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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 15, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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please set your dvr so you never, ever, ever, ever miss an episode of hannity for news. any time. all the time. every time. fox, hannity, .com. and in the meantime, let's your heart be troubled. laura ingraham. the ingraham angle is up next. >> and we'll see you tomorrow night. i'm laura ingraham. >> this is the "ingraham angle" from washington tonight. america overrun. that's the focus of tonight's angle. for the past two years, while the regime media has been obsessed with all things trump, january six , of course, the drag queen shows america was being invaded by millions along our southern border. now, for a sense of how the regime media are covering this unparalleled border surge, look no further
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than this headline from axios. biden braces for potentially fourteen thousand migrants a day. well, instead of bracing for it, should read routes for look, they came from dozens of countries and among them were sex traffickers, cartel hitmen ,child molesters, and even some who are convicted murderers. and when biden was inaugurated drug kingpins, they knew that they were going to become even richer by forcing migrants to go through them. for safe passage into the united states . but all along, not only did the biden administration not repel the invasion, it encouraged it. this was a purposeful, willful, wanton, intentional effort to overwhelm our border patrol and flood our beautiful country with millions of illegals. and ninety five percent or more have no legitimate asylum claims. but they do have scripts that they memorize mouthing just
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enough of the right words. to allow them to be immediately released and bus to wherever they want to go. but every once in a while they let the truth slip out. >> would you have tried to do this when donald trump was president ? definitely not. definitely. we have a chance. so did you come here because joe biden was elected president ? basically, basically, the refusal of the biden administration to use its authority to stop this invasion is the most egregious abuse of power any of us have seen in our lifetimes. now, biden held on to his emergency covid authority, remember, until the spring of 2020 three at least, probably continue after that. yet apparently that emergency isn't bad enough to keep title forty two in place, which allows for immediate border turnbacks during a health crisis that expires next week. >> so the only conclusion any of us can draw is that the democrats want a different
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america. they can't rely on elections to necessarily advance us toward a global government and zero carbon output. >> so they need new voters, voters who are ignorant of the american tradition and whose children will not be taught about it in our public schools. now, it doesn't matter who these new people are, what their intentions are, whether they'll be drains on our schools, our health care system, whether they're criminals, as long as they're not, you whom the left hates intensely. the biden folks are so brazen that their response to the border catastrophe is to make the trek easier for the migrants. why allow them to walk when we can fly them into the united states ? so the biden administration is considering expand, not shrinking asylum categories to include cubans, haitians and nicaraguans, and they'll allow them to be flown into the country after merely applying for asylum abroad.
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the doddering biden has never been to the border. >> we've known that a total dereliction of duty. it's a health, economic and national security crisis that's unfolding right at this moment. whatever happens to americans because of this, they think it's just all necessary collateral damage. you're not their priority. families are suffering american families like this. >> my son was standing on the driveway when this gang member came from behind, was going to shoot his friend in the back and get my son in the arm. and he literally bled to death . >> he died in surgery. our kids have been dead for years. and years and we can't get them to even say being nice about it. >> they ignore us after the incalculable damage biden has done to america just at the border alone, one thing is certain. they'll only change course if they believe it's going to hurt them politically. that's why it's so critical for republicans to stay 100%
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unified here on the side of law and order controlling our borders. now, schumer and biden would love to say that they've struck some kind of deal with someone like thom tillis of north carolina. or susan collins from maine on the immigration issue. and then they like to rope house republicans into so they can hold a big bipartisan signing ceremony at the white house, just like they did with their so-called marriage act yesterday. >> but california governor gavin newsom, of all people with his own white house ambitions, i think he sees political trouble ahead for the democrats just to get an understanding, understanding what the world looks like pre title forty two and what likely is going to come back in a few weeks. and thenn abc affiliate, quote, the fact is what we have now is not working and it's about to break. i say this not to point
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fingers, he said, but as a father and as someone who feels responsible to be part the solution. now, millions of american patriots over almost now two hundred and fifty years have sacrificed so that we remain a free and independent nation. one where we control our own destiny, one where government represents what's best in our interests for us . but now, for almost two years, we've had a government whose main goal is to get us to a lower standard of living in a new normal. yeah, that new normal requires you to suspend your own dreams and beliefs for a nightmare that will never end. so it's going to be up to us to awaken those who are still asleep out there and mobilize for the next election against any one of any party who facilitated this invasion. and that's the angle. >> joining me now is missouri senator josh hall, a member of the senate judiciary committee. senator , your reaction with all of this unfolding at
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the border? and it is it is a heartbreak to see what's happening to our people, how the kids are suffering, how the crime is going up. but some of your republican colleagues, like thom tillis, and others, are now looking to strike a deal with the democrats over so-called immigration reform. in response. >> it is your reaction? well, i'm certainly not going to support that law. the truth is , we shouldn't have to trade anything to get the enforcement of our laws at our own southern border. and i just say this. the biden administration is getting exactly what they want at the southern border. this fourteen thousand a day illegal surge. they've known about this. they've known this would happen. this is what they want, laura . they don't want a border. they don't want there to be customs and border patrol. they don't want there to be ice. they don't want there to be immigration. enforcement. >> this is their plan and they're executing it. well, when you think about just single acts of government abuse that have had severe ramification for the country.
