enforcement that they had called some of their friends and some of their friends were walking through the crime scene. we have been told that there has been a large knife and somewhat been a description of the knife. i question that. i heard dr. michael baden on this morning and i agree with him. i don't think they can actually say with specificity what this knife, they can -- clearly say the size of it but what kind of a knife it was. i don't think they can say that. >> brian: i know you were with martha's show. the one thing that is a little strange is they said they called 911. >> on the roommate's phone. but then don't say the roommate made the call. so we don't know who made the call. and think that they were unconscious is not possible because there was blood all over the walls. why would you look downstairs, think your roommates are unconscious instead of murdered but yet it turns out there was blood on the wall? am i getting anything wrong
4:34 am
there? >> no. absolutely not. brian, you are asking the $64,000 question here. you have two individuals who live in this house or you have four of their classmates being stabbed to death in certain areas of this home. you have to believe that someone should have heard something. >> right. then when you hear that we have the 911 tape, and that they have not released that. i find that to be rather troubling. >> brian: it's all troubling. ted, thank you for the life report from idaho. >> my pleasure. >> ainsley: come up, as republicans take back the house, boosting u.s. energy production is expected to be a top priority. how power companies say they can improve energy independence on day one next. s gloria. she never gives up— no matter what life throws her way. high cholesterol. heart disease. 37 red-eye flights in the middle seat...
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steve a leading energy group outlining a road map for u.s. republicans to boost u.s. energy security when they take majority of the house of representatives come january power the future is the name of the group writing quote since the start of this presidency joe biden has indulged in apocalyptic concerns about climate change at the expense of american energy production workers and consumers. >> the results of biden's green assault on american energy have been disastrous. daniel turner the founder and executive are of power the future. >> thanks for having me on, good morning. >> steve: you essentially have done a bucket list for the republicans. hey, we need more gas. we need more oil. we need to expand u.s. energy production. here's your list. why are you helping them? >> yeah, we're all feeling the effects of what biden has done to the energy industry. this is the most expensive
4:40 am
thanksgiving on record, right? because energy is expensive we have to give ideas how they can reverse this problem and bring relief to american families. republicans won the house. we wanted to give them this road map of concrete things they could do to improve the industry. >> steve: we ran a list of the ideas you have got. one of them is and this is something everybody knows about on the first day joe biden pulled the plug on the keystone pipeline. we were talking about that earlier because there is no pipeline, you have to ship the stuff on rail now and it looks like there is going to be a rail strike. you say congress could approve the u.s. keystone pipeline. if congress does it the house of representatives, then it's got to be approved by the senate and joe biden has got to do something about it, right? >> we would need ultimately the cooperation of the state department to cross the canadian border. but we could build the pipeline
4:41 am
within the continental united states and that's a good chunk of the distance just congress using article 1 section 8 which regulates interstate congress. there is a lot of power congress has. and maybe this is the overall point we are trying to make. there is a lot of power congress has it is the most powerful branch of government. the last couple decades creed that power to the all powerful presidency. we want congress to reclaim some of its power as well as we want some of the states, that's another one of our ideas, deb haaland the secretary of the interior keeps denying permitting for oil and gas. well, we want the governors to take a stand and say this is my land. right? i'm the governor of this state. and i'm going to allow this permitting. and i don't need some bureaucrat in d.c. who has probably never been to my state to tell us what we can and cannot do. >> steve: sure. you know that the way congress works is they will pass a law and they will say we want to keep the water clean. but then, it's the administration. and every administration gets to
4:42 am
