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tv   One Nation With Brian Kilmeade  FOX News  November 26, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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somebody did it because they knew necessity could do it. they knew the time of day they could do it. somebody in their orbit. lawrence: that's critical for this investigation. thanks for being with us. we'll be here next saturday 10:00 p.m. in new york. good night america. happy thanksgiving weekend, i am bryan kilmeade and this is one nation. a special show. tim tebow, dave ramsey, two great ones queuing up ready to go. let's start here, thanks giving leftovers now in the fridge, holiday season now officially in full swing, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas as trees light up around the world including our own veranda, a big
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ceremony on fox square a few days ago. you can catch your favorite carol maybe on the radio station or maybe a full-time christmas radio station or your favorite movie on a movie channel that reminds you of christmas growing up. angela's question is up for debate again, diehard christmas movie that happens to feel that way from baking decorating to giftgiving and it feels like things are back to normal this holiday season, no one is saying pandemic but these age-old traditions bring us back, bringing memories of family and friends together, we were forced to change because of covid a few years ago. are we going back to those lives? let's talk about the traditions. what's changed forever? i don't know your answer we sent joey to the streets to find out how people plan to celebrate the
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only thanksgiving the christmas holidays. ♪ >> are you going to do the same thing as 2018? the same amount of people or less, taking more precautions? >> i feel that the pandemic has subsided, i think it will go back to normal, same amount of people prior to the pandemic. >> a lot of hand sanitizer. ♪ >> this year a lot of people are coming back, i feel we are slowing slowly getting back. >> tomorrow morning 10:00 a.m. santa is coming to town. >> we did eat outside for the pandemic years and it was freezing and this year we will eat inside. >> don't bring anyone who isn't invited.
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[screaming] >> you didn't leave out the crazy uncle crazy aunt? >> we definitely sent out personal invites but yeah. >> clark. >> i let my mom handle that. my mom says crazy aunts and uncles can come, then they are welcome. >> it's been two years. and ready for the crazy. >> is it too early to play christmas use and go christmas shopping? >> are not for it but my wife does it as soon as halloween is over. >> that's the christmas spirit. >> of the gets to early. someone listens to mariah carey all your than so be it. ♪ >> it gives people the holiday
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spirit, cheers them up so it's all right. >> wait until at least december. >> i think you can play christmas music year-round. >> is it too early to go christmas shopping? of course not. ♪ >> with not lost supply chain issues. a family that knows a thing or two about traditions, all american christmas book talk about, sean duffy and his cohost in life rachel duffy. we talk about family traditions, you moved? you had to have wisconsin tradition in our new jersey, are you going back to 2019? >> we never changed anything. i was a civil disobedience person, we had grandparents over thanksgiving and christmas middle of covid. we are a big family and love
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thanks giving and bring every over and we cut our tree down saturday after thanksgiving. >> i look at the crazies eating outside for thanks giving, we are inside, fireplace going, kids dressed up as pilgrims and indians full-fledged. >> cultural appropriation. [laughter] >> i thought the same thing, lumberjack husband of yours can handle it but most of us can't. he was born with a liner inside. wisconsin tougher than new jersey but for you and your family you have to have a huge budget with nine kids, how do you handle that? also the decorating, you can't do that yourself. >> everyone pitches in. the big family you learn teamwork and that's what we do for thanksgiving. hardest part for christmas isn't
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the buying of presence and all that, the hardest part is keeping the commercialization of christmas and teaching kids jesus is the reason for the season focusing on faith and family because everything outside of our house tells them not to so as a parent, that's the challenge. brian: one of the biggest challenges in the stories when you come home, are you tired of hearing how great it is to work with the cohost? >> it's the boys saying that but when you get a new house, you get the old house set up, how to get your lights strong but with the new house you have to figure out how and rachel doesn't help string lights show she puts it on me, i'm kind of over at 50. >> he's had a lot of years of
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practice the. brian: you are good at somethi something, i told you before how you navigate political conversations, remember this holiday moment. ♪ >> i got it. i got it. i got it. >> i got it. >> he got too! brian: a lot of competition to get the perfect gift, i always wondered what happened and now i don't have to wonder. everything seems less about gifts and more politics. you mentioned you have people in your family who might lean left more than the duffy's, how you
