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tv   Fox News at Night  FOX News  December 21, 2022 9:00pm-9:57pm PST

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>> out of time, thanks to everyone in the audience! i'm greg gutfeld, i love you, america! [cheers and applause] >> thank you mr. greg gutfeld, how can we follow that hour? wait till you see what the nightcap crew has in store tonight. good evening, everyone, welcome to america's late news, "fox news @ night," i am jonathan hunt in for trace gallagher in los angeles! ♪ ♪ and breaking tonight, ukrainian president of volodymyr zelenskyy making a direct appeal to
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congress and republican critics during a dress sent to a joint meeting on capitol hill, his visit to washington comes as congress is set to vote on a $1.7 trillion spending bill. that includes more than $35 billion in additional aid for ukraine. >> your money is not charity. it's an investment in the global security and to democracy that we handle in the most responsible way. >> jonathan: more fallout from the crypto company ftx, two former associates including this one caroline ellison pleading guilty over a scheme to defraud investors. in the former ceo of the company is sam bateman freed was extradited from the bahamas wednesday landing in the united states this evening where he will face his own fraud charges. a dispute tonight over immigration policy, title 42 could up and passage of the huge spending bill in the senate's
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title 42 itself remains in the limbo this evening. we await a ruling from the supreme court. but we begin tonight with a historic address in the nation's capital, delivered by ukrainian president zelenskyy. following that for us tonight, good evening. >> good evening, jonathan, really seem that president zelenskyy was trying to appeal to the entire country thinking every ordinary american for their support. it's important to note that he did it in english which is where and speaks to who he was trying to resonate with. and empathized how crucial the aid has been and how important it is to keep it up, saying ukraine never surrendered. >> our take donations our allies in in this battle. in next year will be the turning point, i know it, the points when ukrainian courage and american resolve must guarantee the future of our common freedom. the freedom of people who stand
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for their values! >> and beyond president zelenskyy's powerful words, he gave speaker the house nancy pelosi a ukrainian flag which is just no ordinary flag, visiting his troops in box moods, soldiers sign that very flag with a purpose of giving it to congress. also spoke about russia and russian saying they will only stand a chance to be free when they defeat the kremlin in their minds. there was in a moment most americans did understand some of the idea that most of us will or are celebrating a holiday the safety of our homes when so many in ukraine are not. >> in two days, we will celebrate christmas. may be, not to because it is more romantic, no, but because there will not be electricity.
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millions have neither heating nor running water. all of these will be the result of russian missile and drone attacks on our energy infrastructure. but we do not complain. we do not judge and compare whose life is easier, your well-being is a product of your national security! >> just before he arrived in the u.s., the white house announced a $1.8 billion military aid package for ukraine that includes the patriot service to air missiles and additional 45 billion now hangs in the balance at the passage of the $1.7 trillion federal spending bill. jonathan. >> jonathan: jeff, great to have you here on this evening of what is a historic night especially the reporting you have done on the ground in ukraine, stay right there and let's also bring in david to paris, a former state department
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official and foreign policy it adviser to the obama campaign and chad robichaux, the allies cofounder and author of the excellent book "saving as he is, how the mission to help one became calling to rescue thousands from the taliban" to david, let me come to you first come of this was a historic night. we can talk endlessly about patriot missiles on the difference they might make it, we can talk obviously about president zelenskyy's bravery and the symbolism of him coming here, but i have a simple question that i think a lot of americans would ask, president zelenskyy said let's look forward to a victorious 2023, what is victory in ukr ukraine? >> jonathan, you spent a lot of time in ukraine since the invasion and i've been there four time since the invasion and i think the other panelists have all been to ukraine as well and what we have observed is the incredible optimism of the ukrainian people. despite the fact to that too many of citizens towns have been