decide okay, how are we going to keep the water clean? you know, one administration does it this way. another just does a 180. like the border as well. so, the problem is right now, for your side, joe biden, you know, he has got veto power it's going to be hard to turn around. >> we can bring to committee which we have not done the last few years. very powerful committees look at the january 6th committee. have we used any of those powers to ask someone like john kerry who was at cop 27 the last two weeks the u.n. climate summit at the very posh resort in egypt two weeks of a climate summit, steve, ask any of them what do you do? what's your budget? who is on your staff? what's your charter? the committees have an awful lot of power before them and hold them accountable. >> steve: excellent. i would like to hear all those answers. daniel turner, thanks so much and have a nice thanksgiving. >> thank you so much. >> steve: all right. 18 minutes before the top of the
4:43 am
hour and carley joins us with news from 59 years ago. >> carley: exactly. steve, on the anniversary of former president john f. kennedy's death, more than 14,000 classified documents relate to the assassination remain locked away 59 years later, newly released correspondence from the national archives shows ongoing battle over the secrecy of those files. on november 22nd, 1963, the president was riding in an open air motorcade with first lady jacqueline kennedy and texas governor john conley when he was shot in the neck and head by lee harvey ozwald. one person is dead after an suv crashed into apple store in massachusetts leaving at least 16 others injured. multiple people trapping a number of them inside less than an hour after the store opened. investigators have not yet released the identity of the driver or said whether they believe the crash was an accident or intentional. a new g.o.p. report accuses the
4:44 am
biden administration and pentagon of pushing woke policies that are weakening our armed forces. senator marco rubio and congressman chip roy writing, quote: our military purpose is to provide for the common defense of our nation. it cannottable paralyzed by fear of offending the sensibilities of ivy league faculty lounges or progressive pundits. the 18-page report is meant to, as a precursor for upcoming g.o.p. legislation aimed at eliminating the pentagon's chief diversity officer position. those are your headlines, steve. back to you. >> steve: all right. thank you, carley. all right. let's go from midtown manhattan to the west side of new york and check in with senior meteorologist janice dean. she is live at chelsea pierce ahead of feeding new york city special event. hey, j.d. >> hello, steve. this has been going on for 21 years now. and they will feed their 1,100,000th family.
4:45 am
people helping people to make sure thanksgiving is for everyone this year. maureen you work for live person. >> that's right. i have been with rob and live person for 17 years now. >> rob is the one that put this together 21 years ago after 9/11 how amazing. very successful ceo and decides to give back to the community. >> he loves doing. this this is one of his original babies he just gets so emotional and so involved in this because it really does impact the community that we live and work in. so, he is just 100 percent invested and he gets all the friends and family and co-workers and everybody he can invested in this because we need all the help we can get. >> janice: speaking of friends and family. you brought your family what's your name my friend. >> i'm david. >> vegen. >> and does your mom and dad watch "fox & friends" all day long. >> all day. >> janice: that's the prerequisite. thank you for coming today. so important. this is the true meaning of thanksgiving. >> absolutely. >> so thank you so much.
4:46 am
we have to get to the weather because people want to know what the forecast is going to be. a lot of travel going on. fox has you covered for the holidays. here is what we are dealing with. we have showers and thunderstorms for the gulf coast. and florida. this is the big storm. the thanksgiving storm we are going to be tracking not only wednesday but thursday, could bring some severe storms as well. so i need everyone to pay attention to your roll forecasters, fox has you covered. >> this is the friday outlook. that spreads across the southeast up towards the mid-atlantic. and the northeast but the good news is for the macy's thanksgiving day parade here in new york city. perfect conditions. i mean, the balloons are going to go up. light winds, 38 degrees, mostly sunny skies. that's the good news. and, of course, fox has you posted. has you covered for the holidays. your holiday travel. steve doocy, over to you. i'm so grateful to be here today to help all these families here in new york city. >> steve: indeed, janice. you know, people all across the country are doing similar things because this is the time of year when we are thankful for what we
4:47 am
have. we try to share. >> janice: absolutely. you got it. >> steve: still ahead florida congresswoman kat cammack going to join us live as title 42 looms. a bunch of republicans down there today. saudi arabia beats argentina. will cain joins us to explain why that's a big deal come up. ♪
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4:52 am
