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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 2, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PST

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protesters in china or they have to stand up for the human rights, you know, in -- everywhere in the world including china. >> carley: absolutely. i marvel at the bravery of the people in iran and china who are speaking truth to power and willing to risk it all for freedom like you enes kanter freedom. thank you for joining us. "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ >> maine lobster. >> the white house serve lobster at biden's fi state dinner at te mommy. >> the marine declared lobster unsailable. >> world foods stopped selling maine lobster. >> sends the wrong messaging. >> every time i leave. >moscowclarifying a statement te causing confusion. >> we did believe this was targeted attack. >> staples that create more questions. >> film cook refusing to comment on the protest in china.
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>> respecting air drop protests that protesters used? >> we need to make sure to keep hills thumb off of politics. >> los angeles could bring back covid mandates county reaches high transmission. >> l.a. county will follow the cdc guidance including universal masking. >> i do not con sent to mooning my kid ever again. >> japan beating spain 2-1. netherlands and a round of 16. >> they're come around again, are they? japan has done it again. ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: good friday morning to you. wake up, it's friday. only one more day of work for you and then you have. december christmas time. all-american christmas tree out there in front of our studio. we love walking in because they
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have christmas music playing. >> brian: it's loud today. did you hear how loud the music was? >> pete: loud. >> brian: while in the process of interviewing choirs because i was hoping we would be greeted work midnight to 4:00. so when we walk in the building i was hoping for live music. >> pete: you walk in the building at 4:00? >> brian: no earlier. >> ainsley: he wants a chorus. >> pete: to greet him. >> brian: what about you for the weekend? tell me it wouldn't be wonderful to walk no see a live chorus or band. >> pete: better than homeless people smoking weed. >> brian: 306 days. >> pete: small pause of chorus greeting us i would join them. you are always enthusiastic for the weekend? yeah almost time for knee work. >> ainsley: i know your four hours on saturday morning and four hours on sunday. >> brian: right away when i said to myself pete in the rundown. he can't be, he is going to be at the macron's state dinner last night e is not going to be able to make the show.
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>> ainsley: were you invited to the lobster dinner? >> pete: i turned down the invite. it was a tougher. >> ainsley: they gave your invitation to jonah lentore. and john legend. >> brian: stolen. >> pete: on the case though. >> ainsley: president is getting roasted following last night's lavish state dinner in honor of emmanuel macron. >> brian: cricritics are havinga hard time stomaching the fact that the white house menu featured maine lobster. >> pete: why would they do that? >> pete, ainsley, p.k. and yes, the white house did serve lobster at president biden's very first state dinner with french president ema emmanuel macron. the menu was pretty solid i have to admit. the lobster part of deelectable continue ir. shallow marmalade and triple
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cooked butter potatoes throw in artistal cheeses, orange chief upon cake and whine wine and p. lobster aquarium seafood watch and marine stewardship council declared lobster unsustain chble actually led whole foods to stop selling maine lobster. no, the irony was not lost on lawmakers from maine. quote: jared golden, if the president biden white house can prioritize purchasing 200 maine lobsters for a fancy dinner, potus should also take the time to meet with the maine lobster men, his administration is currently regulating out of business. and, no, it wasn't just on the house side of capitol hill where the lopster dinner walls eyebrow-raising. nope? on the senate side, susan collins weighed in tweeting. this. delicious, sustainable maine lobster is an excellent choice for the main course for the
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president's first state dinner if maine lob sterp is good enough for the white house to serve, it's good enough for every seafood retailer, including whole foods to sell. meanwhile, biden says the u.s. makes no apologies for the inflation reduction act, which the french president called super aggressive toward european countries. >there are occasions when you write a massive piece of legislation and that has almost $360 billion for the largest investment in climate change on -- of all history. and so there is obviously going to be glitches in it. and need to reconcile changes. >> glitches and perhaps some tweaks. now, i would be remiss if i didn't recap one of the most awkward moments yesterday, president biden, you probably didn't see this. he shook hands with his counterpart for about 42 seconds. roughly 30 seconds longer than
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macron obviously wanted to shake hands. witnessed the repeated attempts to pull away. critics my call that exchange a bit cringe worthy or perhaps he was really happy to see his friend. we report, you decide. and from this vantage point, i'm not sure what else i should say about that. so i leave it to you guys back to you. >> ainsley: still going. so weird. >> pete: i want to see it. >> brian: i like to see them break. >> ainsley: macron is looking at him let go. there we go. wow. kevin corke. >> brian: last time he ever shakes hands. >> ainsley: watch 42 seconds of this. >> pete: grand parks let go. >> ainsley: it's not even a handshake it's like this. >> pete: try it for 45 seconds. >> ainsley: okay. enough. >> pete: good for you? >> ainsley: that's weird for 10 seconds.