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destroyed, despite the fact that they are facing the constant threat of aerial bombardment. they are very optimistic that they are going to prevail, and that's why president zelenskyy came here today, to share that optimism with the united states. and he talked a lot about what he needs to win, and certainly in the most important thing is continued support from the u.s. and from nato, and he could not have come at a more important time, this is the 300th the days since russia invaded, but also on the verge of having a new spending bill in congress, that spending bill will have over $45 billion in new military and other aid to ukraine, that's part of what he really needs to prevail. and he also needs the other countries in nato to continue their support and he needs fidelity to sanction. if he gets all of those things come i think he thinks he will get victory back home in ukraine, most ukrainian people think that too. >> chad, you have spoken to so many ukrainians over your many visits they are over the 300
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days, what do you think to the ukrainian people winning means? the complete expulsion of every single russian? from every single centimeter? or inch of ukrainian territory? >> i've been there since february, nine visits, and one of the things that you guys are both agreeing and we all agree on is the optimism of the ukrainian people is something i've never seen before. and i've been too many war zones, these people have lost everything, it is not propaganda to say that russian have invaded their country and are killing civilians, i've seen mass graves with my own eyes and civilian apartment buildings bombed and have sat in safe houses and watch these people do praise and worship services while bombs outside. they are people determined to win and i think they victory for them as every single russian being pushed out of ukraine and going back to their way of life free and safe of a russian
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occupation. >> jeff, you have been there i think probably more recently than anybody on the panel, he just came back last week, what was the impression you got of the fortitude and determination of the ukrainians that you met on this third trip? >> i think that part of it is you go back to some of these areas that were so hard hits, and you come back now and it's dumping snow, subzero temperatures and they are rebuilding homes. we were in the sight of the mass grave where this town was nearly leveled, and they are out there in the freezing temperatures rebuilding homes, and i think that is a testament to the spirit of them, that they are going to continue. and they are going to continue living, i would even say, we keep talking about what is victory? i would say they already have a piece of that victory, because a year ago i think that most of the american population had never heard the ukrainian language, knew what the flag look like, knew where ukraine was, and how that will never change.
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everybody knows about ukraine. >> and david come and talk about the fortitude, that comes from the top. president zelenskyy has set an extraordinary example. he has no ashraf ghani running out of afghanistan as soon as the taliban were knocking at the door, this is a man who has led from the front quite literally, david. >> that's right, and we remember that in the first week or two of the invasion, people wondered if president zelenskyy was going to stay, he even had an offer from the united states to flee and he stayed and made that very public. and that inspired a lot of people and inspire the ministers and his government and the ukrainian people, it has inspired the ukrainian armed forces, contacts tell me he was very reluctant to come here to the united states today because he had not left since the invasion, and there is some symbolism to him leaving, but he felt it was so important for him to come for the specific visit to make that address to congress
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and meet with joe biden, that's why he left. it's notable he came to washington and did not go to london or paris or brussels, and that's because he notes that the u.s. is the most important relationship right now for the survival and victory of ukraine. >> chad, will there be victory? do you believe her ukraine beat briefly? >> i believe there will be victory. look, everybody on this panel i think agrees that we need to support ukraine. and we believe that we need to be behind those people. i've given months of my life to be there. i think that he needs more of the world to step up. we need more than money, we need leadership from america to stand up and our president to stand up and inspire nato to actually take action. he needs more than money, and i've been in the front lines, i have been two hours passed the russian border to where those troops are in this money has not made it to where it needs to go. and you know, i fear that more money is not going to make it to where it needs to go.
