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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 30, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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. >> fox news radio on sirius xm america is listening. welcome back to the special edition of "hannity". i'm talking and i can't shut up. that's obvious. and unfortunately, that's all the time we have left for this evening. remember to get tammy bruce my show exclusively on fox nation. you can also read my column at impact us . and if you want to keep up with me, check out tammy bruce, dot locals, .com. happy new year, everyone. it should be a better one , and i sure hope so. i hope you had a wonderful christmas, as always. thank you for tuning in. raymond arroyo, our friend and a very popular man, takes it from here. >> i am. happy new year to you. thanks for the great show. i'm raymond arroyo in for laura ingraham. this is a special edition of the "ingraham angle" from new york . city. we're going to be making some news in a moment with congressman james comar. and later in the show, the best and worst films of tv in 2020 two. tweet me your picks at raymond arroyo. >> i might read them a little later in the show.
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but first, here's 1992 was the year of the woman two thousand twenty two might go down as the year of the woman across the cultural landscape, it suddenly became impossible to say just what is or who is a woman. >> the battle over what once was a commonly accepted definition rages on into the new year. as i'll show you in a moment, the issue hit the culture hard in march, when even a female soon to be supreme court justice, couldn't say for sure what a woman is . can you provide a definition for the word woman? >> i can't. you can't not contact. >> i'm not in biology. you don't need a biologist to figure this out. >> a gyno will do. even children know what a woman is . just take a kid to a toy store. the little girl will say, i want the girl doll. the little boy will say, i want the boy doll. and a few will be drawn to this .
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but that's another story. don't distract me. the definition of women or woman continues to evolve in very odd ways. there was a time when the dictionary could settle this for us and give a definitive answer. this year, dictionary .com announced woman as their word of the year. don't cheer just yet, girls. dictionary .com must now be edited by takayanagi brown . next, they write, the dictionary is not the last word on what defines a woman. the word belongs to each and every woman. however, they define themselves, end quote. that's not a definition that's choose your own adventure. i went to the cambridge dictionary. they just added to their definition of woman to include an adult who lives and identifies as female. though they may have been said to have a different at birth. who said what's in the oxford dictionary is even more confusing. they've added eighteen new gender identity definitions just this year. words like pann gender multi
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brother, boy and sister girl. now, for a moment i thought, oh, wait, a guy who had a brother must have been a brother boy. nope. oxford defines brother boy as a biological girl who expresses herself as a male. >> are you confused? it seems everybody is . >> what is a woman? can you tell me what a woman is now? i can't because it's not for me to say a woman that looks different for everybody. >> you stood up here and said trans women are women. yes. tell me what you mean. what is womanhood is something that, just as i've explained, i cannot define. >> well, this is a problem because language is how we communicate facts. and when language starts to move in an elastic fashion, so does our perception of reality. for instance, i could tell you my dog is sitting on my lap . i call my leather bag my service dog. >> good boy. good boy. you're so sweet. now, you may say that's not
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a dog, but tomorrow the oxford or cambridge dictionaries could very well say dogs are hidebound creatures that can carry laptops in their bellies. so so long as i put a leash on my leather bag when we're out there, all kinds of state laws protecting my pal and you can't be cruel to my back of my service dog or leave him in a car. now, what we call things has to be precise. or it loses connection with observable reality. >> though this year among politicians, even the word mother has been replaced. >> pregnant people in particular are in more danger in the united states today than we were yesterday as a result of the supreme court's decision, legislation has been created to police the bodies of blackbirding people since the beginning of this nation protects the freedom of women and people to make decisions about our own bodies. >> is it a birthing person or pregnant person? >> are they the same thing? i do not know.