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thank you, kevin. >> brian: i'm sorry, we shouldn't have made you sit through that we should have said goodbye a long time ago. so the one thing that is kind of weird because we have aggravated france, he has aggravated france much more than donald trump ever has. for the most part he comes in and does a nuke deal under the table with australia and destroys their nuke deal. >> submarines? >> brian: nuclear submarines. cost them billions of dollars. and there was some disagreement on this whole, obviously here on the inflation reduction act. i have a hard time saying it because it's so inaccurately timed including to him. he said by having all these subsidies when it comes to these chips and everything else, and all the -- and all the batteries and everything like everything else, you are hurting us and our market because we can't compete with the $363 billion that you have flooded the zone with the guest list as was mentioned
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included a lot of celebrities, including so kevin mccarthy was there. who is fighting to become the speaker on the republican side. christie teigen, will john legend. that would have been interesting table seating if they had placed them together. hello nice to meet you. you are soon-to-be under investigation. >> brian: i think son was. >> pete: stephen colbert. >> treasury secretary and go right to the white house. >> jennifer gardner was there and arianna deboise wearing famous glasses. >> tim cook, look at that. >> and the issue here is just the lavish dinner and how they are serving lobster from maine. meanwhile, whole foods is removing it from their shelves and so you have people like susan collins who represents maine saying if it's good enough for the white house, it's good enough for the seafood retailers to put it on their shelves. and then we have interviewed
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kurt brown who is a maine lobsterman on how they safely catch these lobsters, he says they use traps and pots, they are very sustainable. he said we have been protecting the rights of whales with our gear since i was in high school hat late 1990s. we have con it will it will safely. the last entanglement of a whale in lobster gear was all the way back in 2004. there has never been a documented mortality of a white whale in maine lobster gear. he also said. this. >> just bad publicity realistically. like i said, one customer so it won't have a huge impact on markets. 's it's the p.r. component of it and sends the wrong messaging. i just have one line from msc's recent audit. sustainability partners that you just mentioned there. this is from their recent statement a week ago. quote: there is no recent evidence that the maine lobster fishery is responsible for entanglements or interactions
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with right whales. that's their own statement right there. all of this is based on technicality, believe it or not that is held up in the federal court that has nothing to do with the overall sustainability of our fisheries. questioning our sustainability when it comes to right whales. >> it's a great example. enviro attacking an industry that's critical to the state of maine, to the east coast because of whales who are not endangered anymore and haven't been under threat for years because of changes to the policy. >> brian: if there it's japan's fault. >> ainsley: critical to restaurants all over the country. >> pete: absolutely. it's good enough for the white house at a state dinner and that's the contrast. 9 elites get what they want, the rest of you was suffer under the burdens of restrictions they put on our lives. >> brian: blue collar joe go to bat for the working man. >> pete: that's why it's flipped. that's why the working man has learned that the republican party remade by donald trump is the place that really has his
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interest or her interest in mind. >> ainsley: the president did promise to protect the seafood industry but the executive director of saving seafood said he is having so much trouble meeting with this administration. >> steve: what is a ca call letf beef? >> a french novellest or a french poet a calotte woman's name. a french name. >> it should be collette beef. >> brian: cut of beef. >> pete: ever called a cut of collette? >> brian: people i hang out with we always use those terms. that's all we talk about. probably the only phrase i'm really comfortable. >> ainsley: next time you go to a steakhouse i want your collette. >> brian: make peter laugh. >> pete: play along. >> ainsley: they will be like
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what? get out. >> brian: i should be an expert i advertised omaha stechs the last three years. i should have talked to my steak experts before the show. >> ainsley: when you do the menu you write down beef, chicken and find a fancy word. willing. >> pete: thrice marmalade triple cooked potatoes. >> brian: that aren't french. >> ainsley: take them out of the oven and put them back. in take them out and put them back in. the it suspend ye west out of twitter after another anti-semitic term. >> brian: back in one liberal city. the naval academy just confirmed it's a denied all covid-19 exemption request? what is that all about? it has to stop. ♪
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>> carley: we are back with headlines beginning with the latest on the idaho murder mystery. the funeral for slain university of idaho student will be held later today. the final farewell of the 20-year-olds come as police reveal a sixth person was on the lease of their off campus home. the father of kaylee concalves says he is not going anywhere until the killer is caught. >> i want this guy to be scared. i don't want him to be confident. i want him to be sick of seeing my face. and i'm not going nowhere until this guy is off the streets and the worst thing i want is another family to go through this.