christmas eve. yum, ainsley? >> ainsley: brian, did you hear that. >> steve: that's good right there. >> ainsley: he loves his coffees with peanut butter and peppermint, everything. one of the biggest upsets in world cup history ending absolutely shocking 2 to 1 loss to saudi arabia. >> steve: this, as team u.s.a. finishes their fifa world cup opening game with tie against wales last night. the match complicating team's u.s.a. hopes emerge from the group stage as they face off england on friday. >> brian: joining us now with reaction "fox & friends weekend" co-host will cain. will, england hasn't been in the world cup since 1950s. it was new to them, too. how do you characterize the game? >> will: disappointing. very disappointing, not just because i'm an american and i expect to win important one for us we want to keep playing in this tournament outside of the
4:53 am
group stage. assumed england will win our group and move on. assumed that iran won't that they are not good enough to compete with the other three. that means it's either wales or the u.s. that would move on. only two do and so we needed to get this victory brian, i know you were a big soccer fan. we were better. we were actually pretty good. we dominated possession. pretty exciting. we were aggressive. one bad play walker zimmerman who i think by the way such a sad moment for him like committing this penalty. he played awesome outside of that but one bad moment and it's a tied game and now it's going to come down to most likely who beats iran worse. if it goes according to form, wales and u.s. lose to england and then the team that moves on is the one that beats iran worse, scores more goals that's the way it might work out. >> steve: will, something i have noticed over the last couple of days is everywhere i'm going is people are watching the world cup here in the united states. it's kind of like only comes
4:54 am
around every couple of years. >> brian: four. >> steve: suddenly americans are interested in. >> this i hope so. i know everyone likes to make fun of soccer and i know brian loves soccer. here's the thing. i used to make fun of soccer a game that can end in a tie, please, i don't want anything to do with that a 0-0 tie at that my sons got into soccer when they were very young and i'm all in. look, objectively it is a really fun sport. i love the gee okay metry of it to see them build up and play into it a chance to score a goal. here's the thing. u.s. is actually kind of decent like we should be able to move on. we should go to the final 16, we should be able to do this. let's see if we do. >> aren't we -- we are ranked number 15 and england is number 45. you know, they are probably favored, but, when you watch this play yesterday, did you think there is a shot?
4:55 am
you just put it on your saudi arabia number 15 beat number 3. it's an all-star team everybody on the field if you are a little soccer fan you might have heard of. in edge glansd they think they have always disappointed as well. why don't we ever. they think we should win it. like the university of texas of world cup they think they should win it every year and somehow they are way below exceptions. >> brian: youngest team in the tournament of and seven international stars. best players sat on the base. benched mysteriously. makes no sense. i look for him to play. and as you know, i have bet $5,000 charity against morgan people claim british that we will tie or win. don't say we have a shot, ainsley. say you are certain that we could pull off the upset because we are americans. >> ainsley: young team and
4:56 am
american. >> will: if you tie you also win the bet? >> brian: exactly. >> will: that's a pretty good bet. boy, england looks really good against iran, what did they win 6-1. >> brian: 6-2. >> ainsley: brian was watching it live. >> will: we definitely have a shot. we definitely have a shot. >> brian: thank you, i like that. >> will: friday watching new eyes have you have 5 grand on the line. >> brian: i believe we will win. i like that. we'll see you friday at 2:00. the pregame coverage starts at 1. the whole world cup is playing at 1:00. >> steve: on fox. >> ainsley: jeff dunham is taking on cancel culture and he joins us live with a sneak peek. ♪ n o matter who you are. when you buy any 4 pieces. shop daily steals this black friday exclusively at lowe's. when you're through with powering through,
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>> on of the life of our son. >> no suspects in the stabbing death of the four university of idaho students as police expand the crime scene. >> you can tell the specific gun by the bullet in a standing case, you can't tell. >> and el paso resident warns that they are coming over. it's like a free w way to them. >> the administration is using piece of the code that is supposed to be exceptions to blow the door wide open. >> the average cost of a thanksgiving dinner is up 20% versus last year. >> they trying to explain the ongoing bird flu, russia's war on ukraine, and drought pushing up


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