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this is from an ulta beauty podcast, a transgender host interviewed someone named dylan mulvany to discuss girlhood. >> dylan is the one with the red bow. >> wow. i know i can find love. i know i can still be a performer. i know that i can have i want to have a family. i want to be a mom. one day and i absolutely can. >> mm . as dylan pursues motherhood, female activists worry that the federal and state laws written to protect biological women from discrimination are being undermined by these ever broadening cultural definitions of what it means to be a woman . female athletes are now competing with biological men who identify as women. my next guests are sounding the alarm and say they're taking steps to protect women's rights. >> joining me now, carrie lucas, president of the independent women's forum, and riley gaines, former university of kentucky swimmer
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who competed against transgender athlete leah thomas. thank you both for being here. carrie , are these shifting definition, facilitating discrimination against biological women? >> absolutely. it really is important when you're talking about the importance of language, particularly when it comes to matters of law. the word women is used more than 200 times in the violence against women act alone. it really matters if we know what these words are and the women have had to fight very hard to have equal opportunity, not just in sports , but equal protection when it comes to to the workplaces, to a lot of places. and it's really a problem if we're suddenly eroding this this just this weird woman and also this common understanding of the of what it means to be equal and have equal opportunity. >> hmm. gary, a trans activist, javon ojeda, responded to your efforts, telling politico this trend of trying to define what gender and is is not a new
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one . what's new now is that they're pushing or trying to push it in a legal sense, these women's rights bills are not not about women's rights. people define women in different ways. cariou response. >> and what are you trying to do in these state legislatures? yeah, you know, we're just trying to to make sure that we have a common language to talk about. so this we're promoting something called the women's bill of rights and all of this would do is make sure that we know what the word woman is to actually define it and define it as based in biology. so that we know what the word female is . male men , women, and so that we know that all of the laws that are on the books that we're that we're having a common language. and if somebody wants to if there is policymakers out there who want to include your male balloted people who identify as trans or identify as women, they can do that. but they have to do it with different language. they can't just suddenly redefine the word woman to be essentially meaningless, which
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is what it is when you say, hey, who cares? it's whatever you think it is . and anybody who wants to use the word women, that becomes a woman that isn't fair. to women. it's not fair to women who want to have a safe place is an equal opportunity. >> ryley, you were ncaa competitive swimmer. do women have equal access to sports when the courts and the government are forcing them to compete with biological men , as you did? >> absolutely not. this is taking us back to the 1970s to before channel nine , and that's what i think is the left is not understanding. they think us is progressive. they think we're moving in the right direction. but this is taking us back half a half a century. it's regressive. >> it's not moving anything forward. it's taking us backwards. really. you tied thomas for first place in the ncaa division one championship. >> here's how leah reacted. how does it make you feel when you think about the fact that
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you're the first transgender person to ever win an ncaa division one championship? i'm very humbled and honored to to hold the title. and i can only hope that i'm able to give other trans people the inspiration and motivation i was given. >> riley, your thoughts when you hear that? i mean, you essentially matched a biological man with greater lung capacity and upper body strength and leah wants to encourage more transgender people to jump in the pool. >> to me, hearing that, all i hear is selfishness. i hear lack of self-awareness and i hear of utter disregard and disrespect towards women, women who have dedicated their entire lives to their sport, not just one year after the year before ranking in the five hundreds and six hundred is a biological male. and that's what this was. if you're looking at this just
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off sheer statistics, nothing opinionated about this. leah thomas, the year before when competing as will thomas was ranked in the five hundreds at best the year, the next year, a year later, winning national title, being the fastest female in the country, and then being nominated for a woman of the year. nothing about what i just said is an opinion. and if it frustrates someone or makes someone upset, i think that speaks volumes. >> the bargaining administration seeking to expand protections to include really a host of gender identity. scary. here's an example of what they might be thinking now. this comprehensive identity list appeared in all places in women's health magazine. anatomical anatomical , cis, gender , cis head into interest . >> , gender expansive gender void, omni gender to spirit. >> now, will defining women
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and men even help in the law? when you have so many of these gender iterations being created every day in the culture at large , i think it will . i actually really do think it's important that we get back to having a common language. and you're right, it's it's kind is shocking to see all these new terminologies in these new categories. that are are coming online and that we have to do the most important thing to is not to take our eye off the ball when it comes to we need to have a common language. and when it comes to terms like women, we need to know what we're talking about and know what we when we talk about it in law, that we can't just have somebody erase that. and so i do think that that's that's really an important step forward. that's why we're working and the federal level to make sure that the federal laws recognize this. but then also across the states ,we've got a lot of partners out there. and i'm really encouraged because i think most people, when they hear this, they say, yeah, you're right. you know, this isn't a left or right issue. there's a lot of people on great women that we're
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working with who would consider themselves in the political to say, you know, this is absolutely ridiculous. we shouldn't have a biological stealing our spots when it comes to the teams. they shouldn't be taking women's positions when it comes to educational facilities. they shouldn't be threatening women in prisons, which is obviously happening every day. and this is a really big problem. but we have we can't we can make progress. i'm really encouraged. riley, i'm out of time. thank you. happy new year. we'll keep an eye on this story. as biden vacations in st. croix and mols at 2020 four bid, the knives are coming out from stateside. despite all of this bipartisan accomplishment, we keep hearing about, his approval stands at just forty three point four percent. and there's trouble brewing on biden's left flank. and they are taking to the airwaves. >> i'm concerned, joe , by this little boy with his low popularity is way too much to gamble if he runs the election. is that serious risk? joe biden, representing the status quo in 2020 four, simply won't cut it.