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there needs to be congressional oversight over these funds and we need more than money, we need the people in good leadership to stand on and be the right thing to step in. >> chad, we here at fox are one of very many people who are very grateful for the work you and stayed our allies do, thank you for that, david, thank you for being here, jeff, thank you for being here too, awaiting word from the supreme court tonight on whether they will allow 1042, the pandemic related health policy that allows for rapid expulsion of migrants to continue after 19 g.o.p. legislates find an emergency appeal to try to keep the policy in place. white house correspondent kevin corke has been watching it all and has the latest. good evening, kevin. >> good evening, my friend, good to be with you as always, at this hour uncertainty rains on both sides of the border. has title 42 may be living on borrowed time. tonight there is a push in the
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senate to preserve it, but that could be frankly one of the things that upends the long-term spending bill that congress is trying to pass to avoid a government shutdown. >> i have requested that we in a minimum have an up or down vote, a simple up or down vote on preserving title 42, because title 42 is the only thing standing between us and absolute pandemonium on the border. >> democrats offered to give senator lee vote on his amendment with the 60-vote threshold, but he tells fox tonight no deal. still there continues to be a fight from republicans to lower that threshold to 51 votes. meanwhile in el paso, texas, concertina wire is actually lining the river where migrants continue to cross. if you have seen the pictures today, yes, it is going up. and frankly they are undeterred by the presence of national guard members telling them to turn back.
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we still have a major issue along the border. in the meantime, the president's of homeland security is trying to flip the script a bit and highlight what it has done to alleviate this urge in el paso announcing for example that they remove nearly 10,000 migrants under title 42 and also shifted nearly 6,000 others to other sectors. in the meantime, the administration claims that the encounters have dropped over roughly 40%, but critics say that is all because of title 42 and not to title 8, that is the policy the white house plans to use if title 42 is ultimately lifted. so here's where things stand tonight, the u.s. supreme court and chief justice john roberts have everything they need, jonathan, to make a decision. now roberts could act alone or call in his colleagues to consider whether to extend title 42 indefinitely. while the league plays out in the lower courts. and of course the high court could also decide to lead 42
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expired as scheduled. the biden administration you probably know this has been asking that it's remain on the books at least for a week depending on when we get that decision from the high court, they say it will give them more time to be better prepared for a surge. as if we have not already had quite the surge. >> kevin, great to see you, we will see you a little bit later for a night cap. in the meantime let's continue our discussion about the border with national border patrol council vice president, thank you for being here. before we start talking i want us to point out this again that it is not just republicans complaining about the biden administration's approach here, it is also democrats, listen here from special report to representative henry clay. >> the border is open regardless of what people say, it is open. you have to understand that there are two different issues here, people are coming in, the
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migrants are, and between the ports of entry, and the drugs are actually 94, 91% of the math and those fentanyl come between ports, not through ports. >> so you have been sounding the alarm for a very long time. and it seems that the pressure on the administration has ramping up from its own side of the aisle now. do you think that it will make a difference? >> well something has to make a difference. i think that now that they are talking about it on both sides of the aisle that that's going to be a little bit better because now you have to have some kind of action. but i tell you what, at the end of the day when you're talking about title 42 and everything else, the problem is the policy is. right now these individuals know that they can come across and simply ask for asylum and get release. and when you start hearing that the encounters are less now, it's because the agents are on the line, they are too busy in the processing centers, so no one is there to make the encounter. so that counts is going up and
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even that got away numbers are confusing, because there is nobody out there to count the footprints and know who is coming in. it's a complete mess. he does chaos, thank goodness that kevin corke can tell you something about it, but it will take everyone to say something, because the drug cartels and the people that are bringing people into the states illegally don't care what side of the aisle you are standing, they just want to harm americans regardless of who they did or did not vote for. >> so what is more important here? getting an immediate fix and stopping the surge that we have seen immediately? or changing the asylum laws and other immigration laws to deal with it in the long run? do you have to put the cart before horse and 11 of these circumstances? >> what you need is political will to stop what is happening right now and defend the nation's borders, how do you do that? you have to detain the individuals and keep them detained and sent immigration judges and asylum officers down there so they can see the cases and those that do not qualify