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>> carley: authorities reversing course yet again saying the attack was, in fact, targeted. in washington, a major crisis averted as the senate passes a bill to avoid a railroad strike that would have caused the economy an estimated $55 billion per day. the bill that passed easily yesterday with bipartisan support now heads to the president's desk. but rail workers are fox news channeling because the senate bill does not include additional paid sick leave. yeah, better known as kanye west is suspended from twitter after posting what appeared to show a swastika inside the tar of david. the suspension comes about a week after elon musk reinstated the rapper's account. musk is touting a new feature on twitter to allow yiewfers view how many read. twitter will start showing view count for all tweets just as view counts is shown for for all videos. the system is far more alive than it would seem. and japan sending shock waves
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across the globe beating spain, favor detroit make a deep run in the world cup. not to come from behind again, are they? japan has done it again. it looked out. >> pete: on the line it's in. japan is happy. >> can we watch it again because it goes over the line. >> carley look at all those japanese fans though. let me move on to germany real quick. because there is news there. germany had an opportunity to advance after tying with spain but they are not out of the tournament after japan's stunning victory tomorrow. and here's the big mr. round of 16. watch all the action starting at 9:00 a.m. eastern only on fox. those are your headlines but, brian, do i agree with you that
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the ball. >> brian: they reviewed it said it was out. they reviewed and said no the whole ball has to be out. it goes in there is a goal. >> ainsley: watch. are. >> brian: absolutely out. >> pete: they reviewed and confirmed it? >> lie eick if they went with the ruling on the field stands. the thing is they say the entire ball wasn't out on video replay because of that germany is now out. japan wins the group. spain comes in second. if germany had scored another goal the goal deferential would have put them out entirely. because they don't break the ties in group play. next it's overtime and it's penalty kicks we in the group of 16. >> pete: the russian judge. >> brian: can you imagine the last world cup was in russia. they would have pulled it. there is no question they would have pulled it.
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going to be here next time. never should been in qatar wroip brian last time final at the rose ball. split it with mexico and canada. the north american world cup with youngest team on the precipice of going to the round of quarterfinals, you got feel good. >> pete: we can have beer. can you imagine being in qatar watching soccer with no beer? >> brian: how about not telling me until i got there a couple days before oh, about the beer, no. >> ainsley: didn't they pull cruise ships up with beer? >> pete: that would be smart. beer on the cruise ship. >> brian: with the midterm election upon us. >> ainsley: speak of rules. brian that would have been a better one. >> ainsley: with the midterms among us. >> brian: go with yours. >> ainsley: speaking of rules. >> brian: governor w4eu9 member and governor gavin newsom to a
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degree are going to pay the price for their vicious lockdowns that deprive kids of going to school and when they go doo go school. especially toddlers wearing masks. well, that didn't happen. they all kept their jobs. and guess what? and i'm sure it's coming to new york, too. masks could be coming back that is if the positivity rate goes to a certain threshold in los angeles. >> ainsley: los angeles county right now the threshold is a medium. but if it gets to high there is going to be a mask mandate. might bring back the indoor mask mandate if the county reaches the cdc's high transmission and hospitalization category. >> pete: here is barbara fairer, the l.a. public health director talking about this. >> it's both hospital indicators, the new covid-19 admissions and the proportion of staff inpatient beds occupied by covid patients surpasses the threshold for high and our case rate is at or above 200 in cases per 100,000 people, l.a. county will follow the cdc guidance for
3:23 am
community designated at the high community level, including universal indoor masking. >> brian: first off cameraman zoom out a little. [laughter] >> brian: left side of the room far away. she is wearing a mask. don't worry, cameraman, you can't get it from that far. this is unbelievable. just think about this. by the way, can we add this? masks don't work? we had that paper masks don't work. you told us two years later and now going back to this? we got the stats. we got the facts. what with s. wrong with these people. >> ainsley: what about what is happening in the military. >> pete: we got the military side. learning more about attempts for cadets, midshipmen and others to ask for religious exemptions. remember in fact military you have the youngest, fittest, least at risk population in our country you could argue being told they have to take experimental vaccine. many people said no. we are now learning every single attempt at a religious exemption has been denied.