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>> we can't afford to lose. don't run, joe . don't run, joe . ads are running in the likely primary states , including georgia, michigan, south carolina. the liberal group roots action big behind these ads. but if not biden, then who ? kamala harris is even less popular than the president with just 39% of voters having a favorable opinion of her, buta judge is in the midst of a yet another disaster or a transportation crisis. and governors newsom and pritzker can't even control crime in their states. so what should the gop do to avoid the midterm pitfalls and do democrats have a shot outside of biden? joining me now, victor davis hanson. senior fellow at the hoover institution, as well as doug schoen, former adviser to president clinton. thank you both. victor joe biden would be eighty two years old should he run in 2020 four. he has trouble exiting the stage and sometimes doesn't
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know where he is in the middle of a speech. and only 22% of people in a yahoo survey say he should run again. could a biden reelect and bid actually be the best case scenario for republicans? >> we should ask. i don't i don't that i think guys, i work for republicans because democrats don't have anybody else. and joe biden is good at running negative campaign. the democrats are. we saw that in the midterm election. and frankly, joe biden's best ally is the extreme right wing of the republican party. and one former president , donald trump. >> okay, let me get victor in here. doug , you jumped the gun, but i'm going to let you pass. >> go ahead, victor. you wanted my apology. >> well, you know, raymond, we can ask representative clyburn, because the answer to that question in 2020 , when he looked across that field and he had a choice between averts overt socialists like bernie sanders or neo socialist
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elizabeth warren or identity politics, candidates that have no record of achievement, whether by the jig, kamala harris, cory booker, said none of these people can win. so i'm going to make a fallston bargain with joe biden. i'm going to have him be the viniar, the prop, the cover of a leftist agenda. and he'll be we'll reinvent him as old joe biden from scranton. and it worked. but he's not going to be viable. he won't be able to run. so we're back to two thousand twenty . maybe you can add eric adams and stacey abrams, but you've essentially eliminated any moderate candidate and i think you've eliminated any white male governor with a record of achievement. and people like jfk or bill clinton wouldn't have a prayer in this party. and that's very ironic because they said the republican party went off the deep end. but it's open to anybody. >> and tim scott, mike pompeo, especially ron desantis, because they have records of achievement, but they're not socialist and not just identity
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politics candidates. and so we all know if they can't find another cover or a veneer like joe biden and doug, we all know kamala harris isn't the democrat's best option for 20 . twenty four . the question is , is she even mentally fit for the job? >> listen, even when we're not in the holiday season, i think there so many people who are going through stuff but suffer in silence and don't have i don't think they have a safe place to go to talk it out. i do believe it is a sign of strength to ask for help. >> ask for help. doug harris has a terrible approval rating. she very few accomplishments to speak of. could she even make a run for the big seat ? >> well, she could she would have a constituency in the democratic primary. >> victor suggested that there
12:17 am
are a lot of left wing democrats. there are they vote in primaries. she would appeal to them, to minorities, people of color, african-americans, certainly. but there's another african american woman who probably would be much stronger, and that's marcelo obama. i don't think she's going to run. but if she were to run, she would be the odds on favorite to win against the likely republican nominee, i believe, to be michelle michelle's given up that book tour. >> she is enjoying those arena of issues like the rollie's her money. >> yeah, she needs that in the netflix deal . she's not running for the white house. republicans were caught flat footed in the midterms. the democrats are already planning for 2020 for the federalist reports. while some congressional republicans might think the post 2020 election integrity fight is over, that couldn't be further from the truth. democrats are keen to ram through a whole gambit of unprecedented and unconstitutional changes. it's working, so they're going
12:18 am
to keep doing it. victor, on the wish list, expanding automatic voter registration, pre registering teenagers and allowing felons to vote. how should republicans respond ? >> you've got a minute. they're going to have to do something different than they did in twenty , eighteen and twenty twenty when they could see versions of that coming. and they didn't react. so they're either going to have to fight these changes at the state level again and again and stop a federal voting law that would probably a unconstitutional or they're going to have to start vote harvesting and third party harvesting and master early voting and mail in balloting. if they can't beat them, they're going to have to join them. but i would tell you, if we had a revolution, we had a revolution in voting in just two years where we went from 70 on election day, percent down to 30 percent in many states . >> victor and doug, i wish i had more time on out of the happy new year. we'll see in the new year. thank you, sam raymond. thank you.
