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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 28, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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hi, i'm darlene and i lost 40 pounds with golo in just eight months. i gained an enormous amount of weight due to a medication i was put on. when i started the golo plan and taking release, i was surprised at hme off. i've never done anything better in my life.
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for that country up and running
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and well they will will bring more, it will be 20,000, 40,000 barrels a day a drop in the bucket. >> ainsley: you are right, back in the 90s 3 million barrels per day. now it has 700,000 barrels per day. this will help venezuela hit the 1 million-barrel per day mark. they say -- >> steve: eventually. >> ainsley: why is this happening? the sale of oil with hundreds of millions of dollars in debt owed to chevron by the national oil company. but many in america are scratching their heads saying, why would he allow this and why would we get oil from venezuela when we can get it domestically? >> brian: i think this is all he has that one oil well. it looks great, what do they need us for? to restore the oil production $50 billion. over the next six months chevron can increase input by 20,000 to
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30,000 barrels per day. and they believe eventually 700,000 but it will take a huge investment to start. the main thing is chevron pumped up about is they have $4 billion in debt. chevron wants to collect $4 billion in debt from that nationalized oil company called petroleos. >> ainsley: you heard it is billions? hundreds of billions? >> brian: $4 billion in debt from national oil company. this guy that took over chavez he was a communist. he lied in taking over. he was mentored by fidel castro and makes it a communist country. he dies of cancer and maduro a bus driver takes over totally in app and drives the rest of the country to the ground. they get rid of all private industry and nationalizes every single thing. drive out the, the production and one of the most profitable
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countries in the high region close to the dark side. now, we because they had one meeting with some of their come up with of the people challenging him, chevron will drill. this is obscene. >> steve: ultimately though the way begot chevron or rather the permits that would eventually allow chevron to drill more, because the parties, mr. maduro and the opposition parties at the table was they agreed that if they would abide by the u.n. sanctions, they would be able to unfreeze billibillions of dollars in humanitarian aid. obviously the people of venezuelan need help. 7 million venezuelans have left the country because the place is a. nonetheless, i'm sure the biden administration says, okay we have thousands of venezuelan at the southern border trying to get into this country illegally. it is one of those root causes. let's give them billions of
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dollars and try to keep them there. at the same time increase production. but it is just a little bit right now regarding oil and who knows if it will work to keep the venezuelans there. >> ainsley: we are hearing from different republicans claudia tenney said the biden administration should allow american energy producers to unleash domestic production instead of begging dictators for oil. here is the governor of the great state of south dakota kristi noem. >> we see him doing more bad deals with venezuelan oil rather than american acclaimed energy. he is doubling down on bad policies that will impact families here incredibly every single day. in south dakota, we feed people. and when you drive up fuel costs, like they have in diesel and gas, that is impacting farmers and how they take care of their families bow they get your food to the processors that put it in the grocery store shelves. when another country grows the
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food and supplies it, that is when they control us. that is the reality of the long-term plan of policy and how it impacts our security as a nation. >> brian: for only reason maduro in power, propped up by china and cuba. and rampaging through venezuela and basically a security force. we have made the easy part and give a new tariff with humanitarian aid and no influence over their governor. real allow private agency to go there instead of drilling at home. it is unbelievable we are allowing this to happen. >> ainsley: had a we know we are using monetary aid? we went you think they are worried about the poor? >> steve: how much of that money will wind up in the pockets of maduro cronies. ultimately, the biden administration though, they are crowing about the fact the cost of oil has gone down. the price of oil has gone down because people are driving less. it is a supply and demand thing. plus the fact that the blockade
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on russian oil hasn't really worked. the russian oil is still worldwide and that is why the prices are where they are. it has nothing to do with the expansion here in this country. instead, joe biden is expanding in venezuela. >> ainsley: he will torture detainees and he will throw you in jail if you run against him. >> steve: not joe biden. >> ainsley: no, no, maduro. he brutalized those human rights defenders, independent media has been harassed there. and then arbitrary killings. this is what newt gingrich said about biden making a deal with this dictator. >> just one more anti-american act by the biden administration. you know, texas doesn't have a dictatorship problem, north dakota doesn't have a dictatorship problem, western pennsylvania doesn't have dictatorship problem so why is that the price they select to buy more oil has a dictatorship? by the way, he will give up the