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right. the democrats have been talking about january six . that's all they got, january six , january six for the last two years, almost january six . but this will have profound effects on perhaps our our first of all, our electoral process. if these people ever get legal rights to vote, our schools, our public health system, everything, our housing and yet ,unless fox covers it, there are very few media outlets that are actually going to tell the truth about what's happening, period. yeah. and what else is new on that, laura ? but you're exactly right. and the criminal justice system, i mean, let's not forget, we're talking here about hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of people coming across the border in the space of one year. and what this really says is , laura , that the democrats are willing to turn over our sovereign southern border to the biggest human trafficking operation in the world. those would be the border cartels. they're willing to let them have it. you're concerned about kids, what the democrats want to give
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the cartels who are smuggling children control of the border. you're concerned about crime. the democrats want to give the cartels control of the border. and i can just say, as a guy who represents the state of missouri, we are awash in illegal drugs with fentanyl and methamphetamine in our state. and it's not coming from inside missouri. it's coming across the border that is all courtesy of joe biden. and i tell you what, it is time to hold this guy accountable and it's time for the house of representatives to do their job and to impeach my caucus. >> well, there is a difficult effort underway at the white house to try to shift blame for the title 40 to issue, which again, would allow for immediate turn backs, does allow for immediate turn back to the border that goes away next week. listen to the white house press secretary on that issue. next week or two from today. >> how is the administration preparing for that? we put the question to congress and what are they going to do here? we're also wanting to do this on a bipartisan way.
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republicans know how to work with us, so why don't they work with us on this particular issue that is important to important to americans? across the country? >> now, senator , that speaks to exactly what i talked about on the angle. this is a trap for republicans. >> here's what we ought to do, laura . we ought to just pass title 40 to extend it by statute, make it the law. i'd be happy to do that. in fact, republicans have proposed to do that over and over again. and democrats have blocked it. but if that's what the white house is saying, that they welcome congress's action on this great. let's make title 40 permanent and let's do it with the force of law. one hundred delighted to do that. and i look forward to seeing the democrats line up for that. yeah, yeah. hold your breath on that. they want a mass amnesty with no enforcement. senator holly, great to see you tonight. thank you. thank you. now, looking forward to twenty twenty four . we see the globalists scrambling to influence the likely gop field on the issue of trade. now, of course, for the worse, that's going to happen.
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and we see the battle lines forming on that old dead horse known as the trans-pacific partnership. remember that nightmare? and it was so bad, by the way, that deal that america found, even hillary clinton had to walk away from it. during the twenty sixteen campaign. well, trump, when he was elected smartly withdrew us from it. but now the freddy krueger of trade deals is back with some tweaks. >> they say now we can reimagine, they argue, and somehow the u.s. will not end up with the same raw deal . a return would provide an immediate boost to us competitiveness and geopolitical influence. of course, that's just more mumbo jumbo. >> but just watch some conservative certain gop senators and some right leaning think tanks will insist that this is the only way that we could get really tough on china to renegotiate the tpp. now, if someone like a ron desantis announces he's running for president , and he meets with the top newspaper editors out there, i'm telling you,
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they will almost certainly pressure him to say something hopeful about this tpp issue. but it's all another trap for republicans. everyone in the business community who supports that deal plans to use it to ship more jobs overseas. and on this topic, henry olsen made an excellent point this week. the old consensus hollowed large stretches of us economy, impoverishing communities. it had also financed finance, china's rise, imperiling our national security consumers might enjoy cheaper goods, but the country as a whole has paid high prices for these transient benefits. and the craziness at the world trade organization and the ongoing aggression from china. they're steadily undermining support for clinton, obama, bush, cheney style globalization that's already happening. and biden's team, they know this, which is why they're keeping the tariffs right now from trump in place and occasionally blasting the wto.
