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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  December 11, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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♪ ♪ ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way -- will: good morning, welcome back to "fox & friends" here at the top of the 8:00 hour on the east coast, wherever you are across this country. hope you grab a cup of hot coffee or maybe a cup of hot
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chocolate. that's taking place in our green room this morning, we have a chef, salted caramel, almond toast. my sons should be on their way up here at some point this morning. they are hot chocolate connoisseurs. lisa: i didn't realize there were different flavors. i always did the a standard chocolate. pete: i already had a cup. dark chocolate. will: lisa boothe in for rachel campos duffy, good to have you with us. one thing that was proven in that last second is that we are children -- [laughter] lisa: joe biden over here takin- [laughter] will: you cannot hand pete and i toy guns and expect the segment to progress from that moment. pete: true. will: i spent the whole time shooting that gun. [laughter] pete: and, will, when you walked up the stairs -- will: you had the sniper vision on me? pete: when will came around the
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corner, i went -- [background sounds] lisa: this takes me back to my days with an older brother. [laughter] can i shoot someonesome. pete: go ahead. don't shoot dave in the face. lisa: all right, i'll just shoot the wall. actually the, that is really fun. pete: if really fun. they're biodegradable bullets. that's what i hate about nerf guns, you've got to walk around the yard -- yes, and they're neon green, so they're right there all the time. these you just shoot and prergt. lisa: they could hurt sometimes if it's a close proximity. pete: you've got to wear eye pads with these bad dogs. will: that's a good idea. dr. jeanette nesheiwat has a ner web site. everybody wants that through the flu and respiratory stuff, so check back later -- lisa: i took it today and
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yesterday. pete: all right. so what have we got? it's a grab bag of a sunday on fox and friends, godiva chocolate, christmas trees, just dolls -- jesus dolls. it's pretty cool. what could come next? lisa: what a sunday is. pete: he doesn't know what kind of show he's coming on, but we've got a packed show. so we start with, we could start on any given topic on any given day because there's so much going on. we've covered the twitter files, we'll get back to that, but moreout over joe biden's poles at the -- policies at the border. it's one thing when people are allowed to cross the border, and it's allowed. no matter what, you're basically released. the question is once they're in the country, are they ever actually deported? is any enforcement actually happening internally? new stats have come out talking
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about the decline of illegal aliens. there's been a 71% decline in remuscle of illegals -- removal of illegals who have been arrested. ten states including those in very small font experienced a decline in enforcement greater than 80% under biden policies. will: only 16,000 aliens removed compared to 56,000 under donald trump. deportation of felons fell, that's concerning, by 9,000. pete: deportations of convicted felons. and that's only because these agencies are not being allowed to do their job. it's not because people got worse at their job, the biden administration doesn't want the- lisa: it's also democrats don't want to enforce the law. go back to the democratic primary, right, in 2020. they were falling over themselves to talk about who would keep -- who would give health care to illegal immigrants x. that's what this comes down to. all these policies are a magnet
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for illegal immigrants to make this decision to come to our country. joe biden, first days of office, halted deportations for a hundred days, getting rid of remain in mexico policy. and instead of wising up, we've got people like chuck schumer saying the decline in birthrate, oh, let's just give amnesty to all these people. when what we need is border security. will: the other number that wasn't on that screen, there's a lot of numbers, but one that wasn't was 14, that's the number of border patrol agents who have committed suicide this year, which is the highest in over a decade. and it's clear what's going on is taking a toll, a personal toll on border patrol agents. a little bit earlier i got a chance to speak not with agents, but with their wives, ashley is and allison. they told us about the toll it takes on their family.
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>> these agents do have families, so they get to see, you know, what goes on at the border, then they come home, and and the only thing they can think of is what if their kids were going through this? with these numbers it's hard for them to do their job and come home and feel like they've done a good job. >> it's gotten worse under this administration. i mean, the border patrol agents, they used to have an identity at work. they loved their careers, and this administration has basically subjected them to everyday exposure to death, abuse, disregard, and then they deal with the aggression and the noncompliance from the illegals in the detention centers and out in the brush. like, this administration has made them look powerless in the eyes of those that are breaking our laws. pete: will, you did a really good job with that interview to reflect the human aspect of this. it's a dangerous and difficult job no matter what, but when you're not supported at work, then you with take the all of that baggage home.