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navigate political conversation? >> my mom and dad wrote republican and now pretty hard left. most siblings are conservative but i've come to the conclusion i can't have a fight with them do not going to change their minds so i tried to divert get away from the conversations. there was a time in the past where i engaged but it never works and people leave with bad taste in their mouths. i want to celebrate them in family, i want to talk politics. >> i have a strategy actually. old liberals will not change so sit next to the young niece or nephew, you might more likely to change their mind. >> let me tell you the way it really is. >> i find it hard to see you but i have to picture that but they
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say especially when it comes to older people, they don't argue, they get quiet and winning can't be the goal. let's say you win and bruise personalities, what for? >> our families are more important than politics and that's the take away. i love my mom, i think the older ones cornered by a recent grad from a liberal school, step in to help them get away from the conversation. >> sean's mom voted for bernie sanders and she says she also voted for sean duffy. >> i'm not quite sure she actually voted for me. we got to talk to our kids because if you don't about christmas or thanksgiving, they will get a different view on america from their schools. our their first teachers, we talk about what we are celebrating. brian: the last few weeks i convinced rachel to help me
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bring america to light. i have a chance to write history books and talk about american history and pushback on 1619. i like to act out great moments rather than put slick videos together so i've roped rachel into help me with andrew jackson's story. you know what you're doing but december 2 friday night in new jersey, newark you're going to help me with the story and andrew jackson get his blessing before the battle of new orlea orleans, are you ready? >> i highly recommend it. i am excited. >> i've read all your books and love them that been waiting for my invite and it never seems to come. >> i read brian's book, too. our son come with me. brian: you have an escort. i got the output.
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december 2, new jersey performing arts center. thanks to the duffy family. we move ahead. next, holiday shopping has begun. you can get your best bang for your buck while inflation eats away at your wallet. talk show radio host, best in the business dave ramsey with answers and former nfl quarterback college super star, tim tebow, how to be thankful during turbulent times. one nation every saturday 8:00 p.m. eastern. ♪
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this weekend notorious major holiday shopping. this year inflation is threatening her own christmas season with many saying they plan to buy your gifts and give less to charity. a survey from ramsey solution backed it up by me 47% plan to
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spend less this year end 100 million are struggling to make ends meet. quarter of americans have no savings and one in five take on more debt than they wanted to but there's hope and dave ramsey represent hope sure he's here with tips to help you financially survive the holidays and end up with family happy to see you. >> thank you, how are you? brian: i'm sorry i had to get rid of the facts but people living with the facts i throughout with more debt and inflation and challenged, where do we go from here? you talk about getting a budget. >> we've been coaching folks with a tight budget or crisis budget for about 30 years now and one thing we find is we've got 100 million people right now people struggling were in full on crisis, a tough year end the
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only way to get to it is a plan when you lay out a plan and put the stuff that sucks on paper and prioritize it, your stress goes down because you have enough money for food and lights newborn stuff but it's coming all at once it in a swarm of mosquitoes. what you lay it out, yes it's tight and stress but most things we can cover. brian: in this credit card environment you can do stuff and not feel the pain as opposed to taking it out of your wallet shelling out dollars and cents you understand how much is left. you said make short-term sacrifices, finite subscriptions and that's key. there's something in your apple phone to show you what you are subscribing to, correct? >> most people are shocked how many things there sign up for when you do an audit and say
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where is the money really going? we can't use the credit card to be in denial and kick the can down the road and deal with it later. you will create problems instead of cutting budgets, these are problems you will live with for five or ten years, don't do that. if you lean in and make hard choices and cut up subscripti subscriptions, things we all have. brian: have a conversation with your family. just say it's been a tough year, we've had to change holidays for two years, here's the difference this year, we are getting less, maybe a lot less. so what? >> sharon and i went broke 30 years ago and we started over she has a huge family and we had