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dictatorship with biden unless he pumps oil is silly. i think these people think we were fools and around the world must be dictators where they call each other and say, "did you see with the dumb americans did? why don't you try." if i was a dictator around the world, i would figure out how to get money out of the u.s. because biden seems eager to shovel it out. >> brian: he doesn't say anything about iranian protesters were chinese protesters in support of them and now, he's getting a total pass on something he said would bring stability to foreign policy. show me where the stability is. as the taliban how stable it is. >> ainsley: a lot of us are worried in idaho also so, so let's talk about this, class is in session at the university as the community remains on edge the murder of those four students two weeks ago. >> brian: the police are looking through the mounds of evidence but no more questions than answers. >> steve: joins us with the latest on this monday morning
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and over the weekend. we didn't get a lot of new information. >> good morning to all three of you, like you said more than two weeks since the brutal killings of those four university of idaho students. the police have not named a suspect or motive. the student said to return back to class but the university is giving them the option to finish the semester over concerning a killer remains on the loose. the police are still searching for the weapon used in the murders of kaylee gonzales, madison, ethan and kaylee. and the details they say critical to their investigation. kaylee's father said he hasn't gotten an update since before thanksgiving and he's tired of being left in the dark. >> they are kind of just telling me they can't tell me much, which is frustrating to me because i've been very trustworthy. >> brian: with no answers from the police the community members
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are concerned for their own safety but they want to reassure the public they are doing all they can to find answers. >> we recognize there is fear in the community and ultimately, there is a person of persons either in our community or someone else's community who -- as we are gaining a picture of what occurred, i think we will be able to hopefully ascertain kind of the facts in the case and come up with some sort of idea. >> authority say they've come through thousands of tips with 150 interviews around the community as the investigation continues. the university of idaho with a vigil this thursday for all of them peered back to you. >> steve: they are looking forward to in the and images. thank you very much. >> ainsley: let's head over to carley with more headlines for us, currently. >> a terrifying scene in maryland as a plane crashes into live power lines and get stuck for hours. the pilot and passenger finally free by rescue workers early
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this morning and transported to the hospital with serious injuries. the dangerous rescue 100 feet in the air could only take place after the tangled power lines were cut. thousands losing power because of the crash which is under investigation. kim kardashian under fire for refusing to cut ties with the fashion brand photo shoot featuring photos of children holding bondage themed stuffed animal spirit kardashian did condemn the photos and said, shs reevaluating our partnership with the brand suing the producers of the photo shoot for $25 million. and claims the producers included photos of court document showing u.s. supreme court decision about child pronography laws without their approval. two more pairs of sneakers in the spirit of christmas, the first designed after word lady from home alone 2. can you believe that? gray leather and suede overlay
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panels as a nod to pigeons in new york city. the second pair is a grinch theme lime green sneakers with a key chain equipped with a tiny red heart. international cyber superstar misty could be coming to the united states. the argentine legend is close to reaching an agreement to join david beckham's in miami major league soccer team. he joined the squad on a free transfer from his current club harris and jermaine and will reportedly make him the highest layer paid player is finalized in major league soccer. those are your headlines. >> brian: it is impossible to overstate and odo beckham a brand-new stadium. >> ainsley: a big announcement you were talking about. >> brian: right, and christian to christian might follow him.
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i'm sorry, carley come i never thanked you. >> you are welcome and by all means. >> steve: unbelievable news. it will be a messy deal. >> brian: it will be a messy deal but worth millions of dollars and all under the cap. >> ainsley: that would be great. >> brian: i will go play in france. >> ainsley: they will start watching more soccer and speaking of soccer make or break for team usa and world cup quest from the tie with england. >> brian: i bet piers morgan $5,000 that he joins us live from doha, qatar, to pay up. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> brian: more delays expected today with plenty of rain throughout the country and even chances of tornadoes. plus fossil fuels peer that comes after weather grounded hundreds of flights this week end. >> steve: so for 626 flights have been delayed across the country and 36 are canceled as of today. >> ainsley: let's check in with meteorologist janice dean with the forecast, hey, janice. >> all sorts of travel delays. let's take a look at the maps a big storm to bring tornadoes and heavy storm over the mountains. the travel stats, 1500 commercial flights on the route here at 658 delays, 36 cancellations and the worst
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airports in new york, orlando and los angeles. worst cancellation chicago, los angeles and orlando and the top airline delays american, united, frontier. we will continue to watch us through the work weekend the next couple of weeks as we get into the busiest holiday season. here is the temperatures. we have cold air behind this plant that will bring the potential for strong storms and heavy snow behind it. also the potential for some showers and thunderstorms for the northeast, which we experienced last hour. here is the future track as we go into tuesday. large-scale, damaging winds and tornadoes possible over the mississippi river valley peer that is a concern as we get to tuesday and wednesday. there is that tornado risk. you need to know where you get your watches and warnings, the best place for us is come over to you, steve. >> steve: thank you very much. china is approaching yet another day of nationwide protest against the country's strict zero covid policies with protesters risking their