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will: i really like what she said, our husbands used to have an identity, and it's hard to feel like -- i think that was allison, ashley said hard to feel like they go to work every day and come back home like they did their job. they're trying, but they are surrounded by increasing levels of chaos. lisa: and also hate, right? remember what happened with the border patrol agents with the haitians and joe biden came out and said these border patrol agents had whipped them, and that was actually false. even the photographer said this is not what took place, and yet joe biden went out there knowingly and willingly slanlderred -- slanlderred border patrol agents. also hatred, which is wrong. pete: for sure. we're going to move to the topic of twitter, and we're going to bring in shannon bream, "fox news sunday" anchor. thanks so much for being here. >> good morning, guys. and gal. pete: good morning. the fourth round of twitter
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feels -- files was released talking about how staffers effectively built a case that was ad hoc in realtime, a strike system all around donald trump and his twitter account following january 6th. what's the biggest fallout from the recent revelations? >> i think one of the biggest issues is going to be whether jack dorsey, when he was running twitter, lied when he was under oath before congress because you can run your company pretty much any way you want as long as you're not breaking law, you know, if you're in the wild west of social media, there's a lot of leeway for what you do. but when it comes to speaking to congress, you can't lie about that. some of the questioning, one of ones who pressed dorsey said social media is being rigged to censor conservatives, is that true of twitter? no, dorsey said. are you censoring people? no. remember are, what we saw -- and i think it was second dump -- can was this thing about visibility filtering about whether or not people's tweets
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could trend, whether things they were talking about could trend, whether people could find them and find their tweets. you may not call it shadow banning, but i think dorsey is the one who may have to be thinking about this in the context of potential trouble because you can't lie to congress even if what you're doing with the underlying conduct is not illegal itself. lisa: you know, shannon, we're seeing whether it's the twitter files or also missouri v. biden, the idea the that we see government officials meeting with big tech asking them to censor. from a legal perspective, what reaches a first amendment violation? >> you've got to think if you are forcing, if the government is acting in a way that is forcing you to take what is considered state action, you're acting on behalf of the government, that's where you get into these very dangerous areas. we found in some of these dumps there were references to weekly meetings or conversations with the fbi, with dhs, with the director of national intelligence office. i mean, there were questions about whether the fbi was
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tagging certain betweens. we have concerns about these, we want you guys to take action. if you're acting on behalf of the government and acting as a state actor, that is completely different than if you're making decisions in just this theme of being a private company. and that is where it's a very sticky situation for some of these folks. there are already calls, as you know, on capitol hill for more hearings and more people to be dragged in. again, it's t going to be under oath, you've got to tell the truth, and i think there are a lot of lawmakers who want to press on those issues in exactly how involved these federal agencies were in directing the business of a private company and everybody acting like it was just the action of a private company enforcing its own policies and decisions without government influence. will: so, shannon, i had ilya shapiro on earlier, and we talked about this. the response from the government, for example, the fbi would be we can make recommendations, we can call up a private company and say, hey, we think this is disinformation.