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to sit down with her family at thanksgiving to say we are opting out, drawing names, i hope the rest of you are. [laughter] we are not buying everybody a gift they never see again because they stick it in a drawer. we don't have the budget this year and they said i'm glad someone said that out loud, let's draw names and it worked. brian: don't be the one if you set a limit on the grab bag, don't be the one to go over the limit because everybody else feels that. you talk about getting a side job, drive who were or pump gas or get a holiday job at macy's. >> there are more side jobs at christmas jobs time than any other time and some are very lucrative. if you are a personal shopper and do rideshare things, who
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were eats is a big one. people are busy, anything give their time back there willing to pay you for them particularly right now. a really good time look for a side hussle. brian: when you make a budget, you have your walls, food, utility, housing and transportation so that's not changing and she was left. >> eighth grade civics we used to call it, necessities and wants versus needs. these are needs, you can operate your house and almost everyone even with crazy inflation, the mess out there, you can cover for walls and if your belly is full and the house is warm and
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rent is paid and gas in your c car, your stress level goes do down. then figure out what to cut out. brian: humana simple, show discipline and you will have success. if you're happy on the 25th and not the 26, on christmas, it's an issue. continue success. >> you, too. happy thanks giving. brian: coming up, he might have been stringing lights on the tree and you may have been doing it wrong. i'll show you what the pros know someone who will learn a lot. many are still feeling the hangover from thanksgiving. holidays used to be different than turkey and football. i'll talk about where and how it started. history lesson. ♪
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ashley: welcome to fox news live. i'm ashley strohmier in new york. a major storm system could put a damper on travel plans as millions of americans head home from their travel destination this thanksgiving. some areas could see up to six inches of rain before it's all said and done. tomorrow periods of rain is expected from chicago to new york city to boston and homes of major air california hubs. some of the most iconic songs that dominated the 8s, cara rose to stardom after being cast in "fame." she won an academy award for the stopping "flash dance."
8:27 pm
she was 63 years old. . back to one's nation. >> hello. [laughter] >> look how it jiggles. >> the sign of a good bean curd. >> what you want? >> leg. [laughter] >> when you think of thanksgiving, what comes to mind? family parades, turkey, mashed potato's, cranberry sauce. don't forget the pie. the food, and watch lines loose thursday. it wasn't always that way. his a look back. ♪ >> september 1620, desperate to leave their home and for the
8:28 pm
land of the free, religious separatists board of the mayflower, a 66 day journey across the atlantic from england to plymouth, massachusetts and would start a new life but the first winter proved to be brutal. only half survived and the rest were starving, weak and sick until a native american who greeted them in english and family see introduced pilgrims, the american would act as a guide, an interpreter. his kidnapped line explorer and sold to slavery. he escaped, eventually finding him back home. showing them how to survive off their new land, is instrumental in setting up a treaty with the local tribe. the agreement, example between colonists and native americans and honored it more than 50 years. governor william bradford
8:29 pm
organized three day feast celebrating the harvest now refer to as the first thanksgiving. religious fasting started to take place during the second thanks giving, grout nearly took out the cross prompting the governor to call for days of fasting and thanking god before the feast and became an annual practice. fast-forward 1789, george washington issued the first thanksgiving proclamation calling for americans to show gratitude for the war of independence and gratification of the constitution. early 1800s, several states or adopting the holiday celebrating on all different days. during the height of the civil war 1863, president blinken made it official. thanks giving the final thanksgiving week when franklin d roosevelt moved it up a week during the great depression in the plan known as friends
8:30 pm
thanksgiving angered americans and 1941 fdr moved back to what we now know as today thanks giving traditions have evolved over the centuries, one thing means the same, our expression of gratitude. >> a season of thanksgiving. americans of every background put aside the present hour in our government of the people, by the people and for the people is a living thing. brian: how it all began and why we do what we do. inflation across the country in some cases crime raging out of control, easy to feel down next, someone will change your mind. trophy winner tim tebow shows us how to be thankful during tough times. ♪