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thomas in the back immediately. but what does not work is for individuals to break our laws, come inside the united states and then just release them and give them courts court dates years down the road, that's not working. that's why people are coming across. if there is no consequences for committing a crime, there is no reason for them to stop committing the crime. in this administration has allowed them to do whatever they want. >> i feel that a lot of people perhaps those on the left say there is just no empathy for these migrants, what is your answer to those people. >> they have caused us to become worse. what they have done is created that magnet so that individuals can come in more and larger numbers, what has that done? they are turning themselves over to drug smugglers and people smugglers, the sex trafficking has gone up because they create that magnet, they are creating more of a mess and putting more more people in danger, not just individuals trying to cross
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illegally, but also american lives and it will happen for many years to come unless there is a fix to it now. >> from the national border patrol council, thank you so much for being here. we'll see what happens with title 42. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ >> jonathan: a christmas week storm is expected to become a paralyzing bomb cycle alone across much of the country with high winds causing power outages and travel disruptions. fox weather correspondent will has the latest. >> jonathan, as we speak tonight, the arctic air is rushing to the south and east bringing with it temperatures we have not felt here in dallas since the late 1980s. freezing cold temperatures are settling in across the country getting millions of people under weather alerts, parts of the northern plains and midwest see snow on wednesday afternoon. forecasters expect wind chills to drop as far as 70 degrees
9:19 pm
below zero, emergency shelters where people need need, food, warmth, local officials urge folks to stay inside that frostbite can happen within minutes. >> if you happen to be outdoors, wear loose layered close, keep your hands, legs, feet covered and watch for signs of frostbite. >> by the weekend the bitter cold wolves stretch as far south as florida, and in texas the power grid will face a major test nearly two years after historic freeze knockdown power to millions of customers. >> the threat is ready and res
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possible. major airlines like southwest, united, delta, american, spirit, jetblue, and alaska airlines are already offering more flexibility for travelers. they are waving the usual fees and fear distances for people looking to rebook their trip, of course keep an eye on her airlines website for any and all updates. >> it is important to make sure that you are getting to the airport early. i know in past we have talked about getting there like two hours early, you may want to look at getting there at least three hours early. >> looks like you can never be there too early or be too prepared with all that possibly go wrong, and this christmas holiday and we to consider travel insurance, which covers issues such as getting sick or injured, metal, emergency after takeoff. jonathan. >> think so much, we will see you later, the democratic run
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has the committee investigating the capitol riot says that it will release its final report tomorrow earlier this week the panel voted to send four criminal referrals against fo justice department. in a party line vote tuesday, the house means committee would publish the taxes in a matter of days. to talking about personal information, the fbi responding to revelations from twitter is next.
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♪ ♪ >> jonathan: welcome back, the fbi is responding to twitter records released yesterday indicating the girl played millions of dollars to the social media company, the funds
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were allegedly used to reimburse twitter for what was called processing request from the fbi. lucas tomlinson has the details tonight. >> fbi officials confirm the agency paid twitter nearly $3.5 million. many critics say was used to help suppress information including "the new york post" of the hunter biden laptop story, michael shellenberger reported the payments as part of the twitter files revealing a close working relationship between the fbi and the social media giant. the fbi tells fox news it was routine reimbursements for twitter applying the standard illegal requests. i'm happy to report we have collected 3,450,000, $323 since october 2019, reports of associated jim baker in 2021. baker twitter's former deputy counsel and before that the top fbi lawyer was fired by elon musk for his alleged role in suppressing information in a