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the power of influence or coercion comes in there was another side to that coin. for example, people talking about potential regulation of big tech the on capitol hill. so a carrot and stick approach, an implied if you don't do these, follow our recommendations, oh, i don't know, we might have to start regulating big tech. what sort of evidence would you think would have to be present to connect those two dots? >> well, we've seen a lot, we're told that there is more coming along those lines. are those threads there enough to myth something together to cause real problems -- to knit something together. i think it might have been matt taibbi in one of his threads the about what has been happening inside of twitter, he says, listen, we're looking to see if there are people prosecute other side of the aisle, if there are republicans, republican campaigns, the white house under trump, we're looking to see if there were others there who came to the table and also said we have things to say about tweets and people we want censored,
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things we want handled. he seemed to say he hadn't seen that so far, but they are looking. if it seems like all of this is coming from one side of the aisle and there's no pushback and the government, again, is forcing a private actor to act on its behalf, there's a place where you cross the line there. we don't know, but another dump is coming today the as well. will: real quick. let's say that case was made, it's clear that there was a first amendment violation, what would it mean? what's the recourse if all of a sudden we go, oh, you know what? the government's been suppressing free speech. what would that mean to us? what would be the outcome? >> i think it might be one of those things that ends up at the supreme court. there's going to be legal action. i think certainly as we discuss hearings on the hill, things are going to happen either way. but you could go out will and try to sue and say the people who can show that they were censored in some way directly at the hands of the government telling twitter to do this and twitter acting as if it was just doing it as a private company, i
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could see them going to court over that. i could definitely see a case that's litigated as a case of first impression. the technology is new, the laws are very old to written to cover it. we were using landlines, for the youngsters out will, google it. there's a lot to catch up to. lisa: i still remember landlines. pete: absolutely. i still have one. lisa: they're very reliable. pete: her. that's why they'll never go away. "fox news sunday," what do you have coming up, shannon? >> we're going to talk about, admiral john kirby is with us. we've got to talk about that bout for griner swap as well and allegations there's a lot more to that. and former secretary of state mike pompeo joins us, plus he's in a little bit of a fight with randi weingarten. and guess who else? if brian kilmeade, he's going to join us. and we're doing a deep dive into
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the idaho murders, some interesting new things coming out on that. laos least good show. will: all right. "fox news sunday," we'll be watching. >> see ya, guys. will: let's turn to a few more headlines, the shock ising death of grant wahl on friday, saying he thought he had bronchitis. he canceled most of his plans on thursday. he collapsed and died sudden wily at the end of a match leading his brother to suspect foul play after grant wore a rainbow pride shirt last month. the the qatarly government says he received emergency medical treatment but could not be said. john rich is launching a new bank that he says will stand up to cancel culture. rich is joined by fellow conservatives, commentator larry elder, dr. ben carson. the venture will be called old glory bank. rich says the bank will, quote with, serve lower and middle income americans, those americans other banks have marginalized and ignored to who
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keep the country running every day. and yesterday we had the rockettes on. great booking by our producers. la. [laughter] this is all i had to say about it. lobby, right? i didn't realize who they were when we were walking, and we were out there the complaining without our jackets on, right? and look at them out there. the producers of the show are so mean. [laughter] okay. so now i'm reading this in the prompter here like ron burgundy, our producers want you toe to know that they aren't mean, they just like great tv. [laughter] lisa: actually only been irish dancing about 6 years dc -- [laughter] that's not bad. rick: all right, all right. wow. pete -- pete: from top of the pants
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halfway down one leg. and the only reason it was revealed on television was because you very kindly were trying to assist me because i had water on my pants, looked like i period myself -- will: is this what we're doing? [laughter] they launched the nukes back at me. pete: that was very nicely done. [laughter] pete: nicely done. the am of grouse you had about sticking your face in that blue cheese was very high. [laughter] will: that's why they put it back in here. pete: didn't look good. all right. still ahead, ftx fallout. sam bankman fried set to testify on capitol hill this week. congressman lee zeldin lays out what he wants to hear. lisa: plus, you may be dreaming of a white christmas, so we're finding ways to keep you warm and cozy.
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how to spice up your hot chocolate, coming up. ♪ -- of a white christmas. ♪ with every christmas card i write ♪
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pete: welcome back. ftx founder sam bankman-fried
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says he's now willing to testify before congress on tuesday as fall continues over the billions missing from his crypto company. congressman lee zeldin is a member of the financial services committee. he join withs us now with what to expect. congressman, he's going to appear before your committee. everybody wants questions answered. what do you can ask him? >> well, we need more clarity, one, on the timeline of events that led to the collapse. of course, the business practices of these different entities involved in this situation, more about the senior leaders of these different entities. congress has not just an oversight role, but also needs to determine what is the appropriate and inappropriate policies, regulations, laws as far as the rules of the road. so gaining insight that would allow congress to make sure that if there's any type of legislation or regulation pursued, that it is the correct path forward. now, we're dealing with a
5:22 am
30-year-old billionaire, mit graduate. no one should be approaching this with any type of assumption that guy is unintelligent. that he's bad at math. he understands his fiduciary duties here. he was knowingly commingling funds as part of the design of these entities, so over the course of what are dozens of members on the republican side and the democratic side, we could get a lot more clarity. i would just add two other quick points. one is an interesting relationship with the chairman of the sec. he had the inside track on being able to gain a new platform. gary gensler, who was one of the leaders of hillary clinton's campaign is now the chair of the sec. clearly has some type of a relationship with sam bankman-fried, like to get more insight on that. and, of course, how did all of this money get freed up to be
5:23 am
able to donate to political candidates. pete: yeah. >> that process and also really who was doing that. pete: a lot of questions to be asked and answered, and it'll be very interesting to watch that. i've got to ask you though, i feel like i'm maybe thinking our audience is thinking as well. you had a great run for governor. you are probably the reason why the republicans hold the house of representatives, your strong candidacy brought a lot of new york republicans across the finish line. what's next for you? you're going to be in this hearing because this congress is still ongoing, but what's next for lee zeldin? >> so as you know, i have 16-year-old daughters. they were with me when i was with you at jones beach for that amazing florida-georgia line, dan and shay concert when you were up on stage, i have to get them their learner's permit, so that's at the top of the list.