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but i'm sure that the biden people are hoping that the gop will abandon trump's trade policy and go back to the old bush-cheney perspective that would open the door for scranton jo to scoop up the working class folks in ohio and pennsylvania and practically guarantee his reelection. but here's the bottom line tonight. if a scientist, someone like him, runs for president or anyone else who hopes to win over the working class voters out there, they are headed into a minefield on trade. they should beware of getting roped into an alliance with folks like mcconnell and the retiring pat toomey and the china chamber of commerce. yeah, on issues that are going to come back to haunt them and stay away from them as well. you want to campaign in middle america, you better stand for middle america. and joining me now is bob lighthizer, former trump trade representative. bob , great to see you tonight. what is the biggest problem with this reimagined tpp?
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well, let me say, first of all, just to your other point, the broader point, the republican party is the party of working people, period, right now. all right. big business is with the democrats, teks with the democrats. so the question you say to yourself, what can we do for working class people that will create more jobs and ways and raise wages for these people? you got three things that a sensible republican can. one , cut taxes that'll help jobs cut taxes on business, not on individuals, but working class people. don't see that is in their interest. you can cut regulation, which is also sensible and helpful by working class. >> people don't see that is in their interest either. and then you can do something on trade. you can fight for our jobs. you can fight for a balanced trade. you can fight for fair trade. working class people see the benefit of that. so to run for president as a republican and not embrace this new america first approach
12:15 am
on trade is in my judgment, suicide. you will lose ohio where i'm from and you lose pennsylvania. a lot of these other places, if we become the party of the u.s. chamber of commerce and big business in this field, it's it's a mistake. exactly. now, on your question of the tpp, the tpp was a disaster from the beginning. it was never, ever going to increase exports. it was always about imports. the notion that somehow in circling china is a crazy notion. the reality is the way that thing was written, the way it was written, you could increase shipments, parts of products could come from china and the united states, get free, duty free treatment that they can't get now. >> so really, it was the biggest single gift to china. it was a crazy notion. i asked people specifically, tell me what you think we're going to export as a result of
12:16 am
this agreement. nobody can give me anything of any consequence that tells of the benefit when they look at when they first sold it. the principle benefit was agricultural sales to japan. we got those in the trump administration, our us japan deal . we got all the benefit you can get out of it. now. it is just going to hurt us and it can't be fixed. it literally is like putting lipstick on a pig. >> it cannot be fixed. now, bob , on this issue of steel tariffs, the wto, not surprisingly, the world trade organization has ruled against america's steel tariffs that were put in place by the trump administration, saying they're they're unfairly protectionist and they put other countries at a disadvantage. bob , with everything that you've done in your entire career on trade, bob's most brilliant person on trade, frankly, in the united states on the issue of steel, what has happened to our steel industry under the great globalization? >> well, i mean, look at
12:17 am
the reality is the steel industry in the united states has been decimated in for a period of decades, but it has been around the world to there is more excess capacity in in steel, non-economic excess capacity and steel in china than there is production in places like the united states , europe, and japan. so we need those tariffs that look, this wto case was outrageous, but not surprising. we made a clear decision that every country makes its own decision on national security. this is not something where you have we have these three wise men and they're not the wise men that found christmas by the way, these are not wise men who didn't find christmas. so the notion that you have an arbitration, three people, three bureaucrats in brussels decide what's in america's national interest is is is completely ridiculous. >> it's great to see you tonight. it's been quite a while. thank you so much.
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now, as we see our global influence wane and our borders overrun, you might not realize that we're on track to send more than one hundred billion dollars in total to ukraine. but is the public losing patience with all of this? plus, the most dangerous plastic surgery in the world has really taken off as a procedure of choice in the united states ? what is it and what do you need to know about it? that's next. hello, i'm mike lindell and i'm excited to bring you my biggest betting cell ever.