3:24 am
we kind of knew that army, navy they have denied every religious exemption. here is a spokeswoman for the naval academy. her name is commander alana delawareest. gars. there have been no midshipmen denied for denying the covid-19. mannedful midshipman filed requests to the to date no, religious no have been granted: no one pushed out because everyone has been forced to take the vaccine. no religious exemptions have been given. i know for a facts people who have been separated from. >> brian: their class? >> pete: their class because they are unwilling to take the vaccine. >> ainsley: there is one person down who is in the florida area who went to the naval academy. and she contacted greg "studio by," heller congressman, down in florida and said they are telling me i'm not going to get
3:25 am
my diploma because i refused to get vaccinated. she is one of the 18 midshipmen at the naval academy that shed i don't want a vaccine. he was on the show yesterday and talked to us about it. contacted the naval academy. he wrote a letter. he and several other republicans sent a letter to the naval vice admiral sean buck. they are denying these diplomacy. going to hurt military readiness. >> pete: no kidding. >> ainsley: at a time when having trouble with recruitment and retention. then we got the response from the naval academy which you just read. this is what congressman steube said on our show yesterday. >> there is a constituent of mine who went through the process, joined the naval academy before covid and now is being told she is not only not get commissioned but not graduate or get a diploma. think spending four years of your life in college and not even being able to get a degree for the work that you have done. a young woman who wants to serve her country and all because she doesn't want to take the covid vaccine based on religious
3:26 am
exemptions that are being refused by this administration and the dod. it's absolutely atrocious that we are treating our young people this way. got to go all the way up to the top. 2k3w069 to be secretary austin. government to be a biden forcing these vaccine mandates on our military service members. >> brian: one thing i asked him who is actually making this decision? is this something from west point? is this from the academy? no, it's up top. general austin. a general, you would think he is a general first. and just says listen, i can't kick these people out of the academy. i know what it takes to get. in. >> ainsley: they are my men and women. >> brian: what it takes to graduated west point. 20,000 kicked out at a time in every rank except the marines are underperforming when it documents recruiting. about to be kicked out. so now republicans are holding out on 45 billion to the pentagon saying you are not going to get it unless you reverse your decision when it comes to these vaccine mandates. >> pete: general austin is, what's the best way to say it? is a joke. is he a joke. is he not a military leader. is he a political animal under
3:27 am
biden willing to do whatever they want on their -- for their political prerogative. social distancing prerogative. remember the height of covid he was wearing a mask and a shield on some trip because -- >> brian: i saw that getting off a plane. >> pete: they don't care about individuals in this context. they can't quit covid. pentagon top down. if it comes out from austin and biden that everyone is getting the vaccine, there is very little that any commander can do anywhere to change that so these midshipmen they may not have been separated yet. but they have been put over here in a holding pattern. it's going to require a new president or a new secretary of defense to change the policy to let them back. in and any republican running for president ought to be running on that as part of their platform. we're going to give these guys and gals their jobs back and undo the sin of what we have done to them. >> ainsley: i notice you called it experimental vaccine. >> pete: it was. >> brian: before knew anything about it. >> ainsley: 27 minutes after the
3:28 am
hour. coming up go, woke, go broke. pulling billions from black rock over corporate governor nance policies. flormsd cfo sheds light on the divestment coming up next. >> brian: either one. >> pete: collette. first psoriasis, then psoriatic arthritis. even walking was tough. i had to do something. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis.