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the white house is warning two republican congressmen that they are ignoring all previous requests for information regarding house probes of the biden administration and those requests have to be redone when the gop takes control of the house next week. incoming house oversight chairman james colmar is here exclusively to respond to the white house next. i remember when i got my first glimpse of the mountains, i had to take a breath. i began to understand what was so special about it. you guys ready? sure. it was times like that when they all questioned the monumental task that was in front of them. i was determined to be out there. >> natural isn't cutting it. mother nature. i'm picking remedies from
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>> that's my easter seals. make it yours. >> i'm ramadorai on a special ingrams angle. the white house's message today to two republican congressmen trying to launch investigations. sorry, we're not sorry. congressman jim jordan and james colmar, the incoming chairman of the judiciary and oversight committees, received letters from the white house special counsel this morning at four thirty three , informing them that the administration had no plans to respond to any previous information requests. none of them. this is all related to the gop investigations of the biden white house. the administration says every single request the republicans made will have to be redone when they take control of congress. this includes investigations into covid origins, fbi's collusion with big tech, the border crisis, biden family business dealings that could go on and on. >> joining me now, kentucky
12:25 am
congressman jim colmar. congressman, the white house says redo all your requests when your chairman your response? >> well, very disappointing, but not surprising. joe biden promised the americans that he would be the most transparent president in history. and i could make a strong case that he's the least transparent president in history. apparently, joe biden doesn't know what copy and paste means. we're simply going to copy and paste and only change the dates and rescind all those requests. but the important thing that everyone needs to understand about those requests, what we requested in nearly 200 specific requests, 100% that pertained to taxpayer dollars, to money being spent with covid money being spent in afghanistan, with weapons being left behind, money being spent with a different projects and different agencies within the federal government. that's what the oversight committees role is . we're supposed to provide oversight and root out waste, fraud, abuse and mismanagement in the federal government. yet, joe biden has blocked
12:26 am
us at every turn and surely everyone thing by now. over the past two years, the democrats haven't provided any oversight. they requested any information pertaining to misspent taxpayer dollars. we're trying to do our jobs and the biden administration sent a signal loud and clear, we're going to do everything in our ability to prevent and block your oversight. congressman, the letter from the white house counsel's office states congress has not delegated such oversight authority to individual members of congress who are not committee chairmen, but that they will work with you in good faith in the next congress. do you believe their good faith pledge? and is it accurate that minority members don't have the authority to request information as you've been doing? the late elijah cummings was was chairman of the house oversight committee when when trump was president , he had been ranking member. but prior to that, before the house split from republican to democrat.
12:27 am
and he cried out when the administration tried to block any request that elijah cummings. but the trump administration did work with the minority in trying to help transfer information to the minority. so they could do effective probes. now, if the if the requests were overtly political , then i'm sure the trump administration didn't comply. but what we've asked for hasn't been anything pertaining to the biden family influence peddling. it's all been pertaining to taxpayer dollars. so there's no committee in congress that's done any type of check and balance on this administration. no one's tried to hold this administration accountable because no one's requested information. other in the house republicans on the oversight committee. and yet. okay, administration just said, okay, we've got all your requests, but we just threw them in the trash. you're going to have to start all over. what they're doing is essentially buying time, stalling and hoping that some other crisis will come around and they can continue to delay. >> congressman, congressman, before i let you go , it's no
12:28 am
secret that new york congressman elect george santo's lied about a multitude of things on his resume. now, federal prosecutor are reportedly looking into his financial dealings. yes or no? are you going to do an investigation of george santo's ? well, the oversight committee doesn't investigate individual members, but i'm pretty confident the ethics committee will launch an investigation into santos. i read in the paper that he's already under investigation pertaining to some of his campaign finances. so i'm pretty confident he's going to be investigated by the proper authorities if santos isn't seated. does that endanger votes? kevin mccarthy needs for the speakership? >> look, i'm hopeful that kevin mccarthy is going to get to 218. i don't believe that the motion to whether or not to seat santos will happen before the speaker's vote . we're still trying to figure out what the process is on that. we're in uncharted territory on two fronts now.