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a few months ago tim tebow and his foundation helped friends are still doing that today. helping refugees escape the war torn country because russians are relentless. how do you encourage someone with life stacked against them the darkest time is now but things will get better? of some of his messages in his book mission possible, one your devotional. trophy winner joins us now. what your mission? >> think number one is to encourage people that they have a mission, they are here on purpose for purpose, encourage them we don't have to waste it,
8:36 pm
we get to live it out. if there are three main buckets, number one encourage the mindset. every day we have distractions and how many mondays have i woke up and thought all the things i have to get done during the week when i want to encourage people to do five minutes, a devotional takes probably two to five minutes, get them on the mindset on things that matter, things of purpose and understanding your identity in god's love and start our day with that mindset. the second would be to challenge people to get uncomfortable, live intentionally and have priorities and aligned priorities with things that matter and also to challenge people to live by their convictions over their emotions in the third bucket would be to encourage people. we know life can be hard for people and disappointing moments
8:37 pm
but even in disappointment we can choose to trust god in pain and disappointment and we can know one thing my sister would say is god will never waste pain when you give it to him and god can use it in our lives and one of the things i love about this devotional is 31 of them are from other people, few from parents who lost loved ones and a few from kids dealing with life-threatening illnesses and one from a survivor and we can learn from their stories and ultimately we want to learn from god's promises and every day because word is in there and we can learn from each other and build each other up and encourage one another because life can be disappointing. we know there are good things for us to do and can love and serve and give, we can focus our
8:38 pm
mind on the mission mindset and it can change everything. brian: people lost the sense of mission and were forced to take a breath. i don't know if i want to be in school anymore. a lot of people have a lack of mission. he wrote tame the tongue. a small spark can cause a huge fire and breed great damage, gossips, passive aggressive comments. words their power, be intentional and how you use them. stop gossiping. >> we have the ability with our words to speak life to people with the ability to tear them down and i know in my life i didn't even mean to but the tone or not thinking about it or with careless words maybe i tore
8:39 pm
people down when i was joking or didn't mean it versus when i could have been intentional speaking life into people with my tone and words and saying it's good to see you. is there anything i can do for you? can i help or serve you and pray for you? be intentional with words because words can start a fire and create great impact for good or gossip in the fire that can be difficult to flame out. brian: page six of the world, don't get into your everyday life. chris pratt is making news because he tells everybody might be the hottest star but also a christian and people criticize him in a similar to what tim tebow. what advice do you give to people intentional and open about their faith and it never
8:40 pm
seems to bother you. i'm not sure it bothers him. >> i think it bothered me more than others would pick up because i'm naturally a people pleaser by nature. i am impacted by people's words especially when i started to get more well known and more people talk about you and criticize you, a time in my life when i was diving into scripture and reading stuff about winston churchill and a quote or at least people would write about what he said was he would say if you have enemies, good. it means you stood for something at least once in your life and i was like how can it be good to have an enemy? really when you understand it in
8:41 pm
the context of his life was he was standing for stuff people couldn't understand or see and if you are an ally, he thought he would be losing the war. if you are on the other side, you are his enemy and he was willing to stand for something even though he was criticized but now they talk with reverence and respect because he earned respect and it was a time in my life i was figuring that out, my nature wants to be liked but really are trying to figure out it's more impactful if i earn their respect versus being liked. it's different on social media if it wasn't a like button but a respect button. i had to mentally and emotionally say i'm going to try to not be a people pleaser for my emotions but earn their
8:42 pm
respect and sometimes it means people won't always agree but i'd rather earn their respect and it's something i've had to make that mindset switch for. we are friends with some of the same people and when you do stand for something you will be criticized but i ultimately believe when you believe you are standing for what's right and true and honor god even though all of us fall short, it's where the and worth it. brian: mental note, i got to get tim tebow on podcast. we are just scratching the surface. fox in his new book, one your devotional mission possible. always great to see you. next, the funny comedian jamie is here, he's walking this direction. wearing a tie.