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>> carley: we begin with a fox news alert out of north carolina. a suspect is dead after opening fire on first responders who
3:32 am
rushed to the scene of a mobile home fire late last night. police say at least two officers and one firefighter were wounded by the suspect who was inside the burning home. injuries are said to be non life-threatening. the supreme court will hear arguments this february in the case challenging the biden administration student loan bailout. until then the high court is upholding a lower court's ruling to block the $400 billion plan. the program aims to eliminate as much as $10,000 in debt per borrower. the department of education has issued another extension for student loan payments as well. and the bill division rival patriots on thursday night football behind another solid game for josh allen. allen delivering toe tapping touchdown gave davis one of his two t.d. passes of the game. bills would easily win 24-10. alex decided to celebrate his big win with this big hat which was made popular last week why
3:33 am
commanders running back brian robinson. again with the big hat. love the trend. check out the features on in chicago christmas display. three homes blanketed with over 200,000 likes and over 400 figurines. the tin leaf park house had been shining write since 1996, attracting tourists from all over the world. the owner says he spends $1,400 and his electricity bill per season. it takes a crew of 80 to set up. and they start it after halloween. janice, those lights shine almost as bright at you. >> janice: i love it. i would like to do a weather report from there, producers. that would be pretty awesome. i would go out to chicago with all that fest happening all measure christmas tree come to 48th and sixth if you are in new york city. i want to pay close attention to what happened earlier this week with the severe weather. we still have surveys going on
3:34 am
with how many tornadoes are confirmed. 70 tornado warnings and look at that the severe weather outlook the national weather service did a really good job in pinpointing where the worst of the weather was going to be. so, hats off to all of our wonderful meteorologists at the national weather service and of course with fox weather we tracked that storm and gave you the latest details. i'm not sure why my maps are not advancing but i will say out of the 79 tornado warnings, 20 are confirmed and surveys are still ongoing our big story we are going to be talking about is across the west. we have a train of storms moving. in that's going to bring coastal rain and mountain snow. lot of winter weather advisories in effect. we will continue to monitor that. some of that energy moving into the plain states over the weekend and we could have wet weather here in the northeast on saturday. fox will keep you covered with all sorts of maps. brian kilmeade over to you, my friend. >> brian: advancing maps way overrated leave that to the other channel. i love to see one and imagine it
3:35 am
moving. >> janice: next hour moving maps. i promise. >> brian: i cannot wait. thank you so much. florida becoming the latest state to pull $2 billion in assets from investment giant black rock over the company's woke environmental social and corporate governance policies. the sunshine state's chief financial officer jimmy at the thrown miss joins us now. i'm so glad you are joining us instead of thinking 'it and threatening. you are pulling $2 billion from this huge company. what is the message you want to send? >> so, you know, you think that the state of florida was putting $2 billion with somebody like a larry fink i know him on a first name business at the end of the day i need a business partner. somebody who is looking out for the bottom line of the stipulates of the state of florida. somebody who wants to influence policy. they should run for office. go give their money to those charities to influence it but not use the taxpayers of florida's money to do this. >> brian: what you are doing and
3:36 am
what actually besides wanting a partner what about black rock's policies turn you off? >> look, at the end of the day, we're -- some say that we're in a recession now. i agree. many say we are going into a recession. i'm going to be focused to make sure i have the maximum amount of dollars in my account in order to help schools, education, infrastructure. but when i have got a partner as i'm seeing with black rock is that i just lost confidence. i truly have. i have just lost confidence. i was in the restaurant business for 30 years. if i stopped serving what the customer wants, the customer will eat somewhere else which is exactly what florida is doing. >> brian: you are upset they refuse to invest in any oil and gas even thoughin our national interest and interest of investors. they are this woke corporation that wants to get to a net zero world but we're not in that world right now. this company has 8 trillion out there. so they can lose your 2 billion. but you are trying to send a
3:37 am
message. here's what they sent back. we're disturbed by the emerging trend of political initiatives like this that sacrifice access to high quality investments and thereby jeopardize returns which will ultimately hurt florida citizens, fiduciaries should always value performance over politics. what do you say to his description of what you are doing? >> i don't believe that's accurate. he also went on to say how proud he was to invest over $60 billion in the state of florida. do you know why he invested $60 billion in the state of florida, because florida performs. florida turns out of a property, okay? but, unfortunately, we're not seeing it with blackrock. they are in the middle of the pack. i have plenty ever other options to work with because i need a good return for the next generation of floridians. >> brian: right. so larry fink, who lost millions to that ftx crypto -- that crypto criminal now is losing your 2 billion in investment because he doesn't want to do