9:29 pm
statement at fox news, the fbi says "the correspondence between the fbi and twitter show nothing more than examples of our traditional and long-standing ongoing federal government and private sector engagements. it is unfortunate to that conspiracy theorists and others are feeding the american public miss information for the sole purpose of attention to discredit to the agency. jim coomer says he wants to know more about an fbi task force focused on social media content. from after the 2 2016 election. >> one way we can get the fbi in front of the committee really quickly as say we are not giving you a penny until you all come down here and explain to us what this task force was and why he told twitter to suppress the hunter biden laptop when you knew darn well it was true. >> fbi officials say that they did not provide twitter with any specific instructions or details regarding the hunter biden laptop story. >> jonathan: thank you lucas, let's continue the conversation with two people who have inside
9:30 pm
knowledge of the borough, former federal prosecutor and fbi consultant joe marino, and former fbi special agent and author of how to spot a terrace before it is too late! and john, let me come to you first, is there something unusual and what the fbi did here in your view? or is it as they say, standard practice? >> jonathan, believe it or not, it is pretty standard practice. the fbi has relationships not only with social media, but think of all of the cell phone carriers, they are routinely asking for information through legal process and it is in went the confines of the government to reimburse companies for their time and expense, twitter had been providing information for free, but somewhere along the line they decided to start charging for their time and efforts. >> jonathan: and i want to read something that jonathan turley wrote in an opinion piece for the other day, the twitter files he said now
9:31 pm
substantiate the earlier allegations of censorship for surrogate or proxy while the first amendment applies to the government it can also apply to agents of the government, twitter itself now admits that it acted as an agent in these efforts, is that your reading? that twitter acted as an agent for the government? >> jonathan, i am second to no one in my admiration of the fbi as a law enforcement and counterterrorism agency, but it's record recently in injecting itself and our elections and trying to police free speech is abysmal going back to the 2016 injection by james comey of the hillary email server issue and then its adoption of the russia collusion issue which impaled us for two years which was complete nonsense, and now if, in fact, the fbi influenced twitters to publication of the hunter biden story which it looks like it
9:32 pm
did, bleeding into "the new york post" and others being barred from social media, this is a horrendous history of the fbi in this area. so they should have absolutely nothing to do with our elections and i absolutely agree that we need a full accounting of its interactions with not just twitter, but other social media company is and any monies paid to these companies, why it was paid, what it was for, and who is responsible? >> we will see if we get that accounting come i want to get your thoughts as well on the latest developments in the collapse of the cryptocurrency company ftx, sandbagged when freed, the former ceo of that company arrived here in the united states tonight just having been extradited from the bahamas. and now two of his former colleagues, two high-ranking former colleagues caroline allison and gary wayne, the cofounder of facing multiple charges with each of them, and so we assume as we look at those
9:33 pm
charges against the two that they have done a deal and are about to turn on their former colleague and i guess her former boss? >> absolutely. see embankment free did not want to stay in the bahamas and preferred to be in club fed in the united states, and these two individuals are looking to avoid those same accommodations. they are competing for deals with the government to testify against her former boss who helped keep them out of prison. >> what you think is the outcome here for see embankment freed? and perhaps even more importantly, what is the outcome for the customers whom he allegedly defrauded? >> yeah, it's not a great outlook, jonathan, whether you like cryptocurrency or not a fan, the fact is that this is not really a cryptocurrency case, this is a standard investment fraud. so he is facing now securities
9:34 pm
fraud charges, wire fraud from both the department of justice in a securities and exchange commission. so the likelihood of the poor investors to put money into ftx is not looking good, that company is bankrupt, likely to get pennies on the dollar if anything. and unfortunately, cryptocurrency will suffer because the government is going to use this as an excuse to regulate that industry. so unfortunately, the end result of what is an important an investment scheme probably means more government intervention in an area that so far has been largely unregulated. >> jonathan: all right, joe, john, thank you very much for being here this evening, merry christmas and happy holidays to both of you. now hollywood's not so hot. and the latest on elon musk's twitter ceo surged coming up, but first, tom cruise jumped out of a plane for a special announcement, and this every day action is about to end badly, the day's best viral videos coming up next.