12:29 am
but look, you know, what santos has done is a is a disgrace. he lied to the voters. i told someone today, santos is off to a fast start, but he's got a long way to go to catch all the lies that joe biden told over and throughout his political career. >> congressman culmer, we will leave it there. happy new year. we'll keep our eye on your committee. why is this communist chinese ambassador getting more court time than former celtic star anise? kanter freedom? is it because the nba is in china's pocket and is here to respond after this? >> stay there. my name is vincent and i've been in the field of nutrition and dietetics for 30 years. and what i realize as a nutritionist, i was trying to get all my fruits and vegetables, but i would be so preoccupied with trying to do things i would forget to eat. so all of a sudden it's the end of the day and i haven't had my fruits and vegetables. i think a lot of people in that situation, i found balance of
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12:35 am
the chinese. joining me now, dr. marc siegel, fox news contributor, nyu langone professor of medicine. dr. siegel, they are so worried about covid coming here again from china that we're waiting a week to put this in place. >> and do these two days of testing mean anything? first of all, that's a good place to start, raymond. i think that that already shows it's a political move waiting a week to put it in place. and as far as the negative testing is concerned, of course, you could test negative one day and positive the next. we've seen that with all the omicron sub variants. so or the third day you test positive. so it doesn't mean that you're not going to be bringing it into the united states . i like that they're doing something at least they're saying, you know, intermediary countries are also going to be on board with this. that's interesting because with the original travel bans with trump back in early 2020, they were in homeland security, told me we can't tell if somebody flies from china to italy. here. and that ended up being
12:36 am
predictive. but i got to tell you, nobody can enforce this. so if you fly from china to italy to the united states, you think the passport people are going to be able to stop you or homeland security's going to know anything about it, or the airlines are going to pony up this information. the only way to stop the spread of these new variants that are clearly decking people out throughout china, people getting very sick, people in the hospital, in the morgue, thousands, millions of cases. the only way to be an actual travel ban. will you don't let people travel into the country maybe that we actually get the chinese attention. >> now, over at msnbc, the kovács panicked. dr. siegel is still in full swing. this is katty kay. >> today, i had a strange conversation with my 22 year old, my 16 year old last night, and i said, okay, i've booked you in for covid days. you both back for the holidays. you're going to get your booster's. and both of them said, no, we don't want to . we've had enough vaccines and we don't think we need them. how can you? i was sort of shocked and appalled. but is this the kind of
12:37 am
response you're seeing from young people at the moment that they just they think this is over and they don't need any more vaccines? dr. siegel, isn't that exactly what young people should be thinking? do they need new year didas greeting them in twenty , twenty three ? what room? and i see this a little differently, but i do think that what's really appalling is the perpetuation of mandates, the idea that people going back to university ,some universities are mandating the booster. i don't think the myocarditis is very common. i think it's been overblown. i don't think it's a particularly unsafe shot, but i don't think that it should ever have been mandated. and i think that that's caused a huge rebellion that's obscured whether there's any value to it whatsoever. and the population you're talking about is quite healthy and it's very unlikely to have a severe case. >> dr. marc siegel, thank you. as always, and happy new year. just how cozy is the nba with china? earlier this year, we learned
12:38 am
that league owners collectively have more than 10 billion dollars invested there. and according espn, that includes one owner whose company has a joint venture with an entity sanctioned by the u.s. government. >> and this week, the chinese ambassador got some special treatment at the washington wizards game for what is he trying out for the team? this comes during the same week the cdc, c.p. flu fighter jets over taiwan and the foreign minister warned the u.s. not to cross the red line and told us to stop bullying the chinese. >> joining me now in cantor freedom, former boston celtics center and can anyone walk onto a court and start shooting baskets, or is this just for government officials from a communist regime? >> you know, nba no boundaries
12:39 am
association, nba literally give free propaganda to a genocidal regime. and i have been played 11 years in nba and over 800 games. i have never, ever in my whole career. you any ambassador of any government that takes the court before or after the game and takes three shots. i remember when my manager sent me that video, i thought it was a joke, but i just when i saw that tweet from the chinese ambassador, i was like, this is just disgusting. you know, nba literally trying to give a free propaganda to a genocidal regime and people needs to see that. >> well, this isn't the first time the washington wizards rolled out the red carpet for xi jinping. cronie back in january , they interrupted a game to give the chinese ambassador, chen gong, airtime on the jumbotron for a psa. why is the nba acting like