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best of the season and it won't last order today at omaha steaks, .com tv. we're sending crania no material like we have billions of. >> oh, and boy, have they . wow. the white house likes to claim that defense assistance has only totaled the twenty billion since the war in ukraine began. the number from three separate packages already enacted totals sixty eight billion dollars and asked for what biden wants to tack on . as he mentioned the other day, another thirty eight billion bringing the total to well, over one hundred billion dollars. now, biden's comments also came on the same day that zelenskyy requested at least eight hundred and fifty million from allies to support the country. as they brace for a cold winter. now, never mind that americans in the upper midwest and the northeast are struggling from
12:24 am
the crush of limited energy supplies and sky high prices. but zelenskyy and the rest of his cabinet, they are relentless. they've been selling this war as a battle for civilization itself. and they used historical language to get what they want. >> it's important not only for ukraine, it's important for europe. >> it's important for the civilized world. the defense minister tells cnn ukraine urgently needs more weapons from the u.s. and nato. >> are you getting the weapons that you need right now in time? >> you know that when you have a war, you will not have enough. we need certainly more , especially air defense systems is priority number one for us . >> well, they ask and of course, we oblige. yesterday, it was announced that the u.s. plans to send patriot missile defense systems to ukraine to bolster their defenses and their borders. now, what a novel concept defending borders. why would we need to do that? don't do it here after all.
12:25 am
now, perhaps we could spend some of those billions, i don't know, to fortify our own or actually do something about the millions who are crossing as drug cartels. and human traffickers and the united states are flourishing. it's a huge growth industry, both of them. >> now, what have we gotten for all of this? the russians have been repelled for now and we're thankful for that. but how are we measuring accomplishments at this point? the ukrainian foreign minister admitted yesterday that russia's capable to launch a large offensive may be restored by the end of january or february. so we expect this to go on in perpetuity. with these proxy efforts ever bringing stability to the region. and how much patience does america actually have left? after months of successful propaganda by zelenskyy, the american media and the biden administration, americans are now very closely divided on whether washington should
12:26 am
support ukraine for, quote, as long as it takes. that number now stands at 48 percent, down from 58% in july now, while 47% say washington should urge ukraine to settle for peace as soon as possible. that's up from 38% in july. so are the war hawks in washington. in both parties, they are listening. do they even care? here now is chris bedford, executive editor, the common sense society. chris , we cave to every demand of zelenskyy's and as we know, that omnibus spending bill that mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer are so desperate to get passed, that does include the thirty eight billion dollars that biden wants. and , of course, his party will send all the money that they can to ukraine. the american people can be pulled any which way they want, but they've never been consulted on this. and i don't expect they will be the folks who are being consulted on this war. the left wing activists are obsessed with russia, the state
12:27 am
department, which generally does the business of other countries before the united states , in this case, ukraine, the department of defense, which is fresh off of two quagmires that lasted the entirety of my adult life, iraq and afghanistan. now its losses there and at the same and now they're getting another one without any end game, like you said, any goals, any real accountability ,any goals for what constitutes victory, except for maybe what replacing putin sounds like a pretty dangerous idea. and at the same time, we're depleting our money, we're depleting our resources. we're ignoring our border. china, an actual military threat and states an actual existential threat to united states . it's biding his time and enjoying this. >> how much have they gotten involved in any china? china keeps its nose out. china, china is its hard power and soft power to continue expanding across africa and south africa. on that fire , a single shot, not a single shot at foreign countries, not have they let their friends like vladimir putin, who you saw coming hat in hand to she and china over this war, they let their friends do the fighting for them, just like smart countries often do. the united states , when it won
12:28 am
the cold war, a lot of the ways that it fought was letting their friends and supplying allies in defeating. but a lot of people in d.c. don't realize this is no longer the cold war. this is no longer a godless atheist slave state trying to conquer the planet. this is vladimir putin, a tinpot dictator fighting a neighbor next door. how how close we're going to get to nuclear war over that. >> congressman mccaul, who is the incoming house foreign affairs committee chair, made a comment about the cost of the war. >> watch out for ukraine. >> i think with the amount of investment we've had is very small relative to destroying the russian military. and that's what we've done without one american soldier being attacked, killed in country. >> to me, that's a pretty good investment. what what forgotten for this? i'm still asking the question, what have we actually accomplished in this hundred billion dollars which we will have spent by the end this year? we've destabilized vladimir putin and we've we've shown his army to be the the hollow army