5:24 am
there are a number of options in and out of government with, and i'll be spending time over the course of the coming days and next few weeks to make the decision of the best path forward. what i i know for sure is that i'm all in to do absolutely everything in my power to help us save our country with a presidential election coming up in '24, control of congress, and there are many ways for all of us to be involved. i want to do my participant. pete: i have no doubt a lot of options, as someone who's still, i believe, a lieutenant colonel in the army as well -- >> go, army. pete: go, army. i made sure to the producers that we only booked army guested today, so i'm guessing you're happy after last night's -- i was going to say a thumping, but it was an overtime win -- >> good call. love it. history being made. there were plenty of times in the past few years, there were games that ended in ties. here was the excitement of a second overtime game, the first time that this had happened, and as somebody who is a longtime
5:25 am
army fan, someone who's serving in my 20th year right now, it is the proper ending watching the cadets singing second. pete: singing second, says colonel zeldin. colonel, thank you so much for your time. god bless. >> thank you, pete. pete: you got it. all right, now we move to a fox weather alert. parts of california hit with nearly a foot of snow. rick is tracking the severe winter storm, and we'll bring it to you in a moment. and leadership change in loudoun county as the district is accused of mishandling a sexual assault. our next guest is a school board member demanding accountability. where can you go for family fun... and do your holiday shopping all-in-one? lowe's, actually. this holiday season come experience the magic of winterfest.
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♪ [christmas music] ♪ ♪ ♪ weathertech gift cards have the power to wow everyone on your holiday list. offering a variety of american made products. weathertech! nice! like floorliners... cargo liner... tablet holder... boot tray... cupfone... sink mat... pet feeding system... anti-fatigue comfortmat and more. order the weathertech gift card instantly for the perfect gift at pete: we're back with a fox weather alert. a mega storm hits california leaving tens of thousands without power and winds topping 50 miles an hour leading to dangerous whiteout conditions with reports of some drivers trapped by power lines.
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let's turn to rick reichmuth for our fox weather forecast. rick: that picture out of kirkwood, they're going to get to about 20 degrees today, so really cold. we're going to be the talking about parts of our first snow across southern arizona. a really cold storm it's potent and gonna have big impacted throughout this week. starting off this morning though not from that storm, we've got a storm down across parts of the southeast. pete's been complaining about the rain in nashville, we've got a lot more coming here. probably another 2 inches of storms across parts of the southeast. we really do need this moisture, but it's been a gloomy last 10 days or so. we're getting our first big snow across parts of the northeast right now, 3-5 inches for some spots, and that's today. then we're going to watch storm that's out west. by the time you get to tomorrow night, it moves in across parts of the south. tuesday is our big severe weather day across parts of the south and still some severe
5:31 am
weather hanging on wednesday, but i think tuesday we could be looking at significant tornadoes. that same storm system to the north side of it is where all the cold air is. winter storm warnings across parts of the plains, blizzard warnings and this is going to be a long duration event, maybe monday all the way through wednesday. some snowfall totals up around 2 feet of snow if especially back across the black hills, around rapid city. and out across the west we've got winter storm warnings across parts of southern california, the grapevine probably getting some show and parts of arizona, pretty significant snow there as well. this week everybody in the u.s. is getting some pretty significant weather, need to be planning ahead. guys? pete: very good. you know, rick, will and i have -- will is fascinated by your unflappable nature, your ability to transition in any way possible. and, you know, do the weather long or short, i want to know, could you do the weather while
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being shot by a gel gun? [laughter] come on. will: look at him. pete: he didn't even move. will: didn't 34reu7b. rick: you're aiming at my ankles. pete: you want me to aim higher? [background sounds] lisa: are you feeling that at all? rick: when pete was out will with chip's kid, pete said to the kid, he said, hey, does that hurt, and immediately the kid shot him. he goes, ow! pete: shot me in the hand. lisa: and you didn't even flinch. will: that's the moral of the story, look at me -- lisa: exactly. rick: this is the producers going stretch the, stretch -- [laughter] pete: you want to explain more about that finish. [background sounds] will: all right. coming up, florida governor ron desantis fueling speculation of a 2024 white house bid as he meets with top donors tonight. pete: oh, interesting. charlie hurt on the future of the republican primary, coming up next.