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♪ ♪ >> jonathan: in tennessee a massive scene of destruction as a train mash through a tractor trailer stopped on the tracks while carrying a 134-foot concrete beam. 13 of those train cars derailed and smashed into each other and left a huge mess, two people with minor injuries, but it sounds like tennessee county manager lay down new tracks and gets trains running again today. a woman in north dakota closing a d garage door a little too had and lead and unmask basque end, stands for the dunking and had been loading donations into her car and forgot about the pile up on the roof. special graduation ceremony ends central michigan university when one young man proposed on stage to his college sweetheart. the university president invited
9:41 pm
the family on stage for a round of applause and sounds like the audience loved it. >> thank you for supporting "top gun: maverick" and allowing us to entertain you. it truly is the honor of a lifetime! speak on that would be none other than tom cruise thinking fans for their support for "top gun maverick" last summer while skydiving during a mission impossible shoot. if you have a viral video to share while skydiving, hit us up at fox news night on social media. ♪ ♪ talking of which it's been a fascinating year for the media and entertainment industry, moviemakers obviously like mission impossible trying to lure audiences back to the big screen, concertgoers getting mad at ticket sellers and then there is the chaos at twitter thankfully on so former sony music executive now ceo of media
9:42 pm
consultant strat america joins us now to discuss all of the above. first of all, south, thank you for being here. so the movies, it has been a struggle getting people back to the theaters, obviously "top gun maverick" did well, and now we have "avatar the way of water" making some good money, but has not been easy for anybody. >> there is an interesting push poll going on in hollywood embracing the theaters which have basically been the lifeblood of this industry, and which i think the traditional hollywood really want to support, but also we had a pandemic and we have had this outburst on the screen landscape, and the two are kind of intention right now, so there is a lot of toggling back and forth and we have had periods of time where there has not been that much to see in the movie and right now like a little bit more like "avatar" back. >> jonathan: with "avatar" to
9:43 pm
doing pretty well, in ticket sales, it costs 350 million to make, so a long way to go, but can they coexist? in the big screen coexists with the surge of streaming? >> it is going to have to. it has been a fascinating dynamic to watch, because it is kind of a little bit of a mess up strategically, because every one of our studios in l.a. it's kind of doing a little bit of different things, some of them are diametrically opposed, but i think that people certainly want to support theaters particularly for big-budget pictures like avatar and "barbie" there will be a big load next year with the idea of bringing people back. there is no question that streaming is here to stay and there are tons and tons of pictures that probably make most sense for a streaming environment rather than going out to the theater. >> jonathan: running movie companies, running media company is not easy as elon musk is finding out, looking for a ceo and i want to go through a couple of tweets he did,
9:44 pm
somebody from mit tweeted him, fun suggestion, let me run twitter for a bit, no salary, all in, focusing on great engineering and increasing the love in the world, the unlikely case it is useful, and he replied coming mess like pain, and one catch to invest, in the fast lane of bankruptcy as since may, still of the job? i think he has a lot of applications, but it is hard! >> the whole thing has been questionable from the start, because as i said earlier, when someone says they openly want a job which is essentially what he said in various ways trying to get out of deals before the courts held it up to him and even some of the comments that came in the last week in terms of this first ceo, that is questionable to begin with, but if you're asking me is it a good idea to have a specialist or an individual who knows what they are doing and tries to bring twitter to be a successful media platform? yes, absolutely, he owns it. >> he is ingenious, but it is
9:45 pm
different running a media company into making wonderful cars and go into space. but really quick before i let you go, seth, the mess of the taylor swift concert tickets, my daughter and i could not get them, we still don't have them. ticketmaster seems to be running these algorithms, and surge pressing a lever, they are charging what they want according to how many people, how do they fix this mess? do they want to? >> they are getting a bad rap, this wasn't operational disaster, they should stagger the sales which is what they will do going forward, and artists working out of nashville, had some controversy in the past years, so he staggered it, and they are doing some really funny old school stuff now for the remaining tickets for the tour for taylor and offering a middle school fan club the same way that you did when you were kids that you don't have to wait on lines, but there is a huge problem out there for this and it is called bots. and we have a law in this
9:46 pm
country that the ftc oversees in place about six years ago and they need to enforce that. and think everyone will support that. and i know ticketmaster has its customer service issues. it's a big platform. >> did not do them any favors, the taylor swift debacle. great to have you here, thank you so much, sir. let's go to new york city mayor eric adams getting himself high marks for how he has handled a rampant crime during his first year in office, lauren green looks at the rhetoric and the reality when it comes to crime in the big apple. >> new york remains the safest big city in america. we have to be clear on that. >> new york city mayor eric adams accentuating the positive relating to the crime stats, with homicides and shootings and conceding overall crime is way up. given his first year in office a b+. >> many difficult roads ahead, and to assure that all
9:47 pm
new yorkers are safe, but i am proud of what we have done. >> according to the nypd data, there is a 70% drug shootings, and a drop in homicides, but overall crime including grand larceny and robbery is up 23.5%, and small businesses are suffering a big chunk of that. so much so that the mayor held a summit with community business leaders to carve out a plan to help them fight back. has a many large cities, thieves have been bold stealing from shops repeatedly. often in daylight hours and in view of security cameras, a lot of blame placed on the bail laws, criminals know there are few consequences of caught. >> you have a young man, 17 years old who is going into the source in the same stores almost on a daily basis and taking, and his answer to some of the its owners who got used to seeing him was that there is nothing you can do about it. >> business leaders say that stores have closed up shop because they are losing money as well as fear for their safety.