12:29 am
that it has been for decades and decades. the question is to what end? it's just like when we went in and knocked out gaddafi or potentially went in and almost knocked off assad or knocked off saddam hussein. what is the end goal for the gop, which is in on this, as you mentioned as well? do they want someone to take over from putin? do they think that a dove or a democracy activist or an lgbt activist is going to take over for vladimir putin if he falls because his arm is hold up in this and republicans get their way? he's going to fall to someone who's more hard line in the united states , more against our interests, potentially closer to china. and that's a serious threat. >> we haven't looks down the road. well, we also have to remember that gee and putin have a new alliance because of our proxy war in ukraine. we also have to acknowledge that we have driven up the price of oil globally by continuing to fund this war. i mean, that's just a fact. the sanctions have made the oil companies really even even richer here in the united states and around the world. putin is not suffering. china is buying all the oil from him as our as our other countries and england suffering with our extremely cold winter,
12:30 am
germany suffering, europe suffering. we have to ask this question because obviously no one wants to see the atrocities that are going on in ukraine. but what serves the just interests of the united states of course, it might be just to stop atrocities, but also serve american interests, in this case, destabilizing putin, spending billions, taking our eye off of china doesn't serve our interests. so maybe it could be just for having them both together. >> but is ukraine our ally? ukraine is certainly our ally when we're paying for them. i wouldn't expect ukraine to come to the aid of the united states in any war that we actually have to fight. i think this looks like it's going the way, sadly, of public opinion. and about twenty five , twenty six with iraq. that's what i predict. if this keeps going with no clear benefit to the united states, it's great to see you. >> what did dr. jill give joe biden during a public event? and raymond arroyo has a new special on fox nation. >> he's going to reveal it all and seen and unseen next week
12:31 am
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and unseen. >> we reveal the stories behind the headlines that we turn to raymond arroyo, the author of the wise men who found christmas. did you see that biden, so-called marriage signing? >> what was that? yeah, it was a bill of the day . i saw some of it, the signing ceremony, thousands on the south lawn, especially one revealing moment. but the president said he had to sign this bill law to protect gay marriage. wasn't gay marriage already legal? i mean, next, you'll be signing a bill to legalize public prayer. the selling of dream sheets. those are already legal. last time i checked, i think he signed this bill to attract some geezer dream tweets, but he got a lot of those right before the signing. did you catch this moment when dr. jill handed joe a little pick me up, watch this moment here. she walks over, she hands him something, he pops it in his mouth. what is that?
12:37 am
is that a midday snack? daily meds? >> is it amphetamines? what is that exactly? i might be a cough drop. someone who has suffered from coughing fits on the air. remember, i've had my famous whatever it is , maybe it was just a cough drop. >> well, you know, she should apparently the nursing duties never end. i'm waiting for her to give him therapy in public and an. but here he was. >> today, you be the judge of the state of the president. two great compared to great chapters of our ability, growing ties as a business trade investment, help save lives and come back global covid-19 prosper. >> i do. i sounds like something. should it be saved from, you know, trying to get back to where where's the deal, laura ? >> public moments like that are the reason politico is reporting, quote,
12:38 am
the president has vented to allies about how often his age is mentioned in the press. you think i don't know how old i am? he said one earlier this year. look, he knows how vulnerable he is politically, in all seriousness. and with this new "newsweek" poll showing nearly 60% of voters don't want him to run again, gillard better keep the nursing unit behind closed doors. and maybe joe should stay there, too. >> well, not if that was an edible. maybe they're all for legalizing pot and obviously an edible arrangement. there are two other people i'd like to see just stay behind closed doors, but they will not silence themselves more of their self-serving doc drops on netflix tomorrow to see this institutional gaslighting. i wasn't being thrown to the wolves. >> i was being fed to the wolves. they were actively recruiting people to disseminate disinformation. they are happy to lie,
12:39 am