3:38 am
any investment in any oil and gas and much more. thanks so much, appreciate it. >> take care. >> brian: all right. and west virginia is also involved in that loan and louisiana. meanwhile the president and freedom fighter now out on paperback. hear all about it on stage tonight in newark, new jersey. the new jersey performing arts center. the festivities begin at 7:30. we go on airstreaming live at 8:30 on fox nation, another reason to get the world's best app. appearances right now negotiate with pete hegseth, rachel campos-duffy's people and carley shimkus' staff. they are expected to appear tonight. should we come to financial terms. go to fox nation, brian to get tickets to see us live in the area. plus on saturday i will be in jacksonville right after the u.s. beats netherlands at noon at tom bush bmw. go to brian it's going to be fun and listening to all the listeners kind enough to carry the radio show. coming up, bad apple, tim cook
3:39 am
ignoring fox's questions on his work in communist china. >> do you think it's problematic to do business with the communist chinese party when they suppress human rights? will. >> brian: questions were great answers were nonexistent. air marshals reportedly fighting back monday dated to get off the plane and down to the border. why they say the move would put national security even more at risk. when cold symptoms keep you up, try vicks nyquil severe. just one dose starts to relieve 9 of your worst cold and flu symptoms, to help take you from 9 to none. for max-strength nighttime relief,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> pete: biden's border crisis impacting the safety of our skies as hundreds of federal air marshals reportedly plan a mutiny, that's their words, after the biden administration mandates them to deploy to the border. let's bring in the executive director of air marshall
3:44 am
national council sawn i can't low bosco. thanks for being here. because they can't are protect the border they are telling air marshalls to deploy there. >> that's absolutely correct. they are desperate for resources what they have done is try to backfill positions that the border patrol with air marshals. these aren't law enforcement functions. i want to make that clear. they are sending air marshals highly trained federal law enforcement officers to the border to do menial tanks. >> okay. >> they would be part of the processing of illegal migrants coming across the border. from a job where they are protecting our skies to effectively a desk job at the border? transportation to the hospital. hospital watch. nothing that would have any effect on what their current,
3:45 am
highly trained status would be in the aircraft working at 35,000 feet. you have to be an excellent marksman. we have the highest standards for federal law enforcement when it comes to qualifications with our firearms firearms. taking highly skilled air marshall putting on the border doing details that ngo or contractor could do. >> pete: here is what the department of homeland security. >> long supported operations across democrat and republican administrations alike. there is nothing new or unique about this are they right? >> they are not right. they are not right. they have never -- forced deployment? we have always had some air marshals that can volunteer. due to prior military or law enforcement background who are comfortable working in those atmospheres, right? because you need to know about prisoner transport.
3:46 am
there's a lot of different things that you need to know whether you are -- like basically on street cop on the ground vs. working at 35,000 feet. so, dhs is incorrect about that. they are trying to force the air marshals off the planes and down to the border also, we believe with our legal council that they are out of their statutory authority given to them by congress after 9/11, in the deployment of federal air marshals. federal air marshals are only by statute allowed to be deployed in national transportation domains and that's period there are no exceptions. >> pete: do you have enough air marshals already? what's the status of your department overall? >> we are not -- we do not have enough, pete. we are 21 years into the deployment that we have had since 9/11 and a lot of our air marshals have met their 20-year mark. we have seen a high number of retirements throughout this year. 2022 see a record number of
3:47 am
retirements in 2023. our agency is simply not hiring to replace those air marshals. we are not at a high number already currently in our staff. >> pete: it's amazing. they can't police the border. they don't want to. they are not doing it. so they volume will run tell another agency to come down and not enforce that agency has a critical job to do in the skies. sonia, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you, pete. have a great weekend. >> pete: likewise. all right, well, goodbye to the hawkeye state? joe biden pushes to demote iowa in the democrats' presidential nominating process in the name of, you know it, diversity. my weekend co-hosts weigh in on the white house playing politics. plus, pup patrol, these adorable new deputies are ready to work like dogs but they need to you name them. meet the pausively patriotic litter of crime fighters coming up next.