9:48 pm
mayor adams promises to have a theft prevention strategy within a month. jonathan. >> lauren, thank you so much. have a list of top airlines matching up with your travel experience? the nightcap crew is here for a travel clothes and some tales of woe coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jonathan: a lot of americans worried about tribal nightmares, let's bring in the nightcap crew to chew that over a period a recent survey rank the top three u.s. airlines. let's look at those, they are united, american, and delta. but my question for you guys, what is the worst airport in the united states and the best? >> the worst is jfk, because they have an attitude problem. but if you work there and you don't, good, but was a the best, i like orlando. >> i do like orlando, really like houston, i think i get in and out of houston really fast, they are terrific, organize, and never lost baggage, worse will
9:54 pm
probably be atlanta. >> i second atlanta, but i will add to ember to that, because you have to walk everywhere and there's only one check in, i love dfw, it's a massive airport but super easy to get around. >> miami, i've had a lot of good experiences down the years, the american terminal, maybe i'm always there in the middle of the night. >> jonathan: okay, so the official best airport in the united states according to americans is houston, george bush intercontinental, kevin, five points for you, the worst in this particular survey is new york liberty. i would probably support that. that's not a great one. we have all had some horrible trouble moments in our time, i remember an exploding diaper with my youngest daughter when she was a baby. jeff just flew back to work on a
9:55 pm
p.a. flight to that he hated, and it's not fun, really, this trouble susan and traveling these days, kevin. it kevin. >> boyd spirit airlines at all costs. >> that is so mean. okay. we will wrap it up there, thank you all for watching america's late news, "fox news @ night."yo u i am jonathan hunt intrus los angeles in for e watrace gallagher, and i wille you right back here tomorrow. the safe place for same day repair and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. that service, the way you need it, is like we pay are safe , like replace. >> hello, i'm mike lindell and i'm excited to bring my biggest beddings cell ever. just in time for christmas. get my giza dream bedsheets for as little as twenty nine ninety eight . a set of pillowcases. only nine ninety eight rejuvenate your bed with my pillow mattress topper for as low as ninety nine .
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but try tom . kick it off, baby . let's the knicks lead the next close touch off. look at this. and they look to close out their season with a back . wow. it's caught. but freshman sensation drake and the tarheels are trying to light up the unbelievable north carolina, the san diego county credit union holiday bowl next wednesday at seven thirty eastern for 30% on fox. you're watching special fox w news coverage ofat president zelenskyy address to the us congress as the americanpresid border collapsese completely, our congress turns its attention to the bordess wrm furaine and the manan our congress has been funding with your tax dollar dollas to prosecute a war whose consequences may be muchequences more profound than most americans understand. profit's still going. that speech is expected to wrap up in just a minute. we think it'd s important here. will be back when it's overhind . >>ep i kno ow that everything depends on us,


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