to protect my brother. >> they were never willing to tell the truth to protect us . >> goodness gracious, laura . i mean, this is the most watched documentary on netflix. but i mean, after trashing the family, what do they do next? how to raise chickens in montecito? a documentary on lifestyles of the and fractious. i don't know what they do next. where do you go from here? the best ramen was i wasn't thrown to the wolves. i was fed to the wolves. does the woman not know the saying? it's implicit in the saying that you are feeding someone to the wolves. i mean, she doesn't even understand that basic english construction. so the poor thing, that's like an eighth grade deal out there. >> she's all right before we go . right. i understand that a little birdie is telling me that you have a new fox nation special and it's titled this is a very interesting title, the wise men who found christmas. now, we've never mentioned it is a phrase. no, the first time you're
12:40 am
hearing it, it's a companion documentary that delves laura into the real history and scholarship surrounding the origins of wise men and their part in the christmas story. >> they are among the most beloved characters of christmas . >> but what do we really know about the mysterious majar? where do they come from? who were they ? what did they see? in the sky that drew them to the child? and what about those gifts they bought gold and frankincense, myrrh? what do those tell us about their origins? i'm raymond arroyo. >> and during this fox nation, special, we will explore the history as well as the new archeological evidence that tells us just who these wise men who found christmas might be . >> laura , we have answers plenty. the wise men who found christmas now on fox nation, historians, theologians,
12:41 am
astronomers and me on horseback. it might be the greatest christmas special ever. >> bring the whole family move over. >> andy williams. okay, so raymond, i have a question. okay, i have a question. number one , nice hat number two. thank you. how many times in your life have you ridden a horse in a field of dried flowers and tried? i mean, that's just basically, as i said, hi on the saddle. >> look, i like i like horses. i rarely get on them. now, look, i'm moving to the other side of the hill like you grew up in montana. what do you mean? i rarely get on them now. what do you talking about? >> this is like the old radio show, by the way, when i was in the berkshire years, when i was in the berkshires years ago, i would ride a horse almost every i do enjoy them and i have friends here in new orleans who have them as well. occasionally i'll get on horseback, but it's rare these days. >> but, you know, what are you going do?
12:42 am
>> i look, i'm auditioning for yellowstone my next career. all right? sam is telling me i have to ride that horse to the tee foramen. it's great to see you. >> and it looks like an incredible special. we're looking forward to watching. it is going to be at northfield, new jersey, at books and greetings this friday at six p.m. and that will be his final wisemen book signing. raymond, great last. now doctors are now warning that the most dangerous plastic surgery in the world is really taking off as a procedure in the united states . up next, meet a patient on the wrong side of it or the backside of it. >> next. this holiday season, give your special someone the gift of naturally new pajamas exclusively from pajama graham, a luxuria is a way to relax. naturally, new pajamas, caress your skin and compliment her every color. >> plus, accentuate her beauty. naturally, new pajamas are available in sizes from extra small to three eggs and come with a love guarantee.
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five five eight five nine one for that 800 five five eight five nine one for what happens when the diversity jobs take over our nation's med schools. how are we going to know who's truly qualified and who isn't to practice medicine? is this a matter of life and death? sounds like it to me. to medical students are proposing to make what is known as the muskat, the medical college admission test, a pass fail exam in order to remove barriers for disadvantaged minority applicants. here now is dr. ben carson, former hud secretary and retired neurosurgeon, dr. carson, you grew up in poverty, single mom, yet somehow you managed to become a world
12:48 am
renowned neurosurgeon. is the cat as an objective measure important or is it racist as these students are implying? >> well, you know, we live in a society where everything is racist these days. the way it's interpreted. but the fact of the matter is , i spent many years on the medical school admissions committee at johns hopkins, and it's a multifactorial process. you know, you look at the grades, you look at the background, you look for extra dimensions, you look at their scores, and there's a whole host of things you look at and if there are questions, you make sure that you include those questions. in the interview process. and as a result of that kind of wide spectrum approach, we plenty of diversity in the medical school classes. there was not an issue at all. and people need to stop looking for an easy way out. this is not an easy thing. and if you're going to be
12:49 am
a physician, you need to be flexible. you need to be smart. you need to be quick. and we don't need to be finding excuses for people. >> well, they're doing the same thing. dr. carson, to the law schools . there's another effort underway in the l.a. times, i believe had a piece about this of saying that the legal profession lacks diversity and the lsat makes matters worse. so, again, every a standard of objective measure is looked at through this diversity and equity lens. and thus, since it's difficult, as these tests are, they require real work. they have to be jettisoned, essentially jettisoned. well, you have to recognize that our society over the last over my lifetime has changed enormously in a positive way. you know, when i was a kid and a black person came on television and they were not in a savile row, it was a big