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lisa: plus, it may be cold outside, but our next guest is bringing the heat and the sweets to fox square. how to elevate your hot chocolate, next. ♪ baby, cold outside ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ if. rick: the cold weather is here and so is hot chocolate season. pete: our next guest has tips and tricks to spice up your hot cocoa. will: chef terry joins us now. good morning. >> good morning, how are you doing? pete: you're shivering. hot chocolate should warm us up, right? [laughter] >> good go dive a v.a. hot chocolate, high quality, we are going to spice it up a little bit. we're going to put one of our truffles inside. will: wonderful. >> we have one, actually, ready for you with a sugar cookie. and we have a truffle, you know, a blender here. pete: okay. will: these are all sugar cookie? >> all sugar cookie, and so here one telephone. pete: blended in. will: looks like a milk shake
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hot chocolate. enter it is. there you go. mix it even more. will: really good, really good. pete: wow. >> because that, you know, you can do hot chocolate with every kind of stuff, right? mint and everything else. we like to just boost it up. pete: is there milk in there the as part of the are recipe? is it pure chocolate? >> it's actually milk and our hot cocoa recipe. rick: all right. tell us why you have all of these chocolates here with our hot chocolate? >> it's because we can actually do, we have a salted car mel hot cocoa if you want -- caramel, we have the almond and the sugar cookie also -- will: you drop it in there, a little hot cocoa and blend it together? >> yeah. and, actually, what we're going to do is we can decorate the glass a little bit. if. pete: oh, lined it up a little bit. will: i think the lesson here is there's no such thing as too much chocolate.
5:39 am
>> no, never. [laughter] so, basically, here it is. pete: are these the truffles? >> yeah. actually, the truffle is only this little decoration. truffles are right will. pete: oh, those are the -- >> we're going to tap it up a little bit more. so you can really decorate it or top it off with mig that you want. -- anything that you want. will: it's really good. >> a little bit of whipped cream on top and hen, you know, nothing better than pairing with our cookies. hot chocolate and cookies. pete: chocolate, christmas, last minute gift, you're looking for something people would really love, you can't go wrong. >> oh, yeah. bad weather is coming, so nothing better than stay home, some godiva hot chocolate, the truffles -- rick: i'm impressed that you didn't go to booze in this. there's been no mention -- pete: you could easily put bailey's in will too the, if you want. will: that would be nice.