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well-being publicly calling for xi jingping in the communist party to step down. here with what this means for china, institute fellow lonnie, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: this is a totalitarian regime and it is unusual to see the people rise up in the streets. i mean so far there have been some arrests, but everyday they come back and say, "hey, this is a dumb idea." >> it is highly unusual. let's not forget, this is happening at great personal risk and the people involved in these protests know they are likely bound for jail peer that they will be facing incredibly impressive regime and yet they protest because they realize the zero covid policy makes no sense. there is no end game in mind and the only person responsible for this is before, the leader of china. these protests continue and the world should take notice because this is tremendous activity in china that is happening
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organically and speaking out because they don't like what is going on. >> steve: absolutely them they are speaking out on social media but social media in some cases is being centered so xi jingping will come to a fork in the road and will either have to continue with the signature lockdown strategy that he's been pushing since the get-go or he will cave and say, you know what, we will change that because the people of china are calling for him to step down. he does not want to leave that power. >> note, of course not. let's not forget there is a balance that xi jingping is trying to strike here. he is running up against two problems. one is the human rights challenge created by the zero covid policy. the other issue we can't forget about is the economy. the economy in china is currently in a situation that is very precarious. the continuous of the covid policy is significant pressure where you see lots of people running out of jobs, lots of
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people running out of opportunities and that is adding to and fueling this discontent that people are experiencing with xi jingping. so too trans to continue to watch as we see the protests continue to grow throughout china. >> steve: here, lanhee you perfectly set this up and impacting americans where people over there with the strict lockdown if there is an outbreak, they will shut that down. we still are one of their biggest supply chain trading partners. and so, if it is paralyzing the people for they are, it will impact us over here because even though we set for the last couple of years we have to stop relying on china, we still rely on china. >> oh, no question. the supply shortages always impact the united states. b see it coming into the christmas season, the holiday season, obviously where the demand will be greater for the very goods produced in china. so the challenge we have is that
5:24 am
as china's economy slows down, it will continue to impact our economic slow down. so, these are economic issues will be on china and the major cities in china. that is why people in the u.s. need to keep a very close eye what is happening there because it will impact prices on things that are already beginning to grow out of control. into many situations. >> steve: let's see what happens, lanhee chen from the hoover institute, thank you. >> think you. >> steve: mean while switching gears for a second want to say thank you for making the cup with my wife and simply happy cookbook, number one cookbook over thanksgiving. kathy and i will do a live signing this friday 7:00 and simply rsvp at simply happy here there is a banner at the top. it is as it turns out the perfect gift for the person on your list who loves to cook and also unsigned copies for less than $20 and that is
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♪ ♪
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>> ainsley: we are back with your headlines. firefighters battling a massive four alarm fire at the historic marina in mystic connecticut. the crews from across the state had to be called in to assist in containing the blaze. at least one business was engulfed with a total damage and the cause of the fire are still unclear. firefighters getting the scene under control overnight despite windy conditions adding to the flames. the city of houston with a boil notice following measures of boil notice with a power outage at multiple water treatment plants. they share this graphic while warning more than 2 million residents to avoid drinking water without boiling it first. the outage forcing schools to close in the city today. the parents blaming the timing of the announcement last night with one calling for state, "less than a third world country." today is cyber monday and deals are kicking off across hundreds of stores online. this come as online spending on black friday broke a new record
5:30 am
this year topping $9 billion in sales for the electronics, toys and exercise equipment being the most popular purchases despite record inflation. and aaron rodgers expects to take the field against the bears next week despite suffering chest injury against the eagles yesterday. the green bay quarterback said he was worried he punctured his one michael long after hurting ribs and indicated his lungs are fine but could not indicate his ribs were broken. those are your headlines, guys, back to you. >> brian: they lost another heartbreaker again. so why go back? i bet he forces his way out of there. blame his ribs for breaking just because he was crushed by defensive lineman. >> steve: it is a tough business. that is why the other football is so much better. >> brian: it is hard to argue with that. listen, i thought about it and you are right.