12:40 am
china's pr firm? >> you know, i want to call up if you allow me. >> i want to call out adam silver, the commissioner of nba ,and i want to directly talk to him, actually . you know, recently i had been studying about the holocaust. and as far as i know that adam silver is jewish, not less than one hundred years ago. i know that his people have been slaughtered in concentration camps and the world was silent. and now when the muslims are being literally slaughtered in concentration camps in china, you are silent. and , you know, not only your son , but you literally working with this genocidal regime. you literally working with is the most brutal regime in the world hand in hand and trying to make money and business over there. and i'm now i'm directly talking to adam silver. please look me in the eye and say, you don't know nothing
12:41 am
about that. three million people in concentration camps in china get in torture and every day. >> shame on you. and celtics coaches were seen wearing ukraine flag pins earlier this year. if china were to invade taiwan, do you expect to see those same coaches wearing pins for taiwan? >> you know, right after that, i texted one of my teammates and said, well, i did not get obviously no answer. but, you know, if god forbid, china ever try to invade taiwan, if all the ceo was all these companies, organizations, athletes or celebrities, who are defending ukraine right now will support taiwan or not? absolutely not, because all they care about is their own. all they care about is their money and their business. but you know what? there are more important things like morals, values and principles. but i just hope that people can see and americans can wake up and see, look, this is a 100%
12:42 am
american made organization. and the chinese dictatorship can fire can fire an american citizen from 100% or organizations. >> it's unacceptable. now, i agree. and there are literally millions of wigram muslims, christians rounded up, thrown into concentration camps, beaten for their beliefs and who they are. >> it is a horrible regime. we really should sever all ties with them, including and especially something as incidental as american sports that should be the first thing to be cut off in this happy new year. thank you for being here. we'll check in with you in the new year. the tweets are in and counted your best and worst films and tv shows. twenty , twenty two . and why it all matters. we'll share them in a moment. >> 2020 two. >> a heck of a year. the leak, the book, the trial. and up until i was hitting you
12:43 am
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welcome back to the angled. >> 2020 two has been an uneven year in entertainment, so i went to the streets to find the best and worst in film and tv for the year and people did not hold back . >> what was your favorite, your best and your worst movie of the year? hands down, top gun. wow. oh yes. top gun. never thought that the best
12:48 am
one to manage expectations. top gun. top gun. yeah. top gun butler. tom cruise. listen, just be cool. >> i saw avatar last night. that was pretty good. best. yeah. bullet train. bullet train. why? tons of humor and much action. and brad pitt. and somehow i knew you'd get to that dude. i don't even know you your worst movie of the year. oh, i had to be probably blackout. oh, blackout. what about the worst. i don't know, because i like to go see that movie. so anything you would call the worst of 2020 two, megan and harry. i was disappointed. >> woohoo! best tv show of the year and worst tv show on wednesday was good. wednesday turning red . oh, is that right? the disney movie. >> oh, that was that was pretty bad. or in big trouble, young lady.
12:49 am
>> willow, it's pretty bad right now. that's on right now. there's a lot of bad netflix and there was just such garbage. i don't even remember that. you know, we after ten minutes you just turning it off. happy new year. happy new year. and end. >> do you, the viewers had some ideas, too. we're getting your tweets. mirit tweeted, best show, the peripheral great cast, fantastic characters, amazing madrie action, thought provoking horse show, lord of the rings, rings power. disappointed in so many ways. nothing like the originals and bills that best show yellowstone worst. >> rupal i think it's rouble's drag race here in my best and worst. obviously i agree top gun was one of the best. but guillermo del toro's pinocchio on netflix is moving and heartfelt, faith filled and haunting the disney live action version of pinocchio, however, was horrid. first of all, jiminy cricket, the whale, even the kid was cgi
12:50 am
. how was that live action? and the only thing truly wooden in the movie was tom hanks performance. petto, jordan peel's nope was among my best of the year. it featured scary fun storytelling that spoke about family and race, fear and the cost of spectacle. >> a movie worth seeing. my worst movie of the year was the torture is painfully badly acted, confuse using glass onion. this knives sequel is truly a glass onion. it's brittle as and every performance brings tears to your eyes. i promise for more , i'm joined by film critic christian toto, author of virtue bombs. how hollywood got work woke and lost its soul. christian , what is your best and worst film for twenty ? twenty two ? >> well, i mean, i have to agree with everyone's top gun maverick is the best. you know, it's the one movie where i have yet to meet someone. i get to see a tweet. >> someone on social media say i didn't like it.