5:40 am
>> if you want to. [laughter] are. rick: godiva, you've got a liquor, don't you? isn't there like a -- >> we had one, yes. will: where is it? is it under the table? [laughter] all right. this is an awesome idea. these are wonderful, they taste the great -- pete: really good. >> will: and you can do it at home. >> yeah, absolutely. any kind of blender that you have, do the hot cocoa, blend it in, and that's it. will: love it. pete: hang, chef. will: lisa, back to you. lisa: that looks delicious. florida governor ron desantis kicking the 2024 rumor mill into high gear, reportedly set to huddle with develop -- top donors on the coming off a land slide win last month. joining us now to react, fox choose contributor charlie hurt. good to see you, my friend. >> good morning, lisa. lisa: charlie, what's your take on this? >> oh, i think, i think without
5:41 am
a doubt, you know, the 2024 primary season is underway. you know, ron desantis raised what, you know, a good solid $200 million and running on the trump agenda which, i guess, makes it even more interesting. and put up the most impressive victory we saw last month for republicans. is so i think, no, i don't think that we're reading too much into it at all. i think hat primary's underway, and it's going to be, it's going to be a huge, great fight that i think -- and, ultimately, i think it will be very good for if republicans. however, this plays out, whoever comes out of this vick or yous will come out -- victorious will come out much stronger for it. lisa: what do you think this republican primary field is going to look like for 2024? >> i think that we could probably see a number of other people get into the primary. you know, it's an entirely different calculus for donald trump because, of course, he's
5:42 am
not running as an outsider the way he did in 2016. but -- and it's also a very different party. you know, donald trump has changed the party. everybody running, anybody who has any hope of winning the primary, the gop primary this year, is going to be running on trump agenda. going to be running on, for a very different republican party, and it's a different republican party because donald trump changed it. and so there are just so many fascinating dynamics here, but the good news for republican voters is that i think anybody -- you're not going to get a liz cheney who's going to be successful in this environment in the republican party. that wing of the party is dead. which is great for republicans. but what it means is that whomp does come out in this intramural fight is going to be the best purveyor, the best carrier of the torch of the trump agenda, and that's a very good thing for the republican party, it's a
5:43 am
great thing for america. of. lisa: i think if you're desantis or some of these republican governors, they would say i have my own agenda that i've been working on, to your point. and liz cheney, you know, she lost by 40, but i -- so i think that a ship's sail for her. the flip side is also looking at democrats, right? so, you know, as an incumbent president, it's the hard to lose, so how beatable is joe biden? >> oh, i i -- think he's imminent innocent concern imminently beatable. the problem that democrats have, you know, they've been able to sort of tape paper over a lot of their difference cans over the years. you know, most recently because they were pretty united in their dislike of donald trump who was in the white house at the time, but they have to -- they are, you know, it is a very disparate, they've got real problems in their party, and that's how they wound up with joe biden in the first place. now, joe biden has turned out to be even worse than anybody predicted. it's going to be a real problem
5:44 am
because, you know, who are they -- what wing are they going to go with? are hay going to go with their crazy wing? are they going to try to go with a more moderate sounding? these are people who in the last primary every single person on the stage stood up and said they favor free health care for illegals. that's not a viable party. that's crazy town. and if they're going to -- so they're going to have to sort through those differences, and and i don't think that they're going to -- they very well may end up with joe biden again because they have no other option. lisa: well, and i hope republicans learn from this past midterm election and things like mail-in ballots. real quick, what lessons should we learn from that? >> amen, sister. most importantly what you just said, learning those tactics, realizing that it's unfair, i think it corrupts elections especially if you're going to have a two month if window of -- or these mass mail-in ballots or ballot harvesting, all of that
5:45 am
is just total corruption of elections. but, dammit, if that's the rules and you can't get 'em changed in the legislature, then you better figure out how to do those things and go out there and do that. talk about ron desantising that's another thing ron desantis can point to, they had a weeklong voting, he went out there and had a plan for getting people to vote all week long. and republicans need to do that everywhere. lisa: great points, as always. good to see how you, my friend. charlie hurt -- >> great to see you, lisa. lisa: thank you. turning now to some headlines, a notorious cartel hitman seems to do disappear without a trace. former i.c.e. director tom homan thinks he may know what this means. here's what he had to say. >> he didn't escape, bolo means be on the lookout for, there's none. he's about to testify. he's about ready to testify
5:46 am