5:31 am
meanwhile -- >> ainsley: my daughter had a good question, why do they call it football, shouldn't soccer be cold football? >> ainsley: it is called bobo and other countries. they should call our football, american football arable because you throw the football in the air. >> steve: i play basketball. except they run the ball. >> ainsley: it could be called running bowl. >> steve: she's got a good point. it is a football and soccer. >> brian: all right 29 minutes before the top of the hour. supreme court justice returning from thanksgiving debris and a challenge to president biden's immigration agenda. at issue, get this a lawsuit filed by texas, louisiana over dhs policy halting most migrant deportation prioritizing came to a serious threat to public safety. here to react the dhs secretary and former i.c.e. director jonathan fahey. jonathan, can you lay out what
5:32 am
is that steak for example but the case louisiana texas is putting forward? >> you know, this is a pretty amazing case because what they are doing is they are asking -- they are filing a suit because the administration won't enforce the law that says they must deport or do people of aggravated felonies. this administration doesn't want to do that and they want to create a series of hurdles before you can deport anyone. it really is astonishing that they are fighting so hard to keep aggravated felons in the country. >> brian: it is nuts! please tell me how that works in our interest as a country. it is these left-wing groups that got to the president that he is so afraid of aggravating that i do not know why. meanwhile, look at these numbers in 2021, deportation's and biden took office, 59,000. before he got there, hundred
5:33 am
85,000, before that 267,000. so this is absolutely criminal. so the courts, hopefully will sober him up. start about title 42. it is going away which shows we are in the middle of a pandemic and going back to the country came from. they were not enforcing fully but now that title 42 is going to go away, what is next? how are they going to stop 18,000 a day from coming across? >> the short answer is they are not here they are not going to try to because they didn't want to enforce title 42 when it was still on the books. so they want as many illegal aliens that come into this country as possible. we have seen all these things. everything they do is to incentivize it just like the supreme court case. if you get to the country you will never be deported and you will get every privilege that american citizens get plus a free phone and free phone service. it is truly alarming. they are going to do nothing. it is going to get worse and
5:34 am
worse until they run out of people that want to come here. >> brian: jonathan, once they get to officially come to the majority. >> i think the best thing that they are going to do -- you always hear about impeaching alejandra may work us and i don't think that will succeed but they can have some hearings and hold him to account. have secretary mayorkas explain why he's not enforcing the law and explain why he is allowed his agents to be demonized or perpetuated lies about border patrol agents that would be migrants and things like that. let the american public know about this pure they can also withhold funding and things of that nature which is always easier said than done. i don't expect that to happen happen. but they need to bring it the way governor desantis have been doing it because the american people need to know we have drugs coming over at alarming rates. we have human trafficking and absolutely nothing to stop and
5:35 am
they don't care. >> brian: they don't. it is unbelievable that they caught a pass on this. jonathan fahey, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> brian: meaning because of the election. meanwhile, straight from qatar, piers morgan live and that is him in the picture. plus, new original film streaming online fox nason just for the holidays. yeah, i'm talking christmas in your holiday. a preview of soon to be christmas classic. no joke, jack. find your beat your moment of calm find your potential then own it support your immune system with a potent blend of nutrients and emerge your best every day with emergen-c hi, my name's steve. i lost 138 pounds on golo
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>> steve: i would like to bet you 1,000 pounds to go to a charity that the u.s. ties or wins against the u.k. would you take that bet? >> know but what i will do is a ratio to $5,000. $5,000 says you cannot get anything out of the game and england beat you. >> brian: absolutely. i will absolutely do it.