12:50 am
deal . you called everybody in to watch now. and the same lifetime you have black admiral generals and ceos of fortune 500 companies and heads of foundations and university presidents, including ivy league. >> we've elected a president twice. vice president , i mean, to say that things are changing and the better way is absurd. and we should continue to let that progress to be made. and let's face what we do on our successes, not on somebody perceived failures. >> dr. carson, i know there's a detroit school that's taking your name off of a building, a public school after your storied career in medicine because of politics. i don't even want to give it any play, but it's predictable . >> but i know it's just water off your back and we really appreciate you. thank you so much. and speaking of medicine, doctors here are issuing a dire warning about a growing plastic surgery trend there called brazilian lifts. and they're largely made famous
12:51 am
by celebrities and , of course, postings on social media. now, the surgery basically takes excess fat from other parts your body and then injects it and shapes it into your backside. now, of course, it's a pretty big surgery. there can be a lot of complications, especially when women get and i'm not kidding you, it's called back alley injections. instead of the real thing like repr cardi b got before she hit big. now she told gq in 2018 that she went to a woman's basement apartment and for eight hundred dollars was injected with filler. khateeb give an update on her condition just a few days ago in august that this surgery in remove 95% 95% 95% of my biopolymers. >> it was a really crazy process. young girls, not, not young girls because as young and older to not whatever you do, don't get don't get sasebo
12:52 am
. >> i'm really against them. kaniva also says the doctor originally did her illegal injections, went to jail after someone allegedly died on her table. >> joining me now is terryn patricia received silicone injections and is now warning against the dangerous procedure. tarran everything was fine until six months after her surgery. >> what happened that yes, six months into it, i got a rash and it was just on my . so i knew. i knew it was the injections. so you started hurting. and i guess the question is , is this just now just another example of people trying to do too much to make themselves look perfect? i mean, you're obviously a very attractive person. looks like you're in great shape, et cetera. so, first of all, why did you decide you needed to do this
12:53 am
procedure? and then why did you go this silicone route? >> yeah, so i was very, very, very skinny. so beeble was not an option. i didn't have any fat to transfer. so these injection ends well. and i was told that it was not silicone. i was told it was filler and it would dissolve in a couple of years. and it was really the only option for skinny people such as myself. so you can see my before and after right there and how tiny my was, despite how often i exercise and did squats. and i was also a ballerina for 11 years, but i just was so tiny. and it is it's an epidemic. i mean, you know, we can thank the kardashians for this, but everybody wants to have bigger budgets. >> and i was living in miami program and it was. do you regret having done it? i mean, what would you recommend that anyone go down this path again or. i know you want to come get this fixed. yeah, i don't recommend it.
12:54 am
it is detrimental to your life and it's one of the hardest surgeries. i mean, my surgery was seven hours to remove them and i still have quite a bit of product in. i'm going to have to go through it again at some point. and it's literally risking your life so it's not worth it. there's a reason that it is not done by plastic surgeons. it's very dangerous. >> i just didn't know that at the time, obviously. yeah, well, i think everyone's on social media and everyone looks perfect and everyone wants to look better. and you're not the first one and you're going to be the last one who gets caught up in this town . i really appreciate your speaking out on this. thank you so much. we wish you all the best. coming up, dogs get excited about christmas as well. the last bite was the dog biting us . >> we'll show you if your business kept unemploy. so the pandemic get refunds. .com
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six >> sometimes to get in the christmas spirit you just have
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to feel it. watch. oh, my god, is that a cute dog? no, i can't take it appear that a.r.c. is skewed. that is it for us tonight. set your dvr to get set with the angle. it is america now and forever. here and it is greg gutfeld and the gang take it from here. ♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert, house republicans say the origins of covid-19 may be leaked to china's biological weapons research program escaped the wuhan lamb by accident. you are watching "fox & friends first." i'm todd piro. >> carley: stunning allegations as republicans kick of the full-scale investigation into the origins of covid in u.s. tax dollars going to the lab. james comer is leading the oversight committee


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