probably against other cartel leaders and mexican officials. lisa: so he thinks la barbie is still in u.s. custody ahead of what could be bombshell testimony. there's also this, a why would video -- wild video shows the moment a los angeles city council member fights with an activist at a christmas tree lighting. you can see kevin deleone grabbing hold of the activist who appeared to be with a group demanding the council member resign other alleged racist -- over alleged racist remarks. now, both parties accuse the other of assault. no one was arrested but not really christmas cheer there, is it? crazy scene. also this, the world cup semifinals are now set after france takes down england 2-1. >> hooks it in, giroux, scores! [cheers and applause] france retake the lead! lisa: england missing a key
5:47 am
penalty kick that would have tied the game, and morocco shocked portugal with a 1-nil victory. hay become the first african nation to reach the semifinals. the next round kicks on -- off on tuesday, 1 p.m. eastern on fox. you're not going to want to miss that. and those are your headlines. so deck the halls. florida is decking the chairs this holiday season, and look at some of america's more unique christmas traditions. that's next. stay with us. ♪ ♪ trying to control my asthma felt anything but normal. ♪ ♪ enough was enough. i talked to an asthma specialist and found out my severe asthma
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♪ >> okay, people, tomorrow morning, 10 a.m., santa's coming to town -- >> santa! oh, my god! santa here? i know him. i know him. will: it holds up. pete: for sure. santa always visits us here on "fox & friends." will: yeah. pete: you'll get a chance to see him. meeting santa in person, of
5:52 am
course, is one of our all-time favorite traditions. will: let's do this, let's go off the wall, take a look at some of the more unique christmas traditions celebrate across the country. pete: we were all all night doing research -- will: all night, and the research started with new york. pete: rochester, new york. by the way, that dot not really properly placed, it's a little further north. will: they build a christmas tree out of beer kegs. pete: a beer keg tree constructed annually, 532 kegs, 2 the ,000 feet of lights. -- 2,000 feet of lightings. wulwell then we moved on. check out what they're saying about texas. i don't know if this is sort of an internet thing, but they say we do barbed wire christmas wreaths. pete: they say you do. will: i didn't even know it was a texas thing, homecoming, we have gigantic mums, and i thought everybody did it. pete: if i went into a texas the home right now, how many out of
5:53 am
10 would have a bashed -- barbed wire wreath? will: i would say 3. pete: and then you've got this in nashville, in kind of the trendier part, the gulch. the nashville blue grass band performs and gives away a ham to someone in the audience right there. you come to nashville, you listen to that, you might get yourself some ham. will: meanwhile, hams in gnash aville, how about chowder in maine? that a -- that makes sense. seafood chowder -- pete: i limit whether we did a lot of research for this or not, because isn't chowlder just always maine? or is it really a christmas thing? will: it's a christmas thing as well. pete: it's a a christmas thing in maine to do chowder. ground breaking. pete: at a department store in atlanta, the pink pig train makes its way downtown, and this is a christmas tradition are there in georgia. pete: the macy's lennox square -- by the way, the pig's
5:54 am
maim is priscilla. priscilla retired in 2021, and the next year was the ham that was given out in nashville. priscilla was given concern no, i think priscilla just retired, till alive. apparently 50 years. florida florida -- will: in florida lifeguard chairs get deck rated up -- pete: that one seems very fitting for florida. will: very fitting, very fun -- pete: because there was no snow at the first christmas. we all like to think the of a white christmas, but do you think bethlehem hem was snowy at christmas? it wasn't. will: we think this is one of our favorites. in arkansas a trail of heights that goes from one side of the state to the other. pete: apparently, you can map it out, and you can go across the entire state in the month of december and not miss any lights. not too bad. and then in arizona, again, very fitting for arizona, they have a tumbleweed tree.
5:55 am
they start building it in september. and by christmas time -- will: look how tall it is. pete: are tumbleweeppeds that -- what do you say -- will: big? round? pete: is there consistency strong enough? that's the word -- will: not a lot of tumblewield experience. tumbleweed. it is in chanler, arizona. i know you turn on your television, you thought we were going to break down some terrible international deal. will: because when you think of christmas cheer, you think of will and pete. pete: you do. my wife's friend said how did the grinch get a chance to do this segment? i'm not that grin. -y -- grinchy. i have some christmas spirit. will: all right. stick with us, benjamin netanyahu joins us at the top of the hour. ♪ ♪ -- i love you more.
5:56 am
♪ santa claus, you get me, touch my heart for sure ♪
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merry christmas to each and every one of you. as we celebrate christmas you may wonder if jesus christ can make a difference in your life. you bet he can. that's why he came, to save us from our sins. jesus was born to die. he came to earth as a babe, took our sins to the cross 33-years later, he died on the cross, and god raised him to life on the third day. he's not dead, he's alive. if you've never put your faith and trust in him, you can do that right now. just pray this prayer with me, just say, "dear god, "i've made a wreck of my life. "i'm sorry for my sins and i ask you to forgive me.
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