5:40 am
and we did it. the complement you heard him piers morgan's voice no longer exist. enters the u.s. and i won the bet in the u.s. tied. guess what? with that 0-0 tied, $2,500 from extremely admirable piers morgan. he has decided to join us following that defeat. and zoomed out to show how he he feels. this show, he still is mighty and still lauded, but $5,000 later. piers, i'm sorry that you guys tired, but i'm not sorry. >> can i am not seen anybody celebrate more when 18 fails to win a match and scored zero goals. time for a little bit of perspective. england almost certainly through to the next round unless we lose
5:41 am
4-0-12 which we won't. you have a massive game against iran who hammered wales and looked to me like a dangerous opponent. you might not be feeling quite so confident mr. brian kilmeade. >> brian: look at you, brian warded the bat perfectly by either we win or we tie. that is how he got you but you, very cleverly when brian said 1,000 pounds, you converted it immediately $ $2 because $5,000s a lot less than 1,000 pounds. >> actually come it's not much difference at the moment. the british economy, it is not that far apart. so, it was not as mean as it sounds. >> ainsley: piers and brian, we have a surprise for you. something you don't know the towers of honor, broadcast and journalism at southern university. kiana atkins folds of honor
5:42 am
higher education recipient and the daughter of decorated navy chief petty officer casey aikins. >> steve: and credits her determination and leadership style to her father who served our nation for 20 years. congratulations to kiana. by the way, piers, she said her dream job would to be the white house press secretary. >> that is wonderful. i can't think of a better job than the white house to keep them in check. that is wonderful to hear that. >> brian: so piers, great to hear that right away. but looking at that game you beat iran 6-2. so, you blew them out and the courageous thing not to sing the national anthem and u.s. soccer federation took it off at their flag in support of all the women opera rest with that workable regime. so this is a game that is so
5:43 am
much intertwined with world politics. you are there. can you put perspective how it is more than just getting through to the next round? iran will get arrested when they go back to their country. >> it is an extraordinary situation, brian because it cost a rainy and outstanding moral courage to show what they think about what is happening particularly with oppression of women in their home country. they did that a huge personal risk themselves. it is one thing for people in the u.s. to make a stand in the way they did and to signify their disapproval but these iranians plan to do it is a completely different thing. a highly charged atmosphere both on the pitch and off, isn't it? a huge game for iran and huge game for the united states. bear in mind, the united states will have on the line is iran has two types but only come out with a drawl. it will be a defensive game just to try to stop the scoring.
5:44 am
what is the one problem team u.s. has had so far? scoring goals. it will be a fascinating game to watch. i think you have to assume wales will not be beaten by four goals so england will qualify. the second place, listen, i'm half american in my heart. i've lived in america nearly 20 years now and i love the country. i love most of your people. obviously i really do hope team u.s. wins. i think they have the ability. but the other night, i thought team u.s. was the better team. they were hungrier, livelier, younger, more dynamic and it pains me to admit it, but i think if you bring that energy against the 19 come i have every confidence team u.s. will qualify and brian kilmeade we will see you in the finals and i will clean your clock. >> brian: the final -- i will
5:45 am
pity your charities. >> ainsley: if we tied tomorrow, we are out, right? okay. this be when you were there in tow hall and every once in a while we can hear cheering behind you. you are there at the stadium complex. who is playing right now? >> way to south korea against ghana, the african side, gonna two goals up. and a lot of them around me outside of the studio are going nuts when their team scores. i'm getting a little bit of cheers through portuguese fans from portugal who are massive fans of cristiano ronaldo. so everywhere i've been going in doha. i keep meeting people who want to talk about it. so cheers, some for the pitch and others for my interview with rinaldo. >> ainsley: what did they say about the reaction of the interview? >> i've been completely stunned and i've done interviews for 30 years but i've never done one
5:46 am
based on such extraordinary action may be because it was right before the world cup started or maybe because on instagram and has half a billion followers. he is the biggest star on the scene really and people all over the countries around the world. and yesterday, back in england we have no one to go to lunch with and i enjoyed every 2 minutes people from ecuador, bahrain, australia, the united states, from the u.k. it was amazing. they all wanted to ask me, "where is cristiano reynold are going to play next?" >> brian: how about the u.s.? >> i have no idea. coming here and lionel messi coming here from miami to play for odell beckham's team here that will be announced shortly and that would be amazing. rinaldo could be behind them. >> if you put the two of them together you would have probably the greatest in the history of
5:47 am
world sports peer at the two best players to ever play the game of football in football, not soccer but the two greatest ever in my opinion, rin rinaldo 1 and lionel messi 2. if you can bring them in the united states that would be amazing. >> brian: and get piers morgan here, purist piers, thank you as usual on fox nation weeknights 4:30. you can donate to folds of honor and tunnel to towers in piers' honor. ffor the draw. >> ainsley: thank you for giving to the students. so nice to you. >> steve: the website folds of honor. >> brian: by the way a new film coming to fox nation, the christmas of greenbrier. alicia they do the promo together. >> we can talk about that match on friday.
5:48 am
>> ainsley, you want to talk about soccer some more. >> brian: it is the world's number one game. >> ainsley: you know i love it and believe me it is on all the time at our house in an interview with ronaldo, that was big time. >> steve: a big match tomorrow but because of the great turkey day. say it ain't so a rail strike before christmas. what you need to know about that. >> a new coming a scene where the freedom protest go from here. >> three weeks later, dana the college students on site over the weekend and we will bring that to you. >> a young man doing big adult things in the name of service in the season to give, indeed. we will see you in a few minutes. for the season while you can. [coughing] hi, susan. honey. yeah. i respect that.