3:48 am
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>> carley: 10 years since guy fir i can't y. trash can nachos. now releasing a holiday version. if he has been dessert cannoli chips, mini pretzel brownie pieces rich toppings to hold everything in place. and helmand's wants you to add a little mayo to eggnog this holiday season. scratch the egg and replace it with mayo to make your own frozen mayo nothing other
3:53 am
ingredients include dark rum, apple brandy whole milk and heavy cream. if you want to try it out. helmand's has a full recipe on mayonnaise in your drink? >> pete: need chick-fil-a sometimes toba will play yuck. [yuck "] >> ainsley: there you go. new dogs learning old tricks. brevard county sheriff's office looking for help to picking out the names for 8 brand new k-9 officers in training. in your name is chosen you can attend the swearing in ceremony and pin the dogs. ivy joins us with daisy may and her 10 puppies. they are so cute. good morning to you, sheriff. >> sheriff, can you hear me?
3:54 am
>> sheriff ivy, can you hear me? okay. should we just go to break? we will try it again. >> pete: do you want me to name them? >> ainsley: pete is going to name them. we already said justice and blue. sheriff, can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> ainsley: who is with you and these 10 bittle puppies and why you decided to do this contest. >> sure we have corporal lovell with us he and sergeant healy has been a big part of taking care of the puppies. this is the star of the show. this is daisy may. daisy may is the mom to these 10 beautiful puppies as you can see she has done a great job with them. >> ainsley: that's amazing. they are so cute. you have named two you need names for 8? >> yeah so, two of them have been named. one of them after a lady that donated probably now close to 20 ballistic vests for our k-9s
3:55 am
paid for them out of her own pocket and that's cindy johnson. and then the other one, the team kind of named after the dad. the dad was blue so we have baby blue. >> ainsley: tell us what you are training these dogs to do. how do they help? >> so, the dogs are being trained for several different things. one, the first thing that we'll put them through in training is to see if they can track. we use them to search for missing children, seniors were dementia, alzheimer's. the second thing some of them -- two of them. two of our females are going to the brevard zoo for a new exhibit they are starting where they are going to use as an educational tool to show children and parents how to make their own child safety kit. and then some of them will be given to other agencies for search and rescue. and the others will go into our paws and stripes program. >> ainsley: they are so cute. i know you have had a lot of success when you use these dogs who have gone through traumatic 34% at first disclose what happens to them in an end a year
3:56 am
later 81% of them do. these dogs really are helping with the children, especially. so, you can go to your facebook site and that's how we submit names? >> absolutely. go to brevard county sheriff's official and, you know, you are absolutely right. the ones that become child comfort dogs will help us with children that have been victims of crime. they go in. comfort them and get them to disclose to us what took place and so. >> ainsley: look at those. daisy is trying to get down there to her puppies. >> momma is wanting to get in the pen. go to facebook page, contest naming ends tonight at 9:00 p.m. thank you, sheriff. don't move. the first ever all-american christmas concert series is around the corner and tasha, leonard blesses the stage with her sweet gospel music. beautiful. ♪ it is the night ♪ of our into the no-too-distant future of lincoln. dear
3:57 am
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4:00 am
♪ >> maine lobster. >> the white house served lobster at biden's first state dinner with macron but the marine stewardship council declared lobster unsustainable. >> whole foods stop sell maine lobster. >> huge impact on markets but it sends the wrong messaging. >> every time i leave. >> moscow law enforcement clarifying a statement they made causing confusion. >> they do believe this was a targeted attack. >> i don't like it one bit and to keep coming out with statements that create more questions. >> tim cook refusing to comment on the


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