12:51 am
everyone loved it. critics loved it. people loved it. action adventure, heroism. it was so apolitical. it was practically political . >> and of course, tom cruise connecting the franchise is old and new. it just it just did everything right. >> and that's what your worst is . worst movie of twenty . you're going to you're not going to like me for this. i really disliked. nope. i expected the world from it. jordan peele is a very talented filmmaker. it just didn't come together for me. i thought the characters were grating. i thought the ending was just my eyes were rolling. the whole time. maybe i need to watch it again. i'll appreciate it in a different way. but boy, that in the first of you out there, i was really i guess i think it may be trying to say a lot of different things, but i thought the storytelling in the end, the suspense was sustained. but let's move on to tv. we will disagree on no. nope. my best of the year. hands down, tulsa king from the yellowstone creator taylor , sheridan and sopranos writer terence winter. this fish out of water tale of a mobster relocated in tulsa , oklahoma, is riveting television.
12:52 am
but it is sylvester stallone incredible performance as dwight manfredi that brings it all together. stallone is tough and funny and heartbreaking and brings his star power to every scene. it's really great tv second, it only by nineteen twenty three . sheridan's other new tv series. okay, your shot christian best and worst in tv. >> well, you know, it's funny, i don't watch as much tv because i'm a film critic. i don't have much time. i will definitely mention a worst because i watched it all and i couldn't believe i watch it all. she horlick, attorney at law work beyond belief, embarrassingly crude, not remotely funny. and to have this heroine who is a victim for 90% of the scenes is just disastrous. i just don't know what they were thinking. i hope they can course correct. but boy, that first season it got marginally better at the end. >> but it was it was rough sledding for quite some . okay, let me tell my worst tv of 2020 to christian, the ponderous partisan
12:53 am
january 6th committee hearings. this tv event was a complete dud. it was the washington establishment's counterpoint to a trump rally without the jokes and none of the audience appeal, they should have hired a comedian, christian . what does this mean? we see an 18% increase in streaming now across the country. but ticket sales are down 30% in theaters. what does that mean for the future of movie streaming and the quality of what we're getting? >> it is fascinating. i think we're seeing a real sea change going on , obviously at pandemic speed things along. but if you've got original movies, big name stars, huge budgets on a streaming platforms, like netflix and hulu, why do you go to the movies? and if you go to the movies and the movie is a clunker, you've got the baby sitting money, you've the parking, you've got all the aggravation and a million trailers, you have to sit through. so there's a there's a real problem here. i don't think twenty , twenty three is going to help out the film experience. >> i think the struggles will continue. yeah, well, christian , we
12:54 am
will leave it there. thank you as always and happy new year. my artists new year's tribute just plain stinks. wait till you see this. it's not my artist, it's somebody else's. the last explains next. >> get refunds, .com
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>> raymond: us all this and i had to share with you. let's hope life doesn't imitate art. 2023 is the chinese year of the rabbit. to celebrate a siberian artist created this massive rabbit sculpture made entirely of frozen manure. it was so large, he must have set on a stool to make it pure the artist said he used dung from a living towels and he didn't dump any of it. okay, here is open your new year is a lot less than that. i will leave it there it is a family show. my thanks to laura and the entire team, especially sam for letting me sit in the chair holding it all together and the
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feast of the wiseman january 6 is coming up my new book "wiseman for christmas" is on sale. grab a copy and thank you for watching the special edition of "the ingraham angle." happy new year. i hope it is a safe one and you spend some time with your family. we will see you in the new year. greg gutfeld is next. bye now. ♪ ♪ speed to look at that the all-american christmas tree in its glory on the fox square. a balmy 45 degrees in the air compared to what it's been. good morning you are watching "fox & friends first" on this friday morning, it is friday, right? i don't know up from down, down from up.


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