5:49 am
but that cough looks pretty bad. try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love, plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? robitussin. the only brand with real honeyand elderberry.
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♪ ♪ >> steve: we have some big news. a new original film streaming at fox nation just in time for christmas and the holidays. it stars emmy-nominated actress alicia leigh willis as a widowed mother who gets a second chance at love at christmas. >> i need to have a quick word about our guests come okay, sort of high profiled. it would not be surprised to get a few phone calls coming in. you know the trail. >> we respect the privacy of all
5:53 am
of our guests. >> exactly. >> so, are you going to tell me who it is? >> speaking of the devil... ♪ ♪ >> steve: who was at? >> ainsley: heart dropping moment. alicia leigh willis joins us now "the christmas at greenbrier." good to see you. >> christmas stories. it is so sweet. it is all about family and second chances of love and everything you want in christmas, right? >> steve: i would imagine that guy right there is the second chance at love. >> that is the guy my second chance at love, josh murray. i have so much fun with him. it was a little difficult at times because he's like 6'5", so i had to stand on an apple box. we would be dancing and would have to shift the box over. and he is supposed to be a professional football player.
5:54 am
>> brian: this is someone to reengage with in this movie? >> he was my college love and we parted when he went to play professionally and broke my heart. and then, we get a second chance. >> steve: during christmas. what a magical place and a magical moment. >> the greenbrier, that is the real start of the movie. that place is magical and it is amazing. my daughter, my mom got to come and stay for the shoot at the hotel. it was just... >> ainsley: how long did it take you to shoot the movie? >> we were there for three weeks. >> steve: it looks like it is winter, but as it's actually 90 degrees. >> it was very hot. it was july, i think so we are bundled and sweaters. >> brian: that is good acting. >> i had the hot chocolate and throwing it on like it is hot. >> brian: you said the one thing that helps you with the movie is you just got engaged? >> i did. >> brian: you were and the
5:55 am
right mind-set? >> i was thinking after that because it is the greenbrier magic that carried over. we were in paris and my fiance tanner -- oh, yes, you have the picture. it looks like a movie set. it doesn't look real. >> steve: who took that picture? >> some random guy. he was in the park with his girlfriend having a picnic and he went over and said, hey, can you take a picture of us? i was so surprised. it doesn't look like it. >> brian: it looks like a painting. >> i know it was perfect. >> ainsley: i know you were at the hospital too but we were asking you during the commercial break how hard is it to memoriz? >> you just get use to bit years and years of doing it and i have little tricks and techniques that i use. but after a while, you are in the makeup chair and kind of like, it gets easier. >> steve: now that thanksgiving is over it is official time to start watching christmas movies.
5:56 am
watch this one right here "christmas at the greenbrier" red carpet premiere streaming on fox nation. >> look how cute that picture. >> brian: the greenbrier is a magical place. >> steve: it is a legendary bombshell. >> yes, we did the tour and it was incredible. the whole hotel, they've got pools, bowling alleys, casinos, shops, restaurants. >> brian: thank you very much. >> thank you for having me at christmas. >> brian: you can see it on fox nation and more "fox & friends" in a moment. ♪ ♪ because no matter how healthy you feel, your risk of shingles sharply increases after age 50. but shingrix protects. proven over 90% effective, shingrix is a vaccine used to prevent shingles in adults 50 years and older. shingrix does not protect everyone and is not for those with severe allergic reactions
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to its ingredients or to a previous dose. an increased risk of guillain-barré syndrome was observed after getting shingrix. fainting can also happen. the most common side effects are pain, redness and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. shingles doesn't care. but shingrix protects. ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingrix today. ♪
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>> yep, stop by, 48th and 6th avenue. take your picture with our free, it's beautiful. >> greenbriar owned by jim justice, the west virginia governor. another reason to watch. >> and justice for all. >> have a wonderful day. >> bill: good morning. there is a possible rail strike looming that could cripple our economy in time for the holidays. no bueno. high stakes negotiations underway. will the president step in? hope the turkey was good. i'm bill hemmer, back live in new york city with my partner. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." you had a very activity-filled traditional thanksgiving. >> it was chock full. >> dana: how was the 10k turkey trot. >> i finished. >> dana: why is it 10k, no


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