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time now for the hottest stories everyone's talking about, not on television. thank you for coming back again. we have stories focused on the holidays. let's begin. let's talk how you hang light on a tree. do you go around, around or up like a teardrop and drop down or a third way? >> a third way, ask someone else to do it i've learned about this on tik tok that i have these
8:48 pm
techniques, how about have somebody who does this all the time. tik tok is called tik tok because you could feel wasted moments of your life ticking away. brian: before we ban it, got this insight, the best way is put the lights on do your tree diagonal, zigzag, it's a little unorthodox and gives a look of my family is fun. >> i hope the person who's going to do mine is watching. [laughter] brian: next. spencer's gifts. spencer's got naughty christmas sweaters, it's vulgar. nobody invited you? come on. can you give behind the energy? do we need this? >> we don't need this.
8:49 pm
i read this and had no idea it still existed. brian: because you don't go to the mall anymore. >> eventually if there's a giant bomb, it will be spencer's and cockroaches, a cockroach with a blue mug. brian: would still be spencer's and a killer christmas sweaters for women, a candy cane with a bow outfit so some are nice and some vulgar. you think most people who celebrate with you have a good sense of humor? >> in my family, no ugly or handsome sweaters. no sweaters. we just have winter coats. brian: next. you're not going to rotate are you? the holiday travel season is full swing you never know what you will find at the airport. tsa, what does it look like to you? >> an animal. brian: that is a kat. the owner said the kat was packed by mistake, they did not
8:50 pm
know. the tsa saw the hair and it was a live one. >> that's why they say did you pack your own bag? i travel so much, this is the most unusual. i travel alaska airlines all the time twice a month so a golden most or whatever but my recommendation is no spirit airlines because they hate you with an extra cost. brian: they hit you with being affordable until you sit down. how about you do this one? >> $2500 to watch christmas movies so if you want to make $2500 watching business movies as chief of chair for cable t, would you? i like to think of things in reverse, it will cost me $2500 to not watch.
8:51 pm
brian: so in other words you wouldn't want to get into the spear to give a stipend to see if it affects your mood and get money why wouldn't you? >> it's too much exposure, over doing it. my life was named after a christmas movie, i wish it was home alone. brian: that's not the christmas spirit. you have to be over 18, have cable tv and apply by december 2. >> publicity brian: it worked. we had a pandemic in trying to come out of it. meanwhile, two and three americans were asked what they want most. sleep. a good night sleep. how do you feel about sleep? >> i'm not joking but often times i get a bedtime reminder before my second late show starts. i love sleeping.
8:52 pm
did you read that said a lot of people don't get good sleep if they are in someone else's bed which i hope so. [laughter] brian: that was in the fine print, i didn't see that. people just want to be appreciated and others want to rest especially parents. you have three kids and engage with them so it's exhausting. >> where i live is 24 hours of daylight in the summer where they don't sleep and 24 hours of darkness in the winter it's easier to get them to sleep but harder to wake up but it's depressing to start. this isn't alaska beautiful? i say i don't know, it's dark you want that's true. >> anchorage not so much but where i am it is. brian: i'm glad we bought alaska but i find it mysterious.
8:53 pm
>> after i got divorced, they called it allysia talley. [laughter] brian: people have to be learned to understand humor five ways to survive the holidays. set boundaries, feel sad, be flexible and travel. low key gifts. >> my family dresses up in costumes celebrate christmas and i dress up with what i like to wear to travel and then i leave and do comedy. brian: everyone has their own traditions. thank you so much. brian: more in a moment. slow zoom out means break. ♪ 's
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brian: thanks for watching this special thanksgiving weekend edition of "one nation." if you are going out shopping pick up "the president and the freedom fighter." they tried to take down
8:59 pm
frederick douglass' statue in rochester and take abraham lincoln's name off a school. also friday night finally here. newark, new jersey. sponsored by foxnation. it will be streamed. tickets still available. joining me on stage to talk about america 1776, not 1619, rachel campos-duffy. you can catch me in jacksonville and they have a great night for veterans. make sure you catch that radio. follow us on social media on "one nation." follow me own twitter, facebook
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and instagram. i'm now on rumble. every time i watch the dan bongino show i think rumble. dan is always ready to rumble. "unfiltered" ready to star dan: tonight on this special edition of "unfiltered." thanksgiving wee weekend is almt over. now it's time to looked towards christmas. democrats have been feasting. i will break down examples their disgraceful lies pushed before the election and said just


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